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49 Best Gift Ideas for Car Lovers 2020


The low rumble of an engine igniting followed by the rev of the engine bucking into life. The wheels skid and the car lurches forward, accelerating into the mid-distance. Cars are a central feature of our modern life. For some, they’re just a convenience, a transport tool, but for many they are the stallions of our modern world, thoroughbred to perfection to get you from A to B in the most stylish and comfortable way possible.

If your loved one is a gearhead and you’re looking for an amazing gift (but can’t afford to give them a car…) then we have a list of awesome car-themed presents to brighten up their home or their favorite motor.

1. Go Like Hell Book
This gift could be perfect for car enthusiasts that love to read and are interested in knowing the history of cars. When he reads this book, he will feel like he went back to the 60s. It will take him to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race between Ferrari and Ford.

Through this book, you can make him feel the intensity of the hardest race that happened ever. It is also one of the most insane battles of the cars that occurred in history.

With that said, this book is truly a must-have for car lovers.
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2. WizGear Universal Air Vent Mounts
Someone would inevitably make use of their phone during a drive. Maybe it is because they are checking directions, playing music, or talking to someone. Yes, it can be quite risky, but with the proper phone mount, it could be convenient.

These vent mounts look practical and cool both at the same time. It can even go well on any kinds of a car because of its complementary design.

If you give them these vent mounts, it will be easier for them to swivel or rotate their phone any way they want while it is mounted. It is durable enough and would not budge.
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3. Armor All Complete Car Kit
Every car lover wants their car always to look new and clean. With that said, this Armor All kit can be one of the ideal gifts for car lovers. Aside from this car kit is efficient, you can make sure that your giftee will make use of your gift.

Included in the kit are four cleaning products essential in keeping a car clean and protected.

The first product is the Original Protectant that has UV protection and can protect the car from cracking and fading. The second one is the Ultra Shine and Wax, which is responsible for removing dirt and making the car shiny. The Tire Foam Protectant can keep the tires clean and helps in restoring the black appearance.

Lastly, there is the Glass Wipes that can help any car enthusiast in removing fingerprints and road grime quickly.

With this kit, the car cleaning process would be easy and enjoyable.
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4. Personalized Custom Leather Keychain
Car enthusiasts love everything to be customized. It even applies to a keychain. Luckily, you can give them the keychain that they would surely love by having it customized with their name.

You can put any words that you would want on the leather keychain. It can be something that describes the person you are going to give it to, or you can put his or her name. Another good thing about this is you can put words or names on both sides.
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5. Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock
Who would not want this timing chain clock that is made of real car engines? Your car enthusiast friend’s eyes would surely twinkle when they see your gift.

Luxury watches or clocks can be costly, so it is always nice to consider something that is affordable and unique. It can even be a great addition to your friend's garage or man cave.

The clock is made from 100% authentic engines that the manufacturer has cleaned up a little bit. Well, engines can be messy, and your friend will surely understand.
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6. Chemical Guys TORQ Complete Detailing Kit
Will you be giving a gift to someone who is a certified car enthusiast? It means that he or she is earnest about his or her love for cars.

This detailing kit can be the perfect gift for them as this would let them do a full polishing job with their cars.

The kit includes three plush microfiber towels, conditioner, and polishing pad cleaner, buffing pad, TORQX machine polisher, and other essential tools. With this kit, your friend will have a polished, clean, and shiny car.
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7. Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler
Does your friend always lose his or her things in the gaps in the car seat? When this happens, it could be inconvenient and dangerous both at the same time. Maybe your friend might try to get the stuck stuff while he or she is driving, which could lead to an accident.

Fortunately, with this seat gap filler that offers 100% coverage, nothing will ever come in between the gap in their car seats. It can be easily installed by attaching it to the seat belt. It will stay in place and will never need any adjustment or re-installation.
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8. Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can
No one wants a messy car, so it would be better if there is a trash can inside to keep the trash while on the road. However, some people might say that garbage bins do not look good and would ruin the beauty of their vehicle.

Fortunately, this auto garbage can look stylish that it would go well with your car. Aside from being a trash bin, it can also be a container for other things like tools and kids’ toys.
Yes, it is called a trash bin but do not underestimate what this product can do. It is durable and water resistant, which means that it can hold any stuff.

Moreover, you can turn this bag into a thermal container for foods and drinks. The bin includes 20 disposable liners that you can use for messy emergencies.
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9. Speedometer Cufflinks
Does your friend work in an office or want to collect cufflinks as a hobby? This speedometer cufflinks can be the ideal gift for them.

With this gift, he can be able to show off how much he loves speed while he is in the office or other formal occasions.
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10. Personalized My Very Own Truck Books
Not everyone who loves cars are adults because there are kids who started to need for speed at a very young age. With this book, his learning sessions would be more fun because he can see things that he likes.

It can help them learn how to read and even recognize the different kinds of vehicles that are in the illustrations.
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11. Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer
Do you know someone who is very obsessed with keeping things organized? This trunk organizer can be the perfect gift for them. They can use this organizer when they go on a business trip, a road trip, or even on going to the grocery store.

Moreover, they can use this product to keep their car interior clean and organized.

It is very spacious and has different pockets and panels that you can use, which means that you put a lot of things in it. It is also collapsible, which means that you can easily store it when it is not in use.
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12. CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant
Every car enthusiast would want something that can perform many things so they won't have to purchase and use different products. This wax sealant can help them make their car look good. This product is a premium top coat polish and sealer which can keep their vehicles polished for several months despite if there are changes in the weather.

It is made using advanced science and is perfect for certified car lovers. The wax sealant has carnauba wax that is responsible for giving the car an excellent gloss and shine. It can be used on different surfaces and can even protect the car from UV rays.

You can consider this as a 3-in-1 product because it can function as a sealant, a polish, and a wax.
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13. HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner with Red Light
Who would not want to keep their cars fresh and clean? With the help of this car vacuum cleaner, your friend can keep all parts of his car clean. Thanks to the 14.6 feet long cord that makes cleaning all the car’s interior possible.

This product can pick up any debris like dirt particles and pet hair. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight and includes different accessories like crevice tube and a hard brush.
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14. Car Magnet
Some car owners want to put something on their car to make it different from the rest like car magnets with personalized designs. You can get them a customized car magnet that they will surely love. Just make sure that you know what kind of stuff they would want in their car magnets or else they won't be talking to you for a long time.
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15. Do Anything Smart Button
When you are driving, your hands are always on the steering wheel. It is possible to get them off the wheel, but it is safer if you keep it there while you are on the road. However, you might inevitably need to do other things while driving like calling a friend or playing some music.

Fortunately, with the Do Anything Smart Button, you can do a lot of things with just a press of the button. All you need to do is to set up what that particular button would do when you press it then connect it to your phones Bluetooth. It is best to stay safe all the time.
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16. Rugged Geek Portable Jump Starter and Power Supply
When you are always traveling, a portable jump starter would surely come in handy. This product is one of the must-haves for car enthusiasts.

You don't need to worry about the safety of your friend that you are going to give this to because it is 100% safe. It uses Intelliboost Technology, which makes sure that power will only flow when it is secure.

Moreover, this device can also be used as a power supply for the devices or gadgets that you bring during your road trips like phones, drones, cameras, and laptops. Another useful feature of this jump starter is it can be used as an ultra-bright LED flashlight.
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17. CarLock Real-Time 3G Car Tracker & Alert System
The car's security and safety should be on top of the list for a car enthusiast. Many alert system devices in the market claim to protect the vehicle from theft or any incidents. However, most of them would only alert the owner if they are close by and could even give false alarms.

Fortunately, with this car tracker and alert, you can feel secure that nothing terrible will happen to your vehicle even if you are far from it. You can monitor its location through an app, and you can determine whether the engine has started, it has moved or some unusual vibrations have happened. The alerts will be sent real time.

Moreover, this product does not only function as an alert system but can also be used to monitor the health of the car like its battery life.
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18. Pioneer Multimedia DVD Receiver + Bluetooth
This product is one of the best gifts for car lovers on this list because nothing will beat a car with an excellent in-dash car stereo receiver. It has many features that your friend would surely love and appreciate.

It has 6.2” display with 800x480 resolution. The device is a touch screen and has LED backlight that the user can adjust depending on his preference.

Aside from functioning as a media player, Bluetooth, and audio, this device has many other features. It can be used for Siri Eyes Free, Android Music Support, AppRadio One, Spotify and Pandora control, and other voice controls.
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19. Wooden Sports Car
Some car enthusiasts love collecting stuff that is related to cars even though they cannot be used on their vehicles. Just like this wooden sports car that can be an excellent decoration for a car enthusiast's living room or man cave.

It is made of scrap wood and was carefully carved to create a masterpiece. It is safe for children and even eco-friendly.
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20. Road Map Duvet and Pillowcase Set
A car enthusiast would dream about being on the road all the time, so what better gift to give them than a road map duvet and pillowcase set.

They would fill like they are still traveling on the road with the design. It is perfect for those car enthusiasts who are still kids at heart.
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21. FIXD OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor
Not all car owners can adequately diagnose the health of their car, or some don't have the time to do so. With this device, finding out car problems would be easier. Another good thing is this device would translate the problem into something that is easily understood.

The device can be controlled through the use of an app. All you need to do is to plug the FIXD sensors into a gas-powered car. Take note that the vehicle should be a 1996 model or newer. When the sensors are successfully attached, you will need to connect it to the app on your phone via Bluetooth.

Voila! You or your friend can now start monitoring the health of the vehicle and will even be reminded for maintenance schedules.
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22. Resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool
Accidents do happen, so it is better to be prepared for whatever may occur. This product is one of the cheapest gifts for car lovers on this list, but it can be one of the most thoughtful presents as well.

If ever a car owner’s seatbelt got jammed, he can always use this to cut through it. In case if he is stuck inside the car, he can also use this tool to smash the window.

Since it is lightweight and small, it can be carried anywhere and can be used as a keychain.
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23. Lifeline AAA Excursion Road Kit
If you are a thoughtful friend, you would surely want to make sure that your friend is safe wherever they go. You can get him this practical gift that could be beneficial during an excursion.

Inside the kit are 76 components that are essential on a road trip. It includes a bungee cord, pliers, screwdrivers, batteries, LED aluminum flashlight, jumper cables, air compressor, etc. It also consists of safety tools like an emergency poncho, whistle, and utility knife.

Lastly, the kit includes a first aid kit that your friend can use during an emergency.
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24. Car Coaster
This gift is perfect for a person who could not last a road trip without drinking something.

It can be an elegant coaster for their drink, no matter what drink they prefer.

It can even be customized with their names to make it look more elegant.
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25. Morning Wisdom Travel Mug
If he is both a car enthusiast and a coffee lover, then you should surely get him this gift. He can now carry his coffee in style without spilling it and keeping it hot. It is challenging to clean coffee spills inside the car so a travel mug would be essential stuff for them.

Aside from that, the designs of this travel mug are Chinese characters that mean tranquility and strength. Its size would fit the standard car coasters or cup holders.
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26. Meguiar’s Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel
Most car owners are looking for the best drying towel that can help them in efficiently cleaning their car. With this towel, they can achieve a clean finish. It can absorb up to two times of water compared to regular terry towels.

It has a waffle-like texture that is responsible for quickly absorbing water without leaving any water streaks behind. It can give you a clean car in just a matter of minutes.

Another good thing about this is it can be machine washed and is 100% reusable.
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27. Scosche MagicMount Cell Phone Holder and Tablet Mount
This product is one of the gifts for car lovers that could be an elegant addition to your car's interior. It could go well with any vehicle because it is available in different shapes and colors.

The mount has powerful magnets that can ensure to hold your device in place while you keep your eye on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. It is even temperature resistant, so it is safe to use on hot or cold days.
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28. Crescent Mechanics Tool Set
Every car enthusiast would need their toolset which can they use if ever their car breaks down while on the road. This toolset includes different kinds of tools for various purposes like consumer applications, industrial and mechanical.

The total number of tools on this set is 170, and it includes several screwdrivers, sockets, and wrenches. The tools are made of vanadium steel alloy, which makes it abrasion and corrosion resistant. It comes with a folding plastic case with a handle for convenient transport of the tools.
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29. Custom Car Decal
Do you want to give your friend a customized decal with his favorite quote or cartoon character? Fortunately, this could be possible. You can even request to customize the decal with your friend’s name.
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30. Used Coffee Cups Reusable Tumbler
If the one you are going to give a gift to loves nature so much and have recycling as a hobby, then you should get this reusable tumbler for him. He would not be guilty of drinking his coffee every morning because he is using an earth-friendly mug.

The coffee tumbler is made of six recycled coffee cups. Are you having worries about the quality of this tumbler? Worry no more, because it is leak-proof and is easy to open and close.

Moreover, the tumbler also features 360-degree sipping, which means that he can drink from it while he is driving. It is expected to last for ten years and is dishwasher safe.
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31. Craftsman 6-Drawer Heavy Duty Tool Set
Do you like to help your friend in keeping his stuff organized? You can get him this Craftsman tool chest. Its design makes the top part possible to fit into the bottom crates so it means that you can maximize and customize it however you want.

It is made of heavy-duty steel construction that makes the tool chest sturdy and last for a very long time. It has six drawers and a key locking system. Your friend can make sure that his things are safe.
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32. Chemical Guys Foam Cannon & Honeydew Snow Cleanser
Owning a car cleanser is necessary because it can help in keeping the car clean for it to last for a long time. You already know that cleaning might not be a fun task, but maybe with this product, you will start to change your mind.

This product is considered to be one of the foam cannons in the market with the highest quality. The foam cannon is made of corrosion-resistant and durable materials. It also produces the thickest foam that can help you in quickly getting rid of dirt and grime.
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33. JBL Two Way Component Speaker System
Every car enthusiast would surely want an excellent car speaker. One of the perfect gifts for car lovers that you can get is the JBL GTO609C. It may be affordable, but it can still produce a loud and clear sound.

It can deliver up to 270 watts of power and is equipped with a dual-level tweeter volume adjustment. You may use it with the most meticulous audiophiles, and they would appreciate this gem.

Its frame is made of non-magnetic carbon-composite. Its sound quality can last for a long time no matter how often you will use it.
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34. Infinite Improbability Drive Car Emblem
If you know someone who is a fan of Science fiction, then this would be the perfect gift for them. They can take pride in this car emblem during parties and can even tell people that it is what they do. People may believe them or not, but the important thing is the person you are going to give this is enjoying the gift.

It will be like he is riding in his own little Heart of Gold.
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35. Hot Rod Car Sculpture
Do you want to bring your friend back to the 70s or do you want to surprise him with a sculpture of a vintage car? No matter the reason why you are getting this gift, the important thing is, it would be a great addition to your friend's man cave or living room.

The 1949 Mercury inspired the sculpture that every vintage car lover would love.
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36. Kenwood Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer
This subwoofer can be perfect for car owners with limited space inside their vehicles. They can put it either under the seat or in the trunk. The good thing about this subwoofer is it can still produce a deep and clear sound despite its size.

It has no external amplifier and runs on 150 watts. Installation can be effortless, and it can be put anywhere that it could be convenient.

Moreover, it comes with remote control for the bass, which makes it easier to use.
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37. Kenu Airbase Pro Car Phone Mount
When you are driving, you should keep your eyes on the road to avoid any accidents from happening. With this phone mount that should be attached on the middle portion of the dashboard, the driver would not need to look down to check the navigation.

Its arms are large enough to accommodate even the largest smartphone on the market. You also have the choice of whether to use the phone in landscape or portrait.
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38. LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Car Building Kit
Legos are not only for kids but also adults. Any car enthusiast who will get a hold of this kit would feel in love at first sight and would do everything until they have finished building the mini car.

This product is a collaboration between Bugatti and LEGO. When the building kit is concerned, it consists of 3,599 little parts. It even has a unique serial number and has excellent detailing.

If you are not that could with puzzles or assembling stuff, you can always refer to the instructions that are included in the set. Even though this is only the LEGO version, the mini car also comes with a high-speed key like the real thing.
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39. Custom Car Sun Shade
For sure, every car enthusiast is aware of the reason why car seats can be quickly damaged. It is because of the heat of the sun.

Fortunately, you can now help your car enthusiast friend in protecting his car seat from cracking and fading. It can also keep the car’s interior cool.

The sun shade is made of aluminum foil with double layer bubble material. It is very durable, lightweight, and easy to install. You can even fold it when it is not in use.

There are four suction cups attached to the sunshade, and they cannot do any damage to the car's windshield.
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40. Men’s City Transit Socks
Who would ever disagree that wearing socks can be very comfortable? What more if they have fantastic or cute designs that you can brag to your friends?

With these socks, you can see the city transit and maybe that would remind you why you have your car in the first place. Perhaps it will motivate you to take care of your vehicle to make sure that you will never experience getting in a packed train car. Is that enough motivation for a car enthusiast to properly maintain his vehicle?
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41. Seiko Recraft Series Solar Chronograph Watch
This watch could be one of the best gifts for car lovers that a car enthusiast could receive. At a low cost, you can already get your friend a solar powered chronograph watch. The inspiration for this watch is the racing watches that have been used in the past.

It looks luxurious and elegant with its blue dial and chronograph sub-dials. Aside from showing the time, it can also display the date.

Its strap is made of nylon, which makes it more comfortable for the user.
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42. Drive Auto Parts Car Seat Protector
If you have a friend who loves his car but is a pet lover as well, then be an angel and get him this seat protector. He will inevitably bring his pet with him during a road trip, so it is best to protect his seats from dirt and scratches.

The seat protector is heat resistant and has a color-safe technology. If you are worried about the price, it is affordable and worth it.
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43. Dyzon V7 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
A car cleaner can be an excellent gift for anyone who owns a car because it is challenging to clean the interior without a vacuum. This Dyzon vacuum cleaner is equipped with different features and tools that can help in cleaning the whole car in just a few minutes.
It can be charged, and one charge can last up to 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to clean the insides of the car.

The vacuum also comes with a charger.
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44. Louis Vuitton Car Coasters
Most people want LV or Louis Vuitton so a car enthusiast would not miss using a Louis Vuitton inspired car coasters. Aside from it looks elegant, it will surely give your passengers a clue about your personality. Maybe they would take that as a hint and start giving you LV products as a gift or perhaps not.

These car coasters come in two, which means that you and your passenger can use it.
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45. Easy Clean Water Bottle
Carrying different sorts of liquid, especially water, is essential for someone who likes driving for hours. You will need something to drink to keep you from getting dehydrated during a road trip. Remember that being sick can ruin your vacation or picnic plans.
However, the bad thing about carrying water in a single bottle every day can make your container dirty.

Luckily, with this water bottle, you will be able to unscrew the middle part so that you can clean it more thoroughly. Gone are the days that you are only satisfied with rinsing your water bottle and using it again. It would be different with this product because you can make sure that it is clean before you start using it.

The bottle can be washed in the dishwasher and can be used to store any kinds of liquid. You don't have to worry about having difficulty cleaning it because the bottle's new design has made it easier.
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46. Porsche 911: 50 Years Hardcover Book
There may be a lot of coffee table books that you can get for a car enthusiast, but this one is the most appropriate for their interests. It can be more interesting if the person that you would give this is really into Porsche's.

In this book, the Porsche 911 models are thoroughly described. Aside from that, the history of how the most iconic brand was developed was detailed.

Car enthusiasts would surely take time in reading this book even though they are not a reader. They might not stop until they finish the whole book.
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47. Mophie Charge Stream Qi Wireless Vent Mount
Most high-end phones nowadays can be charged using a wireless charger. With that said, this wireless charger mount can be one of the appropriate gifts for car lovers. It is designed to be compatible to attach to any cars and can charge both iPhone and Android phone that uses the Qi technology.

Since charging a phone don’t involve wires with this device, it would be easier for you to charge your phone without taking your hands off the steering wheel for a long time. You can also focus on the road.

The wireless mount comes with a charging cable and a car adapter.
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48. Roav Dash Cam C2 Pro by Anker
When you have a car, it is quite necessary to have a dash cam with good quality. Aside from you can use it to record accidents that happen on the road, you can also use it to capture the view. Some even use it to rant while on the road and post the video on social media afterward.

This dash cam can capture in 1080p, regardless of the lighting conditions. It can be possible because of the SONY Starvis sensor that the device is integrated with.

The camera has smart controls and has wide angle lenses that is capable of capturing four lanes. Moreover, it is also equipped with accurate GPS positioning plus a built-in G sensor.

Another good thing about this camera is it comes with a microSD card.
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49. Mini Macrame Plant Hanger
If you love your succulent plants so much, you might want to bring them anywhere you go to make sure that it is taken care properly. With this plant hanger that can fit on small spaces or your mirror, you can hang your plants on it.

It can be a good company when you are alone. At least, it is also considered as a living thing.
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