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29 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 30-Year-Old Men 2021

Men’s preferences tend to change as the age, and this is as true of their preferences in birthday gifts as they approach their 30th. Their taste for cool toys may have declined a bit, though it hasn’t been completely replaced by an increasing desire for more practical gifts just yet—if it ever will.

Whether you’re shopping for a 30-year-old kid at heart or someone who would prefer something more sophisticated, our list of the best birthday gifts for 30-year-old men will serve you well. From grown-up toys and grill accessories to thought-provoking books and more, you’ll be able to find something that any man would love to receive when they celebrate the big three-O.

1. Zyllion Back and Neck Massager
One way to find out what could be the gift that your guy will appreciate is to look for the item that he does not realize he needs. Another way is to find a product that will solve his problem no matter how big or small it is.

If your guy typically arrives home with back or neck pain because of the long hours of sitting in his office desk, what most men would do is lie on the bed and sleep. What they do not realize they need is a device like the Zyllion Back and Neck Massager.

This item provides relief on tired and sore muscles. Your man can place it behind his back or neck while taking a nap.
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2. Dodow Sleep Aid Device
Every time you see him at work or in the morning after he wakes up, his eyebags are the first things you notice about him. If you ask him why he cannot sleep well, he would tell you that it is because of the neighbor’s party, dog’s bark, or your snore.

You cannot merely ask the neighbor to stop partying, so your guy can already sleep. You cannot also stop a dog from barking. You cannot stop your snoring either.

Therefore, it is your guy who should adjust. He probably has a problem that makes him restless or insomniac every night. Help him by gifting this Dodow Sleep Aid Device.
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3. BetterBack Lower Back Support Posture Belt
If your guy always arrives home with pain in the back, one of the most probable causes of it is his incorrect posture while he sits in his office chair at work. You might also notice that it is true when you see that he is slouching.

Poor posture is unhealthy and unattractive to the eyes. It will make your guy looks unconfident and timid. Also, it might cause him more severe problems like carpal tunnel, constipation, and high blood pressure.

For this reason, it is wise and healthy to gift your guy this BetterBack Lower Back Support Posture Belt. This item will correct his posture. He can take it with him wherever he goes.
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4. Rylo Video Camera
The Rylo Video Camera is the answer to the prayers of travelers or adventurers who want to capture everything at the moment at once. If your guy is one of these people who long for a camera that can capture their activities and all their environment at the same time, this item is the best gift for him.

The Rylo Video Camera has tons of features. The main feature that your guy will love about this camera is its capacity to capture video in a 360 angle. It has a FronBack mode that allows the user to capture facial expressions and perspective. It also has a point feature which let the user adjust the view of his camera.
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5. Avantree Wireless Headphones
Most 30-year-old men love technology. That is why you can expect that they own a few or a lot of them depending on how much they can afford. For this reason, it is not surprising that your guy probably already owns a Bluetooth headphone.

However, although the Bluetooth technology is fantastic, it can cause delay to the audio. Most of the headphones in the market have this problem. Only a few cater to solve this issue. One of these headphones is the Avantree Wireless Headphones.

With the Avantree Wireless Headphones, your guy will never experience an audio delay while he watches his favorite television show. It also provides clear and crisp sounds.
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6. Kindle Paperwhite
If your guy is a bookworm, he will appreciate this Kindle Paperwhite as a gift. Although he probably prefers a paperbound version of a book, he cannot deny the amazing features of an e-reader. Even though a paperbound book has an addicting scent or texture, he cannot take hundreds of them in his travels.

If he has a Kindle Paperwhite, he can store hundreds of books in this device. All that he has to do is take this item with him, which is lighter than a pillow. He can take it alongside with him even though he is at a beach. He does not have to worry about it getting wet because it is waterproof.
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7. WizGear Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder
The WizGear Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder is an ideal gift for your 30-year-old man who drives and uses his phone as a guide to find his destination. Without a holder like this device, your man probably feels irritated because he has to hold and operate his cellphone while driving. There is nowhere to place his phone where he can easily reach it.

That is why he will appreciate it when he receives a WizGear magnetic car Mount Phone Holder on his birthday. It provides a comfortable way for your guy to use his phone. He can place it in the air vent and let the metal plates on the phone attached to the mount magnets.
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8. Port Car Charger
You might say that your man can take his phone charger with him so that he can find an outlet to recharge his phone. You are afraid that he might not appreciate this Port Car Charger.

However, he might need it more than what you believe if your guy is on a long road trip. The power outage is also possible. Sometimes the outlets available are not compatible with his charger. That is why it is essential to be ready.

The phone is a necessity nowadays. It can be a source of information when you get lost in the middle of nowhere. That is why it is crucial if your guy can take a Port Car Charger with him to prepare him for the worst.
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9. AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test
If the 30-year-old man who you cared for is a family man who almost has anything he can ask for, why not gift him this AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test. It is a unique gift that nobody would ever think to gift him. Buying it might not also come into his mind.

With the AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test, your guy will know more about himself and his heritage. It is a perfect gift for a man who loves talking about his roots and his family. Gifting this item to him will provide him more information that he can brag about himself.

It is an exciting gift that can change his views about himself.
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10. Wickedbone Smart Bone
If the man in your life is a dog person, he and his dog would appreciate receiving this Wickedbone Smart Bone as a present. As a dog person, your man treats his dog as his best friend and family. That is why he would love it when you show that you care for his dog too.

To show that you care for his dog, gift him this Wickedbone Smart Bone. Just like humans, dogs need exercise and outlet for their energy. The Wickedbone caters to these needs of dogs.

Your guy can control it by using an app. He can also put it in the interactive mode when he likes his dog to continue playing with it when he is busy at something.
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11. Bond 50: The Complete 23 Film Collection With Skyfall
James Bond can be a fictional character in a movie. However, his personality, charm, and wit are desirable for any man. That is why it is not surprising if your 30-year-old man idolizes him. To prove it, he probably has watched the James Bond movies in the theaters.

However, the first James Bond film came into the big screen in 1962. Your guy was not there yet to watch it. He was not even alive when the first 14 James Bond movies hit the theaters. For this reason, he probably might not have watched some of them.

Gifting your guy this James Bond collection will allow him to re-watch all the James Bond movies starting from the beginning.
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12. “Finish This Book”
Has your 30-year-old man been dreaming of becoming a writer someday? Is he the type who promises to write a book but has never started any? If he falls in both these categories. He might need some extra help and push, which this “Finish This Book” can provide.

This book by Keri Smith is incomplete. It needs your guy to finish it however he likes.

With this book, your guy will experience how it is to write a book. It will also help him to enhance his creativity and imagination. Who knows? This book might become your man’s inspiration to start writing and completing his book.
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13. Radiate Portable Campfire
An idea of camping and adventure is appealing for a man who has an adventurous soul. However, if your guy has spent his lifetime relying on technology, devices, and lighter, living a primitive life in a camp might become a challenge to him.

Even though the challenge is one of the goals for having this kind of adventure, he should at least know how to build a fire himself. Fire is essential in a camp because it will keep him warm. It might also scare some wild animals away.

However, if your guy does not have any idea how to build a campfire, you better help him get ready by giving him this Radiate Portable Campfire on his birthday.
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14. Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk
Isn't it nice to lie on the bed on lazy days while playing or working on a laptop? After all, a guy needs some idle time too. He fended for the family for the whole week. That is why he has the right to work or play on his laptop, regardless of his position.

However, according to experts, letting a laptop rest on a lap for extended periods may lead to serious health problems which affect his reproductive health. That is why make sure that he uses a desk to work on his device while lying down. Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk is the one that you might want to consider.
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15. AmazonBasics Security Safe Box
Although many people save their money in a bank, some do not trust the institution. They prefer to keep their money in their house so that they will have immediate access to their cash when something unexpected happens.

It also saves their money for going down the drain just in case their bank close and the insurance cannot cover the total amount of money that you saved. However, money saved in the house is not safe from the hands of thieves. Sometimes they can find a way to break into your home and steal your hard-earned cash.

It is best to keep his money safe inside this AmazonBasics Security Save Box.
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16. Sunbelt Gifts Coke Vending Machine Paper Towel Holder
Coca-Cola has been a prestigious company that has been around for years. It stood the different tests of time and hurdles despite the strength of their competitors. That is why it is not surprising that its brand and identity has been an inspiration for various designs like this simple paper towel holder.

If your guy is one of those people who look up to the achievements and strength of Coca-Cola company, this Sunbelt Gifts Coke Vending Machine Paper Towel Holder will be the best to give him on his birthday.

This paper towel has a vintage design that he can proudly display in his kitchen. It is a creative way to present a simple tissue paper to his guests.
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17. Braun Coffee Maker
You can say that many people consider their morning coffee as their daily vitamins. It kept them up and energized the whole day. Even though your guy benefits from his coffee, it does not mean that his coffee has to taste as unpleasant as his vitamins. However, because he needs his boost for the day, he only has to endure the taste.

Thankfully, you are thoughtful enough to give him this Braun Coffee Maker. With this device, he does not have to struggle to brew his own unpleasantly tasting coffee. He can now drink his coffee with gusto because of the perfectly brewed blend by the Braun Coffee Maker.
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18. Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven
Whether you guy admits it or not, he loves eating baked goods like pizzas, quesadillas, cookies, chicken nuggets, and the like. On the other hand, he dislikes baking them in the oven. You cannot blame him because baking in a conventional oven takes a lot of effort. You need to fire up, preheat, and endure the heat of the oven if you want to eat a delicious pizza.

Thankfully, your guy can already say goodbye to these conventional oven disadvantages. Now, your guy can make his baked favorites as much as he likes with this Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating oven. It can bake pizza and another dish fast with the use of the controls without the need to preheat it.
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19. Tabasco Pepper Sauce
The Tabasco Pepper Sauce is the perfect gift for a guy who cannot get enough of his hot sauce. If he is the type who cannot eat almost anything without a spicy sauce on it, he can make use of a gallon of Tabasco Pepper Sauce. It will give him an ample supply of hot sauce that might last him months or weeks if he is a hardcore hot sauce eater.

This item is an excellent gift because it is unique and beautiful. Even though your guy manages to empty all the contents of his sauce, the container will make a lovely keepsake. It will always remind him of you.
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20. Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha Chili Hot Sauce
If your guy loves eating spicy foods, he might have a closet full of Tabasco sauce. If your man is one of those people who loves collects hot sauce so that he can have an ample supply to make his every meal enjoyable, you cannot go wrong gifting him this item.

If he does not have one yet or if he does not know about this hot sauce, it will provide him an opportunity to explore other hot sauce oriental flavor of Korean chili paste. He can use it like a typical hot sauce that he used to apply to his food and explore the taste of gochujang.
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21. YETI Rambler Stainless-Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler
A yet might scare your big guy away but not from the YETI Rambler Stainless-Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler, especially if he can make good use of it. It is a pure stainless-steel insulated mug that ensures that he will always have a good, warm coffee even in a chilling morning. He can take this item with him when he is at a camp to keep him warm on a cold climate.

This item is a set of four. That is why you are sure that your guy will have something to use even if he misplaces or lose one. It is a durable item that will hold for years.
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22. Cooling Pint Glasses
Your guy will hug you if he receives this item on his birthday. If your guy is a party-going, beer-loving guy, you will never go wrong with the Cooling Pint Glasses. First, it is unique. That is why it is a guarantee that you are the only one who gifts your guy this item. Second, it keeps his beer cold for long hours.

No more warm beer for your guy if he has this Cooling Pint Glasses. If you can give your guy many of this item, the better it is. He will be able to share his cold beer with his friends. They will drink a cold beer even after long hours of talking.
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23. Deco Brothers Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy
It is a stereotype for men to be messy and disorganized. It is a trait that most women hate about their husbands. Even though how many times the women tell the men to place their clutters in their proper place, the men still do it. However, some men are clean. They do not want clutter or even a spec of dust on their table or countertops.

If your 30-year-old man is one of these guys, he will love to receive this Deco Brothers Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy on his birthday. It will help him organize his belongings in its appropriate category.
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24. Crescent Mechanics Tool Set
It is also a stereotype for men to know a lot of DIYs. Women expect that they know how to fix broken stuff like electrical wirings, appliances, and car. If your man is one of those guys who know how to fix a car by himself, the Crescent Mechanics Tool Set is a heavenly gift that you can give him.

It is complete with the necessary tools that he can use for mechanical or industrial applications. The tools in this set are durable and can withstand strenuous usage. Each device met the ASME and ANSI specifications. That is why he can make use of this set for a long time.
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25. WOTOW Multi-Function Bicycle Mechanic Repair Tool Kit
If your guy does not own a car and prefers a ride on his bike on his way to work or at home, he will need a handy tool to prepare him from unpleasant circumstances. Even if you say that his bicycle is brand new or highly durable, you cannot guarantee that it is invincible enough to handle frequent usage.

That is why you should equip your guy with the WOTOW Multi-Function Bicycle Mechanic Repair Tool Kit. For this reason, if his bicycle breaks in the middle of the road, he can quickly repair or investigate it with the help of this tool.
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26. RAK Magnetic Wristband
If your guy loves handyworks, mechanics, and DIYs, you will never go wrong gifting the RAK Magnetic Wristband. Gifting him mechanical tools is advisable. However, he probably owns a lot of them in his garage. His might be even better than what you are planning to give him.

On the other hand, only a few handymen use a magnetic wristband to hold their screws, bolts, and nails. It is because they would prefer to use their pocket to keep this stuff.

However, it does not mean that they do not need it at all. These men prefer not to waste money for it if their pocket can already do the job. If someone gave it as a gift, they would love it.
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27. Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting
One of the best birthday gifts for 30-year-old men is a smart home. If his house has this feature, a lot of tasks will be more comfortable for him. He can play his favorite music, send calls and message, and turn the lights on or off just by using his voice.

Of course, if you are an average-earner individual, you cannot afford to buy a smart house for you guy. However, you can at least help his home become more intelligent. One way to do it is to gift your guy this Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting.

This item works with various smart digital assistants like Google Assistant, Nest, and Alexa. Giving this present will enable him to control the lights using his voice.
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28. Night Trek X Tactical Shoe Lights
If your guy loves jogging every morning before the sun rises or in the evening after eating dinner, this Night Trek X Tactical Shoe Lights will keep him safe. Jogging early in the morning or late at night makes your guy prone to accidents and robbery because the passing vehicles cannot see him, and he makes an excellent target for burglars.

That is why you need to keep your man safe by making him wear these shoes. These items are stylish. That is why it is not hard to wear and to show off. If he is a fan of Shark Tank, he might appreciate wearing these shoes even more.
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29. LOCTOTE Flak Sack
You can count the LOCTOTE Flak Sack as one of the best birthday gifts for 30-year-old men who loves to travel. It is because it keeps their valuables safe from thieves. Its unique design meant to drive the robbers nuts when they try to slash this bag with a knife. It is because the features of this bag cater to travelers and students.

The LOCTOTE Flak Sack has a locking strap, makes use of slash-resistant cloth, and has RFID pocket. Moreover, it keeps his belongings safe from the rain because it is water-resistant.

With this item, your guy can travel the world with fewer worries.
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