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35 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 50-Year-Old Men 2021

After half a century of birthdays, Christmases, and other special occasions, it might seem impossible to choose a thoughtful and unique birthday gift for the 50-year-old man in your life. But this isn’t the case: as the years go by people’s tastes and needs change, so there should be a perfect gift option out there that wouldn’t have been a good fit even five years ago.

Whether you want to give them something practical and handy, classy and cool, or touching and personal, we’re sure that the right gift is on our list. No matter his desires, a combination of your knowledge of his interests and our recommendations are sure to make his 50th birthday one of his best yet.

1. Magnetic Wristband
Some men like to receive practical gifts that they can use in tinkering around the house. So, get a magnetic wristband for your 50-year-old man.

This magnetic wristband is useful when he needs to do a simple repair. It is ideal for DIY projects such as woodworking and home improvement. The magnet is strong enough to secure small DIY accessories such as nails, screws, nuts, and bolts.

Your man can work without asking for help since he can carry whatever tinkering accessories he needs. The size can fit any wrists because the magnetic wristband has Velcro straps.
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2. Sleep Sound Machine
One annoyance for reaching the age of 50 is having a difficult time sleeping at night. If your man seems to have this problem, help him to sleep better with this sleep sound machine.

The sleep sound machine features 12 presets that produce rhythms. These rhythms are brainwave frequencies that relax the mind. When your mind is relaxed, you can get that much-needed sleep you want.

Aside from the 12 sound programs, this machine adapts to your surroundings. It detects if the environment is too quiet and adjusts the volume accordingly. It has a timer that you can set into 30 (minimum) or 120 minutes (maximum) interval for automatic shutdown.
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3. Fitness Wristband
At the age of 50, your man would want to stay fit physically and mentally. Help him achieve this goal by surprising him with a fitness wristband.

This model of a known brand can monitor biometrics stats such as heart rate, sleep patterns, step count, distance, and temperature. Aside from this monitoring, the fitness wristband features a multisport mode. This mode guides your man to view work out stats in real-time.

Another impressive feature is its relax mode that shows a guided exercise on how to breathe better during an intense workout. The fitness wristband also includes a sync mode with smartphone and computer, GPS connection for distance traveled and a lot more.
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4. Classic Men's Tie
Now that your man reached 50, he’ll always have a reason to wear a tie. There’s a wedding to his daughter or christening to his grandchild. Whatever the occasion is, these classic men’s ties will always be excellent birthday gifts for 50 year old men.

One set contains six neckties, made from high-quality materials. The material is 100% silk. The ties are fashionable and stylish with a minimalist design, perfect for formal and semi-formal occasions.

Your man can use it also for his work clothes, especially if he’s eyeing a promotion from his boss. Of course, the necktie isn't a guarantee for his promotion, but he will look excellent and dashing.
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5. 37-in-1 Credit Card Multipurpose Tool
You’ll never go wrong with this multi-tool credit card. Your man will surely love this gift. This gift contains more than 30 different tools, perfect for a camper, tinkerer, DIY-ers, mechanics, and carpenters.

You can use this multipurpose tool in the garage, or make some repair with your vehicle. With 30 or more tools, you can find something in this toolkit to tinker with.

Besides, this multi-tool card fits in your wallet or turn it into a keyring. It is about the size of a credit card that is compact and useful. Tools include a bottle opener, screwdriver, a scissor, fire starter, ruler, saw blade and so much more.
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6. Trailmate Journey Cooler
This journey cooler is excellent for camping, beach BBQ, or any outdoor activities that your man love to do. It has wheels perfect for easy transport wherever you go.

With a capacity of 70 quarts, the cooler can hold up to 100 cans or maybe more. Ice kept inside can remain for days because of the cooler's top-notch insulation package.

The tight lid will keep your drinks cold. Even if the ice melts inside, the cold water will stay “cold” for hours. This is how excellent the insulation is.
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7. USB Charging Alarm Clock
Smartphones are now indispensable devices that many people can’t go out without one. With this fact, you and your man need a high speed charging dock. This charging dock should be compatible with any electronic devices.

So, here’s the perfect gift for a person who’s celebrating his 50th birthday. This alarm clock doubles as a charging station for all of your man’s electronic gadgets. It features radio, battery backup, and dual alarm set.

The large LED display helps you to see the numbers even if you’re still groggy with sleep. The radio has a dual-frequency, so you can listen to your favorite station, whether it's AM or FM.

You can save up to 20 stations. With this feature, you don’t need to retune every day.
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8. Portable Espresso Machine
Is your man a person who loves to start his morning with a coffee? If he is, this portable espresso machine is an excellent gift for him. It’s compact and lightweight. You can bring it anywhere and prepare a brewing coffee on the go.

The hand-held espresso machine features an innovative design. You can activate this little machine with a bit of water, a ground coffee, and a press of a finger. With a semi-automatic piston installed inside, you can make your favorite espresso in minutes.

You don't need electricity or N2O cartridges. So, even if there's no outlet nearby, your man can have his morning coffee.
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9. Faux Fur Throw Blanket
Whether you like it or not, reaching 50 means getting that chilly draft every winter that hurts arthritic bones. So, get a pair of faux fur throw blanket for you and your man. This blanket will be an excellent and practical gift for his birthday.

The fur blanket is so fluffy, so smooth and so soft your man will use it every day. The fabric of the blanket is a microfiber polyester. It is known for its soft feel and appearance.

The blanket features a minimalist design that is still stylish. This minimalist design is perfect for the birthday man who dislikes vibrant, girly colors. This fur blanket will be one of the most excellent birthday gifts for 50 year old men, which will keep him cozy and warm.
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10. Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool
Nowadays, even a grown man can become an unsuspecting victim from fortuitous events and bad guys. Give your man the protection and safety he needs. This tactical pen contains defensive tools to help you out in cases of emergencies.

The tool features tactical flashlight that runs on batteries, a glass breaker for fire emergencies and a pen. It comes from a material of aluminum grade similar to materials used in aircraft. It looks ordinary, perfect for carrying every day.

This tactical pen is perfect for emergency responders, survivalists, and campers. It comes with a free refill and is also compatible with standard refills.
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11. Toiletry Bag
If your man is more organized than you are, this toiletry bag is the best gift for his birthday. The remarkable thing about this gift is its accompanying accessories. You get a toiletry bag and a set of toiletries.

The toiletry bag contains multiple pockets, two of which include zippered closures and the other two are Snap-on fastener. It is large and can accommodate large grooming accessories for travel.

The premium PU leather is easy to clean. With a damp cloth, you can remove spills from grooming products. It’s waterproof, too, so no worries if you splash water on it.

You can hang the bag or lay it on the bathroom sink while you’re doing your beauty routine.
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12. Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush
Dry mouth, gum diseases, and other dental problems are standard after 50. However, you can mitigate these risks with proper brushing and different oral hygienic ways. You can start doing this habit with an electric toothbrush.

Purchase a pair for you and your man for his birthday. This electric toothbrush features five cleaning modes for custom dental care. With these modes, you can enhance the health of your gum in weeks.

The polish mode helps cleaning your teeth and will give you a bright smile after brushing. The gum care mode massages your gums. The sensitive mode is excellent for sensitive teeth. This electric toothbrush can bring you oral care that no other toothbrushes can.
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13. Folding Cane with T Handle
Some men age faster than other men do. At the age of 50, they need a cane to help them with walking or standing, especially if they suffer some physical disabilities during their younger years.

If your man is like other men who age faster, then, this folding cane is the perfect gift. You can customize the fit by adjusting the height of the cane. The cane has a height between 30 to 37 inches. It folds when you're sitting and unfolds when you stand.

Since the cane is foldable, your man can store it in drawers or his bag when he isn't using it. It's portable and lightweight.
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14. Smart Compact Key Organizer Keychain
This organizer keychain is perfect for men who are always on the go. Most of the times, keys and wallet are the only things in their pocket. If your man is like this, you can get him an organizer keychain. This keychain contains essential tools such as bottle opener and a space for his keys. It can hold more than 20 keys at once.

With this crucial organizer, your man can place his keys in one place. The fantastic thing about this keychain is its compact form. You can hide the keys inside the keychain body. The keychain is portable, although not so lightweight.
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15. Leather Journal Gift Set
A writer never stops writing, whether it’s for his career or personal journal. If your man is a writer, this leather journal is the perfect gift for him. It contains more than 200 pages of writing sheet. Practically, you can write about your activities every day.

The outer cover is genuine leather with a strap that serves a snap-on closure. The journal is portable. Aside from a writing journal, this gift is perfect for sketchers and artists, too.

One remarkable thing about this journal is its acid-free and upcycled papers. In short, you can preserve your writing for years. You can sleep at night because you know that your journal didn't come from a tree. Instead, it came from recycled materials.
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16. Wedge Pillow
Everyone wants a relaxing time in bed after a long day at work. So, surprise your man on his 50th birthday. Get him a wedge pillow that he can use while reading or watching his favorite shows.

The wedge pillow is made with memory foam. It is soft but firm and can support your back and lumbar region for a relaxing lounge.

You can use this wedge pillow in many ways. One, you can lean on it and use it as a support while writing. Two, you can place it under your legs to soothe tired legs. Use it to your liking.
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17. Massager with Soothing Heat Function
Aside from a wedge pillow, why not indulge the birthday man with a massager for his birthday? This massager has a heat function for a maximum comfort.

The massager features shiatsu style or a rolling massage. It can soothe tired back muscles. After a long day at work, you can use it to massage his neck down to his lower back.

Furthermore, your man can bring it anywhere, even in his office. The massager is compact and portable. The massager has safety features that shut off the machine when you forget to turn it off. He can use it work during break time, especially if he suffers a back pain these past few days.
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18. H Potter Terrarium Kit
This terrarium kit is perfect for the birthday man who loves gardening. The kit contains gravel, activated charcoal, and soil. It includes a manual on how to care for the terrarium.

This kit will be a great addition to your man’s garden plants. Besides, you can place it near the window or anywhere in the house. To complete the gift, put it in a case.
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19. Bamboo Charging Stations
This charging station might be similar with the first charging dock mentioned in this list. However, the difference is the material used. This charging station is made of bamboo materials. The original, unvarnished version will appeal to the birthday man who loves nature.

This charging station will keep your gadget organized. It features a particular space for your Apple watch. Aside from its purpose as a charging station, this gift will serve as a smartphone stand when you aren’t charging your devices. It will help him keep his desk clutter-free.
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20. Neck Pillow Airplane Travel Kit
Is your man traveling a lot? If he is, this neck pillow is excellent for him. It will make his travels more convenient and more comfortable than before. The ergonomic design will support your man’s neck while asleep. With this pillow, stiff necks after travels are minimal.

Besides, this neck pillow has a cell phone pocket where you can place a smartphone or a music device. You can listen conveniently to your favorite playlist.

The neck pillow features an adjustable strap for a comfortable snug fit. It contains memory foam, which is known for its soft but firm feature. The velour cover adds to the comfortable nature of the neck pillow. It's soft like a baby's skin.
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21. Bluetooth Tracking Device
At fifty, men are forgetful most of the times. They can’t remember where they’ve placed their keys even a few minutes had just passed. If your man never stops yelling about the location of his keys or phone, it’s time to buy him this tracking device.

You can track any lost item through this device. This device comes inset. You attach one pair to the item while you hold the device that is responsible for tracking.

One pair emits a flashing light and a loud ring so that you can locate a phone in minutes. It runs on battery power. The tracker also has an online application where you can register.
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22 Polarized Sports Sunglasses
Protect your man’s eyes with these sports sunglasses. These sunglasses are the perfect birthday gifts for 50 year old men who love to spend hours in outdoor activities.
You know how harmful UVA rays are. With these sunglasses, your man can enjoy more of his outdoor plans. You don’t have to worry about if he’s getting enough protection against the sun.

The sunglasses are stylish and lightweight. So, no matter his outfit is, these glasses will fit.

The polarized features can also protect your man's against blue light. This light is harmful to the eyes. This blue light weakens your eyes faster.
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23. Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones
Audiophiles love to receive gifts that can aid them in listening to their favorite music or podcasts. If your man is fond of listening to music, these headphones are the perfect birthday gifts for 50 year old men.

Color options may include blue, black, red, and white. The material is made of high-quality fabric and foam. The headband is stainless steel for a longer useful life than plastic headbands.

The sound quality is excellent for everyday use. Through these headphones, your man can work or watch without disturbing you in the process.

The two-year warranty vouches for the quality of the headphones. It would only mean that the manufacturer is confident about their product.
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24. Portable Folding Sports Chair
Lounging while watching an event becomes more comfortable than before. This portable folding sports chair is the perfect gift for a person who spends more days in watching sports than indoors. Even if you don’t bring or use it to a sports event, you can always use it in your patio or porch.

The chair is foldable for easy transporting. It has adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate larger sizes. It can help the weight of up to 300 pounds.

Aside from these fantastic features, the chair contains pockets for storing water bottles. It has a padded armchair for comfortable sitting. Your man will enjoy watching his favorite sports event or outdoor activities with this chair.
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25. 1968 50th Birthday Wine Glass
A glass of wine is all that matters after stressful work. So, surprise your man with a gift that reminds him of the years he had lived on this earth. This personalized glass contains a birthdate year and a phrase. This beautifully made glass is perfect for a wine lover.

Although the wine glass looks brittle, it is sturdy and strong. It is suitable for a dishwasher machine, so you don’t need to worry about the prints getting peeled off.
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26. LED Mini Projector
Do you have a man with a techie inclination? This LED mini projector is the perfect gift for him. With a high-resolution capability, you can watch your favorite movies, view pictures together through this mini projector.

You can connect this projector to your laptop or any HDMI-enabled devices. The projector has a built-in speaker for amplifying the sounds. It is excellent for a movie marathon, courtyard event, and family gathering, where you can flash some pictures while partying.
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27. Acqua di Parma Colonia Cologne
Some men become so conscious about how they look and smell when they turn 50 years old. This timeless fragrance for Acqua di Parma will ensure that your man will smell fresh every day. You can boost his confidence by making him feel good about himself.

Scents may include Seville orange, cedar, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and white musk. The cologne comes with a lovely gift box that you don't need to wrap it in a gift wrap. Wrap a ribbon around it, and you can give it in his birthday.
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28. Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
One of the best relaxing time a man could ask for in his fifties is having to lounge in his favorite spot in the backyard or front yard. Indulge him with this zero gravity lounge chair.

This chair supports a 300-pound weight. It has a utility tray that you can set anytime, which is perfect for resting your arm, a book, or a smartphone. It’s foldable, so you can store it or bring it to a picnic or fishing.

This chair is perfect for weekend chilling after a household chore, whether it’s mowing the lawn or cleaning the backyard. The fabric is made of mesh fabric that allows breathability and comfort.
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29. Glenor Co Watch Box
Is your man a watch collector? If he is, here is watch box to store his prized possession. The box can hold six watches at a time. It has a transparent lid for easy viewing.

The box features a foamed cushion to protect your watches from scratches. It doesn’t have magnets that often affect the performance of automatic watches. The front nameplate is an excellent feature for personalization.
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30. Wine Tote Carrier
This wine carrier is perfect for the man who can't live without wine. With this carrier, you can bring a bottle of wine anywhere. The wine tote carrier has insulated lining to keep the bottle chilled for several hours.

The wine carrier can hold a standard-sized wine bottle. It is perfect for outdoor parties or a weekend getaway in the woods. You can select from various designs that are perfect for the man you love.
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31. Air Cooler and Humidifier
Summer season can become torture if you don't have the appropriate equipment to beat the heat. Help your man be comfortable during summer with this air cooler. This gift isn’t just an air cooler. It is also a humidifier.

This air cooler has three settings that can purify, humidify, and cool the air in a room. It doesn’t use any chemicals to perform these functions. Instead, it uses an evaporative technology that is safe and healthy for you.

Although the air cooler is small and compact, it can cool a room with an area of 45 square foot. It is also energy efficient, which consumes around 10W. Despite its small appearance, it can reduce a heated room temperature of up to 17 degrees Celsius.
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32. Whiskey Stones Gift Set
Whiskey tastes better when chilled. However, watered-down whiskey is a crime. To solve this dilemma, get this whiskey stones gift set for him. You can chill any drinks, whether it’s whiskey or water in minutes.

The gift set contains real rock that is made of pure granite. These rocks are better than ice. One, they don’t melt. Two, these rocks retain the taste of your wine. You can re-chill them as many times as you want.

The set includes a wooden organizer to keep the rocks in order while unused. It contains two extra wine glasses. These whiskeys stones are the perfect birthday gifts for 50 year old men.
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33. Laptop Business Portfolio
At 50 years old, your man might have many achievements at work or as an entrepreneur. This carryall laptop bag is perfect for the working man who is proud of his elite status. It comes from genuine Colombian leather with lots of compartments inside.

A 15-inch laptop will fit inside plus a few more portfolio that your man needs for his work or business. The bag’s strap is removable and adjustable and wide enough to provide comfort even for long-hours of holding the bag. The bag looks rugged but stylish. It is perfect for casual getup or formal outfit.
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34. Robotic Lawn Mower
Some men love to mow the lawn. If your man loves to DIY lawn mowing, here is the perfect gift for him. This robotic lawn mower can detect slopes of up to 20 degrees. It can cut grass at a precise length and in a specific time of the day. It will regularly perform its job once you set the time and duration.

The sensor in the mower detects obstacles and will mow around them. Another impressive feature is the low emission function. Thus, the mower is environment-friendly.

Your man may not do the mowing job anymore. So, he’ll have more time on other matters.
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35. All 50 States Beer Cap Maps
Is your man fond of collecting beer caps? If he’s been collecting for years, he might not have a proper place to display his collection. Help your man out with this beer cap maps. This display art can hold more than 50 beer caps. At least, he will have an excellent way to remember warm memories associated with these beer caps.
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