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90 Best Gift Ideas for Your Christian Friends 2020


The gospels of Jesus are among the most beautiful pieces of writing in history. The story of a man who grew up in oppression and united his people behind a message of peace, tolerance and love  then died for it is one that began a faith which is now followed the world over. The Bible, full of magnificent poetry, life lessons and stories of good and evil, is the most famous book of all time, and for good reason.

If your friend is a Christian who loves going to church on Sunday to pray, sing and be with their fellow worshippers, then we’ve made a list full of gifts that they will love to have. Acknowledge the importance of their faith with these great gifts for your Christian friends.

1. Pocket Prayers
Prayer is vital to Christian. Although it’s quite easy for them to formulate a prayer, sometimes, emotions and pain can get in the way. These things make praying hard because they can’t find the right words to start and say. So, this pocket prayer will be a great help for your Christian loved ones who struggle in the art of praying. This book contains simple prayers to get through a Christian under challenging times, and when words don’t come easy.
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2. Bible Carrying Case
When your Christian loved ones attend a Bible study or fellowship, they often bring Bible, notebooks to write on and of course pens. This bible carrying case can help them out. It organizes their things. The carrying case can accommodate a regular size Bible, notebook, or even a smartphone or tablet. It is multifunctional because your loved ones can use it as a makeup organizer, tote bag, or handbag for everyday use. Other colors are available, so make sure you know your recipient’s favorite color.
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3. Colorful Bible Tabs
As Christian, you need to keep up with your faith and learn the words of God in a more in-depth manner. To do this learning, reading the Bible is one way. So, if you want your loved ones to deepen their faith, these colorful bible tabs would be an excellent gift for them. They can read and mark their favorite verses without writing the pages of the Bible.

One set contains 72 pieces of peel and sticks tabs and 66 label tabs that correspond to the books of the Bible. However, keep in mind that these tabs aren't made for Catholic Bibles. Although Catholics can use these tabs, the number of books is not the same as the recognized number of the Catholic ministry.
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4. Faith Tote Bag
This tote bag has a simple print reflecting the abundant love of Christ to people. The bag is a bit feminine, so it’s more suitable for women. So, if you’re looking for a gift for your mom, grandmother, sister, or lady friend, this bag is the perfect surprise for her. The bag is polyester, so it’s quite durable and sturdy. It has black handles and lining, so it’s not a dirt magnet. The bag has boxed corners and will stay on its shape regardless of what you put on it. It dries quickly, so your loved one can use it the next day after washing.
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5. A Year of Gratitude
Expressing gratitude is never difficult anymore with this gift. Your Christian loved ones will love this gift. They’ll get a chance to express their appreciation to all the right people around them with a simple card. Each set has 52 greeting cards that correspond to the weeks of the year. So, if your recipient has the habit of sending out thank you card, this gift is the perfect one.
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6. Christian Movie
This movie entitled, I Can Only Imagine, is a beautiful story of a father and a son who finds forgiveness through faith and songs. It backtracks the story of how the composer came up with the lyrics and melody. At the same time, the movie reflects a prodigal life of a man who discovers what it is to be a Christian. It shows how a father can change his life and view so he can ask for forgiveness to his son. This movie is a beautiful gift for Christians who have struggles and conflicts with their family.
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7. Bible Safe Gel Highlight
Sometimes, bookmarking the page isn’t enough for Christians. Some like to highlight some essential verses in their Bible so that they could go over these verses some other time. If you have a friend, a sister, or any loved ones who like to highlight as notes, this gel highlight is an excellent gift for them. The gel highlighter is safe for a Bible, even those versions that have thin pages. It doesn’t bleed through the pages, so your loved one’s Bible is safe from being ruined.
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8. Life Application Study Bible
Christians are always seeking the truth. One way to do it is to study the Holy Bible on a regular, whether it’s daily or weekly. This Bible study guide will surely help your Christian friends and loved ones. It contains a dictionary and concordance, a reading plan and a topical index. This study Bible guide is in New King James Version. It contains different application notes on how to live using the teachings of Christ and God’s words. Each page includes introductions, maps, and charts, and personality profiles a Christian would love to learn. In no time, your loved ones will strengthen their faith with Christ.
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9. Inspirational Adult Coloring Book
Expressing your religion doesn’t have to be stuck with words. You can show your faith through art. your loved ones will enjoy every minute spend on this adult coloring book. Each page has a perforation side. This feature allows your loved one to share the inspiration after coloring. Each page has scriptures taken from the book of Psalms. The images are beautiful and have patterns that will inspire the artistic side of your loved ones. So, don’t forget to buy a set of color pencils too to complete your gift package.
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10. Embraced Devotional Book
Aside from a prayer book, a devotional book is just as crucial to a Christian. Through this devotional book, your loved ones can enrich their faith. This book contains 100 devotional guides that include Bible scriptures, and prayer prompts. It provides practical ways and inspiration on how can a Christian withstand everyday struggles. Through this devotional book, your loved ones can improve their relationship with God and get closer to Him every day. They can become more intimate than ever and will have a chance to talk to God more freely than before.
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11. Vintage Graphics Inspirational Fridge
These fridge magnets are functional and inspirational. Your loved ones will love these magnets. Each magnet contains an inspirational quote that will help anyone reading. This gift might be simple, but the message of each quote is powerful. Who knows, this quote might save someone’s spiritual life. How could a small fridge magnet do such a thing? Well, your loved one can display the magnet and anyone reading it might be moved to tears. So, don’t underestimate the power of words, especially ones that came from God.
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12. My Prayer Journal
Do you want your loved ones to deepen their relationship with Christ? This prayer journal is one of the simplest but perfect gifts for Christians. Each page has simple verses to remind your loved ones about God’s saving grace. The journal also contains spaces where you can write something about prayer requests, a blessing to be grateful for and the things the Lord want to teach a person daily. The journal book is good for three months. Although the journal book is in the size of a coloring book, it is handy and not bulky.
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13. Christian Kraft Prayer Journal
The journal cover features a bible verse from the book of Proverbs. The design is minimalist, perfect for your loved ones who don’t like too many patterns and design. The color of the journal may vary from actual. Each journal is handmade. Despite this handmade quality, the journal is sturdy and will last a year of usage.
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14. Oxford Cloth Protective Bible Cover
Bible is the most prized possession of a Christian. They want to protect it from destructive elements like dust and moisture. Although buying a bible is easy for some people, to Christians, it’s similar to love at first sight. They stick to a Bible even if the pages fall out of its binding. So, frequently, Christians wrap their Bible with a protective cover. This Bible cover in oxford cloth is the best gift you can give to a devout Christian. The zipper has an emblem in the image of the Armor of God. The inside cover has four loops for storing pens while the outside cover has a pocket for storing prayer cards or a business card.
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15. NIV, Beautiful Word Bible
This version of the Bible consists of illustrations and the word of God itself. There are 500 Bible verses illustrated in colorful images so the readers can understand each character, prophecies, and stories in the holy scripture. Moreover, the Bible has enough pages and spaces for a devout Christian to jot down notes. Each page contains a one column part for the Scripture and a page marker.
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16. Sermon Notes Journal
A sermon is another method in preaching the word of God. Usually, pastors and priest use this method during a mass or worship. For devout Christians, listening to sermon helps them to understand the word of God better and more in-depth. This sermon notes journal is an excellent gift whether your recipient is a pastor or a member of the congregation. Each page contains a section where one can write the reference scripture and notes. If your recipient is a pastor or a priest, it has a section for writing the contents of his sermon. The journal is more than 100 pages, so your recipient will have many pages to write on.
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17. Engraved River Rocks
These beautiful stones with Scriptures engraved on them are gifts for Christians for any occasions. The rocks may vary in sizes and colors. Sizes may range from 1 to 3 inches, and colors range from brown to tans, from red to gray. The artist used a special engraving tool to etch the scriptures. The artist filled the engraving with gold ink to make the letters readable. Each rock has a smooth finish. The outcome is beautiful and exquisite.
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18. Two-toned Bible Book Cover
Devout Christians protect the Bible so much because it's sacred for them. This two-toned Bible cover can fit into a size of 7 inches by 10 inches with a thickness of almost 2 inches. The cover features a verse from the book of Jeremiah. Inside, the Bible Cover contains pen loops with a zippered closure.
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19. Personalized Wool Throw
This woolen throw has a leather patch engraved with the scripture Corinthians 13. This verse is a favorite wedding verse. So, this gift is perfect for Christian couples who are getting married or celebrating their 3rd anniversary. This throw blanket measures 150cm in length and 183 cm in width. Your recipients will be happy to receive this gift. This woolen Throw will keep them warm and cozy during the winter months. There are seven available colors. Each color has different style patterns, so make sure to check out your recipient's wedding motif.
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20. God's Not Dead Double Feature DVD
These movies feature people who believe God is dead and who believe He isn't dead. The movies follow the lives of people who need to prove the existence of God. These people had to face the odds to defend their faith even if it means facing the wrath of a professor and getting a failing grade or the wrath of the school community and facing expulsion. These movies are perfect gifts for Christians who doubt God and who are afraid to proclaim their faith.
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21. Scripture Cards
Most of the times, the best way to encourage and inspire others is to use the words of God. The words of God have the power to change people's lives, and these scripture cards are a way to manifest that power. These cards are the perfect gift for Devout Christians. Each card contains Bible verses to show gratitude, to offer sympathy or to encourage people with struggles.

The cards come from a thick stationery board and with simple white envelopes. The gift set has a beautiful box card for keeping the scripture cards in crisp condition. Since the card has individual envelopes, your recipient can share it with other people he or she wants.
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22. Inspirational Lanyard and Keychain
This lanyard has inspirational imprints in its laces. It has a split ring, hook, and a breakaway buckle, which is perfect for holding an ID. This lanyard is perfect for staying in strong faith with God. It has an 18-inch drop that can fit into even the largest size of a man or woman. The lanyard comes from a double layered grosgrain ribbon.
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23. Christian Guitar Picks
Christians honor and worship God through songs, too. The best way to do this activity is through guitar play. These guitar picks are the best companions to guitars. Each pick has a 0.71mm thickness, perfect for plucking the guitar and bringing out soft melodies. It has inspirational quotes printed on one side with a beautiful background such as a sunset. Each pick is easy to grip and has the right rigidness. One set contains 12 guitar picks.
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24. Bible Verse Bracelet
This bracelet can fit into an average wrist with a circumference of 7 inches. It has an extender for bulkier wrist and can extend an additional 1.5inches. The material is leather so the bracelet will last a year or so. The bracelet can be someone's source of inspiration like your Christian friends or loved ones. It has an inscription of a Bible verse. The bracelet is perfect alone or can be stacked with other bracelets like this one.
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25. Christian Guitar Strap
This guitar strap comes from a cotton canvass with a great design, made by a trusted brand for Christians. The designs are cool, which are perfect for cool Christian guitar players. The strap has an inspirational message with an adjustable buckle. It has a 2-inch thickness which provides a comfortable fit. It is best for electric guitars.
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26. The Talking Audio Bible Player
One best way to read is listening to an audio version of the book you want to read. An audio version is versatile and portable. Your gift recipient can bring it anywhere. This audio Bible is also perfect for the visually impaired who like to deepen their knowledge and faith.

The controls are easy to use. These controls allow your gift recipient to skip to his or her favorite verse. This audio Bible can last for 10 hours and Rechargeable through a USB port. The version of the audio Bible is King James. Other versions are also available so learn your loved ones' preferred version before hitting the buy option.
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27. Too Blessed to be Stressed
Like any other people, Christians experience stress and pressure. However, they don't dwell on the struggles and more with the blessings they receive. This 3-minute devotional tool contains a powerful way to stay inspired and feel blessed no matter the stress that comes. It has more than 100 inspiring readings with simple three activities. The first minute encourages a person to meditate on scripture. The second minute includes a devotional short reading. The third minute is praying. Although the product is recommended for women, anyone can use this devotional book to start their day or activity with an empowering scripture from the Bible.
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28. Let Go and Let God Tote Bag
The fabric of this tote is cotton denim. The tote has two handles with dimensions of 14 inches by 14 inches. Your recipient can use this tote for any purposes. These purposes may include a Bible carrying case or book bag. The tote has an inspirational print. The message is simple, but it says a lot on how letting God in your life can help you move on.
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29. Coloring Book Devotional
This book is a combination of devotional and coloring book. It contains 30 days of devotional reading with illustrations. Each page has attractive design perfect for that artistic loved ones. The designs are exquisite and will inspire anyone to connect deeply with God.
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30. Cross Faith T-Shirt
Showing faith isn't limited to studying the Bible. Your loved ones can show to the world their faith with this t-shirt. The design is quite simple but is an excellent reminder of someone's faith. The word faith is vertically printed on the shirt resembling the image of a cross.

The t-shirt is pure cotton, so it's comfortable to wear. It has a unisex design. Available options include v-neck, round neck, and short sleeves. This shirt is suitable for denim, jeans, slacks or leggings.
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31. Lullaby Journey Through Scripture
Christian melodies can do miracles to a person's life, especially during the most challenging times. The people behind these soundtracks knew that. Moreover, these people knew how a lullaby could help a baby relax and sleep faster. So, here's a volume of songs that'll surely become a favorite to your loved ones.

The soft melodies can dissolve anxiety and stress when played. Although the title is scripture lullaby, the songs are more than just lullabies. These songs sound like soundtracks from a movie. This lullaby volume is suitable for anyone of any age because lullabies aren't just for babies. They're ideal for people who are suffering from anxiety attacks.
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32. T-Shirt Christian Fashion
With Jesus in your life, you'll discover how powerful He is. Through His guidance and with your persistence, you'll finish the race of life with strength and confidence. Share this blessing with your loved ones with this t-shirt. The shirt is 100% cotton, so you know your recipient is comfortable wearing it.
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33. Fasting (A Book)
Fasting is one of the most misunderstood principles of Christianity. Some people thought that physical fasting is enough to glorify Christ. However, in this book, your loved ones will find the true meaning of this word. They'll learn the benefits of fasting on a personal and spiritual level.

The book contains much information about biblical fasting and its power. It discusses the ways on how to unlock this power with the help of God and Jesus. The book includes stories from people who used fasting to heal their broken lives and reap the rewards.
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34. Bible Verse Dog Tag
Military people usually use dog tags for identification. Throughout these past years, dog tag has graced the world of fashion. Christian fashion isn't an exemption. This particular dog tag features scripture from the Bible, specifically from the book of Isaiah. The scripture tells about the promise of God to His children. If a person put God first, he or she will receive the strength to face the world.

The package includes a dog tag with inscribed Bible verse, a stainless chain, and a beautiful gift box. The stainless quality of the dog tag is highly resistant to rust, given the proper care, use, and storage.
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35. Faith Bangle
This bracelet is a combination of stainless steel, Swarovski birthstone, and silver. It has an inscription from the Scriptures. One great thing about this gift is its personalization feature. You can choose the birthstone. Plus, the inscription tells how faith has the power to move mountains.
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36. Cards to Color and Share
These cards are beautiful and shareable. Each card has two sides. One side allows the user to write a message. The other side features an elegant design which a person can color with any coloring medium. The cards have various purposes. You can use it as bookmarks, gentle reminders, or note cards. Each box contains 44 cards so your recipient can share the blessing to as many people as he or she wants.
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37. A God Bless Book
Christian children love Bible bedtime stories. This book will be their next favorite. This book talks about how generous God is. God blesses everyone, especially the children. Children need to know this kind of love. This book reminds them that God loves them.

This book is suitable for kids. However, you can still give this as gifts for Christians who are parents with kids. So, give someone this book. He or she can use it as a means to spend quality time with their children.
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38. Bible Verse Throw Pillow Cover
Indulge your loved ones with this throw pillow cover. They can change their living room into an inspiring one. This cover contains a Bible verse that will bring encouragement to the people reading the verse. Each set includes one pillow cover.

The fabric of this cover is a blend of cotton and linen. The cover has a hidden zippered closure for a seamless and stylish design. The color of this cover is suitable for a rustic theme.
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39. Travel Mug with Bible Verse
Traveling with the word of God as your protection is terrific. Although this travel mug won't protect you from evil, owning one would be lovely. This travel mug has scripture from the Bible. It is multifunctional. So, why not get one for your loved ones. Make them smile and feel blessed.

The capacity of the mug is 11 fluid ounces. The material of the cup is ceramic, so it's safe for microwave oven or dishwasher. Other travel mugs are also available in various capacity and design.
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40. Inspirational Promise Box
Do you want to encourage someone and inspire him or her daily? This promise box is the best gift for them. Each box contains more than 100 cards. Each card has prints on each side. The Bible verses are in King James version.

With more than 100 verses in the box, your loved ones will have their daily dose of inspiration. These cards are perfect in times of trouble and struggles. Also, these inspirational messages will remind your loved ones to be grateful in times of happiness and how to express thanksgiving to God.
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41. Handy-sized Journal
This flex-cover journal features the Bible verse Joshua 1:9. This particular verse tells someone to be strong and courageous, no matter what. The journal has more than 200 pages of lined paper for easy writing. It has a page marker so your loved ones can find quickly where he or she stopped writing. The cover looks like real leather, but in actual, it is faux leather. Despite its human-made quality, the journal is sturdy and durable.
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42. Bible Verse Greeting Cards
The best way to greet someone is to infuse the words of God in the greeting card. This set is the best option for Christians who love to share the word of God even in the purest form. The box contains 48 blank cards, where your loved one can write their customized greetings. Each card features a Bible verse that is fitting to any occasions.

The card comes from a superior quality paper card stock. This cardstock is durable and will stand the test of time. So, get multiple sets for your loved ones, so they have an abundant supply if greeting cards.
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43. Spiritual Songs for Christian Devotion
Soft religious music can relax someone. Most of the times, music can instigate inspiration to Christians during devotion. It can put them in the mood to share and talk about their experiences.

If your loved ones conduct devotion regularly, they can use these songs to encourage people to talk. This cd contains more than 20 songs of instrumental melodies in piano rendition. It features the greatest and best-loved Christian songs.
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44. The Beginner's Bible
Kids love Bible stories. How can they not love these stories? The Bible is a book of amazing stories, adventure, and historical events. It is teeming with miraculous activities that ordinary people who doubt the existence of God find them mind-boggling.

This version of the Bible is suitable for children. Although it is for kids, an adult can still read this book. The colorful illustrations have the power to refresh someone's mind about the beginning of all creatures and the journey of God's children towards salvation.
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45. Cross II EWB Bangle Bracelet
Christianity is one of the oldest religion on Earth. It dates back more than two thousand years. This bracelet uses the most ancient icon in the universe, the Cross. The cross represents immortality and the union of Earth and Heaven. It symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus to save humankind from sins. Finally, the Cross is the living proof that God prevails over darkness. This bracelet has either a gold or silver finish with an adjustable band.
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46. 4 Hymn Tea Towels Set
Surprise your loved one with this towel set. Each towel has an inscription of the famous hymns in Christian worships. The towel is cotton with floral designs. It is lovely to look at when displayed anywhere in the house. Each set includes four different colors, so your loved one can mix and match colors to the current theme of the interior decorations.

The towel is machine washable. However, to preserve the printed hymn a bit longer, handwashing is recommended.
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47. What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days
Everyone experiences hard times. Christians are no exemption. Most of the times, you often retreat from the outside world. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you feel drained sometimes. However, you don't need to be alone anymore in times of hardship.

This book can help any person restore their faith. It talks about uplifting verses from the book of Psalms and tells you what to do during hard times. So, share the blessings and give your loved one a book they can read to stay connected to God. By the time they finish reading this devotional book, your loved ones will realize that God is faithful.
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48. Word Search Bible Puzzle Book
Does your loved one like to solve word search? If they do and are Christians, too, here's the ultimate gift for them. The word search has different categories based on specific words from the Bible. Other than bible words, this word search also includes famous hymns. Each page has an easy to read letters because of its 20-point size. Samples of word search puzzles include Psalms 23 and 119. The book has a total of 70 puzzles in an alternating fashion between psalms and favorite hymns.
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49. Door Mat Personalized
Get this customized doormat for Christian couples, friends, or loved ones in your life. This doormat is large with a length of 36 inches and a width of 24 inches. The material is Coir fibers, colored in acrylic outdoor paint. The doormat had a message that'll make every visitor feels blessed upon entering or leaving a house.

Coir doormats are famous for keeping the dirt and mud out of a house. This doormat is also resistant to rot, stain, and mildew. However, to keep the usage life of the doormat longer than the average, keep it dry as much as possible. For the personalization of your gift, don't forget to send an email to the manufacturer of this doormat.
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50. 100 Bible Verses
This book features 100 Bible verses that a Christian should know and memorize. It has two parts. The first part talks about the reason Christians should memorize relevant Bible verses. The author also emphasizes the benefits of memorizing these essential verses. The second part is the list of verses, categorized accordingly. Each Bible verse has a dedicated page that is full of discussion. Each page contains an explanation of a particular verse included in the book. The book also features famous writers and what they have to say about the verse.

The book has substance and is practical for all budding Christians and those people who are experiencing problems they don’t know how to solve.
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51. Healing Thoughts Blanket
Sickness can take a toll on someone’s faith, especially if he or she have been battling it for years. Most of the times, people forget to pray and ask for healing guidance from God. You can remind someone that God is the ultimate “doctor” with this healing thoughts blanket.

The blanket has an inspiring message imprinted on the fabric. It will recharge and soothe a person with affliction, whether it’s physical or emotional. The blanket’s soft material provides a warm and cozy feeling during the chilly nights when sickness attacks the body or the mind. It mimics the warm embrace of a loved one. So, if you’re giving it to your friends or relatives suffering from a disease, this blanket will be one of the most practical gifts for Christians you can give to a person.
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52. Personalized Leather Bible Cover
If your loved one likes leather and has a Bible, you got the perfect gift for him or her. This Bible cover comes from full grain leather. It is genuine and handcrafted from the USA. Do you know what is great about this gift? You can personalize it, so the Bible cover fits the personality of your recipient. Plus, the gift includes a King James version of the Bible. How awesome is that? Your recipient gets the chance to study another version of the Bible, especially if he or she has been using NIV or other versions.
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53. Keep Calm and Trust God Cards
In this world that is full of strife and suffering, keeping calm is somehow a distant reality. However, with the words of God, you can assure your friends and loved ones that everything will be all right. These cards contain reassuring messages, taken straight from the Scriptures. You can give it as an individual card to everyone you know during an activity or as a box as a gift for a special occasion.

Each box contains more than 50 cards with prints on each side of the card. The box is tightly lidded and quite sturdy that can withstand a mild drop from a fall.
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54. Blessed Hats
Do you know a friend who loves caps and is also a Christian? This hat is the perfect gift for him or her. It has a Velcro tab for easy adjusting. With this Velcro strap, even the biggest head known on the planet can wear this cap. Aside from this adjustable feature, the hat has a curved bill for protection against harmful UVA sunlight. It also has a mesh cloth for breathability. So, your recipient can wear it during summer without the uncomfortable sweating.

The hat has a distressed style perfect for a casual or hip-hop outfit. The coolest feature is the embroidered message. The word is “blessed” with a small cross after it. It is simple but shows a great deal about someone’s faith.
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55. Décor Decal Bible Prayer
With a transparent background, this decal décor is perfect on any flat, and smooth surfaces of any color, except black. It has a width of 22 inches and 11 inches, so it fits your car window. If you aren’t planning to decorate your car, you can use it as decoration to your room or any part of your house. You can also use it on your refrigerator and other furniture and appliances if you want. The good thing about this decal is its easy application and removal. You can remove the sticker anytime, and it won’t leave any sticky residue.
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56. Certified Holy Land Olive Wood
Christians consider Israel as the Holy Land because it’s the birthplace of Christ and where He died. Many Christians visit the place for many reasons and bring home souvenirs from the place. Now, you don’t need to visit the place anymore, especially if you don’t have the financial means and the time to do it. Here’s a souvenir that comes from the Holy Land.

This souvenir is a carved wooden cross, made by Christians. The wood comes from Bethlehem. Each cross includes a card and a bookmark. The card contains an authentication note that the cross is a certified olive wood from Bethlehem. So, if you have friends who want to go to the Holy Land but can’t, this Cross carved in olive wood would be an excellent gift for them.
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57. Unshakeable: 365 Devotions
Some Christians fail to see how perfect they are in the eyes of God. They feel lost and too broken to continue living and serving whatever purpose God has given them. In this book, learn how you can get closer to God. Discover the different ways to renew your relationship with Him.

This book contains a year-round of devotional readings that will enhance your understanding of God’s divine power. In this book, know that the kingdom of God is unshakeable. No matter what happens if you choose to return to God and ask for forgiveness, God is more than willing to accept you. If you have friends like you who feel they’re not enough for God, give them this book.
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58. Hillsong Sticker
Hillsong United is one of the leading Christian organization that brings inspiration to Christians through songs and music. This Hillsong sticker is perfect for you and your friends who love Hillsong more than any group. It has the phrase, Spirit Lead Me. The sticker is a vinyl type, so it has a glossy finish. It is perfect for any smooth surface, whether it’s glass or plastic. You can also add some personalization to your Hillsong sticker, so make sure you send an email to the creator of this sticker about your specifications.
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59. New Covenant Prayer Shawl
Is your grandmother’s special moment coming this month or next month? Here’s the perfect gift for her. No worries if you’re gifting it to a friend, a sister or your mom. This shawl has the star of David, a fish and the Menorah with a Bible verse on edge. It features the default color of Israel, which is blue and white.

These symbols are the manifestations of Christian faith during the times of David, and the Roman Empire. Christians use the fish symbol during the Dark ages to profess their faith and identify themselves from the rest of the community. The fabric of the shawl is polyester, so the wrap is warm and cozy during the winter season.
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60. Hand-painted Sculpted Angel
Angels exist. The Bible proves its existence. In this world, many Christians attest to their existence, too. That's why many people use the images to create work of arts. The most famous depiction of angels is those images with wings and halo. Although the Bible doesn't specifically mention how these creatures look like, a human-like form with wings and halo is acceptable.

In this sculpture, the artist uses the famous depiction of angels. The angle is also holding a thank you message encased in a circle. This sculpted angel is perfect as wedding favors or as gifts for Christians for any occasion.
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61. Jesus Name in Aramaic
Yeshua is the Aramaic equivalent of Jesus’ name. If your friends are devout Christians, they’ll likely want to collect this unique piece of jewelry. You can choose from two types of finishing, shiny silver or antique bronze. The pendant measures around 1 inch. Crystal glass is protecting the pendant.
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62. Names of Jesus Flexcover Journal
This journal is handy and smaller than most journal notebooks. It has a debossed cover with the name of Jesus on it. The journal has a presentation page where you can write your message to your recipient. Each page has an inspirational message from the Bible. The journal has a total page of more than 200, lined for easy journaling.
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63. Decorative Retractable Badge Reel
Most badge reels are plastic and won’t last a year or so. However, this retractable badge reel is different. The material for this badge is metal, which ensures durability. This badge reel features an inspirational message with a decorative background. It comes with an ID waterproof holder. One set contains two badge reels so that you can give one to your best friend or your sister. You know what’s fantastic about this badge. The badge comes with a one-year warranty. You can get a replacement within a year if your badge gets damaged with regular use.
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64. God We Trust Cross Pendant Necklace
Trust is an emotion people don’t give easily to strangers much to someone they can’t see. However, with faith, Christians blindly trust God because it’s innate for them to do so. It’s an inherent emotion deeply reengineered to a human’s soul, to trust a divine being. In this pendant, you can show how deeply you trust God, whatever happens in your life. If you know someone, a friend, your sister, mom or dad, you can give them this necklace as a gift.
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65. Rustic Christian Faith Jewelry
The material for this charm or pendant is bronze and brass, which offers a rustic feel to the wearer. The charm has a message taken from the book of Jeremiah. The charm comes with a brass compass and an amber bead.
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66. 100 Bible Verse Cards
This gift is just one of the many Bible cards you can find in the market and this list. However, no matter how many Bible cards you come across while looking for the perfect gifts for Christians, don’t dismiss them. At least you have many options.

This particular set has 100 verses printed in a bookmark size paper. This set contains 50 different Bible verses, printed twice to give you a total of 100 bookmarks. So, you can split the set into two and give the other one to any of your Christian friends or relatives.
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67. Cross Bracelet for Men
Do you think men aren’t proud of their religion? You might find out that men are very proud of their faith. If you know someone who does, this bracelet is the perfect gift for them. The design is minimalist so that it will fit any man.
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68. Religious Sayings Bracelet
You got an event coming up, and most of your visitors are Christians. And, you decided you wanted to give something special to your visitors. The problem is you have no idea of the individual character of these people. Here’s the solution: a silicone bracelet.

One package contains 100 bracelets with simple religious sayings embossed on each bracelet. The colors are assorted, too. So, problem solved. You get to inspire a lot of people, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on party favors.
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69. Customized Water Bottle
As Christians, you have to care for yourself physically because your body is the temple of the spirit. You need to stay healthy, so you can continue to preach and share the word of God to those people who don’t know Him, yet. You can begin by drinking enough water to keep you hydrated. This water bottle can help you achieve this goal. Moreover, you have it customized. You can choose the Bible verse that best fits you. Alternatively, you can give it as a gif to anyone.
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70. Blessed With Swirly Hearts Sticker
Blessed stickers are excellent gifts for Christians who have cars, laptop, or planning to decorate their room with the words of God. Printed in pink, this decal can last for years even use in outdoor surfaces. The material is vinyl, so the decal is waterproof and dirt proof. The word isn’t a verse from the Bible, so you can also give it to a not-so-devout Christian.
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71. Lord is My Strength Metal
Christians derive their strength in the Lord. Their undying love and faithfulness keep them from giving up hope when everything isn’t working to their plan. Besides, God’s plan is greater than any other plans combined in the world. This keychain will be an excellent reminder for relying on God.
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72. Religious Enamel Lapel Pin
Faith to God and faith to your country doesn't have to conflict. You can use your religious faith to become a good citizen of your country. This enamel pin is a good start. The enamel pin features the flag of the US in the shape of the cross. You can order the pin in bulk so that you can give it to your friends during a special celebration like the Independence day or just a friendly reminder to them about their faith.
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73. Wood Wall Art
Are you looking for the best gift for your parents for a special occasion? This wood wall art is what you’re looking for. It features an inspirational message that will encourage your mom or any gift recipient. The wood wall art is small that can fit limited space. It can enhance a room or chapel if you’re planning to give it to a Church worker.
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74. Inspirational Mug
What is the best way to begin your day? To drink coffee or your favorite drink in a mug that inspire you to do good things for the rest of the day. This beautiful mug has an inscription that says God’s grace is sufficient to last another day. It also has an image of a flower that looks quaint and beautiful. The mug might have a feminine touch, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give it to a man, especially if that person loves flowers or is a gardener.
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75. I Love Jesus and Naps T-Shirt
Proclaim to the world that you love Jesus (and naps) with this t-shirt. The t-shirt’s fabric is 100% cotton, which is popular for its breathability and comfort wearability. It has the right level of softness and stretch, perfect for any outfit. The design is generic so you can give it as a gift to anyone, regardless of their gender. The t-shirt is great on summer vacations or any season. Your recipient can wear and pair it with jeans or with a Sunday dressy outfit.
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76. Man of Faith Mug & Coaster Set
This mug with coaster is great for anyone who loves to collect mugs and is a Christian. The material for the mug is ceramic with a glossy interior. The coaster can also become a cover for the mug.
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77. Wishing Ball
This wishing ball doesn’t have inspiration message imprints, but you can turn it into a source of encouragement. Since this ball comes with tiny paper slips, you can use these slips to write encouraging words to your gift recipient. In your message before giving the ball, you can tell your friend or your mom to use it every time he or she feels lonely, discouraged, or stressed. At the back of the slip, they write a phrase that’s related to the inspirational message. Perhaps, your recipient can write the reason or the current problem he or she’s experiencing right now.
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78. Armor Of God Lapel Pin
Christians are strong and courageous. This character of strength comes from God because Christians use His guidance and providence to arm themselves against enemies. This lapel pin features the logo Armor of God. This lapel pin would be a wonderful addition to a collection so get one for you and your friends.
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79. Acts of Good Journal
One act of goodness can have a ripple effect. As Christians, you have the power to show goodness to everyone you meet. Sometimes, keeping a record of what good you did for today is hard to maintain. However, this journal can make it easy. Each page tells you to record your acts, help you choose a recipient, and give the book to that person. The next person repeats the process until the journal goes back to you. Make sure that you place your return address in case the last person to fill the pages decided to return the journal. This act of good journal may not come back so be prepared.
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80. Mustard Seed Necklace
The mustard seed is a symbolic figure in the Bible. Jesus used this seed to demonstrate how a true child of God can prosper in the right environment. To Jesus, the mustard seed is a wonderful plant because, despite its size, it can grow into a big plant. This necklace with a mustard seed inside the pendant is a subtle reminder to a person, especially if he or she is feeling insecure about himself or herself.
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81. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
Aside from Christianity, Islam is another religion that is dominating the world. In this book, discover how a Muslim learns about Jesus in his way of seeking Allah. The author discusses his inner turmoil. He wanted to proclaim his faith in Jesus but doesn’t want to place chaos in his Muslim family. Learn how the author finds peace in the presence of Jesus after so many debates, both internally and externally.
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82. Not Today Satan Socks
These socks may not protect you against Satan. Only the words of God and your faith to Him can protect you against temptation. However, owning this pair won’t hurt you. It’s funny and a reminder that you don’t need to let Satan cloud your judgment.
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83. Praying Husband and Wife
This sculpture is perfect for a couple, married or not. It shows that a couple should make a habit of praying together as much as possible. A prayer is a powerful tool for communicating with God. You get to say what your heart feels.
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84. I Prayed for You Board book
This wonderful storybook is great for Christian babies and kids. At a young age, they get to learn the power of prayer and why should a Christian learn the art of praying. A Christian parent's responsibility is to teach their children the way of praying as communication to God, and not just to ask for something.
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85. Reclaimed Pallet Wood Scripture Sign
If you've been looking for a rustic decor for your country house, this reclaimed wood with verse is the right fit for your needs. The pallet wood sign is just a bit smaller than a letter sized paper. It is great for outdoor decoration, bedroom, living room, or special occasion decor such as Easter. You can choose from 5 color and 5 verse options. The colors aren't loud and bold but more like a natural blend of light colors. This natural blend is great for a rustic home style.
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86. Silver Bracelet Cross in Good Faith Symbol
The cross is a classic symbol to Christian faith. You know that someone is a Christian if you see someone wear accessories with a Cross symbol. If you have friends or loved ones whose religion is Christianity, this beautiful silver bracelet will be an excellent gift for them. The Cross charm has an infinity symbol and heart wrapped it. The overall outcome is a stunning piece of art that symbolizes Christ's sacrifice and triumph over death. Your friends or loved ones can pair with dressy or casual attire. The bracelet comes with a gift bag that doubles as a storage bag when the bracelet isn't in use.
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87. Stone Table Top Figurine
The armor of God is manifested in this cute figurine. The material for this figurine is polymer resin. It is sturdy and will withstand wear and tear for a year or so, with proper care and storage. The figurine displays a scripture from the book of Ephesians.
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88. Genuine Leather Wallet with Brass Inlay
Complete with an inspirational message, this wallet will surely be your loved one's next favorite. It comes with from genuine leather. The wallet has a snap closure. It has a brass inlay what contains the inspirational message from the Bible. Inside, the wallet features a bill compartment, ID slot, and credit card slots. The credit card slots can accommodate eight cards. Aside from these functional compartments, the wallet also contains two pockets for general uses. Lastly, it is bi-fold so that it can fit pant's pockets.
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89. Stainless Steel Cross Pendant Necklace
A popular maker created this necklace. This necklace will last for years with proper care. With 24 inches length, it will fit anyone. The necklace is easy to care and doesn't require special care and storage. It is excellent for any gender. This necklace is great for pairing to any outfit. So, your loved one can use this necklace to his or her Sunday dress outfit, whether it's formal or casual.
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90. Heart with Cross in Car Decal
This car decal can last up to 6 years. It is a vinyl similar to the materials used for signage and outdoor digital imaging. This decal has a transparent background with one sticky side. It is excellent for sticking to your car windows, surfboard, laptop, or any surface with a smooth finish.
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