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81 Best Father’s Day Gifts - Gift Ideas for Dads 2020


Many of us have great love, appreciation and respect for our dads, but we don’t often show it. But his years of hard work and dedication while raising you and his continued support and advice as you age are an act of kindness that is well worthy of recognition.

There’s no better time to recognize the impact that your father has made on your life than on Father’s Day. Whether dad is a tech geek, a sports nut, or a kitchen commander, there’s a gift on this list that he’ll love and appreciate.

1. The Echo Dot
If your dad is very techy, then this one is the perfect gift for him. This device can keep him company wherever he is, may he be at the office or home. The Echo Dot or Alexa can tell jokes to your dad, inform him about the weather forecast, and play music to him.

If your dad is feeling a bit lazy, this device can also help him with several chores like locking doors, setting sprinkles outdoors, dimming lights, and controlling the thermostat.
Tip: Inform your mom about Alexa ahead of time, just in case.
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2. Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa
Since we are living in a very modern world where everything is about technology, why not keep your dad updated about the latest trends by giving him a tablet? Through it, he can browse Facebook, play games, and even annoy you with dad jokes messages while you're at work. But at least, he will be having fun.
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3. Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Portable Charger
If he already owns a tablet or a phone, then he must be on it all the time. And what is more annoying when you're watching a video, and your device suddenly shuts down? This portable charger can be your dad's savior whenever he is low on battery.

With this, he can continue using his device. The portable charger has enough power to allow your dad to charge his device several times.
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4. Dad Jokes Card
Does your dad appreciate old school stuff? If he does, then why not give him a Father's Day card? It is sincere and straightforward but funny as well.

Your dad does not care about the things that you give him, the more important thing to him is that you are there to celebrate the special occasion with him. The card would serve as a souvenir for that special day.
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5. Make Your Hot Sauce Kit
Whose father have not developed a liking for hot sauce? Gifts for Father's Day like this one is perfect for dad's who want to make their stuff. He will have fun mixing his version of hot sauces using this kit.

It would be like a Do-It-Yourself project: Father’s Edition.
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6. Pickle Juice Sports Drink
Sports drinks are usually consumed by people who love working out or playing sports, and one of those people are your dads. With this drink, the cramps that your dad experiences after working out can be lessened.

Your dad might already have a favorite sports drink, but once he knew that this drink is made of 100% natural products and have ten times more electrolytes than his usual drink, then he might change his mind.
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7. Yeti Tundra Roadie
Dads love going out every summer, may it be with his friends or with family. He may go to the beach or go fishing with his mates. On all those occasions, several cans or bottles of beer must not be forgotten.

With this gift, he can bring his favorite drinks in style and keep them cool by putting a lot of ice. You can choose from different colors: charcoal, white, desert tan, ice blue, and coral. There are even Louisville and Virginia designs.
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8. John Denver Collection
Bring your dad back to the '90s with this complete set of John Denver's album. He can relive the past when he listens to some of John Denver's famous songs like Rocky Mountain High and Annie's Song. Of all the gifts for Father's Day, this is the only one that can make your dad travel through time.

This collection includes four CDs with bonuses such as live performances, demos, and unreleased tracks. Your dad can listen to these tunes while sipping his coffee outside your home.
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9. Hand-Stamped Vintage Spoon
Dads love personalized gifts. This personalized spoon is perfect for fathers who love eating ice cream. It is like your regular spoon, only with the words "Dad's Ice Cream Spoon" written across it.

Your dad would surely keep it hidden so others won’t be able to use it. At least when he asks where his spoon is, you will surely know what spoon he is talking about.
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10. Hygiene Kit
Practicing proper hygiene is very important to keep one's self healthy. It should always be observed, especially when working all the time outdoors, just like your dad. They may be accustomed to all the dirt and everything, but at the end of the day, they will still need to clean themselves.

With this hygiene kit, he can give his hard-working hands some tender loving care after a long day of working outside. The set includes dry oil, hand lotion, and hand scrub.

The ingredients of this kit are 100% natural, so you won't need to worry about harmful substances. A mechanic pieced together this kit because he can probably relate about the fact that man’s hands need pampering after a dirty job.
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11. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler
Dads love bringing their drinks with them wherever they go. When they go to the office or go for a jog, they always bring their coffee or their favorite beverage with them. However, with a simple tumbler, they could not keep their drinks hot or cold.

Fortunately, one of the gifts for Father’s Day that you can give to your dad is an insulated tumbler. It can keep your dad’s drink hot or cold and can even withstand the different conditions outdoors.
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12. Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set
Does your dad love Star Wars? If he does, then he will like to receive a gift that is out of this world. The design on these glasses is not from this world because they are inspired by the planets that can be seen on Star Wars.

Your dad would truly appreciate this gift if he is a certified Star Wars fan. But if he is not, he would still find this set cool. The set includes six glasses with different unique designs.
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13. Mushroom Farm
Some dads love the idea of gardening but may not have the patience, skill, and time to do it. They may have tried it before but ends up overwatering the plant or exposing it to too much sunlight. Fortunately, with the Mushroom Farm, they can proudly tell themselves that they have the green thumb.

He can water this mushroom all he wants and not be worried about overwatering. He must be more concerned about your water bill, though. Give this to your dad, and he will love how mushrooms can grow right out of the box.
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14. Legend and Legacy T-Shirts
Get these matchy-matchy shirts for you and your dad on Father's Day. It will not only be a nice gift but a nice compliment as well. Your dad's shirt will have the words "The Legend" while yours will have the words "The Legacy."

You and your father can wear these shirts during the celebration of Father's Day. It would be a lovely sight.
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15. Perpetual Calendar
Dads love designing their office, too. Why not give him something that can make him get rid of something that he used to get every year? A calendar.

With this magnetically-powered calendar that was made by the Museum of Modern Art, your dad will have a work of art in his office that has an important function. He won't need new calendars every year because the magnetic balls in this calendar can be moved depending on the month and year. Now he will be one step closer to achieving a paperless office.
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16. Braun Series 7 Shaver
Your dad wanted a fancy shaver, but he doesn't want to buy himself one for whatever weird reasons. The odds are definitely on your favor on this one because you will be able to surprise your dad with something that he both wants and needs.

It is 100% waterproof and even adapts to features of the user’s face. It can be a bit pricey, but no worries because the next time that you give him a fancy shaver will be after seven years. A practical gift, right?
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17. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch
Is your dad still trying to keep himself fit? If he is, then a fitness tracker is one of the perfect gifts for Father’s Day for him. He won’t need to go to the gym and pay an instructor if he has this device.

It has personal coaching features and has updated workout modes that your dad will surely enjoy. It even has a feature that can improve his sleeping habits. Remember that a fit dad is a happy dad.
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18. Herschel Men’s Chapter Travel Kit Bag
Has your dad been using the same travel bag for several years? Now is the perfect time to upgrade his travel bag by giving him this Herschel travel kit bag. This is perfect for dad’s who love to travel or dad’s who often have business travels.

He can put a lot of things inside the bag, especially his essentials. It is very easy to clean, convenient, and is even waterproof. The travel bag is available in black, navy, navy/red, raven, and woodland camo.
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19. Beer Cap Map
Does your dad call himself a beer enthusiast or something of the like? Maybe he is even willing to travel to have a taste of a newly discovered local brew. If he fits the description, then a beer cap map is the perfect gift for a beer-loving dad like yours.

He can create his artwork by fitting the beer caps that he has collected in the holes of the map. The beer cap map is available in small and large. As your dad continues his adventure with beer, he will be more motivated to explore new brews to complete the map.
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20. Garden Trowel Bottle Opener
This garden trowel doesn’t only function as a garden tool but also as a bottle opener. Your father can make use of this trowel while tending to your garden, and if it is time to take a break, he can use it to open his beer. He would not want to go back to the house to get an opener for his drink.

He can use this during a backyard barbecue, or he can bring it with him at a picnic. For sure, your dad will be using this tool more often than you can imagine.
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21. SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer
A lot of dads love playing golf. If your dad plays golf, then he would surely like this strength and tempo trainer. This trainer would be his secret weapon in improving his swing.

Once he plays with his friends, he will be bragging about this trainer. And if you get lucky, he might also be bragging how his kid came up with this wonderful Father's Day gift. It is not impossible to hit two birds with one stone with this Father's Day present: you made your dad happy, and you're the best kid in the world both at the same time.
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22. Booze-Flavored Marshmallows
Yes, booze-flavored marshmallows are a thing. It is available in four booze flavors: fireball, bourbon, gin, and beer. With this booze-flavored marshmallows gift set, your dad can now enjoy his favorite alcohol in marshmallow form.

If you are wondering if these marshmallows can be consumed by other members of your family aside from your dad and other adults, the answer is yes, they can. Even though these marshmallows are cooked in alcohol, the final product is alcohol-free. This means that anyone in your family, regardless of age, can enjoy these marshmallows set.
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23. Walt Whitman’s Guide to Manly Health and Training
Is your dad a bookworm or loves reading books during his free time? If he is, then this book can be a perfect addition to his collection that he can proudly display on his bookshelf. He can read here a lot of practical tips and funny quips as well.

This book is a collection of commentary with a lot of 19th-century thoughts about exercise, food, and dress. Some of the ideas that can be seen in the book are still applicable to today's world, while other stuff written in this book is just for entertainment and food for thought.

The ideas in the book were taken from Whitman's newspaper column, which was written in the year 1858.
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24. Oak Nightstand Valet
Is your dad a very organized man? What else is a perfect gift for an orderly man like him than a nightstand valet? It will not only perfectly match his nightstand or desk but can also be an organizer for several of his things.

He can put his mobile phone atop it, his glasses as well as his watches or activity trackers. What’s even more convenient is it has an arm where your dad can put his watch. The nightstand valet comes in various finishes and two different styles.
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25. Morning, Noon, and Night Coffee
Your dad needs coffee at different times of the day for varying reasons. Fortunately, with these three artisan grounds, your dad will have the perfect coffee as he needs it. There will be one for the morning, one for noontime and one for nighttime.

In the morning, he can enjoy a tasty coffee in butterscotch, caramel and vanilla flavor; a dark roast at noon to wake up his nerves; a mellow decaf that he can drink at night after dinner. Your dad will surely enjoy these three aromatic blends.
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26. Maximus Smart Security Light
If your dad is a bit paranoid about your home's security, then this is the perfect gift for him. If you are willing to pay extra cash for this Father's Day gift, you can surely help your dad get a good night's sleep every night. It may look like a regular light fixture, but it has a camera inside that can let you see what's lurking in the dark and it can even detect movements.

If this device detects something suspicious outside, it will alert your dad by sending him a notification on his mobile phone. What’s even better is it only takes 15 minutes to install this security light. No one will get paranoid when the night falls again.
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27. P300 Pico Projector
Reward your dad after a long day at work or a busy week with a movie or two. He can use this projector to create and enjoy his home theater. It is portable and very convenient and easy to use.

Your dad will start staying home during weekends if he has this projector. More movie time means more time to spend with his family.
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28. UE Wonderboom Speaker
Does your dad love to listen to music wherever he goes? With this UE Wonderboom Speaker, he can play his favorite tunes wherever he is. He can bring it with him while working around the house while mowing the yard, or while working on something in the garage.

It is easy to carry because it is small but offers excellent quality sound. Your dad won't even have to worry about it getting wet while he is working because it is waterproof. The speaker is available in 14 different colors and designs: avocado, cashmere pink, concrete, deep blue, fireball red, lilac, midnight blue, neon forest, patches, phantom black, raspberry, stone grey, subzero blue, and unicorn.
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29. iPhone Case/Wallet
If your dad loves carrying his phone around, then he will love this iPhone case/wallet. He can use it as a case or protection for his phone, and he can also stash some of his cash, driver's license, and ATM or credit cards inside. With this dual-purpose case, he can now carry everything that he needs in one wallet.

Your dad would also love how the color of the leather changes over time. Compared to other leathers that become torn or dull after a long time, this wallet changes into a deeper brown color. The improved color will give your dad's wallet a more vintage and sophisticated look.

You can even add a message on it to make it a personalized gift.
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30. 3D Shape Cocktail Chiller Set
If your dad owns a bar at home or is still planning to have one, you can give him gifts for Father’s Day that can compliment his mini bar at home. You can give him this 3D shape cocktail chiller set to give his drinking sessions added style and sophistication. He will take pride at this excellent cocktail chillers whenever he invites a friend for a drink or two.

All he must do is put the chillers inside the freezer and put them in his drinks. It will not only keep his drink cool but also avoid watering down his drink that ice cubes usually do. It can even be an additional decoration to his mini bar.
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31. Electric Grinder
Since dads love making their coffees, why not give him something that will help him in making the best coffee? A mini coffee grinder is an excellent gift for a man that loves coffee. It would be like a toy but for grownup men like him.

The grinder has many features that could ensure a great experience. Your dad can grind up to 3 ounces of coffee beans in just a few seconds. There’s also an added safety feature where the blades will not spin until the lid is securely placed.
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32. Michael Symon’s Playing with Fire Cookbook
Dads love hosting barbecue parties and of course making barbecues. Improve the barbecue making the skill of your dad by giving him this book by Michael Symon. After he learns a lot from the book, get yourself ready for some excellent barbecues.

If you don’t have any idea who Michael Symon is, he is the owner of Mabel’s BBQ and is also an Iron Chef regular, so if you want to ask about BBQs, he is the perfect person to ask. In the book, Symon has compiled all his favorite BBQ dishes. Your dad will be surprised how he can easily cook those dishes in your own home even without the special and fancy equipment.
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33. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit
Beer is one of your dad’s favorite drink if not his most favorite drink. He probably goes to get a bottle or two from the fridge after a long day at work or when he is watching a game or his favorite TV show.

Did you know that your dad can make his beer? Yes, that is possible with this beer making kit. You can even make beer making as a bonding time with your father to make him remember that moment with you forever.
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34. Vintage Metal Sign
If your dad loves ice cream so much even before it became cool, then you should give him ice cream inspired gifts for Father’s Day. You can give him this vintage metal sign that he can put up in your kitchen so that he can show everyone how much he loves ice cream.

The sign says "Scream for Ice Cream" in a vintage design that will surely compliment the age of your dad no matter how hard he tries to hide it.
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35. Sedum Terrarium
Do you want to find out if your dad has a green thumb? If he is a bit curious about his green thumb like you are, then he might enjoy this vertical terrarium kit as a gift. It contains everything that he needs to grow his mini garden, from seeds and pebbles to a recycled bottle vessel and some soil.

This sedum terrarium can be a great addition to his desk. The plant doesn’t need too much to grow, all it needs is some water now and then. If your dad still can't manage to grow this one, maybe you should get him an artificial plant next year.
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36. Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is a beauty essential for men that would be an excellent gift for minimalist dads. Who says that dads should not buy beauty essentials because they are men? They need pampering too and needs to look their best every day.

This oil can keep you dads nails and hair healthy, and it can even be used on sensitive skin. One bottle of this oil can do a lot of things. He would not need to carry a lot of beauty bottles because this one bottle would be already enough for his needs.
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37. Airjamz Electric Air Guitar Toys
Does your dad love playing different musical instruments and pretend to play them in the air most of the time? With these toys, his air guitar sessions will come to life. No instruments might not be visible or present, but your dad can hear the sounds of the instruments he wants to play.

These air guitar toys can be connected to an app, and it will produce sound depending on your dad’s movements. He can even choose among different instruments so he will never get bored in playing the same instrument every time. Bring out the Rockstar spirit in your dad with these awesome toys.
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38. Mophie Power Reserve
Dads can be on their phone all the time, may he be reading emails or texting. It cannot be avoided that his device may run out of juice. Fortunately, he can now charge his phone immediately with this power reserve.

This portable charger comes in different colors so your dad can carry it with style. Moreover, it has built-in cables. Your dad does not have to bring a USB cord with him through this convenient feature.
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39. Framed Artwork
If you and your siblings love ice cream so much that you can’t last a day or a week without it, now is the perfect time to let your dad know that you love him more than ice cream. This framed artwork will make your dad know how you feel about him compared to your favorite ice cream. This gift will mean everything to him because it will serve as a reminder of how much you love him.

The artwork may say that you love him more than you will ever love ice cream, but he may not believe it at first. The gift must come with a lot of persuasive powers to make him feel your message.
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40. Whiskey and Rum Making Kit
If your dad is not into beer, you can give him this whiskey and rum making kit instead of the beer making that was mentioned earlier in this article. It would be an awesome present for a dad who has a mini bar at home. He can now make his whiskey and rum with the help of this kit.

The kit includes a cleaning kit, a pouring funnel, an aging barrel, Kentucky bourbon, spiced rum, and highland malt scotch whiskey. If he is good at making his drinks, he might even be able to rival local taverns and bars with his unique whiskey and rum. You can also accompany him while doing an alcohol experiment and be the best kid in the world.
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41. Gentleman’s Ice Tray
Summer is best spent with a cold drink in your hand, and your dad will surely think so too. Why not level up his summer drinks, may it be a glass of beer or a glass of iced tea with beautifully shaped ice. It will make his drink more fun.

This coming Father’s Day get him a gentleman’s ice tray so he can make ice in different shapes like bowties, glasses, hats, and a gentleman’s mustache. Just add water to the tray and freeze them in the fridge.
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42. Darth Vader and Son
Is your dad a Star Wars fan? If he is, then he will find this Darth Vader and Son comic book one of the best gifts for Father’s Day that he will receive.

The book is both entertaining and heartwarming because of the unique comical twist that the author, Jeffrey Brown, has applied on the life of Darth Vader and Luke. It has vivid illustrations that he will surely like. The story in the comic revolves on Darth Vader being a hands-on and overprotective dad to his son Luke, and how he involves in the daily activities of his son.

Well, isn’t that cute?
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43. Brazil French Press Coffee Maker
Dads day won’t be complete without drinking a cup of coffee or maybe even more. It would be very convenient for dads if they can quickly make their coffee in just four minutes. If you think that's impossible, then you might change your mind when you know how this coffee maker functions.

This French coffee maker has the simplest brewing system, where boiled water can immediately be mixed with coarsely ground coffee beans. It can create the perfect temperature to brew and extract the full flavor of the coffee.

What are you waiting for? Add this to your dad’s countertop collection.
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44. Ice Cream Sandwich Phone Case
Does your dad love pretend to make calls using an ice cream sandwich when you were a child? Now, the joke is literally on him when you give him one of the funny gifts for Father's Day. What else could it be but an ice cream sandwich inspired phone case?

Once he has this phone case, he will not have to pretend to make calls using an ice cream sandwich anymore because it looks like he is. Now that is a fun Father’s Day gift to give to your dad.
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45. Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags
Some dads are very hands-on in the kitchen and love making any edible stuff. For sure, they also like the ideas of equipment that can make them instant meals. Aside from cooking with these cheese bags is not time-consuming, it is also very convenient to use.

Why not get your dad toaster grilled cheese bags so he can make grilled cheese sandwiches in a jiffy? Give this to your dad as a Father's Day gift, and he will surely enjoy making grilled cheese minus the mess.
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46. Smartphone Sanitizer
Dads can be super techy that they won’t even get their phones off their hands for even just a minute. As a result, a lot of germs could be crawling on their smartphones, and those germs can transfer to their hands. That is gross.

Fortunately, with this smartphone sanitizer, germs will be kept at bay. He can bring this with him at the office or anywhere. He will thank you for providing him the easy way to get rid of those unwanted and unseen germs on his smartphone.
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47. Rapid Beverage Chiller
Your dad might always look for a cold drink, and if it is not available, he will have to wait for a long time before the fridge can make his drink cold enough. Here is when this magical invention gets in the picture. Your dad might not even be aware that this kind of thing even exists so he will not be able to guess your Father’s Day gift for him.

This rapid beverage chiller can cool your dad's drinks 90 times faster compared to a refrigerator. It can be used on different drinks like carbonated drinks and wine. You can even set the settings to a particular beverage so it can adjust the necessary temperature.
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48. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Breakfast is a required meal of the day, so everyone should not miss it. However, mornings can be hectic for a family with children so not everyone might have the extra time to prepare breakfast. If your dad is a stay-at-home dad or just a dad who is very lazy in making breakfast, then he might love the idea of making breakfasts a lot easier.

With this dual breakfast sandwich maker, he can make one to two sandwiches in just five minutes. All he has to do is layer all the ingredients, wait for several minutes, and voila, he has his sandwiches. He won't even be worried about the cleaning part because all the pieces are detachable.
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49. Ice Cream Cone Cufflinks
Is your dad an ice cream person? If he is, maybe there were times that he showed up at work or a business meeting with some traces of ice cream on his suit. That might be embarrassing, but you know that he can't help it because he loves ice cream.

If your searching for gifts for Father’s Day, maybe you can add this one on your list. At least, he can come to work with ice cream on his suit in the least embarrassing way with this ice cream cone cufflinks. It might be weird for his age, but he can surely pull off this look.
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50. Corn on the Cob Grilling Basket
Some dads love the idea of grilling food. You may find them always hovering over his smoking grill and cooking something for you or his friends. If your dad is close to that description, then you should get him something that can help him stay organized while grilling.

With this corn on the cob grilling basket, he can be both efficient and organized in grilling some corn. This grilling basket can even add some smokiness to the corns.
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51. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry Hardcover by Neil deGrasse Tyson
A lot of dads love Science so much, but they don’t have the time to make an in-depth study or reading about it. Fortunately, Neil deGrasse Tyson wrote a book that can be a great gift for dads who both love Science and reading. He can bring the book with him anywhere and read it whenever he has time, like when he is waiting for the train or waiting for his coffee.

Dads do not have all the time in the world because they have to go to work and take care of their family, so the author made sure that the book is easy to read and understand. Your dad’s mind will open up to new things that will make him ready about other significant topics in Science.
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52. “Game of Thrones” Monopoly
Does your dad love to play Monopoly with you and your siblings? Why not give this old board game an awesome twist by getting him a Game of Thrones edition of Monopoly? This board game would be a great gift, especially if your dad loves the series itself.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t love the series or don’t even idea what it is, this might still be worth the shot. It could be the perfect alternative for the regular Monopoly game that you play since you were kids. That would be something worth remembering, especially that this is a collector's edition.
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53. Craft Beer Flight Holder
If your dad already has his beverage maker kit, then why not add a beer flight holder to his mini bar collection? Not all man caves have this excellent addition, but it will surely complete your dad's collection. It would be a great gift for dads who love making their drink.

However, if your dad doesn’t have a mini bar yet, you might want to help him build one and give this as a cave-warming gift and a Father’s Day gift both at the same time. He will take pride in using these samplers when his friends stop by for a drink.
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54. Designer’s Handmade Unicorn Ice Cream Cone Horse Bowtie
Are you looking for a cool, cute, and functional gift for your dad on Father’s Day? Maybe this is the gift that you have been looking for, a cute-looking bowtie that would surely make your dad’s Father’s Day celebration extra colorful and fun. The bowtie shows two white horses with an ice cream cone on their heads, very cute, right?

The bowtie is adjustable and is made of high-quality fabric. This is the perfect gift to brighten up your dad’s day.
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55. Donut Warming Mug
Dads love multifunctional things and morning coffees so why not give him both? Everyone knows that it is hard to get fresh-out-of-the-oven donuts nowadays so extra effort should be made to keep those donuts warm. With this awesome mug, your dad can enjoy both a hot coffee and hot donuts every morning.

The porcelain-made mug has a heat retaining design that comes with a lid to make sipping coffee easy. The lid also serves as a mount for your donut, bread or cookie. The steam that comes from the coffee can keep your food nice and warm.
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56. Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone
Owning a couple of devices can make your dad feel like he is unorganized whenever he needs to charge his device both at the same time. Fortunately, a simple and with all-in-one functions charging dock can come to his rescue and helped him in lessening clutter in his workspace. So, when you are trying to list techy gifts for Father’s Day, make sure to include this one.

It can hold your dads Apple watch at a very convenient angle where he can still easily view it while it’s charging. The base that holds the iPhone is also perfectly angled to make viewing easy. Moreover, excess cords can be hidden at the WatchStand’s post to avoid clutter.
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57. National Geographic Quadcopter Drone
If you think your dad has everything, then maybe the perfect gift to give him is something that he hasn’t thought about purchasing. Drones are not only for kids; they can also be enjoyed by those who are kids at heart. He will not only appreciate the view from above, but he will also enjoy flying this drone.

With the continuous evolving of technology, most drones have a lot of features but are very complicated to use. One wrong press of a button and you will send your drone straight to the trash. Fortunately, this drone is very easy to operate that even your dad won’t have a hard time learning to fly it.
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58. Roku Express HD Streaming Player
Everyone, including dads, loves streaming on the internet. If your dad likes it too, you might want to give him the joy and enjoyment in streaming through this streaming player. Get one for your dad, and he will surely not leave the couch except to get some food from the kitchen.

It is effortless to install as the box comes with remote control and a High-Speed HDMI cable. He has to connect it to the internet, and he can start streaming on his favorite channels. If he wants to search for other channels, he can use the remote to change and discover new channels.
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59. Personalized Money Clip
Dads love putting names on their things so why not give him a personalized gift that he will surely like. A personalized money clip is the perfect personalized but elegant Father’s Day gift that your dad could have. You can even get a nice one with just a few dollars.

You can put anything that you want on the clip, may it be the full name of your father, his initials or your message for him. Nonetheless, whatever is stamped on the clip, your father will appreciate that you remembered him on a special occasion.
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60. All About Beer Card Deck
This unique card deck is an excellent gift for a father who both loves poker and beer. Get him one for Father's Day, and you can start playing poker with him while discovering new fun facts about beer on every card. By the end of the game, your dad might have memorized all different types of brews.

With this card deck, he can enjoy playing poker and can learn a lot of things about beer that he can share with his friends when they catch up over a bottle of beer. Don’t you think beer and poker is a perfect combination on a boy’s night?
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61. Xiamoi Hybrid Dual Mi Earphone
You do not have to spend a fortune to get your dad excellent gifts for Father's Day. You can get him these inexpensive Xiamoi earphones, which is one of the best headsets in the tech world. If a lot of people liked the features of this earphone, he’s going to love it too.

He can use it when he is listening to his favorite songs or to an audiobook or when he is watching a clip or a movie. He can even enjoy the quality of this earphone while he is working out or mowing the lawn. Whatever purpose it may serve your dad, for sure he will be grateful for new high-quality earbuds.
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62. Big Bad Breakfast: The Most Important Book of the Day
If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then this book is undoubtedly the most important book of the day. This book would be a precious one for dads who love big Southern breakfasts to start their morning. Aside from the delicious finished product, he will also enjoy the process of making his breakfast through following the recipes in the book.

This book is written by John Currence, who is one of the well-loved and most celebrated chefs in the South. He owns a restaurant in the South where a lot of people coming from different places walk in together to enjoy the most important meal of their day. In the book, John included a lot of delicious recipes that your dad must try.
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63. Bose Wireless Headphones
You may think that you might be spending a lot of money on these little headphones. However, come to think of it, your father might have spent a good amount of cash repurchasing headphones all these years because everything that he has bought easily got broken. When you try to compute all of the money that he spent, then you would surely conclude that it was not a practical move.

If you want to give your dad high-quality headphones, then this could be a great choice because this product can last for a long time. It even has a “Find My Buds” feature just in case he can’t remember where he left it or accidentally lost it. It is water and sweat resistant so he can use it during workouts or walking outdoors.
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64. S’Well Water Bottle
A water bottle may not be one of the fanciest gifts for Father's Day that your dad would ever receive, but this gift can be used for many years to come. It is made of insulated steel so your dad can keep his drink icy cold for 24 hours. It can be his perfect companion during sunny days and workout sessions.

In the winter, he can use this to keep his drink hot for at least 12 hours.
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65. Kammok Roo Hammock
Does your dad love going to the woods or going on summer trips? If he does, then this hammock should be included in the things that he should bring on the tour.

The hammock is water and tear resistant and very durable. Setting it up won’t also be a problem because it comes with an easy-set-up design. With this gift, your dad can relax to the fullest while he is on a trip to the woods.
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66. OXO Good Grips Double Wall Travel Mug
Dads need their coffee so what perfect gift can you give them than a good coffee mug to travel his coffee to and from work. This travel mug has three silicone seals to make sure that there would be no leaks no matter how your dad carries the cup. It is made of stainless and very durable and is even BPA free.

The lids are detachable so it will be easy to clean. It can accommodate up to 18 oz of coffee, and the double wall can ensure that the coffee stays hot or cold.
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67. Pro Grill Steam Brush
Dads love to grill, but they sure hate the aftermath which is cleaning the grill after cooking different foods on it. With this grill, he can get rid of all the leftover food and grease. It is effortless to use and can even clean in between grill grates.

All your dad needs to do is to preheat the grill, brush it with this steam brush then rinse. The parts are detachable to make cleaning easier and are even dishwasher safe.
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68. Anti-Static Record Sleeves
If your dad owns a good collection of vinyl records, then the perfect gift to him would be protection for his precious collection. This anti-static record sleeves can keep your dad’s vinyl in mint condition.

Compared to traditional paper inners, these sleeves can do a better job as it does not tear easily or leave static or dust on your dad's well-loved collection. The whole sleeve is translucent, so there is no need for a center hole that only allows dust to get inside.
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69. The Perfect Shave Starter Kit
Using a drugstore-bought razor is not enough to achieve that perfectly shaved face. Fortunately, this shave starter kit can help your dad achieve great results. He can even avoid ingrown hairs, razor burn, as well as nicks and cuts.

Get this kit for your dad on Father’s Day and let him enjoy a comfortable and lavender scented shave.
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70. 300-Piece Poker Set with Aluminum Case
Does your dad love playing poker with his friends on weekends or whenever they have free time? If he does, then why not get him a 300-piece poker set with an aluminum case? It will not only make him feel lucky every game, but he can also take pride in his fantastic poker set.

His friends would surely be envious of your dad because of two reasons. The first would be because he has an excellent poker set. The second would be because he has a sweet kid who remembers to give him excellent gifts for Father's Day.
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71. Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife
Every dad owns a Swiss Army knife because it is convenient for any situation. Maybe it has just become a rule that all dads must own one. This coming Father's Day is your chance to upgrade your dad’s Swiss Army knife to a new one.

This pocket knife is very lightweight but fully loaded, which makes it ideal for everyday use. It has a total of 14 functions and has a sleek design that every dad would love.
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72. Solar Reading Light with Radio
If your dad is the kind of father who wants to be prepared at all times for different types of situations, then this would be an excellent gift for him. This solar reading light is equipped with different things necessary for survival, such as a siren alarm, a power bank, a flashlight, and a radio.

When your dad has this multifunctional tool, he would be prepared for bad things that might happen in the future as a zombie apocalypse.
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73. Coleman Propane Portable Grill
Going to the beach with the family requires your dad to bring a portable grill where he can cook burgers and other meals for the entire family. With this portable grill, his work would be much more comfortable.

It has interchangeable cooktops that can allow your dad to switch from grill grates and stove grates easily. An instastart button can start the grill without the need for a lighter or a match. Moreover, the rack is collapsible, which makes it easier to carry and more comfortable to fit into car trunks.
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74. KABB Mechanical Flip Down Clock
Digital might be the newest trend in technology, but it is still nice to check the time on a non-digital device. Your dad can put this mechanical flip down the clock on his nightstand or his office table. With this gift, he won't need to check his phone for the time regularly.

The retro and stylish appearance of this clock would fit the personality of your dad and would make a lovely home or office decoration.
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75. Digital Tape Measure
If your dad love making home improvements or his work is related to the like, then it would be great if he owns a digital tape measure. Everything is digital nowadays, which makes work more convenient and accurate. This tape measure even has a feature that can convert measurements into different units.

It is weather resistant, durable, and is made of polycarbonate plastic. It has a large digital display that makes it easy to keep track of the measurement. You can even choose different colors.
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76. Beats Urbeats3 Earphones with Lightning Connector
Wireless or Bluetooth earphones are the newest trends in the market today. However, you cannot rely on those rechargeable earphones if you have to use it for a long time. It is unavoidable that you will need to recharge it once it is out of juice.

Even though earphones with connectors are a bit obsolete, it would surely a big help for your dad if he had to work long hours outdoors.
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77. Baxter of California Safety Razor
Your dad would love a clean and comfortable shave, and this would be the ideal product for him. This safety razor has a classic double edge that can help your dad achieve the traditional wet shave.

This razor can help your dad reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs, and he can use it for several years before it needs to be replaced. It is chrome-plated which gives it a very classy look. The razor is packed inside a matte black gift box, together with a pack of starter blades and instruction cards.
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78. Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser
Another excellent addition to your dad's mini bar at home would be a beer dispenser. It is made with the technology that can enhance the taste, texture, and aroma of canned or bottled beers. It is equipped with sound waves that can turn your dad’s favorite beer into a rich and creamy beverage.

Moreover, this dispenser works with different kinds of beer, such as shandy's, lagers, porters, stouts, ales, and pilsners. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and is very lightweight, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities like camping and picnic.
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79. Global G-2 Chef’s Knife
Does your dad love cooking? If he is, then he might also be in the art of cutting. With this said, for sure your dad knows how important it is to have a good quality knife for cutting different ingredients on the cutting board.

Get him this Global G-2 chef’s knife to make him feel like a professional chef.
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80. ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide
If your dad has a thing for steaks, then he is positively obsessed with cooking it perfectly. It may seem impossible if you are not a professional chef, but steak perfection is possible with the Joule Sous Vide. Your dad would always be excited to cook steak for your family and take pride in its restaurant-level perfection.

What’s even nicer with this product is it is the smallest and sleekest Joule Sous Vide in the market. It only measures 11 inches tall and weighs 1.3 pounds. Despite that, this device heats up fast and has 1100 watts of power and is compatible with a lot of phone models.
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81. Sutton Duffel Bag
Does your dad continually go to the gym to workout? If he does, then he can use some new duffel bags to carry all his workout necessities. He may have been using the same bag for several years, so why not get him a new one?

This bag can also be used to carry all your dad's stuff during a small weekender. The tote strap is removable so your dad can choose to carry the bag in any way he wants. It is also durable and made of tough tech-fabric.
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