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43 Best Gift Ideas for Basketball Players & Fans 2020


Basketball, a sport invented in Canada by James Naismith, is now one of the quintessential American sports. This fast-paced end-to-end sport never has a dull moment, as players race up and down the court dribbling the ball with mercurial skill, pinging the ball between them at lightning speeds before dunking the ball into the hoop.

Basketball players are some of the most physically impressive people on the planet. Giants like Shaquille O’Neal and the great Michael Jordan were athletes of unparalleled physiques. If your looking to buy a gift for someone who is either one of these mountain men or who loves to watch them on gameday, we’ve constructed a list of the best gifts for basketball players and fans to make your life a little easier.

1. Basketball Shooting Device
If you want to be the best gift giver and make sure that they are going to love you for your gift, then you might want to give them something that will be truly valuable. One of the most awesome gifts for basketball players would be something that can help them improve their skills in the game.

If they want to shoot hoops like the pros and their favorite NBA players, then you might want to consider gifting them this basketball shooting device. It’s an affordable and simple device, but it will work miracles in improving their shooting capabilities. It’s a great device that they can wear in their hands and practice how to hold the ball the best way before shooting it.
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2. Shot Trainer
What good of a basketball player will they be if they can't shoot a ball? No one becomes an expert at shooting hoops overnight. It takes a lot of practice, effort, and patience. But, there might be one thing that can help speed up their shoot training in their favorite game.

If you are looking for one of the coolest gifts for basketball players, then you might want to get them this shot trainer. It’s one of the best ways to improve their shooting accuracy when practicing at home. This shot trainer is a simple system, but it will work wonders in training them how to achieve the proper arc when shooting.

Plus, this device is easy to set up, so they wouldn't have a problem using it the first time.
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3. Compression Sleeveless Shirt
Playing basketball takes so much of their time in a day. And you know how staying active in the court can be. They are going to be drenched in sweat in no time. They need to have the proper gear that will be perfect for their active and rigorous training.

If you want to look for awesome gifts for basketball players that they will value and use during their practice games and training, you might want to consider getting this compression sleeveless shirt. This compression shirt comes with the excellent build quality and will keep them fresh and dry after hours - keeping their muscles ready for whatever action the game brings.
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4. Basketball Court Plan Wall Art
Basketball players and avid basketball fanatics live and breathe their beloved sport. It's all they talk about during family dinners. If they can wear their jersey at all times, they would. Whether they are inside the basketball court or not, their whole life is all about the sport. Naturally, they would want to have their rooms a basketball sanctuary as well.

If you are looking for simple gifts for basketball players that will help make their rooms become more of a basketball haven, then this basketball court plan wall art will be a nice addition. It's a high-quality print that has fade resistance for a lifetime. Plus, you can choose from various backgrounds available like a blueprint, parchment, vintage, and more.
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5. Mini Basketball Game
If basketball players can live in the court, they sure would. If they can play basketball whenever they want, that’s going to be what they will do for the whole day.

But, they can’t always be in the basketball court shooting hoops. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a fun basketball game. Whether they are inside their rooms or in their office, this mini basketball game will be the perfect alternative to playing ball in the court. For game nights at home, basketball players will have fun with this mini version of basketball without a doubt.

It’s a great way to pass the time on a slow day when they can’t go to the basketball gym.
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6. Light Up Basketball Hoop Kit
If you say they can play ball day and night, they are going to love you to pieces. Good thing they can now easily and conveniently play basketball during the night if you gift them this light-up basketball hoop kit.

The kit comes with a lot of LED ropes they can use and attach to the entire backboard, pole, and the rim. What's even better is that this awesome kit also comes with a LED basketball. Now, there is no reason they can shoot hoops day and night. With the LED ropes and the LED basketball, there is no excuse for missing a shot anymore.
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7. Basketball Dribble and Handle Training Goggles
Playing basketball is not just about shooting the ball. The game requires a lot of skills they have to practice and master, and that includes dribbling and handling the ball.

If they want to develop handles like the best NBA stars, then you might want to consider getting them a wonderful device to help with their training like this basketball dribble and handle training goggles. With its unique design, this goggles will help them practice their dribbles and handles without their eyes following the ball.

And with its soft plastic and adjustable fit, this goggles are comfortable to wear and won't interfere with their shooting.
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8. Basketball Ring
Jewelry and accessories have been one of the classic gifts to give anybody on any occasion. If you want to give something a little fancy and elegant, a wonderful piece of jewelry will do.

If you are looking for something that would be awesome for basketball players, then you might want to consider getting this basketball ring. It’s a sterling silver sports jewelry gift that anybody who loves basketball will love and wear.

If they want to show their love for the sport in any way they can, this ring will also be perfect for them.
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9. Arm Sleeve
The right gear when playing basketball, even during practice and training, will be beneficial in a lot of ways. If you are searching for practical and functional gifts for basketball players, then you might want to choose things they can use while playing ball like this arm sleeve.

It might be simple, but basketball players know the difference what a good arm sleeve can do in keeping their muscles warm during the game. It’s especially useful in keeping their shooting arms on fire and ready to make a point in the game.
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10. Official Basketball for NBA
If they are serious about playing basketball and if they want to play hoops like the pros, then it’s important that they only use the best equipment when playing. What’s better basketball than the ones being used by their favorite players in the NBA?

If you want to give basketball players something that they will love without any doubt, then get them an official basketball for the NBA. This official NBA basketball is on an entirely new level than the balls sold in stores. A quality ball will level up every basketball game they have from now on. Plus, you can make sure they are made high-quality and would last for a far longer time than basic balls from stores.
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11. Basketball Dartboard
Who said scoring in basketball has to end when they leave the court? Although they would stay in the court playing hoops all the time if they can, there are still a lot of ways for basketball players to have a good time. It doesn't have to be so far from the basketball game they all love.

If they need something to spice up the game nights with their friends, then they might have a lot of fun with this basketball dartboard. It will be all about casual fun when they are outside the court. And since it's about the same game they are playing in the court, then there aren't a lot of new rules to study. The only difference is that they are going to be using darts instead of balls to hit the ring.
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12. Ball Pump
Every baller will find it frustrating when they want to enjoy their game, but the ball has deflated. It wouldn't be good to use then, and the game will end without an extra basketball on hand.

Make sure that they will never have to end an exciting game of basketball wherever they are by gifting them this ball pump. It might not be the most glamorous gift for a basketball player, but every one of them will thank you for this. It's practical and useful, and the best answer in the crucial part of making sure their basketball is always in the best condition and ready to go for a game or two.

When the ball deflates, pump it, and it's ready to go like a brand new one.
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13. Personalized Sports Bulletin Board
When they love basketball, they don't just love playing basketball. They also love everything about the game, including collecting every bits and piece about the game. It's not shocking that most basketball players and avid game fanatics have basketball drawings, prints, photos, cards, ribbons, and any collector's item possible.

If you want to give them something that will be a great addition to their already growing basketball collection, then you might want to consider getting them this personalized sports bulletin board. Aside from being a cool basketball-themed piece, they can add in their collection, and it would also be a great place to put their smaller mementos into.

It's cool and functional decor at the same time.
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14. Professional Basketball Net
It's not enough that they have a high-quality basketball. If they don't have a net in the backyard, all they will be able to do is dribble their ball around. They have to shoot too, to practice their shooting skills. For that, you might want to get them this professional basketball net for their basket to go along with their professional-grade basketball.

It’s one of the most durable nets out there. It’s built to last and to endure all game plays at home alone or with his buddies.
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15. Basketball Motivational Dog Tags
In whatever they do, a little motivational quote here and there will always help. Practice and training can be rigorous, and while they have to develop their skills, they have to develop their mentality too. They can’t go giving up easily when they can’t seem to shoot the ball right.

Make sure they are motivated all day and every day when you gift them this basketball motivational dog tags. It comes with a couple of unique inspirational messages mixed with their favorite basketball designs. Plus, this dog tag pack isn't just for one. The pack comes with 12 dog tags, which will be enough for the whole team. And with the adjustable chain, it can fit everyone.
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16. Basketball Training Markers
Knowing how to play ball isn't enough. The skills have to be polished every day, and that means constant practice and training. If you want to give gifts for basketball players who are practical and functional, especially in their way to become future NBA superstars, then these basketball training markers fit right in.

These training markers are an excellent companion while training, whether they are practicing their dribbling skills, shooting, or defense. It will also come in handy in performing various kinds of drills to help with their performance more. Plus, it also comes with a weather-proof digital timer that can help make drills and games a little more competitive.
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17. Basketball Court Patent T-Shirt
If you are looking for simple yet very useful and practical gifts that would be perfect for any occasion, a quality shirt will do just right. Everyone needs basic tee. Plus, no matter how many shirts one already has, there's always a room for an extra one in their closet.

And if they love basketball, or plays the game, then they will also be going to love this cool basketball court patent t-shirt. It's a very comfy and warm way to advertise how much they love the game so much. They can wear it while they play ball with the team or just about anywhere they go. It's made with 100% cotton so it should be durable and comfy at best.
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18. Sports Water Bottle
It's important always to stay hydrated no matter what they do. Whether it's for their morning run before they go to the gym for their basketball practice or during the game itself. If you are looking for thoughtful yet very practical gifts for basketball players, then get them a new sports water bottle. That way, they will always be reminded to hydrate no matter what they do.

And if they already have a worn-out water bottle they always carry around with them, they might already be in need of a new one so that this gift will work out on both of your favors.
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19. Bounce Bottle Game
A true sports fan, like all basketball players, will love anything that will keep the competition growing even when they are outside the court.

But what kind of game would be perfect for them who always handles balls? Perhaps, they would want something that deals with balls too like this bounce bottle game. There aren’t a lot of rules to remember. Just bounce the ping pong balls into the wooden grid. They can play in two teams like in basketball too. This game also offers a lot of varieties for them to battle too like Level Out, Nine Cup, Alphabet Soup, and more.
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20. NBA 2k18 Standard Edition
Who said basketball could only be fun while they are in the court? They can now also have a fun game at home playing their favorite sport when you gift them this cool NBA 2k18 Standard Edition.

If you are looking for the most awesome gifts for basketball players who also love to play video games, this gift will even be more perfect for them. It's the most popular video game for all basketball players and fanatics all over the world. It features online playability as well as live status updates so that they can have countless of fun.
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21. Ankle Brace and Strap
If you think basketball is just a game of running around the court and trying to shoot the ball in the ring, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s a lot more than that. And if you happen to know how tense and rigorous basketball player’s training is, you wouldn’t imagine being part of it.

The training is hard, and sometimes that might include an injury or two. If you are looking for thoughtful gifts for basketball players that will show them how much you care for them, then get them this ankle brace and strap. Having an ankle injury during the game is a huge pain, and this brace will help them avoid getting themselves hurt. No one wants their basketball career end because of one injury that could have been prevented.
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22. Dribble Stick
It's not just all about shooting them all right into the ring. A basketball game comes with a lot of technicalities and components that the player should master. So, if you want to give them gifts that will help in improving their skills, then you might want to consider getting them this dribble stick.

This simple device will level up their training when it comes to improving their hand positioning, their speed in dribbling the ball, as well as their stance. It’s one of the gifts that basketball players don’t know they need until they started using it and see how their overall game has improved.
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23. Bluetooth Speaker
You know how it's a lot better to work out and exercise with nice music in the background without it. The same thing goes for basketball players during their workouts and drills. Nothing helps pump the blood faster for training than with heavy music in the gym.

It's all possible now when you gift them this Bluetooth speaker. It's high-quality in both the build and the sound it produces. Plus, it has a solid battery lifetime, so it shouldn't give up on them in the middle of their workout. It can be their irreplaceable companion whether they are training in the gym or having a party after they've won a game.
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24. Basketball Wall Clock
Naturally, basketball players want to live in a space that speaks how much they love the sport. They have all those posters and collectibles littering in their bedroom.

If you are looking for a simple yet functional gift that basketball players will love without a doubt, get them a nice addition to their basketball haven like this basketball wall clock. It's an excellent home decor in the theme that they want. Plus, it's useful in keeping them on track when they have training. Now, there's no reason they will be late for one of the drills in the gym.
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25. Cool Digital Scoreboard
They don't have to go to the basketball gym to have a fun day shooting hoops. They can do it in the backyard or the park, and they will have loads of fun if you gift them this cool digital scoreboard. Their basketball game in the driveway with their pals will be much better with the 0-99 score in this device. Plus, it also comes with a countdown clock as well as a game-ending buzzer, just like the real deal.

What's even better is the other ten wonderful games already programmed in the device like free throw games. They can easily attach this device on the basketball pole, and it's ready to go. The LED feature of the scoreboard will also be handy when they decide it's fun to continue the play at night.
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26. Basketball Gloves
Whether they are starting to learn how to play basketball in grade school or playing in college ball, having excellent handles is very crucial. If they want to play like their favorite NBA stars, they have to get right on with improving their handles.

Help them in this feat by gifting them this cool and useful basketball gloves. It's the perfect gear to help them improve their strength and hand speed every time they train. After all, skill development is very important for basketball players. These gloves will even be more awesome for aspiring point guards who are looking for ways to master some crazy handles.
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27. Playful Sports Mugs
Play doesn't have to be during training only. Fun can also be while they are eating. Like the kid who invented it, basketball lovers and players might have been thinking that the world will be a lot better if they can play with their food. If you are searching for playful gifts that the basketball player will love, this playful sports mug is just the perfect fit.

It makes mealtime so much more fun for them. They can score goals, slam dunk, and throw some strikes with this mug. It doesn't mean a kid designed this playful mug that it's only for the kids to enjoy. The big boys with kid hearts will love this idea too.
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28. Official NBA Jersey
Nothing beats a basketball game and training when you have the right gears with you. The official basketball in the NBA will be much better if they can also wear the official NBS jersey. So, if you are looking for awesome gifts for basketball players that they will love without a doubt, then grab them one of these jerseys. It's a quality jersey that can last for a lifetime. But aside from its high-quality build, what will make basketball players love this one is that they can be an official jersey of their favorite players. It is going to be a surefire gift for basketball players.
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29. Basketball Car Air Freshener
The best gifts often don't have to be the most glamorous and expensive option in the market. If you want your gift to be well-received, check out the things they like and enjoy. If you are searching for cool gifts for basketball players, then choose any basketball-themed ideas, and they will love it like this basketball car air freshener. If they love playing ball and has cars, this air freshener is perfect for them.

Plus, it also comes in various scents with some manly scent option, so they don’t have to complain about girly scents in their cars. And if they are sweaty after training in the gym, their cars are going to need of these.
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30. Basketball Shoes
If you are looking for gifts that will be perfect for basketball players and if you have a larger budget for it, then you might go for something that they need and would love without any doubt - basketball shoes. That would be the best gift if you want to be in their good books and has the cash for it. The best basketball shoes won't come cheap, but they are high-quality and will be an awesome companion for their rigorous training and gameplay.
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31. Mini Hoop
For the little ones who love playing basketball, there's no reason to go out to practice their basketball shooting game. Gift them this mini hoop, and they can shoot balls wherever they want. This hoop can be easily attached to the door frame so that they can have their practice space in their bedroom of the backyard.

Another good thing about this mini hoop is that it’s made high-quality and durable, plus with a spring-loaded function. With that, it can easily withstand dunking without breaking. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike.
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32. Outdoor Glow in the Dark Basketball Net
Wouldn’t it be great if they can play their favorite basketball game anytime they want? Basketball players will love the idea of being able to continue their gameplay day and night. Fortunately, they can now do that when you gift them this outdoor glow in the dark basketball net.

It's a heavy-duty net with glow in the dark feature, so they don't have to stop in the middle of the game when it's already dark. And unlike other glow nets, this one, in particular, has the real glow and not the faded kind of glow like others.
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33. Agility Ladder
Growing their skills and improving their performances are important for basketball players. If they want to be like their favorite NBA superstars, they have to train like they are one. There are several things they have to improve and perfect, and that includes their agility. To help them in their training, gift them this agility ladder.

It's the perfect workout companion that can level up their speed, footwork, and quickness. It will also help develop their responsiveness and technique, which will come in handy during real games. With the help of this agility ladder, they can now help unleash their true athletic potential.
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34. Basketball Backpack
Basketball players lives and breathes their favorite sport, and wherever they go, they would want to bring their basketball with them. But, always carrying the ball as is can be difficult and bulky. What they need is this basketball backpack.

If you want to gift them something functional and perfect for their fave sport, this backpack will be perfect. Now, they can bring every gear they need, including their basketball, so they can be ready for a game or two whenever and wherever they go. Plus, it's more convenient to carry the basketball when you don't have to hold it in your hand all the time.
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35. Stylish Basketball Athletic Socks
If you are looking for understated but very useful gifts for basketball players, then you might want to consider buying them some stylish basketball athletic socks. Aside from being fun and playful, which will be perfect for humorous ballers, a great pair of socks is always a must. They look great, but aside from that, they are made only with high-quality materials. Plus, they are equipped with blister control and anti-moisture features so they can play ball without slowing down in the middle of the game.
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36. Reversible Basketball Jersey
If they play basketball almost all the time, then they can never have too many jerseys they can wear during their games. Fortunately, you can now buy them this awesome reversible basketball jersey. It’s very popular for all basketball players.

There's no reason to play with an ill-fitting tee when they can whip out their comfy jersey for the game. Plus, what makes this particular jersey cooler than most is that they can switch teams in an instant just by turning inside out. It's one of the simplest gifts for basketball players, but something that none of them will snob. You bet it might just be their new favorite jersey.
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37. Compression Pants
Athletes have raved about compression gears, and it's got a lot of benefits. If you are looking for awesome and functional gifts that basketball players would want, love, and use, then go for some high-quality compression gears like this compression pants. They are excellent for keeping excellent blood flow during training and the game itself. They are also the best gear to help basketball players stay comfortable and dry the entire game and training. It also produces the best natural feel with its stretchy fabric and ergonomic seams. The mesh panel features also offer enough zoned ventilation, which makes it even more comfortable to wear.
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38. Dribble Up Smart Basketball
Just because they can shoot the ball right into the ring doesn't make them excellent in basketball. They have to master a lot of other skills too so that they can be one of the best in the game. If they need to work harder in improving their dribbling skills and techniques, then you might like to gift them this dribble up smart basketball. It's an excellent virtual coach that can guide them throughout their training and workouts. This device features a dribble speed meter that can measure their dribble, hesitation, and crossover moves, so they can know which parts they need to improve.
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39. NBA’s Greatest Moments DVDs and Books
For sure, every basketball players have their idols and basketball superstars they look up to. Who doesn’t want to play like those NBA stars they are always watching?

Inspire them to improve in their game by gifting them this NBA's greatest moments DVDs and books. It's an excellent option if you want to stick with everything related to basketball in choosing gifts for them. They are affordable but will be very useful for all basketball players and fans. You might not know it, and they can be the next superstar that can make another great moment in the NBA.
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40. Basketball Insulated Travel Mug
Whether they want to bring a hot cup of coffee with them or an iced version of their caffeinated drinks, they want the perfect mug that can keep their drinks at the perfect temperature. If you want to gift them something to bring wherever they go, then you might as well gift them this basketball insulated travel mug.

This mug features double insulation so their hot drinks will stay hot overnight and their cold beverage will stay ice-cold. Plus, this travel mug is safe, it’s non-toxic, BPA-free, and eco-friendly.
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41. Basketball Wall Decor
The best gift doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be simple, but when you know how to choose one, it might just be the greatest gift ever.

If you are looking for simple and affordable gifts for basketball players who are looking for ways to make their rooms look like it's the haven for basketball fanatics, then gift them this basketball wall decor. This graphic is perfect for hanging wherever they want. Nothing will make a great basketball-themed room than huge wall art.
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42. Optical Illusion Basketball Lamp
If you are searching for practical but intriguing gifts for basketball players but doesn't want to sway from the sport they love very much, then this optical illusion basketball lamp is just perfect. It's a little unorthodox, but every basketball player will love something playful to add in their room, especially if it is themed after their favorite sport.

This lamp is cool and awesome with its 3D basketball effects and the colors that can change with just a single touch. They can power it up through a socket or with batteries.
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43. Basketball-Themed Wall Art
Every real basketball player or fan would love to design their room to look like it's the best place for a basketball player to be. That would include lots of basketball-themed arts and graphics plus collector's item lining the cabinets. If you want to gift them something to add to their collection, this basketball-themed wall art will be a great idea.

If they are into decorating their wall with basketball-related memorabilia, this canvas wall art will fit right in perfectly. It comes with three art pieces that feature a basketball player doing his thing, jumping, dribbling, and dunking.
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