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104 Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 3-Year-Old Boys 2020


A 3-year-old boy is a wonder. He can walk now. He blurts out whatever words come into his mind, and is using his newfound mobility to try and escape from his parent at every opportunity. He’s loud, clamors for attention and is starting to develop a taste in toys.

When getting a gift for a young boy, it’s important to think about what he might enjoy, or what he might enjoy as a result of your gift! The world is still very new, and the toy he comes into contact with will develop his view on the world. With that in mind, getting a great gift can be more important than you realize. Some gifts help a baby boy learn about the world and develop their ways of interacting with it. We have a list that contains a massive range of suitable gifts for 3-year-old boys, so you can find the perfect present for the little boy you have in mind.

1. ETI Toys Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building
Talk about something that will keep kids entertained for hours! With a whopping 101 building pieces, this toy will certainly keep little hands and minds busy for quite a while. From helicopters to robots, there's no limit to what kids can create.

The colorful and non-toxic pieces can be conveniently returned to a sturdy container when playtime is over. And if ever the young ones are having difficulty with building structures, the friends and family can also join in the fun!
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2. Fat Brain Toys Original Squigz – Suction Construction
One of the best toys out there that develop creativity and fine motor skills, the Squigz set's appeal lies in its simplicity. Stick the colorful suction pieces on any suitable surface, and—voila! There's no limit to the number of creative ways kids can use the suction cup builders. They can also bring this with them whenever they go on a trip.

Included in each pack are 24 or 50 pieces of the original Squigz, and a cute little plastic storage bin.
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3. TINKERTOY 30 Model Super Building Set
This awesome building set is one of the best activity gifts for 3-year-olds today. It comes with 200 brightly-colored pieces that allow them to build cool-looking structures to their hearts’ content. Compared with its wooden predecessor, the flexible plastic pieces retain their shape for a long time. Kids will not be frustrated when pieces snap together securely.

All parts are extremely durable and are guaranteed safe to use by children.
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4. Construction Plate & Utensils
3-year-old boys are at that age when everything that has something to do with construction fascinates them. How about giving them a gift that would make mealtimes more enjoyable? All the pieces that are included are tough and lightweight. A compact and functional gift that even parents will appreciate.
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5. Busy Board
Busy little hands and minds deserve this busy board. 3-year-old boys never run out of things they want to tinker with, so might as well give what they want. This interactive board includes objects that kids love to get their hands on, like switches and wheels. It's a well-made toy that uses eco-friendly materials and non-toxic paint.

The board size is suitable for travel and can be a great alternative to bulky toys.
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6. VTech KidiBeats Drum Set
Which 3-year-old doesn’t want to own a cool set of drums? Made by one of the most trustworthy toy makers in the industry, KidiBeats is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Any kid will feel like a real drummer in his own right with four modes and nine melodies that come with the set. The volume control was designed in such a way that even the loudest setting won’t disturb other people in the house.

The best part? This toy also teaches children their letters and numbers. Beat that.
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7. Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On
If you want to buy something worth every penny, then get this awesome product. Imagine the delight of kids as they go on a thrilling ride down a 10-foot track. The riding car is kept on track by a recessed retainer wall to make it safer for children. It can also be used separately from the track.

The best thing about this is that you can have your very own roller coaster rider inside your home. Don't be surprised if kids want to play on it every day.
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8. Magnetic Building Blocks
When you think about buying gifts and toys for 3-year-old boys, magnetic building blocks don't usually come to mind. However, this toy is now on top of kids' wish list simply because it makes building fun! The colorful magnetic pieces attach effortlessly and encourage endless hours of creative play. Watch in amazement as kids construct structures you didn't think they could build.
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9. Learning Resources Fishing Set
Are they tired of seeing the same old toys on store shelves? Why not grant a little boy his wish of being able to go fishing like his daddy? This fun and educational set will have kids forget about the time as they try to catch the brightly-colored fish with their pole. Aside from developing children's hand-eye coordination, this toy also teaches the most basic math and writing skills.

The included vest and tackle box are an added touch that will make kids feel it's the real deal.
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10. Little Patient
Who says learning anatomy can’t be fun? With this toy, little boys can get a head start on learning about the major organs in the body. Every piece is agreeably soft and comes in a variety of colors. An informative booklet is also included with every set which kids can use to identify each organ.
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11. Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower
Any child will look adorable while driving this attractive toy mower by Little Tikes. Ideal for those little boys who love pretending to do their mowing, the Gas 'n Go Mower can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Unlike many modern toys sold today, there's no need to worry about batteries running out with this one. It offers many fun features that kids can tinker with, and will certainly keep them busy for hours.
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12. Crayola Inspiration Art Case
For the promising young artist, this art case is heaven-sent with the 140 art supplies that come with it. Everything that little ones need to create beautiful masterpieces will be right at their fingertips. There is a great variety of markers, colored pencils, and crayons.

Kids can take this with them wherever they go, thanks to the attractive carrying case. As with other Crayola products, everything that is included is safe and non-toxic.
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13. Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set
Little boys can't seem to get enough of toys that have anything to do with firefighting. If you're looking for another great toy for that special kid who loves to play dress-up, then this one is for you.

This costume set is sure to make any kid excited, especially because it's as real as it can get. , children are sure to take delight in using it for years to come.
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14. Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer
What better way to direct all that little boy’s energy into active play than with this colorful bouncer? Made from durable materials, this inflatable play area provides a safe place for kids to carry out their active play.

As a word of caution, this gift is so much fun that parents might have a hard time getting their kids to stop.
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15. Master Workbench by Hape
Whose kid doesn't dream of going through their dad's toolbox and playing with all the cool-looking tools inside? From the makers of high-quality wooden toys, this workbench comes with 32 pieces that take pretend play to the next level.

The provided storage space makes it easier to keep all tools in one place after use, and the bench height is adjustable. It’s certainly the best gift to those young craftsmen.
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16. OUTREE Kids Pod Swing Seat Hammock
If you want to be known as someone who gives the coolest gifts ever, then you have to buy this hammock that’s also a swing. Great for either indoor or outdoor use, kids will be excited to have their nook at home. Assembly is also stress-free, and it won't be a problem to move the hammock from one location to another.
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17. Dinosaur Duvet and Pillowcase Set
3-year-olds are notorious for trying to staying up as long as they can. If they love dinosaurs, then they won’t be able to resist the siren call of the bed with an illustration of a roaring T-Rex. The set comes in twin and queen sizes, and a thread count of 160.
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18. Paw Patrol - Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck
If you're not familiar with Paw Patrol, any 3-year-old boy will probably stare at you in wonder. This fire truck is not only based on a hit cartoon series, but it's also impressive in its own right. It's a fairly big vehicle with a ladder attached to it that can be extended up to 2 feet. To give you an idea about its size, it is about several times bigger than your average toy fire truck.

The moving parts and water shooters will also make kids stay awhile to play with this truck. Without a doubt, this is the one to get for either a Paw Patrol or a fire truck fan.
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19. Dinosaur Take Apart Toys
Little boys can't get enough of dinosaurs. With these take-apart toys, kids can try to put the pieces back together again after they take them apart. The good news is they can keep on doing this to their hearts' content.

Parents will also be pleased to know that no batteries are needed, and every part is made from high-quality material. You will be getting good value for your money.
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20. Playful Sports Mugs
Kids are not supposed to play with food, but this one is an exception to the rule. Crackers, cereals, marshmallows, and other snacks can be dunked through the hoop included in the mug. Children will surely ask for seconds with this gift.
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21. Fisher-Price Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway
Another toy that proves you don’t need batteries to be awesome. This tower can stand either vertically or horizontally. Multiple mode settings will keep kids from quickly getting bored. The vertical setting is for racing with the cars, while the horizontal is for just driving the cars around leisurely. It’s effortless even for children to switch between settings.

This toy doesn't come apart, so there's no need to worry about various parts getting lost accidentally.
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22. KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table
Any 3-year-old-boy would be thrilled to receive a train set. What more if you give him one that comes with a table and toy pieces that they could use to build a town? Kids will love customizing the track with the endless number of layouts they could think of.

The table also lets them play at a height that is more comfortable for them. Cleanup is not a problem as the pieces can be stored in a bin that can be found under the table.
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23. My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper
Another fun way to burn off kids’ boundless energy, this foam pogo jumper is very safe and comfortable to use. Even bigger kids can get some much-needed exercise as this toy is highly durable. Imaginative play is also encouraged with this toy because kids can pretend the jumper is another object entirely.

The jumper can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can easily be taken anywhere.
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24. WolVol Transport Car Carrier Truck
What's better than a large toy truck? The answer is a well-made gigantic carrier toy truck that can store up to 28 cars. On top of this, there’s even space for the construction signs and cones that come with every purchase of this toy. Although it is made from plastic, one touch and you can tell that it is high-quality and robust.

Little boys will have no trouble moving this super truck as they could use the handle conveniently attached at the top.
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25. John Deere Monster Trends Tractor with Lighting Wheels
‘Monster' is indeed a fitting description for this toy tractor with its huge wheels that steal the show. Kids will smile from ear to ear when they discover that those wheels light up once they push the tractor forward or backward. The tractor is well-designed too and is made from durable plastic that can handle more than your usual share of crashes and drops.

Batteries are required but are already included with every purchase.
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26. VTech Little Apps Tablet
For the tech-savvy little ones, this tablet will surely make their day. The 12 learning activities included with the toy are sure to enhance many developmental skills what will be needed in school. The animations are interesting enough to hold kids’ attention. Parents and guardians will also be glad to know that the tablet comes with an automatic shut-off feature and volume control.

The icing on top of the cake? Batteries are already included.
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27. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center
Kids will enjoy shooting hoops and goals with this new sports center. Even if they are not really into sports, they won’t be able to resist shooting the balls into the net and goal. The interactive features also teach letters, numbers, and shapes. Animated lights and sounds can keep kids engaged for a long time.

What’s more, every playtime becomes a good opportunity for bonding time as parents can also join their kids in fun.
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28. Hot Wheels 9-Car Gift Pack
Sometimes, little boys want to play with toy cars. This gift pack includes quality die-cast Hot Wheels cars that kids have grown to love over the years. The vibrantly-colored cars are virtually indestructible and can move smoothly across surfaces. The cars would be a wonderful addition to any kids’ toy car collection.
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29. Beeswax Bath Crayons
These crayons can be used on bathroom walls without leaving a stain. They come in a chunky size that makes it easy for kids to hold, but hard to break. Only natural ingredients were used in making the crayons, so there would be no need to worry even if children accidentally put them in their mouths.
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30. 3 Bees & Me Dinosaur toys
Dinosaur on wheels? Yes, please! Can you think of anything better than brightly-colored dinosaurs that kids could push around the floor? Even children who are not dinosaur fans will have a great time playing with these four adorable dinosaurs that have twistable heads.

This toy is extremely tough and is also free from harmful chemicals.
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31. USA Toys Kids Play Tent
There are times when a kid’s imagination is all that’s needed for him to have endless fun. This play tent provides an excellent place for little boys to have their little fun or have others join them. Space is big enough to fit three kids, which means it can be used by one child for several years to come.

There is a projector that comes with the set and is certainly a great addition to the entertainment factor. If the family wants to go on an outdoor trip, the tent can be carried around using the traveling case that is included.
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32. Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck FFP
You can never go wrong with this toy truck that can stand up to energetic little boys who love active play. It is large enough for kids to ride on, and its heavy-duty construction is sure to make it last for a fairly long time.

The bed is movable and is made of metal. In other words, it can be used to load and dump stuff that carries quite a bit of weight. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this truck will be a hit with children.
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33. Educational Insights EI-1930 Playfoam Go!
An ideal toy to bring on any trip, Playfoam can be molded and mixed with sculpting wonderful creations. It can be used again and again, and will not dry out. The travel case is fitted with compartments that can hold different colors of Playfoam. Four shape molds are also built into the case cover, adding to the variety of ways kids can shape the foam.
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34. Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy
It's another great toy that will keep little ones entertained during bath time. The ferry boat can fit two toy cars that come with the set, making it more enjoyable for kids to float it on water. There is a cute pull-out ramp built in the ferry which they can use to make the cars go up or down.

Cleanup is not a hassle as it doesn't take long to drain water in the toy and for it to dry.
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35. Marvel Swing & Sling Spiderman Plush
For those 3-year-old Spidey fans, this interactive toy will do nicely as it can perform amazing antics like somersault, swing, and tumble. Kids can press his foot and make him swing when they picked him up by the webs. Once he is placed on the floor, he will do forward and backward flips. What’s more, the toy even plays the Spiderman theme song and says some of his phrases.

Spiderman’s size is just right for kids and will be a snug companion in bed.
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36. Wooden Board With Fruit Knife Set
Forget about those plastic fruit and knife sets. This wooden version can be personalized, so kids will be delighted to see their name on the board. Included in the set are four fruits that are attached using Velcro. Children can have fun pretending to cut through them, and putting them back on the board when it’s time to tidy up.
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37. PlanToys Pirate Ship
Ahoy, Matey!

Keep kids’ love for pirates alive with this charming little ship that comes with pieces and accessories that will enrich pretend play. Tough enough to handle active play, the materials are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Children can let their imagination run wild as they come up with any pirate world and story to their liking.
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38. Animals at Home Matching Game
Designed to sharpen a child's memory, this will seem like any other enjoyable game in the eyes of a kid. The cards are long-lasting and feature cute illustrations of animals and their habitats. Everything comes in a box that is compact enough to bring along anywhere.
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39. Forest Felt Wall
Turn any wall into a forest scene as envisioned by a 3-year-old. This set includes a felt background and various felt shapes that kids can rearrange over and over again. Parents and other siblings can also join in the fun for some nice family bonding.
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40. Lakeshore Play & Explore Rocket
With this appealing toy rocket, bigger is better. Standing an impressive 16 ½ inches tall, it’s just the perfect size for kids to play with the pieces that come with the set. If they want to bring the rocket with them, all they need to do is snap the hatches shut and carry the whole thing.

Everything is made from high-quality material that gives you great value for your money. Throw in two lovable astronauts, a space rover, and three-level living space, no 3-year-old boy could ask for more.
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41. LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World Gentle Giants Petting Zoo
Duplo always comes up with toys that are perfect for little hands. This is no exception as the cute pieces include dinosaurs, accessories, and features that little boys will love. Everything is easy to put together, and kids can add this to their existing Duplo collection.
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42. Play-Doh Shape and Learn Letters and Language
Who says learning can't be fun? From the makers of well-loved molding clay, this set teaches kids the basics of reading and writing skill through the use of a stylus, stampers and Play-Doh. The included playmates include activities that encourage self-expression and matching aptitude. Sensory and motor skills will naturally be developed while children have the time of their lives playing with the set.
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43. KidKraft Uptown Natural Kitchen
For the aspiring chefs, this is the toy of their dreams as it boasts of a modern kitchen that looks unbelievably realistic. From the fine details to the built-in appliances, everything that comes with the set was made with great care and skill. The immense size of this toy also adds to the authentic feeling of cooking in a real kitchen.
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44. Thomas & Friends Fisher-Price Wooden Railway

Little boys who grow up to Thomas & Friends on TV will be thrilled to receive this wooden train set. Even if it is simpler than other toy trains, kids will still be delighted to watch little Thomas go around the track. It is straightforward to assemble, so it is no trouble to disassemble when not in use.
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45. Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang
This is the toy for the small boy. With real car sounds and an auxiliary port where you can play your tunes, no other toy car comes close to the real thing. The touch screen interface lets kids make various adjustments, and the car itself runs smoothly even with a heavy load. There is enough space for two passengers, which makes it twice as fun to drive around.
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46. Little Tikes TotSports
Made from lightweight, yet durable plastic, TotSports will turn any 3-year-old into a baseball fan. The bat is just the right size and weight for kids, and the adjustable peg does a pretty good job of staying upright even when hitting hard. There is an option to buy one with five balls included because it is more fun to take many swings before stopping to gather the balls up.
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47. Battat Take-A-Part Toy Vehicles Airplane
For little boys who are taking things apart and putting them back together again, this could very well be the toy of their dreams. Consisting of 21 parts and a drill, even small kids can intuitively assemble this airplane. The pieces are sturdy enough, making it impossible for kids to warp or bend them.

It might be hard at first for kids to work on the plane independently, but it won’t take long before they get the hang out it. This is the gift to get if you want to give them a bit of a challenge while improving motor skills at the same time.
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48. Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow, 4 Rockets
Little guys love doing active play. This toy not only encourages children to run, but it also makes them jump and stomp. There's no need for batteries, as all it takes to launch the rockets is a bit of physical effort. Once the foam rocket is put on the launcher, kids can then stomp on the air pad to launch it. They can try to experiment shooting the rockets at different angles since the launcher is movable.

Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, the rockets can even glow in the dark and take the fun factor up a notch.
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49. Step2 Play and Shade Pool
Another ideal gift for the summer season, this pool comes with an umbrella that will make it safer for young ones to frolic under the sun. To turn up the fun factor, there is a spinning water wheel and funnel cups that can be attached to the umbrella. The bottom of the pool has molded-in designs to prevent it from becoming too slippery and enabling kids to play with minimum supervision.
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50. Electric Light Blocks
Are you at your wit's end looking for the unique one among gifts and toys for 3-year-old boys? Why not give them something that they can play with and will also be a nice addition to their room?

This nifty little contraption includes construction blocks that kids can attach to a base. Every time they connect another block, it will light up and be a source of delight to anyone. With four modes available, you certainly will not find this gift anywhere else.
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51. Eco Stars Recycled Crayons
Although crayons may not be the unique gift out there, it is still an endless source of joy for little ones. Besides, these crayons come in pretty little star shapes and are made from old crayons. What adds to the value of this gift is the fact that everything is handmade.
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52. ZJTL Kids Piano
This kiddie piano works so much like the real thing that even adults would want to play on it. Its multi-function features include various tones and sound, and a total of 22 demo songs. Little ones will be able to record and playback any melody they play on the keyboard. A microphone also comes with the piano, so little ones can also sing to their hearts’ content.
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53. Toomies Foam Cone Factory
Bath time offers a lot of opportunities to have fun, especially with this toy. The foam factory can be fixed on bathroom walls and bathtubs and lets little ones make their ice cream out of foam. All it takes is to pour water mixed with bubble bath into the machine, then pull down the lever to make ice cream out of suds.

Kids will never again complain about having to take a bath!
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54. Personalized M Is for Me Book
If you are looking for a gift with a little bit more of a personal touch, why not give this book to the special little boy? Each one can be personalized according to the child's name, and you can even add your message within the pages. It will surely be a source glee every time kids open this book.
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55. Kid's Classic Banjo
Children like making an instrument out of anything. Why not give them the real thing? This charming little banjo is just the perfect size for little fingers that would love to create some music. With its sturdy construction, you need not worry even if kids decide to make a drum out of it.
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56. Crayola Color Wonder Drawing Paper
Among the most popular gifts requested by kids is anything that has to do with a coloring activity. Enter this magical drawing paper by Crayola. The no-mess markers included in the product won’t write on anything else except on the specially-designed color paper. 3-year-olds will get to have fun practicing their coloring skills before they graduate to the real thing.

If you ask parents, the best part of this gift is that they don't have to clean up any wall or furniture afterward.
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57. Delta Children Chair Desk
Simple and practical, this is not a gift that you would find on any list. Still, little boys will be glad to receive this colorful and sturdy desk. Featuring an attractive Paw Patrol design, children will have a comfortable seat where they can do a variety of activities like eating, coloring, or watching TV. The removable cup holder and storage bin are also a handy addition to the desk.
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58. Wooden Toddler Name Puzzle
Taking advantage of 3-year-olds’ love of puzzle and letters, this lovely gift helps little ones learn how to spell their names. The wooden letters come in attractive colors that are non-toxic. You may also choose to have your message engraved at the back of the puzzle base.
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59. Just Play Mickey and the Roadster Racers Gas Station Playset
Iconic Mickey now comes in a racer playset that will be sure to please any 3-year-old racing fan. The set includes pieces that can be used to recreate scenes from episodes of Mickey and the Roadster Racers on Disney Junior. The car can be taken apart and put back together again and again.

Pushing a button on the gas station will produce sound effects that will surely delight kids. The air pump included with the set even blows real air.
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60. Quiet Book for 3-Year-Old Boy
This is another popular felt product that is suitable for 3-year-old boys who can't get enough of discovering and learning about new things. This high-quality quiet book includes age-appropriate activities, with interchangeable pages. It is built to last and is ideal for bringing along on any family trip.
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61. Prextex Pack of two Cartoon R/C Police Car & Race Car Radio Control
Ah, the good ol' R/C cars never disappoint. Boys can't resist the urge to try their hand at controlling toy vehicles. This one comes in a pack of two: a police car, and a race car. Both make sounds that match the type of car. Controlling the cars is also a breeze, making it an ideal gift for those kids who are still learning the ropes.
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62. Child's Bank with Free Personalization
A coin bank might sound too boring of a gift for adults, but 3-year-olds are fascinated by dropping coins into one. What's nice about this particular gift is the option to personalize it. Also, its non-tarnish nickel plating makes it look classy and unique.
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63. Sensory Toys for Toddler Boys
For 3-year-old boys, the messier it is, the better. This kit includes toys and materials that kids can use to make a mess. And to make it even more unique, you can pay for a monthly subscription that will let kids receive a new kit every month.
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64. Personalised Shape Sorting Cube
This is a new twist to an old classic. As soon as they turn three, kids become more interested in geometric shapes, and how things fit inside spaces. You can have this wooden sorting cube personalized to add a touch of affection to your gift. The shapes themselves are brightly painted and are labeled non-toxic and BPA-free.
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65. Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike
Three years old is the ideal time for kids to start having fun with a bike. This one will do a great job of teaching the basics of balancing because it is comfortable and lightweight. What’s more, children will have no trouble carrying it around.

The adjustable seat post and sleek design make it possible to use the bike even after a few years. Although there are no pedals and training wheels, it still does a great job as a trainer bike. Cruzee believes that learning how to balance is easier with this method.
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66. Kids 3rd Birthday Trucks T-Shirt
No gift list will be complete without a personalized T-shirt. With this one, you have the option of putting the name of the kid on the shirt and choosing the corresponding theme. The shirt itself is comfortable to wear with its ribbed neckband and double-needle sleeves and hem.
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67. Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Stainless Steel Pots & Pans
You would secretly wish you had this toy when you were a kid. Unlike other cooking toys today, this set includes stainless steel pieces that add an extra touch of authenticity. Children don't have to be worried about getting the pots and pans wet because they will not rust.

The sizes are just right for little kids, and there’s even a storage rack included.
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68. Kidzlane Durable Kids Play Dishes
These brightly-colored dishes will certainly add a cheerful element to any room. Featuring 29 pieces of utensils, kids can fulfill their dreams of using a dish set just like adults do. Even if the pieces are made of plastic, there isn’t any harsh or unpleasant chemical smell.

The dish rack is a pleasant addition, as well as the drinking cups that do not come in the commonly sold teacup style.
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69. Counting Hands Blocks
Featuring a different take on the traditional wooden blocks, this toy is also etched with illustrations of hands holding up the corresponding block number. Made from natural materials, each handcrafted piece showcases quality artistry. Perfect for kids who are yet to learn to count on their fingers.
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70. Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center
Young boys love pretending to be like their daddies. This fantastic activity center includes more than 120 pieces of plastic bolts and tools. An activity board that comes with the set is where kids can put bolts in, and create any pattern of their choice. The set includes activity cards which have designs that they can follow.

Everything that kids can do with the activity board is geared towards developing a toddler’s fine motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills — definitely the best gift to give the future engineers.
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71. Zoostliss Early Education Colorful Wooden Tetris Block Intelligence Puzzle
For 3-year-olds who love a bit of a challenge, this wooden puzzle is the gift for them. The attractively-colored pieces come in the shapes of classic Tetris blocks. These blocks are made from natural materials and are covered with lead-free paint.

Solving the puzzle would mean fitting all the pieces inside the board, so there’s more than one way to go about it. This certainly beats using electronic gadgets.
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72. Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand never goes out of style. If you prefer to play it safe and give a gift that no kid can resist, then this is the answer. This sand is simply fascinating because it oozes even when you are not playing with it. It is easy to mold, and won't dry out. Unlike playing with natural sand, cleaning up Kinetic Sand is a breeze because it sticks only to itself.
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73. Honda Brown HD Camo Utility ATV
It doesn’t come as a surprise that this toy ATV is remarkably realistic. It is officially licensed by Honda after all and is meant to make any 3-year-old boy feel like he's riding the real thing. Aside from the fun sounds the toy makes, it also says some short phrases and plays an original song.

The price is the thing that's surprising because it is fairly reasonable despite its being a well-made vehicle. It's going to be quite hard trying to find another gift to top this.
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74. Prextex Realistic Looking Dinosaur Pack
Imagine having to play with not just one, but 12lifelikedinosaur toys! 3-year-old boys will be thrilled to be surrounded by these prehistoric creatures that come in a size that fits perfectly in toddlers’ hands. Every set includes a book that contains educational facts about each dinosaur figure.
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75. The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Plush-Figure
Kids love playing with toys that take after characters they seen on screen. This Jack-Jack figure comes with amusing and interactive features that can be activated by pressing the tummy. It is also soft enough for children to sleep with, and provides some good ol' silly fun during play time.
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76. Best Choice Products Ride On Car Truck
Impressively powerful for a ride-on truck, this gift will make 3-year-old boys feel like they’ve hit the jackpot. It comes with a remote control that allows parents to maneuver the vehicle if needed. There's also an option to plug in an MP3 player if kids want to blast their tunes. All in all, everything will feel like the real thing with this truck even down to the suspension system.
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77. LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator
Duplo is immensely popular with kids, and this is just one example of why. Little boys will love putting the pieces together to create their construction site. The blocks are so easy to use that they would rarely need help. For an even more entertaining play, kids can mix up the pieces and see what kind of vehicles they could come up with.
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78. Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set
The pipes that come with the set come in very attractive colors so that no kid can resist using them during bath time. The pieces certainly look well-made and are durable enough to handle accidental bangs and drops. They can be joined together to form one structure, or they could be stuck on the bathroom or bathtub wall.
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79. 3 Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle
This list will not be complete without a toy motorcycle that kids can ride on. Little boys will look so cool riding this vehicle either indoors or outdoors. The pedals are easy enough for kids to reach, and the motorcycle itself makes for a comfortable ride. It is also simple to clean, and the batteries can last for a long time.
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80. Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set
This "baking" set is meant to be played on the sand. The ideal gift during the summer season, the pieces include adorable sea creatures that are beautifully colored. The plastic material used is very durable, and are obviously of great quality. It is especially convenient that everything fits inside the mixing bowl. Perfect for bringing to the beach or the sand pit.
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81. Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Grillin’ Goodies
A 3-year-old boy can host his barbeque party even in the middle of winter thanks to this delightful little toy. The number of pieces included is enough to let two kids enjoy pretending to have a barbeque feast together. With regards to size, it’s good that they are close enough to the real thing that kids will have an easier time imagining they are cooking up a real barbeque feast.

Everything that comes with the set is safe for kids to play with, so no need to worry about anyone getting poked with the toy fork.
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82. VTech PJ Masks Super Gekko Learning Watch
Big things can come in small packages, and this watch certainly packs a punch. Not only does it tell the time, but it also lets kids play built-in educational games. Of course, it helps that the watch features characters from a hugely popular cartoon series.
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83. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table
This is the perfect companion of sand products that don't have a suitable container. With a lid that includes elastic tie-downs, the sand will be kept perfectly safe inside. There are even rakes, shovels, and a bucket that come with the set. The height is just right for little kids to play with the table comfortably.

Although the sand is not included, this is still a highly-recommended gift for little boys because they will never run out of things to put inside the table.
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84. Space Odyssey Playhouse
This is a simple yet fun gift to enhance any child’s imaginations. Little boys love playing with cardboard boxes, and they will certainly love playing with this one. The set includes a playhouse where kids can amuse themselves with the included alien figures and space accessories.

Also, everything that was used in the making of this toy is 100% recyclable, so that's good news for the environment — all the more reason to purchase this toy.
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85. Mega Bloks Ride On Caterpillar with Excavator
A toy excavator that you can ride on? Absolutely!

This realistic excavator is a dream come true for little boys who grew up watching construction truck videos. It even includes truck sounds that crank up pretend play to the next level. The excavator arm works and can be used to shovel blocks that come with the vehicle. When it's time to tidy up, the blocks neatly fit inside the storage area under the seat.
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86. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing
Any childhood wouldn’t be complete without the thrilling experience of the swing ride. Why not give this to the little boy to make his childhood days truly memorable? This set features a seat that is completely safe and comfortable. What’s more, it is conveniently versatile as it can be placed either outdoor or indoor.
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87. Black Light Putty
Children will be amazed when you give them this glow-in-the-dark putty that changes its color under the sun. When they use the black light keychain that comes with the product, they will be even more surprised to discover that they can create squiggles on the putty. Kids can mold it to whatever shape they want without worrying about it drying out.
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88. Little Tikes Trampoline
What better way to expend little boys' limitless energy than to let them jump on a trampoline for as long as they want? This sturdy apparatus provides an hour of active fun and is completely safe for 3-year-olds. A handlebar is included so that kids can maintain their balance while jumping.

It is worthwhile to note that this comes pre-built and can be unfolded when not in use. However, it can only be used indoors.
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89. Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car
A more uncomplicated alternative to battery-operated cars, this reliable push car will make it easier to transport little ones around the neighborhood. The hood is roomy enough to fit all the essentials that a 3-year-old needs. Two cup holders are conveniently in front so that the little ones won't go thirsty. For added safety, a seatbelt is also included.

Cleanup is painless, thanks to holes in the floorboard. Wash the dirt away with a hose, and let it dry.
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90. Durable Kids Doctor Kit
Almost all kids want to be a doctor when they grow up. Let them have a go at treating imaginary patients with this complete doctor toy kit. With a total of 12 items inside a sturdy carrying case, they will have everything they need to play the doctor part.
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91. PlasmaCar Ride On Toy
A perennial favorite, this toy was made with kids in mind, but even adults can’t get enough of this clever little thing. Forget about batteries, pedals, and gears. PlasmaCar works by simply turning the steering wheel. Relatively safe and quiet to use, this toy works both indoors and outdoors.
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92. Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter
A popular product among gifts and toys for 3-year-old boys, this ice cream play set will make kids scream with delight. A total of 28 pieces are included, and all of them are top-quality. Everything kids need to pretend working at an ice cream station is here, right down to the reusable menu.
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93. The Pencil Grip Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint
Since parents gripe about cleaning up the mess made by paints and crayons, why not be considerate and give something that's mess-free? The vibrant-colored paints come in tubes that make it effortless for little kids to hold properly. They only need to wait around 90 seconds for the paint to dry. Then, they wouldn't have to worry about the colors smearing everywhere. If ever some paint does get on stuff, washing them off is simple.
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94. Strictly Briks Classic Baseplates
These baseplates are a clever way to turn any surface into a building brick. Compatible with more popular toy brick brands, this product can act as the base of any structure. Kids can also build on it, lift it if they want to move their creation to another location. If they want a wider area, the baseplates can be placed side by side on the floor or a table.

A total of 12 sturdy, colorful plates are included in the pack.
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95. Boley 12 Piece Safari Animal Set
For some good-quality and realistic animal pieces, consider getting this gift for the special little boy. This 12-piece set looks and feels first-rate, and kids can't help but become excited about playing with it. There is a harsh chemical smell that accompanies other similar products, so this is a good sign that each piece is safe for the small ones.
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96. Sesame Street Elmo Upholstered Chair
Elmo is universally liked by children, so any kid who receives this won’t be able to resist sitting on the snug seat. This can support kids up to 100 lbs., so you'll be certain this will stay with them for years to come. To clean up, wipe with soap and water.
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97. Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart
Kids love getting their hands on shopping carts at the supermarket. Let them have their own with this durable toy that seems like the real thing. The wheels are specially designed to roll smoothly on virtually any surface. There’s also an easy-grip handle that makes it painless for small ones to push the cart around. With the included fold-open seat, kids can even let their favorite teddy or doll go for a ride.
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98. Awesome Dinosaur Track Toy Set
The king of all dinosaur toy sets, this one includes 206 pieces that are more than enough for kids to build their dino world. Parents, siblings, friends, and even neighbors can join in the fun, and spend endless hours of play building and rebuilding the track for the toy car. It's a good thing that the track is flexible, making it alright for kids to bump it accidentally.
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99. Binoculars for Kids
Binoculars may be something that kids don't think they'd enjoy, but wait until they get to try one. This product is designed specifically for tiny hands and is rugged enough to be taken outdoors. To protect children's' eyes, rubberized eyepieces were put in place. There's also a wrist strap to prevent the binoculars from accidentally dropping to the ground. Focus can easily be adjusted, and even children could do it.

Included with each purchase are a case and a cleaning cloth.
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100. BUCKLE TOY Buster
The ideal toy to keep curious hands busy for some time, this toy is made up of six buckles that come in different types. There’s also a zipper pocket where children can put small things inside. The straps come in cheerful colors that are attractive for kids. This simple toy is a must-have to bring along on long travels.
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101. Melissa & Doug Condiments Set
A valuable addition to any 3-year-old boy’s pretend restaurant, this set does a great job of imitating real-life condiments. The ketchup and mustard bottles squirt out red and yellow strings, while the salt and pepper bottles make a shaking sound. To add a touch of magic, the hot sauce bottle works just like the baby bottle toy where the milk disappears.

The carrying rack ties up everything nicely with its high-quality metal finish.
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102. Hungry Frogs
It’s not surprising that many kids today are not familiar with this classic game. However, once they start playing this, they will surely find it hard to stop. The instructions are easy to understand that children as young as three years old should learn how to play the game. As a benefit, they will develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

To get the most out of this game, all members of the family should also join in.
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103. Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair
The feature that sets this apart from other bean bag chair is the fact that it doubles as a storage area for soft toys like stuffed animals. Little ones will have a comfy time sitting on the bean bag and just chilling out.

Made from strong, yet soft material, kids can enjoy this for years to come.
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104. Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game
Introduce 3-year-olds to the joy of playing a treasure hunting game. They will surely enjoy following the map and solving the puzzles thrown their way. Gold coins can be collected as they progress into the game. Of course, the most rewarding part for the kids will be the moment they finally discover the treasure.

The set comes with a hundred reusable clue cards so that children can play the game over and over. Parents can also adjust the level of difficulty, depending on the age of the players. Suitable for one up to 20 players.
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