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74 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife 2021

Another year together, another year of (mostly) joy. Your wife is as beautiful to you as the day you first met, and you want to get her something that lets her know how grateful you are that you found her and that she said yes to you. She’s stood by you all these years, and you’ve done so much together, soyou want to get her something incredible this birthday to show how much you care.

Or you just forgot and are now desperately trawling the internet in hope of a quick solution. At Giftrep, we don’t judge, we just want to help. We’ve got loadsof amazing gifts that your wife will love. Go through, try to remember what she likes, and get her something that will make her happy on her special day.

1. 15-Piece Nonstick Stay Cool Handle Cookware Set
Wives love to cook whether the dish is simple or complicated. This 15 piece cookware will be an instant favorite for your wife, especially if cooking is her hobby.

This set is non-sticky so she can cook oil less food for the family. The material is aluminum, which makes a good heat conductor. This feature makes cooking and heating a lot faster than ordinary cookware.

With cookware set, your wife will have an easy time preparing your food. This cookware lessens the time on cooking. So, she can spend quality time with you and your kids.
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2. Automatic Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker
Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? This dessert maker can make the creation of frozen treats effortless and natural. With an automatic feature, your wife can make your favorite frozen delight in minutes.

If you aren't a fan of a simple beverage, you can request your wife to make you a cocktail drink. With this frozen treat maker, she makes you that cocktail drink without a sweat.

Furthermore, this dessert maker makes dessert a healthy option. She doesn't need to add sugars because the maker will make use of every fiber and sugar present in the fruits.
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3. Jewelry Armoire Organizer With Mirror
Any woman has at least one set of jewelry. Some wives have so many collections that you might get lost counting them. However, with this jewelry armoire, she won 't have trouble organizing her jewelry collections.

The armoire includes a life-size mirror that she can see her reflection while getting a dress or trying on jewelry with the dress. The mirror has three different angles that offer various and better views.

The armoire can also double as a decoration in the bedroom. It keeps her jewelry out of your kid's reach.
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4. Coffee Maker
Coffee is the staple beverage for most wives. It boosts their energy levels which they need for a long day. Thus receiving a coffee maker, especially the latest model, is an excellent idea.

This coffee maker is capable of brewing coffee for a full pot or single cup. So, if your wife decides to brew a single cup, she can adjust the settings to accommodate one cup.
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5. Watch and Bangle 2-in-1 Set
This set includes a watch and doubles as a bangle. The metal used is alloy. The bracelet has Swarovski crystals making it pretty and sparkly.

The watch is water resistant to up to 300m underwater. However, immersion can only last for a few minutes. The watch can withstand splashes but is not suitable for swimming.

The great thing about this birthday gift is its use as accessories. Your wife can use it to accessorize her outfit of the day.
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6. Health & Fitness Treadmill
Health and fitness are the priority of your wife. Because she needs to balance between work and home chores, she has to stay in shape and fit. However, going to the gym might be a little cumbersome.

So, surprise her by giving her this gift. With this treadmill, she can have her early morning jog without leaving your home. On winter or colder months when getting outside can give your frostbite, running on the treadmill is a healthier and more practical alternative than running outside.
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7. Gift Spa-In-A-Basket
Aside from staying healthy and fit, staying beautiful is another top priority. Although a few aren't beauty conscious, the majority of the wives you meet are still spending dollars on beauty products and services such as going to a spa.

However, with so many chores to finish, your wife may not have enough time to go to a spa. Pamper her with this spa--in-a-basket. To complete the birthday surprise, why not treat her to a luxurious and relaxing spa treatment at home.

You may not be professional, but the attention you give her on her special day is more than enough.
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8. Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
Cleanliness around the home is a top priority to a lot of wives. Your wife wants a pristine and clean house. When the carpet and upholstery aren't cleaned for more than a week or two, she begins to think nasty things such as bacteria or germs lurking on those uncleaned furry carpets.

With this portable cleaner for carpet and upholstery, she can clean these two house essentials without hiring professional cleaners to do it. She can do it every week, too.
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9. Waterproof Double Layer Travel Gear Organizer
Traveling is a wonderful experience, and having an organized suitcase while traveling is rewarding. If your wife is a little freak in arranging everything, this organizer will be a great addition to her traveling arsenal.

Even though she's not as organized as you've hoped for, this organizer will still be an excellent gift. This reason is enough to give her this organizer so she can pack and unpack her things in an orderly manner whether or not she's bound for a traveling expedition with or without you.
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10. Garden Tools Set
Gardening is a hobby that many wives adopt whenever they’re stuck at home doing all the much-needed work. Wives do it either to spend idle time. Alternatively, she is growing a garden for your food because she wants organic veggies in your table.

Whatever the reasons are, this garden tool set is all she needs for growing beautiful greenery at home. This set comes with a sturdy but lightweight box where she can stash away the tools when she’s not using them.
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11. Shiatsu Back Neck Massager
Whether your spouse is an office mom or work-at-home wife, she needs a good massage now and then. She can get this much-needed massage through her favorite spa club or from you.

However, if both of you are busy working for the family, you might not be able to give her a massage she’s been longing for. The solution is to provide her with a back neck massager that she can use anytime she feels sore on her back neck muscles.

This massager is portable and versatile. She can even bring it to the office. That’s awesome.
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12. Tri-Fold Lighted Mirror
Occasionally, your wife would want to look beautiful, especially on special occasions such as anniversaries and date nights. Even on ordinary days such as going to work or a date with friends, a simple makeup to enhance her looks is an integral part of her day.

This lighted mirror in three folds is a beautiful gift for her. This mirror has LED lights that mimic the brightness of the sunlight. So, she doesn’t have to strain herself looking at the mirror to see if her makeup will look good in daylight.
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13. Hairstyling Kit
Women love to flaunt their long locks styled in the trendiest look. Thus, give your wife this hairstyling kit for her birthday so she can style her hair in any way she wants. This kit can solve most styling for everyday need or activity.

This kit is complete and comes with different styling wands that suit your wife’s OOTD. It has ceramic barrels that she can interchange depending on the wand she uses. The kit is durable. It has an adjustable temperature, so it’s safe to use and won’t fry your wife’s hair.
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14. Vintage Cocktail Dress
Fashion trends are coming back from the 1950s, and 1960s. Perhaps, your wife might want to try this fashion trend on special occasions.

This dress is comfortable despite its form-fitting features. It has a hidden zipper making a seamless design perfect for a morning appointment with friends. She can also wear this dress on a gala night. Despite its simple design, the dress looks elegant when paired with studded pieces of jewelry such as diamond earrings or necklace.
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15. Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity
A vacuum cleaner lessens the workload at home, especially when it comes to sweeping the floor. Vacuum cleaning becomes more convenient when your wife can set up the schedule with one click. So, here’s a vacuum cleaner that solves the dilemma of constant sweeping.

This robot vacuum has Wi-Fi connectivity, intelligent sensors, and scheduling schemes. It can sweep carpets and hard floors. With the scheduling capability, your wife can set the cleaning when no one is around.
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16. Hair Dryer
Hair dryer often damages hair strands, especially when your wife uses it very often. However, this hair dryer has micro-conditioners. It can aid your wife in the hair drying process but maintains the health of your wife's hair. The micro-conditioners lessen hair damage. Your wife can have the right hairstyle using the three heat and 2-speed settings, plus a cool shot.
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17. Manicure and Pedicure Set
Keeping updated with the latest beauty trends is something that many wives do. They want to look their best no matter the occasion.

With this manicure and pedicure set, she can clean and ramp up her nails to match her current outfit. Even if your wife isn’t a fashion expert, she can still use this set for primary hygiene purposes.

The set is complete with nail clippers, cuticle trimmer, tweezers, a pair of scissors, push stick and nail file. All tools are 100% stainless steel so these tools won’t rust easily.
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18. Insoles Orthotic Insert
Working wives often wear high heels when going to work. Most often, they stand or perform a lot of legwork. Even though they’re just sitting around the office, their insoles experience soreness.

So, provide her the comfort she needs. Give her this insole designed orthotic professionals. This insole can reduce the impact on the soles of the feet. Furthermore, it can control the odor caused by sweaty feet.

Aside from these features, this insole can fit into any shoe size without sacrificing comfort and benefits brought by this tiny yet useful heel cup.
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19. Lightweight Sewing Machine
If sewing is one of your wife's hobbies, this gift is for her. This lightweight sewing machine Has a setting for 27 stitches. With this variety of stitches, your wife can sew the simplest to the most complicated design. She can do sewing projects every day.

Even though your wife is a beginner in sewing, she can use the sewing machine with confidence. The sewing machine is easy to use. It has more than twenty years of limited warranty. This means the machine is durable and can stand the test of time.
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20. Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
Is your wife work at home, mom? Does she transcribe audio files? If one of these questions is a "yes," this headphones with active noise canceling (ANC) is excellent for her.

The ANC technology cancels background noise so she can concentrate more with the audio she’s listening. The headphone is lightweight so she can use it for long periods without hurting her earlobes.

Even if your wife isn’t a transcriptionist, you can still give this gift for her birthday. She can use it to listen to her favorite playlist while doing some chores at home.
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21. Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag
A tote bag is a must-have accessory for a wife who's always in the go. It's practical, convenient, and versatile.

Made from genuine leather, this tote bag is waxed to perfection to match any fashion trend your wife might be following.

The bag is durable but trendy and stylish. It can hold a laptop with a 10 to 11-inch display. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, perfect for converting it into a shoulder bag.
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22. Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk
Short legs, uncomfortable cold floor, and leg fatigue due to a long period of sitting are the problems that this footrest cushion solves. These problems might be simple ones, but they can pose some risks to your wife's health when the effect accumulates.

With this footrest, she’ll look forward to sitting for hours in front of her desk. Your wife won’t mind having a tall office desk because she already got the solution. So, give her this beautiful but practical gift for her birthday.
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23. Painless Facial Hair Remover
Facial Hair removal is a painful process. Often, it leaves nicks in your wife's smooth face. Undergrowth is also common. This ordeal happens once a month. So, give her a gift that can eliminate the pain and make the hair removal process as efficient as possible.

This hair remover can reduce the occurrence of undergrowth and skin dryness that sometimes a result of shaving. Most importantly, it can reduce the cost of going to a saloon to get professional hair removal.
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24. Portable Power Bank with Dual USB Ports
Practical and essential, this power bank is one of the excellent birthday gifts for wife. With this power bank, her gadget won’t be battery drained. Your wife can charge her phone immediately once it warns battery low.

This power bank boasts high capacity and dual USB ports. So, your wife can charge her phone and other gadgets at the same time. The maximum capacity of the power bank is 20,000 mAh, which can cost an average 3,000 mAh battery phone to up to 5 times.
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25. Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale
You notice your wife is getting a little cranky with the food she eats. The reason could be a diet regimen she's following, and inaccurate measurements ruin everything. Another could be health related problems where the strict following of prescribed size is essential.

Even if there's no reason for measuring food she eats, this digital scale is something she might be waiting for as a gift. This measuring scale is automatic and has conversion settings. It automatically subtracts the weight of the measuring bowl or container.
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26. Wedge Sandal
Aside from sneakers or rubber shoes, a pair of sandals is an integral part of your wife's wardrobe. This wedge sandal will look good in any dress your wife wears.

She can use it to work or attend an important but semi-formal meeting. The heel isn’t as high as you think it is. The heel is around 3 inches but the front measures around 1.25 inches. In effect, the heel height is less than two inches. This measurement makes the sandal comfortable to wear even for long periods.
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27. 5-Blade Spiralizer
Nutrition is the priority of your wife when she prepares food. At the same time, she infuses creativity to make boring meals exciting and presentable. However, without the proper tool, meal preparation could take longer than expected.

To help your wife on kitchen dilemmas, get her this 5-blade spiralizer. With this tool, she can make noodles using fruits and vegetables. This spiralizer makes some of your kid’s favorite meals a healthy version.
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28. Cardigan with Boho Irregular Front Hem
Cardigan is a versatile piece of apparel that most women prefer. Your wife can wear it on any occasion. The ¾ sleeves are perfect for spring or early days of summer.

The print is striped in yellow, black, and grey combination. This cardigan is perfect if your wife loves the Boho style. She can also pair it with a beach hat. Alternatively, she can wear it as tops for her beachwear or during a regular visit to the grocery.
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29. Kitchen Knife Set
For a wife who loves cooking, a kitchen knife set is a great gift. So, get your wife this colorful and vibrant set of kitchen knives. Don’t be fooled by their color.

These knives are sharp and crafted using the highest quality of stainless steel. These knives are durable. They might be colorful, but they can provide ease in cutting.

The knives have a non-stick coating. This coating makes paring and slicing faster than ordinary blades. Plus, the knives are beautiful to look at with the swirling, vibrant colors.
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30. Ceramic Coffee Mug
Have you run out of ideas like birthday gifts for your wife? You'll never go wrong with this ceramic coffee mug. This mug has a personalized message that can warm the heart.

If your wife is a mug collector, she can add it to her collections. Alternatively, she can use it every day at home or in the office.
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31. Makeup Brushes Premium
You think your wife has many brushes that she may not need another set of a brush. Think again. Applying makeup may seem necessary, which requires basic brushes. However, it's more than just the basic.

These makeup brushes would be a great addition to your wife’s makeup brush collections. If she’s been using the same set of brush for years, it’s time for a new one.

These brushes are manufactured using high-quality fiber hair. The fiber hair might be synthetic but is durable and doesn’t shed.
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32. All In One Makeup Kit
Is your wife a beginner in putting her makeup for work? This makeup kit is the perfect gift for her. The package contains the basic such as eyeshadows, blush-on, and lipstick. Aside from these makeup essentials, the kit also comprises of manicure and pedicure accessories such as nail polish.
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33. Puzzle Exercise Mat
Protect your floor with this puzzle exercise mat. If you and your wife are fitness enthusiasts, you can give this exercise mat to your wife as a gift. She can place it underneath the treadmill or use it as a yoga mat. Other alternatives include using the mat in your children’s playroom. You can buy more mats if your wife needs to cover a wider area. So, mats could be recurring birthday gifts for wife.
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34. Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling
Yogurts are healthy and delicious. Surprise your wife with this electric yogurt maker so she can make you and your kids an unlimited supply of yogurt. With this maker, your wife can make 50-ounce yogurt that can serve at least six people.

The maker has a cooling system. She chooses the ingredients so she can make a healthier option compared to commercially produced yogurt. Place the ingredients in the maker and press one button.

The process is simple. In a few hours, you have a homemade yogurt ready.
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35. Wooden Triple Moon Herb Cupboard
Does your wife love herbs or wooden art? If she loves both, then, she’ll fall in love with this cute little cupboard. The herb cupboard has compartments where she can store her precious herbal teas. It has a drawer and a lid that can be lifted. The artwork is intricate, featuring triple moon carvings.

Even if she’s not a fan of herbal teas, she can use it to stash away essential accessories such as jewelry. Alternatively, your wife can use it as a decoration.
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36. Echo Second Generation
Echo 2nd generation is a Bluetooth speaker and a smart device. It can recognize voice commands so your wife can play music around the house without touching it.

Your wife can connect it to Alexa. Through the app, she can command the speaker to read the latest news. Your wife can also set alarms. Your wife can also answer your calls through the speaker. So even though her phone is in the bedroom, she can answer your call immediately wherever she is in the house.
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37. Mulberry Silk Robe
The birthday gift is simple, but your wife will treasure it forever. Why? The reason is simple. You gave it to her.

This silky robe is soft and smooth to the touch. It’s 100% mulberry silk. This fabric quality makes the robe resistant to ripping or tearing. Your wife can wear it to bed while sleeping, bring it in one of your family vacation trips or use it after a bath.
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38. High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants
High up in the list are a treadmill and exercise mat as birthday gifts for wife. You can include this in the exercise mat or the treadmill as an additional gift for your wife.

The yoga pants are stretchable, so it expands while your wife is doing her exercise routine. It’s dry-fit, so it removes sweat and moisture while exercising.

Made from spandex and nylon, the yoga pants follow your wife’s curves and contours, giving a sleek look.
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39. Racerback Sports Bras
During exercise or running, your wife needs a bra for support. With this racerback sports bra, she can have the much-needed support for her breasts. The soft fabric of the bra provides the necessary ventilation during rigorous activities. She can breathe naturally and easily.

The bra has removable pads so she can remove it when she needs to wash it. It has impact support perfect for yoga poses, or weight training.
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40. Yoga over Workout Video
If your wife doesn’t have time to go to a yoga class, you can give her this workout video as a birthday gift. She can use it as an alternative when her schedule doesn’t allow her to attend her regular yoga class.

The DVD contains more than 50 yoga routines. The yoga routines are enough to keep her fit and healthy even if she doesn’t attend her yoga class for a while.
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41. Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush
Having married for years, you probably have observed that your wife lasts more than 10 minutes in front of the mirror, doing all sorts of beautification method. At this, you already know that the body part that gets a lot of attention is her face.

With this facial sonic cleansing brush, your wife will enjoy facial cleansing more than ever. This cleansing brush improves facial skin health. It can reduce skin problems such as dryness and dullness.
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42. All Purpose Yoga Mat
You can give this yoga mat together with the yoga workout video to your wife on her birthday. The yoga mat measures 71 inches in length and 24 inches in width. This mat is long and wide enough to accommodate even the tallest woman.

The mat has a half inch thickness. This thickness is comfortable enough to cushions any impact on the hips, knees, and elbows during a yoga session.

Another impressive aspect is its easy-wash feature. So, she can keep it clean after every use.
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43. Essential Oil Diffuser
Are you and your wife have trouble sleeping or experience dry skin and sinuses allergic reactions? The solution to your problems is here.

This essential oil diffuser may help you fight off allergic attacks on your sinuses and alleviate skin dryness. This oil diffuser can elevate the moisture in the air inside your home.

The diffuser is automatic and shuts-off once the water in the diffuser runs out. It can diffuse moisture with essential oil for up to 6 hours.
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44. The 1990s Coloring Book
An adult coloring book is a rage nowadays. This book can help in reducing stress and frustration. Some experts say it can even reduce depression.

So, here's a coloring book the features and depicts the movies, TV shows, fashion trends, and music from the '90s. Buy and give one to your wife on her birthday.

If your wife is a 90’s baby, she’ll enjoy coloring the book. At the same time, the book will bring back fond memories of her childhood.
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45. Short Sleeve PJ Set
Besides nighties or sexy lingerie, your wife often prefers the pajama set. Pajamas are comfortable to wear. This set is made with bamboo viscose, cotton, and spandex.

The pants are Capri-style with drawstring closure to accommodate larger frames. It’s hypoallergenic, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Since it’s made of cotton, she can wear this pajama during the hotter months of the year.
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46. Portable Photo Printer
Scrapbooking mommas like to cherish every moment with a printed photo. If your wife’s hobby is scrapbooking, you can buy her this portable photo printer.

She can capture precious moments and print them immediately. After printing, she can post the pictures in her scrapbook or share them with friends and relatives.
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47. Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock
Waking up in the morning could be a little hard, especially if your wife doesn't have a good night's sleep. This innovative alarm clock can force your wife to get up in bed even if she's still groggy with sleep.

The alarm clock requires your wife to stand up on it for more than 3 seconds. This alarm clock, at the same time, a rug, can also tell the time. Touch the rug with a toe, and it will announce the time.
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48. Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet
Wallets help in organizing ID, bills, and loose coins. Get your wife this tri-fold wallet made from genuine leather.

The wallet has a large capacity so your wife can place essential things such as ID and money. It also has a pocket where she can place her phone. Your wife can put as many as 12 ID cards.

The wallet can also protect your wife against electronic pickpockets. It can block RFID readers and scanners, so your wife is secure and safe. She's safe from identity theft.
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49. Multi Kitchen Tool
Many wives take pride in making their kitchen an efficient and competent part of the house. They often equip their kitchen with tools and machines. These kitchen tools make the preparation and cooking of food secure and comparable with the most sophisticated kitchen in the world.

So, give this multi-kitchen tool to your wife. This tool has a juicer, a funnel, an egg masher, a grater, a lid opener, and a yolk separator.

Its unique design makes this multi-function tool a wonder to any wife who gets ahold of this. The tools can stack up together to form a bottle.
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50. Amelia Victorian Boot
Aside from sandals and sneakers, a pair of boots is essential to a woman's wardrobe. This Victorian boots can make skinny jeans outfit glamorous and chic. She can also pair these boots with a Boho outfit. If she’s up for a wild and daring look, she can use these boots to ramp up her outfit.
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51. Levoit Air Purifier
Sometimes, pollutants make the air hard to breathe. With this air purifier, help her breathe easily and comfortably. The air purifier filters the air, making it fresher and cleaner.

The purifier is ozone free. It doesn’t emit ions or UV that is harmful to people. With it’s unique and portable design, this air purifier can fit small spaces at the office or home. Your wife can bring it anywhere, too.
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52. Facial Steamer
Another beauty essential, this facial steamer can reduce costs that your wife spends in the parlor. Instead of going to the saloon, she can DIY her facial skin care at home.

The facial steamer can cleanse her pores and solve persistent blackheads breakout. It can moisturize your wife’s skin and solve skin dryness.

The steamer might be made of plastic, but it doesn’t smell like one. The material grade is of high quality.
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53. Fitness Wristband
Sometimes, getting fit needs a tool for your wife to monitor her progress. This fitness wristband can help her in maximizing her daily workouts. Using her heart rate zones, she can evaluate which routine burns the most calories and fats.

The fitness wristband can withstand simple water splashes. It can notify your wife on important calls and activities on her calendar.

The fitness wristband has a GPS connectivity so your wife can monitor her stats such as place and distance covered with her running.
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54. Travel Duffel Bag
Is your wife a fitness freak? Does she like traveling or going out of town. This travel duffel bag is for her. One of the most practical birthday gifts for wife, this bag can accommodate your wife's essential accessories when she visits the gym or a yoga class. Aside from a fitness bag, your wife can also use this bag during your vacation trips.
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55. Best Wife Ever T-Shirt
This shirt might be a simple gift, but it shows how much you value your wife. She can use this t-shirt as an everyday outfit. Your wife can also use this on casual occasions, topped with a nice blazer.

The shirt is comfortable to wear since it’s made of 100% cotton. It’s pre-shrunk, so she doesn’t have to worry about shrinkage issues.
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56. Herb Garden Kit
Growing an herbal garden is a rewarding experience. If your wife wants to try her hand with gardening, this herb garden kit is an excellent gift for her birthday.

The kit includes the five most popular herbs. These are basil, thyme, parsley, sage, and cilantro. Herbs are easy to grow. She doesn’t need rocket science knowledge to grow them.

Moreover, your wife is assured of the organic quality of the herbs. She doesn’t need a lot of fertilizers to grow the herbs.
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57. Healing Clay
The beauty industry introduces many products every year. Some products are as weird as this healing clay. The clay is 100% calcium bentonite, which is suitable only for external use. This healing clay can keep your wife’s skin look young and glowing. However, she must not let the healing clay stay longer than 10 minutes.
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58. Kombucha Brewing Kit
Kombucha is full of probiotics and antioxidants. These anti-oxidants can provide a radiant and glowing look to your wife’s skin. If she loves kombucha, here’s a brewing kit for her. The kit includes all ingredients and a manual on how to ferment kombucha the proper way.
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59. Colorful Compression Socks
Compression socks can improve blood flow in the legs and feet. These socks might be medicinal products. However, the manufacturer infused fashion so your wife can wear and flaunt them.
Your wife can wear them during a dance lesson or Zumba session. She doesn't have to hide them anymore. These socks are vibrant and colorful, perfect for wives who like to wear the retro look.

With seven pairs, she can wear the socks daily and wash them all at once on the weekend.

If your wife isn't a fan of colorful socks, you can buy the one color set for her.
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60. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Wives like to smell good for themselves and of course for their husband. Give her this fragrant perfume by Jessica Parker. The smell of this perfume is classy, which is perfect for wives in the middle age.

Your wife can wear perfume on special date nights or essential appointments. This perfume lasts d longer than other perfumes. It contains more perfume oil that attributes the long-lasting effect of the perfume. So, she'll smell good even in the wee hours of an event you're attending.
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61. Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond jewelry is the most popular birthday gifts for wife. These stud earrings will surely wow your wife. They symbolize your appreciation for her and her beauty.

She can pair these diamond earrings with any outfit she’s wearing. These earrings will make her look elegant and sophisticated.

When she looks good, she feels good about herself. Wearing these earrings might even boost her confidence, especially on occasions where she has to mingle with prominent people or with your bosses.
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62. Laptop & Tablet Stand by Desk
This laptop or tablet stand is adjustable so you can discover the perfect angle for your gadgets. With this laptop stand, your wife can cool her laptop while working and prevent overheating.

Most of the times, you might observe that your wife’s laptop seats at her lap. You can prevent this occurrence. This stand can free her from prolonged contact with the laptop heat radiation.

This stand is portable and foldable so she can bring it anywhere, anytime.
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63. Mini Stun Gun
Self-defense is an important skill that your wife must learn. With this skill, she can defend herself when you’re not around.

Increase her edge against bad guys by giving her this rechargeable mini stun gun. The fact of knowing that you care for her safety is enough of a reason for her to love this gift.

Since this stun gun is small and portable, she can hide it in her pocket or bag. So, anytime an attacker assaults her, she can surprise the person with this gun.
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64. Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer
Mornings are the busiest time of the time at home. Sometimes, your wife may not have the time to prepare a hearty breakfast if she’s working. Help her reduce the preparation time for breakfast with this breakfast sandwich maker.

With a timer and automatic setting, you can eat a hearty sandwich meal in no time, and your wife still has time for other things. She can do other chores like preparing your lunch to bring along in the office.
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65. Slim Wireless Headphones
Does your wife love to exercise or jog in the morning while she listens to her favorite music? This slim wireless headphone is a perfect companion for her.

The ear pods are sweat-proof. It’s also customizable. The headphone is lightweight. The battery lasts up to 7 hours. So, even if she’s not using it during her exercise routine, she can use it during her idle time to listen to her favorite playlist.
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66. Waist Pack Running Belt
Phone, wallet, and earphones are the essential accessories that your wife often needs while she does her morning run. With this waist pack, she can bring these important accessories. Your wife doesn’t need to hold them and burden herself while running.

With this waist pack, she can enjoy running without having to worry about her wallet or phone. She can enjoy music while because she has a place where she can put her phone.
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67. Foam Slippers
This slipper depicts comfort, luxury, and the feeling of being pampered. Made from soft microfiber and memory foam, treat your wife to moments of ultimate joy by giving this gift on her birthday.

No matter how simple your birthday gifts for wife, she’ll always appreciate it. This foam slipper will remind her that her comfort is your utmost priority every time she wears them.

Sizes are available from small to extra-large. You can choose from the different color options to suit your wife’s preferences.
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68. Maxi Chiffon Long Skirt
Maxi skirts are lightweight. It provides a comfortable fashion style that is perfect for summer and spring. Give this gift to your wife on her birthday, and she’ll surely love it.

This skirt gives off a princess vibe to the wearer because of its flowing style. The waistband is stretchable, so it suits a larger frame. This skirt will make your wife look elegant and stylish and will suit her regardless of her age.
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69. Sex and the City: The Complete Collection
Here’s the complete series of the most popular TV series about women and their struggles in life. If your wife hasn’t seen it yet, she’ll surely love every episode. If she does see it, she’ll have a collection that she can watch anytime she wants.
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70. Organic Tea Collection
Some women prefer the taste of tea as their morning drink. If your wife is one of these women, this organic tea collection is a sure hit for her birthday. The box set contains six flavors of tea from the different parts of the world where tea is a staple drink.

The cool thing about this is its USDA certification. This means the tea comes from leaves that are organic and free of chemical exposures. The collection comes with a box where your wife can stash away her tea bags.
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71. Chocolate Truffle Gift Box
A woman’s love for chocolate never wanes. If your wife still loves chocolate even at her age, this chocolate truffle gift box is an excellent surprise for her.

She can keep it for months before eating. Alternatively, she eats right away upon receiving. The assorted chocolates comprise of different flavors. Flavors include tiramisu, black forest cake, chocolate lava cake, and more.

Give her a sweet treat on her birthday and satisfy her cravings just this once.
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72. 24k Gold Dipped Real Rose
Roses are one of a woman’s favorite flower. Can you imagine giving your wife an eternal rose, one that doesn’t wilt or die? Yes, it’s possible.

This wonderful gift comprises of real rose petals, preserved to stand the test of time. Using a special substance, this rose will remain fresh for months or even years. The fragile side of this rose, however, is to remove the rose from direct sunlight.

So, give one or two roses to your wife to let her know how much she means to you. The long-lasting feature will remind her of your everlasting love.
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73. GDTK Leather Passport Holder
The passport is an important identification and document. With this leather passport holder, your wife can safeguard her passport. She can keep her passport from accumulating dust and abrasions.

The passport holder can also store her important business cards, credit cards, and ID cards. The interior and exterior part of the passport holder is synthetic leather. However, the passport holder has a built-in RFID blocker so it can protect your wife’s identification details.

You can choose from various colors available to suit your wife’s taste or favorite.
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74. Infinity Scarf
One characteristic of many women is her excellent fashion sense. Every day is an opportunity to show off their curves and beauty with the appropriate clothing.

She can wear this infinity scarf no matter what the season is. She can wear and pair it with a turtleneck during winters. Your wife can also use it as an accent to casual wear during spring. She can even pair with a swimsuit, serving as an accessory to highlight her outfit.
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