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45 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 60-Year-Old Men 2020


Though every year brings change and development, men’s tastes really start to change once they reach their 60s. Though by no means boring, the things that excited and entertained them in the past no longer do. They’ll still be overjoyed to receive a thoughtful gift, but the same variations of the standard gifts that served you well in the past will start to lose their luster.

This doesn’t mean that you should give up, though. Rather, it’s time for a change of perspective. Consider what their interests are now, not what they were ten years ago. To help you to think of some ideas, we’ve put together a list that covers just about everything a 60-year-old man could ever want, whether he’s a grandfather who wants to relax by the fire with a glass of whiskey, or a badass Harley rider who will never stop hitting the open road.

1. Sleep Therapy Machine
As people grow older, the more those health conditions start to come out. One of the common problems for older people is trouble getting enough or quality sleep. That can be really bad for their health. If you want them to sleep a lot better and more soundly on any given day, gift them this sleep therapy machine that could transform their sleeping habits into a much healthier one. It’s a very efficient machine that produces soothing sounds mimicking nature to help encourage sounder sleep.

With this sleeping therapy machine in their bedroom, they don’t have to take any kind of sleeping pills anymore. It’s a great way to make sure they are well-rested and full of energy for the next day.
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2. Neck and Shoulder Massage Pillow
Just imagine if you could get any kind of relief from those stiff and sore muscles when you need it. And if there are people who need it the most, those are the older ones who seem to be complaining about the aches they experience in their bodies as they grow older.

If you are looking for useful birthday gifts for 60-year-old men, then you might want to buy this neck and shoulder massage pillow. No one will say no to a comforting and soothing massage any time of the day. It’s perfect for getting relief from tense muscles in the head of their neck and shoulders. Plus, massage is a great way to improve their blood circulation too.
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3. ‘What I Love About Grandpa’ Fill-in Journal
Sometimes, what makes the best birthday gifts for 60-year-old men is something that is from the heart. Something thoughtful, sweet, and sentimental will get anybody every time.

If you are looking for surefire birthday gifts for older men, something that could make them feel cherished on their special day, then you might want to go with this ‘What I Love About Grandpa’ fill-in journal. Once the journal is completed, it will be their most beloved gift that they could treasure for the years to come. You bet even the toughest of them will tear up reading the journal.
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4. Bucket List Journal
If there is the best time for him to start fulfilling his long-time dream of traveling the world or the things he wants to learn or do, now is the best time as any. After all the hard work and long hours in his job, retirement means it's starting with his countless me-times.

Get him started with experiencing new adventures and building new memories by gifting him this cool bucket list journal. He can start by listing all the things he wants to do, places he wants to visit, foods he wants to eat, or drinks he wants to taste so nothing will slip out of his brain. What's even more awesome with this journal is it comes with maps so he can easily track his bucket list adventures.
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5. Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Set
If he can get away with drinking his favorite bottle of scotch when he was a little younger, now that he is turning 60, it might not be good for his health. While he can still drink from time to time, if his doctor allows, it wouldn’t be as much as he was able to drink during his prime.

What if you gift him his favorite drink, but in a much healthier shot? These scotch-infused toothpicks set will be perfect for when he’s getting thirsty with his preferred drink but isn’t allowed to take even a glass of it. He can taste the goodness of scotch in these toothpicks, but it wouldn’t make him fall over at the end of the day.
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6. Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation
The blaring sound of the alarm clock can be annoying, but it is necessary. However, what if there is something that can help him wake up in the morning without making his mood sour before the day even begins?

If he wants a better way to wake up than by listening to the frustrating alarm, you might want to get him this light alarm clock with sunrise simulation. It mimics the sunrise to help him wake up more soundly. That would be a more peaceful way to face the day.
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7. Folding Electric Scooter
If he has an active lifestyle but has been complaining about having long walks that make his feet hurt lately, then he might be in need for a better way to get around wherever he wants to go.

In that case, getting him this folding electric scooter will be an awesome idea. If he wants something that would help him travel around faster, without having to worry about where to park his car, this folding scooter is the best way to go. It can run to up to 1.5 miles per hour with a 20-mile range. Now, that would be a cool ride for a grandpa. He’s going to be the talk of the town for sure.
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8. Personalized Hammer
Most of the time, the best gifts don't have to be expensive or fancy. They only have to be thoughtful and sweet to be appreciated by the person who received it. And one of the surefire options in choosing the best birthday gifts for 60-year-old men is to look for the things they enjoy doing.

If he's a little like a handyman and enjoys DIY projects at home, then you might get him this personalized hammer. While he might already have one in his toolbox, you bet he doesn't have a hammer that has a special message engraved on it. He's going to remember you every time he uses it in his projects, that's for sure.
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9. Golf Prescription
Now that he has countless hours in a day in his hands, you bet he’s going to be playing gold all day long with his buddies. But if someone is trying to get him out of the golf course, he might just need a written prescription that says golfing is good for him.

If you are looking for hip birthday gifts for 60-year-old men who wish they could play golf whenever they want, then you might want to gift him this Golf Prescription. You bet he's going to laugh out loud after opening your gift. Now, he can get away with spending most of his days in the gold course without anybody getting in his business. After all, no one will argue with what the doctor prescribes.
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10. Football Stadium Lights End Table
If you are searching for cool and awesome birthday gifts for 60-year-old men who love playing football when they were younger or loves watching the game, anything football-themed will make them happy. But, if you want to gift him something practical but will also be a sure thing he will love, then this football stadium lights end table is a great option. He can put this in the living room or his bedroom. Plus, it's an awesome feature piece with a 3D replica of your stadium choice. The LED lights add to its beauty as well.
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11. Yoga by the Numbers Starter Kit
As they grow older, they start complaining about their sore feet after walking a few blocks or pains in their back after mowing the lawn. It might be normal for older people, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it.

If you want the best birthday gifts for 60-year-old men that could help them better their health, then you might want to get them this Yoga by the Numbers starter kit. He doesn't have to run or walk in the park to stay active. Doing yoga is one of the best ways to keep those muscles stretching and their minds sharp. It's the best way to get them started by keeping their bodies healthy.
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12. Temperature Control Mug
There is nothing more frustrating than realizing your once steaming cup of coffee has gone stale after a few minutes. No one wants that.

Make sure he gets his coffee in the right temperature until it’s very last drop but gifting him this temperature control mug. That way, his perfect drink will stay perfect even after hours. He doesn’t have to finish his cup in just one sitting if he doesn’t want to. So, if he goes fishing with his friends, he doesn’t have to worry that his coffee has gone cold after he gets the fish from the hook.

This mug is easy to use too. There aren't any complicated instructions involved. All he has to do is dial his desired temperature at the bottom of the mug and leave it to do its work.
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13. Grandpa’s Ice Cream Plow
If you are searching for cool birthday gifts for 60-year-old men who are playful and has a little bit of sweet tooth, then you might want to get him this fancy grandpa's ice cream plow. A foodie 60-year-old man will love having his own spoon for when there's a load of ice cream in the fridge for the taking. It's an adorable and charming spoon which will be perfect for when they are spending time with the grandkids.
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14. Hearing Enhancer
No matter how they try to pretend they aren’t getting that much older just yet, they might already have hearing problems. They are getting older after all, and with age comes those degenerative issues.

If you want to find a gift that is both funny, but something they can find extremely useful at the end of the day, this hearing enhancer will be a great choice. You bet he’s going to tell you he can hear you just right. But ultimately, he’s going to realize how much he needs this device so you can hear each other better and laugh together.
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15. Bungee Pump Walkathon
While his brain is still super active, his body aging body might not keep up. Whether he's trying to jog in the neighborhood to his buddy's house for a game of poker or walking and getting an exercise done, this bungee pump walkathon will be a perfect companion and support for when he needs it. It is the best walking pole with a dual purpose.

It has two settings. One keeps the pole rigid so he has the perfect stability support when walking in rough and uneven terrain and the other setting allows the pole to flex so his arms can get some workout done while he is walking.
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16. Flask Book Box
There is no better time for him to celebrate happy hour than when he's older, and he can basically get away with anything. However, not everyone will take kindly if he dunks a glass of his preferred alcohol whenever he wants. He's older, after all, and he has to take care of his health.

But if you are one of his accomplices, this flask book box will be something that will make you best friends. It's the perfect way to keep his drink under wraps.
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17. Nostalgic Candy Gift Box
Candies are classic gifts for any occasion. And if you think only the little ones can get excited with a bunch of candies on their birthday, you've got it all wrong. The elders can have a sweet tooth too. But instead of gifting them a bunch of candies available in the supermarket, how about you get them a set of candies that aren't just tasty, but brings out the fond and funny moments of their childhood?

His taste buds will thank you for this can gift box set, and you bet he’s also going to be all smiles while he shares the childhood stories he can remember through these nostalgic candies. It’s the perfect gift to make him feel like a giddy child again.
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18. ‘Real Grandpas Ride Motorcycles’ Novelty Shirt
The best birthday gifts for 60-year-old men doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. If you are looking for the best gift options for older men on a limited budget, then going for something practical like a comfy shirt will be good. And if he’s the funny guy in the family, a little playful, and has a lot of jokes and funny stories, then he’s going to love this ‘real grandpas ride motorcycles’ novelty shirt. Whether he rides a motorcycle in real life or not, a funny shirt will always bring him good vibes on any given day.
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19. Senior Moments Board Game
People get better with age. They just have to accept they are past their prime, but there is no reason to be sad about it. Help them embrace their old age in a fun and a little competitive way by gifting them this senior moment board game.

It's a wonderful game that can make game nights even more exciting and full of laughter. You bet he's already experienced most, if not all, of these real senior moments like walking inside a room to get something, but when they're already inside, they completely forgot what they have to do there.
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20. Whiskey Stones Gift Set
No one wants a watered-down whiskey. You want the real and unadulterated thing. But, you want it chilled too. It's a good thing you can now achieve both.

If you want to gift your favorite senior man the best partner for his favorite bottle of whiskey, then you might want to get him this awesome whiskey stones gift set. These stones make the perfect way to keep those glasses of whiskey chilled without using cubes of ice that waters down their beverage. Plus, these whiskey stones don't absorb the fishy smell of the fridge too, so their drink will keep their original smell.
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21. Travel Scrap Book
Now that he is turning 60 in no time, it's the best time as any to start with his long-time travel bucket list. Retirement means he can now enjoy some time doing the things he likes to do or visiting the places he wants to see and experience. Jumpstart his travel bucket list by getting this travel scrapbook for his birthday. It's the best way to keep track of his travels and adventures and keep the wonderful memories with him to remember for the years to come.

He can paste in photos, doodles, drawing, or some short stories, and virtually anything he was able to collect during travels.
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22. Grandparent Grandchild Activity Set
With the years of gap between them, it can be a little hard to find something that will be a perfect bonding activity for little kids and their grandparents. And while the grandpas can just wing it if that is what they are good at, a little help will always be appreciated if you are leaving the kids with them on the weekend. In that case, this grandparent-grandchild activity set will make an awesome gift for them. It's full of education to silly and funny activities that both of them can relate to. It makes the perfect way to get that amazing bonding time between grandpa and the grandkids.
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23. Flask Gift Set
Now that he's a lot older, he can basically get away with anything and most of the time, that includes drinking his choice of beverage whenever he wants. Make sure he has his favorite drink with him wherever he goes, whether that's going fishing with his buddies or a poker game with the family on weekends. Gift him this flask gift set on his birthday. It's even extra special too with a sweet inscription of your choice.
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24. A Book of Obsolete Children
Just because they are a little older doesn’t mean all the playful and giddy child is already lost in them. You might not know it, but they are still just children living in older men’s bodies.

But, aging doesn’t have to be something they despise. Help them embrace their old age without losing that happy little boy inside by gifting them this Book of Obsolete Children on their birthday. It’s a very creative book that will make them laugh until they drop. It’s an illustrated book like most children’s book, but something that tells a tale about getting older that will be a favorite read for every senior out there.
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25. Tangram Puzzle Set
Taking care of their physical health is great, especially as they grow older. However, it's not just the bodies that deteriorate in their old age. Their minds can lose their sharpness too. Help keep their minds as sharp as it can still be by gifting him mind teaser games like this Tangram puzzle set. It comes with 12 different puzzles that have a varied level of difficulty but are all perfect in keeping their minds engaged and making sure it stays sharp as possible. The varied levels of difficulty of the puzzles make sure they ca level up their brain exercises too.

Plus, puzzles does two great things. It keeps the kind of working while helping them relax too.
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26. Cardboard iPad TV Stand
Just because they are years older doesn't mean they don't know how to use the latest gadgets. Most, if not all of them, already have smartphones. But sometimes, they might wish to experience things like they were before flat-screen televisions, Bluetooth headphones, and smart home devices.

If you are looking for simple but cool birthday gifts for 60-year-old men to get them nostalgic on their special day, then you might want to consider getting them this cardboard iPad TV stand. They can now have the best of both worlds - the old and the latest technology in one with this tablet stand that looks like their old vacuum-tube TV.
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27. Racing Granny/Speeding Grandad Race Figurines
Who says only the kids can have fun games at home? Playful grandpas might want to have their own little toys too, especially if they want to play with the kids. Plus, the best birthday gifts for 60-year-old men don't always have to be practical. Awesome gifts can be funny too.

Perhaps, everyone in the family is into racing games. While the kids have their hot wheels, you might want to get 60-year-old men the perfect racing figurines for them like these racing granny/speeding grandpa race figurines. It's the perfect gag gift for 60-year-old men who appreciate good humor. You bet they are going to be doubling over with laughter after opening their gift.
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28. ‘Grandpa is a True Classic’ Mug
There is nothing more classic than a 60-year-old man. If you want something simple for birthday gifts for 60-year-old men, but doesn't want to keep it boring and dull, a novelty mug would be a great idea. Mugs are useful, and for them who takes their coffee every morning religiously, an extra mug in the kitchen will be great. But, if you give them a mug with a playful print like ‘grandpa is a true classic,' now that will be even more awesome. No 60-year-old man will snob this mug. Who doesn't want to be a classic? That just means they stood through the test of time.
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29. Cocktail Mixologist Kit
With so much time in his hands at the moment, maybe it's time for him to start looking for new things to enjoy. Perhaps, he had always wanted to be a bartender before the corporate world ate him up. It's the best time as any to start living that dream by gifting him this cool cocktail mixologist kit. It's the best set that will jumpstart him in learning how to mix his favorite cocktails. It comes with an instruction and recipe book to help him too.

You bet he’s going to be hosting weekend parties with his buddies at home, and he’s going to be the one manning the bar.
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30. Echo Plus Smart Home Device
In their old age, it can be a little harder to do the chores at home that they can easily do when they were younger. Standing up after sitting for quite some time might even be a little harder on their knees too.

If you are looking for wonderful birthday gifts for 60-year-old men that can help make home life a little bit easier and more convenient, then you might want to get them this Echo Plus smart home device. It works like an assistant, something that he can tell to do various things like calling someone or turning on the light without having to get up from where he is sitting or lying down in. It’s a cool and practical gift at the same time.
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31. Collapsible Pocket Cup
Does he like hiking? If he's still active in his old age, and constantly goes with his senior buddies for a fishing trip or hiking or camping, then he's going to need the essentials. This collapsible pocket cup can be a great addition to his camping backpack in exchange for those bulky caps he usually takes with him. It's more space-saving so he can have extra space in his bag for other important things to bring.
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32. Slang Flashcards
It can be a little hard to keep up with the times, which is why most 60-year -old men can have a hard time to relate with the little ones. Even the words they use can be different from one another, and that makes it even harder for them to bond.

For senior men who badly need some bonding time with the kids, make sure they are updated by getting them this slang flashcards for their birthday. This book is perfect for getting them in with the times, and before you know it, they will start speaking like the kids hanging out in the skate park.
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33. Tile Anything Finder
There are a lot of symptoms of old age. One of the most common is often forgetting where they put their things like their phones or their car keys. Forget having to flip the house upside down looking for those things. Get them this tile anything finder instead. If they lost the keys, they could find them back in no time by tracking the tile finder, which is attached to their keys using their cell phones. If they lost their phones, they could find it by pressing the tile finder button, and the phone will start ringing even if it was set in silent mode.
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34. Sparkling Beverage Maker
As much as they thought they could get away with anything because they are older, it's not always the case. Drinking soda, for one, might not be good for their health. But if that is their favorite drink, and can't live without it, then you might want to get them this sparkling beverage maker. It's the perfect alternative to those sugar-filled drinks. Now, they can make their own sparkling drinks with less sugar. It's the perfect way to make healthier options of their favorite beverages.
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35. Digital Tape Measure
No matter how they try to hide it or pretend, it’s obvious they aren’t getting any younger. And you know as people get older, it comes with more and more health issues like their vision not being as sharp as it used to be. That might not be great if they are into DIY projects. It will be much harder for them to read the tiny numbers on their tape measure, and any wrong thing will miss the whole project. In that case, this digital tape measure will be perfect for them. It makes taking and reading measurements simpler and much more convenient for them. Plus, it’s very accurate too.
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36. Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender
If they haven’t been keen on keeping a healthy diet when they were younger, now would be the best time as any to start tweaking their food choices.

If you are searching for useful birthday gifts for 60-year-old men that can help them in getting healthier food options, then you might want to choose this Bluetooth enabled smart blender. It’s perfect for making healthy smoothies for breakfast or snacks. Plus, they can connect it to their phone, so they can measure the precise nutritional value of the smoothie they are making.
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37. Beer Glasses with Funny Message
Sometimes, the best birthday gifts for 60-year-old men is something that can make them laugh and have a good time, especially on such a special occasion. Men who appreciate good humor will love a gift that is funny and a little playful too. If you are looking for the best gift options for them, then you might want to go with this beer glasses with a funny message. It's perfect for the drinking session of his birthday party and all the gathering he will have with family and friends. Plus, the funny message will make him laugh every time he reads it. When not in use, this barware set will make an awesome display piece too.
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38. Craft Beer Homebrewing Appliance
There are a lot of beers in the world. While he has countless of choice, he might have it in his mind to make his own craft beer at home. If he hasn't tried it yet, then you must get him this craft beer homebrewing appliance for his birthday. It's the perfect piece to help him jumpstart in that home brewing journey. He can make his own beer formula and serve it during the BBQ party in the backyard with the family or make beer with his other friends who are beer fanatics too. Either way, it would be a fun and exciting experience for him.
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39. Patio Fire Pit
It can be a little annoying to stay indoors because of the cold weather when he's a little of the outdoorsy type of person. Fortunately, you can gift him this amazing patio fire pit that can keep him comfortable and warm when he's chilling outside. Now, the cooler weather won't be any excuse for him to stay indoors. And if he likes roasting marshmallows with the grandkids while looking at the starts, this one is perfect too.
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40. Smart Video Doorbell
It can sometimes be hard to live alone, especially for the elderly. An additional security measure for their homes will at least help ease their and your worries for any untoward incidents like burglaries. If you want them to feel safer in their home, then you might want to consider getting them this smart video doorbell they can install. If someone is at the door, they will precisely know who it is through the 5-inch touchscreen. They can also link it to their mobile phones too, for more features they can use.
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41. Portable Espresso Machine
Forget having to walk for a few blocks to get a cup of coffee in the nearest cafe. That can be a lot taxing, especially if he's already 60 years old.

If you want to gift him something that can help make his life a bit easier and more convenient, especially in getting his morning caffeine fix, then you might want to gift him this portable espresso machine. Now, his favorite strong cup of coffee is within reach in the kitchen. He can even grind beans using it. And because it’s small and portable, he can bring it anywhere he goes. So, if he goes camping, he can still have his cup of coffee with him.
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42. Sous Vide Precision Cooker
Anybody can cook. But, not anyone can wing gourmet cooking easily. But if he is tired of the same old dishes he can whip in the kitchen without recipes, then he needs this awesome sous vide precision cooker. Cooking and serving delicious meals has never been more convenient and easier than this amazing machine. If he’s not a cooking expert, this sous vide machine will make him an awesome chef at home with all the gourmet possibilities he can whip.
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43. Hands-Free Book Stand
If there is one thing that older people want in everything, it's comfort and convenience. Whether they love reading paperbacks or e-books in their kindle, this hands-free book stand is a must-have. Who doesn't want to read his favorite novels or the news while also sipping his favorite beverage? This book stand is the best for multi-tasking when they can't be bothered in doing the most mundane tasks.
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44. Crispy Bacon Grill
Who doesn't love some crispy bacon? It's the food that you can get away with eating at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They make the best snacks too if you want.

If you are looking for cool birthday gifts for 60-year-old men who loves bacon like no other, then this crispy bacon grill might be it. It’s a revolutionary device that makes sure their bacon is cooked to perfection.
Plus, the bacon is cooked vertically, which drains the fat. You get crispier and much healthier bacon in the end. There is nothing better than that.

Cleanup is fairly easy with this grill too.
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45. Inflatable Hot Tub
Who doesn't want to have some quality time in a hot tub? It's the perfect way to relax on weekends after a busy week. And while setting up a traditional hot tub at home can be rather expensive, you can gift him this inflatable hot tub instead. It's the perfect alternative if there isn't a lot of space for a hot tub too. Since it's inflatable, it's much easier to store it away when not in use.
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