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38 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 60-Year-Old Women 2021

Choosing a gift is easy, but if you want to find a present that a 60-year-old woman really likes (and doesn’t just pretend to like to be polite), that’s a little bit harder. The things she’s loved in recent years may no longer appeal to her, but that’s no reason not to take the time and effort required to switch things up and find her a present she’ll truly love.

But, as her tastes develop, this is easier said than done. Think about what she likes to do now, not what her interests were years ago, then take a look through our list. From practical kitchen tools to sentimental artwork and everything in between, there’s something here to satisfy everyone and show the 60-year-old woman in your life that birthdays can be special no matter what your age.

1. Chocolatier Gift Basket
If you think only the ladies will appreciate some sweets and a box of chocolates, you've got it all wrong. Every woman of any age will love a box of chocolates, especially if it's an awesome set. Chocolates are classic, and you can never go wrong with them.

If you are looking for classic and sweet birthday gifts for 60-year-old women, then this chocolatier gift basket would be perfect. No one will say no to a basket filled with signature chocolate pieces, especially the ones with a classic sweet tooth. It will be appreciated without a doubt. But, don’t expect she’s going to share it with you though.
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2. ‘Mom, I’ve Always Wanted to Tell You’ Book
There is nothing more special and sweeter than the kind of gift that comes from the heart. For her 6oth birthday, while you can send her a hand-written card that can tear her up, this prompted book journal that allows you to tell her all the things that you've always wanted to tell her but hasn't will be much better. It's a book composed of 50 letters you can fill in.

If you are looking for a special gift that will touch her heart on her birthday and for all the years to come, this one is perfect. It will be her most treasured gift. You bet she's going to have the waterworks every time she reads anything from this book.
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3. Smart Air Purifier
Wouldn’t it be nice to visit the mountains and experience the cool and fresh air? You don’t have that if you are living in the city. But, you can at least help clean up the air in her house by gifting her this awesome smart air purifier. The bad quality of the air inside her room will immediately become excellent. So, if she has allergies or has asthma, she can get a lot of benefits from this air purifier. After all, nothing beat clean and fresher air. You don’t even have to go to the suburbs to have fresh air anymore.
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4. Yoga Mat
She's getting older, and those muscles and joints are getting sorer and stiffer than usual. Stretching them out and doing a few exercises might just help them in a lot of ways, especially in keeping their lifestyle healthy. If going to the gym is not their thing, plus, they might already be a little older for running in the treadmill, yoga might just be the ideal one. Help get them started on doing their yoga practice by gifting them a quality yoga mat. It's made with natural rubber, so it has excellent grip. There are no worries about slipping and hurting themselves as they stretch and do their poses.
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5. Compact Air Fryer
Who doesn’t like fried foods? They might not be the healthiest food choices there are, but they are the best comfort foods. And now that she’s much older, it would be very healthy to indulge in a lot of fried foods. However, that doesn’t mean she has to give up everything like her favorite french fries.

Maybe she should stop buying it from fast foods, and making french fries at home instead. And when you gift her this compact air fryer, she can easily enjoy much healthier fried foods at home. She can stay happy with her comfort foods while keeping her health intact too - it's the best of both worlds.
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6. 1980’s Retro Candy Gift Box
For someone who has a sweet tooth and is never shy of getting her sugar fix, a box full of sweet treats will always make her day extra special. But, why would you stop on a sweet gift when you can gift her something full of sweetness, but also a lot nostalgic?

This 1980’s Retro Candy gift box is the best of both worlds if you want to give her something that will feed her love for everything sugary while giving her a chance to walk down memory lane, and recall the beautiful things about her childhood. Remembering the past fondly might just be the sweetest gift she could ever receive on her birthday.
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7. Food Journeys of a Lifetime
If she has always wanted to travel the world, then it's the best time as any to jumpstart her travel bug. Especially if she's a foodie at heart, there are a lot of places she can visit to experience various cuisines and dishes.

Get her excited and ready for new adventures by gifting her this cool Food Journeys of a Lifetime book. It will be an inspiration that can push her into starting her food travel bucket list anytime soon. The book is filled with incredible stories of dishes and meals from all the parts of the world - something that she would want to experience for herself without a doubt.
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8. Barista Express Espresso Machine
Instant coffee just wouldn't do. And in her old age, going to the cafe just to get her favorite strong cup of coffee is just too much of a hassle. What if she wants her coffee in the wee hours of the morning?

Make sure that she can get her shot of caffeine any time of the day by gifting her an incredible Barista Express espresso machine. There is nothing more convenient and far easier way of getting her steaming cup of coffee than by using this machine. It’s the perfect partner for her who needs caffeine early in the morning before she deals with anything or anybody.
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9. Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer
Even if cooking in the kitchen was her favorite pastime when she was a little younger, it could be difficult to continue feeding the family during gatherings at her old age. Especially when she has to deal with a lot of kitchen appliances and utensils to clean after cooking, it can be rather taxing. What she might need is a fantastic upgrade in her kitchen. Imagine having a kitchen appliance that cooks a lot of things from toasting a bagel, baking cookies or cakes, air frying, or roasting a duck. Now, that all-in-one kitchen appliance like this convection toaster air fryer would be very convenient for her. She can go back to hosting family dinners with ease.
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10. Foaming Bath Bottle
A soothing and relaxing bath is every woman’s dream. Imagine if you can end the day in a bubble bath that can erase all the stress you’ve had all day. Now, that would be the greatest thing in the world. And if someone badly deserves that kind of pampering, it’s going to be the birthday woman on her 60th birthday.

Get her this foaming bath bottle that takes having a bubble bath to a whole new level. Forget having to use soaps or shampoo for making a bubble bath. This foaming bath bottle is more appropriate and much more soothing at the end of the day.
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11. Healthy Hands Hand Repair Kit
From all the days she dedicated cooking sumptuous homemade dishes for the family and cleaning the house until every nook shines like gold, you bet her hands deserve some pampering right now. Especially if she has dry and damaged hands, this Healthy Hands hand repair kit will be perfect for her. She can now say goodbye to those crabby hands and say hello to healthier, smoother, and more nourished hands.
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12. Vitamin C Facial Cleanser
She's not getting any younger, and no matter how she denies her age, it shows in those fine lines and wrinkles appearing on her forehead. If she's a little savvy in taking care of her skin and making sure it never ages as fast, gift her this Vitamin C facial cleanser for her birthday. Vitamin C is excellent for keeping the skin clean and rid of any oil or dirt and achieving that brilliant and youthful skin. This facial cleanser is also filled with anti-aging and skin-enhancing vitamins she's going to love.
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13. Secret Garden Coloring Book
There is always something soothing and relaxing when you are coloring. While they are a lot of ways to destress after a tiring day, adding colors to an intricate drawing can always give someone good vibes.

If you are looking for simple yet effective birthday gifts for 60-year-old women who are in dire need to relax and unwind, then this Secret Garden coloring book might just do the trick. If she has a lot of free time in her hands now, it would be a simple and uplifting way to pass the time too. Plus, coloring will also be stimulating for the brain and inspire her inner artist.
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14. Wine Holder Tote
If you love wine, then you most probably wished there are better ways for you to carry your favorite bottle of vintage when you have to go to a picnic with friends or when visiting a heartbroken friend in need of alcohol.

If you are looking for very useful birthday gifts for 60-year-old women who are great wine lovers, this wine holder tote might just be it. It's the most elegant tote that is specially made to carry that delicate bottle of vintage red she loves. Now, whether that's a picnic in the park or a day on the beach, she can carry her wine with her with ease.
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15. Elvis Platinum Collection
One of the best choices when choosing the most awesome birthday gifts for 60-year-old women is to look for the things they like and go from there.

If you are looking for cool gifts for a die-hard Elvis fan, this Elvis Platinum collections might just make her day. It features all of his songs that graced the radio station in the old times plus a lot of his other songs that weren't as popular as the others. Every fan of Elvis will treasure this collection for all the years to come. It's the perfect way to listen to their favorite Elvis songs on repeat.
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16. 100% Silk Sleep Mask
Most older people can have lots of problems sleeping. After all, it’s the time when various aches, pains, and health conditions come out. So, if she has been complaining about not getting enough sleep or not having a great sleep at night lately, then you might want to consider getting her this 100% silk sleep mask for her birthday. That should be able to help her sleep more soundly and not bothered by the light in her room.
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17. Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler Set
What would make an awesome gift for 60-year-old women who loves having a lot of time in the kitchen and cooking for the family?

If her kitchen utensils are already complete and updated to the latest pieces, then you might want to get her this Gourmet sea salt sampler set. Now, that would be something she might not already have, but will appreciate you especially when she has to host a party at home. It might just be salt, but this sampler set is composed of different kinds of salt from different parts of the world. Each sample is unique and has its own flavor, which is perfect for adding a little excitement in her kitchen and cooking adventures.
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18. Classic Wine Chiller
No one wants to drink wine that isn't chilled, no matter how expensive that bottle of vintage is. However, no one wants to put ice directly on their glass of wine too. While the chill might be great at the first sip, it adulterates the wine which can alter its delicate flavor, and no one wants a watered-down wine.

Get the wine-lover the perfect gift for her 60th birthday with this classic wine chiller. Just put the chiller in the fridge, and it's ready to chill the bottle after 90 seconds. Now, she can drink her glass of wine chilled to the perfect temperature and without any trace of water too.
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19. The Beatles Original Studio Recordings Box Set
If you are looking for the most awesome birthday gifts for 60-year-old women who have always been self-confessed Beatles die-hard fan, then getting them this The Beatles Original Studio Recording Box Set might just make their birthday extremely special. This set comes with the original Beatles' studio recording, and every fan will treasure this one without a doubt. It's the perfect way to start her birthday party too - playing the songs she grew up partying into. All of her senior friends will relate to the songs too.
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20. Rainy Hanging Flower Pots
Not everyone was given the green thumb. If she’s one of the unlucky ones who has killed a plant or two no matter how she tries to take care of it, there might still hope for her. If she loves flowers and plants but isn’t too great with gardening, gifting her this Rainy hanging flower pots might just be what she needs. These gorgeous pieces are self-watering flower pots she can put indoors.

All she has to do is plant small herbs on the pot and fill the cloud on top with water. Indoor gardening has never been much easier and simpler than with these self-watering plants.
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21. Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum
Those cords that always find themselves tangle no matter how much you try to fix them can be annoying. Whether it's with the earphones, your cellphone charger, or the cord of the vacuum cleaner. No one wants to get involved with that mess if they can avoid it.

If you are looking for brilliant birthday gifts for 60-year-old women who want to avoid that same messy cord problems, this cordless ultra-light vacuum is just what she needs. It's the game-changer when it comes to making sure the house is spotless. And for older women who don't have the same energy as when they were younger, this ultra-light vacuum makes cleaning the house even more convenient. It's the perfect vacuum for cleaning every nook in the house which would otherwise not be cleaned if the vacuum is restricted to a certain distance by a cord.
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22. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set
It can be expensive to go to the salon. Fortunately, she can now keep her hair salon-smooth and silky if you gift her this awesome organic Moroccan Argan oil shampoo and conditioner set. Compared to the cheap shampoos and conditioners from the supermarket, this set is the kind of luxury her hair needs. She will love how this Argan oil-infused shampoo and conditioner can make her hair stronger and shinier than ever before.

You bet it’s going to be her favorite set from now on.
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23. Vacuum Sealer System
When you've been taking care of the family for years, there are a lot of important things for you, and two of these include being practical and organized at all times.

If she's the kind of person who stays in the kitchen and always wants to feed the family with her home cooked meals, then she's going to find this vacuum sealer system very useful. If there are leftover foods after the dinner, storing them in an airtight container and using this vacuum sealer system will make sure the foods will never get freezer burn.
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24. Robot Vacuum
She's turning 60 any time soon. Gone are the days when she can easily and quickly sweep off the dust on the floor like it's nobody's business. Now that she's much older, her mobility might already be limited. She needs all the help she can get in keeping her relaxed and making sure the house is still squeaky clean.

If you want to get cleaning the floor out from the long list of chores she has to do, then you might want to gift her this robot vacuum for her birthday. Now, she doesn't have to push the vacuum around the house. She can just sit on the sofa and watch her favorite TV series while the robot vacuum does the hard part.
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25. Encased Coil Mattress
As they grow older, they might start complaining about having a lot of problems sleeping. It might be quite normal for older people, but that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it.

Perhaps, what might improve her way of sleeping would be a more appropriate mattress like this encased coil mattress. It's made with memory foam to offer the best comfort possible and added with the coil encasement to give the mattress durability. It's the perfect birthday gift for her 60th birthday if her mattress already needs a good updating.
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26. Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket
Who doesn’t want to receive a basket filled with only the best gourmet coffee choices? If you want to find the most special birthday gifts for 60-year-old women who are religious coffee-drinkers, then you won't go wrong with sending them this gourmet coffee gift basket. Now, she doesn't have to go to the coffee shop for her favorite cut of coffee. There's no need to spend a few bucks on it too when she has countless options from this basket.
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27. Air Fryer
Fried foods aren’t the healthiest food choices in the world, but there are a lot of fried foods we can’t just keep ourselves from. If you are looking for brilliant birthday gifts for 60-year-old women, you might want to consider getting her this air fryer. If her specialty is fried foods, this air fryer allows her to make a healthier version of her dishes by using a lesser amount of oil when cooking. This air fryer serves tons of purpose too. She can use it for baking cakes, roast duck, steam, or grill.
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28. Dust Mop Slippers
Sometimes, wouldn't it be easy to be able to multi-task and save some time so you can relax a bit? For 60-year-old women who badly need time to relax but still has a lot of chores to do at home, this dust mop slippers might just be what they need. While she arranges the house and picks up whatever is out of place around the house, this slipper helps her get a start in mopping the floors. Now, that helps her finish her chores much faster.
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29. Compact Juice Extractor
There is nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables to make a healthy juice you can drink for the day. But instead of squeezing the life out of those lemons, this compact juice extractor might be easier and more convenient to use.

If you are looking for useful kitchen gadgets for 60-year-old women who want to turn into healthier food choices, this juice extractor is a great way to go. This compact machine comes very handily if they want more natural food to stay healthy. It's a convenient appliance that they can use to whip out a healthy juice in a minutes or two - perfect for those who are on the go.
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30. Espresso Machine
If you are looking for awesome birthday gifts for 60-year-old women who can never get out of their grumpy state in the morning without a cup of strong coffee, this espresso machine might just do the trick. This single-serve espresso machine is even better when she only need a cup of coffee for her - no need to brew a lot more than what she needs.

You bet she's going to thank you for this, especially when she realized how much she could save when she makes her coffee at home instead of going to the coffee shop and buying there.
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31. Hot-Cool Air Purifier
Nothing beats fresh and clean air. But sometimes, you have to go to the suburbs to even get a taste of fresh air. If you are living in the city, you should learn how to live with polluted air.

Fortunately, she can now make sure she only breathes clean and fresh air at home when you gift her this hot-cool air purifier on her birthday. It will be especially useful for seniors like her who aren’t getting any younger and has more and more issues about their health. Now, she doesn’t have to go out of the city to have fresher air to breath.
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32. Stemless Wine Glass Set
If you are searching for cool birthday gifts for 60-year-old women who love wine like no other, then you might want to consider updating her barware with this stemless wine glass set. They are far more convenient to use and manage when she's drinking on her own at home while sitting on the couch. There is a lesser risk of spilling the glass of wine with these stemless wine glasses. The set comes with four wine glasses, so she can have enough for when her friends stay over.
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33. Kindle E-Reader
Nothing beats reading paperbacks. But when it comes to convenience, especially when she's going out, carrying a kindle e-reader with countless books saved on it is far handier than carrying a couple of paperbacks in the bag.

Plus, if her vision isn't as sharp as before, reading the small fonts of paperbacks might be impossible for her. But with an e-reader, she can increase the fonts so she can read her books clearly. It's also very lightweight, and with its small size, she can tuck it in her purse with ease.
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34. ‘The Year of Cozy’ Recipes and Crafts Book
Now that she has a lot of time in her hands, maybe it's time for her to find new adventures, learn new things, and discover new hobbies. Cooking and crafting might be two of her interests. In that case, this ‘The Year of Cozy' recipes and crafts book will be perfect for her. This books will inspire her to get creative with the countless recipes she can follow and homemade crafts she can try her hands on.

When not in use, it makes an awesome coffee table book too.
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35. Programmable Coffee Maker
If she is fond of hosting afternoon parties with her co-seniors, you want to make sure she can serve enough serving of beverage with ease. Whether it’s coffee time or tea time, this programmable coffee maker can do the hard work for her. With just push of the button, this programmable device can brew various kinds of coffee drinks and other specialty blends. It can make her favorite tea, cider, or hot chocolate too.
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36. Dip on Ice Serving Bowl
If she’s one of the family members who always want to host family parties and dinners, something that can help make her the perfect host will make an awesome birthday gift. Make sure she’s got enough platters to serve her home cooked meals with. Gift her this dip on ice serving bowl. It’s a gorgeous and innovative stainless steel server design that can keep the dips chilled throughout the party.
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37. ‘The Great British Bake Off’ Recipe Book
Does she love to cook? If her favorite pastime is going in the kitchen and whipping up new dishes for the family to try, then this ‘The Great British Bake Off’ recipe book might just be the perfect birthday gift for her. It’s complete with various recipes from the famed cooking show plus several secrets and tips from professional bakers. Now, she can have the perfect recipe book to help her put some new twists on her classic recipes.
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38. Picnic Backpack
Don't you just wish you have a far better option to carry all the essentials than using a picnic basket? Compared to a basket, carrying a backpack might be a better idea, especially if you have to hike for a great spot. For the still active 60-year-old woman who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, this picnic backpack will be very useful. It's a lightweight pack for all picnic essentials like her favorite bottle of wine. She can carry the wine glasses in this bag too without worries of breaking them. Plus, the pack is designed to keep her wine chilled too, and there's nothing better than that.
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