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73 Best Easter Gifts for Her - Gift Ideas for Women 2020


Although it’s not as common as the gifting of chocolates and candies to little ones on Easter, the holiday is also a great opportunity to show your appreciation to the other adults in your life.

Women in particular tend to be especially appreciative of a well-chosen Easter gift. From elegant Easter dresses to cute and silly bunny pajamas, and from beautiful jewelry to kitschy yet cute knick-knacks, we’ve put together a list with a plethora of Easter-themed presents to choose from, so you’re sure to be able to find something that the important woman in your life will love and cherish.

1. Button up Maxi Dress
Women love to look good and feel good, especially during special events such as Easter and other holidays. If you and your wife or your mom attend Easter celebration or hold this annual event, this maxi dress with floral prints will be a great Easter gift for her. The floral prints will match the festive mood of the Easter Sunday you’re attending or holding. Since Easter also marks the start of spring, this maxi dress is a timely gift for her.

The smooth fabric will make her feel like a queen. Perhaps, she might feel like a fairy princess. The dress is comfortable since the material is breathable and soft to the touch. Moreover, she can use this dress for the whole season of spring until early fall.
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2. White Truffle Oil
Some people celebrate Easter by preparing a feast. If your wife likes to cook pasta dishes or homemade pizza, this truffle oil is one of the best Easter gifts for her. This truffle oil is an alternative to olive oil. It has a mushroom scent and flavor that can add to the taste of your wife’s pasta dishes or homemade pizza. The truffle oil is best used in small amounts and excellent for vinaigrette dressing.

So, if your wife is tired of using olive oil and you want a new taste in the pasta dishes, get her this oil and surprise her. This oil is a professional grade with a double concentration of white truffle shavings. With this white truffle oil, your wife can cook regular pasta recipes like a professional chef. The gift comes with an elegant box. So, all you need is a ribbon to adorn the gift.
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3. Cross Pendant Necklace
Easter is resurrection day. It is also the beginning of the spring season. However, the temperature is still a bit chilly, especially in the mornings and afternoons. This spring scarf will ward off the chill for your wife or your mom, especially if she loves to talk a walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The floral prints are vibrant that can bring life to an everyday outfit. The scarf can also be an accent to her bag. Therefore, when she needs to warm her neck, she can remove it from a bag and use it as a scarf.
The scarf has an infinity design so she can drape it in her neck without tying a knot.
With this scarf, your wife can stay fashionable and warm at the same time.
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4. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag
This overnight and functional zipper bag can store any food your wife wants to preserve after the Easter celebration. If she has the habit of letting anyone bring home some goodies, she can use this bag to place her take-home gift for your visitors. The bag’s material is safe to use for storing food, so your wife does not need to worry about chemicals affecting the taste of the food.
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5. Spring Scarf
Aside from the beginning of spring, Easter is the time to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus. To Christians around the world, Easter is one of the most important events that Christians celebrate. Some lavishly celebrate the day while others make it a simple celebration.

If you and your wife are devout Christians, this necklace with a cross pendant is an excellent Easter gift for her. The necklace chain is sterling silver and measures 18 inches long. The pendant has a heart accent in the center of the cross with an aquamarine gemstone inside. The heart accent is gold plated but not prone to tarnishing.

The necklace with a cross pendant is perfect for her Sunday outfit after the Easter celebration. Since it comes from high-grade materials, the jewelry will withstand the test of time and common wear-and-tear situation.
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6. Ceramic Cupcake Stand for Desserts
This adorable cupcake stand will add a friendly vibe to your home, especially the kitchen. She can use this cupcake stand during Easter celebration. With this stand, your wife can arrange the sweet goodies in style. She can place cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, or fruits. Besides Easter celebration, she can use this stand for any special occasion. It could be an anniversary celebration or birthdays.

Aside from Easter occasions, this cupcake stand is perfect for an afternoon tea that your wife might conduct with your mom or your sisters if you have one. The adorable rabbit design will make your guests smile. The rabbit lying in its back with its two hind legs stretching looks quirky and fun. Your wife will love this gift.
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7. Amish Wagon Decorative Planter
Besides bunnies, egg hunts and Resurrection, many people associate Easter to spring gardens. Why? The reason is simple. Many people hold Easter celebrations in their yards. Most of the times, the weather is so good that people often go out to smell the newly budding flowers in their backyard. The sky is so bright that it calls for a festive celebration.

With this decorative planter, your wife or mom can show off her most treasured ornaments for your guests to see and admire. Moreover, she can use this decorative planter indoors. If your wife or mom maintains a greenhouse garden, this planer is a perfect addition to her garden. Since the planter’s design is like a wheelbarrow, she can move the hanging planter anywhere in the yard without asking for anyone’s help.
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8. Rabbit Hoodie Romper
Sometimes, women like to receive gifts not for them but their cute babies or kids. If your wife loves to dress up your kids, this rabbit hoodie romper is an excellent Easter gift for her. She can show off how adorable your kids are in this outfit.

Your kids will not look ridiculous because the design looks adorable. Instead, your guests or anyone who might happen to look at your kid's snapshots will smile. Besides, everyone loves a bunny, whether it is a real one, a plush toy, or someone in a costume. Easter is once in a year celebration. So, let your wife create some fun memories dressing up the kids, which you, your wife, and your kids can look back in the years to come.
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9. Boho Neck Warmer
Easter is the beginning of the spring season, which is a warmer season than the winter. However, the chill in the air is not ready to go away. Get this neck warmer for your mom, beloved wife, or partner. She can use it to accent her Boho outfit or wear it during the Easter celebration.

With the 30% wool in the mix, she will get warm and cozy during the Easter mass, which is commonly held in the early morning hours. The designs are unique, so choose which one depicts your wife's character or anyone who will receive the gift. She can use this neck warmer throughout spring or during the fall season.
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10. What to Expect When You're Expecting
Is your friend expecting her first, second, or third baby this Easter? If yes, this book is perfect for her. Pregnancy entails a lot of preparation, emotionally, physically, and financially. As moms and dads, they need to prepare a lot. Sometimes, it is easy to get rattled and nervous. To appease these emotions, a good book on discussing what to expect and what to prepare will be great. With this book, she can ready herself entirely for the coming baby.

If you are the husband, you and your wife can read it together, so you know what to do when the baby is out. The book can answer general questions about pregnancy, birth methods, and among other things that new parents need to know. Aside from this book, you can also ask for advice from the people close to you.
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11. Cute Easter Shirt
If your wife or girlfriend loves shirts, this tee with a cute Easter-themed shirt will appeal to her. Aside from being trendy, this shirt has a fun print. It features a silhouette of a bunny with a funny phrase describing or mimicking its hop. Since the t-shirt is unisex, you can get one for yourself, so both of you can wear the same shirt during Easter Sunday. It is called twinning.

If you are not up to this kind of trend for couples, you can get one for your girls. Alternatively, you can buy one for your mother-in-law or your mom, especially if she is close to your wife. If they do not want to become evident in wearing the same shirt, they can top their outfit with cardigan or blazer.
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12. Electric Slow Cooker
Do not wait for Christmas or birthday to give her this electric slow cooker. With this cooker, your wife can cook hearty meals for your Easter Sunday celebration. The set has a ceramic pot that is safe for a dishwashing machine.

Aside from slow cooking, your wife can use this cooker as a food warmer, so your food stays warm and delicious until after the Easter mass. Thus, your family can enjoy a hearty and warm meal. Your wife can use this slow cooker to roast meat, to cook a soup or prepare a dessert. This cooker is so versatile your wife might not need other stoves to make the food she needs to cook for the Easter celebration.

With this multi-function cooker, your wife will have an easy time preparing food not only for Easter but also for everyday meals.
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13. Easter Rabbit Coaster
You and your wife together with the guest and other people who attended might want to sip coffee after a meal. While they sip, they would want to watch the kids enjoy the Easter games. So, surprise your wife with this Easter rabbit coaster. Before she serves the coffee to your guests, give her this pleasant surprise.

The coaster is handmade using fused glass as a material. This kind is sturdy and strong, so a slight fall will not break this coaster. The bottom of the coaster has a rubber backing so it will not create scratches on your wood or glass furniture.
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14. Easter egg Bath Bomb
A nice, warm soak in the bathtub is more enjoyable with bath bombs than without them. With the sizzling around you and the scent you smell, it is like having a spa, except it is at home. Get your wife, your friend, your girlfriend or your teenage girl these bath bombs, and she will thank you for it. You do not need a super special day like a birthday or Christmas to give a gift.

Easter season is a perfect time to give gifts to your loved ones. Moreover, it is a day to reminisce and commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. So, grab this opportunity to show appreciation to your loved ones. Renew relationships and make them stronger than before with people that matter to you.
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15. The Cup of Courage
Easter is not just about bunnies and exciting egg hunts. It is also about courage and rebirth. Get this ceramic mug for your wife or your mom or a friend who needs encouragement to remind her of how amazing and awesome she is. If she is going through some struggles at home or work, this ceramic mug can remind her to fear nothing. This mug will tell her that she can do anything as long as she musters the courage to do the things she fears.

Your wife can use this mug at home. Alternatively, she can bring it to her office if she is working. The adorable designs say positive affirmations. Your wife can read these simple affirmations to lift her spirits when she is overwhelmed with work at the office or home.
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16. Premium Artificial Grass
Is your lawn bare? Do you want it to look lively for your Easter event? Get this premium artificial grass for your mom or your spouse. You can give it days before the preparation or on an Easter Sunday. Your wife or your mom will love it. She does not need to worry about growing real grass and be dismayed (later) when people trample on the grass.

Moreover, your wife or your mom can let the artificial turf in the lawn all year round. If she has a pet dog, it can run, and roll over the artificial grass. The artificial grass is easy to clean and store. Therefore, your wife or your mom can stash away the artificial turf before the winter hits.
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17. The Women of Easter
This book is perfect for women with strong religious belief or for those who are weak in faith. This book discusses the different women who were part of Easter and Jesus' life. Each woman had experienced some life-changing events when she met and knew Jesus. This book intends to change your wife's life or anyone in an indirect way. It shows the different qualities and sides of a woman. This book displays the different aspect of a woman's character, regardless of their religious beliefs.

So, even if your wife or the recipient of your gift is not a devout Christian, she can benefit from this book. This book aims to encourage women to become active and unwavering in what she believes is righteous.
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18. Bunny Slippers
Soft and warm slippers after work are simple luxuries that women enjoy. Every day, women have to wear high heels to go to work. Often, they bring comfortable sandals at their workplace so they can rest their feet for a few minutes. So, surprise your wife or your mom with these soft bunny slippers. Let her pamper her feet once in a while. Besides, your wife or your mom will need her feet to do her essential activities throughout the day. Thus, she will want her feet to have the much-needed pampering.

The design is adorable with a light pink hue. The soft pink gives the slippers almost a girlish feeling. Despite its girly design, the bunny slippers offer comfort and cozy atmosphere that your wife or your mom will adore. She will like the feel of soft and silky smoothness of the bunny slippers against her sore and tired feet.
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19. Easter Jewelry
Get your wife this bracelet for Easter. This bangle has three dangling charms, one with Happy Easter phrase on it. The bracelet material is zinc alloy. This metal is free of lead and nickel, which is perfect for women who have sensitive skin. Furthermore, the bracelet is adjustable, so you do not have to worry about the fitting. It can fit up to a large frame.

The adjustable bangle will be an excellent addition to her collections of jewelry. The bracelet can be an accessory to a casual outfit or even semi-formal attire. It is stylish and chic enough that your wife or mom can wear it with her office clothes.
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20. Black Costume Top Hat with White Rabbit Ears
Is your wife or mom the designated emcee for your annual Easter event that requires a little bit of dressing up or wearing a costume? Get her this black hat with rabbit ears. The top hat will not look ridiculous on her since the only adornment is a pair of ears. With its black design and a hint of pink, she will not have difficulty pairing it with an Easter outfit. Your wife or mom can use this hat as a costume even after the Easter celebration.
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21. Coffee Mug with Cute Animal Inside
This coffee mug is a simple but practical and thoughtful gift. You can give this mug to your mom or your wife during the Easter celebration. The cup has a cute animal inside, peeking while you sip your favorite hot drink. Since it is for an Easter celebration, choose the bunny design.

The mug material is ceramic, so it is durable. It can withstand hot and even boiling water. With the cute animal peeking, your wife will not be able to resist looking at it and perhaps talking to it if she is in the mood for it.
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22. Easter egg Stud Earrings
This cute earring with an Easter theme is a perfect gift for women. If she likes to collect stud earrings, this pair will be a nice inclusion in her jewelry box. Your wife can use it to accessorize her outfit. The pair of earrings looks like a chocolate Easter egg.

The material of the earrings is polymer clay, and the posts’ content is sterling silver. If the maker baked the polymer clay with the right amount of baking temperature, the stud earrings would last for years. She might even pass this earring to her teenage kid.
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23. Hoodie Sweatshirts
Easter is still too early to ditch long sleeves and sweatshirts. So, get your wife or girlfriend this hoodie sweatshirt in plaid prints. The sweater is neither thin nor thick, so it is perfect for the whole season of spring up to the early weeks of summer.

This sweatshirt is perfect for any outfit. Your wife can wear it to work, to complete an errand or pair it with leggings and boots. Your wife can even use it until the fall season. Indeed, this sweatshirt is an all-year-rounder and versatile clothing. You can buy this sweatshirt one-size up for a loose fit or the exact size. The sweater has an A-line hem, which will compliment her curves or the lack of it.
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24. Apron with Pocket for Women
This apron is an excellent gift for women who love to cook, especially on Easter and holiday celebrations. The apron has vibrant floral prints and frilly design. The overall design will bring out her feminine side.

The apron is cotton, so it is breathable. Your wife will be comfortable in wearing the apron because the apron with pockets will not trap heat while she is cooking. So, even if cooking takes hours, she will still smell fresh and surprisingly tasty. With this apron, there will be no sweaty cooking that she will enjoy every minute.

The apron has pockets. Your wife can use these pockets to put small utensils or her phone, so she can share a snapshot of the recipe she is cooking in seconds. Get your wife this apron even if she has another one at home. You will be surprised. Even in cooking, she will want to be fashionable.
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25. Ceramic Bunny Ring Holder
You notice that your wife has so many rings. Perhaps, she has trouble organizing them. So, buy and give her this bunny ring holder. The ring holder has three erect ears. These ears in a vertical angle can hold more than five rings. Your wife can place this ring holder in three places, the bedroom, the kitchen, or the bathroom.

If she has the habit of removing her rings while washing in the shower or kitchen (perhaps, you, too), she can place the ring holder beside the sink. So, when she forgets to wear back her rings, the ring holder can hold it safe. The material for the bunny ring holder is ceramic, so it is waterproof. However, your wife has to put it to places the kids will not knock over or reach. Since its material is ceramic, it is also breakable.
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26. Linen Square Cushion Covers
Some women like to change the cushion covers based on what season is prevalent. With this cushion cover in mother and baby rabbit print, she can update the look of your living room, sitting room, patio, or the bedroom. The adorable print can draw the attention of her visitors. What is drawing their attention? This attention is the result of a vivid representation of the two rabbits. Your wife can display the cushion covers in the living room. The material for the covers is of high quality and cotton linen. The type of fabric allows washing so your wife can machine wash the sheets regularly.
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27. Birdy Welcome Statue
Easter Sunday means spring season. This welcome statue of birds will be a great addition to your wife's garden. With this welcome statue, your wife can turn her ordinary backyard into a fantastic part of the yard. If she does not have a garden to maintain, she can display it on your porch or patio. Alternatively, your wife can place it near your door beside the welcome mat. This welcome statue is vibrant, with a 3D design that makes the bird looks real. This statue can also be a part of other gift statues that you can give to your wife.
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28. Round Neck Sweatshirt
Therefore, your wife is a fan of a sweatshirt. You can get her this round neck sweatshirt for Easter. Your wife can use this sweatshirt during the whole season of spring. The fabric of the sweater is a combination of cotton blend and polyester, so its’ comfortable to wear during your late night out in spring. She will not get chilly or too warm since the pullover is made of cotton. Maybe, she can wear it also during the early days of summer.
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29. Bunny Necklace
The necklace has a simple two-dimensional bunny pendant. The bunny necklace is stainless steel, so it will not tarnish easily. The necklace has a matte finish, so it is perfect for women who do not prefer shiny accessories. You can get this bunny necklace for your wife or your teenage girl. Maybe, if your wife and daughters are fond of twinning, you can give each one for their twinning attire.
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30. Women's Bunny Ears Headband
This cute headband is an instant costume. If she is not comfortable wearing the bunny tail, she can ditch or hide it somewhere. Your wife can enjoy wearing the headband without wearing the silly bunny tail for the Easter celebration.

The bunny ears’ material is polyester so she can wash it when the headband gets dirty during the celebration. Your wife can stash away the headband after the festival, and use it again next year. So, yes, this headband is one of the simplest but one of the most practical Easter Gifts for her.
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31. Big Rose Pattern Canvas Laptop
Do you have trouble selecting the perfect gift for your wife or mom this Easter? This canvas laptop might be the answer to your dilemma. The large rose pattern is classic since Easter is also the start of the spring season. This gift is an excellent idea for a wife who prefers practical gifts to common ones. If she changes her accessories every season, she will surely love this bag.

The canvass bag can accommodate a laptop that measures up to 15 inches. The bag has big pockets that let your wife store a mouse, smartphone, and power bank and power cords. The laptop bag has a cushion that can protect her gadget and laptops against minimal shocks.
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32. Easter egg Hunt Bag
Does your mom, your wife or daughter join the Easter egg hunt in your community or congregation? This hunt bag will surely come in handy with such events. Your wife, mom, or daughter can place many goodies that she can share with everybody in the family. Alternatively, she can use this bag to bring a gift to the event's host she is attending with you in tow. Even if the Easter is over, she can use the loot bag to store essential items such as phones. This bag has a cotton lining which can protect things that are sensitive to scratches.
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33. Customized Name Necklace
You want to inspire your wife or your mom or appreciate their efforts. Whatever your purpose is, this personalized necklace is the perfect solution for your Easter gift dilemma. You can give this necklace in two ways.

One, you can personalize the gift with their name on it. Two, you can think of a word describing an outstanding character that makes her unique. This word could be something like courage, strong or impressive. Whichever you choose, the message is clear to them. You remembered to appreciate them on Easter Sunday, which is the day of celebrating the rebirth and resurrection of Jesus. To Christians, Easter Sunday is an important event when someone has another opportunity to change oneself for the better.
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34. Easter Bunny Decoration
Give your wife or your mom something to decorate your home when Easter comes. You may give it to her in advance or on Easter Sunday. Whichever you prefer, this Easter bunny decoration will surely warm her heart. This decoration is a perfect light catcher, which your wife can place near the window. The fused glass in the bunny decoration deflects sunrays giving your home a warm glitter or glow in the morning or the afternoon. She can also use a bunny light catcher to accentuate other decorations for your Easter celebration.
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35. Bunny Shaped Table Lamp
This table lamp will become a great addition to your wife’s workbench. Alternatively, she can place this table lamp in the living room, which will illuminate the room when the main light is switched off. The bunny shape of the table lamp is perfect for Easter.

Even if the Easter is over, the lamp table will not become outdated because it will still be an excellent decorative piece. Do not worry if she has no room at home. Your wife can bring the table lamp to her office as a decorative piece on her table.
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36. Bouquets White Elegance with Vase
You do not have enough time to search through the internet for your Easter gift. You want your gift to be simple yet unique. This gift idea is the answer to your problem. If you know her favorite flowers, you will not have trouble getting this gift for her. You can ask her mom or her sister if you do not remember her favorite flowers.

This gift consists of a real bouquet. So, mark your calendar two to three days before the Easter celebration to order the Easter gift. Since the present is fresh flowers, the seller will ship it in bud form. By the time your box reaches your wife, the flowers are in full bloom. The gift comes with a simple vase that your wife can use to display the flowers.
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37. Gift Card in an Easter egg Reveal
Get your wife a gift card wrapped in Easter egg that she can use to shop for things she wants to buy. This gift card is the perfect gift if you are not sure what to get her this Easter, especially if she already has everything. With more than a million items in Amazon, she has unlimited options, practically.

Your wife can use the gift card to buy clothes, accessories, bags, or any fashion item. If she is a practical mother, she might use this gift card to buy appliances that she can use to hasten her job in the kitchen. To a gardener, she might use the card to purchase gardening supplies. Your wife can use the card to buy art supplies for her DIY projects and arts. These supplies may include specialty papers or poster colors. So, this gift card is one of the most practical Easter gifts for her.
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38. Women’s Easter Shirt
This sweatshirt has cute bunny ears. The bunny ears will not peel or come off that quickly since they are sewn to the shirt. The sweater is perfect for early spring since the fabric is a mix of polyester, rayon, and cotton. It is warm and cozy, especially for evening night outs.
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39. String Lights for Outdoor Decorations
This light string for outdoor decorations is perfect for wives or moms who maintain a garden. With this string light, your wife’s garden or mom’s front yard will look lovely. Although you usually use lights during the Christmas, decorating the garden or front yard with this string light can never go wrong.

If your family celebrates Easter until the early hours of the evening, this string light is a perfect accent to the garden. The string light will lend your yard a warm glow that your visitors will appreciate. It might even cast a magical vibe in the yard, which is associated with the spring season.

The string lights are waterproof, so the wire will not get wet when the first rain comes during the spring or summer. Furthermore, your wife does not need to remove the lights after the celebration. She can let it adorn the yard until the end of the spring season.
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40. Wooden Easter Postcard
Who says postcard is outdated? A postcard will not be a thing of the past. This wooden Easter Postcard is an excellent Easter gift, especially for people who cannot attend the special day with their family. If you’re away from your wife or mom on the Easter Sunday, you can send one, so they know you’ve remembered this day. Make sure to forward this postcard before Easter arrives. If it doesn’t reach on time, your loved ones will still appreciate the effort.
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41. Hanging Planter Set
This hanging planter set looks like an egg cut in halves. This planter will look good in your wife's garden. She can hang her ornamental plants with this planter in the porch. With the inner bowl to catch water, your wife can adorn the inside of your home with plants, too. Alternately, she can use the planter to arrange flowers and keep the inside of your house look lively in time with spring. The hanging planter has a large capacity, so whatever she makes or does with them, she'll be satisfied.
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42. Set of 4 Throw Pillowcase
To a wife who has a flair for interior designing, this set of pillowcase will be an excellent addition to her collection. The fabric of pillowcases is cotton linen, which is washable. So, when your kids or anyone in the family accidentally spills a drink or food into the throw pillow, your wife can wash the dirt.
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43. Decorative Pillow Inserts
If you're getting her a new set of a pillowcase, why don't you include pillow inserts too? These pillow inserts are perfect for the couch, bedroom, or patio. The pillow insert can resist mold and mildew, which is ideal for your family who has respiratory related problems. The pillow inserts are also hand-washable. So, your wife can keep the pillow inserts clean and fresh.
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44. Wood Easter Decor
These two cute little bunnies are adorable. Surprise your wife with these Easter decors. The decors consist of two different colors. One rabbit is mint green while the other one is orange. Each décor has a ribbon and a cottontail. Your wife can use these decors to complete her Easter theme or to decorate an ordinary looking porch way after the celebration of Easter is finished.
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45. Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
This book discusses two different Christian women. Each woman struggles to become a loyal and devout Christian. One woman wants to listen and stay with Jesus, but the demands of her secular world threaten to overwhelm her. The other one serves Jesus but feels she isn't good enough.

This book is perfect for women who want to live a godly life. She’ll learn the different ways to become a loyal servant of Jesus. This book will help her grow her Christian faith and become closer to Jesus despite the many struggles and distractions of the world. It also includes a Bible study, which she can use to renew her faith.
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46. Led Fairy Lights
Fairies are also a favorite character in the spring season. According to legend, these fairies have pixie dust that lights up when they fly. To the naked eyes, these dust look like tiny dots of light. With these fairy lights, your wife can enhance the front porch or the garden.

The fairy string light has a remote control, which allows your wife to program the lights. This light is also portable so she can remove it and place it anywhere. It is also waterproof so she can leave it outside or water the plants without removing the lights.

At night, the fairy lights can turn your yard or your wife’s garden into a magical world. Your neighbors might envy you for having a beautiful yard.
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47. Our Family Recipes Journal
Aside from memories, recipes are one of the intangible things that your family can pass on to the next generations. These recipes are unique. Yes, you can find similar recipes on the internet. However, these recipes can’t replace the ones that your grandmother or grandfather shared with you. So, help your wife or your mom preserve the recipes your family knows. Get her this recipe journal.

Each page contains a template that can help her identify the source, meaning, or the history behind each recipe. Since you'll be giving it on an Easter Sunday, she can begin writing down the recipe for the meals she prepared. With hardcover and quality paper, her recipe journal will last a decade or two. Years from now, your wife can look back to the recipes and the memories associated with them.
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48. Hand Lettered Enamel Pin
This enamel pin is perfect for women who aren't a morning person. If your wife is one of these women, this pin is one of the Easter gifts for her as a friendly reminder that you still love her no matter what.
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49. Dandelion Seed Necklace
Dandelion seeds bring nostalgic memories. As a kid, you used to pick dandelions and blow them into the wind while making wishes. If your wife did this wishing thing, this necklace would be an excellent gift for her. The dandelion is inside a clear glass bubble, preserved most exquisitely. This bubble glass serves as a pendant and attaches to a sterling silver chain. You can choose the length of the chain necklace that ranges from 16 inches to 20 inches. Aside from the chain, you can also select the size of the bubble glass. The gift comes with a moss green jewelry bag that depicts the coming spring.
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50. Day Designer for Blue Sky
Is it too late for a planner as a gift? No. if you haven’t given your wife a planner and she hasn’t bought any, you can still give one to her. This planner has a simple template perfect for working moms. This planner aims to increase productivity and efficiency. It can help your wife find her focus and balance. If your wife is struggling with these aspects in her life, then, this planner is for her. After getting this planner, she’ll feel more organized than before. She can set her goals more evident than before having this planner. This planner isn’t a guarantee that she’ll be more productive than ever, but it can certainly give her direction on what to do and how to do it.
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51. Easter Bunny Burps
Easter bunny burps consist of soy wax with a combined fragrance of mint, spring flowers, and garden grass. The scent will complete the Easter and spring vibe that your wife is preparing for the celebration. The guest will have a good and lasting impression. The smell of spring will bring nostalgic memories from their childhood or hometown if they’re a resident from another state.

The set has six cubes, weighing 3 ounces each. You can also choose or customized the scent your wife wants. You can give this gift in two ways. One, you can give it as is. Two, you can include the bunny burps in an Easter basket. Whichever way you select your wife will love these fragrant soy wax melts.
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52. Christian 'Love' Journal Set
This journal set is perfect for a wife who loves to write inspirational stories about her daily activities. If your wife finds inspiration in everything she does, get her this journal so she can write them. The set consists of scripture cards, prayer cards, and other accessories to help her document her daily Christian love.

This journal also includes a one-month reading plan. So, your wife can keep track of the verses she reads in a daily. Indeed, this journal is perfect for her if she’s been planning to renew and strengthen her faith or just starting to become a devout child of Jesus.

Moreover, your wife can give this journal to your daughter. This journal can be a great way to set a model example to your kids, especially if you want them to grow with fear and in faith.
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53. Happy Easter Bath Curtain
Sometimes, women take the decorating task for the Easter celebration, seriously. This decorating streak reaches the bathroom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t miss the attention. If your wife or your mom is like these women, this bath curtain is perfect for her.

The bath curtain has a high-resolution picture of a Happy Easter theme. The image is vivid and looks so real. With the Easter bath curtain in your bathroom, you feel transported to an animated world and that a big bunny is lurking and waiting to sneak around you. The colors are so vibrant that they lend a nice touch to an ordinary looking bathroom. Other Easter-themed bath curtains are also available so you can select the best design.

If your wife doesn’t want to decorate your bathroom with Easter themed curtains, other spring-themed bath curtains might be excellent. These curtains can become an all-year-round decoration.
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54. Bunny Bunch Welcome Sign Statue
Say hello to Easter and spring with this welcome sign statue. The statue includes two little bunnies. The two rabbits are sitting in a carrot. They seem like they engage in a secret conversation about the guests who’re coming to celebrate the Easter with you. The sculpture is made using a three-dimensional method.

Your wife can still use this welcome sign statue even after the Easter celebration is over. Besides the front yard, she can use this statue in the entrance of her garden, whether it's indoors or outdoors. If not, your wife can display it inside your house. It could be in the foyer or somewhere that your guests can easily see it.

The sign statue will make your guest feel welcome. Of course, your attitude towards them will also be a factor for that feeling.
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55. Easter Basket Stuffers
Does your family organize Easter egg hunts? These basket fillers are great gifts for your wife or your mom who loves to prepare the games for the youngsters. She’ll surely love these cute basket stuffers. At the same time, the kids will like these basket stuffers, too. These stuffers come in chick designs, placed in a jar. The basket stuffers are soaps with natural ingredients and free of detergent additives. Thus, this soap is perfect for persons with sensitive skin.
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56. Garden Rabbit Statues
If your wife’s a collector of garden statues, this gift is another alternative as Easter gifts for her. This set features three rabbit statues. The two rabbits are standing, while one seems ready to take a flight. The statues look real because of their three-dimensional features. With these statues, your wife can create a whole new world in her garden or backyard. She can unleash her creative side.
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57. Ceramic Bunny
This ceramic bunny is a perfect display in your living room countertop. The statue is holding silk flowers and is sporting a pink ribbon. The cute bunny is looking upwards like it’s asking for a treat. This statue will catch the attention of any guest who loves figurines or rabbits in general.
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58. The World of Beatrix Potter: Collectible Peter Rabbit
This collectible depicts the popular Peter Rabbit who’s playful. This collectible might be more suitable for teenage girls. However, if your wife is a fan, getting her this 11-inch plush toy won’t be ridiculous. Furthermore, she can use this collectible to tell the story to the kids. Alternatively, your wife can use the toy to create memories with the kids, which they can remember for the rest of their lives.
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59. Easter egg Shadowbox Collage Pendant
This pendant may seem girlish, but if your wife is easy to please, she’ll appreciate the effort. The pendant has a mix of green, pink and white, encased in glass. The pastel colors are perfect for a Boho look. So, your wife can use it to accessorize her spring outfit. The necklace has a lobster lock so the lock won’t easily come off when worn in the neck.
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60. Jumbo Assorted Color Easter Eggs
Is your wife looking for ways to make the Easter celebration unique? Then, these large Easter eggs might be the answer. The Easter eggs have a clear top so the Easter hunters can see what’s inside. Will these clear Easter eggs spoil the fun? On the contrary, these clear Easter eggs might elicit excitement from the guests, which could be a nice change from the usual reaction when one sees an opaque Easter egg.
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61. Rabbit Hole Hay Orchard Grass
This gift isn’t actually for your wife. However, if she has rabbits for pets, this orchard grass is an excellent gift for her. The grass will be a good diet for her pet. It contains high fiber and low protein that can keep the rabbit’s digestive tract in healthy condition. If rabbits and small animals are your wife’s daily visitors in her garden, she can place this orchard grass near their rabbit hole. This grass will keep the rabbits from ruining her garden. It will prevent the rabbits from getting the fruits of the vegetables.
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62. Easter Bunny Vehicle Costume
This costume isn’t for your wife. It’s for the car. This costume includes two bunny ears and a nose. It’s made of plastic and fabric, so it’s waterproof. Your wife can dress up the car with this costume. So, what’s the point of dressing the car? It’s for the sheer fun of celebrating Easter.
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63. Casual T-shirt with Bunny Print
This t-shirt has a cute bunny print in front. The fabric is semi-sheer, so the t-shirt is fashionable and comfortable. The shirt has a round neckline with a relaxed fit, creating a chic and stylish vibe despite the cute bunny.
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64. Bunny Plush Mascot Costume
Who doesn’t love bunnies? They’re cute, adorable and fluffy. This plush mascot may not be a practical gift for everyday use. However, it will bring more fun to the kids and youngsters. How can you surprise your wife with this gift? You can wear the mascot and show your face to her when everyone is having fun with your antics. If the guests aren’t happy with your tricks, then, they don’t. The surprise isn’t for them but your wife.
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65. Luxury Hand Soap
Instead of celebrating Easter at home, you and your wife decided to attend a friend’s home. Surprise the host with this luxury hand soap. The soap comes in a glass bottle with a dispenser. The hand soap comes from France. It has the combined scent of fresh sea breeze and bright flowers. The recipient can use the soap as hand and body wash.
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66. Goddess Leaf Branch
Get your wife this goddess leaf branch. Make her feel a goddess during the spring/Easter celebration. She can use it as accessories for her spring goddess uniform. This leaf branch comes from stainless steel that won't tarnish easily. The headband is either silver or gold plated. Aside from an accessory to a Greek or Roman goddess costume, your wife can use it to complete a boho style.
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67. The Case for Easter
Is your wife curious about the truth about Easter? This audiobook will answer some questions she might have. Based on the investigation of a journalist, she can embark to a journey where no one dares to take. The audiobook dwells on the resurrection of Jesus. It exposes the facts and myths surrounding the Easter Sunday. Even though your wife is a devout Christian, she might have questions that she’s afraid to ask the congregation pastor or parish priest.
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68. Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage
Is your marriage need renewal? You can give your wife this book so both of you can renew the love that you felt once. Since Easter is a season for resurrection, this book might help you and your wife. With the help and guidance of a marriage counselor, you can transform your marriage. With this book, you can enhance communication between the two of you.
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69. Stress Relief Gifts
Your wife faces many stress triggers at home and work. Being the loving spouse that you are, treat your wife to a gift that’ll alleviate her stress. A simple gift that contains a sweet-smelling beauty product can make her day. This set includes a roll-on perfume, a facial cream, and tea leaves for two and a sage stick. She can use this set to prep herself for a night of good night sleep. She can sip a cup of tea before hitting the bed. The roll-on perfume is perfect for her everyday work.
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70. Highly Scented Luxury Tealight Candles Gift Set
Some women like to celebrate Easter solemnly, where the only participants are her family, close relatives, and friends. If you and your wife solemnly celebrate Easter, this tealight candle set will be a great Easter gift for her. The collection has 15 tealights in different scents. Your wife will enjoy her relaxing bath with these candles.
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71. Guitar Picks
If your wife knows how to play guitar and loves to sing Christian songs for a hobby, this guitar pick is an excellent gift for her. The pick has Christian inscription that can inspire her. If she isn’t a religious person, you can select other designs. Various designs include an abstract print and the different tourist's spot around the world.

The pick is slim but stiff enough, so your wife can produce a beautiful sound with her strumming. It comes from a material that can withstand constant tension. Moreover, the gift comes with a guitar pick container where your wife can safely hide her pick. The leather pick holder can double as a key chain.
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72. Silver Christian Cross & Heart Pendant
This gift has a pendant in the form of a silver cross encased in a heart. The necklace comes from a metal that is resistant to tarnishing. Even though it’s silver plated, the plating won’t fade quickly. Plus, the metal is nickel and lead-free, so it’s safe for persons with sensitive skin. The necklace has a chain, measuring up to 18 inches. This gift is perfect for a woman who’s a devout Christian. The accessory is an excellent addition to any outfit that your wife might wear for a special occasion. Your wife can wear it to a Sunday service or a formal event.
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73. Leather Tote Bible Case
Does your wife attend Bible studies in your congregation or community? This gift is the perfect one for her. She can use this tote bag to carry her Bible with some essential gadgets she might need. The bag’s material is a felt fabric, which is sturdy and durable. The tote bag is slim and lightweight. The design is simple but is stylish and fashionable, too. The bag has a printed positive affirmation on one side. With this bag, your wife can confidently attend her weekly Bible study without the weird look from her neighbors, especially if people are prejudicial.
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