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62 Best Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Grandma 2021

While grandma’s almost always love to drown their children and grandchildren with gifts, the most meaningful gift-giving is a two-way street. If you want to show your grandma that you love and appreciate not only the gifts that she gives you but her guidance and the overall impact she has had on your life, there’s no better way to do so than to put as much thought and care into the gifts that you give her as she does in the ones that she gives you.

There are a lot of ways that you could go about this, so we made sure that our list covers them all. Some grandmas might like sweet commemorative gifts that are symbolic of their relationships with their grandchildren, while others are more practical-minded and would prefer something that’s as useful as it is thoughtful.

1. Memories for My Grandchild
Memories are precious, whether they're happy or sad. These memories remind you of the special time spent with your grandmother and even those times you aren't with her. You should place these memories in a physical form before they fade away.
Give this family book template to your grandmother on her birthday before she forgets those fond memories. The book has nine chapters that cover your grandmother's life, from birth to being a grandparent.

She can fill up the memory book with photos, inscriptions and among others about her life.

Whenever you visit her, you can ask your grandmother to read, or both of you can go over her progress. The book is 96 pages, so she has a lot of pages to fill-in.
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2. 4-Quart Oval Roaster with Glass Cover
Many grandmothers love to cook and bake for their grandchildren. They want their grandchildren to eat healthy and hearty meals. This oval roaster will be a sure “wow” exclaimed to your grandmotherю

This roaster has a non-porous surface. This feature means the roaster doesn’t absorb odors. Food doesn’t leave stains on the cooking ware. The oval roaster has a lid to seal in the freshness of the food being served.

This oval roaster is super versatile. Your grandmother can use to bake goodies, store leftovers, and place it inside the refrigerator and so much more.
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3. Rechargeable Hand Warmers
Even though your grandmother is strong and healthy, at their age, she’s still prone to getting chills at the slightest drop of temperature. Help her keep her hands warm with a rechargeable hand warmer.

Your grandmother can bring this hand warmer anywhere, anytime. This hand warmer has three heat settings so she can get comfortable even on the chilliest nights on spring or sudden draft on the fall season.

This hand warmer is made of metal. Thus, it can heat up in seconds. It is safe to use despite its fast heating capabilities and a metal component.
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4. Air Fryer Toaster Oven
An air fryer is the newest technology in the kitchen. Surprise your grandmother with this appliance. She can fry her favorite vegetables with less oil, thus making the food she cooks a lot healthier. Your grandmother can prepare your favorite fries, critters, or fried chicken with fewer calories without diminishing the crunch.

This appliance also doubles as an oven where she can bake a cookie, toast a loaf of bread or broil a chicken.
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5. All Season Reversible Comforter
This reversible comforter consists of microfiber and 300 gsm weight filler. With this gift, she can sleep or nap in comfort.

Since this comforter is reversible, she can mix and match her bedsheets. It's like having two covers. The box stitches keep the weight filler in place, giving a fluffy look to the comforter.

Your grandmother can also use this comforter even in the summer season.
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6. Crossbody Bag with Tassel
When women grow old, they tend to bring lesser accessories when going. Lesser accessories mean smaller bag as compared when she's younger. Grandmothers only carry the essentials. Thus, this crossbody bag is the perfect gift for a grandmother.

With this bag, she can still stay organized and stylish. Your grandmother can highlight her outfit of the day with this bag. This simple bag can make her outfit stand out. It is something she can brag to her friends.
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7. Camalapse 4
This gift is perfect for grandmothers who love to take photos. This camalapse is a spinning tripod. It creates panoramic shots, panning, and videos in time-lapse mode.

The camalapse can spin in 36 degrees. The spinning lasts for an hour or so. The camalapse can hold a camera that weighs up to 5 pounds.

So, if your grandmother likes to experiment with her camera, get this unique gift for her birthday. She captures moments and memories that she can share with the family.
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8. Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier
Grandmothers need to breathe clean air. They need to become comfortable in their own house. This air purifier can do all of these.

This air purifier can clean the air your grandma breathes. It can also serve as an air conditioner when the summer arrives, and the heat becomes unbearable. When the winter comes, she can use to heat her bedroom.

This air purifier is indeed a multi-function appliance. It is perfect for older people, especially those people who need care. Even if your grandmother is still as strong as a bull, she can still benefit from this air purifier. Make her life a little easier. Give her the comfort she needs because she deserves it.
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9. Pix-Star Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame
This cloud digital photo frame is excellent for grandmas who have many grandchildren. This digital frame has 4GB internal memory that can display more than 15,000 photos.

What is so cool about this digital frame? It has Wi-Fi connectivity. Your grandmother can send pictures directly to this digital. You can also post the great images that she missed out because she couldn't attend. Through a dedicated email address, you, or anyone in your family and your grandmother can enjoy this feature.
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10. Microfiber Sheet Set
This microfiber sheet is affordable. It is the perfect fit for a wide, thick, and large bed. This sheet can cover a 16-inch wide mattress. This sheet is made from 100% polyester microfiber. Despite its synthetic composition, this sheet is soft.

Aside from these features, this sheet is easy to wash. It is lightweight. So, your grandmother won’t have trouble removing it from the mattress and putting it back. On each side of the sheet, it has elastics that she can secure on the edges of the mattress.
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11. Workbench on Wheels with Sliding Organizer Drawer
Workbench is essential for work at home mom or granny. This classic workbench has wheels. These wheels make moving the workbench an easy task. The wheels have a locking system to prevent it from moving while your granny is doing her work or DIY project.s

Your grandmother can use it as a workbench for her writing or her sewing projects. No matter what the purpose is, this workbench is a useful and practical birthday gift for your grandmother.
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12. Sheepskin Fennie Slipper
Grandmothers are so emotional that even the simplest gift will make them teary-eyed. No kidding. She will surely love this slipper lined with Australian sheepskin. With a lot of colors to choose from, you can pick the best color that your grandmother would want to wear from morning to evening.

The slipper is made with comfort in mind without sacrificing style. It has an EVA outsole, which makes the slipper lightweight. The EVA foam is thick enough to absorb shock or any impact that her feet might experience.
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13. I Love Lucy: The Complete Series
This complete series on the I Love Lucy has kept many patrons entertained with laughter. This comedy series can make your grandmother laugh until her stomach hurts. Together with your grandmother, spend a few hours with her while watching and reliving the hilarious scene in the series.
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14. Quilted Down Robe
This quilted robe bespeaks of luxury, cozy and warm. So, why not give this one to your granny. The product has three color options. You can choose the appropriate or her favorite color.

This robe is 100% cotton. So, it’s super cool to the skin. Your grandmother can use it even in the summer or early spring days.
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15. Michael Kors Watches Parker Watch
This watch boasts of elegance, perfection, and trendy. The wristwatch comes from stainless steel. The row of crystals near the subdial gives the watch a stylish vibe. When the rays of sunlight hit on the crystals, it produces a beautiful spray of colors.

The brand alone is a fashion statement. Your grandmother can use it as an ordinary watch or an accessory to an outfit of the day. With this watch, she can keep track of her time. At the same time, she can be stylish and fashionable.
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16. Willow Tree Grandmother Figure
A true artist and a rising one sculpted this willow tree grandmother figure. The willow tree depicts love, healing, closeness, Hope, courage, or any emotion. This gift is pure handmade and hand painted.

With this gift, you can show your grandmother how much she means to you. Through the sculptures, you can send a deeper meaning. You can choose from the other sculptures so your gift can reflect what your heart wants to say.
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17. Rag Quilting for Beginners
Does your grandmother want to learn about rag quilting? This instructional book can help your grandmother learn the basic principles behind rag quilting. She can learn about choosing fabrics, sewing, and finishing the rag quilt.

The book consists of a step-by-step guide. It has graphic illustrations that are great for the granny who prefer a visual guide. She will also learn the difference between standard quilting and rag quilting.
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18. Smeg 2-Slice Toaster
Toasted bread is the partner of a mug of coffee or tea. With this toaster, your grandmother can toast her bread for breakfast. In minutes, she can enjoy a buttered toast or simply a toasted bread.

The design gives off a retro vibe, perfect for grandmothers who were born before the Twentieth century.
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19. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book
Adult coloring book nowadays is favorite and trending. Get her this adult coloring book. If she’s a secret garden fan, she’ll probably spend more time completing the book than watching the movie.

This coloring book can help your grandmother combat loneliness for being alone. It can reduce frustration. This book can also enhance your grandmother’s creativity.
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20. Shark DuoClean Upright Vacuum
This upright vacuum is the perfect birthday gift for a meticulous homemaker.

The vacuum can clean even the tiniest dirt on hardwood, carpet, and tiles. With this vacuum, your grandmother won’t have a hard time cleaning her home.

This vacuum has dual clean capabilities. With this vacuum, She can clean even the ceiling or counters by lifting the vacuum wand. Your grandmother doesn’t have to bend over the vacuum to release the filter bags. Moreover, the filter bags have an anti-allergen feature that traps nasty germs causing allergies.

This vacuum suction is powerful and won’t make your grandma’s life sucks. So, if your grandmother is one of these women, give her this practical gift.
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21. Signature Independently Encased Coil Mattress
Is your grandmother having a hard time falling asleep? Does she have a lot of visitors who complain about the uncomfortable mattress? Then, this mattress is an excellent gift for her birthday.

Whether she’s going to use it personally or place it in the guest room, this encased coil mattress can enhance sleep.

The coils can accommodate even the heaviest sleeper. Furthermore, these coils can distribute weight evenly by countering to the sleeper’s body. This feature means a sound sleep to the user.
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22. Classic Box Sign
Get your grandmother some inspirational classic box signs. This box sign will remind your grandmother about her precious she is to you. With this box sign, inspire her and other grandmothers in her circle. The box sign quotes could be funny, inspirational, sarcastic, or heart-warming.
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23. Walking Stick
Whether your grandmother likes it or not, she’ll need this walking stick to assist her in walking. This walking stick is excellent for older grandmothers who have difficulty walking or have trouble standing a little straighter.

This walking stick has four prongs to help her balance while walking or standing. It has an ergonomic grip providing for a comfortable and secure hold. This walking stick is lightweight so your grandmother won’t be burdened with weight.
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24. Coffee Maker Single Serve
If not tea, coffee is a favorite of grandmothers. Throughout the day, she can sip more than one cup of coffee. Get her this single serve coffee maker, which is one of the perfect birthday gifts for grandmother.

If she’s living alone, she can prepare a mug of coffee and drink it immediately without having to wait for the coffee maker to finish a 1.5L jar.
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25. Vera Bradley Tote
This tote bag can make your grandmother’s outfit stylish and chic. With the colorful designs, she’ll want to use it every day from going to the grocery to attending a senior citizen’s meeting.

You can choose from the many colors and design options, which can suit your grandmother’s taste. This tote has compartments than appeal to your grandmother’s sense of being organized and prepared.
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26. Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater
A heating system is an essential feature of your grandmother’s house, but it is costly to maintain. Because even on summers, she feels cold at the slight drop of temperature. This fact holds for older grandmothers. When the heating system fails, the cold nights can bring sleepless nights.

Help your grandmother save on heating system costs with this ceramic space heater. She doesn’t need to switch the HVAC to feel cozy and warm. With this space heater, she can heat a specific location such as her bedroom or her library.
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27. Healing Thoughts Blanket
Failing health and constant ailments are sometimes the companions of your grandmother. With this blanket printed with healing thoughts, send your grandmother the love and affection she needs even if you aren’t around.

The blanket is soft. It provides coziness and warmth that she needs during the colder months and early spring. With many color options, you can select the vibrant ones that can bring happiness to her whenever she uses it.
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28. All-New Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD
One of grandma's favorite past-time is to watch TV, especially if she has a favorite TV series. Give her this wonderful gift on her birthday. This fire TV features thousands of channels, TV series and movies. She can enjoy her favorite series in full HD.

With Alexa, she can browse the internet for her favorite classic songs and listen to them from morning until evening. Introduce her to the fantasy world called the internet and let her discover how easy it is to retrieve information with her voice.
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29. Stainless Steel French Press
This French steel press is an alternative coffee maker. The good thing about this is its portability. Your grandmother can bring this French press anywhere. She can still enjoy her brewed coffee in the morning, even without her coffee maker.

The French press has a double wall glass that can retain heat as compared to an ordinary coffee mug. It has three-layer filters that can effectively remove coffee residue before she pours the coffee in her cup. This practical and useful French press can make your grandmother’s life comfortable and convenient.
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30. 10-Piece Airtight Food Storage
This airtight food storage is one of the most valuable birthday gifts for grandmother. With its innovative design, she can store food such as fruits and vegetables and seal in the freshness of this food. With a push of a button, your grandmother can make the storage airtight. This food storage is also space-saver. It is stackable, making the food organized.

Aside from food, she can also store cereals, flour, or any dry good she might want to store.
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31. Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Trash Can
A grandma who is a cook and at the same a meticulous one can sometimes be a disaster. Her endless rant on a dirty kitchen, while food preparation is ongoing, can be a pain in the head.

So to avoid these rants, surprise her with a trash can. This trash bin has a sensor for hands-free throwing of the garbage while handling food. She can dump trash on the bin with a motion or wave of her hand. Amazing. She'll enjoy cooking more than ever.
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32. California Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket
Coffee and tea are the staple drink of every grandmother you might have known in your life. It’s as if they’re always on the move to discover which is the best coffee or tea in the world.

Give your grandmother this gift basket to add to her collection of coffee beans or tea leaves. With this gift basket, she can enjoy another level of coffee taste that she’ll look forward to drinking every day.
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33. Family Jewelry Bangle
This bangle is a simple but perfect gift for your grandmother on her birthday. You can choose an inspirational quote for engraving in the pendant. With this bangle, she'll remember the thoughtfulness. She'll always know that she's special. The bracelet is adjustable so it can fit any wrist size. So, you don't need to worry if it fits or not.
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34. Prodyne Dip-on-Ice Stainless-Steel Serving Bowl
Does your grandmother love to hold a weekend party? This stainless steel serving bowl is perfect for her. This serving bowl is resistant to shatters since it has an acrylic basic. She can keep a salad chilled with this serving bowl. All she must do is fill the bottom part with ices, and the top bowl will remain cold for a few hours. She can refill the ice to keep the chill longer for hours.
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35. Kikkerland Kitchen Timer
Simple tools can make cooking a lot easier and faster than without them. This kitchen timer is an excellent and perfect gift for grandmothers who love to cook and at the same time cat lover. The timer is so cute that she can also use it as a display. This timer will surely maker her cooking sessions more entertaining than ever.
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36. Cooking Apron Set with Oven Mitt and Pot Holder
This set consists of an apron, oven mitts and a potholder. The apron includes a funny quote that will bring a smile or a chuckle to your grandmother. The set’s fabric is cotton, so it’s comfortable to wear during cooking times. It’s washable, so when she accidentally stains the apron or mitt, she can wash it and remove the stains.
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37. Malden International Designs Picture Frame
This cute picture frame complete with a picture of you and your grandmother can make her birthday a memorable one. This gift is a simple one. However, the important thing is the thought that you remembered her birthday. The frame has an inscription of “grandmother and me,” saying how proud you are that you have her as a grandmother.

She can display this picture frame together with the other family portraits. No matter how many picture frames you give her, your grandmother will always find a place and space for your gift. To her, every gift is unique and deserves a special area in her house.
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38. Grandma's Sippy Cup
This sippy cup can make your grandmother’s day completer. It can contain a maximum volume of 12 ounces. She can use it while attending to your needs, talking to you on the phone or just doing her daily chores. The sippy cup is unbreakable to some extent. So, even though she accidentally drops it, the sippy cup won’t break easily.

The inner wall is made of stainless steel. The outer wall has thermal isolation technology that can keep heat inside the cup. With these combined features, her coffee or tea or whatever hot beverages she drinks at the moment will remain hot for hours.
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39. Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover
Although your grandmother might have a lot of pillowcase cover, giving one will still be appreciated. This pillowcase has a beautiful message that can warm your grandmother’s heart and touch her sentimentality. This pillowcase cover is made from cotton. Each case has a hidden zipper giving a seamless look when used in a pillowcase.
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40. What I love about Grandma Journal
Your grandmother can write on this fill in the blanks journal. The caption “What I love about Grandma” will be a reminder to her that you value her more than ever.
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41. I’m A Grandma, What’s Your Super Power’ Coffee Mug
This is another coffee mug that can warm your grandmother's heart. This mug depicts that being a grandmother is a superpower. The saying on the mug will appeal to your grandmother's hidden desire of becoming a real superhero, if not in other people, in your life.
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42. Vintage Round Sunglasses
Classic but useful, this vintage round sunglasses can protect your grandmother’s eyes against UV rays. This sunglass can provide maximum protection that your grandmother needs when she goes out and hit the beach. The vintage sunglass is lightweight. It makes wearing it comfortable. She can wear it in any season.
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43. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Eau de Parfum Spray
Even at an old age, your grandmother will still want to smell good. Get her this perfume for her birthday. This perfume scent is one of the classics that your grandmother will surely appreciate. This old-age classic is a sure hit to your grandmother’s sensitive nose.
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44. Grandparents House Rules
This wall décor will surely make your grandmother smile or even laugh at the house rules printed on the wooden board. Many of these rules apply to all grandmothers, including your granny. There’s no denying that grandmothers are the most remarkable creatures on the planet.

She spoils you. She’s generous. You can sleep at her house anytime. You can eat anything and still hear that you’re skinny. Sometimes, she’s strict but does this strictness for your good.
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45. Funny Socks
This cute and funny socks will make everyone laugh or smile at the most. Give your grandma this lovely pair of socks. Discover the person in the household to follow the instruction. Moreover, this sock will keep your grandmother’s feet cozy and warm against the colds.
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46. Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker
You want to spend quality time with your grandmother by gathering around a bonfire and make S’mores while talking about mundane things. However, her health prevents her from doing such activities. This electric S’mores maker is the answer.

Give her as one of the birthday gifts for grandmother. She can join the fun even if it’s held in the confines of her living room. The maker is flameless, so you don’t need to worry about smoke staining your grandmother’s ceiling.
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47. Flameless LED Candles
The glow of candles can sometimes soothe a tired mind or a troubled soul. With this flameless LED candles, your grandmother can light up her room. She doesn’t have to worry about putting off the fire before going to bed. Your grandmother can let the candles glow overnight.

With the remote control, she puts off the "fire" even when she's ready to sleep. She can use it in a relaxing bath.
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48. Electric Heating Pad
Stiff shoulders and upper back pain are common to older people. Give your grandmother the comfort that she needs. This electric heating pad for shoulders, neck, and back is an excellent gift for her birthday.

Even if she’s alone, she can operate the heating pad with remote control. Your grandmother can experience instant relief from back pain and stiff shoulders.
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49. I Love You, Grandma
This storybook is a story of a grandmother and her grandson. Give this book to a grandma so she can read it to her grandson or granddaughter whenever you visit her house in the weekend or vacation. This book teaches value about independence and how to face the world with courage and strength.
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50. Double Tiered Food Steamer
As your grandmother gets older, she needs to eat healthier and heartier meals that are good for her health and heart. With food steamer, she can cook and steam her favorite vegetables, meat, and fish.

This steamer has an automatic shut off. The timer can last up to 1 hour of steaming time. The steamer has two tiers. This feature enables your grandmother to cook different dishes at the same time.
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51. Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Being a cook, your grandmother needs a sharp set of cutlery. These kitchens knives are made of stainless steel. The rubber grips are made of durable materials that can stand the test of time.

This set can make your grandmother’s cooking more comfortable. She doesn’t need to strain in cutting meat and vegetables.
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52. Ceramic Non-Stick Cake Pan
Do you miss your grandmother’s baked goodies? This ceramic non-stick cake pan is the perfect gift for her. One of the most practical birthday gifts for grandmother, she can now cook your favorite baked goodies.

The pan is made from heavy duty and durable steel. This steel is a good conductor of heat, causing the baking faster than usual.
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53. Non-Stick Donut Mold
Donuts, cookies, cakes, and other baked goodies are food that reminds you of your grandmother every time you eat in a pastry restaurant. Get your grandmother this non-stick donut mold so she can make your favorite sweet desserts. No matter how old you get, you will still go back to your grandmother's kitchen to see what she's cooking.

This mold is made from quality silicone. It’s 100% BPA free. This mold is microwave safe and freezer safe. So, whether your grandmother is baking or freezing a dessert for you, she can use this mold.
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54. Vintage Rose Sweater Collar Clip
This beautiful rose sweater collar clip can add a vintage look to your grandmother’s outfit. It adds a feminine touch to her jacket. The silver chain is easy to use and wear. This collar clip can make a coat a snug fit. The clasp won’t damage your grandmother’s dress or clothes, no matter how sheer the fabric is.
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55. Scarf & Glove Women's Winter Set
This glove and scarf set can make your grandmother comfortable during the colder months of the year. With this set, she can make herself warm and cozy. This set has a hat that protects her head against the biting cold.
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56. Neckwarmer Hoodie Hat
This hoodie hat is a warm addition to your grandmother's arsenal against cold during winter. This gift can be a neck warmer, a scarf, and a hat, all at the same time. With this gift, you don't need to worry about her getting cold during winter.
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57. Butterfly Suncatcher with Pressed Flower Wings
This beautiful suncatcher can make an excellent décor on your grandmother’s front yard or porch. It has pressed flowers on its wings. These pressed flowers add to the aesthetic design of the sun catcher. This sun catcher’s pressed flowers are real ones.
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58. Cotton Terry Windowpane Dish Cloths
These cloths can make your grandmother's dishes clean and pristine. The dishcloths are soft and smooth. They won't scratch porcelain dish plates.

Since it's 100% cotton, these cloths can absorb a lot of water. This dishcloth is perfect for keeping your grandmother's kitchen, not just the dish plates. She can use it to clean and wipe.
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59. Nylon Cooking Set
This cooking set is an excellent addition to your grandmother's cooking set collections. This set is durable since it's made from nylon. The set includes a tong, soup ladle, pasta server, spoon, slotted spoon, and solid turner. This set is resistant to high heat. Thus, it's dishwasher safe.

With this set, she can cook in style. Your grandmother can enjoy cooking more than ever. She has more kitchen utensils to use in cooking and baking.
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60. Machine Washable and Heat Resistant Baking Glove
If your grandmother is baking enthusiasts, this baking glove is an excellent gift for her. The gloves are washable. So, she can wash it when it gets dirty or oily.

The fabric of the gloves is heat resistant, so she can remove baking pans from the oven without getting burned.
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61. Slow Cooker
One of the most practical birthday gifts for grandmother, a slow cooker is an excellent gift to her. This slow cooker allows her to cook meat and make meals more delicious and tastier.

Manufactured by the most popular appliances maker, this slow cooker has a built-in lid. It has three heat settings, namely low, high, and warm.

If your granny doesn’t own a slow cooker, it’s time to give her one. Although it takes hours to finish a meal, the outcome is a meal that is super tasty and delicious.
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62. Precision Cooker
This kitchen tool allows your grandmother to cook meals like a pro, especially if she isn’t an excellent cook. She doesn’t have to keep track of timing. With this precision cooker, your grandmother will know when it’s time to remove a slice of meat or lower the heat.

Another fantastic feature is its connectivity with your granny's phone. Through her phone, she can receive a notification on the right timing.
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