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36 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers 2021

Choosing the right Christmas gift for a toddler isn’t as easy at it sounds. They’re actually more discerning than you might think, so not only do you need to buy something that plays into their interests, but if you want it to hold their attention for more than a few days you actually need to put quite a bit of thought into your selection.

Many of the toys the we recommend are educational while others are just plain fun, but the most important thing is to choose a gift that comes from the heart. While your little one might not fully grasp the love that went into the gift at first, it’s sure to create warm memories down the line.

1. 100 Words Book
Make learning a fun experience for your toddler. This book contains more than 100 words that your baby should learn. The words are appropriately categorized for any age and are most recommended for 18 months up to 4 years.

This book can broaden your toddler's vocabulary and touch. It speaks loud when you touch a word. Aside from spoken word, it features sound effects for better learning. Leaning songs are also part of the book.

Categories include colors, opposites, vehicles, clothes, fruits, animals, and body parts. With the help of animal pals like Turtle, Monkey, and tiger, your baby will learn his first 100 words in no time. The book features English and Spanish spoken versions, which is perfect for bilinguals.
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2. Sleepwear
As parents, you want your toddler to experience comfort while sleeping. This sleepwear is made from organic cotton and is perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. The source of the material grows naturally without the use of harmful pesticides.

The sleepwear has a zipper closure for changing your toddler's diaper or the sleepwear itself, quickly. It has a footed style to keep your baby's feet warm and cozy, especially during the winter months.

The zipped closure reaches from head to toe that'll make your baby warm during the night. Since the fabric is high-quality cotton, the sleepwear won't stretch even after years of usage.
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3. 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike
This trike grows with your toddler. It has a steering handle for guiding your toddler while you're out in the park or mall. You can use it until he is five years old.

This trike has a canopy, so your child is safe from the harmful rays of the sun and sudden rainfall. It has removable and adjustable footrest for babies. The harness will keep your toddler from falling off the trike's seat.

Another excellent feature is the bucket storage at the back of the trike for storing your baby’s toys and bottles. The steering handle is removable, so your child can use the trike when he reaches 4 or 5 years old.
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4. Silicone Bibs
Aside from nibbling anything, toddlers drool, big time. They start this drooling stage at the age of three or four months. Your toddler will begin to drench his shirt, whether you like it or not.

Wet clothes, especially on the chest part, aren’t good for your baby’s health. So, give your toddler the protection he needs. These silicone bibs are excellent Christmas gifts for baby and toddler.

These bibs also feature a catch basin for food, multiple buttonholes for adjusting the collar.

The material is silicone, which is BPA free and safe for your toddler’s health. Disinfection is as easy as pouring boiling water to remove germs and bacteria.
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5. Baby Security Blanket
Aside from comfortable sleepwear, a baby blanket is an excellent Christmas gift for a toddler. This soft blanket will cuddle your baby and make him cozy and warm.

The cute little stuffed animal and the blanket is in one piece. No buttons are present in the stuffed animal, so your baby is safe from choking hazards.

Other designs are available for selection. You can choose from brown to blue colors, and the stuffed animals are different will enhance motor skills such as grabbing and holding at an early age.
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6. Toddler Backpack
Is your toddler entering preschool? If he is, this toddler backpack is the best gift for him. He’ll be excited to go to his school on his first day.

The backpack consists of plush material with adjustable straps. It features a large compartment and a front pocket for your toddler's accessories. With these compartments, your toddler can put in his napkin, small books, and snacks.

You can choose from nine designs, including owl, unicorn, elephant, shark and a bird.
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7. Warm Knitted Baby Hats
This knitted baby hat will keep your toddler's head warm and protect him from the biting cold of winter. It is warm, comfortable, and cozy. The knitted beanie is stretchable, so he can use it until he reaches two years old.

The materials are soft and won't contribute to skin rashes to your toddler's forehead. The style is simple and is excellent for daily wear. Colors are classic blue, red, grey, and black. This beanie hat has a unisex design, so you won't have difficulty choosing which one is perfect for your toddler.
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8. Wooden Pull Toy
Learning to walk is one of your toddler's most significant achievement as a toddler. Why not help him achieve this milestone quickly? This wooden pull toy is perfect for toddlers who are learning to walk their first steps.

The toy is a walking puppy that wags its tail when you pull it. With an affordable price, your toddler will enjoy walking more than ever. Besides, you don’t need to bring the dog for a monthly vet visit.
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9. High Top Sneaker
Make your toddler’s first step as comfortable as possible. This high-top sneaker is easy to wear. It is soft with anti-slip sole. It is lightweight, and the material is pure cotton.

Your baby’s feet will feel pampered and comfortable. Even without wearing a sock, your toddler’s feet won’t suffer blisters or rashes.

The stylish design will suit any outfit, whether it's casual or formal wear. Your toddler will look adorable.
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10. Cloth Books
Babies love to nibble on all kinds of things, whether it's edible or not. So, protect your toddler from biting books that contain harmful materials for him. These cloth books are the perfect Christmas gifts for baby and toddler.

One set includes six books that contain different primary reading curriculum. These books are perfect for toddlers who are still learning to talk and read but always tend to nibble on things.

One cloth book consists of materials that won't result in irritation in the throat or tongue when eaten or nibbled. No fibers to stick to your toddler's mouth.

The vibrant colors will surely attract the attention of your toddler. The images will stick to his mind.
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11. Music & Lights Deluxe Gym
Encourage the development of your toddler’s motor skills with this music and lights deluxe gym. Your toddler will enjoy pulling, grabbing on the stuffed animals. Tummy time and napping in this deluxe gym mat will be memorable for him.

The deluxe gym mat features learning music with more than ten stuffed animals. These stuffed animals are removable. Consequently, you can also add more if you want. The vivid colors will make your baby explore this deluxe mat.
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12. First Finger Paint
The toddler stage is the time for exploration, so expect your toddler to walk endlessly or write anything on the wall even if he doesn't know yet to write. Don't be surprised if you find your toddler covered in paint or permanent pen marks.

Like Dora, your toddler is a little explorer. Thus, encourage him with this finger paint painting. The paint is washable, so don’t worry about permanent stains. Just make sure to let your toddler use clothes he’s not going to wear anymore.

This set includes glossy papers for painting and four colors. Let your toddler bring out his creative talent.
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13. Flannel Bathrobes
This bathrobe is made with premium flannel that feels soft and smooth to your toddler’s skin. When he wears it, he feels like he’s been wrapped in a soft, fluffy cloud.

The adorable bathrobe has a fashionable style with ties attached. With this attached tie, your toddler won’t lose it. You can choose from the different designs to suit your baby’s preference.

Despite the fluffy appearance, these bathrobes are super absorbent.
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14. Water Doodle Mat
Enhance your toddler’s imagination and creativity with this water doodle mat. You don’t need to buy ink or a separate pen to make this mat work.

One water doodle mat includes a pen that you can fill up with water. The water-filled pen is ready for painting or doodling. Voila! Your toddler has an instant canvass to unleash his creativity.

The material is polyester, which is famous for its durability and non-toxic property. The mat is large and can accommodate up to 4 kids. Thus, you can invite your neighbor's toddler to join the fun.

The pen won't work on any other surfaces except on the mat. So, don't need to worry about furniture getting a "tattoo" from your toddler.
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15. Magnetic Standing Art Easel
Teach your toddler early with words. Encourage his creativity with doodles. Whatever learning activity you have in mind, this magnetic standing art easel will help you achieve your goal.

The art easel has an adjustable stand, so your toddler can use it until he's old enough to know his ABC's and numbers. It is made of wood, so it’s safe for your kids. No harsh chemical plastic or if it does contain plastic, the amount is minimal.

To complete your toddler’s learning experience, consider buying the companion accessory set of the same brand.
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16. First Builders Big Building Bag
Building blocks encourages the development of gross motor skills. The vibrant colors in classic colors add more to the fun of playing this toy. This toy develops your toddler's creative mind at an early age.

Each set contains around 80 big blocks plus several unique shapes for complicated designs your toddler may have in his mind. It includes a storage bag for easy cleanup.
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17. Infant-to-Toddler Rocker
Rocking your baby to sleep could be tiring, especially if he is hard to put to sleep. Get this excellent assistant for your baby. This rocker can hold and carry a baby or toddler of up to 18kg. It can convert into a recliner seat when he reaches the toddler age.

The seat pad is removable and washable. So, in cases your baby soiled the seat pad, you can throw it in the washing machine and wash it in cold setting. Aside from this removable seat pad, the rocker features a vibration mode for rocking your infant to sleep.

When your baby is awake, he can play with the toys hanging above him. This toy bar is removable and adjustable, too.
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18. Water Shoes
Let your toddler enjoy the scorching beach sand without getting burned. Protect him against accident such as slipping in the pool when your family goes out for a swim. The solution is a pair of water shoes.

These water shoes are perfect Christmas gifts for baby and toddler, especially with summer seasons only a few months away. These shoes have a unique design that is perfect for any baby. Each shoe has non-slip outsole for slip prevention in slippery surfaces such as pools.

Your toddler doesn’t need to remove the shoes every time he gets out of the pool or the beach. He can wear the pair anytime until you go home.
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19. Reusable Swim Diaper
Aside from water shoes, a reusable swim diaper is also an excellent gift for toddlers. This swim diaper will keep any unwanted materials where they should stay. So, even if your baby or toddler goes number 2, you won’t be embarrassed, especially if you’re in a public place.
This swim diaper doesn’t contain an absorbent lining. This absorbent lining will weigh down your toddler while swimming. Thus, the manufacturer didn’t include it.
The inner layer is a polyester mesh, while the outer layer is a polyester TPU. Despite the waterproof materials, this swim diaper is breathable and will still make your toddler comfortable while swimming.
There’s no one size fits all. So, make sure to know your toddler’s size for the best fit. The leg parts and waistband are elastic.
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20. Winter Hooded T-Shirt
In most states in America, Christmas season is also the winter season where snow is a common occurrence. Thus, protect your toddler from the chilly draft of the morning and evening with this winter hooded t-shirt.

The fabric is a cotton blend, which is warm during winter and still comfortable to wear during the warmer months of the year. The cute design and quote printed on the sweatshirt are suitable for babies and toddlers. Recommended age is zero to five years old.
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21. Playhouse Popup Tents
Upgrade your toddler’s playground with these pop-up tents. These tents are the perfect Christmas gifts for baby and toddler.

The fabric materials used are breathable mesh, so don’t worry about suffocation. The popup tents passed a rigorous quality checking, so you’re assured of your toddler’s safety. The pit balls are separate. So, include the balls in your cart.

Let your toddler enjoy a day of crawling, jumping, and walking around the tents. Make him believe he’s out in the woods camping with his friends (or maybe soldiers).

Despite the appearance, this popup tent is sturdy and stable. It won’t topple over with a mild pushing or pulling.
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22. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
Develop your baby’s motor skills with this walker. This walker is perfect for babies and toddlers who are still learning to walk. Aside from a useful tool for your toddler’s walking experience, it contains colorful buttons that light up or spinning rollers for your fidgety baby.

The walker features learning songs for him. These songs include different sound effects and fun phrases for him to mimic and remember. This walker is perfect for 9-month-old baby to 3-year-old toddlers. Its wheels can walk in any surfaces, even carpeted ones.

The walker is both mechanical and electronic. The electronic feature runs on battery power. With this walker, you can upgrade your toddler’s interactive learning.
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23. Smart Snacks Number Pops
Let your baby or toddler learn numbers and colors most enjoyably. These toy pops contain numbers in numerical and visual representations. Each pop includes an outer shell that contains a numbered image while the popsicle toy includes dots. The colors are vibrant, that will catch your toddler's attention. One set consists of ten pops with outer shells.
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24. Chair Desk with Storage
This cute little chair desk features a storage area where your toddler can keep his toys or art materials and supplies. It can hold a toddler with 50 pounds’ weight and is suitable for ages three up to 6 years old.

The material is engineered wood. The chair features a removable cup holder for your toddler’s pen and color pencils. The graphic designs are eye-catching with colors that are vivid and vibrant.

The seat is lowered so your toddler can have easy access to the chair. This chair is perfect for art activities. Your toddler can color his favorite coloring book with ease and comfort.
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25. Toddler Outfits
With a combined material of cotton and polyester, these toddler’s outfits are must-haves and are perfect Christmas gifts for baby and toddler.
Your toddler can use the outfit in both casual and formal occasions. This outfit is perfect for birthdays, weddings, or Sunday dress. Your toddler can wear it in any season, too, whether it’s spring or winter.

One outfit includes a long-sleeved upper shirt that looks like an opened tuxedo. It also consists of a bowtie and fashionable pants.

The bowtie looks like a brooch, so you can remove or pin it whenever you want. The blazer is not entirely removable, but you can open it.
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26. Marco Light-Up Bath Toy
Make bath time a fun time to explore. This light-up bath toy will enhance your toddler’s imagination. It runs on battery power.

The water temperature activates the light on the bath toy. It changes the color accordingly while the toy bobs in and out of the water surface. This toy can float with its lighted head peeping just above the water surface.

Your toddler will enjoy bath time more than ever. This toy will make him experience like he was bathing and jumping in the pool.
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27. My Own Leaptop
It’s a proven fact that toddlers nowadays are curious. They want to do everything just like their parents do. If your toddler wants to "own" your laptop, it's time to give him his leaptop. This toy features the design of a laptop, complete with learning songs and alphabets.

You can also customize the toy, so it knows how to spell your toddler’s name. Your toddler can send and receive emails through this leaptop. He can play his favorite learning songs every morning. With this leaptop, you can establish a learning routine, so your toddler can learn faster than other toddlers his age.
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28. Sort and Discover Activity Cube
This activity cube features lots of activities on each side. With more than 70 songs, your toddler can learn different melodies and sounds. The piano keys introduce numbers and colors.

One side contains a book page that your toddler can turn and read. Another side includes a shape sorter for hand-to-eye coordination. This activity cube is perfect for toddlers who can’t seem to stay put even for a few minutes.

The colorful cube will attract your toddler’s keen observation. At an early age, he can recognize colors and shapes. One side feature electronic buttons that light up when your toddler press them. With this activity cube, you can keep your baby busy for hours.
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29. Barnyard Animals with Sounds
These barnyard animals sound like the real thing. One set contains a pig, a cow, a rooster, and a chick. They have their barn, where your toddler can store them in. The barn storage has a handle for easy carry. Your toddler can bring it anywhere, even in his school. Each animal includes a built-in battery module.
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30. Star Projector
Amaze your toddler with this star projector. You can use this projector as part of your bedtime story routine. When your toddler is asleep, you can turn the projector into a regular night light or let it projects amazing stars in his entire room.

This night light is suitable for kids up to eight years old. It has an automatic shutdown with two removable covers. The automatic shutdown is perfect for toddlers who can’t sleep without lights on. It is a convenient feature so that you can time the shutting off the light. You don’t need to wait for your toddler for him to sleep.
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31. Fun Food Truck
Does your toddler love food and cooking? This food truck will develop your toddler’s creative imagination. With more than 20 toy pieces, your toddler can prepare a burger, a shake, or a drink for his customer. This toy mimics a real food truck, complete with a cash register and ring-up buttons.

Aside from the mechanical parts, this fun food truck has three levels of learning content. It grows with your child. It features more than 100 learning songs and tunes and phrases. Your toddler’s options are almost limitless. He'll enjoy every second spent playing this truck
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32. Smart Stages Chair
This chair is another educational toy that is a must-have for your toddler. It features more than 50 songs and tunes, including learning phrases. The excellent feature of this educational toy is its changing level. You can change the level of learning by entering your child’s age.

The chair will automatically change the level according to your toddler’s age. It teaches your child colors, numbers, and shapes. With smart technology, the learning level grows with your toddler's age. The maximum level is for two years and above.
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33. Toddler Flip Flop
This flipflop is made from 100% leather with a slip-resistant feature. The elastic band on the back will keep the flipflop in place while your toddler is learning to walk on it. The outer sole is a rubber material to provide the necessary friction and to prevent slipping.

This flipflop is suitable for the summer seasons or whenever you and your kiddo visit a pool or the beach. Don't wait for the official summer season to arrive to use this flipflop.
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34. Rocking Horse
A rocking horse is a classic toy for every toddler. Your toddler’s young life will never be complete without one. There's something about a rocking horse that reminds you of childhood adventures. So, why not give the same childhood memories that your toddler will cherish for the rest of his life?

This rocking horse is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. It features a handle for seamless riding experience.

The contemporary design is a total upgrade of the traditional rocking horse. The vibrant color may seem feminine, so it’s perfect for girl toddlers.

The rocking horse has a high seat back to hold your toddler’s back. The low saddle establishes stability, so your child won’t accidentally topple over.
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35. Rubber Ducks
Bath time should be a fun time. These rubber ducks are excellent Christmas gifts for baby and toddler. With this 50-piece duck set, your toddler will have unlimited options. He can use one rubber duck at a time or splash them all in the tub every time he takes a bath.

Each duck has a different style, ranging from doctor to nurses, or a police officer to a soccer player. Your toddler will surely love each duck in his toy collection. Alternatively, you can use these rubber ducks on his birthday parties where other toddlers like him will race to finish line with a rubber duck.
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36. Dumbbell Baby Rattle
Curiosity is one of the most significant flaws of a toddler. If your toddler has unlimited curiosity, this dumbbell baby rattle will satisfy his curiosity. This cute rattle will encourage hand grips. The rattling sounds will entice his sense of hearing.

The rattle weighs 1 pound, which will challenge your toddler's sense of accomplishment. At first, he might not be able to lift it. But, with practice and perseverance, your toddler can lift it with ease.
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