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102 Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 8-Year-Old Girls 2020


At 8 years old, a girl is in charge of the place – at least in her head. She loves telling people what to do and is still absolutely sure she wants to be a hairdresser, a CEO of a bank or an Olympic fencing champion. She is asking all the right questions about the world around her and learning at an exponential rate.

Getting an 8-year-old girl a gift can be a little tricky, as she’ll happily tell you if she doesn’t like it. However, with our list of gifts, that’s just not possible. Everything on our list will give her joy, it’s just about choosing which one! Happy hunting.

1. Codenames
Codenames is an enjoyable board game that requires multiple players. This game requires two teams to compete with each other. Each team should have its spymaster who has the only right to know the identities of the agents. The teammates should only identify the agents through their codenames.

A team should guess the words correctly, and it must come from the right color to win the game. A team should avoid the ones belonging to the other team.
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2. The Never Girls Collection No. 1
The Never Girls Collection No. 1 tells about the story of four friends who got into Never Land when they uttered their wish. This collection contains the first four books of the Never Girls books which are: From the Mist, A Dandelion Which, The Space Between, and In a Blink.

This book collection is an awesome gift to your little bookworm who loves exploring her imagination through reading.
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3. Wekapo Stuffed Animal Storage Chair
The Wekapo Stuffed Animal Storage Chair is a great way to find a home for the beloved plushies of your 8-year-old girl. Encourage your child to put their stuffed toys inside the chair to shelter them so they will not get lost.

This gift is a perfect solution to for easy clean up after your little girl plays her plushies, while you can also turn this storage into a comfortable seat. This gift is available in different colors.
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4. DIY Soap Kit
Kids and even adults will love the DIY soap kit as a gift. This craft is a practical gift because the receiver makes his or her soap either for personal use or for a gift too. An 8-year-old girl will love receiving this gift from you because it enables her to make her own three beautiful bath soaps.

Supervise your child as she follows this DIY because of the use of the hot molten soap required in the process.
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5. Gummy Bear Lights
Kids love gummy bears. For this reason, why not give your child a Gummy Bear Light? The Gummy Bear Lights are adorable and look good to eat, although you cannot eat them.

However, your child can put it on display in her room. She can also use them as her night light if she does not want to turn the lights off but still wants a dim-lit room.
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6. DIY Cupcake Baking Kit
If your child is not allergic to soy, egg, nuts, dairy, and wheat, this DIY Cupcake Baking Kit is one of the best gifts and toys for an 8-year-old girl. Most children in this age love cupcakes. Therefore, why not let them experience making them on their own.

In this cupcake baking kit, your child can already make six different flavors of cupcakes. It consists of different-flavored mixes, toppings, cupcake tray, liners, whisk, and a gift tag.
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7. Sloth Keyring Kit
8-year-old girls love cute stuff, that is why they will love the sloth keyring. To make it more enjoyable, you can make them create this cute keyring by themselves. Included in this kit are the keychain, needle, eyes, stuffing, felt, and the instructions.

With this DIY, your child can make cute stuff that she can use as a keyring or a plush toy. This DIY will never bore her out because of the photographed directions.
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8. Snazaroo Face Paint
8-year-old girls and boys love crafts and arts. That is why it is not surprising if they will love face painting. It is a fun way to socialize and create humorous memories of their own while they are still young.

The Snazaroo Face Paint is safe for kids. It is hypo-allergenic, FDA-compliant, and non-toxic. Your kids can create different lines and styles because of the angled tip of these painting sticks.
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9. Personalized Sewing Set
As young as 8-year-old, it is important to hone their talents in arts and crafts. It is a great way for them to discover the hobbies and interests that they will love. It is also a great opportunity to teach them to create various things that they can sell.

A personalized sewing set is a good choice for a present. Not only it will teach your child the basics of sewing, but it also turns their attention away from electronics.
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10. Personalized Name Canvas
School-aged children are naturally artistic. Let these children express themselves through art in by giving them a Personalized Name Canvas as a gift. The kit includes a personalized stencil, in which you will leave the personalized name of your child upon checking out this item.

Aside from the stencil, it also includes a detail brush, foam brush, sewing pin, eight pots of acrylic paint, and a canvas.
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11. Dinosaur DIY Craft
The Dinosaur DIY craft lets your child create her T-Rex dinosaur according to her style and taste. Upon giving this item, your child will receive a pre-painted T-Rex figure, embellishments, and buttons. The other inclusions are the PVA glue and a brush. The dinosaur is free-standing, which stands almost 20 cm.

Once your child finishes her craft, you can make her feel proud by displaying her creation as an ornament on your furniture.
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12. DIY Dreamcatcher
Wish your child to have a good dream each night by giving her this DIY Dreamcatcher. Not only it is a good reminder that you want her to have a good night sleep, but it also stretches her creativity.

This Dreamcatcher kit contains wooden hoop, crocheted doily, different hanging materials, beads, feathers, plastic needle, and instruction. This DIY dreamcatcher is perfect as a gift on any occasion. You can also ask the seller to gift wrap it for you.
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13. Darth Vader Voice Changer
Although an 8-year-old girl may not appreciate the role-playing game as much as she was five or four, she can still love it if she has her friends around. To encourage an imaginative role-play game with her friends, give her this Darth Vader Voice Changer, she will appreciate it, especially if she is a fan of Star Wars.

This toy will turn your child’s voice into Darth Vader’s. There are also SFX buttons that play Darth Vader’s favorite phrases.
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14. Paint Your Own Tiara
The Paint Your Own Tiara is another way to let your child express through art. This Paint Your Own Tiara offers a reversible tiara which is readily available for your little girl to decorate. The package includes a paintbrush, fabric paint, and tiara.

Your child can express herself in various ways through the different selections of colors that she can choose from primary colors to pastel.
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15. Small Bow and Arrows
Although your little girl might not appreciate this gift on her own by herself, she can make some good friends with this simple gift of Small Bow and Arrows. Anyone can join the fun, even the parents. It is a great way to bond with your kids on holidays and vacation.

This gift will surely grab your child’s attention from electronic devices and encourage social interaction and group play.
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16. Customized Wooden Magic Wand
If your little girl is a fan of Harry Potter or amazed by magic and witches, this wooden magic wand is a good gift for her. What makes this wooden magic wand better is that you can ask the seller to customize it based on the design that you or your child.

This wooden wand can be made either from maple, mahogany, birch, hickory, oak, ash, walnut poplar, or pine.
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17. Clear Pill Miniature Toy People
Your child will never be able to resist the cuteness of the Clear Pill Miniature Toy People. It is one of the unique gifts and toys for an 8-year-old girl. Your child can use or play with it in several ways.

Your child can play miniature toys directly as they are. She can toss them in slime. She may also use the toy for creating unique bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.
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18. Unicorn Glitter Nail Polish
This Unicorn Glitter Nail Polish is available in different sizes to address the needs of kids and adults. This fashionable glitter nail polish is easy to apply and does not need time to dry up. This nail polish lasts for about 14 days when you or your child apply a top coat on it.

The seller takes pride that this nail polish is exactly 100% nail polish and not just some vinyl.
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19. Unicorn Poo Emoji Bank
Poo should be disgusting. It is something that you will never imagine giving to an 8-year-old kid — however, thanks to the poo emoji scattered everywhere on the Internet. This emoji just made the poo look cute, adorable, and funny. That is why your child may even thank you for giving her this Unicorn Poo Emoji Bank which is made from ceramic.

This gift does not only look cute and funny, but it also encourages the kid to save money.
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20. Custom Vade Lightsaber
If your little girl is a great fan of Star Wars, the Custom Vade Lightsaber will surely be an ideal gift to give to her. This lightsaber is not something that you can just by in any store. The manufacturer takes pride that their lightsaber is handcrafted and not mass produced in any factories.

They also say that their products are affordable, especially if you want to buy the ones without the blade.
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21. 3D Printed Miniatures of Final Fantasy 7
If you find that your little girl is obsessed with Final Fantasy, you might want to check this gift out. These 3D printed miniature characters of Final Fantasy 7 are cute and adorable. Your child will surely love them.

The miniature stands for almost 5cm tall with a matte finish. These miniatures are perfect for a group game playing with your child’s friends.
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22. Miniature Mole
8-year-old girls love gifts and toys that are cute and adorable. Therefore, it will not be surprising that your child will love the Miniature Mole as a gift. The Miniature Mole stands for 1 and a half inches. The materials used for making this toy are wood cotton and other embroideries.

Your little girl can use the mole to adorn her room or play with it anytime she wants too.
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23. Customized Mini Figure Hero
Why not try telling your little girl that she will receive a miniature hero having her face in it? There is a great chance that she will get thrilled by the news and cannot wait to receive it on a special day.

All that you have to do is follow the instructions that the seller will send to you upon ordering and prepare to take two photos of your child for the miniature hero’s face’s model.
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24. DIY Unicorn Charms
The DIY Unicorn Charms is a unique toy that your little girl can play and flaunt with her friends. This toy allows her to express her creativity by making her a unique toy. The package consists of adorable charms that your little girl can add to her slime. She can even use them for her bracelet, necklace, or earrings.

One package consists of five pieces of adorable charms.
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25. Plush Organs
Some children hate hospitals. However, there are times that you have to take them in that place for check-ups and emergencies. To make things light for them, you can give these plush organs as a gift. This toy is a great way to introduce the internal organs of people without being gross.

They can play the plush toys itself, or you can use these plushies to educate them.
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26. Gummy Bear Launcher
This Gummy Bear Launcher is one of the educational gifts and toys for an 8-year-old girl to give. Not only this DIY will teach her the basics of simple machines, trajectory, measurement, and the metric system, but you are also teaching her the importance of diligence. She has to build this simple machine before she can play with it.

The kit includes photographs, instructions, gummy bears, and instructions that make this gift enjoyable.
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27. Butter Slime
This butter slime has a lavender fragrance that soothes one’s senses. This slime is handmade and guarantees hours of entertainment and fun. This gift is perfect for playing games with your little girl’s friends. She can stretch, twist, pull, or squish it in any way she wants.

This butter slime is customizable too. If your little child does not want the lavender scent, send the seller a message.
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28. Customized Family Photo Look-a-Like Doll
Although an 8-year-old still plays dolls, she might not be enthusiastic about playing with them as they did when she was 3 or 4. However, they love dolls with unique or interactive features, just like the Customized Family Photo Look-a-Like Doll.

This kind of doll is highly customizable because you can choose any photo that you want to be the doll’s face. It may be your child’s or yours.
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29. Magnetic Putty
This Magnetic Putty will surprise your 8-year-old girl that will make her curious about magnets. This Magnetic Putty includes a strong magnet that your child can use on its own or use on iron-based putty. Upon magnetic contact, the putty moves like it is alive.

Magnetic Putty is a perfect gift for kids who love science or interactive toys. It is a great way to spark up her curiosity about science.
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30. Spider Web Swing
This Spider Web Swing is highly durable and safe for the kids. It underwent a quality inspection and safety requirements. This spider swing makes use of strong nylon for webbing and padded steel for the frame, which is high-quality materials. For this reason, you can feel assured that your child will never fall from it once she takes a ride.

You can remove the spider swing easily from the package, and it is also easy to install.
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31. The Complete Ramona Collection
The Complete Ramona Collection has the eight books referring to Ramona’s life and experiences. This collection is a great gift to give to your child who loves to read or if you want to inspire your child to love reading. The eight books specifically refer to Ramona’s funny embarrassing, and awkward experiences.

That is why this book will surely bring the bookworm out of your child because the content of every book is enjoyable.
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32. Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit
Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit is an award-winning toy that provides a good opportunity for your 8-year-old child to explore the basics of electronics. This toy has real electronic components that are color-coded, which allow them to create a DIY project of up to 100.

The circuits that this toy have are real, that is why it also works for real. It is also a great way to build their self-esteem because of their accomplishments when they work at something.
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33. 5000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) Book
8-year-old children love learning new things, especially some fun trivia. Fill her mind with information about the things she loves. The 5000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) Book is a good place to start. It tells something new about almost anything that the child loves, from chocolates to animals.

The book will never bore your child out because the illustrations are fun, and the book is easy to read.
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34. Micro Maxi Scooter
At the age of 8, this is commonly the stage wherein the children develop their athleticism. It is the age when they refine their motor skills, muscle control, and coordination. For this reason, it is not surprising if the kids in this age enjoy lots of physical activities without any distraction of electronic devices.

Therefore, they will appreciate the Micro Maxi Scooter, which is a great activity that trains their balance and motor skills.
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35. PixieCrush Makeup Set
Children of this age are eager to try what the grownups do, including the application of makeup. That is why it is not surprising to catch a child trying mom's makeup on while the mom is away. To prevent it from going to happen, give her this PixieCrush Makeup Set.

You do not have to worry about cleaning the child’s face with this toy because the set is just for roleplay purposes only.
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36. Disney Princess Doll Giftset
8-year-old girls love Disney, especially the princesses. This gift set contains six Disney princesses. It means that your child can have them all and not just one. Included in the box are the MagiClip dresses. Your child has to squeeze the bottom part to loosen up the shoulder for an easy fit.

These Disney figures also look good for display. That is why if your child finishes playing, she can put them on display.
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37. Alex Rock Pets Turtle
Children who love animals and the arts will love this toy. It enables your child to design her turtle. It will let her explore her creativity through the various tools available in this toy. In the box, your child will receive a turtle-shaped rock, brush, and paints.

Your child can display her creation everywhere even outdoors. She does not have to worry about the paint because it will not wear off. The paints are weatherproof.
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38. National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit
The National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit is for kids who dream of becoming an explorer or adventurer. This toy will give her a basic experience to explore the various gems that she has to search for her own.

This toy includes 15 hidden gems, which include quartz, pyrite, and more. It also includes basic items like a chisel, magnifying glass, and a brush. A booklet of instructions will guide your child how to explore.
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39. Kanoodle Puzzles
The Kanoodle Puzzles will surely tease your 8-year-old child’s brain because of the enjoyable challenge this toy can provide. This toy is a 3D puzzle that includes several pieces of challenges with only a single correct answer. Your child can try the 101 challenges by attempting to put the 12 pieces of puzzles together in the right shape.

Included in this puzzle is a booklet that illustrates the challenges to guide the player of this mind-blowing game.
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40. Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky
Giving your 8-year-old child this book is a great way to introduce the heavenly bodies in a way that is understandable to them. The book tells the story of the planets, constellations, stars, and the other basics in astronomy.

The book also includes the space exploration’s history, astronomers’ achievements, the origin of the constellations’ name, sky navigation, and the solar system’s history. It is a great way to feed your child’s curiosity on heavenly bodies.
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41. UNO Card Game Cards
The UNO card game is about matching numbers and colors. That is why it is alright to say this is can also be an educational toy for 8-year-old kids. It is a fun game to play because you would never know how the game will progress as you play it.

Moreover, this game encourages social interaction because your child has to play it with other people to make it enjoyable.
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42. D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths
It is an old book printed for more than 50 years. It is a great book that introduces the Greek gods, heroes, creatures, and goddesses, which will amaze your 8-year-old child. The book perfectly illustrates the Greek myths through pictures and words to make it understandable for kids.

Letting your child learn about the ancient Greek myths will enable her to understand some words being used today that came from the Greek myth.
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43. Emolly Fashion Unicorn Pajama
This unicorn pajama is onesie that will make your child feel comfortable and warm because of the plush material. It is great sleepwear or party outfit for a pajama party. This onesie is easy to wear.

The sellers of the Emolly Fashion Unicorn Pajama feel confident about their product because they are offering a lifetime guarantee. They say that you can get your money back if you do not love the product.
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44. Connect 4 Shots
The Connect 4 Shots encourages sociable gameplay. To make this game fun and enjoyable, your or your child has to invite her friends to play with her. The Connect 4 Shots is just a simple traditional game with a twist. It is fast-paced and offers a competitive thrill.

The players should bounce the ball simultaneously to let them fall inside the grid - the first player who acquires four balls of the same color in the row wins.
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45. Lego Friends Heartlake Hospital
If your child is dreaming of becoming a health practitioner one day, this Lego toy is a perfect gift for her. The Lego Friends Heartlake Hospital offers 871 Lego pieces that your child can use to build her hospital with emergency entrance, reception desk, nursery furnishings, and x-ray center.

Separate pieces and accessories are also available. It also includes some figures like a newborn baby, doctor, and Olivia.
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46. The Family Game of Visual Perception
This game encourages bonding with the other members of the family. It is a friendly game that lets the children play and compete with the adults. If the other members of the family are busy to play, your child can play this game on her own.

It is a matching game that also increases your child’s mental agility. It won the Best Game Awards for more than 35 times.
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47. Women in Science Book
What is a better way to inspire your aspiring young scientist than to give her someone to look up to? The Women in Science book is a New York Bestselling book that introduces the fifty notable women who made some changes and contributions in the field of engineering, mathematics, science, and technology.

The book is easy to read because of the illustrations and infographics. Aside from the scientists, the book also delves on other related topics like the lab equipment.
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48. One Step Tie-Dye Kit
The One-Step Tie-Dye Kit lets your child explores her creativity by letting her create various designs that she can use for her clothing like shirt, leggings, and socks. This gift is a huge kit that lets a lot of people join in the fun.

The kit contains 18 bottles of dyes that are non-toxic and easy to squeeze. Including in the package is the step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.
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49. Melissa & Doug Suspend
Let your little girl interact with her peers and develop her social skills through various outdoor games. Let her join an organization in her school where she can meet the other kids of her age. Indoor playing is also possible with the other kids, through the help of toys like the Melissa and Doug Suspend.

Social interaction in this age is important to develop her self-esteem too.
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50. Kahootz Spirograph Design Set
If your child’s interest is in the arts field, Kahootz Spirograph Design Set is one of the best gifts to give to her on a special occasion. The toy allows her to expand her creativity and learn various designs through the toy's use of interlocking wheels and gears, which allows her to create numerous colors and shapes.

The design of this toy drew its inspiration from the original Spirograph from 1965.
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51. Nintendo Switch
Video gaming is not just for the boys but also for the girls, especially now that we are in a digital age. That is why they will surely love to receive the Nintendo Switch as a gift for any occasion. Your child can use it on any devices like television and tablet.

For this reason, your child can take it anywhere she likes. She can take it when you are traveling or on a long journey.
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52. Don’t Step in It
The Don’t Step in It is a fun game that encourages sociability among children. The game works when a blindfolded player starts walking around. This player has to avoid the fake poops scattered on the ground.

It is a fun way to relax and free your child’s mind from stress after school. Your child can invite her friends over to play this disgustingly enjoyable game.
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53. Think Fun Swish Game Cards
The Think Fun Swish Game Cards contain 60 transparent cards and a bag for easy clean up after playing. Included in the box is an easy-to-follow instruction manual. In just a few minutes of reading, your child can play it easily.

This game requires critical thinking, visual perception, and logical reasoning. This toy has received several achievements such as the Winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver Award, and Major Fun Award are some of the few.
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54. PlayMonster 5-Second Rule Game
The PlayMonster 5-Second Rule Game challenges your child’s quick thinking by trying to think for an answer in a flashcard for only five seconds. Your child can play it by herself but to make this card game more fun, playing with a group is advisable.

This toy contains over 150 new cards which will push the players to think fast. This toy is a great game that can bond the family together.
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55. Game Developer Barbie
If your little girl is a young techie, she will love the Game Developer Barbie. This Barbie wears a fashionable game developer outfit that makes her look geeky gorgeous. She wears a graphic t-shirt, denim pants, white sneakers, and an olive green jacket.

Game developer Barbie has red hair and wears eyeglasses. Her accessories include a tablet, a headset, and a laptop.
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56. Bears vs. Babies Game Cards
The Bears vs. Babies Game Cards is another creation of the Exploding Kittens LLC. It is a game that encourages group play and family bonding. Surely it will not take a lot of time to play because a game can last for only 20 minutes. That is why you can make time for your kids to bond with them by playing these game cards.

This toy consists of a play mat, rulebook, FAQ sheet, and 107 cards.
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57. Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Artist Set
This toy has premade sketches. The Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Artist Set has stencils, stickers, crayons, and anything that your young fashionista needs to create the clothing design that she can flaunt to her friends or on her runway.

It is a great opportunity for her to explore her creativity and individuality. You may never know, this toy might help her start her clothing line in the future.
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58. Luwint Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves
Luwint Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves is a unique toy to give to an 8-year-old child. The gloves are available in two sizes to ensure that any of them can fit the size of your child's hands. The gloves produce different patterns of lights, which include wave, solid, or flashing. The lights are in different colors, which are blue, green, and red.

These gloves come in a presentable box, which makes it an ideal gift to give.
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59. VTechKidizoom Camera
VTech claims that the Kidizoom Camera is the first camera designed for kids. It is a real camera that has rear and front lenses, which makes it possible to take photos. It has a storage capacity of 32 GB, which is a large space for several pictures.

Aside from that, it has plenty of child-friendly features. The parental controls are also present to limit the child's playtime.
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60. Scientific Explorer: My First Mind Blowing Science
At the age of 8, kids start to become curious about science and their surroundings. It is a great opportunity to feed their minds with knowledge and ideas. Parents can facilitate their learning through books and toys.

The Scientific Explorer: My First Mind Blowing Science let your kids practically experience science. It allows them to do some scientific experiments while they are at home.
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61. Barbie Clinic Vehicle
This Barbie Clinic Vehicle is one of the highly interactive Barbie toys. In this product, the vehicle is transformable to a clinic with full equipment. It has a waiting room, exam room, and a check-in station. Just by pushing a button, your child can turn on the ambulance siren lights.

There is also a gift shop that you can unravel by flipping down the television. Various surprises are waiting for your child with this toy.
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62. American Girl Ultimate Crafting Set
The American Girl Ultimate Crafting Set enables your child to express her individuality by making her accessories. This ultimate set contains various materials, which include beads, floss, clothespins, twine, and the like. All that she needs to create bracelets and designs are all in one set.

She can use her creations to add to her fashionable accessories or to use for her dolls. If she does not know where to start, a guide is also included.
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63. Hasbro Simon Swipe
The Hasbro Simon Swipe looks like a simple toy that looks like a car’s steering wheel at first glance. However, it does not work like a steering wheel. It is mostly like a memory game that requires focus and concentration to move up to the advanced level.

The game challenges the player to keep up, tap, or swipe the combinations indicated by the lights that appear on this toy. It is also a great toy for a group play.
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64. L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps
Your little girl will love the 15 surprises waiting for her in this L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps. She will get mystery disguise, fashion accessories, outfits, spyglass, surprise codes, bottle, spyglass, and more.

Your child will find the surprise hints by peeking through the spyglass. More surprises await her as she bathes or feeds her L.O.L surprise doll. This toy comes with a purse so your child can take her toys everywhere.
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65. 3-Piece Bathing Suits
The 3-Piece Bathing Suits are fun pieces to wear for your little child in summer when you are on the beach. It is easy to feel like you are a mermaid while wearing this outfit. It is great as swimwear or costume.

It is a great opportunity to take photographs of her wearing this outfit while she is still young. It is a great way for her to remember the fun of her childhood with her family.
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66. Your Décor Color, Your Water Bottle
Your Décor Color, Your Water Bottle, is a great gift that will express your child’s creativity and individuality. This gift will give her a sense of self once she designs her water bottle that she can take everywhere.

Included in the package are the water bottle, coloring pens of five different colors, and 20 sparkling gemstones. Your child will have a sense of individuality and pride as she clips her creation in her bag.
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67. L.O.L. Surprise Pearl Surprise
The L.O.L Surprise Pearl Surprise is a cool miniature doll to give to your 8-year-old child. As the name of the toy implies, the miniature dolls are the surprise. The toys come with a glittering purse where all the dolls’ accessories and the dolls are inside.

To unravel the surprise, your child needs to dissolve the bath bomb underwater to reveal the two dolls. This toy is a great gift to give to kids who love surprises.
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68. National Geographic Ultimate Dual Microscope
The National Geographic Ultimate Dual Microscope is not just an ordinary toy that will spark your 8-year-old child’s curiosity. It is also great preparation for her when she takes up more advanced scientific topics that require the use of a microscope.

This gift has a microscope that has a magnification of 20x and 50x. It also comes with some prepared slides that your child can explore. She can also make her specimen through the reusable slides.
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69. Spin Master Interactive Maze Game
The Spin Master Interactive Maze Game is a perfect game to practice your child's strategic skills and hand-and-eye coordination. This game features more than 125 barriers as challenges that your child has to conquer.

This game will force her to solve problems by making sure that the ball stays on the path without falling on the track she makes. The game is over when the ball falls from the track she created.
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70. Project Mc2 Lab Kit
This toy lets your child imitate the girls from the famous TV show Project Mc2. This toy is a large lab kit that allows your child to conduct her experiments everywhere she likes. This kit includes a real working microscope with 4x magnification. It also includes a booklet that guides your child on her experiments.

Your child is capable of making more than 35 experiments with this kit.
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71. Lil’ Gleemerz
Lil' Gleemerz is one of the gifts and toys for an 8-year-old girl that is pet-like and highly interactive. Its flexible tail can produce colorful lights. You can choose between the three different modes to play. Choose between the game, light party, or hangout mode. All that you have to do is press its nose.

It also produces more than sounds and reaction with just a simple touch of your hand.
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72. L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop
The L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop is another amazing gift for kids who love surprises. It is also a great gift to collect because of the different items that one can receive from this amazing surprise toy. Inside the toy awaits nine surprises which include a doll and her accessories.

Your child will never know what kind of accessories they are. To know them, she has to open the toy first. That is why this toy is perfect as a gift.
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73. Hatchimals Mystery
8-year-old kids love surprises and mystery. That is why this toy will surely light up the world of your child. There are four Hatchimals available in the market (or possibly even more), but you will never know which one of them that you will pick which makes the toy more thrilling.

Hatchimals undergo the different stages, the baby, toddler, and the kid stage. Each stage unlocks new features that make this toy more adorable.
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74. Snug Headphones
This Snug Headphone is a child-friendly gift to give to an 8-year-old girl for a special occasion. It is available in different colors that little girls will love. It has an amazing feature that allows your child to share her music with her friends.

This headphone is child-friendly because of its amazing size and fit. Also, it has a feature that limits its volume to protect the child’s hearing.
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75. Brightlings Interactive Plush Toy
The Brightlings Interactive Plush Toy is something that your 8-year-old will treasure. It is a cute, lovely toy that is capable of speaking more than 100 words and phrases, including, "How are you feeling" or "I love you." Your child can make her speak new phrases by changing her position.

She can also repeat what the words spoke to her. Your child can also change the plush toy’s voice by tilting the toy from one side to another.
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76. FurReal My Magical Unicorn Starlily
The FurReal My Magical Unicorn Starlily is a great toy to give to an 8-year-old girl who loves fairy tales and unicorns. The unicorn toy is cute and highly interactive.

With a downloadable app, her movements are lifelike. The unicorn toy is also capable of producing various sounds. Its horn lights up, and its wings flutter. That is why this toy is a great pet-like companion for your 8-year-old child.
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77. National Geographic Metal Detector
The National Geographic Metal Detector is another awesome gift to give to your child who loves surprises and exploration. What is wonderful about this gift is that it encourages your child to play outdoors instead of staying inside the house, playing her electronic device all the time.

It also provides a great opportunity to bond with your child because you can hide a surprise for her and let her find them using this simple toy.
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78. Gili Construction Toys
The Gili Construction Toys include an extensive set of construction pieces that will let your child create various structures and machines. She can build vehicles like a propeller plane or dump truck out of this 361 construction pieces.

Gili Construction is one of the STEM toys that can teach your child to visualize as she constructs her machines. It is a great way for her to learn from experience and use this experience to make her creation.
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79. Bit Coding Robot
The Bit Coding Robot is an enjoyable way to introduce basic computer programming with your little girl. This toy enables your child to code by making commands using the color coding on a paper. In return, the robot will respond by color reading.

As your child becomes accustomed to the different challenges this toy offers, she can take on much wider features of this toy on Ozoblocky editor and mobile apps.
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80. Barbie Dreamhouse
Most little girls love playing a Barbie doll. Why not spoil her with a little treat once she aces her exam or when there is a special occasion. Why not give her a Barbie Dreamhouse that she will enjoy while she is still a child.

This Barbie Dreamhouse has lots of accessories, which includes interactive features like bubble sounds and realistic aquarium. The 3-leveled dream house has seven rooms and an elevator too.
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81. Pomsies Pinky Plush
The Pomsies Pinky Plush is one of the best gifts and toys for an 8-year-old girl that is highly interactive with movements imitating a real pet. For this reason, your little girl will surely love this toy because of its cuteness and loveliness.

The Pomsies’ are toys that express their emotion through their cute eyes and by making sounds like purring. When the Pomsies want to express their happiness, they light up their eyes.
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82. Build a Bear Workshop
The Build a Bear Workshop is a colorful and eye-catching toy that will leave your 8-year-old, a surprise-loving child in awe. A set is complete with all the materials she needs.

The Build a Bear Workshop lets your child create her plushies with a small tool included in this toy. The other inclusions are plush accessories like dress and birth certificates. Your child can create her toy at home or anywhere she likes.
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83. Monopoly Cheaters Edition
With this Monopoly Cheaters Edition game, you are free to bend the rules. Although the players can cheat in this game, it will also force your child to use her wit. To win, you have to be clever and sly.

You have to play cleverly to win. This game is a great way to let your child bond with the family or friends. Just remind her that cheating stays only in this game.
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84. Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad
Children are naturally creative and imaginative. Let them explore their imagination by giving them gifts and toys that will let them express their thoughts and imagination. The Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad is one of the gifts that you can give to your 8-year-old child that will let her explore her creativity.

This gift includes black sheets, tracing sheets, graphite pencil, coloring pencils, and more. This gift is compact that your child can take it anywhere she likes.
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85. My Fairy Garden
My Fairy Garden is a great toy for teaching kids how to plant and how to be patient. My Fairy Garden is complete with tools and accessories to make the toy interesting and interactive. Just a few days, the seeds will grow, and the flowers will bloom for up to 10 weeks.

Included in the box are the cord and a fairy figure. You will use the cord to make this fairy fly.
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86. Ukelele for Beginners
8-year-old children should start learning how to play musical instruments. This Ukulele for beginners is a great starter musical instrument for children who are just starting how to play a musical instrument.

There are various colors to choose from. This gift includes a carrying bag, tuner, and a pick. There is also a songbook included to let your child start playing right away. This ukulele is for kids. Its size is smaller than the ordinary ones.
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87. Pimple Pete
Although pimple popping is gruesome to do, it is an inspiration for this toy that makes a pimple popping an enjoyable game. Thankfully, it does not require a real pimple to pop.

To start, you have to load all Pete’s zits on his face and the plunger too. All that the player has to do is try to remove Pete’s zits carefully. If the player pulls hard the mega zit will throw some water on the player.
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88. Alex Spa Sketch ItNail Pens Salon
Nail art is something that an 8-year-old girl will love. That is why this Alex Spa Sketch It Nail Pens Salon is an ideal gift to give to her on a special occasion. This toy consists of 190 pieces of toys that let your child create tons of design on her nails.

She can paint and sketch her nails with the available five nail pens. Aside from the nail pens, the set also includes nail gems, nail file, and more.
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89. A day at the Spa Giftset
If your child loves the spa pampering or if she is curious about having a spa, you can give this giftset to her. The Day at the Spa Giftset allows her to experience the spa for real. The gift set is complete with accessories and tools for pampering. It has a pedicure pool and a nail dryer that allows her to get a pedicure and manicure.

She can invite her best friends over to have a spa with her.
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90. Alex Spa Mani-Pedi Super Party Kit
The Alex Spa Mani-Pedi Super Party Kit is a great way for your child to express her style and personality. It is a super kit that includes 88 pieces of the essential items for manicure and pedicure. There are five available colors and four glitters to choose from.

Also, there are sequins and 72 stickers that your child can use to create different styles for her pedicure or manicure.
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91. WowWee Fingerlings Monkey
Even though 8-year-old kids would prefer electronic toys more than the traditional ones, your child can still appreciate the cuteness of Bella. Bella is a small finger-sized toy that is highly interactive.

This fingerling is not just a simple toy that clings to your fingers. It is capable of responding to motion, touch, and sound. It responds by blinking, babbling, head turning, and a lot more. Try to kiss Bella, and you will see that she will kiss you back.
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92. Cool Maker Pottery Studio
Let your child express her artistic side by giving her the Cool Maker Potter Studio toy as a gift. This toy will allow her to create various sculptures and design by molding and customizing her clay. It includes an instruction guide, metallic paint of 10 colors, coring tools, sleeves, paintbrush, sculpting tool, clay, spray bottle, and more.

Your child can create several projects with this toy. She can create a smartphone speaker, pencil holder, and more.
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93. Bunch O Balloons
The Bunch O Balloons allows social interaction through friendly water fights. Your child does not have to waste time for the fun to wait at the sink to fill up several pieces of balloons. This toy allows your child to fill several pieces of balloons at once. The most amazing part is that each piece ties itself.

It contains more than a hundred pieces of balloons that your child can fill at once in less than a minute.
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94. 3Doodler 3D Pen Set
Every child has his or her interests. Some kids prefer sports, while some prefer arts. The parents’ role is to develop their child’s specific interests. They can do it by giving them tools like books and toys to facilitate their learning.

For the children whose interests are in the field of arts, the 3Doodler 3D Pen Set is a great gift for them. The toys inspire your child’s creativity, planning, tactile skills, and spatial understanding.
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95. Bentology Lunch Bag and Box
If there is any gift that you can give to a child that both she and her parents can enjoy is this Bentology Lunch Bag and Box. The lunch bag comes with five containers of different sizes. It also includes an ice pack that ensures that none of the food will spoil as your child waits for her lunchtime in school.

The lids are spill proof, which makes them also an ideal container for soups and yogurts.
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96. Beginner Mini Quadcopter Drone
8-year-old girls and boys love interactive toys like this Beginner Mini Quadcopter Drone because it provides the excitement that they are looking. It is a great way to practice your child's hand and eye coordination and motor skills.

This drone has a gyro system that ensures flight stability even on windy days. If your child wants to play at night, this toy makes use of the LED light to guide her eyes in the dark.
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97. L.O.L Surprise House
If you want to give a grandiose gift to your little girl, the L.O.L Surprise House should be a part of your choices. This toy will never bore your 8-year-old girl because of the various features to discover. More than 85 surprises are waiting for her.

Moreover, this toy is not just an ordinary dollhouse. It has several interactive features. The toy also includes the doll figure, its little sister, and its pet.
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98. Educational Insights Moonscope and Sky Gazers
The Educational Insights Moonscope and Sky Gazers has a magnification of 18x and 90x which enables your child to see some of the celestial bodies like some of the nearby planets and the moon’s mountain ranges. This tool includes an activity guide that provides more adventure for your child’s learning about the moon.

It is a great way to spark your child’s curiosity and her love for science.
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99. Large Deluxe Easel
This toy is a wonderful gift to give to your young artist to hold all her artistic works. This gift is a large double-sided easel wherein your child can share it with her siblings and friends. It also comes with a paper roll that is 35ft in length.

Because of its large size, your child can do various amazing things with this easel. She can stick, cut, paint, or draw anything she likes.
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100. Moj Moj Claw Machine Playset
If you find your child going home late because she is always in the arcade, why not send her this present, the MojMoj Claw Machine Playset. This toy is a smaller version of the claw machine like the ones in the arcade with music and lights.

Inside the machine, your little girl gets the chance to acquire different squishy toys hidden inside the adorable eggs. You also have the option to surprise her more by placing more toys inside.
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101. Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs
The Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs is an awesome toy for an 8-year-old child. This toy teaches your child to have compassion for animals. This toy also helps to prepare them for the responsibility of having a real pet as a companion.

Your child will surely love this toy because it is not just an ordinary plushy. It is plushy with surprise. Your child has to bathe, dry, and brush it to reveal what kind of plushy animal it is.
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102. Wham-O Slip n’ Slide Wave rider
Children tend to become pushy at times when it is summer, and they are bored. Some want to go for a vacation instantly to fight their boredom. Some stay on the couch, frying their eyes with electronic devices.

You can make their summer interesting by this Wham-O-Slip N’ Slide Wave Rider. It is a great toy to encourage outdoor activity and social interaction with your child. It is also a great way to beat the summer heat.
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