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98 Best Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents 2020


Any anniversary deserves a thoughtful, loving gift, but no anniversary deserves more celebration than the one that celebrates the couple who brought you into this world: your parent’s. While the traditional yearly gifts can be nice, this quaint tradition often leads to couples gathering gifts that are more symbolic than genuinely loved.

It’s the thought that counts the most, but we’ve made sure that the items in this list are more than just thoughtful. From fun couple’s games and activities to beautiful mementos and so much more, this list features a huge selection of anniversary gift ideas that are sure to please your parents.

1. The Voting Game
If you are looking for a perfect anniversary gift for your favorite couple who is married from one to three years, you might want to add this gift to your list.

This game is a great ice breaker for any adult parties. If a part’s mood starts to go downhill, what your favorite couple can do is to initiate playing this game to uplift the spirit of the party and make it fun for everyone.
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2. Husbands and Wives Conversation Starters
If your favorite couple or your parents have run out of ways looking for a good bonding activity, this "Husbands and Wives Conversation Starters" is one of the best gifts to give.

It indeed takes a lifetime to know somebody even for married couples. For this reason, playing this simple game will indeed be exciting for both of them.

Who knows? It may spark some untouched memories that will bring the couple closer to one another.
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3. Magic Box
What is impressive about this magic box is the stuff that you can store in it is limitless. You can be as creative as much as you want.

You can store a digitalized version of photos of your folks, pieces of colored papers that suggest the different bonding activities that they can do, and more.

You may also give them the box itself as a gift and let your parents store whatever they want in it.
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4. Customizable Picture on Wood
If you are looking for a unique and thoughtful gift that is extremely unconventional, put this customizable picture on wood in one of your lists. Instead of the conventional way of placing your parents' photo in a picture frame (which is boring), why not put it on wood instead.

Placing your parents' picture on wood will create an elegant and dramatic effect that your parents will appreciate. Also, it is a perfect 5th anniversary for your favorite couple.
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5. Anniversary Journal
The wedding is one of the most memorable events in the couple's life besides the birthdays of the family members. Unlike the material gifts that your parents received on their wedding day, the memories from that particular moment until now are unbreakable.

Although it is impossible to let your parents experience these moments again, you can help them preserve their memories through this journal. You can personalize it by having it printed with their names and the date of their marriage.
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6. Customizable Bucket Lists
If your parents are among the lucky ones who happen to have almost everything, you can give them something that can provide excellent sentimental value. Among these romantic anniversary gifts for parents include the customizable bucket lists. This bucket lists book is pleasing to the eye.

This customizable book will inspire them to create more memories together as time flies. The creation of new memories, with the help of these bucket lists, will help in strengthening their relationship.
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7. Oak Clock
What is the best way to show to your parents that you admire the strong bond they have had for each other that withstands the test of time? It is by giving them a customizable oak clock that symbolizes the strength of their relationship.

This customizable wooden clock is an appealing adornment inside the house that does not just tell you what time it is; it also shows to other people how long your parents have been together.
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8. “Together Since” T-Shirts
It does not matter how long your parents are together. These unique "Together Since" couple t-shirts are not just some of the funniest anniversary gifts for parents but also a good counter of years that they have been together.

Your parents can proudly display to the public about their anniversary celebration and the number of years that they are married. It is an ideal way to remind everyone that forever in love exists.
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9. 12 Ways to Say, “I Love You” Journal
Not all people feel at ease at expressing their emotions verbally. Some need a little help.

Although one can express his or her emotions through actions, gestures are not enough most of the time. Most people want to assure that their better-half love them by hearing the words from them.

That is why this small book is a handy tool to help your father, or your mother expresses his or her feelings to one another through words.
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10. Matching Distance Bracelets
The matching distance bracelets will serve as a stylish reminder of your parents' love for each other wherever they are, whether they are apart or not. If one of your parents has to go to another place for work or any other reasons, these bracelets are the best gift to give for their anniversary.

The connection that these two matching bracelets represent portrays the relationship between your parents. These bracelets consist of freshwater pearls and lava beads.
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11. Customizable Family Name Signage
The customizable family name signage is one of the best anniversary gifts for parents. This gift does not just remind your folks about their anniversary. It also tells them about their children who they love the most.

The customizable family name signage is pleasing to the eyes because of its vintage and rustic style. Your parents can proudly showcase who are the members of their family through this, which makes it a perfect ornament at home too.
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12. Infinity Bracelet
This infinity bracelet is a perfect symbolism of how your family wants your parents’ marriage to last. Aside from the big meaning that it portrays, it is also an elegant accessory that is pleasing to the eyes, which makes it a great gift for your parents’ anniversary.

This infinity bracelet is customizable. You can send the seller the names of your parents and the date of their marriage — the materials used for making it include rose gold, silver, and gold.
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13. Customizable Cutting Board
The customizable cutting board is the perfect anniversary gift for your parents, especially if cooking is one of their favorite bonding activities. Giving them this wonderful gift will delight them because of the personal touch you can add to it. You can customize it with a name.

You can customize it to feature your family name or the name of your parents. Surely, this gift will treasure this cutting board, just like the most expensive appliance your family owns.
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14. Family Members Sign Post
This anniversary gift will not only bring delight to your favorite couple or for your parents, but it is a great gift for their whole family too, especially if the members are apart from each other. This family signpost works by placing the family name of the top post and placing the name of each family members on the arrows under it and pointing it to the direction where each of the members resides.
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15. Sculpture of Kissing Couple
If you want to wish your parents or your favorite couple a happy and prosperous marriage, this sculpture is one of the best presents to give. This sculpture came from Zimbabwe and designed by the Shona artisans.

The artists handcrafted its design on a single stone featuring a serpentine symbol that represents the everlasting and long-lasting love.

The ancestor of these artists passed their artistic skills up to this generation. They create their art manually to perfection.
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16. Customizable Pillow
The customizable pillow is one of the best anniversary gifts for parents because of its uniqueness. You can choose your fabric, font, and message. You can ask the seller to put the name of your parents on the pillow along with the date of their marriage.

This pillow will surely remind your parents about the feelings that they have for each other every time they go to sleep, and they wake up in the morning.
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17. Hand-Engraved Couple Glassware
Not all the gifts for couples that come in pairs have to be similar to each other. Some of these gifts should only be complementary to one another, just like in a real-life relationship.

Not all couples can finish each other's sentences, nor they have similar interests. Some couples are duos who are in different polarities. For this reason, this personalized glassware is the perfect gift for them. They do not have to be similar to be together.
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18. Skyline of Love
To make a gift look thoughtful and sentimental, you have to do a little research about the couple. Ask them about the place where they met or the area that is important to them.

After that, you can turn this information into something physical that you can give to them as a gift. The Skyline of Love is a customizable illustration of the critical place of your favorite couple or your parents. You can even add their names to it.
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19. Love Will Find a Way, Customizable Art
Do you know a couple who are in a long-distance relationship? Are your parents among them?

As a child of this couple or if you are friends with this kind of couples, you know that you cannot do anything to close the gap between them. Different life situations sometimes oblige a couple to be apart temporarily or permanently.

Just give them this gift that will remind them of their love for one another no matter how far apart they are.
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20. Folded Book Art Pattern
By downloading this pattern, you will be to create the word reminding your parents about what they uniquely feel for each other. The design is easy to follow and create.

Your parents will surely love this gift. It is because you have to use your bare hands to create it, and it is one of the unique offerings. Your parents can use to décor your home, which will remind them of you and that year's anniversary.
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21. Scented Candle With Amusing Message
Several products in the market use different kinds of strategies to make their products stand out in the market. Among these products include this scented candle. This item is not just an ordinary candle that you can buy almost anywhere; it consists of an amusing message.

This message, although it includes an obscene word, will make your parents smile (unless you are a minor). However, the fragrance of this candle is pregnant, child, and pet-friendly.
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22. Personalized Name Embroidery
Embroidery is a creative way to express ownership over something. It is also applicable in a marriage that one uses embroidery of his or her other half's name on his or her hanky or shirt to show to everyone that he or she belongs to this person.

Therefore, if you are looking for a unique and thoughtful gift on your parents’ anniversary, have their names embroidered on each other’s hanky or shirt.
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23. Wedding Tune Sound Wave Canvas
Resourcefulness and creativity are some of the characteristics of artists. For this reason, it is not surprising that they can even make a canvas out of the sound wave of a wedding song. Thanks to these artists because they provide us with a more comprehensive option for the perfect anniversary gifts for parents.

Now, you do not have to be hard on yourself for trying to find the most thoughtful or unique gift to give for your parents’ anniversary.
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24. Personalized Photo Print of Intersection of Love
The customized photo print of the "Intersection of Love" is a great way to commemorate what your parents have for each other. It is a great symbolism of how your parents both decided to walk in the same direction together. It features the names of your parents and the critical dates that they have shared.

You can choose if you want the colored photo prints, or the black and white. You may also select some extra customization.
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25. Customizable Pushpin World Map
Are your parents or your favorite couples always up for an adventure? Is traveling one of their favorite bonding activities.

If your answer is yes to these entire questions, you should give them this push pin world map as a gift on their anniversary. The push pin world map will help them track the different location where they have been. It is also an excellent tool for them to figure out their next destination.
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26. Customizable Wall Plaques
Giving your parents a customizable wall plaque on their anniversary is a highly sentimental gesture that will make them cry. This plaque consists of text-heavy information about your parents' most special day and some things that they have shared.

It is unique and highly customizable because you can choose the background, font, and heading colors. It will not just remind your parents about their anniversary but also the number of cats, dogs, and grandkids that they have had.
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27. Photo Coaster
If you are one of those creative people who are tired of giving customized name gift to your parents or your favorite couple in every celebration of their anniversary, why not try a different approach this time.

In this year's celebration, why not try giving them a photo coaster instead. It will remind your parents or your favorite couple about their special day at first glance.
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28. Customizable Whiskey Barrels
The customizable whiskey barrels are something that your parents will love to have to decorate your home, especially if they are the whiskey-loving type. These small oak barrels are cute and presentable. These barrels will surely get the attention of your guests.

Aside from its beauty, it is also a perfect anniversary gift for a married couple. Just like the real oak barrels, you wish your parents love for each other to become better in more years to come.
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29. Customizable Cursive Anniversary Vase
Aside from home appliance, this customizable cursive anniversary vase is one of the cutest couple’s anniversary gifts. This vase’s classiness completes the look of a plain coffee or kitchen table. It will also let the guests know about your folk’s marriage date.

To get one, all that you have to do is send the names of your folks and the date of their marriage to the seller. The seller will write these details cursively by hand for its vintage effect.
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30. Anniversary Cotton Socks
These anniversary cotton socks are some of the fun anniversary gifts for parents. These socks are customizable that the seller lets you decide the message that you want to see on the socks. You can put your parents' name or initials, the number of years that they are married, and more.

Let these socks remind your parents about the most special day of their life when they go to work and when they take off their shoes.
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31. Personalized Wedding Waltz Canvas
Probably among the most unforgettable part of a wedding is the dance of the couple. This enchanting gift commemorates this first dance of your parents as husband and wife. Its vintage design only makes it look sentimental that will remind them of that good old memory.

You can customize it to make it look as close as what your parents have pictured in their first dance by customizing the city, date, venue, and names.
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32. Horseshoe Heart Trivet
Are you looking for a unique but straightforward anniversary gift to give to your parents? Why not take a look at this trivet. This gift is unique and uncommon because you know that some people will not even bother to think to give a trivet as a gift.

What most people do not know is that you can be a little creative with it by giving them. You can do it by choosing the right type to buy.
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33. Couple Coffee Mugs
Your parents wake up early in the morning or stay late in the evening to fend for the family. Even though they do not ask, your parents also need to feel that you love them. Show them that you appreciate their efforts for the family by giving them these couple mugs on their anniversary.

These mugs will not only prove that you notice their hardships. It will also remind them of how they have been in love with each other.
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34. 50 States 5000 Ideas
If your parents love to travel, why not give this book on their anniversary. This book will help them get to know the 50 states of the United States more. They will also have some ideas about what to do in each place. If your parents, dream of traveling the world, encourage them to get to know their home country first.

This book has illustrations showcased by the National Geographic travel experts. It includes the states’ national parks, hotels, and more.
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35. Chess Set
Board games like the chess set are an enjoyable pastime for a couple who wants to bond and to challenge their brain during the lazy Sunday. It is a better alternative to watching television. For this reason, the chess set is also a good anniversary gift for parents who do not enjoy outdoor activities on weekends.

Also, a chess set is a good house decoration. Your parents can just set it up on the table as entertainment for visitors.
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36. Couple Comfort Bike
This couple comfort bike is a perfect anniversary gift for your parents or your favorite couple if they are they enjoy traveling or taking adventures together. This bicycle is a high-quality one that can accommodate two people at the same time. It is also an ideal vehicle for a short-distance everyday ride for work, especially if they are working together.

This bike has spring gel seats for comfort and two bottle holders. Your parents will surely enjoy riding this bike.
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37. Warm Sleepwear
Having warm sleepwear is one of the coziest wear that will make you feel that you are indeed at home. It is cool clothing for everyday use, especially after a bath or just for home lounging. The fabric used for making this sleepwear has a comfortable and beautiful texture.

It has elegant, smooth lines and waist belt. Wearing it even for a long time will never deform its shape and slim stature while providing warmth.
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38. Two-Way Radios
Some couples are financially fortunate enough to live in a huge house. However, one of the cons of living in a huge house is that there are times that they cannot find each other because of it. Although smartphones are handy, the older couples may prefer the traditional form of electronic communication like the two-way radios.

These radios range up to 23 miles. Aside from the two-way radio, the batteries, belt clips, and the more are in the box.
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39. 3-Year Journal for Couple
It takes a lifetime to understand and get to know a person. It is also true for couples. Almost every day, one person might get surprised by his or her better half's show of trait that he or she has not seen or realized before. Therefore, this 3-year journal is a must-have for a couple.

This journal encourages each of the couples to ask a question to one another in three years.
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40. Magnetic Picture Collage
If your parents have been married for several years and they are still together. They have built a lot of memories that they share. It may be evident by looking at their social media accounts or the photo albums that they have been keeping for a long time.

As all people know, time can take away the spark of romance. Try reminding your parents about what they used to have by surprising them with these magnetic pictures.
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41. Mama and Papa Bear Coffee Mugs
These mugs are not only among the best gifts to commemorate your parents' special day. It is also a great way to express your love for them. These mugs also amuse your parents because of its design of the papa and mama bears. When they feel down, all that they have to do is look at these mugs.

It is a great way to amuse your parents and to help them have the best way to consume their coffee.
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42. Customizable Family Tree Chart
Nobody just existed out of nowhere and became a part of humanity. We all have parents, grandparents, and ancestors. Your parents' union is on the way to ensure that your family's generation will continue up to the future. This customizable family tree chart is the best gift to give not just to them but also for all the members of the family.

This tree does not have to be detailed, but you can do your best.
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43. Customizable Family Tree With Love Birds
Trees are the symbol of life and prosperity. Whether you are the child of the two lovebirds or are friends with them, you wish them to have a happy and prosperous life with each other. One way to make them feel you intend to give them this customizable family tree canvas with love birds.

It is a customizable piece that brightens up a room. You can choose among the different background colors that your favorite couple will love.
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44. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak
If your parents love almost all sorts of adventure, this Intex Challenger K2 kayak is one of the best gifts to give for their anniversary. The seats are perfect for two people who make kayaking and ideal and fun recreational bonding activity for a couple.

The Intex Challenger K2 kayak has an intelligent design so that your parents can paddle it easily. It also has vibrant and sporty colors that make it visible in the water.
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45. Personalized Wine Glasses Milestones
If you are tired of giving boring anniversary gifts for your parents, consider giving them a pair of these personalized wine glasses. It is a perfect wat gift for the anniversary because of its aesthetic design of permanent white ink imprint. This imprint will never fade just like your parents' love for each other.

Aside from its aesthetic imprint, it has an ergonomic design that showcases the different beverage variety. It has a sleek design that fits any hand sizes.
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46. Classic Tea Gift Box Variety
If your parents prefer tea over coffee, they will love this traditional tea gift box as a gift for their anniversary. It is one of the best gifts to give if you have run out of ideas on what to offer for their anniversary. You know that they will still appreciate these tea bags.

The various variety of this tea set includes the Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Lemon and Orange, Decaffeinated Breakfast, Green Tea, Pure Assam, Organic Chamomile, and Organic Peppermint.
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47. Marriage Prayer on the Wood
If your family believes in the existence of the Almighty, you also think that it is God who blessed the marriage of your parents. Therefore, your family should put God first because He is the one who guides and blesses the relationship of your parents.

To pray for their marriage, give them this marriage prayer hanging decor on their anniversary. This gift will remind your parents of the vow they shared with God as the witness.
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48. 50th Anniversary Porcelain Figurine
Staying married for 50 years is not easy. There have always been challenges and hurdles along the way, not to mention the existence of annulment and divorce that make separation possible for a husband and wife.

For this reason, the 50th anniversary is the best time to commemorate your parents love for one another. Give them this 50th anniversary porcelain figurine as a symbol of their long-lasting love and relationship. It is a way to wish them a happy anniversary.
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49. Scented Candles Giftset
These scented candles are ideal gifts for your parents or favorite couple who are celebrating their anniversary. These candles are available in different colors and provide strong and fragrant scents that help in relieving stress. The available fragrances include black cherry, lilac, rose, apple cinnamon, lavender, and vanilla.

Your favorite couple can use these candles to help them set the ambiance at night of their special day. They can also use them to have a good rest after day's work.
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50. Sculpture Figure
You may notice that this gift is simple. It does not even have colorful paint. However, this sculpture figurine is highly sentimental and symbolic. It is an expression of love and care, which are the essential ingredients in marriage.

Although it is plain and simple, its aesthetics lie on the expressive gesture of the figurine. Therefore, this sculpture figurine is a perfect gift for your favorite couple who has been together for several years to commemorate their 50th anniversary.
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51. Kissing Cow and Bull Salt and Pepper Shaker
If both of your parents love to cook and you want to give a funny gift on your parents’ anniversary, why not consider this kissing cow and bull salt and pepper shaker? Both ceramic figures are cute and funny-looking. Aside from its appearance, it is also magnetic to keep them together.

It is a great way to symbolize your parents' marriage practically. Just like these shakers, you want your parents not to grow apart and to stay in love forever.
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52. Customizable Name Coaster
Coasters, mugs, and the like may be among the natural customizable gifts to give to anyone. However, they are also good presents to offer if you want to relay your intentions and message to your loved ones in a creative way. They may not as expensive as cars or jewelry, but your loved ones will treasure the sentimentality behind these simple gifts.

A customizable name coaster is a simple way to greet your favorite couple on their special day.
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53. Gold-Plated Double Heart Ornament
If you are looking for a simple gift for your parent's anniversary just to let them know that you remember their special day, this gold-plated double heart ornament is a beautiful gift to give. This gift comes in a presentable velvet pouch that you can directly give as a gift. It comes along with a card where you can place your message for them.

This gold-plated double heart ornament is an excellent addition to your parents' home decorations.
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54. Family Tree Picture Frames
On your parents' anniversary, help them remember their special day uniquely and thoughtfully. You can do it by giving them this family tree picture frames that will remind them about the seeds of their love and their long years of marriage.

All that you have to do is hang the portraits of the young and old versions of the photos of each of the family members. It also provides a great way to bond with the family.
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55. Digital Picture Frame
Picture frames are among the common gifts to give if you are on the go or if you want to provide leeway for your loved ones to customize it. However, it does not mean that it is uncreative of you to give these kinds of gifts. You can send them a digital picture frame instead.

You can even make it more thoughtful and sentimental by loading it with your favorite couple’s beautiful pictures together.
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56. Customizable Heart in Heart Artwork
This heart in heart artwork is a highly personalized item which makes it a perfect thoughtful anniversary gift for your parents. To make it look thoughtful and sentimental, ask your parents about the important place that they use to go to when they were still dating, or ask them about their memorable place as lovers.

You can use this info to give some idea to the artist on how you want this canvas to appear.
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57. Moon Ambient Light
Your parents might probably have watched the heavenly bodies when they were still dating. Who can blame them? Watching the celestial bodies at night is romantic.

Throughout the years, this romance commonly fades between couples until their marriage becomes more of like a partnership. Therefore, remind them of what they used to have during that time when they were still watching the sky on their romantic dates. Give them this moon ambient light on their anniversary.
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58. Chocolates
Who says that chocolates are overrated gifts? Chocolates are still perfect anniversary gifts for chocolate-loving couples. There are plenty of reasons why giving chocolates will never let you down.

First of all, it is the best sweet edible gift that you can give that is healthy enough to give as a romantic gift. Second, chocolates are symbols of love and passion. These ingredients of love and passion are essential in a marriage. Lastly, chocolates are good aphrodisiacs.
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59. Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs
The Mr. and Mrs. Coffee mugs are the perfect gift for the anniversary of your parents if they are the ones who wake up the earliest in the morning and stay up the latest at night. Of course, it is not possible for your parents to stay awake at wee hours in the morning or night without the help of caffeine.

It is right to help them fulfill their duties at work and home by giving them this gift.
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60. Kissing Mugs
Mugs can be a typical gift to give to anyone. Maybe, one of the reasons why mugs are common gifts is because of the several creative things that one can do to it. Some people can personalize it by having it printed with names, quotes, and messages to make it thoughtful and unique.

You can buy these kissing mugs as they are because of their uniqueness. These kissing mugs are among the cutest gifts to give for your parents’ anniversary.
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61. Bath and Shower Cup Holder for Wine and Beer
If your parents drink wine or beer to unwind or to relax, you might want to consider giving this cup holder as a gift. You might be wondering why your parent will need this kind of cupholder, or your parents might chuckle about it but will find it handy real soon.

This cupholder does not only hold a wine glass, but it can also hold beer glasses, coffee mugs, soda cans, and more.
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62. Inflatable Hot Tub
You might think that only the rich can have a sauna at home. It may be true, but it does not mean that your family cannot have your version of a sauna at home.

What you need to do is buy this inflatable hot tub. This tub is not as expensive as you think. It has electronic controls to adjust the temperature of the bath.

It is a perfect anniversary gift for your parents because they deserve some pampering.
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63. Handmade Preserved Rose
It is traditional to give a rose as a gift on your parents' anniversary. Nothing is surprising about that because a rose is a beautiful flower that conveys the meaning of love and appreciation. However, giving them a rose each year is not a good idea, especially if your favorite couple has been together for several years already.

For this reason, why not try giving them a rose this year that will last for several years.
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64. Gold Foil Handcrafted Rose
Nothing is wrong about giving fresh flowers to your loved ones. After all, it is not the flowers that you want to give to them in the first place but the meaning behind these flowers. Rose is one of the most common gifts that people give to their loved ones.

Rose is a symbol of appreciation, beauty, and love. However, fresh roses wilt as time goes. Why not give them this hand-crafted rose to convey your meaning that will last.
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65. 50th Anniversary Porcelain Plate
If you want to greet your parents on their 50th anniversary to let them know that you remember their special day, this 50th-anniversary porcelain gift is a beautiful gift to give. This plate is a great way to remind them how long they have withstood the tests of time, and they endured the problems of marriage.

Your parents can use this plate for eating, but it is also home decor.
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66. Nano Moss Heart-Shaped Balls
This heart-shaped plant originated in Japan. This moss is one in a thousand plant species that grow naturally with this shape. This marimo plant is precious and rare. The fantastic information about this plant is that it requires low maintenance and it can live up to a hundred years.

This plant is among the best anniversary gifts that you can give to your parents if you want something that symbolizes the longevity of their love for one another.
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67. Beads for Jewelry Making
If your favorite couple is celebrating their third anniversary, something with jade is a beautiful gift to give them. You do not have to give these beads to them, but you can create a lovely bracelet or necklace out of them.

Let your favorite couple realize that you remember their special day by giving a jade bracelet or necklace as a thoughtful gift.
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68. Couple Picnic Backpack With Cooler
Going for a picnic is a fun activity. However, going to the venue with several bags and baskets to bring are not fun, not to mention the preparation of the food.

Those baskets may be handy, but they are bulky. If your favorite couple is still young, they will never like bringing a basket to a picnic. Therefore, this picnic backpack is the solution.

This backpack has a lot of compartments where they can store their cutleries, plates, and food.
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69. Cheese Board, Serving Tray, and Charcuterie Platter
You can give this serving-ware to your parents as a gift, or you can use it to prepare special treats for them on their anniversary. With this platter, you can be creative and make different combinations of treats on this platter. You can serve nuts, cheese, fruits, and the like on it.

What makes this serving-ware special is that it will not smell after use. For this reason, your parents can use it to serve mouth-watering appetizers to their guests.
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70. Multipurpose Programmable Pressure Cooker
Does it seem like your parents lack time for each other? Does it look like they spend their time for themselves tending to the needs of the family? You can make it a less hassle for them by giving this multipurpose, programmable pressure cooker on their anniversary.

This pressure cooker is a 7-in-one alternative for seven kitchen appliances. Therefore, this pressure cooker can make the kitchen faster. It means that they will finally have some time for each other.
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71. Frozen Dessert Maker
Ice cream is a go-to treat that most people lean on when they feel upset. If you think that your parents are some of these people, give them this frozen dessert maker on their anniversary.

If you have this appliance at home, it may help to make your parents feel better whenever they fight. Also, it will save some money on treats. As you know, sometimes the root of a couple's problem is money.
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72. 18 Natural French Soaps Giftset
These adorable 18 mini soaps are all-natural and good for the skin. Its scents are from the essential oils. It does not contain harmful or chemical ingredients like the parabens, DEA, and ethyl alcohol.

If you are looking for a quick but thoughtful anniversary gift for your parents, consider this one on the lists. It already comes in a beautiful box which is ready-to-give to your favorite couple. Moreover, it is healthy on the skin because of its natural ingredients.
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73. 2-in-1 Cooler Table
It is the family that is the most important for married couples. Having a happy and peaceful family is a gift itself for each year of their anniversary. However, it does not mean that you have to settle for being with your parents on their special day. You can give them something to make the day more special.

Why not give them this 2-in-1 cooler table? It provides an excellent opportunity for the family to bond together.
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74. DSLR Camera Kit
Even though the smartphones’ camera has been improving throughout the years, nothing will beat the quality of the DSLR camera. Your parents can take various types of photos with the help of different kinds of lenses that they can attach to it. They can also have fun using it with the help of other accessories.

If your parents are the type of people who are particular with their photos, giving them a DSLR camera on their anniversary will delight them.
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75. Wireless Mini Printer
If your parents are the adventurous type, traveling is probably one of their favorite activities. Nowadays, it is not just enough to be in a place where you wanted to be. Your parents have to capture the moment too, especially if they are the friendly type ones who can easily make friends everywhere.

For this reason, give them this wireless mini printer as an anniversary gift. It comes handy when your parents want to provide souvenir to their new friends.
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76. Instax Mini 90 Camera
The Instax Mini 90 Camera is an excellent way for your parents or favorite couple to capture the memories that they enjoy together. If your parents still prefer the traditional camera, the Instax Mini 90 is what they want. It is handy because they can use it for traveling.

This camera detects the surrounding’s brightness automatically. This detection enables it to adjust the shutter speed and the amount of flash by itself to acquire the best photo quality.
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77. Drone With HD Camera
If your parents are travelers or bloggers, it is advisable to use a drone to help them capture the moment in an almost impossible angle. This drone with an HD camera can also provide a panoramic view of what your parents want to capture.

What is even more amazing about his drone camera is that it automatically returns home when it is low on battery or when the signal is weak.

Your parents can control it quickly because of its features.
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78. GoPro HERO5
If your parents are a techie, love to travel a lot and take some pictures. The GoPro HERO5 is the perfect gift for their anniversary. This device has tons of pictures that your parents will love.

Some of its features include the sending of the footage on your parents’ phone. An app automatically transforms the footage into an edited video.

Your parents can also use and take it everywhere because it is durable and waterproof. It also has a hands-free control.
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79. Alexa Voice Remote
Watching TV shows and movies together are the lovers' favorite pastime for their relaxation or on a lazy day. It also provides them with the opportunity to bond and to share private time.

The Alexa Voice Remote is a perfect gift for your parents who love watching TV shows on streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Bring these sites closer to their fingertips by giving them this remote as a present.
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80. Bookends
If your favorite couple or your parents are bookworms, they appreciate it if they receive these bookends on their anniversary. They might not realize that they need it at first, but soon they will find out that these bookends are handy for keeping their book collections organized.

The design of these bookends is perfect for your favorite couple because of the two people that seem to push the books together. Therefore, it looks like your miniature parents pushing the books together.
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81. Faux Fur White Fleece Throw Blanket
This faux fur white fleece throw blanket will keep your parents warm like their love for each other. It is soft, fluffy, and inviting. It is a nice anniversary gift for your parents, especially if they are the ones who fight over a single blanket.

This blanket feels comfortable no matter what the season is. Who knows? It might help encourage your parents to snuggle each other because of the warmth and comfort it gives.
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82. Outdoor Cotton Hammock With Hammock Stand
Every household can make use of a hammock where the family members can rest, nap, and de-stress. The laying experience in this hammock is different from lying in a bed. Unlike in a bed, the couple can see the beauty of the surroundings, which can help for relieving stress. ‘

This hammock is from a Russian pine with varnish to protect it from harsh weather and damage. Therefore, it is one of the best longstanding gifts for a couple.
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83. Step-by-Step Top Secret Recipes
Face the fact that not all mothers are good cooks. Sometimes, you have to pretend that you love their cooking out of love and respect. Therefore, this Step-by-Step Top Secret Recipes book comes to the rescue.

This book contains some of the recipes that are the top secret to the public. Your mother will love it, especially your father. For this reason, it is one of the gifts that you should consider for their anniversary.
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84. Food Vacuum Sealer
The food vacuum sealer is a perfect anniversary gift for your parents. There is no assurance that your mother will always be around to run for errands or to cook for a family meal. Instances will come when your mother has to be away for quite some time to attend to an important matter.

This vacuum sealer is a handy appliance that helps in prolonging the food's shelf-life. Your mom does not have to worry about leaving food for the family.
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85. Window Bird Feeder
The window bird feeder is perfect for your nature-loving parents who love watching the birds while having their morning coffee. This window bird feeder helps your parents feel closer to nature because it invites the birds to come to them at a close distance.

With the help of this window bird feeder, your parents will see the more details of the birds while they are talking with each other over breakfast to discuss the critical family issues.
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86. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine
Even though your parents have a strong marriage, illnesses and health problems may strike like a thief at night. Also, as time goes, your parents grow old and become weak.

Help them keep themselves healthy by giving them this Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine as a gift on their anniversary. This workout device has features that will help your parents stick to their fitness goals.

They can even meet new people through the RunSocial app.
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87. Truffle Oil Set
Truffle oil is expensive but undeniably a kitchen essential. It is a versatile and long-lasting must-have in the kitchen because of the depth of its flavor that can work magic to a dish. Just a small amount of truffle oil, a meal will already have a luxurious taste.

For this reason, giving truffle oil set to a couple will change their culinary life. The couple can use it to make their meals enjoyable, even for snacks like popcorns or chips.
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88. Coffee Maker
Your favorite caffeine-loving couple will love you for giving them a coffee maker as a gift. This gift will help them stay energized and awake throughout the day as they go for work to fend for the family.

This coffee maker can make both iced and hot coffee. It has almost complete features and can serve coffee in various sizes. It also has a brother that helps in creating specialty brews. Your parents will save money by having this gift.
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89. Sandwich Maker
Sometimes, some parents buy canned goods, cereals, and ready-to-eat foods to save time. However, these foods are unhealthy. Sandwiches are good alternatives, but eating these foods for almost all the time becomes unenjoyable.

For this reason, help your parents make some twist on sandwich preparation through the help of this sandwich maker. With this sandwich maker, it helps your parents make a panini sandwich in just one press in the comforts of your home.
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90. Robot Vacuum
If your parents are busy working buddies, it is most likely that they do not have the time to bond with each other and even for the other members of the family. What is worse is that they also have to tend to the household chores to ensure that the house is clean for the family.

As a solution, you can help them clean the house, or you can get a robot vacuum to do the cleaning.
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91. Small Glass Bowls With Lids
Your mother will thank you for giving these small glass bowls with lids as a gift for their anniversary. It is handy for keeping the leftovers, organizing the dishes, and preparing a week's meal. Your father and the whole family will appreciate it too because it is a great way to store food in advance if your mother has to leave for a week.

It is also a suitable container for condiments, especially if your parents fight over it.
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92. Electric S’mores Maker
You can help your parents have a romantic dinner night by giving them this electric s’mores maker. They do not have to go outside the house to use it. They can create some treats from this s’mores maker indoors.

It is one of the easy-to-use gifts to give to your parents that will inspire them to have a romantic night together. This gift has an electric heater at the center and a tray for serving chocolate, marshmallows, or crackers.
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93. Wooden Raised Vegetable Garden Planter
If your parents have a green thumb or planting is their favorite activity, they will love to have this wooden raised vegetable garden planter. This gift will provide them the opportunity to bond together to do their favorite pastime.

The wooden raised vegetable garden planter has a lot of space where your parents can plant the plants or vegetables they like. Your family may even save some cash on food when their plants grow to produce veggies.
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94. Luggage Set
This luggage set is a perfect gift for your parents' anniversary if they are the type who loves to travel. Even though traveling is not their cup of tea, this set of luggage may come pretty handy for emergencies. Your parents can stuff the luggage with some clothes, money, canned goods, and the like to prepare them for the worst situation when they have to relocate fast.

The luggage in this set is lightweight with multi-directional wheels for portability.
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95. Essential Oil Diffuser
Your parents work every day to fend for the whole family. For this reason, they deserve to acquire some ways to relieve their stress. One of the things that you can do is to buy this essential oil diffuser and give it as a thoughtful gift on their anniversary.

The aromatherapy oil helps make them feel relaxed after the day's job. What is even more incredible about this diffuser is that it doubles as a humidifier.
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96. Humidifier
A humidifier provides a little moisture in your home’s atmosphere to clean the air that you breathe. Because the family is essential for your parents, a humidifier is one of the best gifts to give on their anniversary.

This humidifier is quiet, which lets you fall asleep soundly at night. The noise level it produces is only up to 32 dB, which is more silent than a pc. Therefore, this humidifier cannot disturb your parents while working.
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97. Cloud Cam Security Camera
The family is the most important for your parents. They would prefer not to receive a thousand gifts on their anniversary to ensure the safety of their family. However, it does not mean that you can keep yourself safe and forgo, giving them something thoughtful on that particular day. You still have to provide them with something that they will appreciate.

One of the best gifts that you can give is the Amazon Cloud Cam security camera.
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98. Smart Speaker
If your favorite couple is still fun or party-loving couple, they will appreciate having this smart speaker. It is a smart speaker that can connect to Alexa for playing music, reading the news, setting alarms, and more. The couple can command it just by using their voice.

By using their voice, they can already adjust the equalizer settings or pair with an Echo speaker to produce the stereo sound. It is also a handy tool for a hands-free call.
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