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65 Best Birthday Gifts for Him - Gift Ideas for Men 2020


Happy Birthday to him! The man in your life is about to be another year older and another year wiser. Perhaps he’s excited about his special day or is completely oblivious to the fact it’s around the corner. Either way, you want to get him a gift that will show him how much you care and how much you love having him in your life. Or you just forgot and need something fast – don’t worry, we don’t judge here at Giftrep.

To give your gorgeous hunk a gift that he’ll get the most of, our list has a fantastic array of options to suit all budgets and all types. You probably have an idea of his likes and dislikes, so scroll through our list and find something that fits the bill with our great birthday gifts for him.

1. Quadcopter Drone with Camera
There are toys for little kids, and there are big toys for big kids, and this Quadcopter Drone with a camera can be a great birthday present for him who is a kid at heart and likes to go play with his remote like he did when he was still a baby.

Plus, this can also be a perfect adventure for big guys with its HD camera, bringing them places they can’t go personally. If he’s into photography, this is also a very nice tool to broaden his horizon and shot photographs from an entirely new angle.
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2. Beard Comb Kit
That beard looks good on him, but if you have a bad hair day, you might wonder how he keeps that beard sleek looking all the time. This Beard Comb Kit is a perfect gift for every handsome man, giving them one simple tool to groom in style.

This beard comb is handcrafted using only 100% organic sandalwood that doesn’t just look good but feel good too. It’s perfect for styling on the go also for quick touch-ups when he doesn’t have time before your date.
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3. Wooden Docking Station and Desk Organizer
A big boy has got to have his toys, and that includes all the essentials. Be a thoughtful gift giver by giving him something that can house all the things he needs but seems to always lose from time to time and at times when he needs it the most.

Forgot where he put his wallet when it’s time to pay the pizza guy? This wooden docking station and desk organizer avoid him from tearing down looking for wherever he put his mobile phone. It is perfect for holding a variety of things from his phone, tablet, watch, credit cards, wallet, glasses, keys, and many more.
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4. 45 Second Omelette Maker
What is the quickest way to cook an egg? Give him something that can make his life a lot easier, especially when you are not around to prepare him breakfast. This 45 Second Omelette Maker can step up his breakfast game every time. It is perfect for him when he doesn't have enough time to cook before work or too tired to cook a full meal after a workout.

This stone clay dish is just one perfect egg miracle that will allow him to make a hearty and tasty omelet in just a blink, or at least 45 seconds but still one great miracle indeed.
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5. Personalized Ammo Box
What if he's more into hunting and shooting? Make it unique. Add something personal and custom made to his already complete shooting gear with this personalized ammo box. Give him something that he can use to keep that ammo he got lying around in the basement, giving it a personal touch by this custom laser engraving and printing makes this gift not only unique but also very thoughtful for his birthday.
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6. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
What’s the perfect gift if he’s such a movie fun? Got a man who’s a super fan of films? He will surely love this unique gift idea of a 100 Movies Scratch off Poster. It is like the bucket list of all things movies that any film lover would truly appreciate. This scratch-off poster will let him deep dive into the magic, fun, and adventure of screening 100 different best films of all times. Just think about this gift, making him get a nice start into the experience on the history of films by watching these iconic movies.
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7. Personalized Authentic Buffalo Horn Mug
Is he a hunting fan? Or maybe he is a fan of the Vikings and wants some token of that kind f adventure he can use every day. The thoughtful girl you are would give him something that his heart desires, but what would be the perfect gift idea for him?

How about this Authentic Buffalo Horn Mug? It’s perfect for the Vikings fan or even a huge fan of the Game of Thrones or anything alike. What’s more is this gift can be personalized, giving you a way to send your dearest a sweet message at the bottom of the beer mug.
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8. Bedside Essentials Pocket
Him missing his things has been the same old story for over the years, and it doesn't look like that story is going to change anytime soon. So, how about gifting him a cute but very functional organizer to keep his things in one place and avoid him tearing the place down looking for his phone or his car keys?

This Bedside Essentials Pocket is slim with a stylish design that is just perfect for him. It can hold his phone, tablet, glasses, book, phone charger, car keys, tissues, and a whole lot more. Now, he can keep his bedside essentials handy, and it's easy to bring on the go-to for when you are couch-cuddling and watching a movie.
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9. Batman Whiskey Decanter Set
If he is a big Batman fan and a whiskey fan or both, he will surely appreciate this unique birthday gift. This perfect Batman Whiskey Decanter set can be a nice addition to his collection too or when he needs to let out his inner Batman and drink whiskey during a cold night.

It's simple, and it's classic, it's a perfect birthday gift for him.
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10. Beer Jelly Set
Who doesn’t like beer? While you can drink it whenever you want, it is now something you can eat too, or he can eat too. If he is such a beer fanatic and likes going out for a good old tap and has bottles in the fridge, this Beer Jelly set might be a nice addition to his beer addiction.

This Beer Jelly is infused with only the best craft beer that any man will surely appreciate. If you have sugar-free strawberry or blueberry preserves for your sandwich during lunch, you bet he can have his preserves infused with beer too, quite an inspiration to give any man something good and tasty directly from the tap.
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11. Bubble Wrap Calendar
Now, that's a whole lot of pop. Although he’s more of a man now, a little boy is living inside that hulk of a man, someone who still enjoys popping bubble wraps. Who doesn’t? Popping bubble wraps are not just for the kids but also the big boys like him. It pops, and it is fun, it's exciting, and might even be calming for some.

So, how about gifting him this Bubble Wrap Calendar that can surely feed the happiness of his inner boy madness? This clever bubble calendar design is poster sized and can let him pop his days throughout the entire 365 days of a year.
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12. Beer Cap Map USA
If he's a craft beer aficionado, this little something can be a nice and unique birthday gift — a collection of new favorites from West Coast IPAs to Adirondack ales from various breweries around the US worth mentioning and collecting. This Beer Cap Map USA can be his trophy for all thing tap he had tried, a suitable gift to complete his beer bucket list.

This display boards shaped like the USA map made from Baltic birch plywood can also be a perfect alternative for collectors in keeping their little trophies or triumphs for their hoppy conquests. The board has holes to keep it securely hung on the wall of his man cave too.
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13. Magnetic Wristband for Holding Tools
What’s a unique birthday gift for a DIY handyman guy? This Magnetic Wristband is a must-have tool whether he is a professional handyman or simply an average person who likes tinkering with things like machines at home and a car.

This wristband is made with 10 strong magnets that can easily and conveniently hold small little things such as screws, nails, and drill bits, a perfect tool to help him finish the job faster and with lesser frustration.
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14. Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board
Planning your next weekend trip to the lake or another boating adventure? You’ve can sure to give him a score big time with this custom lake art cribbage board. There are over 4000 lakes available for him to choose from and as points are gained, markers can be moved around the favorite lake laser engraved at the board. The lakes are marked with both their surrounding areas from cities and major roads plus its topographical rings, giving details on the shifting water depths in the river.

This handsome cribbage board crafted from quality cherry wood also features a corked compartment at its front edge where you can store the aluminum and bronze pegs included in the package.
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15. Scientific but Fun Book
Even if he’s not a bookworm like you are, reading this What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions would be very fun and could give him a good laugh.

This book is also a perfect birthday gift for him who enjoys good old funny comics. From the famous creator of the highly popular webcomic xkcd, this book brings a lot of strange questions that have never been answered before that lightens you up and make a boring day much more fun.
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16. Custom Repurposed Quarter Guitar Picks
Get him to rock with this custom repurposed quarter guitar picks just like how huge musician has used this kind of unique coin guitar pick for a century for their exceptional tonal qualities. With this, Dustin & Stephanie Headrick picks can now give him something he can use to express his unique music and melody at his own time and place. These two guitar picks are crafted from a custom selected quarter, one is minted of your choosing from the year 1965 to 2018, and the other is a commemorative state quarter of your choice.
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17. Deep Sea Sand Art
If he's an adventurer at heart, someone who likes swimming in the sea or boating in the ocean, this magical beauty can be a nice touch to give him on his birthday. This is a true Sands of Time art to commemorate how he loves the sea and all things in it by having this Deep Sea Sand Art on his desk, bookshelf, or coffee table.

Bring the calming presence of the sea and the ocean with this desk sculpture to his office. It can be a perfect backdrop with the glittery effects of golden, light, and dark sand shift into oceans, rain, smoke, clouds, mountains, and deserts flowing into one another when you rotate the glass ring of the sculpture.
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18. Rosewood Pocket Folding Knife with Engraving
Is he a fan of fishing, going into the lake or the ocean with his boat during the weekends? Perhaps, he likes shooting and hunting rabbits or boars in the wood. Or, he might be a fan of camping and hiking, taking on the mountains and hills. Whatever adventure he likes to go to, every outdoorsy man needs a folding knife he can carry for whenever he needs it, so what about that for a nice birthday present for him?

Plus, this Rosewood Pocket Folding Knife can be personalized. You can engrave your message to make the gift more sentimental and valuable.
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19. 12 in 1 Tool Card
Slim and practical, this 12 in 1 Tool Card is a perfect birthday gift, whether he is a DIY handyman or an outdoor fanatic.

It's a multi-tool packed in a very slim packaging that is only as thin as your credit card. Don't let its small dimension fool you as this Tool Card features 12 different useful tools for survival such as a serrated knife blade plus a whistle and a fire starter that could be very handy when he goes camping, fishing, hiking, boating, or whatever outdoorsy activity he likes to do.
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20. High Definition Monocular Scope
Get him a jumpstart to a fun activity with full of adventure with this high definition monocular scope with a retractable eyepiece.

An outdoor activity, camping in the forest, shooting, boating, archery, hunting in the woods, or simply bird watching on a weekday to distress, this monocular scope can be a nice company for your outdoorsy man. It’s got wide view plus carrying pouch so he can easily carry it around with him.
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21. Engraved Stainless Steel Cigar Tube Flask
Cigarette smoking might be dangerous to your health, but it shouldn't be too much to have one once in a while. So how about you pack your man's cigar in this sleek looking Stainless Steel Cigar Tube Flask wrapped in a black silk lined gift box?

This cigar holder makes sure he has something to put his cigars on as opposed to haphazardly putting them in his shirt pocket. Plus, it also features a personalized touch through an engraving of your choice, something to send a sweet message with your gift.
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22. Game of Phones Smartphone Scavenger Hunt
So, he’s got his phone with him throughout the day, sitting in his office desk during work, at the table during lunch, and laying in the couch with him as he watches a game on the television at night. No matter what the event, the phone is always there so why not give it a proper invite to all parties?

Fun is coming to the phones with this Game of Phone Smartphone Scavenger Hunt, a perfect alternative to a boring day or something to add spice and a new challenge to a family or friends game night.

Forget all those online games when this game of phones can jumpstart a scavenger hunt between him and his buddies using their good old friend of a cell phone.
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23. Mini Fridge and Cooler
Chill and distress during the weekend after a whole week of hard work at the office with a chilled beer on your hand, lounging in the backyard or the pool, soaking in the heat of the sun.

Gift him a functional but very portable mini fridge to keep his beer cans and bottles ready to pop on a sunny day. It's great for the outdoors when you have a bonfire on a weekend night or at the bedroom or office when you just need time to cool off with good ale, water, or a drink of your choice.
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24. Beard Shaping and Styling Tool
That beard is nice for him on a good day but like how hard it is to tame your hair for a good old girl’s night out; grooming his beard takes some careful planning too. But with a gift of a Bread Shaping and Styling Tool, your man can easily style his beard to the perfect shape.

Forget going to the barber that seems never to get your beard just right when you can do it on your own at home as perfectly as you wish it to be. This grooming and styling tool is very handy with its leveling marks to ensure you get a symmetrical look.
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25. Q&A a Day Journal Book for 2 People
Looking for a perfect and unique gift for your man on his birthday? How about you create your love story together?

This Q&A a Day Journal Book for 2 People allows couples to create a time capsule of their relationship the easiest and quickest but still in a very fun way. This book is a couple’s one-sentence journal with questions for every day of the year that runs for three years.

What’s better than reminiscing all the good and bad as you write your love story? It's something you can do together with your man in your quality time.
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26. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses
Let him drink his way through the tequila night in a fancy and unique way than just a regular tequila glass. It might be pink and elegant, but it sure can hold its tequila more than you know. No need to suck on the salt for every shot of tequila with this glass as it’s directly crafted from Himalayan salt, your glass is salt on its own. These festive glasses make sure you get a salty finish for every tequila shot you have.

It can be a perfect gift for him on his birthday, something to use with the buddies when there's free-flowing tequila on game night. Plus, since salt is super stable and antibacterial, he sure can have multiple rounds and start bringing the fun.
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27. Anti-Ageing Skin Care Kit for Him
You have your grooming and skin care kit you carry on your pouch or your bag for when you travel. That goes for him too.

So, how about you gift him with this Anti-Ageing Skin Care Gift Set? Having facial and all those skin care regimens might be too fancy for his manly taste, but this set is honestly "outlaw" that is just perfect for every brute of a man. This skincare set is complete from moisturizer, cleanser, and serum packed in a nice and sleek metal gift box with an option to send it all in a package with a vintage look complete with the Honest Outlaw wax seal.
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28. Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
When you can’t think of something to get him for his birthday, why not gift him this Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet?

It's a once stylish accessory that is just perfect and fashionable for every man and ever outfits if he's too oozy that way. Aside from its elegant design, this bracelet is handcrafted using pure titanium and extra-strength magnets that can help reduce neuropathic pain, muscle tension, and fatigue as well as improve his balance, energy, sleep, and blood circulation.

This Magnetic bracelet is also 100% hypoallergenic and guaranteed nickel and lead-free.
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29. Mini Baseball Game
What's a better gift for him than something fun, something he likes or loves like sport? He might be a huge baseball fan, and while he can't play on the field in a real game, he can play baseball on the table, on the couch, or the floor with this Mini Baseball Game.

There are baseball nights or weekends for a reason because people are baseball fans to an extent. Bring the thrill of America's loved baseball games for fun and playful pastime at home, and this can be a perfect challenging way to spice up your family game night.
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30. Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set
Nothing gets any better than a weekday afternoon being spent with the family and friends at the backyard drinking chilled beer while grilling steaks, hot dogs, and burgers.

It's always a man kind of thing to man the grill, so why not give him this Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set that is complete with all the essentials to keep a barbecue cookout successful and fun. Made with quality stainless steel, this is a perfect gift for any cook or griller, complete with 16 grilling essentials from tongs, spatula, and Swiss knife to a basting brush, cleaning brush, skewers, and corn holders.
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31. Fun Socks Gift Set
Looking for a fun birthday gift that is also very functional, something that he can use any day and not just stuff inside a drawer and forget about it?

This Socks Gift Set can surely liven up his work week with its fun and colorful design. Plus, it's not all fun and quirky style too, as these socks are specially designed with foot health in mind. It's made of 80 percent cotton. The socks have medium thickness, perfectly cushioned and comfortable to wear. This patterned sock is premium-quality and a great collection for your man too.
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32. BBQ Smoker Cooking Gift Set
What would be a much better gift for a guy who’s always operating the grill during every cookout? This BBQ Smoker Cooking Gift Set is a unique gift idea for every backyard warrior and every man in the family or your friends who love cooking a great steak on the weekend or during a picnic.

This BBQ smoker is made with 100% natural wood chips, the same high-quality ones used by professionals and restaurants. This set is complete with everything for a successful and meaty smoked meat from a stainless steel smoker box, a BBQ thermometer, and three different flavors of smoking wood chips.
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33. Neck Massage Pillow
Give him something that would remind him you care like this Neck Massage Pillow to help him distress after a hectic workday. But what if you're not around to give him a massage after a long day at the office and busy schedule? This massage pillow is a thoughtful gift for him.

This massage pillow is ergonomically designed can perfectly fit the neck and the contours of the shoulder to achieve a perfect massage spot. Plus, it has a gentle heating function that can perfectly soothe aching muscles you can turn on and off just as quickly.
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34. Leather Card-Protecting RFID Wallet
Refined and stylish, this Leather Card-Protecting RFID Wallet is a perfect gift for any man. It's not just crafted elegantly but is also comfortable to use and ultra convenient too. It is made with luxurious and top quality genuine Italian leather to achieve its sophisticated look and feel.

Plus, the RFID blocking feature it comes with makes sure that your man, or his things, is protected from theft or pickpockets.
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35. Car Vacuum Cleaner
Boys and their toys. One functional gift idea you can give him is this high power Car Vacuum Cleaner to help make his car’s interior as sleek looking and clean as possible.

While it might not be as powerful as a vacuum cleaner at your house, it’s the perfect alternative for a portable cleaner he can keep and use in the car. Plus, it’s got a LED light so cleaning the interior can be done day or night.
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36. Gift Card in a Cupcake Tin
Not sure what to give him on his birthday? You can just always gift him something he can spend on buying what he likes. This gift card from Amazon is a perfect cashless gift for him but still allows him to choose whatever he wants. This card doesn't have an expiry date so he can just use it whenever he wants plus no additional fees.

It’s a perfect birthday gift too as the gift card is packaged inside a birthday cupcake tin.
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37. Universal Socket Tool
If you got a handyman whose birthday is fast approaching, choosing a gift he doesn’t already have can be tricky. If he's been a DIY handyman for some time, he must have all the tools he needs already so what you can buy him that makes his hobby more convenient and fun?

How about this Universal Socket Tool? It’s a multi-tool for screw eyes, tension screws, hex nuts, and bolt heads. Now, he doesn’t have to carry around a lot of a variety of tools wherever he goes with this universal socket.
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38. 80-Piece Art Supply Set
Not every man is outdoorsy or a handyman, some of the greatest of them are artsy and creative with their hands, and this 80-Piece Art Supply Set can be a great birthday gift for them.

This deluxe art set is complete of supplied for painting and drawing whether he’s a professional artist or simply enjoys making art during his pastime. It’s fairly compact and portable so he can carry it around with him with ease.
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39. LED Magnetic Pickup Tool
Does he like tinkering with the car? Maybe your man's a mechanic or a mechanic at heart, and this LED Magnetic Pickup Tool can be a great birthday gift for him. It’s a unique and extremely cool gadget for a handyman and every man out there.

It has a flexible neck and expandable stem, magnetic base, and head that can pick up bolts, nuts, and screws. Plus, it has an LED light, which makes it extremely versatile to use anytime and anywhere.
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40. Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew Set
This Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew Set is a perfect functional gift for every wine lover and wine enthusiast. If he likes quality wine, he’s got to like this corkscrew set made only with high-quality materials that can make opening a bottle of wine easy and effective than other hard-to-use corkscrews.

This set is complete with a corkscrew, a foil cutter, as well as an extra screw, pull packaged in an elegant gift box just for him.
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41. Happy Socks Gift Box
Your man can never have too many socks, and this Happy Socks Gift Box can be a great addition to the ones he already has. The gift box comes with four pairs of socks in a ready-to-give gift box. Each pair features a cheerful pattern that can surely brighten up his day. These socks are very comfortable and will also keep him warm during long winter nights.
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42. K9 Sport Sack AIR
This K9 Sport Sack AIR is a perfect birthday gift for him and his canine best friend. This one is an extremely durable backpack which can double as his pet carrier. Whenever he has to go around to bike or hike, he doesn’t have to leave his dog behind with this backpack. They can sure travel around easily together. Plus, this backpack is available in different sizes to make sure his pet friend fits in perfectly.
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43. Travel Duffel Canvas Bag
This Travel Duffel Canvas Bag is perfect for him and can be a nice choice for a birthday gift. It’s an all-purpose weekender bag made of durable canvas and features nice leather accents. Overall, it’s a cool look plus an interior pocket made for his mobile phone, getting him rid of all the rummaging around the bag to look for it.
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44. Travel with Flavour Toothpaste Set
Toothpaste isn’t one of the first choices for birthday gifts for him. But, take this Travel with Flavour Toothpaste Set differently as it’s not your typical toothpaste. It has three different flavors: Cinnamon Mint, Whitening Mint, and Classic Strong Mint. These three kinds of toothpaste are in a travel-friendly size in a sleek packaging that is perfect as a stocking stuffer.
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45. Custom Monogram Bar Tool
He doesn’t have to be a bartender to have this Custom Monogram Bar Tool. It can be one of the perfect birthday gifts for him if he’s so much like the life of the party. It is a complete set of what he needs to make the best cocktails. Plus, the monogram feature allows you to personalize your gift and make it more sentimental for your man.
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46. Godinger Whiskey Decanter Set
Another great birthday gift for him that's drink-related is this Godinger Whiskey Decanter globe that every male who likes a fine whiskey would surely love. It’s a standalone piece and very unique. While it’s very functional for every whiskey fanatic but this can also be a nice collector piece for home or office. The set comes with the decanter and four matching glasses so he can drink with his mates in style.
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47. Pure Himalayan Salt Block
Guys, or most of them, like to grill and if your man is one of them, this Pure Himalayan Salt Block can be a nice birthday gift for him. It’s perfect for steaks and burgers, salting your meat has never bee this classy.
This salt block can be a nice way to enhance the flavor of the meat and a unique one at that, a perfect birthday gift.
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48. PhoneSoap 2.0 Phone Charger and Sanitizer
If he’s such a germophobe, then he will surely love this PhoneSoap 2.0 Phone Charger and Sanitizer on his birthday. It looks like a universal charger, and it is, but it is also a lot more than your typical phone charger. This charger uses US light to help sanitize your phone as you plug it in. In just five minutes, this charger can kill bacteria and disinfect your phone.

The charger uses the typical USB port, and it's compatible with larger devices such as iPhone 6s.
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49. Therapy Self Massager Tool
A nice back massage after a long day of work can be a nice way to relax, but what if you’re not around to give him that?

What better way for him to distress than with this Therapy Self Massager Tool? It's an excellent tool for when he needs to relax after a busy day at the office. This massager has a unique S-shape designed that allows him to reach various muscle groups. Plus, it’s knobbed design also allows easy leverage in pressure to achieve a deeper tissue massage at any part of the body.
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50. Ultra Lightweight Inflatable Hammock
What makes lounging in the pool or having a picnic and relax in the park or when you go camping and look in the stars at night? If he’s into these relaxing outdoor lounging activities, this Ultra Lightweight Inflatable Hammock would surely be something he will appreciate on his birthday.

It only weighs about 3 pounds so it should be to transport and carry around. Plus, it doesn’t require any external pump. Simply unfold the bag and scoop in the air inside it, roll up the end parts and buckle. It floats on water too, which is perfect for the pool or at the beach.
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51. Premium Craft Beer Kit
What to give an absolute beer fan? This Premium Craft Beer Kit might be a good choice for his birthday. Now, he can turn the kitchen into his brewery and make his signature batches with all the things needed to make a nice bottle of beer included in this kit. It has every essential from a two-gallon fermenter, shatterproof bottles, carbonation drops, and extracts.

If he’s into home brewing, giving him this kit is a great place to start him with his passion or start an empire.
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52. Portable Music Fan
Light sleeper? That’s not a problem anymore with this Portable Music Fan, a perfect gift for his birthday so he wouldn’t have any interrupted sleep anymore. It’s a noise machine packed in a small and slim design that features four white noises plus an ocean sound and five different fan sounds.

The great thing is that the fan design also comes with a compact swivel option that the sound to be directed whichever way. Plus, this tiny thing can also double up as a Bluetooth speaker to blast your favorite songs to sleep in.
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53. Car Charger and Tracker
Charge phone in the car? Convenient. Charge two phones in the car at once? Extremely convenient. But, this Car Charger and Tracker are even more than that. Aside from powering up to two phones at once, this car charger also doubles up as a very convenient tracker.

Forget roaming around a large and busy parking lot because you forgot where you parked your car. This Car Charge and tracker have an included app which you can use to find your car wherever it is.
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54. Productivity Planner
Stop procrastination and gift him this Productivity Planner on his birthday. It’s one great thing to start him easily by organizing every aspect of his daily routine. This planner can help him stay focused and on top of his activities and goals.

Plus, it’s got a nice and open format and the how-to pages in the introduction.
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55. Mini Espresso Maker
That espresso is sure to make a day start on the right foot. It smells and tastes energy to start the day right, and your man doesn't have to go out of his way to get a cup of it from the cafe when he gets this Mini Espresso Maker as a birthday gift.

It's hand operated, so there's no electricity or batteries needed to make that strong espresso for breakfast. Plus, it's excellent when he's on the go, during late nights in the office, or when camping in the woods and there's no power supply around.
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56. Single Serve Blender
For the healthy him. If he is serious about nutrition, he will surely love this Single Serve Blender on his birthday, a perfect tool for making his breakfast and snack protein shakes and green smoothies. He can make all his favorite healthy drinks in this one without having to use that bulky and large kitchen blender for just a serving of drink.

Plus, this Single Serve Blender also doubles as a travel bottle so he can just easily pick up and go his smoothie on the way to the office or the gym. This blender also comes with an extra recipe booklet for things he might want to try.
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57. 5-in-1 Mutigroom Tool
Looking for a functional gift for your man n his birthday, something that he can use whenever or wherever? This 5-in-1 Multigroom Tool can be a perfect choice. It’s something he will surely use as it is packed with all the essential for him from a full trimmer, nose trimmer, detail trimmer, and a beard and mustache trimmer plus a stubble comb to complete the set.

Plus, it's electric, so it should be easy to use, and it can last up to 35 minutes after a single charge.
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58. Portal Wi-Fi Router
Does your guy always complain about the very slow internet speed? Then this Portal Wi-Fi Router can be a nice gift for his upcoming birthday, something to stop him whining about his game being interrupted because of the awful internet speed.

This router helps max out the Wi-Fi connection at the highest speed you are paying for so you will have the fastest speed on all your devices. It’s perfect for streaming videos and playing video games without being interrupted.
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59. Minimalist Aluminum Wallet
He might have a wallet already, but does he have this Minimalist Aluminum Wallet? It’s sleek, stylish, and efficient, perfectly designed for every guy and would be a nice and unique gift for his birthday. It’s sleek and slim but extremely durable and functional with slots that can hold a total of twenty cards plus a stretchy money clip to hold his paper bills.

Another great thing about this wallet is its RFID-blocking clip, which can stop thieves from accessing your personal information.
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60. Noise-Canceling Headphones
A headphone that is perfect for listening music, videos, audiobooks, and when playing games that can be used anytime and anywhere even on the busy subway is a luxury and something your man might want to have on his birthday.

These Noise-Canceling Headphones gives him more fun and comfort when streaming on his phone, even with a screaming child just a few feet away. Plus, it is equipped with Bluetooth technology for wireless preferences. It’s durable and lightweight and won’t product muffled and static sounds, blocking outside noise completely.
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61. Pad Pillow Stand
Get him the convenience he deserves, whether it’s lounging on the sofa or the bed watching his favorite show, movies, or when surfing the internet. This Pad Pillow Stand is a genius design that offers extreme comfort. It’s a pillow that’s exactly made for your Pad or phone that is perfect for resting on the bed with you, on your stomach or lap. It holds your tablet at a perfect angle, which makes viewing more fun and comfy.
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62. Reversible Cast Iron Grill
Does he like a nicely done and tasty steak for the weekend parties but no outdoor barbecue in the backyard? No problem. Gift him this Reversible Cast Iron Grill, and he can start flipping meat, burgers, and even pancakes for breakfast.

This cast iron grill features two different textures, one smooth and one ribbed, which makes it a multi-tool for grilling, searing, broiling, frying, and many more. It can be used on the stove or in the oven. You can bring it with him during camping.
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63. Memory Foam Contour Pillow
Cuddling while going to sleep can be the most comfortable position, but when you’re not around, this Memory Foam Contour Pillow can be a perfect alternative to give him a great night sleep. It has an adaptive texture and a therapeutic curved design that makes any sleep position extremely comfortable.

Plus it has a washable cotton cover. Another good thing about this pillow is that you can use it upside-down too just to suit your preference.
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64. Stainless Steel Rub-Away Bar
For the oozy part of him, that likes everything clean and germ-free, this stainless steel rub-away bar is the perfect gift. Since it’s stainless steel, this bar can perfectly cling into the odor molecules which can leave the skin clean and odorless.

Rub this stainless steel bar on the hands like you would a bar of soap, especially after working with quite smelly things like garlic and fish. Plus, you can use this stainless steel bar with or without water so it would be fine if there’s no tap in sight.
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65. Speed Jump Rope
He won’t need to commute and go to the gym anymore, to burn a few calories. Gift him this Speed Jump Rope. It’s lightweight, stable, and fast because of its comfortable handles and patented swivel bearings. Plus, it's Crossfit approved too. This speed jump rope is even available in different colors and perfect for a different build of people with its adjustable height. Jumping with this rope too much, it breaks? No worries, as it comes with an extra replacement rope.
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