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98 Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 3-Year-Old Girls 2020


A young girl will always let you know how she feels. She’s getting the hang of walking now, and is starting to form her opinions about the world she is learning about every day. When thinking about what gift to get for a 3-year-old girl, it starts to get interesting. The things she comes into contact with will form and shape some of her feelings about life.

With that in mind, the perfect gift will not only delight her, but will perhaps also help her learn more about herself or the world around her, developing talents and fostering interest in things that could last a lifetime. We have a selection of wonderful gifts for young girls that they will take great delight in, and they’ll probably let you know about it too!

1. Vanity Table Beauty Playset
This play set contains all the beauty tools that your little princess will love. The vanity table includes several pieces of jewelry, a few cosmetics, a mirror, and a stool. The hair dryer that goes along with this vanity table works like the real ones if powered by double A battery. The lights around the mirror also work when powered by batteries.

The fashion toys included are necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, lipstick, perfume containers, comb, lip, gloss, hair clips, comb, and a hairdryer.
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2. Magnetic Blocks
This Magnetic Block by Mag formers is a highly educational and creative toy. It teaches the kids on different shapes and colors. It is because this toy consists of 12 triangles and 18 squares of different colors of teal, light blue, pink, and purple.

It induces the child creativity because it enables them to build various 3D and 2D shapes like a cylinder or a magic ball. Each piece connects through neodymium rare-earth magnets.
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3. Maggie Leigh Dress-Up Doll
Maggie Leigh is a wooden doll that your 3-year-old girl will love to dress up. This toy includes 27 pieces of outfits that she can choose from to dress up Maggie Leigh depending on your child’s mood. The doll has a wooden stand so she can see the doll better to be ready for a display to flaunt her creation.

The outfits are magnetic. Your child can choose to stick the magnetic outfits and accessories everywhere they want.
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4. Light Blocks
This Light Block works by adding blocks starting from the base. The blocks light up once connected to another one. The power sources of the light are USB or battery.

These blocks inspire the child’s imagination because the creative limits are endless. The child can create a skyscraper, a robot, or a nightlight. The blocks can also fit other block construction systems of similar size.

You can choose to acquire 102 or 36 blocks for your child.
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5. Forest Felt Wal
The Forest Felt Wall is surely one of the gifts and toys for a 3-year-old girl that you would like to give. This gift is highly educational. First of all, this wonderful gift teaches the kid about the forest's four parts, which are the forest floor, canopy, understory, and emergent.

Also, it expands the child’s imagination by letting her decorate and rearrange the forest whatever way she wants through the decorative inclusions in this gift.
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6. Miniature Animals
This gift or toy, which is a Matching Miniature Animals, introduces the different Earth creatures to your 3-year-old girl. This gift includes 12 animals, which include elephant, gnu, hippopotamus, ostrich, tiger, cheetah, gazelle, giraffe, gorilla, lion, rhinoceros, and zebra. There are also 12 cards which your child can match each animal to its designated card.

The better news is that your child can pretend to play using these 12 miniature animals in any way that she can imagine.
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7. Miniature Body Organs
Just like the Matching Miniature Animals, the Matching Miniature Organs lets your child match the miniature toy organs to the photo cards with realistic images. Because these are human organs, the images on the picture are extremely different from the miniature models.

For this reason, your child has to learn how to distinguish them through details, shapes, patterns, and color. This gift includes ten figurines of human organs and a set of 10 cards.
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8. Tiny Tin Toys
If you want something to keep your three-year-old girl busy, you can send her this gift. The tin box is almost the same size as the Altoids tin. On the lid, the child will see that there are a few images with numbers and words. The gift is perfect for both learning and playing.

The child may pretend play or explore the miniature toys distinguishing the different textures and shapes. As she plays, she stretches her imagination.
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9. Toy Cars
Who says cars are exclusively for the boys? Cars exist in real life. Therefore, your 3-year-old girl should have some too. These wooden toys are made from oak, cherry, and hickory; that is why you can tell that they are extremely durable.

These wooden toy cars are perfect for any gender because they are good starter toys. You do not have to worry about the varnish and splinters because they are safe for your child to play.
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10. Wooden Car Puzzle
If you are looking for a toy that will last a lifetime, this Wooden Car Puzzle is a great pick. This puzzle car is birch-made that is why it may withstand the number of years. Your 3-year-old child might even feel nostalgic seeing it when she grows up.

This toy is safe for kids because it is free from splinters. The seller also used linseed oil to coat the toy.
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11. Plush Otter Toy
Plushies are perfect for pretend-play gifts that let your kids use their imagination to invent stories and role play. The Otter Plush Toy is suitable for children of any gender and age. The more amazing part is that you can even ask the seller to customize this toy’s color for you.

You can ask the seller to use the favorite color of your 3-year-old girl to make it more personalized and lovely.
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12. Farm Animals Play Mat
Farm Animals Play Mat is one of the gifts and toys for a 3-year-old girl animal lover will love. This toy includes a play mat with a decorative design of a farm, a road, and a bridge. It also includes four wooden animals that encourage a pretend-play activity.

You do not have to worry about the weight because this toy is portable. You have to roll it to fit inside your bag and give it to your child as you travel.
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13. Princess in the Castle Sensory Learning Activity
Young girls love imagining themselves as queens and princesses, which is the reason why this Wall Princess in the castle should be one of your options to give for your beloved 3-year-old. This gift encourages the pretend play, which stretches her imagination by letting her arrange several items in any way she wants.

This gift also sparks her creativity because this gift will require her to create a new sight as she imagines it.
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14. Memory Game Cards
This gift is an educational set of cards that introduce new information to your 3-year-old girl. This set of memory cards challenges your child’s memory and introduces the different types of dinosaur creatures to her. This new information will feed her imagination by making her aware of the fun images of the different types of dinosaur.

This gift is a total of 10 cards containing two pieces for each creature. The dinosaurs are the plesiosaurus, stegosaurus, pterodactyl, triceratops, and t-rex.
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15. Nesting Dolls
Sending this Matryoshka doll as a gift is a good option to give to a 3-year-old girl. The Matryoshka doll works by nesting the smaller doll inside the larger one. Even though this gift is extremely simple, it still encourages the imaginative pretend play for your child. It is because of its simplicity that induces the child’s creativity.

This doll is also wonderful home décor. You can display it after the child plays it.
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16. Fabric Kitchen Mushroom
This Fabric Kitchen Mushroom is another simple toy to give to a 3-year-old girl. Even though it is just a simple toy, the mushroom’s design is realistic. Therefore, it is an ideal toy to feed her imagination. She can use it for her pretend plays like gardening, cooking, shopping, and harvesting.

The Fabric Kitchen Mushroom is a handmade toy which does not have any harmful materials that are dangerous for your kids.
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17. Personalized Reel Viewer
Even though grown-ups can also use this Personalized Reel Viewer for themselves, your 3-year-old girl can also enjoy seeing different kinds of images in a simple gadget like this reel viewer. What is even more exciting is that you can ask the seller to customize it for you.

Just use the redemption code and assemble the shots of what you want to include in the reel. It may be a cartoon character, a picture of your 3-year-old girl, or animals.
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18. Moon Phases Puzzle
This moon phases puzzle is a simple way to teach your 3-year-old about the different phases of the moon while improving her motor skills, sorting skills, and hand-eye coordination. Even though it is just a simple toy, it is a puzzle. It means that it requires imagination and logical thinking to fit the right piece.

This toy is machine-cut but finished manually.
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19. Wooden Sorting Toy
This Wooden Sorting Toy is another way to inspire your 3-year-old’s imagination. It also improves the child’s fine motor skills and color recognition. Your child may match, stack, and sort the balls on the set of pots.

The gift consists of a wooden bowl, scoop, six pots, and six balls. All are in different colors.

The water-color paint and the sealant used for making this toy are non-toxic for the kids. Moreover, the watercolor paint makes the toy aesthetically pleasing.
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20. Little Patient
The name of this Little Patient is Erwin. Inside Erwin, you will find six color-coded major organs plush toys which include the spleen, kidneys, intestines, liver, heart, and lungs. It also has bones in the posterior part of Erwin. For this reason, it induces the child to imagine herself as Erwin’s doctor.

Moreover, the child will learn more about the major organs of the human body and their function through the small booklet included in the toy.
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21. Plush Organs
You cannot use real innards to introduce the different parts of the human body to your 3-year-old girl. It may not scare her this time because of her innocence, but just having this ridiculous idea will make you sick. For this reason, these plush organs are the best way to talk to her about the different main organs of the body.

It is one of the best ways for her not to feel afraid when going to the doctor.
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22. Crocheted Fruits and Vegetables
The Crocheted Fruits and Vegetables are one of the gifts and toys for a 3-year-old girl that you can use a kitchen or garden decoration. The toy fiber is hypoallergenic and made from 100 percent mercerized cotton.

This gift consists of tomato, lemon slice, plum, orange, pear, cabbage, red apple, and broccoli. If you will give this as a gift, the seller also offers a card and a gift box.
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23. Ms. Food Plate Face
The Ms. Food Plate Face is a creative way to spark your 3-year-old’s imagination and her appetite. You know that 3 is the age where children start to become picky about their food. For this reason, Ms. Food Plate Face is one of the best gifts and toys to give to a 3-year-old girl.

Using bits of food let her décor the face on the plate to make the hair, eyes, lips, mustache, and jewelry.
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24. Construction Utensils and Plate
If your 3-year-old girl is not interested in dress-ups and fashion that will motivate her to explore her creativity with the Ms. Food Plate Face toy, you can try the Construction Utensils and Plate instead.

Spark your child’s imagination by pretending that the forklift pusher, spoon, and the bulldozer pusher are working together to make a lift of the food to her mouth. This plate is a perfect gift for kids who are picky with their food.
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25. Wooden Animal Puzzles
This type of Wooden Animal Puzzles' design is for toddlers. This gift consists of two painted puzzles with pastel paint. It does not just entertain the kids, but it is also a great opportunity to bond with your child with by helping her to solve this puzzle in several ways. You can help her join the pieces together or balance each piece on top of one another.

This game offers different difficulty levels to accommodate the child’s capabilities.
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26. Building Blocks Periodic Table
The Building Blocks Periodic Table encourages learning and creativity. The chemistry’s periodic table of elements is the main feature of these blocks. Even though you only have a 3-year-old girl, no one is stopping you from preparing her for the complicated periodic table of elements.

It will also inspire her creativity and imagination because she can stack the blocks in any way she wants. Your child will appreciate it because of the bright colors.
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27. Activity Board Busy Bag
Giving a 3-year-old something that will occupy her mind while you are traveling for a vacation ensures a peaceful trip. Therefore, the Activity Board Busy Bag is an ideal gift to give not just to keep the child busy but also to boost her intelligence.

This toy is child-friendly because of the materials used. The materials used for making this bag are Baltic Birch wood, non-toxic watercolor, textile, wood, and some metal parts.
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28. Number Lovin’ Oven
If you want a toy that will induce your 3-year-old child’s imagination and will teach her how to count at the same time, the Number Lovin’ Oven is a perfect gift for her. It is a fun pretend play for cooking and serving food in an imaginary way.

It consists of 16 ingredients which include the slices of pizza, bread, fried egg, cupcakes, and toy cooking tools. This oven chants with songs that teach the basics of counting and vocabulary.
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29. Pretend Makeup Set
Kids love to imitate not just the warriors and princesses that they see on movies and animations, but also their model grown-ups. For this reason, it is not surprising that little girls want to have their makeup too. This toy will give her satisfaction because she finally has makeup on her own.

Do not worry about stains and smears because this toy is not real makeup. These are just the toy version of the real ones.
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30. Cash Register Toy
This toy is like a miniature version of a real cash register. It has all the features of the real ones. It has a working solar-powered calculator and a cash drawer making a “ka-ching sound.” Because it works like the real cash register, it will not just explore your child’s imagination through a pretend play, but also teachers her the basic math and money handling.

The only fakes are the US dollar bills, coins, and credit card.
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31. Beauty Salon Set
This set includes almost all the important salon tools like makeups and styling accessories. Your princesses can pretend-play that she is a hair stylist, a nail artist, or a makeup designer. The cleaning up is easy because you or your child can shove everything inside the carrying case that is also portable.

Your child will have a lot of fun playing this toy. She can carry it wherever she wants because of its lightweight feature.
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32. Hair Stylist Dress-Up Set
To complete the salon pretend play, your child needs a good costume. This costume comes with a comb, brush, cool-blowing hair dryer, plastic mirror, headband, and non-cutting scissors. As you can see, everything that this gift set has is child-friendly.

Aside from that, you can rest assured that this outfit may last for long years because of its quality fabric and durability. However, you will need AAA batteries to make use of all its features.
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33. School Pretend Playset
This School Pretend Playset is one of the best gifts and toys for a 3-year-old girl or boy. This toy will prepare your child when he or she steps into the school. This toy promotes not just the imaginative pretend play, but also encourages learning through problem-solving and social interaction.

The toy includes a tri-fold board that your child can carry effortlessly. It also has an eraser and a clock with movable hands.
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34. Doll House With Family and Pet
Your little princess will love this toy because of the cuteness and features it offers. This dollhouse is almost complete with features that include furniture, ringing doorbell, play mat, and miniature pet and family figurines.

Aside from pretend play, you can use this opportunity to teach your kids to organize her stuff. After playing, you can ask her to gather all the miniature toys inside the foldable house for simple cleanup.
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35. Educational Blocks Building Set
This different style of Educational Blocks Building Set is a STEM toy that practices your child’s creativity and imagination. You can select to receive 101 or 163 pieces.

This toy will not only keep your child busy, but it also inspires her to create various forms. With this toy, your little girl can create space rovers, animals, satellites, or even skyscrapers.

The material used for making this toy is highly durable.
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36. Doctor Kit
The Doctor Kit is another medical toy that features a doll as a patient. It includes gadgets and tools that aid in exploring your child’s imagination. The tools are also interactive because some of them can create sounds. The cellphone has fun tones. The stethoscope features real coughing and heartbeat sounds.

Your child can carry the medical purse easily. After playtime, your child can put everything inside the first for fast cleanup.
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37. Elephant Plush Toy
The Elephant Plush Toy will surely become your little girl’s BFF because of its adorable features. This plush toy has two play modes located on the feet. If you press the left one, the elephant will play a peek-a-boo with your little girl. Press the right one, and the elephant will play a song.

As your child plays along with this plushy, the elephant’s ears will also flap and move.
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38. Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart
The Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart is one of the gifts and toys for a 3-year-old girl that is highly interactive. Its features are highly versatile that promotes educational, imaginative, and entertaining gameplay.

First of all, this toy features a scooper that magically scoops the toy toppings and ice cream for creative combinations. Second, it features order cards that improve your child’s sequencing and memory skills. Aside from these two main features, it also has other educational characteristics.
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39. Musical Tea Set
This Musical Tea Set has the features that promote not just the imaginative pretend play but also manners, sociability, and hospitality. This tea set’s main features are its seven children songs and six magic colors. The toy also teaches the kids how to count, recognize different colors, and sing fun songs.

Your kids will love this toy because of its interactive features like the sloshing view of the liquid on the heart-shaped window, and the realistic gurgling sound.
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40. Toy Electronic Microwave
Children love imitating the grown-ups even with the household chores. You can let your little princess experience the simple task of placing food in a microwave with this toy. This Toy Electronic Microwave has almost all the features that a real microwave has. To explore all its features, all that it needs is some batteries.

It has rotating tables and LED flashy lights. It can produce some cooking sounds too. Imitation food comes along with the microwave.
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41. Shopping Cart Grocery Toy
This shopping cart is a child version of the shopping cart that you see in grocery stores. You do not have to worry about it getting bent or dented because the material used for this shopping cart is durable. It features the pivoting wheels that can rotate at 360 degrees for easy handling.

Because of its simplicity, there are various ways that your child can play with this toy. You can use this opportunity to bond with your 3-year-old girl.
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42. Wheeled Dinosaur Toys
The wheeled dinosaur helps your child explore her imagination while promoting social interaction. Instead of just a boring model of dinosaurs, this set of toys with twistable heads feature wheels that do not require a power source to move. All that she has to do is move the toys back and forth and let the toy go.

It promotes social interaction because it encourages racing and imaginative play with the other kids because a set contains four toys.
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43. Drawing Stencils
The Drawing Stencils is one of the gifts and toys for a 3-year-old girl that unleashes her creativity. The big Drawing Stencils kit contain more than 300 templates that teach your kid how to draw the various forms that she can find in real life.

You can also use these tools to teach your little girl the basics of reading, counting, and writing in a fun way. The plastic templates are reusable, which may include several themes.
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44. Plush Princess Castle
This toy is the ideal first plush toy for your 3-year-old girl. The Plush Princess Castle is a cute playset features five-piece plushies which include the pink castle carrying case, magic mirror, princess doll, unicorn, and wand. Included in the set is a coloring sheet.

Even though the Plush Princess Castle looks like a toy for display, some of the plushies are interactive. The unicorn and the wand can produce sounds. This toy is high-quality and huggable.
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45. Baking and Cooking Set
This Baking and Cooking Set is a good starter gift for a 3-year-old girl who wants to help her momma in the kitchen or wants to become a chef in the future. Fulfill her dreams with this set that includes a basic chef set which are the apron, oven mitts, whisk, chef hat, wooden spoon, and cookie cutters.

Your child can choose to pretend-play or bake real goodies with these tools (with parental guidance, of course).
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46. Alphapup
The Alphapup is one of the best gifts or toys to give to a 3-year-old girl or boy because this is the age when she or he starts to discover and learn various things. The Alphapup is not just a good toy companion for your child for a pretend play. It also teaches the kid the basics of alphabets and songs.

As your child pulls Alphapup or plays the music button, the toy plays three educational songs.
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47. Little Girl’s My First Purse
The Little Girl’s My First Purse is the ideal gift for a 3-year-old girl who wants to imitate mom or big sister for their girly routines. Just like the usual stuff that you can find inside mom’s purse, this toy has a fake credit card, lipstick, toy cellphone, and a car remote.

The tote bag that contains all of them is made of leather and pink in color. The design is minimalistic butterflies, flowers, and a girl.
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48. Princess Dress Up and Jewelry Boutique
Little girls love thinking of themselves as little queens or princesses. Let a 3-year-old girl experience her childhood to the fullest by letting her feel like she is a princess by giving Princess Dress Up and Jewelry Boutique to her. This miniature boutique includes different accessories and four pairs of princess- or fairy-like shoes.

Moreover, this boutique helps a great deal for a child’s costume party when your 3-year-old girl can be a princess for that day.
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49. Party Playset
This Party Playset is a toy tea set containing a teapot, two cups and four cakes of different colors. The tea set promotes imaginative pretend play where your child can play waiter or host to her friends and family. Your child can light up the teapot as she sees how the liquid inside moves.

The tea set also plays more than 70 children songs, teaching the kids about phrases, colors, and sounds. It features six songs to sing along.
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50. Busy Learners Activity Cube
This Busy Learners Activity Cube is made from BPA-free plastic. It has an auto shut-off feature and adjustable volume so your child can learn to operate the toy with a simple task of adjusting the volume and switching the toy off.

The toy has five sides that provide amazing surprises to your little explorer. Four buttons teach kids different animal sounds, shapes, and animal names. Moreover, its motion sensor automatically activates upon movement.
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51. Cleaning Playset
The entire playset includes four pieces of cleaning tools, which are an extendable-handled mop, broom, dustpan, and brush. With these pieces of tools, your children can pretend-play imitating the grown-ups about cleaning. It is also a great way to teach your child how to clean her room.

These cleaning toys have real functions that can clean a room. Therefore, these toys are not just toys for a pretend play, but it is also a preparation for personal responsibility.
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52. Construction Building Toy Set
The Construction Building Toy Set is a great way for your child to express her creativity and building skills. It develops the child's cognitive system and improves learning just by productive playing. The toy is safe and free from toxins; that is why your 3-year-old can play her heart out.

As long as she has enough pieces of this toy, your child can create various forms without limitation. This toy offers different levels of building depending on her capacity.
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53. Peek-A-Boo Forest
The Peek-a-Boo Forest book is a soft interactive book that does not encourage imaginative exploration but also encourages bonding between a parent and the child. Because a 3-year-old child does not know how to read yet, this book requires the parent to guide the child throughout her exploration.

The book teaches the child about different things like animals, textures, colors, language, and more. You can let your child explore the book by flipping the soft pages.
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54. Flip Flap Dragon
The Flip Flap Dragon is an interactive plushy has an attractive, colorful design. It produces squeaker and crinkle sounds which can help to develop the child’s sense of hearing. You can even surprise the 3-year-old girl with its flapping wings just by pulling the white clip located behind the head of the dragon.

This toy also lets your child explore various textures because of the six materials on this plush toy. The white clip lets you attach the toy anywhere.
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55. Sugar N’ Spice Plush Doll
The Sugar n’ Spice plush doll has a soft fabric that your 3-year-old child will love to snuggle. It is cute and has a satin lining. This toy is a good option for a first plush toy to make friends with your child. Its simplicity makes it a versatile toy that your child can use for various pretend plays of the child.
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56. Care for Me
Care for Me features a soft, plush puppy and its highly-educational carrier. Aside from the various ways your child can play with this toy, your child will also learn a lot of things at the same time. Just simply closing and opening the door, your child can already distinguish the difference between open and close.

By pressing some buttons, it introduces the basics of colors, shapes, and numbers to your child. It also develops a child's motor skills.
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57. Talk & Trace Clipboard
This Talk & Trace Clipboard has several features that do not only explore the child’s creativity through drawing and writing, but it also has some features that can teach the kids with the basics of health, numbers, writing, and letters.

It can play over 30 sounds and melodies to engage the child in learning and playing at the same time. The stylus perfectly fits the hands of a 3-year-old girl for easier grip and promotes hand coordination.
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58. My Pal Violet
My Pal Violet is an awesome interactive, and smart toy that you can connect with your smartphone. You can teach it your 3-year-old child’s name and favorites for a more customized learning experience for your child. This toy offers more than 15 activities for your child to do.

Aside from that, it also teaches the kid with over 40 educational toys. At night, it chants lullabies that lasts up to 15 minutes put your child to sleep.
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59. Scribble Scrubbie Pet Playset
The Scribble Scrubbie Pet Playset is an award-winning toy that acquired the Housekeeping 2018 best toy awards. Your little girl will surely have an entertaining pretend play experience with this toy because of the various ways she can play it. She can color the miniature animals in any way that she wants with the washable markers that come along with this toy.

The miniature pets include toy dogs, cat, and rabbit. You can buy an expansion pack to collect.
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60. Plush Teddy Bear
This Plush Teddy Bear is more than just your boring immovable teddy bear. This one has interactive features that your 3-year-old kid will love. It has movable arms and mouth that may automatically move with a push of a button.

Just a push of a button the bear is capable of reciting six phrases and plays peek-a-boo with your child.

The teddy bear is holding a soft blanket that gives added touch sensation for the child.
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61. Firefighter Costume and Accessories
This Firefighter Costume and Accessories is a perfect gift if there is an incoming costume party event for your child. This gift consists of 8 pieces of firefighting get-up and accessories which include the washable coat, adjustable visor helmet, working water extinguisher, whistle, knapsack, name tag, and an ax.

This gift is also perfect for pretend-play because it is more than just a costume. Your child can take her toys along with her and keep them in her knapsack.
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62. Create a Road Track Set
This Create a Road Track Set is one of the gifts and toys for a 3-year-old girl that is unique because it is for the girls because of its pink color. The toy consists of 168 pieces of tracks that let your child snap the pieces together easily in any form that she likes.

Aside from the tracks the toy also includes a battery-powered vehicle that moves along the track as its headlights flash. This toy is non-toxic.
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63. Temporary Tattoos
Tattoos are beautiful visual art on the body, but you do not want to see the real thing on being applied to your child’s skin. However, as you go together to walk in the park, it is unavoidable to let your child see some people having them which may leave her in awe. For this reason, let her experience to have a temporary tattoo.

Find a temporary tattoo may last for a week when properly applied.
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64. Musical Nursery Rhymes Book
The Musical Nursery Rhymes Book provides another opportunity for parent-and-child bonding as you help and teaches your child to read the letters on the various pages of this book. The Ditty Bird character is the feature of this book that sings up to six popular nursery rhymes.

This toy is highly interactive that promotes learning and imaginative exploration due to the nursery rhymes and the colorful illustrations of the book. Your child can easily turn the pages too.
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65. Disney Princess Necklace Set
The Disney Princess Necklace Set works by sliding the character charms and beads through the necklaces which silicone-made. It expresses the child’s creativity because she can mix the beads and match them in any way that she wants. She can create different styles and looks for self-expression.

The plastic case carries all the goodies for these girly accessories. It has five character charms made from rubber and 150 beads. They can make up to 5 necklaces.
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66. Wooden Princess Castle
This Wooden Princess Castle is almost the same as a playhouse set only with a different them that aids your kid’s imagination for a pretend play. This toy includes two thrones, two royal horses, a chest, a bed, a vanity, a castle, a prince, and a princess.

The castle is a two-story structure that has a mysterious chamber and a drawbridge. The miniature toys and the theme let your child imagine how she wants to play with them.
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67. Fairy Garden Stamp Pad
This Stamp Pad has a fairy garden theme that provides what your child needs to color and create picture scenes. The stamp includes colored pencils, dual-colored stamp pad, stamps, and a wooden tray for storage. The stamps had wooden handles and made from durable rubber.

The dual-colored stamp pad is purple and pink, that is washable. ThisFairy Garden Stamp Pad is a perfect gift that promotes narrative thinking, creative expression, and hand-eye coordination.
It lets your child express herself.
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68. Pegboard Set
This Peg Board Set promotes color recognition which your child can use as an additional playing tool in schools. It is a good educational gift to give to your 3-year-old kid. The pegboard consists of 30 pegs in six different bright colors that let the kids learn how to sort out the different colors and stack them on top of one another.

Your kid may also build various forms of structure in any way that she can imagine it.
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69. Dinosaur Construction Building
The Dinosaur Construction Building is not just your ordinary construction toy. This construction toy will require your child to form the various pieced to put together to build a dinosaur. For this reason, aside from developing your child’s fine motor skills, it also improves the child’s problem-solving skills.

This toy contains 106 pieces of parts that are fully-assembled upon opening the package so your child can start playing immediately. She can deconstruct them and put the pieces back together.
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70. Pet Carrier With Plush Dog
This Pet Carrier with Plush Dog is different from the previous one. This Pet Carrier is just a simple toy that allows a versatile way to explore one's imagination. The plush toy dog is cuddly and soft; that is why you might often find your child snuggling it often. The toy dog is removable from the purse.

The color is dark sweet pink, which is perfect for your princess and appropriate for her age. The decorations are high-quality and durable.
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71. Nursing Nina Cat
The Nursing Nina Cat is a great educational and pretend-play toy that promotes caring and nurturing playtime. This toy is unique and soft that the children will love. It is not just a great toy for pretend-play because it teaches the kids about how the mother nurtures and takes good care of her kittens.

Aside from the cat, the toy comes with three small kittens with magnetic snouts that are attachable to the mother cat.
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72. Lil’ Critters Ball
This Lil’ Critters Ball is a plush toy packed with amazing features that a 3-year-old girl will love. It has a motion sensor that senses every motion. It makes sounds and phrases that can grab the attention of the girl as she tosses and rolls it around. Upon pushing the big star button, the ball plays the simple basics that a child has to learn like animals and numbers.

The plush ball toy has interesting tags and textures too.
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73. Unicorn Play Tent
The Unicorn Play Tent has tote storage that comes along with it for portability. It is a pop-up tent that your little girl can use outdoor or indoor. It has a window covered with a breathable mesh screen that prevents the bugs from entering.

The tent is easy to assemble and has a spacy interior that can fit up to three children. The tent provides the opportunity to let your princess think that she is a princess inside a castle.
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74. Plush Octopus Toy
This Plush Octopus Toy is not just a simple motionless toy. It is a highly-interactive plushy that lets your child explore music and color. All that your little girl has to do is squeeze it to reveal the new sounds and colors. Below each leg, your child shall find different kinds of embroidered images that promote visual and tactile learning.

You can easily swap in different languages, which is a perfect way to teach a few words in different languages.
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75. Touch and Learn Activity Desk
It is a highly interactive desk with five pages of activities that let your child explore the various captivating contents. There are expansion packs sold separately that can add to the fun. These expansion packs include the LED display and wide curriculum.

The desk is transformable to an easel that has storage with enough space to store the art supplies. The desk encourages discovery, playtime, and creativity. The desk includes a stool that matches the desk.
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76. Rock and Bop Music Player
The Rock and Bop Music Player is a perfect highly-interactive gift that lets your child learn and play at the same time. This music player includes educational music. It teaches the child about animals, letters, numbers, musical instruments, and more.

There are varieties of song choices that she can play in different music styles, which are hip-hop, rock, and classical. There is also a remix mode that you can choose to play with several choices of instruments.
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77. Washable Makeup Set
Little girls love to imitate their mother or their older sisters. They imitate everything, including makeup application. That is why it is not surprising to see that sometimes you might catch your little one putting her hand on one of the mother's or her sister's makeup to try them on. Why not let her experience to wear real makeup?

The Washable makeup set provides her with the opportunity to experience makeup application and be creative on it.
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78. Interactive Pet Robot Dog
This Interactive Pet Robot Dog's name is Harry, who is 6-inch tall and 7-inch long, which is perfect for a 3-year-old girl. Dalmatian is the breed basis of this toy. This toy is interactive because it makes sounds. It barks and walks like a real dog. It can even respond to touch.

Your child can play with it without any problems as long as they are on a smooth surface. This toy needs 3 AA batteries to work.
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79. Kidizoom Smartwatch DX
This Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is a second generation one from VTech. It is an ideal smartwatch for kids because of the variety of features it offers. It has different fun activities and games. It also has action challenges. The smartwatch is also capable of sensing motion.

The child can capture videos and photographs with it. It has a big memory that can store the various media that your kid has captured. It almost works like the ones the grown-ups wear.
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80. Pretty Purse Fill and Spill
The Pretty Purse Fill and Spill is a translucent handbag that contains plush toy accessories. The bag contains a mobile phone, key ring with four keys, compact with mirror, and a small purse with coins. This toy promotes the imaginative pretend play for your 3-year-old girl, which is a perfect accessory for imitating the grownups.

Your child will surely have some fun filling and spilling this purse contents. Its fabric material is machine washable and highly durable. The plastic parts are phthalate-free.
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81. Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy
There are three modes to use to play the Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy. Each mode teaches the child with music and feelings, objects, and shape. The keyboard keys are colorful, big, and attractive that makes the pressing easier for kids. This toy has a light-up screen which helps in the learning process.

Aside from the laptop itself, it comes along with a mouse which fits the child’s hands perfectly. It has over 90 songs which your child can sing along.
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82. Rocket Ship Tent Playhouse
The Rocket Ship Tent Playhouse has a vibrant design that is highly-detailed both the exterior and the interior. For this reason, this tent provides an ambiance that can make a child imagine that she is an astronaut. You can use this playhouse as a tool to educate her about the various celestial bodies while playing at the same time.

The tent is easy to set up because it is lightweight. It is also easy to store.
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83. Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone
The Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone work like a real microphone because, just like the real one, it makes the child’s voice sounds louder. This microphone also doubles as a rattle that encourages the development of the child’s motor and auditory skills. Aside from the rattle sound, the child can hear the music of more than 60 songs.

The songs are fun and entertaining while promoting some educational information. The microphone introduces the 12 different kinds of animals.
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84. Princess Play Tent
This Princess Play Tent is portable and lightweight. It has a fiberglass frame with breathable mesh windows. Your child can use it for various indoor or outdoor camping or any kinds of activities. Your child can also use it for imaginative gameplay that shelters her and lets her play hide and seek with her friends.

It explores the child’s imagination by letting her feel that she is like a princess in a castle.
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85. Kidizoom Camera Pix
The Kidizoom Camera Pix is capable of taking real pictures. This toy is a 2-megapixel camera and a digital zoom of up to 4 times. The camera is full of features that your child will love. It has a selfie mode that detects a face automatically, games for further entertainment, a video and voice recorder, and more.

There are different effects available to enhance the photos. You can also connect the camera with a device to download your child’s creations.
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86. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope
The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope features Bindi Irwin’s voice. Just in case you do not know her, she is a famous wildlife conservationist. The toy includes 60 amazing images and 100 quiz questions and facts about plants, animals, and some household items.

The toy has two eyepieces that make the viewing easy for kids. There is as sliding image storage, so the cleanup is easy after usage. The toy makes use of 3 AAA batteries to work.
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87. Shop n’ Cook Walker
Even though a 3-year-old girl can already stand and walk steadily, she still cannot resist the features this Shop n' Cook Walker has to offer. This toy features four modes for playing, which include, stand and play, sit and play, remove cooktop, and push and walk.

There is popcorn that makes a popping sound when a child presses a button or walks it. It also makes sizzling sounds for cooking. An egg roller and shape sorter is also available.
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88. Astronaut Helmet
If your child has a dream of becoming an astronaut one day, fulfill her wish with this astronaut helmet. This helmet has a realistic design that makes the kids easy to imagine that she is an astronaut. The helmet is durable and weight from 25 to 86 pounds.

The helmet has a movable tinted visor designed with NASA logo, USA flag, and other details. It is a good addition to a costume just in case your child wants to play.
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89. Pasture Pals Wooden Horses
The Pasture Pals Wooden Horses are velvet materials made. They are good to look at because each horse has a different breed which includes the pinto, thoroughbred, and the ancient Lusitano. The manufacturer made this toy available in 12 collectible pieces.

Each horse has realistic tails and manes. They have their storage in a compartment that shapes like a barn. This toy is not just good for playing but also for ornamental display at home.
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90. Color Flashlight
The Spin and Learn Color Flashlight plays the music that teaches the kids with numbers, colors, and animals. All that your child has to do is press that ladybug button to play these songs. There are over 50 songs to play in this amazing toy. Aside from educational music, it has a working flashlight that can change in five different colors.

Each color is not piercing to the eyes. It is a perfect toy to use for a pretend play.
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91. Leaptop
The Leaptop is another laptop for toddlers that promote imaginative pretend play and entertaining education. With this laptop, your child can imagine that she is an executive in an office busy with her laptop because this toy is capable of sending and receiving fake emails.

This toy is also highly-educational because it teaches kids with alphabets and animals. She can also sing along with 16 children songs. This toy has four modes, which include alphabets, games, music, and messages.
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92. Cat Carrier With Four Cats
This Cat Carrier with Four Cats is a simple toy that features a carrier that can contain four cuddly kittens inside. Your 3-year-old girl will surely love the four kittens can produce meow sound through a built-in battery. Your child can hug and squeeze them as they like.

The kitties are available in different colors, and you can pick which will go inside the carrier bag. The carrier bag has a handle that makes the toy more portable.
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93. Water Doodle Mat
This Water Doodle Mat is larger than the ones that you can find in the market. It encourages the kids to be more creative and more expressive because they can doodle freely on the mat wherever they like. Even though the mat is larger than the others, you can easily fit it in a travel-sized bag so you can carry it wherever you and your child will go.

Around the doodling area, you will find some letters, numbers, and figures.
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94. Astronaut Boots
The astronaut boots is a perfect gift to give to an imaginative 3-year-old child. The boots are clean and lead-free. The details and design look like real astronaut boots. The design includes the US flag and NASA Patches. It also has a zippered pocket, straps, and reflective stripes.

It is easy to wear them because your child does not have to take off her shoes to slip them on. The boots are good accessories for costume and pretend play.
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95. DIY Oil Paint by Number
In what better way you can explore or enhance your child’s imagination and creativity? Everyone knows that it is through art. This DIY Oil Paint by Number provides limitless ways for your child to express her creativity and herself through art.

It includes three brushes, acrylic paints, instructions, pre-printed art canvas. The template will guide and teach her how to draw the various forms.
You do not have to add water to the paints for your child to use them.
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96. Wooden Animals Magnetic Art
This Wooden Animals Magnetic Art is an educational toy that includes a chalk set, an eraser, booklet, marker, and more. It is a double-sided board that can make use of a back chalkboard and dries erase. It contains more than 100 wooden magnetic animal-themed pieces.

The box that contains the materials has a removable lid that can stand on itself inside the box. Before using, you have to remove the protective film first.

The toy is safe for kids.
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97. Keyboard Piano for Kids
This Keyboard Piano for Kids offers a wide array of features that make piano lessons fun and easy. Just like some pianos for the grownups, this piano has an LCD screen, function button, Hi-Fi quality sound, two-way speaker system, and more. The piano has 37 large keys too.

This piano met the CPC and CPSIA requirements. It has demo songs, teaching models, and piano score that teach the kids how to play. You can plug it in or use batteries.
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98. Ryder’s Pup Pad
The Ryder’s Pup Pad is an educational toy that also entertains your child. Your child can choose among the characters whose names are Chase Skye, Zuma, Rocky, and Marshall to hear their unique sounds. The main feature of this toy is the 15 different phrases that you can also hear from the famous TV show.

Because the toy includes the famous characters on TV, your child can feel that she is like Ryder, who leads the Paw Patrol.
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