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45 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend 2021

Your compadre, your ally, your brother from another mother, your sister from another mister. That one person who, when the proverbial really hits the fan, has got your back. They’ve been with you through thick and thin, can read your emotions before you’ve fully felt them, and saved you from yourself more times than you can count. The person who always makes you laugh and never makes you cry.

When it comes to getting a Christmas gift for them, you want it to be spectacular, to let them know how much they mean to you. However, by being your best friend, you’ve already given them a ton of gifts and are now running out of ideas. Fear not, our list has a huge variety of gifts to make your best buddy happy this yuletide, so you can choose one that they’ll cherish for years to come.

1. “Why You’re My Bestie” Journal
The “Why You’re My Bestie” Journal is the gift that you want to give your best friend if you want him or her to know your thoughts about him or her that you cannot express in words. This journal is a fun, simple, but meaningful way to make your friendship last long. It is also a unique reconciliation item that will draw you closer to each other just in case you have a misunderstanding.

This journal works by simply filling in the blanks that mostly describe what you think for each other. It is a sweet and simple gift that your friend will keep forever.
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2. Boyfriend Pillow
The sweet downside of having a best friend is that he or she knows your failures, flaws, weaknesses, and mistakes. Real best friends accept you for who you are, but there are times that they use these flaws on social expectations to tease you. Among those social expectations, is for not having a boyfriend if you are a woman.

There is nothing wrong making fun of the singleness of your friend if it remains a friendly tease. One example of teasing your friend not having a boyfriend is by giving him or her this Boyfriend Pillow that will keep him or her warm in lonely nights.
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3. Tile Pro
Forgetfulness does not only affect elders with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. It can also happen to younger ones. No matter what the age is, if your friend usually forgets his or her small stuff because he or she is forgetful or preoccupied, your pal can make use of the Tile Pro, and your buddy will thank you for it.

With this device, your friend will be able to find his or her misplaced keys, eyeglasses, wallet, and phone. What your friend has to do is ring the Tile Pro that he or she attached to his or her belongings and he or she will find it.
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4. Olay Face Moisturizer With Collagen Peptides
Time might strengthen your bond with your friend, especially if you have long been pals. However, time weakens skins elasticity, which makes aging lines visible on one's face. Although aging is a natural process in all human beings, nobody wants to see oneself getting older than his or her age, especially to women.

For this reason, you should buy the Olay Face Moisturizer With Collagen Peptides for yourself and for your friend to slow down the aging process. It is because time should only affect the strength of your friendship and yours and your friend’s skin.
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5. Homesick Scented Candle
One of the saddest situations in friendships is at that time when you have to say goodbye with each other. Although distance cannot separate real friendships, it is still sad to see your friend go. Also, a lot of things might happen to him or her to that place. For this reason, you should gift your friend with something that will remind him or her of the site once he or she called home.

The Homesick Scented Candle is a perfect gift to remind your friend the scent of the place where both of you have been together. With this gift, you also tell your friend that you are always there.
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6. Essential Oil Diffuser
The Essential Oil Diffuser is for a diligent friend who uses his or her day persisting on reaching his or her goals at school or work. After a tiring day, your pal needs to make his or her house haven where he or she can take a rest from the busy world. That is why your friend deserves a relaxing home.

To help your pal go home each day with a relaxing atmosphere, gift him or her this essential oil diffuser. The fragrances it emits to the air can make your friend feel relaxed and energized. This essential oil diffuser is the one that your friend will love because of the various features it has.
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7. Sleep Aid Device
Sleep is essential for humans. It is the only time when the body can repair cells and blood vessels. Lack of sleep can cause detrimental health problems like diabetes, kidney problems, and more.

However, some people find it difficult to fall asleep. If your friend is one of these people, you should give him or her this sleep aid device. There are indeed plenty of ways that can prepare a person to sleep like reading a book, listening to music, or counting sheep.

If your friend has applied all these methods but still cannot sleep, he or she might need a different approach that this device can provide.
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8. 3D Fitness Tracker
Christmas is the happiest time of the year. It is the time when friends and relatives gather to catch up with their stories. It is also the time when there is plenty of delicious food to eat.

For this reason, the 3D Fitness Tracker is one of the best Christmas gifts for best friends to encourage him or her to keep moving and to burn the fats he or she acquired during the season.

This 3D Fitness Tracker is simple but has straightforward features. It provides workout coaching, advanced motion tracking, and more. He or she can also wear this device even for swimming because it is waterproof.
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9. Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils
The Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils are the versatile product, which is perfect to pair as a gift with an essential oil diffuser. If you are on a budget, you can gift your friend these essential oils on their own because your pal can use them by itself by creating new sensory recipes.

This item consists of nine essential oils that can provide a therapeutic and relaxing effect on your friend. Each of the oil's container protects it from exposure and damage that can affect the quality of the item. For this reason, you are sure that your pal will get the best out of this product.
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10. Aprilis Bath Bombs Giftset
The Aprilis Bath Bombs Giftset is one of the best Christmas gifts for best friends who are always busy. Although your friend might not mind if you hire a personal massage therapist for him or her, you know that it is costly and impractical. That is why you should settle giving your friend this Aprilis Bath Bombs Giftset that will turn his or her stressful day into a relaxing one.

This gift set is a classy item with bath bombs of six different types with varying colors and scents, which are all organic and natural. Perfect for your best friend who does not seem to know how to relax.
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11. Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock
If you love traveling with your best friend, the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is one of the best gifts to give. It is not only a gift for him or her, but it is also a gift for yourself. It is because this hammock is spacious enough to accommodate two people.

If your friend does not love to travel, you can still give this item to him or her because he or she can place it in the backyard.

The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is durable enough to hold any weight. It is also compact and lightweight, which makes it a perfect hammock to use in a camp.
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12. Custom Coordinates Necklace
It is challenging to find genuine friends nowadays. It is a sad truth that some people spend their lifetime looking for real friends. For this reason, if you find yours, you should treasure him or her and never let your pal go.

That is why you have to make sure that you preserve your friendship. You and your friend should always find a way to communicate and catch up with each other no matter how far or close you are to each other.

Also, you should always remind your friend that you are still there for him or her no matter what the situation is. One way to do it is to gift your friend this Custom Coordinates Necklace.
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13. Wrapables Famous Painting Masterpiece Socks
Some people might not understand the beauty and experience of seeing an artwork. However, for artists and art lovers, they can understand and feel what the artwork’s artist is trying to convey, which provides an extraordinary experience. Even though you are not artsy, your art lover friend will appreciate it when you give him or her these Wrapables Famous Painting Masterpiece Socks are the perfect gift for artsy friends.

Having your friend wear his or her favorite artworks from legendary artists like Matisse and Van Gogh, he or she will feel inspired wherever he or she goes.
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14. Snoozies Women’s Animal Mary Jane Socks
At home is the only place where your buddy can be himself or herself. That is why once he or she arrives home, your pal deserves a relaxing bath, comfortable pajamas, stress-free environment, and cozy socks. Among the best cozy socks that are perfect Christmas gifts for best friends is the Snoozies Women’s Animal Mary Jane Socks.

These socks are polyester made, which makes it comfortable, light, and warm to wear. It is available in different animal designs, which allows your friend to wear socks of his or her animal spirit.

It can fit almost any feet sizes.
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15. Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop
Mise en place is a French term in culinary which means putting everything in place. It is a preparation that most people do to ready all the ingredients like sauces, meat, and spices in their corresponding place before preparing a particular meal. Even though you do not know it, almost everyone who knows how to cook does this mise en place.

Mise en place makes cooking faster and eliminates mistakes. However, it is also a tedious cooking phase because of the manual chopping of spices and meat. To help your friend in his or her mise en place gift him or her this Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop.
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16. Keurig Coffee Maker
The Keurig Coffee Maker is for your busy friend who is both an early bird and a night owl. He or she will love to receive this item from you, especially if coffee is his or her kind of beverage that keeps him or her energized throughout the day or night. You know that you will never go wrong gifting this coffee maker to him or her because it will never end up in his or her trash.

Your friend will love this coffee maker not only because of what it makes but also because of its features. This item is programmable, which enables this device to automatically power on or off.
17. Camera Lens Coffee Mug
If your photographer friend does not own this Camera Lens Coffee Mug yet, you know what you have to do. He or she deserves this mug because it describes his or her profession. It is also a great conversation starter because it is attractive and unique. It might give your friend’s clients the impression that your friend is highly creative because of this mug.

Moreover, this insulated mug does not work only on coffee. Your friend can also use it for other hot or cold beverages. He or she does not have to worry because the material make up of this item is safe for drinking.
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18. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
Do you have a friend who prefers drinking juice or coffee than water? Even though all people are aware that water is essential to the body, you can understand your friend's appetite for something delicious and flavorful. After all, water is bland and boring.

However, even though you can understand that your friend only prefers flavored liquid, it does not excuse him or her to stick on his or her unhealthy routine. As a friend, you should always remind him or her to drink plenty of water every day. You can do it by gifting your friend this unique Fruit Infuser Water Bottle.
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19. Wine Preservation System
Opening a wine bottle makes the wine exposed to air. It also let the argon escape the container.

Exposing to the air and letting argon escape the wine will provide a corky taste, especially as time goes. Your wine lover friend knows it. That is why if it is possible, your friend will drink wine without opening the bottle.

Your wine lover friend will surely love to have the Wine Preservation System as an addition to his or her appliance. This item will let your friend drink his or her favorite wine without opening the bottle. For this reason, your pal will feel assured that his or her wine will stay delicious for a long time.
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20. Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket
What is a better Christmas gift to a friend than food? For this reason, your best friend with a sweet tooth will welcome this Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket from you with open arms. It is because everybody loves food. That is why if you want to play it safe when it comes to gift giving, your best bet is to gift food.

You know that when you gift someone food, he or she will not regift or throw it away, unless if the food is stale. Most of the time, the food gift always ends up sitting in his or her stomach.

For this reason, you can say that food is one of the best Christmas gifts for best friends.
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21. Chocolate Cookies Giftset
If you want something cheaper than a set of biscotti, your next option is chocolate. It is another item that your sweet-toothed friend will never say no to unless he or she is on a diet. Even if he or she is on a diet, nobody can resist the temptation of delicious, mouth-watering, and addictive taste of chocolates.

For this reason, you can tell your friend to ditch his or her diet for a while and grab this set with open arms. He or she can resume to his or her workout after eating the 12 pieces of chocolate-covered munchies of different delectable flavors.
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22. Holiday Honey Sticks Giftset
Face the fact that vegetarians have fewer food options than the omnivorous ones. Omnivorous eaters, which comprise most of the population, have a lot of food choices because if he or she wants a treat, all that he or she has to do is go to a convenient store, pick something on the shelf, and pay it on the cashier.

However, for a vegetarian, he or she has to read the labels first. He or she has to scour every shelf to look for a treat that will satisfy his or her cravings.

For this reason, you should gift a friend this Holiday Honey Sticks Giftset. This item is a set of 10 straws of 5 different flavors that vegetarians will love.
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23. Game of Thrones Coloring Book
This Game of Thrones Coloring Book is for your artsy friend who is also a Geek for Game of Thrones. Just like how a Mandala coloring book can provide a relaxing experience to the ones coloring it, this coloring book can also give the same experience. Although this item is not a mandala, your friend can still feel relaxed because he or she is coloring something that is his or her passion.

This Game of Thrones Coloring Book consists of several illustrations from the scenes of the said video game or movie. That is why your friend can enhance his or her creativity by adding some colors in this book.
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24. Sweetened Organic Loose-Leaf Tea
For a tea-lover friend, you can gift almost any kinds of tea to him or her. However, if everyone knows that your friend loves tea, most people will gift him or her almost all the tea flavors that he or she likes.
Although she will still welcome this present from you because teas are perishable, you want yours to be unique.

For this reason, you should gift your tea lover friend with this Sweetened Organic Loose-Leaf Tea. This item is one of a kind because unlike the usual tea bags, this item consists of four flavors of tea drops.
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25. PagePal Page Holder
The PagePal Page Holder is one of the best gifts for your best friend who loves reading hardcovered books. It is because the item is unique. There is a considerable chance that you are the only one who will gift her this item, while the others are giving your friend bookends, books, or e-book reader.

Even though the PagePal holder might not be as expensive as an e-book reader, your friend will still love you for it because it can make his or her life more comfortable with it. This item leaves the book open for your friend even if he or she is holding it with one hand.
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26. GoPro Hero5
The GoPro Hero5 is an excellent gift for a friend who loves to travel or loves outdoor activities. This item ensures that he or she can record all her outdoor experiences and never miss any of them. With this device, he or she now has a video to show to her other friends about her latest adventures. Her social media accounts will not be boring at all.

Moreover, this device is excellent for your friend's security. A lot of terrible incidents happened outdoors, but because of the help of video camera like this GoPro Hero5, people with malicious intentions cannot get away quickly.
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27. Devialet Wireless Speaker
If you are rich and have the money to splurge for your best friend, why not consider this Devialet Wireless Speaker. Even though its price might make your jaw drop, you can expect that this item has the features that you will never find on other speakers. By knowing these features, you will realize that your friend will deserve this item.

The Devialet Wireless Speaker is accurate, which can provide the user with the best concert-like experience. The sound that comes from it is clear. It also has other connectivity features like the Spotify Connect Web Radio, Bluetooth and more.
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28. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Sport Kayak
The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Sport Kayak is a beautiful gift for your adventurous friend and yours too. It is because this item can provide room for two people. It is a great kayak if you and your friend is looking forward to race with other people. It will give you and your friend a great bonding experience.

The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Sport Kayak has removable seats, repair kit, carry bag, and foot pump. The deflation or inflation of it is easy to do because of its valve. It is also useful if you are looking for excellent speed and tracking performance.
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29. Bathtub Tray Caddy
Are you friends with someone who does not seem to know how to relax? Are you friends with a person who is always busy and stressed all the time? If you are, you know the kind of gifts that probably something that he or she is not looking for, but something that he or she does not know he or she needs.

One of these items is this Bathtub Tray Caddy. This item is unique, so you do not have to worry that he or she will receive the same present from his or her other friends. It encourages him or her to take time to relax even during bath time.
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30. Collapsible Colander
This collapsible colander is for a friend who loves to cook. Even though this item is not an ostentatious present like a griller, microwave oven, or refrigerator, your friend will love it. It is because this collapsible colander will provide more space for your friend as he or she works in the kitchen.

It is versatile enough to fit in almost any sizes of the sink. Your friend will now never have a problem cleaning his or her fruits, meat, and veggies because this item is collapsible. Moreover, you know that your friend can use it for a long time because of its durability.
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31. Microsoft Xbox Life 12-Month Gold Membership
If there is one gift that you can say is the best Christmas gift for best friends who are gamers, it will be the Microsoft Xbox Life 12-Month Gold Membership. By gifting your friend with a year of gold membership in Microsoft Xbox, you are providing him or her tons of freedom to enjoy the features of the Microsoft Xbox One.

For this reason, if your best friend is a gamer, this item is one of the first things that you should consider gifting him or her.
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