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35 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 50-Year-Old Women 2020

Living for 50 years is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Although it’s not easy to find a birthday gift for somebody that has already lived through five decades of special occasions, it’s not impossible. Though she may not like the same things she did twenty or even ten years ago, there is still plenty to work with that will make her eyes light up with joy, just like they did in years past.

From relaxing spa sets and portable massagers to beautiful jewelry and heartwarming personal gifts, we’ve made a list of the best birthday gift ideas for 50-year-old women. We’ve done the work of separating the good from the bad, so all that’s left to make her birthday the happy day that she deserves is for you to pick the present that suits her best.

1. DNA Ancestry and Health Test Kit
The most epic gift doesn’t have to be something that breaks the bank. If you are looking for unique and wonderful birthday gifts for 50-year-old women, then you might want to get them this impressive DNA Ancestry and Health test kit. There is nothing more of a unique gift for an older woman than knowing their genetic traits, ancestry, health risks, and more. The test kit includes a saliva collection tube they can use to take samples and send it for a DNA test. It's fun to know more things about their ancestry as well as it helps know and prevent any diseases and conditions they might have in their old age.
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2. Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Spa Gift Set
Any woman of any age will appreciate a day full of pampering. A day in the spa trying to unwind and relax would be a good day. The good thing is that you can bring the comfort and pampering of the spa into their home when you gift them this Hawaiian Healing Skin Care spa gift set for their birthday. And if one of their travel goals is to go to Hawaii, this gift set is perfect for them. It's complete with natural goodness that any birthday lady will feel superb when they use it. Someone who loves to pamper herself and get that smooth and fragrant skin will have this gift set as their new favorite.
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3. Portable Multi-Purpose Massaging Wrap
As they grow older, they have more and more issues about their health. That can be a sore back after a day of cleaning the entire house or tires muscles after running around with the little kids. In that case, give them the comfort and ease after a long day or any time of the day they need to relief their stiff muscles. This portable multi-purpose massaging wrap should do the trick. They can use this on various parts of their body, like their back, head, arms, and legs. Plus, what makes this massaging wrap amazing than others is its plush material that adds more therapeutic effects. Every birthday recipient will enjoy having their own of this awesome device that will help them destress and reenergize.
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4. Relaxing Blanket
Who doesn't want to relax? Life can still be stressful on a good day, and everyone deserves and badly needs an hour or two of relaxation and comfort. If you are looking for thoughtful birthday gifts for 50-year-old women who takes comfort to a higher level, this relaxing blanket will be perfect for them. If they love lounging on the sofa at night and watching their favorite TV series to relax, this blanket is great in keeping them warm and comfortable. If you can't hug them every day, this blanket will be a great alternative if they miss you.
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5. Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Now that they are somewhat retired and has a lot of time to spare, it's time to explore some new things and hobbies. If they want to start learning how to sew, a useful sewing machine will make an excellent gift. If they are already pro in sewing, this sewing and embroidery machine would be perfect for them too. It will be an awesome upgrade to what they already have. It's more up to date with its USB port and a huge color touchscreen. They can import their embroidery designs, which gives them more creative freedom in their sewing projects.
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6. Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp
A beautiful lamp would make a great addition to any room, whether it’s in their bedroom, living room, or their office. But what would make even better birthday gifts for 50-year-old women is a pretty lamp that can also help them relax and unwind, as well as find their inner peace. Get them the gift of comfort and calm by getting them this cool and pretty natural crystal Himalayan salt lamp. It's unique and would be a special feature in any room. And there is nothing more unique than a lamp made using hand-mined salt from the Himalayan mountain - it's a truly one of a kind gift.
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7. Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi
Who says the older generation doesn't know about the latest technology? For all you know, they are very adept with their gadgets. And while they spend a lot of time in front of their mobile phones and tablets, the household chores don't do themselves. So, why no gift them something that can help free up their time from all mundane household tasks? Plus, they are getting older, and it would be a lot taxing to keep mopping and sweeping the floor. Give them this robot vacuum with Wi-Fi instead. They don't have to work too hard, and the house can stay dust-free and shiny without a lot of work.
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8. Spa Gift Set in Cosmetic Bag
Who hasn't dreamed of having a relaxing day in the spa? A day or two of pampering like a queen is every woman's dream, especially on her special day as a 50th birthday. So, give her exactly what her heart desires - the perfect way to destress and relax and beautiful. But if she doesn't want to go out of the house and go to the spa to do that, you can get her this Spa Gift Set in a cosmetic bag. Now, she can enjoy and indulge in a relaxing and comforting activity at home. The kit comes with a manicure and pedicure set, tea leaves for drinking while she relaxes, body butter, and aromatic bath soap.
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9. Leather Clutch with Handle
If there is something that will be well-loved by every woman in a gift, it would be something that can be a nice addition to their closet. It doesn't have to be fancy clothing. It can be a nice bag or clutch to complete her outfit on any given occasion, like her 50th birthday.

If you are looking for fancy birthday gifts for 50-year-old women, then you might want to go with this high-quality leather clutch with handle. Aside from being gorgeous, it’s also durable and comfortable to use. It’s classy and can spice up her outfit, and with enough space to carry all her essentials.
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10. Travel Basics Compact Kit
Getting into the destination is always the fun part about traveling. What isn’t fun is doing the packing and making sure that you have everything packed and ready to go. It can be rather frustrating to be lounging in your seat in the airplane and realize you forgot something like your earplugs or your sleeping mask when you so badly want to sleep while on your flight.

For the women who love to travel, get them something that makes sure they are ready and always comfortable during thing flight. Get them this travel basics compact kit, complete with the essentials from a sleep mask, neck pillow, and earplugs.
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11. All in One Gardening Terrarium Kit
With so much free time in their hands, it’s time to find some things to learn and do. Perhaps, they want to tackle the garden and the backyard and grow some of their favorite plants and herbs. But if they don’t want to get gardening outside and under the sun, you can still get them started with their gardening adventure at the comfort of the indoors.

Get them this awesome all-in-one gardening terrarium kit which contains various things to get them started in their gardening hobbies like activated charcoal, pea gravel, and a detailed instruction for planting and care. If they haven't had any experience in growing plant before, the instruction manual would be a great help.
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12. Rosy Botanical Reed Diffuser
Who doesn't want a home that smells like a garden in the height of spring or like it's filled with the most aromatic flowers ever picked?

Gift them something sweet and fabulous that can keep their bedroom or any room in the house smelling awesome at all times like this Rosy Botanical reed diffuser. Aside from the perfect piece to make the room smelling fresh and aromatic, this reed diffuser would also make a pretty home accessory.
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13. TSA Approved Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag
If there is one thing that can be truly annoying when you are traveling, that would be experiencing some issues when you are about to board the plane. Whether that’s forgetting to pack the essentials or bringing something on the plane that isn’t approved.

So, make traveling more convenient and stress-free for women who love to travel around the world by gifting them this TSA approved hanging leather toiletry bag. Now, they can have something to organize their essentials, so they don't forget anything.
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14 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
When people are young, they always wanted to grow up. But there are not such great things about when you've grown older, and that includes having problems sleeping or waking up at the right time. The body clock isn't working as great as it has before, and that isn't shocking in old age.

So, why not gift them something that can help improve their sleeping patterns like this wake-up light alarm clock? It simulates a sunrise which helps wake them up naturally in the morning instead of that blaring alarm they are used to waking up to.
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15. Professional Stand Mixer
Does she like to cook for the family? Perhaps, she likes to make the cake for every family member during birthdays. In that case, a useful device to add in her kitchen appliances would make an awesome birthday gift. Whether if she doesn't have a stand mixer at home or she badly needs her old one replaced, this professional stand mixer is a must-have for every kitchen.

While it's very useful for baking, this colorful mixer will also add a wonderful and cheerful feature in the kitchen. It's a gorgeous gift for the family baker.
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16. Digital Camera
Everyone wants to collect memories, whether it’s of the special occasion when the family is complete and having a great time, or everyday moments that isn’t any less special.

If you are looking for awesome birthday gifts for 50-year-old women who loves to collect memories by taking photos of everybody or anything, this digital camera will make their hobby so much easier. They don't have to fill their phones with thousands of photos when they have this digital camera with them. Plus, it has more awesome features and settings that can take more impressive photos.
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17. Smart Indoor Garden
Imagine if she can pick fresh ingredients at home when she decides to cook for the family. Wouldn't that be great, and a much healthier option too?

If she wants to explore gardening one more time but doesn't really believe she has those magical green hands, there are a lot of options to get her started without a lot of fuss. Gift her this smart indoor garden for her 50th birthday, and she will love you for it. It's the ideal way to start her new gardening hobby she doesn't want to go out in the backyard tending to the plants under the heat or isn't a pro in gardening. This system is very convenient, which lets her grow herbs and plants in just a click. It's the easiest way to have a supply of clean and pesticide-free plants at home for cooking.
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18. Pacific Beach Sea Salt Spray
Even if summer is over, it doesn't mean that those beachy waves she wants have to be out of fashion. She doesn't have to go to the beach to get that tousled look. Get her this Pacific Beach Sea Salt Spray, and that's all she needs to get that beachy waves going. It's made with coconut oil, fragrant essential oils, water, and the pink Himalayan sea salt. It's all-natural and free of any chemicals. Plus, it's great for achieving that perfect-looking hair with a tropical scent like she just got out from swimming in the beach.
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19. Wine Cork Map
If she has always been dreaming of traveling to various places, then now is the best time as any to start on her travel bucket list. And if she loves her fine bottle of vintage red, then that is more reason for her to go out there and experience various places with a wine glass in hand.

Get her this wine cork map for her birthday to jumpstart her wanderlust. It's the best travel tracker for all the places she has visited, and the wines she has tasted. All she has to do is collect the wine corks. Plus, it will make perfect wall art for her room or her office.
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20. Cricut Maker
Now is the best time as any to start her in looking for ways to fill her days with rewarding activities. Perhaps, she wants to dabble in art, or specifically, in scrapbooking. Get her the perfect device that can help her sudden burst of creativity step up to the next level like this Cricut Maker.

It's an awesome device that gives her a lot of creative freedom in making various artsy things like cards, decals, and various paper crafts.
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21. 50th Birthday Wine Glass
Her 5oh birthday is a milestone, and it deserves a toast. Why not get her something that is perfect for the occasion? There’s going to be a party, whether it’s a grand celebration or a potluck with the family in the backyard and she needs to have her glass ready.

Make sure she's ready to go to give a toast for her birthday by getting her this cool 50th birthday wine glass. Once the party is over, this wine glass will be a perfect piece for her cabinet too - a great reminder for the festivities.
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22. Desk Elliptical with Built-In Display Monitor
She's not getting any younger. If she's starting to complain about her sore and stiff muscles and her joint pains, then it might be time to get her started in working out and having a more active lifestyle. But she doesn't have to go to the gym to do that.

Get her this desk elliptical with a built-in display monitor, and she can stay active at the comfort of her home or in the office while she's working or reading. Now, that would be a convenient way to insert that workout time while she's busy doing other things.

What makes this machine even better is that it features a workout tracker and adjustable levels for resistance so that she can level up her exercise.
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23. Pizza Oven Box Kit
What would make awesome birthday gifts for 50-year-old women who love to host family lunches or weekend get together at home? Perhaps, something that makes cooking level up. Imagine having a barbecue party in the backyard, and aside from the all-time favorite steaks and burgers, there's also homemade pizza made by mom?

Get her this pizza oven box for her birthday, and get excited for more fun pizza parties at home. No need for an oven now when she can attach this oven box kit on top of the grill for some tasty homemade pizza.
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24. Weighted Blanket and Removable Cover
Who doesn't want to have a good night's sleep? Every woman needs it. Enough sleep is good for the health, plus, a quality slumber is essential for looking good the next day and not like a hungover zombie. Make sure they are comfortable and kept warm, even without you to cuddle with, by getting them this weighted blanket with removable cover.

Now, they can easily fall asleep and have no problem staying asleep all through the night. This awesome blanket is perfect for anybody who requires a quality beauty sleep.
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25. 8 in 1 Kitchen Gadget Maker
Now that she's a little older, maybe it's time to de-clutter her home, especially the kitchen. There might be a lot of things that she doesn't need any more or some great upgrades for her old and battered kitchen devices.

Help her get a tidier kitchen by getting rid of various kitchen devices and exchanging it all with an awesome 8-in-1 kitchen gadget maker. This device is complete with most of what she needs in the kitchen like a juicer, a funnel, an egg cutter, a grinder, and more. It's much more convenient to have, and far more space-saving.
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26. Programmable Pressure Cooker
If you are searching for some cool, but also extremely practical birthday gifts for 50-year-old women, then you might want to consider getting an awesome upgrade to most of their kitchen devices. Technology is great for a lot of things like combining several kitchen gadgets in one like in this programmable pressure cooker.

She might already have the traditional pressure cooker, but what she might not have in her kitchen is this pressure cooker with 14 different Smart Programs. In just a press of a button, her favorite dishes will be ready to go.
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27. 5 Rings/ 5 Decades Necklace
What makes the sweetest birthday gift that something that commemorates such an important and special occasion?

If you are looking for great birthday gifts for 50-year-old women that is both classy and sweet, then you might want to go with a thoughtful piece of jewelry like this five rings/ 5 decades necklace. It's the perfect accessory that celebrates her years. Plus, any jewelry will be a surefire gift for women.
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28. Adult Coloring Book
Life can be fulfilling, but stress comes with it too. If you don't want her burned out, then help her relax and unwind. There are a lot of ways to distress, and one of that is sitting calm and doodling or coloring.

If she’s looking for some artsy ways to keep off the stress of a busy day, then you might want to get her this adult coloring book for her birthday. And while coloring is an excellent reliever, this coloring book will also bring a certain level of humor that can only be understood by adults and parents. Now, that would be a nice way to get rid of any stress she’s accumulated for the day.
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29. Facial Cleanser Brush
Skincare is a religion for most women. Especially when they get older, it's even more imperative to protect and take care of their skin like it's their job. No one wants to have those wrinkles showing earlier than they should.

If you are looking for practical, but also thoughtful birthday gifts for 50-year-old women, then you might want to consider getting this facial cleanser brush. There's no better skincare routine that making sure her face is clean from any makeup or dirt at the end of the day, and this cool brush makes sure of that. It also comes with two-speed options to match the delicateness or the sensitivity of her skin.
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30. Temperature Control Ceramic Mug
Don't you hate it when you drink your coffee and realize it's already cold? No one wants a stale coffee. If you want to make sure that she only drinks her favorite cup of coffee in her preferred temperature, then you must get her this temperature control ceramic mug for her birthday. She can control the temperature of her coffee using her phone. It's the perfect mug to keep her coffee steaming hot until the last drop.
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31. Comfortable Bed Wedge Pillow
If you want surefire birthday gifts for 50-year-old women, then you might as well go for little things that make comfort the priority. Like for when she spends a lot of time in the couch or on the bed watching videos on her phone or tablet or reading her favorite paperbacks, this comfortable bed wedge pillow will make her more comfortable in her position even after hours. It's a multi-purpose wedge pillow too, something she can also use under her legs.

What’s even better is that the pillow is made using memory foam, so it perfectly fits the contours of her body.
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32. Therapy Massager
Who doesn’t want to have an endless coupon for the nearest massage parlor she can use anytime she needs to loosen those sore and stiff muscles? While that might be quite expensive, you can get her the perfect alternative for distressing at the end of the day. This therapy massager is just what she needs to relieve those pains and aches at the comfort of her home. There’s no need to go out and spend some bucks for a massage anymore.

What's even great about this massager is that it comes with two options which allow her to get a massage for her face and for her body.
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33. Hanging Chaise Lounger
Everyone needs a time and a place where they can relax. Especially for 50-year-old women who seem to be having aches and pains easily, a relaxing time is sacred. Get her the perfect place to relax, even just for a 5-minute break, with this awesome hanging chaise lounger. She can put it in the patio or in the garden at the back of the house, and she can have a few minutes of peace and relaxation to herself. It's a piece of cool furniture to add to her home too.
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34. Nourishing Hand Butter
Dry hands aren't great. But, they are often something you can't prevent, especially during the winter. You want to skin soft and youthful as it can be. If you are looking for great birthday gifts for 50-year-old women, you might want to consider getting them a self-care package that can help them achieve moisturized and nourish hands like this nourishing hand butter. This is a high-quality hand butter that is a must-have for every woman. She will surely thank you for this great set.
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35. Expandable Pop Market Tote
Forget using plastic bags, and it's not good for the environment. But, you can still make her shopping trips so much easier and more convenient with this expandable pop market tote. It has a huge pocket in the middle and two extra pockets on both sides, which would be enough to hold all her groceries. And if there is something 50-year-old women would love to have, it's this very practical tote for shopping that also helps get rid of using plastic bags that harms mother Earth.
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