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73 Best Baby Shower Gifts - Baby Shower Gift Ideas 2021

Baby showers present a unique gift-giving dilemma. It’s not that there are too few great gift ideas, it’s that there are too many. Whether your parents-to-be prefer traditional gifts or newer trends, there’s an overwhelming variety of presents out there.

That’s why we wanted to help you out a bit by narrowing down the field. We’ve collected only the best baby shower gifts ideas below, covering everything from guidebooks that will benefit parents and children alike to cute clothes and practical baby items that will make life just a little bit easier when their new bundle of joy does arrive.

1. Precious Little Sleep Book
Parents may have lots of patience dealing with their babies, especially when the latter is sleeping. Although parents can deal with the situation by waking up every middle of the night to tend to their baby’s needs, regularly doing it will wear them out.

Therefore, having some guidance is vital, so new parents can understand how a baby sleep. The “Precious Little Sleep Book” will help the new mom identify how to put her young to sleep.
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2. Nursery Laundry Basket
Doing the laundry is one of the most challenging tasks that every mother has to deal with when having a newborn. It is especially hard when you are a new mother and must learn how to adjust to the life of being a new mom. The task itself is tough enough.

Having something like a laundry basket is handy to organize dirty clothes. It will help a little bit to ease the mom's laundry chores.
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3. Yellow Banana Training Toothbrush
When the babies are teething, you will know it by the signs. Some signs include drooling and gnawing when they are two to three months old. This time, babies tend to gnaw on almost anything, including their fingers, which is the reason why teether is one of the best baby shower gift ideas.

Yellow Banana Training Toothbrush is a teether that can help to soothe the pain of teething because of its soft bristles that also promotes good oral hygiene.
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4. Orange Silicone Teether
Babies gnaw their fingers when they cannot find something to chew on, and because of their lack of hand-and-eye coordination. What you can do to help is give this Orange Silicone Teether as a gift to the new mom. This teether is unique because of its design by mimicking the fingers of a baby.

You do not have to worry about sanitation because it is sanitary and safe.
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5. Portable Cushioned Changing Mat
Nowadays, you can buy a package of a diaper bag with a changing mat. However, they often come as separate items. With this Portable Cushioned Changing Mat, the new mom will have a changing mat and a diaper bag all in one. Having this item is a time-saver because she does not have to scour on each piece in her bag.

Moreover, she can also take this item easily everywhere she likes.
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6. Pop-Up Netting Cover
Some of the most common best baby shower gift ideas are cribs, baby mats, and mattresses. For this reason, most of the baby shower guests might have already thought giving one of these items to the new mom. If you want to give something new, the Pop-Up Netting Cover is one of the considerations.

It goes along with the cribs. Moreover, it protects the baby from bugs and mosquitoes.
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7. Co-Sleeper Bassinet
This Co-Sleeper Bassinet is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes that completes the aesthetics of a nursery room. The linings are visible and breathable. This bassinet is an ideal gift if the new mom is expecting twins or more. It allows each baby to sleep side-by-side.

However, remind the mom to save this bassinet until the babies are sturdy enough to use their hands and feet to lift themselves.
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8. Diaper Caddy
The Diaper Caddy will be the new mom’s best friend as long as her baby wears a diaper. This Diaper Caddy has removable inserts which make the organization of all the baby paraphernalia easier. It can also accommodate any diaper sizes even if her baby grows into a toddler.

The Diaper Caddy's design is not gender-specific because of its neutral color, which also complements the nursery room no matter how it looks.
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9. Baby Journal
The baby will thank the mom when he or she grows up reading this baby journal that his or her mom recorded when he or she was young. This journal is Instagram-friendly and contains 56 pages with modern designs.

By having this book, the mom can start tracking her baby’s experiences on important events and achievements when the baby grows up someday. The real gift that this Baby Journal provides is the feeling of love between a mother and child, which is priceless.
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10. 365 Bedtime Stories Books
You might think that reading bedtime stories to babies is useless since they cannot even understand a word or may not be aware of what is going on around them. Even though it might be so, reading can still stimulate the babies’ senses.

Reading aloud to babies can teach them about communication and simple concepts like colors, letters, numbers, and the like. The 365 Bedtime Stories is an excellent book to start to read for them.
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11. Nursery Rhymes Pop-Up Book
The Nursery Rhymes Pop-Up Book is one of the best baby shower gift ideas to give. Although babies have no idea what is going on around them, or they cannot comprehend what people are talking about, reading is an excellent form of stimulation. This book is not just a simple storybook for children. It has pop-ups that further stimulate the child's visual sense for colors and shapes.

This book is excellent to aid a child's development.
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12. Nursery Plush Bathrobe
Babies grow up. A time will come that they will be the ones who will decide on their own. For this reason, having the opportunity to dress up the babies while they are young is among the mothers’ joy and privilege. Why not encourage the new mom to grab this opportunity by giving this robe as a gift?

This Nursery Plush Bathrobe is gender-neutral. Its looks match the cuteness of a baby.
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13. Floating Shelves
Probably some of the guests in the baby shower will give books as gifts for a new mom. If you want to be different, why not give her these Floating Shelves that will contain all those books. These shelves are suitable in any room, even in the nursery room.

It is a great way to organize the books that the new mom will read for her child. It makes books more accessible.
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14. Baby Lounger
The tummy time helps in developing the baby's motor skills and neck strength. It also provides an excellent opportunity for the mother and her child to bond. The Baby Lounger provides a safe and comfortable environment for the baby in their tummy time.

The design of the Baby Lounger imitates the womb of a mother which provides a nurturing and soothing environment for babies. The fabric is OEKO-TEX certified that ensures that this material does not harbor much heat.
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15. Milestone Blanket Photography Props
If the new mom loves using social media to update everyone about the status of her baby, this Milestone Blanket Photography Props is an ideal gift for her. It helps the new mother to update her baby's social media status by taking a picture of her child with the blanket as a backdrop.

It comes with a frame to indicate the baby's new milestone. It also comes with a headband, which is an ideal prop for a baby girl.
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16. Dragon Pacifier
Pacifiers are among the best baby shower gift ideas to give to a new mom. However, pacifiers are typical baby shower gifts. If you want to be different but still want to give a pacifier as a present, this Dragon Pacifier is a good choice.

The pacifier is permanently attached to a dragon plush toy. It prevents the baby or the parents from losing it. It is a hospital-grade pacifier which is safe for kids.
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17. Classic Decoration Milk Bottle
You can place almost any fun stuff in this 24-Piece Classic Decoration Milk Bottle. It has a unique design because of its bulb shape. You can put confetti, accessories, or candies in this milk bottle.

It is a great gift if the new mom is a friend of yours and you are helping to organize the event for her. You can place each piece as décor for the baby shower event or even give it as a gift itself.
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18. A-Heart My Little A-Holes Book
The “A-Heart My Little A-Holes” is suitable for a new mom who finds snarky and expletive comments amusing. The author rants about the hardships of raising children. Although the author uses a lot of derogatory remarks, your friend will get a lot of information in this book.

However, make sure that your friend does not mind reading a book with tons of derogatory words.
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19. Confessions of a Scary Mommy Book
The “Confessions of a Scary Mommy” is a book that reveals the truth on parenting. It contains original essays which may also include every mom’s embarrassing moments. It is a hilarious book which a new mom can also learn about a lot by helping her see the possible issues that can happen.

This book is based on the website that delves into parenting and motherhood issues that most moms are not willing to expose.
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20. Bringing Up Bebe Book
When the “Bringing Up Bebe” was published, it became popular. People have different views about the content of the book, though. Some people agree to what this book suggests while others are not.

The book delves mostly into French parenting, which is a reason for some of the negative comments. However, it is still one of the best baby shower gift ideas to give to a new mom to broaden up her horizon about raising a child.
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21. Breastfeeding Made Simple Books
Becoming a new mom is exciting and worrisome at the same time. One of their worries includes breastfeeding. While others might think that it is simple, it does not mean that this book is not helpful enough. Remember that there are women who still struggle in this area.

This book covers the milk production, breast refusal, and pumping. If the new mom has this book, it might help her worry less about breastfeeding.
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22. Travel Crib
Sometimes a mom wants to visit a distant relative or wants to travel, but she knows that she has a responsibility for her child. Although leaving the baby in someone else's care is an option, most mothers do not want to entrust the care of their babies to other people. For this reason, why not consider a travel crib as a gift which is advisable for a mom who loves the outdoors?
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23. Baby Jogger Stroller
A baby stroller can be one of the best baby shower gift ideas if you know the features that the parents will like on it. The baby jogger stroller is an example. It is highly portable because of its compact and lightweight design.

It is available in many recline positions and can hold up to 50 pounds of weight. It also has a patented fast fold technology which makes it foldable in just one step.
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24. Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer
The Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer has a calming vibration feature to soothe the baby. It also has an adjustable three-point restraint for security. It comes with a removable bar that has toys too.

If you want to give a baby bouncer as a gift to your new mom friend, make sure to check the weight or age requirement before purchasing one. Some designs are for newborns while the others are for older babies.
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25. Baby Bath Tub
A baby bathtub is one of the best baby shower gift ideas to give to a new mom. Most guests might probably look over the bathing needs of the arriving baby, which makes it an ideal gift.

This bathtub is suitable for babies whose age are between zero months to two years old. It is available in dual bathing positions which are the sitting and reclining positions. It supports the forearm and legs of the baby, which makes it a baby-friendly tub.
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26. 23-Piece Baby Essentials Giftset
This 23-piece baby essentials gift set is for the babies who are 0 to 6 months of age. It is an ideal gift for a new mom because you are not just giving nice clothes for the baby. You are also offering the mom additional time to bond with her baby. If she has a complete set of sleepwear and bodysuits for her baby, she does not have to shop for them already.
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27. Counting Primer
If your friend loves reading Jane Auster books, she will appreciate the “Pride and Prejudice: counting primer board book as a baby shower gift. It introduces the famous novel in a child-friendly way. Aside from that, this board book has a lot of colors that are catchy to the eyes.

It is an ideal gift not just for the mothers who are Jane Austen’s fans but also for the mothers who are tired of reading nursery rhymes.
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28. Classic Baby Blanket
You might think that giving a blanket as a gift is common. However, it is among the kind of gifts that most families find useful while the others are just being placed in the attic. A blanket is especially handy when there is a newborn in the family.

You know that newborns soil their beds most of the time. That is why it is essential to have a blanket ready to replace the stained ones.
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29. Stroller Organizer
A stroller is one of the gift ideas that come to mind for a baby shower. For this reason, someone will have a stroller as a present for that event. Also, most parents prefer to buy stroller themselves. If you do not have any idea what kind of stroller the expecting couple wants, you can play safe by buying a stroller organizer instead.

It can contain a lot of the baby’s paraphernalia and some of the mom’s belongings too.
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30. Classic Peter Rabbit Gift Set
Even though the baby cannot even understand a bit of what the mom is saying, reading an excellent book to a newborn is advisable. Reading a book is a good bonding moment for the mother and her child, aside from the fact that it can stimulate the baby's senses and communication skills.

Among a few books that the new mother can read on is the Classic Peter Rabbit Gift Set.
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31. Nursery Doll House
Even though a newborn cannot play on this nursery dollhouse yet, the new mom can use it as a lovely ornament in the baby's room. It looks like a miniature baby of the new mom. The toys include a crib, a drawer chest, a mobile, a baby, a stroller, and a high chair.

The color is natural wood, which can complement almost any room. As the baby grows older, he or she can play this dollhouse.
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32. The Nursing Mother’s Companion Book
“The Nursing Mother’s Companion” is another book guide that delves into breastfeeding. Most moms trust this book for over 25 years. It discusses the difficulties that a mom faces while breastfeeding and how to overcome these issues. It is a complete book that guides the mom for breastfeeding a newborn until it becomes a toddler.

Among the things that the new mom will learn are the regular appearance of breastmilk, drug interactions, and more.
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33. Nursery Grooming Kit Essentials
Babies are highly sensitive due to the changes in the environment that can profoundly affect their wellness. For this reason, it is essential to be ready. This Nursery Grooming Kit Essential is one of the best baby shower gift ideas to give.

The kit contains all the essentials that will keep the baby healthy and clean. Included in the package are a thermometer, nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, comb, gum massaging brush, and more.
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34. Nursery Blanket With Headband
It is a great gift to give to a new mom who is expecting a baby girl. This nursery blanket comes with a matching headband that will make the baby look cute. The blanket is premium-knit made, which is comfortable to touch even on the baby’s sensitive skin.

This blanket is not just to provide warmth and comfort for the baby. The mom can also use it as a costume to take a good photo of her darling.
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35. 5-Piece Changing Set Essentials
Although some of the guests in the event might already give a changing pad or table to the new mom, this changing set comes with a complete package. It will save the time of the mom from doing her errands. This set includes changing pad covers, changing pad protectors, and the changing pad.

It makes the setting up of the changing station for the baby stress-free and easy.
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36. What to Expect the First Year Book
“What to Expect the First Year” is one of the best books for new moms. It delves on the usual challenges that every new mom must face during the infant’s first. Facing the infant issues is beyond challenging for a new mom. It is the infant’s life and wellness at stake.

This book is available to help moms decipher the needs of their baby when it starts to cry. It also advises breastfeeding and other infant issues.
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37. Convertible Baby Carrier
Mothers cannot stay in the nursery room all the time. They must go out for some errands, do their household chores, visit their loved ones, and the like. They cannot just leave their babies behind to fulfill their other duties. Although they can leave the care of the baby on someone they trust, sometimes the others are also not available.

For this reason, sometimes they must take their babies with them. This convertible baby carrier provides a solution.
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38. 2-in-1 Portable Crib and Rocking Bassinet
If you are friends with a new mom who is always on the go, this 2-in-1 Portable Crib and Rocking Bassinet is an excellent gift for the baby shower. This item has two main features: the rocking mode and the stationary mode. Aside from these features, the crib is easy to install and disassemble, which makes it an ideal bassinet on the go.

Your friend will appreciate this crib because it has all the features that her baby would need.
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39. Waterproof Mattress Protector
Being a mom is among the busiest responsibilities in the world. She must tend to her infant, the household chores, her career, and the like. Sometimes that she must sneak out of her baby's nursery room while the baby is sleeping to do her other chores.

She will not be immediately available if the infant soils the bed for this reason.

Thankfully, you gave her a waterproof mattress protector in the bridal shower event.
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40. Photo Cards
Baby cards are one of the most sentimental bridal shower gifts to give to a new mom. You provide an opportunity for the new mom to capture her child's every milestone creatively. When her child sees it when he or she grows up, he or she will thank her mom for it.

The mom can snap a photo of the child along with each card. After a year, she can collect all these photos to make into an album.
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41. Changing Table
It is possible to change a baby's diaper while he or she is inside a crib. However, the sides are a nuisance. It is also possible to change a diaper on a mat, but the parent must lay the cloth first before he or she replaces the diaper.

Having a changing table is handy. It makes changing easier. The parent does not have to sit on the floor or lay the mat to remove the baby's nappy.
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42. Nursery Night Light
A night light is a helpful night companion for babies and kids. It provides them the right ambiance to put them while letting the parents be aware of what is going on in the baby's surroundings.

This nursery light has a lot of features. A parent can adjust the brightness of the light just by tapping it or pressing a button underneath. It also has a timer-setting, which is an essential feature to save energy.
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43. The Happiest Baby on the Block Book
This book is a must-have for every mom, especially the new ones. Most of the time, babies do not want to sleep and want to spend their night whining and crying, which might cause the parents to lose their temper. To prevent this situation from happening, a mom must know how to calm and put her baby to sleep.

This book is about teaching the mother how to deal with a grouchy baby.
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44. The Baby Book
If you want the new mom to expose an attachment approach style of parenting, you can give this book to her on the baby shower event. This book delves into the attachment parenting style to tend to the needs of her young. It covers a lot of tips about babywearing, bonding, and breastfeeding to build a strong relationship in the family.

People have trusted this book for years. It has always been updated to meet modern parents’ needs.
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45. Rocking Chair
Holding a baby promotes the bonding of a mother and her child. One of the best opportunities to bond is to hold the baby while being put to sleep or to breastfeed the child. It is best if the mother has a rocking chair where she can sit.

With a rocking chair, the mother does not have to push a bassinet to put a baby to sleep while providing them an opportunity to bond.
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46. Baby Slumber Buddy
You might think that babies do not care if they have a plush toy beside them or not. However, when the babies start seeing objects clearly, a plush toy is a handy tool to amuse them. This Baby Slumber Buddy can provide comfort to a whining child. The mother can hold and place it on sight to stop them from crying.

According to experts, plush toys like this Slumber Buddy helps to the development of the child’s social skills.
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47. Umbrella Tandem Stroller
Although the parents might prefer to shop for a stroller themselves, you can still give a stroller as a gift on the baby shower event, especially if the couple is expecting twins. By providing this stroller as a gift, you can save their time from scouring a store. A stroller designed for twins is rare.

This stroller is portable because of its compact and lightweight design. It has additional features like a storage bag and a cup holder.
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48. Spinning Mobile
Having a mobile hanging on a crib is a primary and first tool to stimulate the babies’ sense of sight. If you choose a mobile to give as a gift to the new mother, select the colorful one, especially the one with red colors. Red is the first color that babies can see.

The new mom can place this mobile on carriers, cribs, and bassinets. It also stimulates the baby’s sense of hearing because of the music it plays.
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49. Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas
Rattles are simple baby toys. You might be wondering why rattles and not piano or cymbals. It is because rattles provide more than just entertainment for babies. Rattles train their senses and motor skills.

Rattles are available in colorful designs that stimulate and grab the babies’ attention. They also train the babies’ visual track and eye coordination as the parents move them. Rattles also train the babies’ motor skills when they shake the rattles.
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50. Books Storage Basket
When there is a baby in the family, the house turns messy. The baby's paraphernalia scattered everywhere, the diapers, books, toys, and the like. Giving a new mom this storage basket will help tidy up the house a little bit.

This storage basket is not just for magazines or books. This storage basket has a label on one side and none on the other side, which makes it also ideal storage for other stuff.
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51. Soft Grip Brush and Comb
Babies’ body parts are delicate, which include their scalp. It seems like they will never withstand little bumps and scratches on the head. Therefore, what one should use to comb their fine hair are baby-friendly and soft. A mom cannot use her comb to stroke her baby's hair because it might damage his or her scalp.

For this reason, you should give her this Soft Grip Brush and Comb.
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52. Fleece Booties
Babies are highly-sensitive. They quickly feel coldness and warmth. As winter comes in, you want your friend, who is a new mom, to be prepared during that time. You do not want your friend to go out of her house to shop for her baby’s winter garments during the harsh weather.

The fleece booties are perfect for winter. Although it is not a whole winter package, these shoes will remind her to prepare her baby’s garments for the winter.
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53. Sophie the Giraffe
If you want to give a unique teether as a gift to the new mother on a baby shower, Sophie the Giraffe should be among the top of the lists. This teether is unique because of its intelligent design. Many moms around the world trust this teether to soothe the baby’s sore gums.

Moreover, Sophie, the Giraffe, can also stimulate the babies five senses.
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54. Unisex Newborn Stripe Booties
Dressing up a baby is one of the most enjoyable moments for a mom. She has the privilege to choose her child’s OOTD sans the pouting lips and arched eyebrows. This period is the only opportunity for the mom to dress up her baby in any way she can because her baby will grow up someday and will be able to decide for himself or herself.

This Unisex Newborn Stripe Booties is an excellent addition to the baby's wardrobe.
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55. Baby Nail Care Kit
Babies’ fingers are soft and delicate. That is why it is terrifying to clip their nails, especially if you are a new mom. However, moms cannot just leave their babies' fingernails untrimmed because of the nail-biting tendency.

What you can do is help the new mom by giving ger this Baby Nail Care Kit. This kit contains a baby-friendly nail file and clippers. The nail clippers have a spyhole that lets the mom see what she is clipping.
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56. Unisex Baby Sneakers
The Unisex Baby Sneakers is another excellent addition to the baby's wardrobe. It is excellent for the baby's casual outfit. It can complement any clothes because it is available in different colors or color combination. It is an item of superb clothing for a baby boy or girl.

A pair is comfortable to wear because it is lace-up. Aside from being fashionable, these sneakers also provide additional warmth for the baby.
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57. The Shit No One Tells You Book
“The Shit No One Tells You” is another book for new moms. The book aims to guide the new moms on their motherhood throughout the first year. The author believed that the lack of preparation of the new moms has a reason.

The book claims to offer real advice that comes from real moms. This book includes anecdotes, encouragements, and tips that every new mom needs. It guides them throughout the terrors of the first year of having a baby.
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58. Motivational Workout Water Bottle
You might be wondering why a water bottle included in these lists.

Most mothers gain weight when they are pregnant and struggle to lose some of it after giving birth. Therefore, to provide a unique gift that does not center around the baby's needs, this Motivational Workout Water Bottle is a great choice.

This BPA-free water bottle is easy to carry around. It also has a motivational quote that reminds the mom that she can achieve her goals.
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59. White Noise Sound Machine
Having a whiny and grouchy baby is one of the common problems of being a new mom. Sometimes the whines and tantrums keep the mother awake at night, leaving them both irritable the next day.

Thankfully, there is a unique apparatus that the new mom can use to put them both to sleep. It is this White Noise Sound Machine that masks the unwanted sounds while using the white noise to promote sleep.
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60. Sea Dreams Soother
The Sea Dreams Soother is another one of the best baby shower gift ideas for new moms. One of the terrors of having an infant at home is that nobody can sleep soundly at night when the newborn is up and crying all night. The Sea Dreams Soother provides a solution to help the baby fall asleep.

It mimics the soothing sound of the sea. It also has a soft light that can make the baby’s eyelids grow heavy.
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61. Nursery Teething Necklace
This Nursery Teething Necklace is another teething gift option to give on a bridal shower. It soothes the baby’s sore gums, fussiness, and drooling just like any other teethers do.

However, the Nursery Teething Necklace is more than just a teether. It is made from genuine Baltic amber and has an immune system boost and anti-inflammatory properties. It is safely knotted so you do not have to worry that it might break apart.
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62. Toy Chest
Expect that when there is a baby shower, the mom will receive tons of books, toys, and other baby paraphernalia. For this reason, why not give something that will contain these gifts? One example is this large toy chest.

This toy chest is spacious. The mom can toss almost anything in there, including pillows, blankets, and the like. The handles on each side make it portable.
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63. Acrylic Pacifier
Babies have a strong urge to suck. That is why it is not surprising that lots of them suck their fingers and thumbs to find comfort. The others even suckle their thumbs even when they were inside their moms' womb. Suckling provides them the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Therefore, a pacifier is a necessity.

If you want to give a gift basket to a new mom, you can include a pacifier in it.
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64. Stroller Phone Holder
When the mom is at the park while pushing her baby’s stroller, handling and controlling the phone will be difficult. That is why you are considerate to give a stroller phone holder as a gift to a new mom because you have thought about the possible situations like this.

The mom does not need any tools to install this equipment. She can follow the instructions, and it is ready to hold the phone.
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65. Silicone Mini Mat
The Silicone Mini Mat is another one of the unique baby shower gift ideas for a new mom. It is because this item is more than just a placemat. It also doubles up as a plate where the baby can eat once he or she starts eating solid food. It is a handy item to give to the new mom because you know how messy a baby can be when it comes to food.
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66. Foam Crib Bed Mattress
Most parents prefer to shop their strollers or cribs for the baby. If you do not know what kind of cribs your favorite couple prefers for their baby, you can choose a foam crib as a gift instead.

This foam crib bed mattress is baby-friendly. It is breathable, and the linings are water-resistant. This foam will help to give the baby his or her goodnight sleep. It will also help keep the baby dry.
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67. Digital Forehead Thermometer
Babies are highly sensitive, and the ones that are most prone to illnesses. It is essential for the new mom to be ready in situations where her child might need her to tend to his or her medical needs. As a first step, you can give this digital forehead thermometer to her as a gift on the baby shower event.

It is the first step of knowing if the baby needs to get medical attention or not.
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68. Nursery Trampoline
This nursery trampoline is another unique toy to give on the baby shower event. You might already be scratching your head why this item is included in these lists. Most of the items listed here are for newborns. It is because the babies grow up and it will take just a few years for them to enjoy jumping on this trampoline to release their energy.

For this reason, it is a little bit handy to have this in-store.
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69. The No-Cry Sleep Solution Book
Although the Ferber technique might be one of the sleeping solutions that some moms might think of, there are other ways to put the baby into sleep while not letting it cry. The "No-Cry Sleep Solution" offers an alternative solution to the Ferber technique.

It instead teaches the mom about the Persistent Gentle Removal System that teaches the child to sleep without the pacifier, bottle-feeding, or breastfeeding. Aside from that, it also introduces the parents to the baby's sleep rhythm.
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70. Waterproof Reversible Burp Cloths
One of the horrors of having a baby is not just the whines and tantrums that it throws almost every night. The new couple must deal with puke and burps too. For this reason, it is ideal to have something on hand that will prevent the unpleasant stuff soiling the mom’s or dad’s clothes. Some of them are this Waterproof Reversible Burp Cloths.

These items are made from cotton Jersey material that is absorbent, and the inner layer is waterproof.
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71. 13-Piece Baby Bedding Set
It is possible that the new parents might already have plans on how they will design their baby's nursery room. If you have an idea about the style that they will love, a bedding set can also be one of the most fabulous baby shower gift ideas for the new couple. It is ideal to buy a package so that the colors and decorations match.

In this set, the accessories include lamp shade, window valance, and a musical mobile with matching decorations.
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72. Footprint and Handprint Photo Frame
One of the best baby shower gift ideas to give to a new mom is something that she can use as a keepsake to remind her of her child. Souvenirs are essential because babies grow old, and they will learn how to decide and live on their own. Mementos will make the mother feel that her child is always close to her. The Footprint and Handprint Photo Frame is one of these items.
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73. Lots of Diapers
Even though several baby shower guests will provide diapers as gifts, the new parents will not mind receiving tons of diapers as a gift. Also, you can organize these diapers to form them into a cake. They will save them lots of money shopping for these disposables.

However, make sure to buy the best ones. Do not purchase cheap diapers that may leave some rashes on the baby's sensitive skin.
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