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65 Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 2-Year-Old Boys 2020


A baby boy is a marvel. He’s learning to walk, grasping at the first possibilities of speech, and is super inquisitive about the world around him. His parents look after him and he looks to them in return, learning everything he can about this crazy little thing called life.

When getting a gift for baby boy, it can be easy to give him just about anything. His tastes are undeveloped, so he’ll enjoy whatever he gets. That said, not all gifts are equal. Some gifts help a baby boy learn about the world and develop their nascent physical abilities. We have a list that contains a huge variety of suitable gifts for 2-year-old boys, so you can find the perfect present for the little boy you have in mind.

1. Little Patient
Your two-year-old might be a doctor someday, and this Little Patient toy can be one to start him in that direction.

This adorable character is filled with plush organs, six of the essential organs of the human body from the heart, lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys, and spleen. These cuddly and soft organs are color-coded, so the little kid would surely have a blast with learning about each of this organ's important role in the body.

If he's going into surgery, learning these things could be fun and help toughen it up.
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2. Monster Bowling
Right now, he might be feeling or wanting to be that knight in shining armor with a long sharp sword that is so brave in slaying the dragon or the monsters who wants to enslave the humankind.

This Monster Bowling is sure to make their fantasy more real and interactive. This bowling set is cute with its colorful monster pins, and while they are lovable and plushy, they are more beastly looking than friendly, and your kid would surely enjoy bowling them down. This game set is great for imaginative play and in promoting their motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination.
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3. Balloon Dog Nightlight
What kid doesn't like furry little friends or colorful balloons? This Balloon Dog Nightlight would be a perfect gift for the little one.

This pop-art inspired art is very functional and a nice addition to your little kid's bedroom. It's like a balloon twisted to look like his favorite fetching friend and one that doesn't float away or deflates. Squeeze the paw, and this nightlight will turn on its internal LED, giving off an ambient glow that can last for about 30 minutes at a time, illuminating the space.
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4. Pee Pee Teepees
Diaper changing isn't always fun, especially when your little one decides it's one of his playtimes and doesn't want to cooperate.

Parents of little boys who have so much energy in a small bundle of the baby body are sure acquainted about how hard these times can be. But, these Pee Pee Teepees should make the job so much easier to do, and less messy too. Plus, it's 100% cotton so it should be comfortable and safe for the baby.
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5. Baby Natural Toy for Motor Skill
Two-year-old boys are very curious and full of energy. They like to go around in things and do a lot of things. And, this can be quite a problem if you need them on their best behavior for when there are significant events or when you are riding in the car or traveling during the weekend.

So, something that is educational and will keep them busy and interested as they sit is always helpful, and this Baby Natural Toy for Motor Skill is an excellent choice for that. It has various educational elements from a button fastener, a bell toy, a lacing toy, a wooden latch for opening doors and many others.
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6. Mitt Washcloth Bath Toiletries
Baby boys will either love bath time or get fussy during these times, which make it harder for you to do. But, with these Mitt Washcloth Bath Toiletries should make bathing more fun.

Instead of just bathing him, you can teach him to do things on his own with these little gloves that perfectly fit for his small hands. With the delightful and playful designs in these mitts, he will surely be more excited to take a bath now.

Made with terry cloth on both of the sides of the mitts, it’s safe for your kid’s delicate skin.
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7. Gummy Bear Lights
Anything delicious or delicious-looking is something that a 2-year-old will surely love. This Gummy Bear Lights is sure something to pick his interest, something that can add a little character on his bedroom too.

This cute and rubbery bear can take out the boredom of his room day or night. During the day, it looks like a cute toy on the shelf, and at night, it has complete functionality. Simply squeeze the belly of the bear, and it will provide colorful splashes of the LED light.
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8. Playful Sports Mugs
Playing with the food is never good, and that’s one of the things you first teach a child, especially a 2-year-old boy who often likes playing with everything, including his food.

But with this Playful Sports Mug, playing with the food can be an exception. This mug is perfect for your kid’s breakfast, where he can slam dunk and throw strikes using his breakfast cereal. Eating breakfast has never been this fun, and your baby boy would surely love these moments.
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9. My First Scribble
Aside from playing with their favorite toys, one other thing that a very energetic baby boy wants to do is scribble and scribble, and scribble some more. They are as artistic and creative as they are inquisitive and if you leave them with a marker, you’ll find your whole room full of wall art.

So, this My First Scribble book would be a nice gift for your kid, so he can have something where he can draw those abstracts other than your pristine white wall. It’s fun for the kid, plus it also helps stimulate his imagination and creativity.
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10. Plush Organs
It’s never early for your little boy to learn about everything about what’s happening inside his body, whether it’s about giving his upcoming surgery a soft educational touch or you just want him to start learning these things.

These Plush Organs can surely give your kid a jump-start if he wants to be a doctor someday. It’s educational but still fun with its comfy and soft texture that is best designed for little kids.
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11. Sit to Stand Learning Walker
From his little steps to the bigger ones he takes, you won’t always be there to watch and help him 24-7. So, it would be nice to get him something to help him in this transition, and this Sit to Stand Learning Walker would be a nice choice.

Plus, this learning walker is also very interactive and playful with its detachable play panel that can keep him engaged during playtime. It has three shape sorters, three light-up buttons, two brightly-colored spinning rollers, and five piano keys which can all help inspire his creativity.
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12. Periodic Table Building Blocks
Your 2-year-old boy might be too young to start teaching him chemistry, but these Periodic Table Building Blocks are the easiest way to start him learning these things.

This set is complete with 20 colored blocks that contain all the 118 elements you can find on the periodic table. Every kid surely loves building things, and these blocks only help you make their favorite game more educational or chemistry-related. It's colorful too so these blocks will surely pick their interest.
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13. Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen
Laugh and learn for your baby boy is now possible with this Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen. It is a perfect tool to give your little kid to have a more educational playtime by himself or with his playmates.

This Learning Kitchen will not only teach your kid English but Spanish too. It has four modes he can play with, including Spanish lessons and music he can sing along with Plus. It comes with a lot of fun activities that are not only fun but can also help spark his imagination. It simply is a perfect toy to keep him on his butt for a period while you go around doing chores too.
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14. Recycled Glass Elephants Nightlight
One thing to complete your baby boy’s bedroom is a nice and fancy but extremely functional nightlight, and this Recycled Glass Elephant Nightlight is a perfect choice for that.

This nightlight produces a soft glow that illuminates a very sweet scene of a parent and a baby elephant so that it would be a sweet gesture for your child too. The glass mosaic can fill his room with an ambient light that is soft enough to let him sleep through but bright enough that it can illuminate any obstacles in the room.
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15. Thomas the Train & Track
Choo. Choo. This Thomas the Train &Track is your kid's very own train with a matching circular track. Cars are sure fun, but this train is even more unique.

This power wheel is excellent for an imaginative play which would also be a nice vehicle he can be riding as he explores his surroundings. Plus, this ride-on train can be used in two ways, using the circular track or out of it so he can use it on the carpet, on the floor or the lawn at your backyard or the park.
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16. Personalized M Is for Me Book
This can be his very own life story - the story of a very special little boy in your life.

His life story starts with an extremely enchanting illuminated cover of this Personalized M is for Me Book. It is etched with the name of your baby boy and inside comes a lot more surprises for you and your child.

There’s an illustrated alphabet on the inside pages, but instead of the common words “Apple for letter A” and so on, each letter is filled with positive character traits. It’s a perfect book for parent and child as he grows into these positive qualities.
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17. Sock Monkey Blanket
Come cuddle and be comfy. Even without you to hug him during the night as he sleeps, you can still make him as comfortable and as warm with this Sock Monkey Blanket.

The sock monkey iconic colors plus a super plush blanket made in one will be something your kid would want to cuddle at night. It’s made with leftover materials from factories that would have been otherwise wasted and discarded. And while it helps minimize waste, this finished product is not cheap at all. It’s made of 75% recycled cotton so it’s extremely soft to touch.
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18. Boy’s Personalized Story Book
Kids love story time whether it’s during the day or at night before they go to sleep. They are always animated of different stories, and this also helps with their imagination. And, what better book to read to them than something personalized just for them?

This Boy’s Personalized Story Book is not your ordinary baby storybook. It’s personalized based on your baby boy’s name. It has a very delightful storyline which uses every letter of your kid’s name to help create a colorful character and setting in the story.

Wait and see until he sees his name spelled in a book, and that would be even more magical than the story itself.
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19. Busy Board Wooden Activity Board
Something that is both educational and interesting is one of the best gifts & toys for a 2-year-old boy, and this Busy Board Wooden Activity Board is just that. This wooden toy is very interactive, not just suitable but a perfect pastime for a fuzzy and super energetic 2-year-old.

This small wooden toy is complete with various interesting activities that can keep him interested and keep him busy, which is perfect for when you are on a long car ride or when traveling during family trips.
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20. Count’n Play Register
No one likes playing make believe the most than your little boy. He might want to play a superhero one time, and the evil dragon the next and you can also get him to thinking of having his own business with this Count'n Play Register toy.

This is a perfect toy that could also get them their first experience into counting money with the set's realistic coins. Plus, any make-believe toy like this one is excellent for helping encourage and boost their imaginative play.
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21. “I Can’t Keep Calm I’m Two” Shirt
Nothing is cuter and funny than a little honestly, or a lot of it. For a child that seems to never lose his energy for running around and starting chaos, this "I Can't Keep Calm I'm Two" shirt would just be perfect for your two-year-old.

And while it sure is fun, this shirt is also very comfortable for a baby. It has medium-weight, which makes it more durable but still extremely comfortable. What's more, is that the ink used in printing this funny text on the shirt is water-based and non-toxic, so it's environmentally safe and safe for your baby.
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22. Wooden Toy Car
Car's are among the first ones you gift a baby boy. They sure like to push or pull cars around, and just like their daddies, it's one of their favorite toys.

But, this Wooden Toy Car is not just your typical toy car. It's handmade so while it may look quite the same as others, it's unique and special as your baby boy is. Plus, it's made of wood and not anything toxic like most plastic products. This wooden car toy is made of highest quality material from its main hardwood material to its linseed oil stain and linseed oil paint that gives this toy a colorful and fun character.
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23. Harley Tough Trike
Aside from cars, a Harley is something that any boy, small or big, will surely love to have in his collection. This Harley Tough Trike is a unique and fun riding bike for your little boy who wants to be as tough and cool as daddy.

It has elegant styling that can sure turn other people's head when your boy rides around within the park. This trike is made especially for toddlers his age, which can help develop his balance and coordination.
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24. Crochet Vegetables Set
Get him started to like vegetables by starting him to like playing with them and learning all about them with this Crochet Vegetables Set. It’s a great way to introduce them to all healthy foods to eat too.

This set is made with 100% cotton, so it’s soft and plush, complete with six different vegetables such as broccoli, potato, corn, pumpkin, beet, and onion.
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25. One Two Squeeze Blocks
One Two Squeeze Blocks is the perfect item to give your two-year-old boy a level up from the classic building blocks.

These building blocks are also essential for your little boy who’s eager and determined to learn. These can help him learn numbers, various colors, and different animals too!

It can help in developing their spatial intelligence and motor skills and expand their vocabularies as well. It’s lightweight and packed in a 100% recycled bag so it should be easy to carry around when you have to go to the park for play dates.
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26. Pounding Bench
Pounding can be fun, especially for a quite energetic baby boy. You might see your little boy pounding things or whatever they can get their hand on, whether it’s your shoes, a book, or his spoon and fork during meals. What you might not know is that pounding also helps relieves stress in children their age.

This Pounding Bench, aside from a very useful thing in relieving stress, also helps them perfect their hand-eye coordination by hitting the targets precisely. It also helps stimulate their agility and reflexes in the process.

The entire game piece is made with 100% solid woods, and there are no tiny parts and pieces for your kid to choke on.
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27. Construction Plate & Utensils
Who said eating couldn’t be so much fun for your little one? Designed with both play and function in one, this Construction Plate and Utensils is one of the perfect gifts and toys for a 2-year-old boy. It makes every meal complete with a dash of creativity and playful using these set of equipment-inspired dining utensils.

Your little builder will surely be more excited and enthusiastic in eating and finishing his meals better than before.
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28. Smart Shots Center
Maybe he’s going to be a famous basketball player in the future and what better way to help him start his future career than to start him shooting hoops as early as two years old? Or maybe, he’s going to be the next big thing in the football world.

Well, it’s good to give him a choice, and this Smart Shots Center is perfect for cultivating your kid’s love for both basketball and football. This 2-in-1 sports center features a colorful frame of a soccer goal and a basketball ring with an equally beautiful backboard. This game is perfect for encouraging your kid’s physical activity and strengthening his muscles on both arms and legs.
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29. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight
Aside from a lot of colors, there is another one that can surely get a child’s attention - a flashing light. This VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is something that can open him to learn more things while also having fun at all times.

The best thing about this toy, aside from the flashing light that gets the attention of the baby, is its volume of controls. It can teach him how to count plus the tunes he can sing along. There are also various noises he can mimic. Plus, this toy is also very functional, especially when the light is out.
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30. Walk-a-Long Puppy
When you plan to get a dog, it would be surely worthy of teaching your baby boy first how to be friendly with a pet and the importance of having to walk the dog.

Your puppy lover little boy can do an imaginative play with this cute Walk-a-Long-Puppy on wheels.

This walk-along toy is made from quality wood and child-safe materials, and nothing is toxic for your baby.
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31. Big Building Bag
Building things are something that can stimulate your kid’s problem-solving skills, and this Big Building Bag can be your baby boy’s large LEGO construction bricks. They are colorful, and each piece is easy to carry and hold with your kid’s small hands.

It’s perfect for your quality time with your kid too where you build amazing things, and he will be amazed, or he can build things, and you will be amazed by his skills. The blocks are BPA-free, which is ideal for toddlers his age.
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32. Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy
Your two-year-old is never too young to have his very own remote controlled car, and the good news is that he can have his own that is safe and appropriate for his age. This Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy is designed especially for toddlers, made with strength and durability and without any small parts that they can swallow so it should be safe.

This kind of toy helps encourage them to have active playtime and boost their hand-eye coordination. Plus, it’s super fun to play with alone or when he is with his friends.
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33. Touch & Teach Book
Anything magical can surely catch the attention of an enthusiastic baby boy. Reading is fun and all but what about when a book can talk? It’s fantasy coming to life like this Touch and Teach Book for your two-year-old baby boy.

This book is full of interactive pages complete with fun sounds, wonderful music, learning the alphabet, and a few select phrases, and other educational words. It’s perfect for enhancing your kid’s vocabulary but still making the whole learning process more fun.
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34. Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark
Even if some of the might hate and get fussy during bath times, no child doesn’t shy away from playing with water and get themselves wet in the process, and your kid is just one of the many of them. This Spiralin’ Set Waterpark will surely get him to enjoy. It’s got fun features like a spiral tower, a water Ferris wheel, and some miniature waterwheels.

This waterpark is excellent for developing their motor skills and imaginative play. It also gives them more appreciation for the cause and effect relationship of things.
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35. Magnetic Letter Set
You don’t need a board anymore when you gift your child this Magnetic Letter Set. No need to give him that marker that can set off a lot of chaos in your house when you aren’t looking.

This Letter Set is perfect for two-year-olds in learning the alphabet as well as developing their hand-eye coordination and spatial skills. It comes with a strong magnet and can work perfectly with any steel surface like your refrigerator so you can keep him busy and learning while you cook lunch or dinner.
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36. Toddler Learning Kit
This Toddler Learning Kit is a very classic way to help promote your baby boy’s language and vocabulary, as well as his numerical skills.

Before he starts going to school, this kit can also be a perfect aid for you to start teaching him things. The books have different sections that can teach him letters, numbers from one to ten, and different colors.
This is an ultimate learning kit for his age, when he’s still too young to go to school but is very eager to start learning.
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37. Gas ‘n Go Mower
He’s still young, but it isn’t too early for him to learn hard work such as mowing and maintaining the lawn on your front or backyard. So, why not put him into action and good physical activity with this Gas ‘n Go Mower?

This toy allows your kid to get to experience how mowing a lawn feels in real life as well as to encourage them to get moving instead of being locked inside the house. This mower for your little boy features a movable throttle, a clicking key, plus a removable gas can which they can pretend to fill up with gas.
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38. Drill & Learn Toolbox
Get him to start learning how to work and be creative with his hands at his early years with this junior set of Drill & Learn Toolbox. While it is a perfect way to amuse your little handyman, it’s also very educational which helps you teach them numbers, as well as the different colors.

This set is complete with a lot of things that can make your child enjoy his playtime from the toy drill and a fix-it tray to the hammer, screws, wrench, and nails. Plus, the toolbox has a great feature in store too - it can play fun sounds and light up with just a click of a button.
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39. My First Ball Building Set
If he wants to be a handyman like daddy or uncle or just wants to dabble in construction when he grows up, this My First Ball Building Set would be one of the perfect gifts & toys for a 2-year-old boy.

It is much better than your typical stacking blocks and more challenging too but is still perfect for kids his age. The whole design of this building set is also an early learning process to get him to learn the basics of Mathematics and Physics.

What’s even great is the entire assembly is durably made from quality wood and can be played indoors or outdoors.
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40. Garages and Cars
Playing with cars is so much fun, especially for little boys. But this Garages and Cars set is more than just pushing and pulling cars, it combines fun and learning into one activity for your kid.

This game set is a color and number sorter game for your baby boy, complete with wooden cars and stacking garages that encourage the concept of pairing the cars and garages by number, size, and color. It can teach them a lot of things, including developing their artistic vision and patience.
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41. 3 in 1 Bike
It’s never too early or too young for your kid to learn how to ride, whether it’s a car or a bike. This 3-in-1 Bike is a perfect starting game for when he wants to learn how to bike. It can be configured to what is appropriate for your baby boy at the moment. You can put it on a walker configuration, and once he gets a little older and more independent, you can adjust this 3-in-1 Bike into a push tricycle. When he’s old enough to ride a bike, you can then transform this into a balance bike with further size options.
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42. Speedster Fire Truck
Maybe he wants to be a fireman when he grows up, brave enough to put out fires and save people? This Speedster Fire Truck will sure give your toddler a nice but safer toy experience of being a pretend firefighter.

This firetruck for babies, complete with this vibrant red body made of steel plus sleek chrome accents and real ladders made from wood, is best for both indoors and outdoors use. The tires of the truck feature a rubber thread, so they are safe from an accident. On top of that, they will sure to experience the blaring sound of a real firetruck with the fully functional horn and working steering wheel in this toy.
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43. Shopping Cart
Pushing a shopping cart is just what mommy does, and the baby boy might want to shop by himself too so why don’t you give him his very own version like this Shopping Cart that is specifically made for little guys like him?

This shopping cart is perfect for letting him transport or carry around his other toys. What’s event great is that this toy is extremely well-built, and the plug feature at its bottom makes it even more stable and sturdy.
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44. T-Ball Set
Your kid might be the next star in the baseball world, and this T-Ball Set will surely jumpstart him in that direction. Or, this can just be a fun game he can play by himself or with his buddies during play dates.

Plus, this T-Ball features an adjustable height, which is just perfect for when he grows older and taller. This toy is perfect for his batting practice, helping boost his coordination and encourage him to be active and develop his muscles.

The kit is quick and easy to assemble. It is also lightweight and made of plastic that is very easy to clean up.
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45. Turn & Learn Driver
If he’s not so much a sports fan, he might just be the next big thing in Formula 1 and this Turn & Learn Driver will get him in the right direction.

This toy is perfect for letting your child develop his imagination during his plays. Plus, this steering wheel comes with a lot of features too. He can use it to drive or learn some music or animal noises by pressing the five colorful buttons on the steering wheel.

This steering wheel can be played for hours and with its pleasant music and sound, your child can play with it just about anywhere.
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46. Loops ‘n Swoops Park
Your two-year-old might be too young to go to a theme park and ride a roller coaster, but this Loops ‘n Swoops can sure give him a nice experience of how that ride is going to go. This toy is just a little more than two feet, which is an appropriate size for your toddler to have some fun.

It’s got a 360-degree loop which would be exciting for your baby boy, and he would surely be persistent in getting his small wheels around that loop. Overall, it’s a perfect toy to keep your child occupied for an extended period plus. It’s very exciting when the car reaches the end of the ride as the tower will start playing music.
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47. Dust, Sweep and Mop Toy Set
Your baby son is never too young to learn how basic household chores are being done. At some point, he might be mimicking you already as you sweep the floor, clean the counters, and do every chore to keep the home clean.

So, why not start teaching him the essence of making the house spot-free with his very own Dust, Sweep, and Mop Toy Set? This way, as he grows older, he’ll be more acquainted with keeping the house clean.
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48. Mosaic Wooden Blocks
Teach your kids the fun and develop his free thinking and problem-solving skills during your playtime together by building blocks. It helps with his creative side, building whatever he can think of using cubes and blocks.

After that, you can topple everything over and build again. This activity with colorful blocks should be fun. Plus, this Mosaic Wooden Blacks is a perfect set to teach him different colors and how to sort and group colors too.
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49. Little Drummer Kid’s Wooden Drum
Mommy and Daddy, plus the neighbors, might not exactly love all that banging the baby boy does all the time but this Little Drummer Kid’s Wooden Drum might be the one that can start him in his musical journey.

You already know how kids, especially little boys, love booming sounds whether they hear it from a speaker or they are the one doing it. This wooden drum would surely make its way to your kid’s heart and give him a fun, yet loud, playtime.
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50. Tabletop Art Easel
If not music and sports, your kid might be an artistic genius and what great way to foster his talents than to allow him a free reign in expressing his artistic visions?

This Tabletop Art Easel could be his very own magical space where he can start creating and developing his future masterpieces. The great thing about this toy, aside from boosting his creativity, is that it will keep him from drawing and doodling on your wall or your pristine leather couch so that should be a very good thing.
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51. Wooden Xylophone
If your kid likes making sound by banging and throwing things around, why don’t you help him channel that energy into a more musical and artistic-side?

This Wooden Xylophone might be a toy made for toddlers like him, but it sure doesn’t ever get out of tune. It helps introduce your kid in the art of making music, and you might not know it, he might form a band soon.

Plus, this toy xylophone is made with only quality materials and is non-toxic, so it should be perfectly safe for your child.
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52. Mod Blocks
If you want a level up to the typical stacking blocks for your intellectual baby boy, this Mod Blocks can be a great option. It’s not just complete with cubes but a variety of shapes too from circles, triangles, and other interesting and unique shapes.

Another great thing about these unique blocks is that they come with adorable, bright, and colorful features and drawings which can sure get your kid’s attention. Building blocks with this set is not just fun, but it’s also perfect for boosting their imaginative skills and many other skills as well.
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53. Flexible Race Track Toy Road Set
Pushing and pulling cars is something a two-year-old boy often loves. This Flexible Race Track Toy Road Set should give him more adventure and fun during his playtime.

This flexible race track goes wherever your kid goes or wherever he wants it to go. Forget stacked plastic race tracks that can topple over. This flexible option is perfect for kids his age. This flexible toy road plus small toy cars make sure your kid has enough activity and fun to keep him occupied.
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54. Plush Buckle Backpack
Even if he’s too young to go to school, nothing would sure stop your kid from having a fun and colorful and bright backpack to put his things on, whether it’s just his favorite toys and jammies and not books and pens.

This Plush Buckle Backpack is very soft to touch and can even double up as your kid’s plush toy. It features bright and bold colors. Also, the buckles have captivated his attention. It’s a backpack but more fun with its many buckles that helps your kid develop his problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.
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55. Electronic Pet Dog
If your baby boy can’t get a real puppy for a pet at the moment, this Electronic Pet Dog might be a great alternative companion for him. It is a touch-sensitive baby toy with sensors that can respond to your kid’s touch.

Simply touch the head of his dog, and it will start singing and dancing. Touch its backside, and you might be in for a great surprise.
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56. Pound and Tap Bench Music Set
Baby boys do love to tap and pound anything they can put their hands on, and they’ve got quite a taste for music and rhythm. Your kid might be a musical genius in the future, and all you can do at his fine age of two is support him.

So, why not get him this Pound and Tap Bench Music Set? It’s got a harmonious xylophone plush a pounding bench that’s musical too.
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57. Jumbo Stringing Bead Set
What’s more fun than stringing beads, especially if they are available in various colors that pop and will surely get your kid’s undivided attention?

This Jumbo Stringing Bead Set is a perfect way for your baby boy to learn the basics of crafting and arts, especially color sorting. Plus, it’s great for improving their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills as well as their dexterity.
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58. AlphaPup Toy
Give your two-year-old boy a toy that can jumpstart him to learning the alphabet and adding to his vocabulary like this promising AlphaPup Toy.

Your kid can walk him along like a real pet dog, but at the same time, it can teach him three learning songs. When your kid stops walking him, he stops singing too. It makes your baby boy’s musical experience more fun and enjoyable, plus the alphabet written in the colorful body of the dog allows him to get his ABCs in early too.
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59. Submarine Toy
Make his bath time fun and enjoyable, a nice extension of his playtime. Maybe he wants to be a sailor one day, and thus Submarine Toy is a perfect gift for him.

This toy is a perfect addition to his water-safe toys. Submerge this one in the water, and he can play with it while he’s on the tub getting his bath or swimming in the pool. Plus, this toy is made of quality materials, it’s safe for kids as well as dishwasher safe too.
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60. Dancing Wooden Alligator
Wooden toys are sure more environmentally friendly and kid-safe too. This Dancing Wooden Alligator can be a unique gift and a nice addition to your kid’s collection of toys, especially if he is quite fascinated with animals.

This wooden alligator is also on wheels, something he can pull around indoors or outdoors. Plus, this toy is a real eco-friendly option. Made from rubber trees that can no longer produce latex, its the epitome or reduce, reuse, and recycle.
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61. Rolling Giraffe Ride-On
Every child, especially the boys who don’t seem to lose energy during playtime, would love having a riding toy. It’s cool. It’s fun. It makes toddlers happy and active, going round and around in the backyard or at the park.

This Rolling Giraffe Ride-On can be an especially nice gift for your toddler boy, a cool ride for your baby boy. It features a flexible seat which is extremely comfortable so your kid can play and ride this toy all day. Plus, it’s perfect for encouraging them to have an active play instead of just being cooped up inside the house.
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62. First Slide Toy
If he likes going to the park and play with other kids or playing on his own, he’s either running around chasing the ducks near the pond, swinging, climbing, or sliding.

How about give him a fun playtime without having to go to the park for that especially if it’s too much a ride away from your home? This First Slide Toy would a perfect gift for your energetic little one, something he can have and play in your backyard or front yard. It’s designed for beginners and toddlers, a perfect indoor or outdoor toy.
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63. Teach My Toddler Learning Kit
He might be too young to go into a formal school, but you could sure start him learning a few things. This Teach My Toddler Learning Kit would be a nice gift for your little one to jumpstart his learning process. It’s packed with various things to start the fundamentals of teaching your toddler the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes.

This learning kit is interactive, colorful, and fun, so kids get excited with learning and discovering new things.
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64. Sit to Stand Alphabet Train
This multi-toy is perfect for giving your energetic and inquisitive little boy something he can play and have fun with while also help him learn a lot of things. This Sit to Stand Alphabet Train can do a lot of things.

This toy can be used in a floor play mood while also doubling as your kid’s walker or when he’s a little older, a nice ride around the place. Plus, this train is very interactive and educational with modes that can teach your kid the letters, numbers, colors as well as different stories and songs he can sing along with.
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65. Kid’s Drum Set
It might get too loud in the house sometimes, but this Kid’s Drum Set might be the toddler toy that can help your baby boy when he wants to start a band when he grows old enough to start one.

This set comes with three drum pads with a cymbal that features its specific sound. Plus, there are choices for your little one to play nine different tunes in various styles from pop, rock, and dance. This fun and musical toy also doubles up as an educational toy that can teach him the alphabet and numbers.
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