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83 Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 9-Year-Old Girls 2021

A 9-year-old girl is the queen of her castle and is now starting to lay claim on various things she likes. She’s confident in her opinions and loves nothing more than to discuss the whys of any possible topic. Talking to them can fill you with joy and admiration as they ask the questions no one else can think of.

Getting a gift for a 9-year-old girl is a lot of fun. She’s developed her personality and style, and her cognition is such that she can take on and learn from just about anything you throw at her. So enjoy searching through our list of best toys and gifts for young girls and finding something you think they’ll love.

1. Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet
One of the greatest things about being a kid is the freedom to let your imagination flow. And, for girls who are artistically inclined, coloring, or doodling is a great way to do that. This nifty drawing tablet allows kids to trace an image by removing the back panel, or they can let loose and draw their own design. Once finished, they can light up their work for display, or they can use the lighting options to draw in the dark. The easy-to-wipe washable gel markers also mean they can sketch or color as many things as they like. If the 9-year-old girl you’re buying for has a penchant for creativity, this is a great option for stirring her senses.
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2. GirlZone Temporary Glitter Tattoos
Tattoos are certainly on trend these days, but you are likely not ready yet to let your 9-year-old get one of their own! If you want your kid to have the fun of experimenting with a tattoo but in a less permanent way, this glitter tattoo set is a great option. With 24 different stencils and 6 pots of glitter paint, your kids and their friends can have fun for hours. The paint is simple to apply with the make-up brushes, and it is also non-toxic and easy to remove. This gift is great for parties or sleepovers, and it also comes in a unicorn stencil option.
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3. Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter
What kid doesn’t like things with wheels? Whether it’s a bike, skateboard, or a set of roller skates, most young girls enjoy the fun and freedom of getting around. If your 9-year-old is one of these adventurous types, a scooter is an excellent option. This A5 Lux Kick Scooter has large urethane wheels which make for a smooth ride, and it also comes in pink, red, or blue. This scooter is also foldable and has adjustable handlebars, which means it can be used by anyone 8 years or older (or as your child continues to grow).
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4. Barbie Pop-Up Camper
Barbie has a brand-new camper, and it does more than simply drive around. This cleverly designed pop-up vehicle transforms into a mini-vacation of its own through a series of simple latches and foldable accessories. Not only does the front cab turn into a bathroom, but the back cab opens to reveal a kitchen complete with a sink, oven, and stove. There’s also a swimming pool underneath the camper that comes with an attachable slide, a hammock and sleeping area in the middle, and the top floor allows dining chairs and a table for meals under the stars. For girls who love both camping and Barbie, this could be an ideal gift.
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5. The Never Girls Collection
Nothing beats a good fairy tale. If you’re a kid, reading tales of princes and princesses in faraway lands can be a fantastic way to nod off to sleep. This collection from Kiki Thorpe takes four best friends on a fantastical adventure after their wish to be whisked off to Never Land is granted. Containing the first 4 adventures — In a Blink, The Space Between, A Dandelion Wish, and From the Mist — these stories about Tinker Bell and her fairy friends could be a big hit with your 9-year-old.
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6. Walkie Talkies
Heading out into the great outdoors with your kids? These long-range walkie talkies are great for keeping in touch at a distance, plus they’re fun for the little ones. With 22 channels and up to 3 miles of transmission range, these walkie talkies will keep your children well connected. They also come with voice activation, an LED backlight display, a flashlight, and an earpiece connection option for times when you want to roam hands-free. This gift provides entertainment for your kids while also giving you peace of mind when it comes to their safety.
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7. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX
With so many smart devices on the market, why not give your 9-year-old the chance to experience this technology, too? This vibrant smartwatch comes in three different colors and contains an array of functions. Perhaps the most exciting function is its ability to take photos, videos, and do voice recordings. The watch comes with a motion sensor, a touch screen, and a micro-USB port for media transfer; it also contains 3 activities and 5 games. The watch will also keep a schedule for your young one, as it has an alarm, a calendar, and a calculator. If your kid loves technology, they might just love this smartwatch.

It is durable and has a lot of memory so that kids can take tons of photos and videos. It also has voice-changing effects. Aside from that, kids can use the calendar, calculator, timer, stopwatch, and alarm feature. Indeed, it is more than a toy!
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8. LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House
Lego has been a favorite with kids for decades, and the creative options seem to get bigger and better every year. This 351-piece tree house building set turns into a cool hangout, complete with a zip wire, scramble net, and bunny house. Containing two mini doll characters and two pet animals, this set has no shortage of things to do, whether it’s getting Daniel and Mia to play board games, read ghost stories, or play sports. If you want to send your 9-year-old on an adventure and stimulate their creative thinking, an easy-to-assemble Lego tree house may just do the trick.
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9. Make It Real - Charm Bracelet Making Kit
Many girls love wearing and making jewelry. While tastes change over the years, the beloved bracelet is something that many young girls will wear well into their teens. Make It Real’s charm bracelet-making kit is not only easy to use, but it’s also great for developing fine motor skills, and improving visual and tactile-sensory skills. Containing 160 beads and various tassels, charms, pom-poms, and cords, there is enough versatility to create 10 fabulous neon bracelets with this kit.
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10. Monopoly Junior
Monopoly is one of the most popular games around, and it has been since it first came out in 1935. This junior edition is great for kids aged 5 and up, and is quick and easy to learn. Instead of the standard thimble or car figures found in the adult version, Monopoly Junior is played with 4 cute animal figurines: a little Scottie dog, a mini T-Rex, a little penguin, and a toy duck. Whether you’re passing Go, heading to jail, or building a real estate empire, this game will provide hours of fun for your child.
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11. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad Pink
Most young girls like pink and all those chic stuff. That's why the Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad is the best gift for an artsy and creative girl. It is an art set to activate and stimulate creativity in every young girl. This drawing tablet has 100 traceable images, and tracing can be more fun day and night. The LED tablet enables young girls to draw in the dark!

This is such a great product to improve their imagination and help young girls dream of what they want to become in the future.
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12. TOP Gift Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids
Sometimes, young girls don't only play dress-up or dolls. They want to play detective and police games too! Well if the young girl's interest is the detective and spy-type of games, these shockproof binoculars will inevitably trigger the imagination of a young girl.

This product is available in different colors as well. The binoculars are super safe, and it does not hurt the face or the eye. It also has a super grip, and its patented design aims not to let it slip from the hands of the user.
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13. Friday Long Range Walkies Talkies for Kids D381
Walkie Talkies are must for most children who want an adventurous childhood. Kids nowadays like to play spy or agent games and imitate how real agents and spies talk. That’s this Friday Long Range Walkie Talkies is the best toy for a young adventurous nine-year-old girl.

This is the best gift because it has a two-mile range and has three channels. It has a 0.5W radiation power, which means that it is safe for young kids.
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14. Premium Bracelet (Jewelry) Making Kit
Every sassy young girl would dream of buying her bracelet or jewelry. But, this Bracelet Making Kit sparks every young girl's creativity in making her bracelet. Moreover, it would be a fun past time for kids during summer vacations.

Aside from that, they can make bracelets to give it to their friends and relatives! This kit provides every kid with unlimited ways to design their bracelets, necklaces, and rings. It indeed improves a young girl's concentration and imagination.
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15. Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set for Kids
Every young girl must have gone through the stage of admiring and idolizing a cartoon character or maybe a Disney Princess. That's why a beautiful young girl will be delighted to receive a Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish to make her nails colorful.

Not only that it makes a young girl’s nails colorful, but it makes her feel a real princess. With this nail polish, a young girl should surely wear her princess gown and feel royalty.
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16. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy
This toy is just the right gift for a young girl with an inquisitive and imaginative mind. This ThinkFun Gravity Maze game is a combination of marble game, logic game, and STEM toy. It is the best toy for a young girl who is looking for a challenge to stir her brain into analytical and critical thinking.

This toy contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert level. It has a game grid, three marbles, nine towers, and one target piece. This toy boosts a child's spatial reasoning and planning skills. This is but a good toy for a future engineer or architect!
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17. Pillow Dog Adoption Gift
Young girls like to play with stuff toys. Sometimes, these young girls treat stuff toys as real creatures, and they talk to them while on the bed. Well, isn't that a cute sight to see? This Pillow Dog is just the right gift for a young girl who likes animals and stuffed toys.

This cute pillow dog is handmade and made-to-order. It is the best Christmas gift because it can be personalized. It might be the receiver's name or nickname, but receiving such a gift will indeed melt a young kid's heart.
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18. TOPTOY Flashing LED Gloves
Parties and presentations are common in the community and school activities. From school presentations to community performances, young kids will indeed be busy in performance numbers. That's why this TOPTOY Flashing LED Gloves is the best prop for a presentation.

This toy is perfect because it adds color and beauty to every young girl. Surely, kids will like to impress their friends with these LED gloves.
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19. Night Light Rotating Moon Stars Projector
Young girls nowadays want their room to be beautiful. Also, they want to decorate their rooms and make it a place where they can express their true self and make it a safe zone. This Night Light Rotating Moon Stars Projector will surely make every girl’s room a place worth staying.

This projector can be used in different occasions too like birthdays and weddings. However, for a nine-year-old girl who’s been dreaming of reaching the stars, this rotating projector will make every girl’s bedroom special and heavenly.
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20. Stamp-a-Scene Wooden Stamp Set
Fairies and beautiful sceneries are what inspires a young girl. Whether it's a drawing or a room decoration, young girls like beautiful and cute drawings posted on the refrigerator or bedroom wall. This Stamp-a-Scene Wooden Stamp Set enables a young girl to draw and create fairy-garden artwork.

This stamp set contains 20 wooden stamps and two colored stamp pads. This toy enhances a child's narrative and creative thinking, imagination, and art skills. Surely, young girls will be delighted to share these stamps with friends in school.
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21. JVIGUE Large Water Doodle Mat
Kids love to draw and color. It is one of their favorite activities. It does not only stimulate creativity but enhances their imagination skills. Who knows? They might be artists in the future. This JVIGUE Large Water Doodle Mat is the best gift for every young girl who wants to draw and color.

This doodle mat is 36.6 x 25.6-inch mat will enable kids to stay in any position they like and doodle. The pens included in this set are water-based, which protects clothes from permanent ink stains.
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22. Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls
Girls keep diaries. They write at their diaries every night and talk about their crushes, friends, and enemies at school. Well, it all starts in diaries, and then young girls will eventually shift to journaling. Giving the Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls to a nine-year-old will surely open a whole new world to a young mind.

This diary will trigger creativity and inspiration for young girls to combine drawing and words to create cute and beautiful work of art. Sooner or later, young girls will run to the nearest bookstore to buy additional art materials. Thanks to Doodle Diary!
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23. Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit
This product is definitely what every young girl would like. It may be a hot sunny day or a physical education class, but young girls will be proud to bring their water bottle proudly design by them. Keeping hydrated is what every parent or guardian wants for their young girl.

But with a designable water bottle, young girls will be eager to bring it in school and boast it with other girls. Girls can express their favorite things in a bottle. What a great gift to give to a sweet and loving nine-year-old girl.
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24. Sleepover Party Mad Libs
Sleepovers are lit! Every young girl wants to spend a Friday night in a friend’s house together with other girls to talk about their crushes and girly stuff. But, sleepovers are not complete with games like truth or dare and fill-in-the-blanks games.

This Sleepover Party Mad Libs will surely keep every sleepover awake. This game will not just make everyone entertained, but it will also build a stronger bond among friends. Sleepovers will not be the same without this game.
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25. Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set
Classy and chic! That’s the two best words that can describe this Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set. While real spa services may be way too advanced for young girls, this spa set will make them experience how it feels to be pampered.

This set includes everything that a young girl should see at a spa. It includes eye masks, inflatable pedicure pool, nail dryer, and pedicure slippers. This kit can be the best role-playing game tool in a young girl's childhood.
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26. Ozobot 2.0 Bit Extra Bot
Who says there can't be any learning when playing? Well, this product is way overboard when it comes to learning. The Ozobot 2.0 Bit is a toy that can help the receiver of your gift develop scientific and mathematical skills. Wait, but how? Young girls who are inclined to STEM activities will surely like what the Ozobot is capable of.

This robot can also teach young minds programming and advanced mathematics. Therefore, if you want your child or niece to get ahead of mathematics or science, this is the perfect gift for her. Now, that's learning while playing.
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27. Squoosh-O's Galaxy D.I.Y. Stress Ball Kit
Whether it's just a boredom killer or a stress reliever, the Squoosh-O DIY Stress Ball Kit is another gift that's worth giving. Kids nowadays really find it hard to focus in class, especially if the subject is History. Probably, a science project is so demanding that it makes a kid's school life hard.

This stress ball kit can be the savior of every young girl who is bored during class or every angry student because of a demanding teacher. This stress ball kit lets young girls (and boys too) make their stress balls with galaxy designs.
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28. Mason Jar Science
Gifts given to young girls aged nine aren't limited to dress-up kits, dolls, or nail polish kits. Sometimes, young girls want to do some experiment. While kids do want to play scientist games, this gift might be a perfect toy for a future scientist.

The Mason Jar Science is the ultimate package. It can help young children learn physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science. From small tornadoes to super slimy slimes, young girls can get up and set up a laboratory inside the house. Well, of course, the star of the night is the mason jar and some readily-available household materials.
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29. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet
Giving an iPad for a nine-year-old kid to own may not be practical due to the limitless possibilities a real tablet can give to a child. But, if you want to prep a young girl for the real deal, the Fire HD Tablet will be her initial entry to the world of consumer electronics.

This tablet is made specifically for kids. Content-wise, this tablet will surely give young girls quality content that is educational, entertaining, and safe. Parents don’t need to be worried about sensitive content anymore.
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30. Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Made Easy Activity Kit
What could be the best gift it can spark creativity and art both at the same time. The Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Activity Kit is a jump start an aspiring artist. Young girls who are fond of art projects will definitely like this activity kit. This kit will enhance a young girl’s artistic skills and self-esteem.

After finishing a stained glass pattern, young girls can hang their art anywhere in the house. By doing this, it can boost a child’s confidence in showing his/her artwork to people. The kit aims to enhance the child’s concentration skills and motor skills.
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31. Crayola Fabulous Art Kit
From the name itself, it must be fabulous. Well, lo and behold the Crayola Fabulous Art Kit. It is the best gift for an artsy young girl who is fond of drawing and painting. This is an all-out art set that you would like to buy now as a gift. This art kit contains crayons, pens, markers, glue, and all those art materials.

Surely, the receiver of this art set will be proud to bring this in school and share it with friends. This art kit will unleash a young girl’s full potential in art and inspire her to do more beautiful artworks.
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32. ALEX Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit
Young girls value friendship. Sometimes, this friendship reaches for years. Maybe, it might take only one bracelet to spark a life-long friendship. This Friends 4 Ever Bracelet kit is the best gift for girls and in turn, their friendship gift to their besties.

This toy is best for sleepovers and friendship mementos. It does not only enhance creativity but makes sure that young girls build a strong foundation in connecting with people and building strong relationships among them.
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33. Zimo DIY Ukulele
If you are looking for a musical instrument as a gift, this Zimo DIY Ukulele is the one. Young girls who are inclined to music will surely love this one. Even if they don't know how to play string instruments, they'll surely want to learn now because of this ukulele.

This ukulele enables young girls to bring the instrument anywhere, and it designs it themselves. It also helps young girls appreciate the art of music because they get to assemble their instrument and personalize it. Who knows? Someone may become a singer someday because of this ukulele.
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34. Fat Brain Toys FOLD: Origami Brainteaser
Origami is the art of paper folding. But, this Origami Brain Teaser is more than paper folding. This kit utilizes origami and makes it more interesting for young girls who like to be challenged from time to time. This origami kit will enhance a kid's understanding of skills and spatial reasoning skills.

Young girls will be able to acquaint themselves with shapes and help them form mental pictures of how shapes and figures will look like. Young kids will be able to sharpen their logic because these puzzles are challenging.
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35. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9
In the popularity of technology and smartphones, young girls can take pictures using their smartphones. But sometimes, moments need to be preserved and kept in personal spaces. A young girl might like a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for purposes of taking pictures with friends and posting these photos in scrapbooks or walls.

Indeed, young girls want to keep memorabilia of their friends, and this Instax Mini will surely do the job. Aside from that, it may spark an interest in photography and who knows, the receiver of this Instax will become a popular photographer someday.
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36. Yellow Scope - Acids, Bases & pH Chemistry Kit
In the history of science, women have played a part in the fields of physics, chemistry, and all the other sciences. That’s why this chemistry kit is the best gift for a nine-year-old girl because she might be the next top female scientist whose discovery will be vital to everyone.

This kit introduces basic chemistry to young girls, and it will help them understand how acids, bases, and pH levels work and why do they matter in the real world. This kit is created by chemists themselves.
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37. Hasbro Simon Air Game
The perfect gift may be difficult to find, but the best gift is what gives the receiver the best benefit. Well, the best gift might be the Hasbro Simon Air Game. This toy is a memorization and alertness game. It is an excellent toy to enhance a nine-year-old girl's memorization skills while playing with friends.

This game can enhance a young girl's reaction time and ability to spot patterns. This game will bring entertainment and learning to young girls.
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38. Creativity for Kids Make Your Own Lip Balm
Lipstick may be too early for nine-year-olds, but this make-your-own lip balm kit will release the sass of every young girl. With different colors available, young girls can impress boys with these lip balms that can be personalized with stickers!

The kit contains three lip balm bases of which the flavors are Very Cherry, Oh So Citrus, and Mixed Berries. Indeed, a young girl can make her fruity lip calm and look fabulous both at the same time. And guess what, this lip balm is paraben and toxin free which makes it safe to use for kids.
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39. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Toy Pet Playset
What could be the best role-playing toy set for young girls than this Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Toy Pet Playset? This pet play set will make a young girl's imagination colorful and playful. This playset includes four pets which can be colored and designed by young girls.

But, one thing about this playset is that the Crayola coloring materials used are not permanent. From the name itself, young girls can repaint these animals after scrubbing them! Therefore, it gives every girl a chance to redo or to enhance the look of her pet.
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40. Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box
Well, some young girls grew up learning and appreciating the art of ballet. If the recipient of your gift is a young ballerina who is nine years old, then this Ballerina Musical Box will surely make her happy. Aside from being a jewelry box, young girls can also put their jewelry for safe keeping.

When turned on, a cute ballerina goes around and dances with a song from "Swan Lake." Young girls will soon become grown-ups, and giving a jewelry box is a way to train these young girls how to organize and take care of earrings, charms, and bracelets.
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41. ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon
Girls who see beautiful women on the television want to imitate them. They start by putting on little makeup, lipstick, and powder. But, these girls are growing up, and they will forever not be nine-year-olds. One day, these nine-year-olds will come to you asking if they can their hair dyed with a different color.

Well, it might be too early for hair color, but this Spa Hair Chalk might solve the problem at hand. While these young girls are not sure about having hair colors, this hair chalks can help them decide if they want to have a hair color change. But regardless, this is also a toy for young girls.
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42. The Sleepover Party Game
Overnights in friend's place are one of the best moments of a young girl's life. Girl best friends often gather in a friend's place and talk about girl stuff which includes campus crushes, first crush, and probably about love.

But the night is dark and full of terrors. Sleepovers are the best way to determine which friend is the weakest in sleeping late. However, to keep everyone awake, this Sleepover Party Game includes 200 different challenges to keep everyone entertained and awake! It contains act-it, work-it, and party cards. This is a sure ball way to keep every sleepover memorable.
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43. CISMARK Cartoon Animal Knee High Socks
Young girls who are aged nine starts to dress up fashionably. It is the start of the period where young girls want to appear beautiful with their dress choices. Well, young girls might like to try these cute CISMARK Cartoon High Socks which features cute animal-inspired designs. They will look not only fabulous but also cute.

Knee high socks can also protect young girls from pesky insects when playing in parks or school grounds. It’s a two-in-one deal right here. This is the best necessity gift that a nine-year-old can receive.
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44. My Fairy Garden - Tree Hollow
Fairy tales and fairy movies make every nine-year-old girl's imagination wild and fascinating. "I do believe in fairies" is what the famous Peter Pan movie taught to young children. While fairies may not be proven to exist, young girls still like to live in the possibility of them hiding in trees and painting flowers.

The My Fairy Garden Tree Hollow is the best gift to a fairy geek. Aside from a featured fairy, young girls can grow plants in this hollow. It includes soil and seeds for the plants. Surely, young girls will be delighted to see their plants growing in a fairy’s tree hollow.
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45. Shrinky Dinks Creative Pack
No class? Bored during the summer vacation? This Shrinky Dinks Creative Pack will be a young girl's future past time in the boring days. This set is the best-personalized item maker. Young girls, with the supervision of an adult, can make different plastic pieces. For the design, the sky's the limit.

Young girls may draw any shape, object, or word they like and cut it out. Afterward, they should ask supervision from an adult for the baking part. After baking, it should appear like a beautiful frosted plastic item.
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46. LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Café
Who loves to spend time with friends by building a LEGO art cafe? Of course, every young girl would be dying for this lego set. This lego set is the best past time for young girls and the best toy for role-playing and narrative storytelling games. Aside from that, the concept of this lego set will make every young girl fall in love with it.

This lego set will enhance a young girl's spatial reasoning and planning skills. By following instructions, they can do problem-solving and analysis to build this cafe.
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47. Apple iPad
Receiving an Apple iPad means that someone was a good girl. Nine-year-olds may be too young for an Apple iPad, but it is the only way to train them to be responsible for their gadgets. Aside from that, the iPad can be a great aid in learning and research.

Young girls should learn how to use the iPad to make it advantageous in learning. They can download educational games and materials using this iPad. However, the bottom line is that young girls should put this precious piece of hardware to good use.
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48. Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium
Outdoor activities inspire young girls to explore the world ahead of them. Probably, you were asked if you can help your daughter or niece to build a garden. But, there’s an easier way to grant this to a young girl. This Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is a beginner’s edition of growing plants.

Nine-year-old girls who are interested in planting and gardening can start with a small terrarium like this one. Aside from this, young girls will learn how to grow plants and to keep them healthy. This gift is for future botanist!
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49. Think Fun Compose Yourself Music Card Game
For the musician waiting to be unleashed from a nine-year-old girl, this music card is the best way to spark a young girl’s interest in musical composition. This card game contains transparent cards with notes. Each card can be flipped and combined in different ways to create beautiful melodies.

This card game will help young girls appreciate music and sound. They will be able to learn how notes sound and look like. Surely, every young girl who loves music will be interested to hear their compositions. Musical compositions can be played online.
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50. Lulu Jr. Illustory
J.K. Rowling didn’t become a famous author overnight. But, she sure did become one of the most celebrated authors of this generation. That’s why it’s time for a young girl to start writing as early as nine years old. Writing takes years to master.

This Illustory craft kit is the best starting kit for beginning writers to tell a story. Aside from that, they can draw illustrations about their story. Ultimately, they can show their final output in book form! This kit helps young kids discover their talent in writing and illustration. This is the best stepping stone for a future bestselling author or illustrator.
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51. Peaceable Kingdom Secrets, Dreams and Wishes Diary for Kids
Girls have secrets that they don't want to tell other people, including their parents. Well, that's the purpose of diaries. Diaries have been the avid listener of a naive girl's musings, dreams, dislikes, likes, and secrets.

This Peaceable Kingdom Diary for Kids is the best diary for a nine-year-old girl. It glows in the dark and has a lock to protect it from unwanted readers. Writing in diaries has never been more classy with this diary.
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52. Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster
Most protagonists in movies nowadays are women. Characters like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games is an example of women empowerment in popular culture. That’s why most nine-year-old girls must’ve admired Katniss. Well, calling all Katniss fans. The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster is every girl’s weapon now.

Young girls will be active while role-playing with friends. This toy is a way for them to explore the outdoors and connect with other people. Young girls can go with a Nerf bow versus Nerf gun battles with the boys. Let the Hunger Games begin!
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53. SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab
Girls keep and share secrets. But, some nasty boys can know their secrets if they don't protect it. This SmartLab Secret Message Lab is nothing but a must in every young girl's arsenal. This craft kit is best shared with a girl best friend. This kit will teach young girls how to encrypt their messages using the code.

It will even teach them how to create invisible inks to hide their messages in plain sight. This kit will not only build trust and friendship, but it will also enhance a young girl's critical thinking skills and logic.
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54. Fashion Angels Project Runway Fashion Illustration Portfolio with Chroma Stix
Fashion design is a lucrative career. But, the art of fashion designing is more than making beautiful dresses. Young nine-year-olds who like to watch Project Runaway and design beautiful gowns and dresses will admire this Illustration Portfolio. One way to spark creativity is to learn while doing it.

This portfolio includes stencils that young girls can use to trace to the model’s body outline. They can also color their drawings using the Chroma Stix coloring material. For the future fashion designer that will walk with the likes of Coco Chanel and Valentino, this gift is nothing but a stepping stone.
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55. Doodle Pillowcase with Washable Fabric Marker
A nine-year-old girl's bed is a witness of her development as a person. A girl's bedroom is a sanctuary. It is a place that she considers as a safe zone. To make bedrooms more personal to a young girl, giving her a Doodle Pillowcase might be the best gift she'll ever receive.

With this Doodle Pillowcase, can design her pillowcase using washable fabric markers with words of inspirations or drawings. She could even draw a crown or an angel's halo. And the good thing is that it can be washed and she can redesign it again!
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56. Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Design Set
Spiral designs are hard to make because it requires strong coordination, focus, and advanced art skills. But, this doesn’t mean that there’s not a chance on Earth that spiral designs cannot be used by young girls. This Kahootz Spirograph Set is just what every young designer needs. This Spirograph is best for art designs in school projects.

Young girls will be able to decorate their scrapbook with beautiful and intricate spiral designs and make beautiful patterns. It can also help a child be interested in art and design. But, this design kit is a cheat tool for your kid’s next art project.
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57. Nostalgia GCM600 Electric Giant Gummy Candy Maker
Kids love sweets and candies. And of course, don’t forget chocolates. But, nine-year-olds will surely drool over this gummy candy maker. It is a candy maker with different shaping molds of that will inspire kids to make gummy candies in different shapes and sizes.

Young girls can give gummy bears and worms to friends and family, thanks to this gummy candy maker and mold. This candy maker is easy to use, and it will make a young girl a young candy manufacturer!
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58. Jenga!
Oops! This popular classic game is a requirement in every young girl's wish list. Young girls will be able to train their "feather touch" abilities to win this thing and also to avoid cleaning up a broken tower.

But, this classic game is best for groups and family past time. Whether the players want to approach every move with sheer luck or science, this game brings laughter and entertainment.
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59. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Box of Books
Gifts need not be toys that children can use to entertain themselves. Sometimes, the best gift is the gift of reading. Books can bring a young girl to new places and turn her imagination wild and loose. Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a starter read for young girls aged nine.

With its relatable storyline, young girls will be entertained, and at the same time, it will increase their interest in reading. Aside from that, reading books like this can enhance a nine-year-old girl's English grammar and syntax skills.
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60. Perplexus Epic
Puzzle games are for everyone. A nine-year-old girl’s mind is growing and developing as she grows to puberty. That’s why it’s time to give a young girl a the Perplexus Epic puzzle to stimulate analytical and critical thinking.

Puzzle games like this one enhance a young girl's reasoning skills, and it can enhance her visual manipulation skills as well. This is a gift that will surely tickle a young girl's mind. Aside from that, this can aid in improving her mathematical and geometrical skills. Also, it's the perfect past time game.
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61. Big Bag of Science
STEM toys are indeed the best toys to be given as a gift. It does not only promote learning, but it also makes children appreciate science. What could be a better way than to give to a young girl this Big Bag of Science? This science kit includes more than 70 activities that can spark a young girl's curiosity.

This bag contains three fields of science, namely Physical, Earth, and Life sciences. Aside from that, this science kit has a strong STEM foundation since it incorporates the basics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
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62. Kid Made Modern Studio in A Box Set - Arts & Crafts Kit
For a young girl who wants to be the next Frida Kahlo, giving this Studio In A Box art kit is a good way to motivate a young girl to pursue art and painting. This all-in-one set is best for beginners because this kit introduces young girls to different art media.

The more reason why this art kit is the best is that it is a recipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award in 2017. Moreover, this kit also teachers young artists about brushes and how to use them. With this kit, anything is possible.
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63. L.O.L. Surprise!
Well if you're looking for something very girly and sassy, this gift is ultimate go to. This kit is for doll lovers who also like a little clue-finding and detective work. Young girls will enjoy playing this toy. While they match wigs with the dolls included, they also do decoding codes, which is a good way to improve logical reasoning.

Moreover, this kit includes more than 60 surprises. Girls can choose from 12 different hairstyles and additional accessories. That's so fetched! (Mean Girls reference intended).
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64. OOLY Scented Glitter Gel Pens
Gel pens are nice. Scented gel pens are nicer. But, scented and glitter gel pens are the best. Whether if young girls want to lighten up dull-looking school notes or to doodle on her diary, this scented gel pen is the best gift for young girls who like to make everything sparkling and good.

This set contains 12 colors with different scents. Surely, young girls will enjoy writing and smelling their drawings. Aside from that, it is the best pen to use for a secret love letter to a special someone.
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65. Creativity for Kids Flower Crowns
Young girls like accessories that make them look like princesses or queens. That's why this craft kit for girls will enable them to make and to design their flower crowns. Young girls will surely be hooked for hours in choosing the right elements to be included in their flower crowns. This crown making kit will make every young girl feel like a princess.

This kit contains flower crowns, paper roses, ribbons, and more elements designed to make a young girl's flower crown unique and beautiful. Girls can also redesign every crown according to their outfit! Truly, that's a real princess.
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66. Creativity for Kids It's My Life Scrapbook Kit
Kids grow up fast. One day, young girls will eventually realize that they are already grown-ups and that they've outgrown almost everything they enjoyed. That's enough reason to give a nine-year-old girl this scrapbook kit. Time may pass, but memories will last forever. This scrapbook kit will introduce a young girl to the world of scrapbooking.

This kit includes everything that she needs to start making her scrapbook. She will only need to gather photos and other mementos that she wants to cherish. Also, it's the best past time activity for parents and daughters.
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67. Colored Clip in Hair Extensions
Young girls like to dress up and fix their hair in a way that they truly express themselves. That's the reason why some girls like to put hair extensions. It does not only add volume, but it makes their hairstyle cute. But, take a look at these Colored Hair Extensions. This will surely make young girls crave for this colorful extensions.

Girls can have colored hair without undergoing chemical treatment. Also, this hair extension is perfect for costume parties, dress-up events, and school presentations. Aside from that, this is one hell of a head turner.
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68. Hipsy No Slip Headbands
Sometimes, long hair gets in the way for a young girl, and ponytails may not be a young girl's favorite hair tie. Perhaps, wearing headbands is cute and chic. But sometimes, headbands fall off the head, and a young girl has no choice but to tidy up her hair--again--and put the headband back in place.

That has to stop now. This Hipsy No Slip Headband is the best headband for active girls. Whether it’s sport or hide-and-seek with friends, young girls need not worry about their headband falling off. This is the best gift for an active nine-year-old girl.
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69. Conair Topsy Tail Kit
This product may look like just a normal object, but this is a versatile hairstyling kit. If the recipient of your gift is a nine-year-old girl who loves to put on different hairstyles, then this Conair Topsy Tail Kit is the best gift for this young hairstyler.

This kit even includes a styling booklet which contains ten different hairstyles that a nine-year-old girl can try. This is a universal kit for it can accommodate all hair types and styling can only last for minutes. This is nothing but essential in a young girl's dress-up plans.
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70. CRAFTIVITY Dare to Dream Board Craft Kit
Every person needs to have a mission and vision in life. A vision in life sets the direction of a person’s career and life decision choices. That’s why nine-year-old girls should be trained to formulate short-term and long-term visions in life. One way to inspire children to do this is to give them a dream board.

This dream board craft kit is the best way to make a child think about the future. In this way, young girls can put a picture of their dream wedding, dream trip, or dream gown. This kit does not only inspire creativity, but it also inspires having a solid dream in life.
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71. 3Doodler 3D Pen Set for Kids
Young girls may feel tired of drawing in a paper. But, what if someone's drawing come to life? What if a nine-year-old girl can touch and play with this drawing? Well, this 3Doodler 3D Pen Set will bring a young girl's creations to life. This 3D Pen enables young girls to draw in the air. She can now play with her drawings!

Aside from that, she can make personalized bracelets made by her and designed by her. Truly, this pen set is nothing but magical.
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72. Dual Led Student Microscope
This gift is for the biology geek. Young girls who like biology will surely thank you for giving this student microscope. This microscope includes two lenses for 20x and 50x magnification power. Young girls can now examine specimen intricately with 50x magnification power. It includes onion skin, earthworm, and daisy leaf specimens.

Aside from those, it includes over 50 accessories with a comprehensive learning guide that will teach the young biologist about microscopes, biology, and basic slide preparation. This kit includes a brine shrimp experiment which will teach young girls about ocean life.
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73. The New Braiding Handbook: 60 Modern Twists on the Classic Hairstyle
Nine-year-old girls like braids. Probably, they'll spend half an hour to braid their hair before going to a birthday party, school, or any event. Braids look good for girls, especially nine-year-olds. That's why this braiding handbook is the best gift to a young girl who wants to have a unique braid.

This handbook contains 60 different kinds of braids. If you don’t know what’s the right braid for the occasion, then this book is the perfect gift for your daughter or niece.
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74. Elecder i37 Kids Headphones
With Spotify subscription nowadays, nine-year-old girls are fond of listening to music. Whether they're in their room or with their mom shopping, nothing beats good music with good headphones. These Elecder i37 headphones are the best headphone for kids.

This headphone is specifically designed for kids because it doesn't tangle, and it is foldable. It can be easily kept inside a bag. Aside from that, it has a good sound quality that will level up a young girl's music experience. It has good sound-proofing and ear design.
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75. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
The young nine-year-old reader might be interested in the Kindle Paperwhite. Children nowadays are fixated with social media and games on a tablet. However, giving a Kindle Paperwhite to a nine-year-old girl might spark her interest in reading books.

The Kindle Paperwhite is just the best alternative for her tablet. Kindle doesn't have other apps which are good for focus on reading. Also, it is lightweight, but it can carry as much as 20 books (of course digitally). Rather than exposing young girls to social media, maybe a book can make her world more meaningful.
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76. DROGRACE Children Kids Camera
An aspiring filmmaker may start with a toy camera. Or perhaps, a future Youtuber may begin with the DROGRACE Children Kids Camera. Well, this product is just the perfect fit to stimulate learning and creativity. This camera can last for 1.5 hours if used continuously.

It can capture astounding footage with its 1080p or 30fps camera. It has built-in frame photo modes and color modes to spark the creativity of the child. Kids can also use this while swimming because it is waterproof!
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77. ROBOTIME DIY Dollhouse
Young girls love dolls. Of course, dolls may be the first toys that young girls must've asked. However, playing with dolls will not always be a child's playtime favorite. For doll lovers, this Do-it-yourself dollhouse is one for the collections. Nine-year-old girls will surely love making a dollhouse with their moms.

This dollhouse includes lighting and DIY furniture. Of course, this dollhouse is not ready-made. But, that's what makes this dollhouse special. Young girls will have a physical attachment to this DIY dollhouse because they're the ones who built this.
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78. Insect Lore Deluxe Butterfly Garden
Young girls are like caterpillars. Today, they are caterpillars, but tomorrow they can be beautiful and stunning butterflies. Nine-year-old girls will surely be fascinated with this Insect Lore Deluxe Butterfly Garden. This science kit enables young girls to culture and to raise their butterflies.

This kit contains five baby caterpillars. However, young girls and their parents need not worry about food because this kit contains everything that they need to keep these caterpillars healthy. Young girls will be able to witness the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.
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79. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit
STEM kits are gaining popularity because young girls get to appreciate the beauty of science. That’s the reason why giving a Scientific Explorer Science Kit is the best gift for a young girl who is interested in conducting scientific experiments and investigations.

This kit contains chemicals like cabbage powder, citric acid, corn starch, and baking soda, to name a few. This kit enhances a young girl’s STEM skills and enables her to construct and to engineer scientific experiments at her own pace.
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80. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes
Sticky notes are nice. But, this mini rainbow notes is nicer. Young girls will now be excited to leave notes for mom or dad because they get to leave notes in style. This Melissa & Doug product gives every young girl the ability to give a simple note color and beauty.

When young girls write in this note, rainbow colors will appear, which makes every note wonderful and amazing. It will turn heads. Aside from that, young girls will be motivated to create notes for reminders and tasks to do.
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81. Boolean Box
Who said girls couldn't program? Well, that notion will stop now. This Boolean Box is a STEM toy specifically made for girls and designed by girls. For a young programmer, this toy will boost a young girl's coding and programming skills. The Boolean Box is a build-it-yourself computer. Young girls will learn how to build electrical circuits and code using the Python language.

Aside from that, they can use this coding skill to manipulate certain elements in the Minecraft game! Giving a Boolean Box will advance a young girl’s computer skills.
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82. Fat Brain Toys Coggy
From the name itself, this game is definitely "coggy." Coggy is short for cognitive because this game will challenge the brain of nine-year-old girls. This puzzle game will give every young girl gears, of which she should arrange in a certain pattern according to the challenge.

This STEM kit will enhance a young girl’s visual, spatial, and logic skills. This toy is just the right toy for girls who like to do some analysis and imagining.
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83. Drawing Stencils Set For Kids
Creativity has no limits even though the kids are on the road. Whether it may be a long road trip or a summer or holiday vacation, this on-the-go drawing and stencil kit is the best fit for a creative nine-year-old girl.

The kit contains 16 washable stencils, 25 sheets of paper, ten colored pencils, one sharpener, and a bonus of 3-color pens. This drawing kit will inspire creativity in a young girl's mind.
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