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70 Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 2-Year-Old Girls 2020


A young girl is a bundle of joy. She’s starting to walk, murmuring her first words and sentences, and is exploring the world around her. Her parents dote on her every move and in return she looks at them in adoration, learning everything she can from them about this brave new world.

When getting a gift for a baby girl, she’ll probably enjoy whatever she gets. After all, she’s fairly new to this thing called existence. That said, some gifts are better than others. A perfect gift will not only delight a baby girl, but will help her learn more about herself and the world around her, developing skills and inspiring passions that could last a lifetime. We have a list with a bewildering array of options that are perfect for any baby girl, so you can enjoy looking for and choosing the one you want.

1. Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset
Playsets are the best for pretend play which your toddler will be doing a lot of at this growth stage. This playset will allow your daughter to mimic what you do in the kitchen. It comes with two electric stoves, an oven, a microwave, a refrigerator and a sink complete with a faucet.

To make the pretend play even more unusual for your little one, the special frying pan and boiling pot create realistic cooking sounds when the little one is "cooking." Pretend play is always part of a toddler’s life. This play set works to keep your child entertained and at the same time enhances her creativity and imaginationю
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2. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag
Building blocks are perfect for improving creativity and imagination. This Mega Blocks set comes with 80 color and big block pieces stored in a thick plastic bag. The blocks are compatible with all Mega Blocks so you can add on some pieces for more enjoyment and creativity.

This Mega Bloks set will provide your toddler with hours of enjoyable play, and at the same time, enhance her imagination, creativity, help develop her motor skills.
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3. Busy Board for Toddler Girl
This wooden board comes with 18 types of activities, including doors which your toddler needs to unlock to see the surprise inside. This toy is perfect for taking along on short or long trips in the car to keep your toddler busy.

This latch board comes with an on/off button for the light, mirror, funny bell, spinning gears, plastic buckle, Zipper, Velcro, and a threaded rod with rings and wooden beads. This activity board helps develop your child’s fine motor skills, imagination, and movement coordination.
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4. Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike
Allow your little girl to go around on this stylish trike. This durable trike will give your daughter endless hours of outdoor fun. Your little girl will be flattered going around in her Barbie style trike. This trike is equipped with wide and stable tires, easy to grip handles and wide foot pedals so your daughter’s feet will never skip making it safe for your child.

The seat of the trike doubles as a compartment for some of the small toys your toddler would like to take along. Manually pedaling this trike will allow your daughter to develop her motor skills.
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5. Colored Cups and Balls - The Original!
Your toddler will learn all about numbers and colors as well as develop her fine motor skills with these wooden colored cups and balls. This set comes with six balls (violet, blue-green, yellow, orange, and red). The concept is to scoop a ball and place it in a bowl of the same color. Your toddler will be very proud each time she gets it right.

Your toddler can also play with these colored cups and balls in many different ways. She can use her imagination and use the balls and cups for pretend tea parties and the like.
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6. Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride-On Push Car
Take your toddler for a stroll in the park on her Ride on Push Car- she rides, you push. This sleek car comes with quiet wheels, a horn, and a compartment beneath the hood. Two cup holders sandwich the steering wheel. The car also comes with a safety belt.

Your little girl will feel so ecstatic riding around the neighborhood in this push car. It allows your child for some imaginative play and at the same time provides a lot of bonding moments for both of you.
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7. VTech Touch & Swipe Baby Phone
This baby phone features 12 pretend apps that light when touched to offer different activities. It also includes a pretend clock, calendar, and weather. Your toddler will feel as though she has a phone similar to yours.

A cute feature is the Home button where you can save your phone number so she can pretend to call you. This toy phone can easily fit into a diaper bag so you can hand it to your toddler when she starts getting bored. It is great for pretend play, as well as to enhance hand and eye coordination.
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8. Magnetic Fishing Game
Girls love to fish, too making this one of the best gifts and toys for a two-year-old girl. This fishing game comes with 15 sea animals made of felt with a metal hook at the tips of their mouth. The fishing rod is also made of felt with a small magnet that acts as the bait. The object of the game is to connect the magnet to the metal ring on the fish.

This can be a challenging game for a two-year-old girl, but it will develop her concentration, motor skills, and more importantly, her patience. The creatures can also be used for color recognition, counting, storytelling, and pretend play.
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9. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
This baby walker will help your toddler perfect her balance. All the toys attached to the walker will surely entertain your little girl. She can start being a music lover with the five piano keys or entertain herself with the over 70 sing-along songs, sound effects, and music. She can also pretend to be talking to someone on the other line with the telephone handset that comes with some mechanical attachments.

All toys are removable. The rollers of this walker will work on both carpets and hard floors. The rear wheels come with tension settings which can make pushing the walker easy for your toddler.
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10. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop
It may just be playtime for them, but they learn a lot in the process with this toy. This tablet will give your two-year-old endless hours of fun and learning. It includes four learning modes, the buttons which are below the screen, ABCs, Messages (send and receive email), Games and Music together with 16 songs and melodies.

Your toddler will surely enjoy the 26 critter animations in the large screen of the Leaptop. The greatest thing about this pretend toy is your child can carry it in the same manner you would bring your Laptop.
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11. Glowing Bath Time Pals
These transparent cubes bring a lot of fun to bath time. Close the lights in the bathroom and wet the cubes to make them glow in the dark. Each of the eight cubes comes with two faces and types of personality type that will show when the cube gets wet.

Your toddler will always be looking forward to bath time with these glowing cubes. When you want your toddler to get out of the tub, drain the water and the lights in the cubes will automatically turn off.
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12. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen
All little girls love to play pretend cooking, and this will make one of the best gifts and toys for a 2- year old girl This durable Espresso Kitchen features a pretend ice machine, ref, freezer, microwave, burners, an oven and about almost everything you may find in a real kitchen. The height of the kitchen structure is perfect for your two-year-old, and even when she gets older.

This Espresso kitchen can allow about three kids playing at the same. This toy will help your toddler socialize and learn to share her toys. Tidying up the kitchen after playing will also teach your toddler to be responsible.
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13. Melissa & Doug, Let’s Play House!
Teach them while they are still young. This broom, mop, and duster set will teach your toddler some responsibilities in the house. These tools, while toys, can do some actual cleaning around the house. This set comes with an organizing stand.

Having your toddler help you out with the cleaning chores will boost her confidence and make her proud that she has helped you with the tasks. With this toy, your little girl is playing and helping mom at the same time.
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14. Crayola Color Bath Dropz
Bath time can be lots of fun for your two-year-old kid. One tablet of this Bath Dropz will change the color of the water, leaving your kid mesmerized and wanting to bathe longer. Each container comes with 60 tablets in various colors.

These tints are fragrance-free, so they will not affect your kid’s skin. You can also drop different colored tablets in the tub. Adult supervision is recommended when your toddler is using this product.
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15. My First Make-Up Kit
Has your two-year-old ever gotten hold of your make-up kit and rendered your eyeshadow and lipstick useless? Many moms of two-year-old girls have at one time or the other been in this situation. To avoid your toddler ruining your make-up get her the My First Makeup Kit.

This makeup kit comes with a lipstick, eyes shadow, perfume, nail polish, and blow-dry. Owning this beauty kit will make your toddler feel very girly. She will also feel so proud of holding the same stuff mom has. Your kid’s name can be embroidered on the bag.
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16. LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket
It is essential for two-year-olds to start learning how to share their toys with other kids. This pretend toy allows your toddler to invite some of her friends to play with her. This cooperative toy can also help your toddler overcome her shyness.

This Sharing Picnic Basket also allows your toddler to explore shapes and colors of the play food, plates, glasses, and cutlery. It also enhances the eye and hand coordination as well as stimulate the development of her senses.
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17. Medical Kit Bag
Being a doctor or a nurse is always part of a little girl’s pretend play. This medical kit bag with two handles and made of felt material will make her pretend play more realistic. The medical bag comes complete with the Red Cross logo.

The medical kit bag is spacious enough to accommodate some medical supplies and perhaps a prescription pad, and a stethoscope. It is the perfect size for your two-year-old girl who can wait to give people in the house a shot.
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18. Kidoozie My First Purse
Your toddler will love the idea of feeling all grown up with a purse just like what mommy always carries with her. This Kidoozie purse includes a play wallet, lipstick, kid safe vinyl mirror, keys, a debit card, and cellphone just like what mom has in her purse, too.

This toy will boost the creativity and imagination of your two-year-old as she goes about her pretend play. As many experienced moms say, your toddler imitating you improves her self-confidence, and this will thus make one of the best gifts and toys for a 2- year old girl.
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19. Alphatrain Alphabet Book
This train alphabet will help your toddler learn and master her ABCs. Each page comes with a letter and a picture of an animal which starts with the letter. At the back of each page are other items which start with the same letter.

When your toddler is done with each page, the book’s spine can be unclasped to unfold a choo choo train. This train design motivates your toddler to go ahead and master her alphabet in a fun and exciting manner.
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20. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube
This toy is a must have for every toddler. It features 14 interactive games that will keep your toddler entertained while honing her motor skills. She will learn all about the names and sounds of animals, too.

Many moms get annoyed by the sounds this toy produces, but for the enjoyment, learning, and development of motors skills of their toddler, they say it is all worth it. This cube toy comes with 25 songs and melodies to keep your toddler entertained and engaged.
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21. Soft Rock Grasp Toys
Are you seeing a budding musician in your little girl? She probably may not yet be ready to learn the chords, but she can do some jamming just the same. These soft grasp toys can make your little girl a one-baby band as each of the instruments provides sounds and texture. The sounds will also entertain her no end.

Your little girl can squeeze the microphone, rattle the guitar and make the boombox crinkle for a super fun jamming session.
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22. La Baby Soft Body Play Doll
Your little girl will feel ecstatic owning this La Baby Doll because its vinyl head, legs, and arms look so realistic. She will feel as though she is holding a real baby in her arms.

This cute doll is so soft and huggable your toddler will always like to sleep with it. This doll is machine washable and will come out always looking as good as new even if it has been washed several times. The size of this doll is perfect for your toddler’s little hands.
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23. Melissa & Doug Latches Board
Your toddler will have lots of fun unlatching the doors and windows in this latches board, especially when she finds out what is hidden behind these doors and windows. This is a great toy to enhance the problem-solving skills of your toddler as she figures out how to open each door and window. It also develops her fine motor skills.

Your little girl will also feel proud and will increase her self-confidence after she has unlatched all the doors and windows.
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24. Choo Choo Train Dining Set
This Choo Choo train transforms into a dinner set to let your little girl be creative and imaginative. The train platform turns into a plate, the engine turns into a cup, the house of the conductor turns into a bowl, and the coupling rods are the spoon and fork.

This train dining set is for little girls who are picky with their food to keep them imaginative, focused, and engaged.
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25. Green Toys Tea Set
Moms who go for eco-friendly toys will love to get this cute tea set. This pastel colored tea set is perfect for your toddler who likes to prepare tea for everyone. The set comes with four sets of cups and saucers, a teapot as well as a sugar bowl with lid and creamer.

This tea set is sturdy and non-toxic, making it safe to use. Your toddler can use this set for her daily snacks. This tea set is dishwasher safe (top rack) and will not scuff or scratch as most plastic toys do.
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26. Pinkalicious Doll
This made-to-order, hand-made doll is so adorable your two-year-old may not like to part with it to bedtime. This doll is inspired by Pinkalicious, which many toddlers have learned to love.

This well-made and extremely adorable doll is made from good quality cotton, felt, and fleece. Her cutie eyes and wide grinning mouth are hand embroidered. Her accessories and skirt are removable. She will make a good buddy for your little girl.
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27. Melissa & Doug Cutting Food
This is a super safe play food set because it comes with wooden pieces. Included in the set is a cutting board and knife also made of wood. Moms do not need to worry about cut wounds as your toddler is learning to be useful in the kitchen.

Your toddler will enjoy cutting the wooden bread, fruits, and vegetables because of the crunch sound produced with every cutting motion. The Velcro between the slices is responsible for the sound. Some moms say they also do a couple of cuts because they enjoy hearing the sound of the Velcro.
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28. Unique Toddler Girl Gift
Your toddler can pretend play with this makeup set and not create any mess. The eye shadow palette and applicator, blush two lipsticks, and makeup brush are all made of felt material. They come in the same sizes as real make-up.

Messing around with mom’s make-up is a common thing for most little girls. With their own make-up set, they will now stay away from mom’s make-up.
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29. Play-Doh Modeling Compound
Many parents loved Play-Doh when they were little and are now passing on the experience to their toddlers. Many parents say that the smell and color of Play-Doh in the hands of their little girls brings back so many fond memories.

This Play Doh set comes in with 10assorted color cans. Manipulating the non-toxic modeling clay is easy for little hands because they are soft and easy to shape. With these modeling clays, little girls can pretend play all they want.
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30. Developing Wooden Toy
This wooden block set will bring so much fun not only to your toddler for the entire family as well. Behind those closed doors is a fantastic game that will introduce your toddler to the world of wooden blocks.

The object of the game is to place the wooden blocks back into the box in their right places with the picture on the wooden block matching the picture or color in the board. Playing this game will enhance vision, patience, logical thinking of your little as well as many other skills.
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31. Melissa & Doug Food Groups Wooden Pieces and Crates
Parents often complain that it is difficult to have their toddlers eat a well-balanced diet. This wooden food group toy will expose them to the five food groups. Playing these wooden food toys will help encourage toddlers to like the real ones.

This toy set allows little girls to be creative in their pretend play. These wooden pieces can be part of a kitchen or a supermarket. They can also help widen the vocabulary of your little girl as she learns to identify the different food items.
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32. My first Set of Keys
Parents' keys are always a good target for toddlers. They love the sound of the keys as they jingle. This toy keys have been perfectly designed to fit little fingers. With these keys, your toddlers will no longer have her eyes set on your keys.

These set of 5 extra-large keys come in different colors and are pieced together by an equally large key ring. Your toddler may just be toying around with these keys, but in the process, her fine motor skills, cognitive skills visual perceptual skills are being developed. Threading the keys into the key ring helps your child develop patience and perseverance.
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33. Melissa & Doug Monster Plush 6-Pin Bowling Game
Bowling is also for little girls. This bowling game set will allow your toddler to learn to play and develop her social skills with other kids. The pins come in soft monster designs. The pins can be conveniently stored in a carry case with zippers.

While the pins are soft, they come with a weighted bottom so they can easily be positioned upright. Bowling enhances your toddler’s hand and eye coordination and motor skills. It also helps the toddler with emotional control.
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34. Crochet Big Activity Train
This active toy consists of a freight car and a locomotive made of crochet. Each crochet baggage includes geometric shapes and animals attach to the buttons and with Velcro.

The car includes 12 numerical goals in different sounds, colors, and touch. The detachable roof of the car has a maze. The pocket with zipper comes with eight memory cards. This is an interesting toy which will have your little girl plenty to do and no time to get bored.
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35. Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home
Your little girl can take this portable playhouse anywhere. Open the toy and see the surprise inside the home. The door of the playhouse is easy to open and close. As your toddler touches any of the pieces inside the house, something exciting happens.

Tap on the alarm, and Emma hops out of bed. Open the doors of the fridge and oven, and the lights will open, and phrases will be heard. Lifting the toilet seat will produce a flushing sound. This playhouse is also equipped with 50 phrases, songs, and sounds.
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36. Wooden Apple Lacing Toy
This 3-piece Apple lacing toy comes with threads with ends made of wood to make it easy for your little girl to insert it on the holes in the apples. This toy will teach your toddler how to lace her. This is a challenging game that will enhance the motor skills as well as eye and hand coordination of your toddler. It will also teach her to be patient. All these skills she will learn through an appealing and challenging game.
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37. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set
This colorful tea set comes with a refreshing twist. The interactive features of this tea set allow your little girl to host a fun pretend tea party. Your toddler will continuously be amazed by hearing the pretend water gurgle and bubble when she presses on the button on the teapot. As these are happening, light turns on, and happy songs can be heard. Tipping the teapot to pour some tea will also produce pouring sounds. A pretend cake comes with the set.

The most fantastic feature of this tea set is the tea level inside the pot goes down as your toddler pours tea.
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38. POCO DIVO Crown Princess Castle Outdoor Tent
Every little girl likes to be a princess. Your little can be one in this Crown Princess Tent. This tent is easy to assemble. It is made from high-quality polyester, and the poles are of durable plastic. Cleaning with soap and water is easy.

This tent is great for your toddler’s pretend play. It can be assembled in the garden or the playroom. This tent encourages your toddler to have some physical activity as she can help out in assembling the tent. She can also use her imagination while playing pretend camping.
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39. VTech Little Apps Tablet
Tablets are not just for grown-ups; they are fora little girl, too. This little Apps Tablet will keep your toddler engaged for many hours. It comes with a screen that changes colors, visual buttons, keyboard with letters, and piano keys. This tablet is equipped with over 12activities for the enjoyment and learning of your toddler.

This tablet can enhance the language skills of your toddler. It introduces age-appropriate words to your little girl. The learning experience your little girl will get from this tablet is priceless.
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40. Colored Dolls Playset
This colored Dolls Play Set comes with 12 rainbow colored dolls and cups in the same colors. Matching the wooden dolls with their corresponding cups will teach your little girl how to match colors and count playfully and enjoyably.

Matching each colored doll with the appropriate colored cup will enhance the eye and hand coordination as well as the motor skills of your little girl. This rainbow wooden doll set can also be used in a lot of pretend games.
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41. Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy
This wooden toy comes with one wooden cube with cut out shapes and 12 easy to brightly colored shapes that are easy to grip. The object of the game is to have your toddler insert a wooden shape into its appropriate slot on the wooden cube.

The concept of this toy has been around for many years. Watching your toddler learn shape recognition and the enhancement of her problem-solving skills brings back the classic learning process.
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42. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Brianna Baby Doll
Brianna is the perfect doll size for a two-year-old. The doll comes with a soft body made of fabric with some stuffing and bead pellets. The arms face and legs are made of plastic. Your little girl will love squishing this doll and hugging it.

You can remove and change the dress of this doll (additional outfit not included). Brianna’s eyes can blink, but her mouth is always open to fit in a pacifier (included). Her pigtailed hair is soft, and your toddler can quickly change her hairstyle. She smells good, too.
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43. Handmade Wooden Toy Set Girl And Forest Friends
This wooden toy set features a girl and four forest animals and a tree. Each piece comes with a wide base allow it to stand on any flat surface steadily. The wooden toys are natural, ecological, safe, and durable. It comes in sizes perfect for the little hands of your two-year-old girl.

This educational toy exposes your little girl to nature and gives her a glimpse of her vast surroundings. These wooden toys are made of natural and untreated black alder wood which has been sanded to achieve a smooth surface. The set comes in a drawstring bag for easy storing.
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44. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk
This dainty interactive desk is loaded with lots of features for learning your little girl is sure to enjoy. On the LED display, your little girl will learn all about numbers and letters. It teaches her the right strokes in writing letters and numbers as well as how to draw some basic shapes.

This is a 3-in-1 product wherein your toddler can use it as a desk, a chalkboard, and an easel stand. On the sides of the desks are compartments for pencils, crayons, markers, paintbrushes, chalks and other similar items. This act activity desk comes with learning activities, tunes, and songs. It also features a progress button and a stool.
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45. Little Girl's My First Purse
Little girls are in such a hurry to grow up so they can own stuff similar to what mom owns. With this purse set, your toddler does not have to wait to be a grown-up to have her purse, lipstick, light-up remote keys, credit card, and cellphone. This is one of the ideal gifts and toys for a 2- year old girl who wants to be a pretty little lady.

Pretend play will be close to reality with this purse and its contents. Your little girl can pretend to put on some make-up and drive off to the office. She can also do some shopping with her credit card.
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46. Quiet Busy Book
This Quiet book comes in two pages. One busy page has the Tic-Tac-Toe game with carrot and rabbit pieces. On the other busy page is a Sudoku game with different colored shapes as pieces. This is an easy game for your two-year-old girl that will keep her focused until she's done.

Attaching the right pieces to the appropriate spaces in the game will help your toddler develop her fine motors skills and logic. This game book is perfect for bringing on long car rides and even during visits to the doctor to keep your child entertained.
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47. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table
You do not need to take your little girl to the beach so she can play with sand. You can bring the beach right into your backyard with the Step2 Sand Table. It comes with two claw rakes, two shovels, and a bucket. Your toddler can rake sand, build sand castles, and create anything on sand.

All you need to do is fill the table with beach sand, and your toddler can get the feeling of being on the beach anytime. The nice thing about this sand table is it keeps sand off the shoes and pants of your toddler. The height of the table is perfect for your two-year-old.
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48. 100 First Words for Little Geeks
While modern technology has taken over many of your little girl's toys, books should never be left behind. This paperboard picture book will introduce your little girl to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) words. Introducing such words as a druid, galaxy, Holy Grail, and wizard to name a few of the 100 in the book will widen her vocabulary. Words included in this book are seldom included in most books and interactive toys for learning for toddlers.
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49. Tot Tutors Kids 2-in-1 Plastic Activity Table
This roundtable with two chairs comes in a colorful and attractive design. Lift the tabletop, and you have a LEGO-compatible surface complete with a compartment for Lego blocks. With the tabletop back in place, your little girl will have an excellent place for a tea party for her dolls or any she wishes such as coloring, painting, or even taking her snacks.

Table and chairs are made of durable and lightweight plastic and are easy to clean. The activity table is easy to assemble without the need for any tools.
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50. Little Tikescount 'n Play Cash Register
The imagination and creativity of your little girl take her everywhere in her pretend play. Help her widen her storylines with this Little Tikes Count 'n Play Cash Register. This cash register toy comes with several levels your toddler can push and pull to enhance her motor skills. She will also be able to match the coin colors and sizes.

It even has a credit card slot. Swipe the credit card and out comes the coins to the drawer. Pull the lever and - cha-ching! - the drawer opens. There are so many activities your toddler can do with this cash register, which combines learning with playing.
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51. Melissa & Doug Abacus
The abacus is an amazing novelty toy. The abacus may be a toy for your toddler, but she will learn a lot from this wooden frame with 100 multi-colored wooden beads. Your two year old may not yet be able to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in this abacus but it can start him on counting. Moving the beads back and forth will enhance her fine motor skills. It is also a good practice for her dexterity.
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52. LeapFrog Scout's Learning Lights Remote
Is your little girl fond of playing with the TV’s remote control? If she does, then get her remote control of her own. She will enjoy the Learning Lights Remote more because it comes with its screen.

Every channel she tunes in to will show her words, phrases, numbers, shapes, tunes 65+ songs from Scout. Press a number and start counting lights with Scout. She can also help Scout find different shapes in his garden. Your little girl will surely get entertained and well learn a lot with Scout and her remote control.
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53. Little Patient
A two-year-old will always have a lot of questions that mom often finds difficult to answer. Why do I have a tummy ache, mom? Let Erwin do the explaining by showing what he’s got inside his body. Erwin’s got a zippered body and inside are six of his organs.

Let your toddler know that what’s inside of Erwin is also what she’s got inside her: a heart, lungs, spleen, intestines, kidneys, and liver. Each organ is color-coded for easy identification. Underneath the organs is Erwin’s posterior skeleton.
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54. Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking and Straining Cups Bath Toy
These seven colorful cups are fun to play with during bath time. Your toddler can strain, stack, and link them. Playing with these cups will enhance her eye and hand coordination. She will also have a caterpillar buddy during bath time.

Your daughter can make a tower by stacking these 7 cups. Each of the cups comes with a number, and your little girl will learn how to count. She can wet the floor while playing with these draining cups but you can always wipe it dry.
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55. Green Toys Race Car-Pink
It’s pink so your little girl will surely love it making it one of the most suitable gifts and toys for a 2- Year old girl. It is green too because it is made from 100% recycled plastic materials. It runs without batteries but with your toddler’s hands and imagination.

This is a basic toy that does not have many colors. It does not come with any whistles and bells, too. Mind you; it is not a boring toy. Never underestimate the imagination and thinking of a toddler. You will be surprised at how she can find so many ways to play with this cute pink car.
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56. Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set
Many moms swear this is their little girl’s favorite toy. It comes with 12 white eggs in a durable cartoon, and it looks just like what you get in the supermarket. Each egg can be opened to reveal two pieces. Half of the egg comes with colored hole and the other half with the same colored pegs. B

Each egg comes with a number and a color. Your toddler will learn the principle of matching colors by finding the right half of each egg. She can also learn to count as she places each egg on the carton. These egg set will enhance your little girl’s hand dexterity as well as motor skills.
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57. Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse
When thinking of the perfect gifts and toys for a 2- Year old girl, dolls always get to be on the top of the list. Whenever you think of dolls, a dollhouse always also comes to mind. This dollhouse is three stories high and has a living room, kitchen, parent’s room, nursery and bathroom with furniture and appliances.

This dollhouse is perfect for pretend play as it comes complete with figurines of a dad, mom, and baby. Opening the front door will excite your little girl and make her think of a lot of imaginative stories.
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58. Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons
Coloring is a perfect way to keep a two-year-old girl entertained, but not all crayons are made for little hands. Each box includes 12 chubby shaped Honeysticks, which are perfect for your girl's little hands. They're unbreakable by the little hand, too.

These crayons color smoothly and are not waxy. They are non-toxic and smell delicious, too. Many little girls love the smell of these crayons.
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59. VTech Doc McStuffins Talk & Trace Clipboard
This Doc McStuffin's electronic clipboard features four learning activities and over 30 playful sounds and melodies. This drawing toy includes three removable stencils where your little girl can trace letters and numbers. This clipboard can make your toddler draw objects and trace. Each time they draw the music keeps on playing.

If your little girl is a Doc McStuffins fan just like many little girls, she should have this toy clipboard. It will enhance her hand and eye coordination, as well as her imaginative play skills. The voice that comes out of this toy is the voice of Doc McStuffins.
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60. Eco-Doug
This is what you call all natural. There are six jars of assorted colored Eco-Dough in each box. These sculpting doughs were dyed using fruit and veggie extracts such as beets, blueberries, carrots, paprika, purple sweet potato, red cabbage, spinach, and tomatoes, making them very safe for your toddlers.

Since the colors come from natural sources, expect them to come in one-of-a-kind colors. This fun-colored dough will give your little girl long hours of imaginative play and at the same making her love veggies for a change.
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61. Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/Number
This easel stand is the perfect size and height for your two-year-old girl. Two toddlers can use this easel stand at the same time (one in front with the whiteboard and the other at the back with a chalkboard). A large tray extends on both sides of the easel stand for holding art materials such as crayons, etc.

The magnetic numbers and letters are so cute and easily stick to the whiteboard. This toy is a perfect toy to teach your little girl about letters, simple words, and numbers. It also folds for easy storing.
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62. VTech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight
This VTech flashlight is a real flashlight. Press the turtle button, and your little girl has her light to carry on nights. It comes with a wide rounded handle making it easy and comfortable for little hands to carry.

This flashlight does a lot more than just giving off light. It comes with five colors and over 50 fun phrases, music, sounds, and songs. A flick of a switch teaches your little girl all about lights and colors. It also comes with interactive games which explain all about numbers, sounds, and animals. All these work to enhance her motor skills and encourage her to learn more.
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63. Sesame Street Elmo's On the Go Letters
This toy is one of the easiest ways your little girl will master her Alphabet. Each letter comes in different colors. Each of the letters has its appropriate slots in the Elmo case. Your toddler can first learn how to snap each letter in the right place. This toy will teach her how to identify similar shapes and to identify the different letters.

With the Elmo carry case, your toddler can take her alphabets everywhere. It comes with a convenient handle for the on the go fun while learning.
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64. LeapFrog Number Lovin' Oven
Little girls are always curious about the kitchen, and this toy will allow her to do some cooking in her very own oven. This toy is no ordinary oven though as it will teach her a lot of things. The Number Lovin’ Oven toy comes with one fried egg, two cupcakes, three slices of bread, and four slices of pizza. It also comes complete with two plates, a spatula skillet, and a baking tray.

While at play, your little girl will hear the singing of the oven which she can imitate. She will also get to learn about colors, numbers, how to serve food, and how to share. This toy will also help love cooking.
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65. Fisher-Price Little People Songs & Sounds Camper
This camper comes with one boy and one girl figurines. Your toddler will have so much fun listening to the over 50 phrases, sounds, and songs about camping. The features of this camper work by simply rolling it. This is such a great and fun ways for little girls to learn about animals, fishing and camping. These kinds of stuff are not only for boys.

The camper comes in a good size ideal for little fingers. Your little girl can make the camper drive. She can also unfold it for camping and place make the little people sleep in the bunks. She can sing along with the songs and enjoy the light.
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66. Keyboard Playmat
This 71" Keyboard Playmat comes with 24 piano keys. It also comes with a recording and playback feature. This playmat plays music when you little girl steps on a piano key. When walking back and forth, the keyboard will allow your little girl to compose her song.

Your little girl can also opt to listen to any of the 20 song built-in on the playmat. It can also play five other instruments. This playmat provides the toddler with a lot of stimulation and fun. When done, you can roll the keyboard for easy storing.
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67. KidKraft Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle
Your little girl will have lots of toys, but she will always be closest to her dolls. Her dolls will need a cradle to make pretend play more realistic. The KidKraft Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle comes with durable wood construction and perfectly fits and cradles an 18-inch American doll. It comes complete with a mattress, blanket, and pillow to make her toys "sleep comfortably. Every two-year-old girl will fall in love with this white with dainty bow designs.
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68. VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier
Your two year old will love having a pet. At her age give her a pretend puppy to introduce her to the greater responsibilities of owning a real pet. Her pretend puppy will come complete with a carrier bag, and all the stuff needed to take care of a puppy such as a comb, bottle, ball, and puppy food. All these will make her enjoy play with her pretend pet.

While busy caring for her puppy, this puppy carrier set provides your toddler with a couple of learning opportunities such as over 100 phrases and songs and phrases. She can also learn about numbers.
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69. Step2 Heart Of The Home Kitchen Playset
Give your little homemaker a kitchen of her own. This kitchen playset comes complete with a stovetop, a microwave, and a refrigerator as well as all accessories needed for "cooking." This kitchen playset has been designed to allow around two to three kids to play together. Your toddler will enjoy the most the sizzling and bubbling sounds as she cooks on the stove.

This playset is easy to assemble but may take a few hours because of the many components. The smile on the face of your little chef will make everything worth it.
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70. Step2 Little Helper's Kids Grocery Cart
Your little girl has gone with you to the grocery several times. This time make her do her groceries with her very own grocery cart. This grocery cart will surely be a big hit in your house, and your little girl will be proud to own it.

This grocery cart comes in a sturdy and solid construction. It wide and low all plastic grocery cart has a space to sit a favorite doll, just like real grocery carts. She will enjoy shopping filling up her grocery cart with all her play food. It even comes with a bottom shelf for play food that comes in big boxes.
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