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48 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 2020


As exciting as buying Christmas gifts for children is, it can also be quite difficult. Sure, any old gift will entertain them for a day or two, but if you want to give them something that they’ll remember for years, you’ll need to put a bit more thought into it.

The best Christmas gifts for kids are not only great toys that they’ll play with until they break, but should be thoughtfully given to match the child’s personality and interests. Whether you’re looking for a cute toy instrument for a budding musician or an educational toy that will help them learn as they play, there’s a gift idea on our list that is sure to bring the child in your life happy Christmas memories for the rest of their life.

1. Wooden Docking Station
Teach your kids the art of organizing at an early age. This desk organizer can keep your kid’s stuff such as watch and gadget in one place. It has a pen holder where your kid can place a pencil or some crayons.

This docking station is made of wooden materials. So, it’s safe for your kid. You don’t need to worry about harmful plastic chemicals touching your kid’s sensitive skin.

The design may look mature for your kids. But you know how kids are. They like you to treat them like grownups, too.

The docking station looks chic and stylish, perfect for your kid who’s manifesting a minimalist attitude.
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2. Closed-Toe Outdoor Sandals
After winter, the spring season is next. Although summer is several months ahead, your kid can use these outdoor sandals even during the spring season.

Besides, days will pass by in a blur. Before you know it, it's the summer season.

The sandal features a rubber sole and outer pad for traction. It has a quick drying Eva insole for maximum comfort.

The sandal is lightweight and comfortable. Your kids will love wearing this sandal, especially during summer seasons.

The straps are mesh fabric that is breathable and maintains functionality. They will make wearing the sandals comfortable no matter how long your kids wear them.

The sandals have a closed-toe design that minimizes exposure to the harmful effects of UV. Your kid will enjoy running on the beach or pool without the pain of getting blisters.
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3. Star Sky Night Lamp
Give your kid a good night sleep with this star sky night lamp. You can control the time for automatic switch on and off. Choose from the different warm light colors or a combination of all the colors.

You can configure the lamp in two ways. One, you can turn it into ordinary night light with warm colors. Two, activate the projection setting, so the stars provide a dreamy transition.

The star designs give your kid's room a beautiful and cosmic atmosphere that your kid will enjoy. The warm colors of stars revolving around the room will make your kid drowsy. The night lamp runs in two power sources. You can either use a battery or a USB port for a direct AC input.
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4. Wise(ish) Words for Kids
Reading a bedtime story is something kids love to look forward to at the end of the day. So, take the experience to the next level. Order a personalized book with your kid’s name as the lead protagonist.

Enrich your kid’s imagination with this colorful book. The book contains 50 pages. Each page consists of vivid designs that will impress the critic side of your kid’s personality.

You can choose between three styles of presenting a story. These styles are collage, graphics, and graffiti.

What makes this book as one of the most astounding Christmas gifts for kids? The story features some wise words that are fitting to your kid’s age. So, you can teach your kid some values that he or she can use to deal with people and some inner conflicts.
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5. Cedar Thumb Pianos
Encourage the musician in your kid. This cedar, thump piano will help you achieve this goal. The materials for this piano are brass, birch wood, steel stamped metal, red cedar, and nickel plated steel.

You can choose between acoustic and electric versions. Both thumb pianos work the same way except for the output jack functionality. The electronic version features a standard jack output for connecting to an amplifier.

This thumb piano is simple and easy to use. Your kid can learn the notes in no time because this instrument works like a piano except it’s small. He or she’ll be playing the most popular tunes in as little as one hour.
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6. 5,000 Awesome Facts
Boost your kid's knowledge with this book of great facts. The book contains thousands of marvelous and fascinating facts your kid needs to know.

Each fact includes cute photographs to enhance their imagination and creativity. It is illustrated in a two –page spread, focusing on details.

The words are easy to read. So, even if your kid is still learning to read, he or she can read the book with ease.

The topics range from animals to robots, from sport to spies, from history to science. Your kid will never get bored and will turn pages after pages to read more. Even if your kid isn’t reading yet, the images are enough to interest him or her.
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7. Little Kid Backpacks
Backpacks are one of the most practical Christmas gifts for kids, and they'll surely love it. This bag has a unique design that enhances your kid's spirit of imagination.

The bag has multiple compartments for easy organization. It has the main compartment with zippered closures, two outside pockets for carrying a water bottle, an umbrella or anything that fits in them.

The bag features a large capacity where your kid can bring a small lunch bag, a few books, pencils, and other school stuff. The material is a polyester fabric for durability. To some extent, this bag is waterproof to minor water splash and drizzle.
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8. Butterfly Growing Kit
Butterflies are amazing creatures. You could never imagine how a looking grizzly caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Well, this Christmas gift allows you to watch a mere caterpillar turn into a colorful butterfly. The butterfly is an excellent manifestation of creation.

This kit includes a mesh habitat enough for the butterfly to make its first flight. The mesh fabric is reusable for general purposes or grows another butterfly.

Each growing kit comes with a live caterpillar and a guideline on how to feed and care for it. Due to some restrictions, live caterpillar inclusion is limited to selected states.
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9. Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker
Upgrade your kid's bedside lamp with this gift. The bedside lamp night has a Bluetooth speaker. You can use the speaker functionality to play some white noises for kids who have trouble sleeping.

With a touch, you can change functionalities and view the calendar or the time. Play your kid's favorite song with the mp3 player capabilities. This speaker has a built-in alarm clock to wake up your kiddo in the morning.

The speaker has a rechargeable battery with a large capacity. The 4000mah battery can last for hours and is rechargeable in 6 hours.

The speaker has good quality sounds, which is perfect for listening to audio books.
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10. Personalized Superhero Blanket
Everyone wants to be a superhero. It's a childhood dream, and your kid might have a dream hero, too.

Surprise your kid with this personalized blanket. You can recreate your kid's imaginary superhero.

Different sizes are available from small to large. The large size is perfect for your kid. Select between single and double-sided blanket.

The design appears only on the front side for the single sided. For the double-sided blanket, both sides will have the superhero design.

The fabric is a polyester type, which makes laundering an easy task. So, even your kid wants to use it for a month, you wash and dry it in a day. It's soft and super comfortable.
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11. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag
Don't have enough space to store your kid's stuffed and plush toys? Here's a solution to your problem.

This storage bag can turn into a bean bag in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is stuff all of your kid’s plush toys in it and voila! You have a new bean bag your kid can use.

The storage measures more than 30 inches in diameter. So, you can store more 90 plushies inside.

Any soft material is suitable to store in this storage bag. You can put duvet covers, comforters, towels, pillows, or even clothes. If you need to make room and clear up some space, you use this bag.
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12. Colored Pencils Set
If your kid loves to color books and draw or doodle, these pencils are the perfect Christmas gifts for him or her. Each set contains 36 colors plus a sharpener.

The pencils are made of wood with a hardness rating of 76HK. These are 60% harder than other color pencils out there. Color output is vibrant, perfect for your little artist.

The set comes with a pouch and a storage box that has individual compartments. The storage box makes it easy for your kid to organize her pencils and store away when not in use.
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13. Wonder Coloring Book Pages
Encourage the little artist in your kid with this coloring book pages. You can buy this book together with a color wonder markers. The impressive feature of this book pages is it only works with color wonder markers.

Your kid can enjoy coloring without the mess. The book contains images from the Lion King. So, if your kid loves Simba, he or she’ll enjoy working on these pages.
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14. Color Wonder Markers
Complete your Wonder gift with these markers. These markers only work on a wonder page. The color appears when your kid uses the markers on the wonder coloring book. For fun coloring activity, you can play the soundtrack of the particular coloring pages. For example, if your kid is working on the Lion King coloring book, play the Hakuna Matata or any official soundtracks of the movie.
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15. Backpack String Bag
This string bag is an excellent gift for sporty kids. Your kid can use this to bring his or her sports accessories or use it as a school bag.

The string bag is large, with many pockets that your kid can store essential school supplies. It has a pocket for shoes and compartments for smaller accessories.

You can fit a basketball in the bag. The bag is sturdy and durable and can carry a weight of up to 20kgs. In case your kid soiled the bag, you can dunk it in the washer for cleaning. Your kid is ready to use it again the following day.
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16. Photo Mug
There’s something about personalized Christmas gifts for kids or any personalized gifts for that matter. You’re putting a part of themselves in the present, figuratively and literally.

Just like this photo mug, you can select the picture and send it to the maker. With the use of dye-sublimation, your kid’s picture is printed on the surface of the mug.

This beautiful gift will be excellent and in time for Christmas. Your kid can use the mug for drinking his or her favorite beverages. The cup can accommodate whatever drinks your kid wants, whether it's cold or hot.

For a complete Christmas gift, you can give each one a photo mug with their picture in it, from daddy to sister to brother, even grandmother, and grandfather.
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17. Anxiety Ease Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelet
Kids are prone to fears, especially those kids who experience bullying at school. You can help your kid manage anxiety attacks with this diffuser bracelet. It is an excellent gift for your little girl.

You can tell your little princess that whenever she feels sad or angry, she can use it to calm her nerves. The scent of essential oils diffusing from the bracelet isn't a permanent solution, but at least it minimizes the intensity of the emotions.

The bracelet looks stylish and fashionable. No one’s going to know that it’s a diffuser in the first place.

The fragrant oils don't fade quickly. Moreover, they're hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin.
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18. Ms. Food Face Plate
Give a little spice to your kid’s meal. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’re teaching your kid to play with their food. But, a little artistic way to present the food wouldn’t hurt, especially if your kid’s having trouble eating vegetables.

The plate has a face with no hair. With the different color combinations from vegetables, encourage your kid to eat their meal. You can do it by telling them to eat the meal in the plate and later on decorate the dish to their liking.
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19. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera
With the widespread use of smartphones today, kids are addicted to selfies, too. This gift might be a little expensive, but there’s nothing wrong if you want to indulge your kid. Foster creativity with this Fujifilm intax camera.

Your kid can take pictures and print the images in one click. He or she will have a permanent memoir of a special event.

The camera has a built-in flash for taking pictures even in dim light. Your kid can snap photos in seconds with a clear output.

It comes with instant film, camera case, photo album, selfie lens, filters, and frames. For picture enhancements, the package includes stickers, clips, and strings. The microfiber cloth that comes with the camera is excellent for keeping the lens clear of any dirt.
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20. Personalized Pajamas
Pajamas are comfortable to wear in bed, so get your kid a pair and for yourself, too. You can personalize the gift with your initials. The fabric is premium polyester. It’s lightweight and soft.
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21. DIY Rainbow Handbag Kit
This handbag kit is suitable for your little girl. Develop her creativity and fashion sense with this kit. The DIY kit includes rainbow tiles in different colors. Your kid can assemble and disassemble the bag whenever she wants.
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22. Playful Sports Mugs
Kids love to play with their food for some reasons. These sports mugs are excellent Christmas gifts for kids. The maker of this sports mug used this fact to create a patented product.

You can use this mug to encourage your kid to do better at school, in sports, or any endeavor he or she wants to pursue. How? It's quite simple.

The person who developed this sports mug idea was an 8-year old kid when this idea came up. He made the mug during his art class. The mug is ceramic, so it's safe to place it in a dishwasher for easy cleaning.
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23. Beanie Scarf
Christmas is also a winter season in most of the US. Although in some parts, snow isn't happening. This beanie scarf is still an excellent gift to your kid regardless of your location and state.

The material for this beanie scarf is acrylic and fleece. These materials are popular for giving warmth and cozy feeling to users once converted into a beanie.

This beanie scarf has a fuzzy lining for maximum warmth and comfort. It’s soft, which is suitable for your kid’s sensitive skin.
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24. Design Your Own Toy
Kids are notorious for creating imaginary friends. So, make the imagination into reality. Ask your kid to draw his or her imaginary friend. Alternatively, tell your kid to draw a design for his or her toy.

You can turn that drawing into a real toy. Yes, it’s possible. The final piece may take time to arrive in your doorstep, so order your Christmas gifts early.

The great thing about this manufacturer is updates regarding your order. The company provides updates on what stage is already done, and it is gaining popularity. The toy is entirely handmade. So, treasure your kid’s imagination with this toy gift.
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25. Sports Digital Watch
Sports digital watch is another practical gift that you can give to your kid. With the help of this watch, you can develop good habits. These habits include time management, calendar scheduling, and reading the time accurately.

The digital watch is shockproof and waterproof. It is excellent for any water-related activities, from sports to bathing. Your kid doesn’t need to remove the watch. If he or she accidentally submerged the watch in water, it won’t take severe damage.

The digital watch has large numbers for easy reading and has an EL night light for the dim environment. The glass is resistant to scratch and is hard enough to withstand slight pressure. Whatever your kid is doing, this digital watch is undoubtedly helpful and functional.
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26. Kids Smart Watch Phone
This smartwatch has a SIM card that you can use to call your kid. So, even if he or she gets lost during a day out, you can call and know where your kid is. It’s compatible with any SIM card, prepaid or postpaid.

Aside from call functionality, the smartwatch is equipped with phone features such as Bluetooth, alarm clock, flashlight, and camera. It can help you, and your kid keeps an open communication, especially when you're traveling locally or abroad.
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27. Electric Light Blocks
Upgrade your kid's night lamp with this electric light blocks. The excellent feature of these light blocks is its compatibility with Lego Duplo blocks.

You can choose from two options. These options are a 36-piece and 102-piece set. Since light blocks are compatible with Lego Duplo, you can improve the design or make a completely new design. The light blocks run on batteries.

The set includes an instruction manual, so grab this opportunity to spend some quality time with your kid.
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28. Hooded Youth Sweatshirt
This hooded sweatshirt is perfect for an athletic kid. It has a pull-on closure and is a mix of cotton and polyester, in equal parts. The hood features a double lining for warmth. The side pockets are excellent for carrying a smartphone, wallet, or anything small enough.

The sweatshirt is perfect for any season, whether it’s spring, summer or fall. The hood protects your kid from cold drafts or sudden drizzles.
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29. Low Cut Athletic Socks
Is your kid an athletic one? These low-cut socks are the perfect Christmas gifts for kids. These socks have a padded sole for comfort. The sole padded acts as a shock absorber.

If your kid’s feet are sweaty, the socks feature a mesh design for ventilation. This ventilation regulates moisture inside the socks. Thus, it decreases the likelihood of bacteria buildup.

The inseams are smooth and soft. It has a seamless feel, reducing the risks of blisters and abrasion. This seamless inseam is excellent for sensitive feet.

Since the socks are intended for athletes, these socks have light compression technology. This technology reduces foot fatigue during an activity like walking or running.
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30. Birthstone Wishing Balls
Wishes come true if you work for it. Teach your kid this value with this birthstone wishing ball. You can choose the style of the wishing ball with your kid’s birthstone.

A wishing ball comes with 52 slips of paper. In these papers, your kid can write his or her wishes. Alternatively, your kid can write what is in his or her mind.

Designate a specific date when you and your kid want to read the wishes and thoughts. Ask him or her if the wishes he or she made have already come true or not.
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31. Freestyle Kids Bike
Riding a bike improves balance on your kid. Although this kid’s bike has training wheels, you can remove these once your kid is old enough or when your kid learns to balance without the wheels.

The bike requires a bit of assembly. Assembly is easy because the bike comes with a manual on how to attach the other accessories. The bike has a cushioned seat for comfort, a water bottle, and a reliable hand brake.
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32. Drawing stencils set
Enhance your kid's creativity with these drawing stencils. One set includes more than 300 stencils in the shapes of animals and objects. Other inclusions are colored pencils, pen, case, sharpener, and papers. This set is excellent for boys and girls.

The stencil set includes a hand carry for on-the-go art supply. Your kid can bring this set to her or his school or friend’s house.

The art set is BPA free and non-toxic. It is entirely safe for your kid, even if he or she has the habit of nibbling on things when pressured and anxious.
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33. Ultra Soft Children Rugs
Improve the decoration on your kid’s room with soft children rugs. You can put it near the bedroom or playing area.

The rug features a velvet surface with an interlayered sponge. It has soft fur that is approximately 4 cm high. The bottom part is non-woven plastic with a non-slip feature to prevent skidding. The vibrant colors can brighten your kid’s room.

Despite the look and design, the rug is easy to clean. You can remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. If you need to wash it to clean the dirt, a hand wash is recommended to preserve the sponge interlayer.
Avoid soaking it in the washer. Otherwise, you'll ruin the soft fur and sponge interlayer.
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34. Colorful Fashion Cotton Crew Socks
These colorful fashion cotton socks are perfect Christmas gifts for kids. The gift is practical. Your kid can use it for school, sports, or fashion. These crew socks are suitable for any occasion, whether your kid is attending a formal or casual event.

The socks are comfortable to wear because of the high-quality material. The fabric is a combination of cotton, spandex, and polyester.

The elastic cuff and heel design prevent falling off. The elastic cuff provides a stretchy fit and keeps the socks from shifting.
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35. Talking World Map
Sometimes, you can’t combine fun and learning. However, this talking world map makes learning a lot more fun. Your kid learns the different countries all over the world. The talking world map also includes discussion of languages, landmarks, population, and flags.

The vivid representation of each country can keep your kid’s interest for hours. You can display in the playroom or inside the bedroom or wherever your kid does the homework.

The user interface is easy to use. With a press of a button, your kid can learn more than 1000 facts about a country. You and your kid can test his or her knowledge with the quiz mode. This quiz mode presents an opportunity to reward his or her hard work.
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36. Electronic Piggy Banks
Encourage your kid to save money from his or her allowance. Give your kid one of these electronic piggy banks. Your kid can't withdraw the funds easily because you can set up the password. The electronic piggy bank accepts the bills automatically if you feed it in the cash inlet. The piggy bank runs on battery power.
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37. Coleman Kids 50 Sleeping Bag
Is your kid camping out in the summer? Get this sleeping bag for him or her. This sleeping bag can keep your kid warm during a camping trip in mild temperature. It has insulation to keep your kid warm and cozy during the night. It is suitable also for indoor use. If your kid has an overactive imagination, this sleeping bag will be an excellent tool for his or her camping trip indoors.
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38. ToyerBee Telescope
A telescope is an excellent Christmas gift for a kid who likes to explore. This telescope features high magnification functionality. It is equipped with a Barlow lens and three eyepieces. With this composition, your kid can get a magnification as high as 350 times the normal size. So, your kid can see a distance as far as the moon and nearby planets.

The telescope has a large aperture that can provide clearer images. It has a focal length of 700mm. This feature helps your kid locate objects even a long distance.

The telescope comes with an adjustable tripod. It is easy to assemble and dismount. With this gift, your kid’s view of the world and outside Earth will change significantly.
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39. Superstar Shoes
Who doesn’t want classic superstar shoes? Kids nowadays have a penchant for fashion. Even at a young age, they can recognize what is trendy and what is not fashionable.

Surprise your fashionable kid with these superstar shoes. The outer shell is genuine leather. The sole is made of rubber that has anti-skid marks to prevent accidental slips.
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40. Aqua Glow in the Dark Star Necklace
This beautiful aqua glow necklace is an excellent addition of your little girl to her fashionable accessories. It is made from brass and silver. The pendant is in the form of a star with a 22 mm dimensions. It glows blue in the dark.

This necklace is unique. Your little girl will love this gift. If you have more than one little girl, you can get one for each. Alternatively, you can include your little girl's best friend.
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41. LCD Writing Tablet
Kids are natural artists. They love to paint, write words and numbers anywhere and anytime. To prevent your kid in making your wall a canvass, get this writing tablet as a gift for Christmas. You don’t need to waste papers anymore.

Your kid can write, draw, or doodle in this LCD writing tablet. He or she can decide the thickness of the lines depending on how hard you write on the surface.

The writing tablet is similar to a paper. It is portable and easy to carry in the backpack and measures 10 inches. Your kid can erase the writings or drawings with a button. So, he or she can reuse it again. This is a tablet without the risk of radiation.
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42. Personalized Childs Onesie
No one is too old for a onesie. Personalize your kid's onesie. This onesie is perfect for slumber parties, lounging, and swimming lessons. It has a hood and a great personalized name on the left breast. It also features a large print on the back portion.

The fabric is a mix of polyester and cotton. The cotton mix makes the onesie comfortable to use even during summer nights. The onesie has front pouch pockets where your kid can hide his or her hands on them, especially during the coldest time of the winter months. It has a zippered front closure for comfortable wearing and removing.
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43. Color Your Own Water Bottle
Water is an essential part of your kid's balanced diet. Teach your kid the proper way of drinking water with this water bottle. Plus, you can make the experience fun with this color your water bottle scheme. After coloring, your kid can use this water bottle anywhere. The water bottle is BPA free and safe for your kid’s use.
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44. Role-Play Costume Set
Another favorite activity of a kid is role-playing. Surprise your kid with a costume set. To make the surprise more appealing, choose your kid’s favorite to role-play character.

This particular costume set is a doctor’s role. It is perfect for a kid who loves to cure people. Even if he or she changes his or her mind regarding a medical internship, this gift is still great.

Seeing your kid enjoy role-playing is more than enough of a reward as a parent. Encourage your kid’s imagination and dreams. Other role-play costume sets are also available.
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45. Magnetic Learning Calendar
Create fun in learning with this magnetic calendar. Your kid can learn the different days of the week, seasons, weather, and months with this kid. This calendar comes with stickers and magnets. Your kid can cross out days if he or she's looking forward to a special event. You can teach your kid to recognize the different weather such as snow, rainy, cloudy, and sunny.

The calendar is versatile in terms of the year. Whatever the year is your kid can still use this learning calendar until he or she's old enough to remember the calendar.
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46. Garden Craft Kit
Develop your kid’s nurturing skills with this garden craft kit. The kit includes a pot, a soil and some seeds that grow magically. Other inclusions are fairy décor, mushroom statues, gemstones, and other cute decors. The planter has an 11 inches diameter, enough room for all the decorations included.

The seeds will grow in as little as two days. Once the plants have grown, your kid can decorate the garden with the fairies, gemstones. He or she can place the garden by the window. With proper care and watering, the garden will thrive.
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47. Sunglasses Soft Case
If you’re planning to get your kid a pair of sunglasses, you might want to get a soft case for him or her. The soft case is excellent for storing a pair of sunglasses. The soft case is made of premium neoprene. It’s ultra-lightweight and flexible. Standard sunglasses can fit into the case. The inside of the case has a protective lining to prevent scratches to the sunglasses.

The soft case is also compatible with other eyewear. It has a zippered closure for keeping the sunglasses inside. With a sturdy carabineer, your kid can tie to a belt loop or backpack. Aside from sunglasses, your kid can use it for other purposes. He or she can store his or her pencils, erasers, sharpeners, or any other school accessories.
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48. Polarized Sport Sunglasses
This sport sunglass is excellent for the summer seasons or any seasons. Your kid can use the sunglasses to protect his or her eyes against the damaging effect of the sunlight. The sunglasses have polarized lens that prevents glare from surfaces that reflect the sunlight. Your kid can use the sunglasses while skiing or whenever he or she's outside, and the sun's up with its damaging rays.

The frame is lightweight and won’t create pressure in your kid’s nose and ears. Despite its lightweight feature, the frame is sturdy and durable. The material is soft silicone, so it's entirely safe your kid. No harmful chemicals are added.
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