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45 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dad 2020


Christmas is the most awaited time of the year when people engage in blissful and endless gift-giving.

Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, you may be thinking about what gift to give your beloved father.

Your Dad is among those special people in your life that will undoubtedly receive a holiday present from you.

You may have given him presents on his birthday this year, during Father’s Day, and during Parents’ Day.

However, Christmas is a different occasion, and it is all about the importance of family.

Hence, you can make your much-loved father feel amazing this holiday season by giving him Christmas presents that take his interests and occupations into consideration.

You should keep in mind that these Christmas gifts for Dads should be functional and entertaining.

They could be tools for repairs around the house, informative books, amusing DVDs, personal care solutions, and other gift items.

These presents will enrich him and allow him to use his time wisely. The cost of the gift that you will give your Dad does not matter.

What’s essential is your thoughtfulness, sincerity, love, and care which you will infuse to the present that you will give to the best man in your life. You can find the gift ideas on this list.

Because of their unique and useful qualities, they will surely make you consider them as the best Christmas gifts for Dads that you can give to your cherished parent.

Check out these 45 Christmas gifts for Dads:

1. Sony 75-Inch, 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
This 75-inch 2017 model of Sony LED TV is among the best holiday presents for Dads. Your father will appreciate the 4K ultra-high-definition, zero-blur picture clarity that this display equipment features. Moreover, it has the High Dynamic Range with premium-quality detail, contrast, and hue that offers the most lifelike image of the scenes that the programs present. He will enjoy watching his daily programs like sports, movies, and the news through this sleek and slim TV set that is also compatible with Amazon's Alexa. Your much-loved Dad can voice-control it, too. Plus, he can access his favorite applications and content through this gift idea's smart functionality features.
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2. Thursday Boot Company Duke Men's Honey Suede Chelsea Boot
Christmas gifts for Dads are more special and meaningful if they are useful. This pair of classic-style Chelsea boots will surely make your father happy. It features a cork footbed that forms to his feet over time for all-day convenience. Furthermore, this holiday gift idea for fathers features a water-resistant seal, a Goodyear welt construction for extra durability and support, and flexible and elastic goring. Your treasured parent will also feel his best with this pair of boots' premium leather upper. Moreover, the studded rubber soles provide additional grip on all types of surfaces. You can select from available sizes from 6 to 14 inches.
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3. SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer
If your father loves to play golf leisurely with his friends or is a competitive golfer, this high-quality sports equipment is among the Christmas gifts for Dads that is best for him. It is a 48-inch, durable golf training aid that develops his core golf muscles. This gift idea corrects his path and improves a flatter swing plane initiated from his lower body, permitting him to combat slices. He will appreciate your present because it would also strengthen and extend his swing, offering him better control and more power.
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4. Dodecahedron Desk Calendar
Keep your beloved Dad organized and always remembering the important dates in his life with this handmade calendar with wooden box. Its dodecahedron shape is genuinely captivating and makes it a must-have. You can choose from the various sizes available for this functional gift item which are 5 X 5 inches, 6.5 X 6.5 inches, 8 X 8 inches, and 10 X 10 inches. The maker of this holiday gift for fathers used wood and hardboard or high-density fiberboard to come up with a useful desk ornament. You can have this Christmas gift idea personalized, too, by choosing from one of the following customization choices: Clear, Special Dates, Text on the Box, and Dates and Text.
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5. Adventurer Multi-Tool Clip Watch
If your father loves MacGyvering or is a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, this Christmas gift item is among the ideal Christmas gifts for Dads that is suitable for him. He will enjoy repairing or making household items, improvising, and inventing through the multiple tools that come along with this watch. This highly functional present includes a knife, compass, screwdriver, tweezers, bottle opener, and a toothpick. Furthermore, the sleek aluminum cobra clip allows him to keep all his keys within his reach. He will also feel grateful to you for giving him a new timepiece that is water-resistant to up to 30 meters. He will then enjoy his Boy Scout lifestyle more.
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6. Sony Black Noise-Cancelling Over-the-Ear Headphones
These industry-leading, active, noise-canceling headphones are among the great Christmas gifts for Dads who love to enjoy music wherever they may be. This gift idea is useful in your precious father's office, at home, or while in-flight a plane. Besides, these wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphones offer premium sound quality through their digital noise-canceling capability. Your well-loved parent will tell you that he gets a virtually sound-proof experience with this excellent Christmas present. He can also operate this piece of state-of-the-art listening equipment using Alexa Voice Control, giving him fast access to his song collection.
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7. Penny Keychain
Your lovable father will surely feel delighted to receive this handmade keychain featuring the name "DAD" and a heart sign on one penny, and the names of his children on the other pennies. Plus, the maker of this gift item draws a heart around the years in the coin, indicating the time when you and your siblings were born. This Christmas gift item is truly a unique present. You can have it personalized by choosing the number of pennies you want for it, from 1 to 12 pennies, depending on the number of children your precious Dad has. Moreover, you can inform the maker regarding the years and the names of you and your brothers and sisters to further customize this Christmas gift idea.
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8. Embark Dog DNA Test
Your father may be retired already and is a dog owner who has so much time in his hands to spend with his loyal pet. This Christmas present for Dads will make his bond with his canine best friend stronger because it facilitates the most accurate breed, family, and disease discovery. Moreover, it enables your father to learn more about his dog's close and distant relatives. He can also use this kit to test his precious pet for common genetic diseases of dogs. Among them are dilated cardiomyopathy, glaucoma, and degenerative myelopathy. This gift item is the only trusted product by veterinary hospitals and the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine approve and support it. Your father will have a long and worthwhile relationship with his dog through this useful gift item.
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9. Pistachio Pedestal
Your Dad must be a lover of pistachios, and he likes to indulge in them during his snack time. You can make his pistachio-snacking moments fun and tidy with this two-tiered server. The maker of this Christmas gift idea used solid, sustainable North American Maple, milk paint, and teak oil to construct it. Plus, this holiday present has an eight-ounce whole nuts capacity and a smooth and food-safe finish. Your epicurean father will no longer have problems with the leftover debris of the pistachio shells. Luckily, it is because your Dad can temporarily disassemble this pistachio server's levels for quick and clean disposal of the nuts’ shells.
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10. eufy BoostIQ Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Is your Dad a neat freak? Does he like every corner of his home, always spick and span? You do not have to worry about what best present to give him this Christmas. This super-slim robotic vacuum cleaner offers the best cleaning advantage through its increased and consistent suction power. Furthermore, it can perform for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes, tidying medium-pile carpets, and hardwood floors with a silent operation benefit. Your father will undoubtedly feel delighted, too, with the automatic recharging advantage that this Christmas present for Dads offers. Therefore, this gift item is always prepared to make his home spotlessly clean.
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11. Playful Sports Mug with a Hoop
Your father must be the sporty type who loves basketball. His Christmas is going to be extra special when you gift him with this fun drinkware. It is a mug that has a 12-fluid ounce capacity and measures 6.75 inches long X 5.25 inches wide X 4.5 inches high. What makes this Christmas present unique and eye-catching is the hoop included. Aside from using it as a coffee mug or a cereal bowl, your Dad can use this present as decor on his office desk, too.
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12. Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallet
You can help secure your beloved Dad's money, ID, credit and debit cards, and other bank cards through this slim and secure wallet. It features the versatile, radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking advantage. Furthermore, this minimalist, light, and sturdy wallet measures 3.5 X 4 X 0.25 inches, and your father will love its capability to diminish the bulk in his pants’ pocket. This tri-fold wallet has superior functionality. It can hold your treasured father's valuables through its six credit card pockets, one ID window, two stash pockets, and one bill compartment. Your cherished recipient can keep at least 6 to 12 bank cards using this gift item, too.
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13. Personalized Genuine Leather Valet Tray
This beautifully monogrammed valet tray is among the Christmas gifts for Dads that foster your precious recipient's organized nature. It is the best catchall tray that he will ever own because its maker used full-grain leather and copper rivets to construct this useful handmade Christmas present. This double-layered, thick leather valet tray measures 8.5 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 2 inches high. It is moisture-resistant and ideal for the bedroom, by the front door, or by the computer, holding your Dad's wandering belongings. You can make this Christmas gift idea more special by having it personalized. When you order this present, you can request the maker to engrave your father's name or initials on it.
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14. Snow Joe Cordless, Single-Stage Snowblower
You can help your Dad clear up the snow in the lawn of his house this Christmas by giving him this lightweight, 18-inch snowblower. He will surely find it effortless to use this 40-volt, brushless piece of cleaning equipment because of its merely 32-pound weight. Your beloved father will enjoy quick and easy clearing of his home's decks and driveways. It is because this gift idea will not bother him with oil, tune-ups, tangled extension cords, carbon emissions, and pull cables at all. The exclusive EcoSharp technology will also delight him because it facilitates this snowblower's maximum performance and unbeatable power.
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15. "The Civil War" Movie by Ken Burns Commemorative Edition DVD Box Set
If your Dad is a history aficionado or an intellectual, he will undoubtedly love this Emmy Award-winning documentary that features lesser-known information about the Civil War. Your well-loved recipient will discover more about the heroic soldiers, celebrated generals, and America - the country that had to split itself into two to be whole again in the end. This educative gift idea will surely be a delight for your intelligent father. It is because it also includes a bonus, 16-page collector’s booklet that comprises a selection of images and war specifications.
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16. Personalized Family Mug
Let your Dad celebrate Christmas happily feeling the holiday cheer with this customizable ceramic mug! It has a 15-fluid ounce capacity and measures 4.5 inches high and 3.25 inches in diameter. You can request the maker of this gift item to personalize it by giving details about your Dad's physical features like his hair color, skin tone, favorite clothing hue, and his first name. The artist will, then, place her sophisticated artwork of your Dad on one side. Then, on the other side, you may request to have your family name inscribed if you wish to, plus the year that your family began. Your father will surely feel thankful to you when he receives this creative holiday gift idea.
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17. Leatherman Black Wave Plus Multi-Tool
Make your Dad relish being a lifelong Boy Scout with this multi-tool perfect for tough jobs and fast fixes! It comes with a saw, a ruler, a wire stripper, files, and strong needlenose and regular pliers. Moreover, your beloved father will find more functionality with this gift idea through its inclusion of extended and replaceable wire cutters; straight or plain and serrated knives; small and large bit screwdrivers; spring-action scissors; and can and bottle openers.

This Christmas present is lightweight and compact with all-locking and outside-accessible blades. Your well-loved father can use it with one hand confidently and keep it in his pocket, so he has it anytime he needs it. This terrific Christmas gift idea certainly makes your precious parent prepared for anything the world may throw at him.
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18. Christmas Wine Label
Transform this holiday season into a magical and memorable one for your father by gifting him with this 4 X 5 inches wine label. You can have this handmade Christmas present personalized by including your father or your entire family's photo. Your cherished parent, who is a wine lover, will truly feel great as he sees the glossy sticker on the red or white wine that you would be giving him for your Christmas family dinner. This holiday present is pre-cut. You can easily peel it and stick it to the wine bottle, making it all set for gift-giving to your well-loved Dad. It is also a great conversation topic because of the family image it includes.
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19. Nordic Tea Light Trough
You can add a warm glow to your Dad's bedroom or living room with this Nordic-inspired tea light holder. Its maker used laser-cut metal to design a holder of a row of candles, concealed behind the silhouetted branches of a Scandinavian-like evergreen tree forest. This creative gift idea measures 13.8 inches long X 3.5 inches wide X 6.3 inches high. Your father will appreciate this present for serving as an endearing and welcoming centerpiece in his home's dining table or side table.
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20. Malden International Designs Bronze Script Dad Picture Frame
You can demonstrate to your father how much you genuinely love him for all his help and positive contributions in your life through this bronze-finished photo frame. It is a gift idea that is a perfect way to share your special moment and memory with your beloved parent. It comes with a metal frame and a touching "I heart you" message pressed into its base. You can also make this 3.5 X 4.5 inches holiday present extra special by including your unforgettable picture with your Dad when you were younger.
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21. Nostalgia Retro Red Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster
Mmm, hotdogs! Your Dad will surely say these words out loud gleefully when he receives this functional Christmas present from you. This hotdog toaster cooks two regular-sized or extra-plump hotdogs through its removable cage. Plus, it can toast two buns at a time. Your beloved father can use this gift idea with pre-cooked chicken hotdogs, veggie hotdogs, and turkey franks. This Christmas present is a fast and savory meal solution that effortlessly holds the hotdogs in the toaster. The dip tray facilitates easy cleaning while the tongs keep the owner's hands safe when removing the toasted hotdogs and buns, too. Your epicurean father will, hence, love the sausages with all his favorite toppings such as pickle relish, mustard, ketchup, and more.
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22. Receipts Tin
You can help your precious Dad keep all of his receipts in one place through this useful receipt tin. It is a handmade Christmas gift item made of brushed silver tin. Moreover, this receipts organizer measures 19.8 X 12.85 centimeters. You can request to have the lid personalized with your beloved parent’s name, too. Your father will love using this personalizable holiday gift idea as he gets ready for his tax return at the end of the year. Otherwise, he can use it to get rid of junk in his home, which are these pieces of paper that demonstrate the money that he used to have.
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23. Tenergy Syma Helicopter
If the cherished father in your life is an aviation enthusiast, then, this is among the Christmas gifts for Dads that is right for him! It measures approximately 7.5 inches long, about 7.5 inches wide with the main rotors, and roughly 3.8 inches tall from the bottom to the balance bar. This gift idea has its main rotors surface with a diameter of an estimated 7.5 inches, too. Your well-loved Dad does not have to assemble this present because he can fly it already after opening the gift box. He will love this gift item capable of flying up to 30 feet, and it is available in two colors: Yellow and red.
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24. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
Your Dad must be the ultimate family man who loves to spend the best times of his life with his precious family. You can support his interests with this eight-person family dome tent that is linked to a screen room, functioning as a second sleeping area or a sunroom. Its manufacturer used weather-proof polyester with a polyurethane coating to come up with this holiday present that measures 16 X 6.5 X 11 feet. It weighs 27.3 pounds heavy. This tent also has double-stacked power corners for stability and a full mesh roof option.
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25. DaddySaurus T-Shirt
Your Dad will surely look cute with this t-shirt with the funny word "DaddySaurus" printed in front of it. This handmade Christmas gift item is super soft. Its maker used solid color, ring-spun cotton as well as heathered color cotton poly-blend to make this present. Your treasured father will love this clothing because it is very comfortable and it looks incredible on him. It will most likely become his new favorite t-shirt. You can choose from the available sizes which are extra-small to 4XL. Plus, this present comes in a wide variety of hues which are charcoal, coral, red, heather red, heather maroon, eggplant, rose, maroon, peach, olive, heather kelly, mint, ice blue, navy, heather navy, and turquoise.
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26. Weber Black Go-Anywhere Gas Grill
Your Dad may be a fan of traveling, camping, and picnics by the beachfront with his family, and grilling must also be among his interests. You can make him delighted this Christmas by gifting him with this grilling equipment that allows him to cook anywhere. It is a stainless steel burner with three glass-reinforced nylon handles. Furthermore, this gift item has a porcelain-enameled cooking grate and plated steel legs that turn to lock the lid in place, making it effortless to carry during his excursions with his whole family.
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27. Logitech Dark Gray M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse
Work-life for your information technology (IT) professional Dad must be demanding. You can give him some relaxation by gifting him with this wireless trackball mouse this Christmas. This holiday present for fathers has an ergonomic design, offering trackball convenience with its sculpted, right-hand shape. Your treasured parent will enjoy using this gift idea because it comfortably supports his hand, keeping it in one place. He can also move the cursor without his arm doing a movement. This present is among the Christmas gifts for Dad which is perfect for computer-related workers, and it is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers.
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28. Personalized "I Smile Because You're My Dad" Gift Plaque
This Daddy-dedicated signage is among the thoughtful and beautiful handwritten and handcrafted Christmas gifts for Dads. Its creator used medium-density fiberboard and hand-painted it. This holiday present for fathers measures about 6 X 3 inches. You can have it customized by e-mailing the maker with the name that you would like to appear on this Christmas gift idea. Your well-loved father will precisely know how much you value, love, and care for him when he receives this endearing and sweet gift idea this holiday season.
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29. NECA "A Christmas Story" 20-inch Leg Desk Lamp
This highly collectible Christmas gift idea will surely light up your movie buff father's face when he receives it. It is a 20-inch tall leg desk lamp inspired by the movie, "A Christmas Story"! This premium-quality present is a genuine prop replica from the well-known holiday film. The lamp plugs in and lights up under the top shade, and its leg also lights. Your Dad can enjoy using this gift item while doing crossword puzzles or reading his latest favorite novel in the living room or by his bedside. He will surely chuckle when he lays his eyes on this great gift for the holidays. It will make him recall the comic misadventures of Ralphie in the famous classic Christmas family film.
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30. James Bond 007 Eau De Toilette Spray for Men
Does your Dad love James Bond films? Did he enjoy Agent 007 in "Skyfall"? Did he find "Diamonds Are Forever" tantalizing? Then, this 2.5-ounce men's fragrance will surely captivate him. Spraying this cologne emits pleasant, manly, and subtle scents that your Dad will surely find amazing. He will thoroughly enjoy this Christmas gift item that offers a somewhat woodsy smell of cardamom and sandalwood. Now, he can relish his dream of living the James Bond lifestyle with this present that makes him feel perfectly dressed for an enchanting and adventure-filled night in the city.
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31. Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set
Delight your Dad this holiday season with this present for certified hot sauce lovers! This savory gift idea is a gourmet basket that consists of four six-ounce bottles of the best, slow-simmered, Louisiana-style hot sauces: Cayenne pepper, jalapeño, habanero, and garlic. Your beloved parent will surely appreciate this condiments collection. It allows him to find his new favorite hot sauce made the old-fashioned Creole way and with the finest ingredients. Plus, he will be surprised and thrilled to read the "Zombie Cajun Chronicles" paperback included in this gift item. You can send this Christmas present to your Dad right away because its maker already packaged it in a top-quality gift box.
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32. Golf Gift Socks
Why don't you give your cherished, golf-loving Dad a present that will make him chuckle out loud this Christmas? This pair of men's handmade novelty socks is among the funny Christmas gifts for Dads that will surely make your father laugh. What makes it hilarious is the "Shhh GOLF is on" message. He will love these durable, soft, and comfortable pair of white, cotton-blend crew socks which its maker constructed using a special ink and cotton blend. These Christmas gift ideas for fathers are available from sizes 6 to 12. They will arrive at your house in a cello bag and includes care instructions.
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33. Seagate Expansion Portable 1 Terabyte USB Flash Drive
You can give your IT professional father that long-term peace of mind with this external hard drive, ideal for Windows computers. It does not require any software to set up. He merely has to connect this portable hard drive to his laptop for automatic recognition. This present is among the Christmas gifts for Dads that offers ultimate functionality because it enables your technologically savvy parent to store and access his files easily and securely. The massive one-terabyte capacity is also another "wow factor" which complements this gift idea's drag-and-drop backup advantages.
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34. "Husband. Daddy. Protector. Hero." T-Shirt
Make your Dad feel fabulous with this handmade t-shirt! It is a Christmas gift idea that perfectly communicates the significant roles of a father: "Husband. Daddy. Protector. Hero." You can have it personalized by requesting from the maker the ink color that you would like for the lettering. Furthermore, you can select from the sizes available for this holiday present which is from extra-small to 2XL. Your beloved parent will love this gift item more if you make it more special, selecting his favorite color from the assorted hues available which are gray, white, light pink, peach, salmon, heather raspberry, black, heather blue, and navy.
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35. Nest White, Third-Generation Learning Thermostat
There is no place like home, and it is undoubtedly the best place in the world! Help your Dad keep his house warm and homey this wintry Christmas season by gifting him with this useful device. It enables easy temperature control for each room in his home. This smart present also has an easy-to-read display. It does not only make your treasured father's house intelligent and digital, but above all, it makes it energy-efficient. The Nest Thermostat is capable of learning your cherished recipient's habits and helps him save more money by automatically adjusting his home's temperature.
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36. Christmas Novelty Apron
In your opinion, your Dad must be the best chef in the world. Why don't you make him feel how you truly value his kitchen prowess by gifting him with this handmade cotton apron? It is a Christmas present for Dads that is a little unique to the norm. Furthermore, you can choose from two hues available: Red and black. Your treasured parent will feel more enthusiastic about preparing his family's favorite dishes after he loops this apron over his neck and ties it at the back. It is because he would know that you gave it to him as a Christmas present with genuine love and appreciation.
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37. Personalized Docking Station
You can help your father stay organized with this desk organizer. It comes as a charging station and a phone stand. This Christmas gift idea measures 8.5 X 11.8 X 7 inches. It can accommodate any smartphone brand available today, too. Moreover, you can choose the font and personalization that you would like for this Christmas gift idea by informing the maker. According to this present’s creator, you can request to have any graphic, symbol, or design engraved on this original handmade gift item which is among the ideal Christmas gifts for Dads.
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38. Custom Headphone Stand
Show your Dad that you care about his personal belongings by gifting him this Christmas with this handmade headphone stand. It is stable, nicely heavy, and durable. He can use it to hold his headphones, so he can quickly locate them during his music-listening moments. Besides, you can be more thoughtful by choosing from the three styles available for this holiday present for Dads: Without a name, with name, and heart headphone. Plus, you can choose from the assorted colors available. They are peppermint, bronze, white, silver, black, copper, red, blue, glow in the dark, yellow, green, brown, orange, and dark blue.
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39. "Mad Men: The Complete Collection" DVD Box Set
Phil Abraham's AMC television drama series must have captivated your Dad's heart. Why don't you give him this limited edition DVD gift set? He will then get to relish Jon Hamm's gripping performance in the complete seven seasons of the show once again. Moreover, your father will love the special features ever released and the commentaries on each episode included in this collector's item. More than four hours of all-new exclusive special features make this Christmas gift idea worth giving to your Dad which are: "Show/Historical Milestones Timeline," "Design of a Decade," "Casting Mad Men," "Mad Men Cast Wrap-Ups," "Mad Men Advertising Archives," and "One on One with Matthew Weiner."
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40. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Beer-Making Kit
Learning home-brewing must be your beer-loving Dad's plans this year, but he had not found the time to do so because of his hectic schedule. You can surprise him this Christmas with the Mr. Beer Kit! This holiday gift idea offers a simplified and straight-forward beer-brewing process. It includes a two-gallon Little Brown Keg fermenter with a wide mouth and locking spigot that simplify the beer-making and bottling process. Your cherished parent does not need plenty of additional equipment through this unique and functional present that also ensures the quality of the beer. Your Dad will have more fun time to enjoy with his friends and family, too. It is because this beer-making set reduces the home-brewing process from the typical nine hours down to less than 30 minutes.
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41. Football Sports Art Print
Your father must be an American football enthusiast. Make him feel that you genuinely admire him not only because of his passion for the sport but also because he is a devoted and kind Dad. This football, which can include your loving quote or message to your precious parent, will surely make him feel touched when he receives it. Furthermore, this handmade Christmas gift idea is customizable. You can inform the maker to include any graphic, words, or message that you want to impart to your well-loved parent. This holiday gift for Dads is also available in various sizes, including 5 X 7 inches, 8 X 10 inches, and 11 X 14 inches.
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42. Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser
You can give your Dad some rejuvenating pampering this holiday season by gifting him with this two-in-one facial cleanser and toner. This gift kit eliminates oil and dirt effectively from your beloved recipient's face. Its manufacturer used certified natural ingredients like sage leaf and aloe. Therefore, this facial cleaning solution will undoubtedly leave your father feeling fresh and clean all day, making him all set to face the world.
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43. Wood Picture Frame
You can honor your Dad this holiday season with this personalized rustic home decor. It is a handmade present that its maker constructed using walnut wood. This wooden sign measures 11 inches long X 7.5 inches wide X 0.75 inches thick. You can have it personalized by sending the maker the name of your family, a special date, a special message, and your family photo. You can also select from three engraving options: Without engraving, single-sided, or double-sided. The maker will create your holiday present for your father by laser-engraving the details you will provide and your family picture. Your beloved Dad will undoubtedly feel glad to see his whole family as the design of this Christmas gift idea. He will most certainly display it proudly in a corner where his friends or colleagues can see it easily.
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44. ROX Ice Ball Maker
Your Scotch and whiskey-loving Dad's face will undoubtedly light up when he lays his hands on this dishwasher-safe, silicone ice ball maker. This Christmas present comes as a superior, food-grade, ice cube tray. It facilitates the quick release of four pieces of perfectly shaped, 1.77-inch ice cube spheres that fit almost any drinkware your Dad selects. Moreover, the bubbles in the ice cubes emit a sparkling sphere effect, providing a touch of class to your father and his friends' favorite alcoholic drinks. This gift item is among the Christmas gifts for Dads that serve as the best conversation starter and ice breaker.
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45. Custom Superhero Portrait
Are you searching for the best personalized Christmas gifts for Dads? Then, you have found one of the best gift items. This handmade superhero portrait shows your Dad's image as Superman or other famous white hats that ever graced the movie theaters. Its maker used paper, digital design applications, and the painting to come up with a holiday gift idea that will make your treasured father smile from ear to ear. You can choose from various sizes available for this Christmas present, too, which are 5 X 7 inches, 10 X 8 inches, 16 X 12 inches, and 14 X 11 inches. Plus, this gift idea is available as a digital file, a print, a framed print, or as wrapped canvas.
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