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81 Best Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues 2020


You spend more time with your colleagues than you do with anyone except your family (and even then it’s a close-run thing). Your colleagues are the touchstone of your everyday life. By working together, you experience most of life’s daily rhythms with these people. Some might not be your best friends, sure, but there’s often plenty of affection going around as you strive towards your common goal as a team.

If you’re looking to get a gift for a colleague, perhaps someone you like but don’t know that well so aren’t sure what to do, then we can help. Or maybe the office party has mandated gift giving. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too. Our list of best gifts for your colleagues at work will be sure to go down well and make your daily life at work more enjoyable still.

1. Moody Cards
Do you have a colleague that needs to get across different information and ideas throughout the day depending on their mood? If you have a co-worker like that, then you must get them these moody cards. They can have fun using it and can be very helpful in giving you information even though you have not reached their office table yet.

Make sure to evaluate carefully if this gift would fit the colleague that you are planning to give this to make sure that they will like it. You would not want them to talk behind your back once they don't like your gift.
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2. Desk Accessory Holder
This product is one of the funny gifts on this list, so make sure that this would be appropriate in the office before deciding to get one for your colleague. This desk accessory can hold different things, and it represents someone that can multitask.

The figure shows a person who has a roll of tape between his two hands and in between his mouth is a pen. You can also see more pens behind his back and underneath him are a pile of paper clips. Is it worth mentioning that the figure sits on a toilet bowl while multitasking?
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3. Countdown to Retirement Clock
This clock is another fun gift for your colleague on this list. This product can be a perfect gift for those people who still have a long way to go before getting into retirement. It will make them realize that they still have a lot of time to spend with their workmates. But it can also be a great, thoughtful gift for those who will be retiring very soon. Your coworkers are undoubtedly excited about it, and you can make them feel that you are excited for them too.
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4. Geometric Paperweights
Do you have colleagues that are very stylish when it comes to their office table? For sure, this would be the perfect gift for them. It is not only useful for work but can also add a stylish touch to their busy office desk.

Concrete and copper are the main ingredients of this geometric paperweight. It can be used in two ways: as a paperweight and as a bookend.
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5. Mist Screen Cleaners
Most of your colleagues are always on their phone for different reasons. Some may be using it for work, to call and text their family or to browse the internet or social sites. Whatever reason it may be, all the tapping would create streaks, and the accumulated specks of dust on the screen would make it unclean.

With this gift, they can keep their phones, tablets, or even their computer monitor clean and streak free.
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6. Executive Decision Maker
One of the fun gifts for colleagues on this list is the executive decision maker. It can show you the sorts of decision that are usually happening in the higher level of your organization. This gift can help your colleague have a fun time in decision making moments in the office.

All they must do is to spin it and wait for it to stop. Wherever it lands, your coworkers must follow that decision. Some of the decisions that are on this decision maker are Sit on It, Maybe, and Pass the Buck.
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7. Cubicle Guest Book
If you could never catch your colleagues on their office table, it will be helpful for them to have a Cubicle Guest Book. It will let them know who visited their desk and give them the information that they will need once they get back to their table.

It will make your other colleagues write down their information on an offline log book. It doesn't hurt to be a little old school sometimes.
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8. Walkie Talkies
Do you want to go back to the good old days when you used to play walkie talkies with your best friend? You pretend like you’re on a mission and you relay information to them using the walkie talkies. Roger, over and out.

These walkie talkies could be the perfect gift to your colleague if you are close to them and talks to them many times throughout the day. It could be helpful if your phones got no reception. You can radio them over to know their 20. It has a relatively large radius so you can surely have fun with your colleagues with this gift.
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9. My Nutella Spoon
Do you have a chocolate lover in the office? If you discover someone who loves chocolates so much, especially Nutella, then this can be the perfect gift. You can even customize this with your colleague's name together with the word "Nutella Spoon."

The good news is you can change the word Nutella into anything that your other colleagues love like coffee or tea. Who wouldn't love a customized gift, right? They are no more bringing home the wrong spoon.
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10. Modular Magnetic Pen
You can consider this gift like a toy and a tool that you can use inside the office. It is a multifunctional tool that you can arrange in many possible angles using magnetic attraction. It means that your colleague can get creative and use it in any ways possible.

Your colleagues can even form it into a circle and use it as a compass. It can surely allow the element of play to work in the office.
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11. The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
You should consider first if the colleague you are going to give this gift to is a reader or love books. If they’re not, then you shouldn’t bother giving this to them since they wouldn’t read this anyway. You wouldn’t want your efforts in buying a gift wasted, would you?

This book can be a perfect way to show them your appreciation to them. You may not tell them personally because that can get mushy, but you can let this book do all the talking instead. They will surely appreciate your sweet gesture.
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12. Blah! Button
If your colleagues get annoyed by another colleague, you can get them this gift. It can be useful during the times that someone annoying comes to their table and give them annoying remarks. Once they are annoyed, they can press the button, and this thing will sound out the "Blah blah blah."

Remind them that they should only use this if the annoying workmate has already left and at a fair distance where they couldn’t hear the blah blah sound. It would surely give a good laugh to everyone who will witness the scene. If they are brave enough, they can push the button while the annoying person is still there, but they better be ready with the consequences.
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13. Business Etiquette for Dummies
This book is a gag gift for colleagues, especially for those that you consider as an office buddy. The book can teach them a lot of things, but it gives more focus on the proper etiquette that one should have in the business. It can be the perfect gift if your colleague is a total irreverent person and one who always push their boundaries.

You can even have fun with your colleague while reading this book and make fun of the hilarious advice in it.
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14. Chocolate Pencils
Everyone in the office is looking for pens or pencils throughout the day, and most of them get very stressed when they don't see one. Why don't you give them a chocolate pencil when they feel stressed at rummaging their office desk? Maybe it could change their mood.

It can be a perfect gift if you hand it at the ideal time. You can give a smile on your coworker’s face if you give it to them at the perfect time.
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15. Perpetual Calendars
If your co-worker is concerned about always getting on the schedule, then this is the perfect gift for them. It has a very stylish look but can serve a useful purpose in the office at the same time. Your colleague can mount this calendar on the wall, or they can put it on their desk.

In changing the date in the calendar, all they must do is to move the magnet to the right point or the right day and month. It will surely be a useful conversation starter as it looks very sophisticated and exciting.
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16. Best Coffee Cup Holder
Do you have a co-worker that seems always to spill their drinks on their desk? You can get them this cup holder so they will never make a mess on their office desk ever again. It will keep them happy and improve their productivity level throughout the day.

They would be grateful for this thoughtful gift because they would never have to clean up their desk after spilling their coffee or any drink.
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17. Milton’s Stapler
Does your coworker always have to buy new staplers now and then? Maybe you should get them one that is very durable to withstand any situation. It has an iconic design and is also jam resistant.

They don't have to reload this stapler too often because it can store up to 210 new strips of staples and it can fasten up to 25 sheets of paper. Your colleagues can use this even until they get into a new job.
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18. Complaint Department Mug
When you have a coworker that doesn't take complaints too well, then this could be the perfect gift for them. It can warn the complainers ahead of time when they see this mug, but they would surely still try to complain. At least, you wanted to inform them about your coworker by giving the cup.

The mug has a unique look compared to other coffee mugs. It could be one of the unique gifts for colleagues that you can get.
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19. Personalized Starbucks Cup
Everyone has a colleague that is very obsessed with Starbucks, which is why this Personalized Starbucks Cup is among the list of gifts for colleagues. Those coworkers usually take advantage of their Starbucks card and buy several cups of Starbucks coffee a day. Try to give them this personalized cup, and they will surely love it.
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20. Playable Art Cube
Is your line of work very stressful? If you think that it is, your colleagues surely feel the same. Why don’t you give them something that can help them forget about the stressful work in the office?

They can get some inspiration and good vibes by playing with this colorful art cube as they arrange them into anything that they have in mind. It has twelve wood slices in different colors, and you can only solve it in one way. However, they can always get creative, and no matter how they do it, it will still be an added attraction on their office table.
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21. Mini Buddha Board
Another one on this list that can help in taking away the stress that your colleague feels is the Buddha board. This board can allow them to write down messages by only using water. The words will fade after some time so that they would rewrite a new message again.

It is a fun gift, and they will surely enjoy writing on them repeatedly once they discover how it works. Aside from reducing stress, it can also help your colleagues to be calm.
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22. Grumpy Cat Plush
If some of your coworkers are a fan of grumpy cat, then you will never go wrong in giving this to them. It’s an adorable plush toy that they can keep in the office and they can role play with it during their free time. They can even use this to cheer up another coworker that is in a grumpy mood.

For sure they couldn’t help but smile when they look at this adorable grumpy cat plush toy. Maybe you can also give this to one of your colleagues that is always grumpy.
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23. High Five Notes
Appreciating some of the things that your coworkers have done well or their accomplishments in the office is a very kind thing to do. You can express to them how brilliant you think they are with these high five notes. You can even give some details about their accomplishments or use the letters to validate something good that they have done at work.

If you are hilarious, you can even exaggerate the little things that they did on a satirical level. It can surely add to the office fun and can turn the atmosphere a little less serious.
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24. Air Plants
Does your office need some decorating or something that could make you feel that there's more than just being confined in the four corners of your office? If you think that way, you can give your coworkers some air plants. These plants can be beneficial in giving life to your office.

The plants require very little maintenance, so your colleagues won't have a hard time taking care of them. The plants even come with pod containers upon ordering, so all they need to do is hang it up on the wall.
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25. Super Magnetic Putty
Are your coworkers work desk always have paper clips and staplers scattered across it? Maybe it is time to give them something that can help them in organizing that magnetic stuff on their desk. They can play with this super magnetic putty, but it can be a great tool to magnet those scattered paper clips.

They can even use this magnetic putty to clean up the mess that they made when they accidentally tossed over a box of paper clips or staples. They won’t need to crouch down longer than they should to because the magnetic putty would gather everything for them.
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26. Fred iStuck Gum Cable Organizers
Your colleagues work desk can be very messy and disorganized due to different cables that are scattered everywhere. They may even have problems finding the right cable to use on their phone, and some of it might also be tangled. If you have coworkers like this, you might want to choose to give them something that can help them with their problem.

They can organize their cables by using this gum-like organizer. They can stick it on their table or under their computer screen and put the wires on it. They will never have a hard time finding their charger or earphones ever again.
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27. Mineralamp Natural Himalayan Basket Lamp
Are you familiar with the Himalayan pink salt? It is known to be effective in purifying the air and creating a calming atmosphere. Your workplace can be stressful, so your colleagues would surely be thankful to have this basket lamp.

They can put it on their desk so it can help in reducing their stress levels even though it only emits a gentle light.
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28. Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest
Sitting on your desk the whole day can make you feel uncomfortable, and your feet can get very tired. For sure, your workmates also feel the same because you are in the same situation every day at work. Why don't you get an ergonomic footrest for yourself and get one for one of your favorite colleagues as well?

With this footrest, your colleague can feel comfortable in the workplace, which is very important to increase the productivity level. It is designed to make the user less fatigued and more relaxed. It has an adjustable pedal, and they can tilt it between 0 and 30 degrees depending on which degree they feel comfortable.
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29. Donut You Know Coffee Mug
Do you have a favorite work buddy in the office? You can make them feel appreciated for all the work that they have done and for being a good buddy to you with this coffee mug. With the message written on the cup, you can let them know how you feel about your relationship with them at work.

You can say that you like them, or you need them. It's up to you since you can get this customized with any message that you want. The ceramic mug is perfect for your buddies if they are hot chocolate or coffee lovers.
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30. Desktop Golf
This game is one of the gifts for colleagues that would be perfect for your office buddy that love sports so much that they cannot take it off their mind while at work. This desktop game would be the ideal gift for your coworkers as they can play golf without leaving the office. However, they had to make sure that the boss isn't around or is not watching while they're playing with the desktop golf.

Give them the chance to practice their putty and engage in a sort of golf game while at work. It can help them enjoy and reduce the stress that they feel while working.
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31. Hello Darkness My Old Friend Coffee Mug
Do you have a colleague that needs to have lots of coffee before starting their day? This mug would be the perfect present for them as this mug is bigger than regular cups. They can fill it up with their favorite morning drink like tea, hot chocolate, or coffee.

It has a capacity of 15 oz. and is equipped with a large handle to allow your colleagues to hold it comfortably in their hand. It's both dishwasher and microwave safe so the manufacturer can guarantee that it will be durable and would last longer.
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32. Changeable Felt Letter Board
Most of your colleagues are surely into customizing their office desk to make it more comfortable for them. The felt board measures 10x10 inches so it will surely fit their desks. It is from high-quality oak wood, with warm oak frames design and a soft and robust black felt.

The letter board comes with 580 numbers and symbols that your colleagues can use to express what they feel or just to put any message that they want on the letter board. You can even put a note on it before giving it to your colleague as a present.
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33. Hand Lettering 101
Do you have colleagues that have poor handwriting? For sure they are always asked to rewrite every note or memo that they send to your boss or supervisor. This gift would be beneficial for them but make sure that the one you are going to give this gift to, is not easily offended.

The book will teach them the basics about hand lettering, as well as the basics of calligraphy. After they finish the book, they will undoubtedly have improved handwriting, or maybe it can make their writing attractive.
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34. Sweets-Themed Bath Bombs
There's nothing more impressive than having a relaxing bath after a long and tiring day at work. Your colleagues will surely enjoy this sweets-themed bath bombs because they are both useful and aesthetically beautiful. They come in different shapes and designs like cookies, candy, donuts, and other sweet treats.

This gift can remind your colleagues that they must pamper themselves from time to time. They will appreciate your efforts but make sure that you tell them that those sweets are not for eating; they're for bathing. Make sure that you have advised them that just in case.
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35. Imagination Paperweight
This paperweight would be perfect for colleagues that have a very creative mind. It will let them feel that having a creative imagination is more important than being too logical at things. After receiving it, they will have more confidence, and they will understand that their imagination matters more than anything in reaching their goals.

The paperweight has a famous Einstein quote on it. It says, "Logic will get you from A to B; Imagination will take you everywhere." It even has a graphic presentation about linear thinking and imagination.
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36. Essential Oil Diffuser
Your colleagues can use this gift either in the office or at home. It can help create a relaxing atmosphere on your colleagues' desk and can also help in calming them down.
This essential oil diffuser has seven different LED lights that the user can choose from depending on the mood. The lights can add a different element to the atmosphere. Your colleagues won't also have a problem with cleaning it because it is effortless to clean.
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37. Right Computer Monitor Message Boards
Do you have colleagues that are very obsessed with getting things at work organized? This gift would be perfect for them, and they will surely think that you're an angel sent from heaven. These message boards can improve their mindset while working and develop their organizational skills as well.

The monitor board acrylic made, and they can stick it on the right side of their monitor so they can keep track of the things that they need to do. They can write down important tasks such as when to send emails and their schedule for the rest of their workday.
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38. Personal Air Circulator Fan
Do you have colleagues that are very concerned with good air circulation because they believe that it affects their productivity? Get them this personal air circulator fan, and they will never complain again about not getting good air circulation in the office. They can put this on top of their desk to make sure that their personal space in the office has the perfect air circulation.

This fan has an adorable size that it would be a perfect addition to their office desk, and they will not even notice that it's there. The user can choose between two different speeds, and it has a manual swivel base that your colleagues can adjust to whatever preference they have.
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39. Personalized Custom Stationery
Just like the message boards earlier, this custom stationery is a must-have for coworkers that are very obsessed with organized things. And working in an office setting calls for something like custom stationery where they could write their notes, right?

Since it is personalized, you can change the name at the bottom with your colleague's name, and you can even get the colors and shapes changed. You might want to observe them very well before purchasing this for them to determine the things that they would like in their stationery. Or maybe it’s better to keep things simple.
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40. Portable Lunch Bowl
Maybe it's time to give your colleagues' brown bag lunch an upgrade. You can get them this portable lunch bowl that can they can fill with any food of their choice without worrying about spillage. The container is even large enough to be filled with a full meal.

The bowl is BPA-free plastic, and it has a soft, silicone wrap and an airtight lid. Your coworkers can fill it up with different foods and put them inside their bags so they can refuel themselves during a busy workday. Moreover, with this lunch bowl, they can reduce the use of sandwich baggies and lunch sacks, which means less trash.
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41. Cassette Shaped Pencil Holder
Everyone used to have the old boring pencil holders because they do the job and that's enough reason to stick with them. But why wouldn't you want to have an upgrade if you can get something that has style and has many uses? You can spice up your colleagues' office table with this cassette shaped pencil holder that has several functions that they can enjoy.

It has different compartments so they can organize their pens, scissors, rulers, and pencils. The shallow one can be used to store small supplies like paper clips and pins. It even has a tape dispenser that looks cute with the cassette design.
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42. Employee of the Month Parking Sign
If your office doesn't have an employee of the month program, then this would be a perfect gift to a coworker that works hard. It can make them feel appreciated about their good deeds in the office and for being a remarkable employee. After the first month has passed, everyone would surely realize that the coworker who has this sign is the employee of the month forever.
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43. Cubicle Space Heater
This space heater is the exact opposite of the personal fan that was mentioned earlier in this article. This product would be perfect for colleagues who are always complaining that they are cold. With this space heater, you can help them in warming up their cubicle space so they will feel more comfortable in the office.

This heater is big enough to provide personalized heat in a space that is as big as an office cubicle. They will feel warm and comfortable even though the whole office is cold. It has a low power usage that can help on saving on the energy bill and helps avoid tripping the circuit breaker in case there are multiple heaters in the office.
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44. Personalized Leather Lanyard
Is one of your coworkers a fan of lanyards and is always using one to hold a keycard? If you have coworkers like this, then maybe you should give their everyday office outfit an upgrade and make it more fashionable. The lanyard is made of full grain American leather and can make a statement.

Since it is personalized, you can add the name or the initials of your colleagues, and it has a detachable buckle clip. The debossed leather can provide a nostalgic look with letterpress.
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45. On-the-Go Espresso Maker
For sure you have colleagues that are obsessed with brewed coffees, which is why they always go out to a coffee shop to buy one at a high price. This espresso maker will be a perfect gift for them as it will enable them to brew their coffee anywhere. The coffee brewed from this machine will taste the same as those in their favorite coffee shops but of course, without the high price.

This coffee maker weighs only less than half of a pound and does not require any filters which mean they wouldn’t have a hard time cleaning it.
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46. Dry Erase Sheets
This dry erase sheets could be the perfect gift for colleagues who love presentation or want to write down notes or motivational quotes for the day on their desk. These sheets can also function as a to-do-list at home.

Each sheet has a full adhesive backing. When you read the word adhesive, you were worried that it might leave a residue, but it won't which is a good thing, right? It is a handy tool that can be used anywhere possible.
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47. Cord Keeper
People are living in a world where everything is wireless, but for sure, some of your colleagues still have those wired earphones that they hold on to despite the advancement in technology. The only problem with wired headsets is they get tangled, and it becomes a stressful task to untangle them. Fortunately, this cord keeper can help your colleagues in keeping their earphones neat and untangled.

They can also use this on their charger and USB cables. It comes in a pack of three, so they can have one in their car, one in their office desk and one inside their bag. Moreover, this cord keeper is leather with made, which makes it very stylish.
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48. Adult Coloring Book
Who said that coloring books are only for kids and adults are not allowed to do it? Believe it or not, adult coloring books are starting to become a favorite hobby that can offer a dose of nostalgia and can help in relieving stress too. According to the American Art Association, these coloring books could not replace therapy, but it can surely help with a person's pleasure and self-care.

There is a big collection of coloring books to choose from, but your colleague would be fit to have the "Color Me Calm" by Lacy Mucklow. The said coloring book is believed to support relaxation and meditation. The stressed-out colleagues would surely thank you for giving them this fantastic gift.
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49. Engraved Pencil Set
Whether your coworkers love typing their notes or personally writing them on a piece of paper, these hand stamped pencils would be a perfect addition to their desk or pencil collections. The product come in different themes some have motivational words, and some have Harry Potter references.

With these pencils, your colleagues would have a great time creating their to-do list. You can even pair this pencil set with a beautiful journal. Once they open the gift, they are all set to writing anything they have in mind.
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50. Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Not all your colleagues love hot coffee; some prefer them icy and cold, so this would be the perfect gift for iced coffee lovers in your workplace. With this coffee maker, they can easily brew cold coffee on their desk, or they can bring it home with them. This coffee maker can produce 20 ounces of coffee in just four hours.

When they prefer to use this at home, they will undoubtedly wake up to a delicious and cold coffee in the morning. It would be a perfect way to start their day, especially on work days.
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51. Mobile Lens Kit
Do you have colleagues that love spending their time on social media like Facebook or Instagram? For sure they are into photography too, and their main concern every day is to get instagrammable photos. Your colleagues take pride in all the images that they post whenever they are out on vacation, or they just went to the most famous café.

You can help them upgrade their Instagram game with this mobile lens kit. The set includes macro lenses, wide angle, and fisheye. It also comes with a universal clip that is compatible with most tablets and phones.
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52. Couch Cup Holder
Your colleagues may not know that this type of thing, but they will surely love receiving this gift. During the cold season, they would always find themselves curled up on the couch with a hot drink hand. However, they might have wished that they have a built-in cup holder for more convenience.

Fortunately, they can have this cup holder until a couch with a cup holder is available in the market. This cup holder is a one size fits all, so you don't have to worry about the size of the cup that you are using. Moreover, the holder fits most sofa and couches.
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53. MaxKare Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager
Show your colleagues how much you care for their health with this neck and shoulder massager from MaxKare. They would need this because stress is inevitable in every workplace, so it would be nice to have a personal masseuse on call. It might not be human hands, but they would surely feel the relaxation like they are in a massage spa.

It has a simulated hand kneading massage technology that has eight bi-directional rotation knots. It also has an optional heating therapy mode and three adjustable intensity. It can help your colleagues relax their whole body, most notably the legs, waist, back, shoulder, cervical, and neck.
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54. ‘This is Us’ Engraved Wine Tumbler Cup
If your colleagues are a fan of This is Us, they will surely love this wine tumbler cup that is This is Us inspired. The engraved message on the tumbler can speak for itself. This cup would be a perfect gift for colleagues on any occasion.

It can accommodate up to 12 oz. of liquid of their choice, and it is stainless steel made and premium powder coated. The engraved design is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot beverages hot for up to 6 hours.
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55. Desktop Basketball
This desktop basketball is another addition to the list of gifts for colleagues that love playing sports during their free time. This desk game can be a perfect past time for everyone at the office during break time or every time the boss is not around. But make sure that you have finished most of your tasks for the day before playing this game in the office.

This desktop basketball can be the perfect alternative for the real game when you cannot get out playing basketball for real. It can be a timely gift when you get this for your coworkers during the NBA Finals and March Madness.
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56. 2019 Bubble Wrap Calendar
Nothing is satisfying than popping bubble wraps. It can get from fulfilling to relaxing real quickly. With this bubble wrap calendar, your colleagues would be able to pop bubble wrap 365 times, one for each day of the year.

This calendar can both be a reward and a self-control teacher as you must control yourself not to pop every bubble on it.
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57. Echo Dot
Everyone would love to have their assistant, so it is lovely to have one in the form of this echo dot. It is one of the most popular speakers in the market that has a loud and rich sound. Your colleagues can control their music through voice with this echo dot.

You can tell Alexa, the assistant, what you need to do, and it will do it for you. You can ask Alexa to play music, set alarms, check the weather, read the news, and answer questions. Moreover, it is compatible with most smart home devices.
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58. Home-X Mug Warmer
No one wants to drink their coffee once it is stale, so they would surely love to have their warmer. Get your colleagues this mug warmer to keep their drink warm all morning. They wouldn’t be worried about drinking a stale coffee anymore even though they have left it on their desk for a long time.

It is easy to carry anywhere your colleagues may go because of its lightweight and compact design. You can keep any beverages hot like gravies, cocoas, sauces, tea, and coffee. It can also be a great companion to bring during camping.
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59. Ceramic Elephant Succulent Planter
Do you have colleagues that are very interested in plants but are scared that the dirty pot would ruin their beautiful desk? Your coworkers don't have to worry about it anymore because this ceramic elephant planter can look great on an office desk. They can put a succulent or air plant on this planter; it doesn't matter if it's real or not.

It does not only look cute, but it also does it functions as a plant holder. If your colleagues decide to put a real plant on it, they can water it and not worry about drowning the plant. The interior of this planter is left unglazed and even has a hole for draining water.
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60. Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags
Most offices have toasters, but only a few have stovetops. It means that making delicious and fresh grilled cheese would not be one of the options for lunch, right? Fortunately, when you give these cheese bags to your colleagues that love grilled cheese, they can undoubtedly do a grilled cheese sandwich in the office.

The Teflon bags are also reusable, and they can use it to heat other foods like leftover pizza or even pasta. If some of your coworkers are gluten-free, they can use these bags to avoid contamination when they make their food.
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61. Aikoper USB Desk Fan
Are some of your coworkers having a hard time keeping their cool because of the hot temperature in the office? You can help your coworkers keep their cool by getting them this USB desk fan. It would be their source of air, and it is USB powered, and they can adjust it to two different speeds.

It has dual blades design that can produce cooling power at the lowest noise level possible. It might have a slight whirring noise, but the manufacturers guarantee that your colleagues and their neighboring desk can barely hear the sound. It has two rubber pads that keep the fan in place and keep it from vibrating as well.
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62. Tea Forte Tea Assortment
Not all your colleagues are coffee lovers; some of them are tea lovers. Try getting this for your tea obsessed workmates, and they will be jumping with joy after seeing their gift. The tea sampler comes in a beautiful gift box and contains the most popular varieties of Tea Forte.

The tea collection is all natural and caffeine free, and it also contains no artificial ingredients or colors. The tea sampler includes 20 assorted pyramid tea bag infusers.
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63. Portable Laptop Standing Desk
Did you know that when you sit in front of your computer or for long or extended hours, it can have ill effects on your health as well as your colleagues' health too? To combat the results, you can get them this standing desk for their laptop, and they will surely appreciate your effort of getting them a very thoughtful gift. Remember also to get one for yourself as you will also need one.

This laptop standing desk will be a perfect addition to your home, home office, or your work desk. You can use it on different ways: as a laptop or tablet stand when you're relaxing in bed, as a snack tray while watching tv, as a food table for breakfast in bed and as a standing desk for office work. You can help your colleagues fight different disorders like neck stiffness, neck pain, and back pain.
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64. Personalized Beer Bottle Opener
This bottle opener is one of the gifts for colleagues that would be perfect for those coworkers that love drinking during their free time. Having a bottle of beer would not hurt, but they would surely like to have more during the weekends. You can give this to your coworkers if they are not just beer drinkers but serious beer drinkers.

Let them know that you acknowledge the things that they like to do during their free time. With this rustic bottle opener with cap catcher, they can surely enjoy their beer time alone or with friends. You can even customize it with their first or last name.
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65. Wine Infused Coffee
If you are looking for gifts for colleagues that love both wine and coffee, then this is the perfect gift that you can give them. This bag of Merlot-infused coffee beans is ideal for those coworkers who are coffee lovers and love drinking wine too.

The brew is from 100% Arabica beans that aged inside oak wine barrels. This coffee would be the perfect post-meal treat. Adventurous coffee enthusiasts will also appreciate getting this kind of gifts.
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66. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle
It is essential to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, especially when you have a busy one. It would be necessary to replenish the water that your body lost through sweating and the other activities that you performed. Your colleagues would surely love to keep themselves hydrated as well with this infusion water bottle.

They can add frozen or fresh fruit inside the bottle to give themselves a fruit-infused and refreshing water break. The container is made from BPA free plastic and is shatterproof. They have a perfect size, which means they would fit into any cup holders.
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67. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker
Do your colleagues love having a little party in the office during their free time or when the boss is away? Get this Bluetooth speaker for them and give it to the colleague that loves playing the role of the DJ in the office. They will surely enjoy the sound of this speaker, and you can have a great party with your coworkers.

The speaker might be small, but it can play music for up to 24 hours on just a single charge. It also offers easy connectivity with its Bluetooth 4.0 that ensures instant pairing and can maintain the connection to up to 66 ft. It has a lightweight but robust design that can be a great soundtrack anywhere.
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68. Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn 5cone Gift Basket
Popcorn can be the perfect snack in the office or at home while watching television. You might want to give this gift to your colleagues that are on the cubicle next to you. It would give you the chance to ask for some because it would be irresistible.

The gift basket includes one of each of these flavors: kettle corn, jalapeno cheddar popcorn, white cheddar popcorn, cheddar cheese popcorn, and caramel corn. The giftee can even share the food with everyone in the room.
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69. Nintendo Display Sign
For sure, some of your colleagues are a fan of video games, and they surely remember the first video games that they have played. Some of them might have started with SEGA, but most would have started with Nintendo. With this acrylic laser-cut Nintendo sign, you can make your colleagues feel nostalgic.

The sign followed the logo design of Nintendo and which your colleagues could add to their collection. It can also be a great addition to their man cave, or they can use it as a label for their collection or in their retail game shop.
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70. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
This kit is one of the gifts for colleagues that would be perfect during the rainy days. With this kit, your colleagues would be able to create their hot sauce for their tacos or to warm them up during a cold day. A good hot sauce can make the difference and the fun in making it will make it more exciting.

By using this kit, they can mix six different signature sauces depending on their taste preferences. It even includes customizable labels to give their hot sauce a personalized touch.
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71. Dymo Label Manager 160 Handheld Label Maker
This label maker can be another great addition to your colleagues' collection, especially if they are very obsessed with organizing things. Once they get a hold of this gift, they will surely dance with happiness in their cubicle. However, you must prepare yourself because everything that you would borrow would have their names on it.

The label maker is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy for the user to label anything anywhere. It has a QWERTY keyboard which makes it easy for typing the words that you would want on the label.
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72. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones
Your colleagues would surely love a pair of black and red headphones to drown the distracting chatter in the office. It is even a wireless headphone, which makes it an excellent option for techy coworkers. It has memory-protein ear cushion to make sure that your colleagues would be comfortable while using it.

Your colleague can use it as a wired headphone, but it would be more convenient to use it as a wireless headphone. In wireless mode, the headphone's battery can last to up to 20 hours of music time.
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73. Trideer Exercise Ball and Chair
This gift is perfect for colleagues or even your boss, who can't seem to find a comfortable seat throughout the day. It is extra thick and has an anti-burst technology. It is one of the exercise balls with the highest density in the market.

It is made of non-toxic PVC material and is also BPA and heavy metal free. Your colleagues won’t even have a hard time to inflate this ball as it comes with a foot pump.
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74. Wire Plant Markers
Have you given plants as gifts for colleagues before? If you have, then this would be a beautiful gift for them because it is also about plants. With these plant markers, you can gently remind your colleagues to water their plants.

You would not want to see them getting sad because their plants died, would you? Now, you can make sure that they remember to take care of their plants before it’s too late.
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75. Bottle Loft
Are you looking for cool gifts for colleagues? The search is now over with this bottle loft. They can put these handy storage strips on the ceiling of their refrigerator, and it can hold up to six bottles of beer.
Don't worry because the magnets are strong enough to hold three times the weight of an average beer bottle. You can help them save space on their refrigerator, and they will have plenty of space for their snacks. It would be the perfect gift for colleagues who love beer so much.
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76. Simmer Stone Rose Gold Office Supplies
Do you have coworkers that are very chic and classy in designing their office table? For sure they would love these rose gold office supplies to be added on their collection. It has a well-designed wire and minimalist-inspired organizers that the stylish colleagues would like.

The organizer includes a letter tray, a pen holder, a letter sorter, and a file holder. It is efficient in keeping essential things in the office organized and easily found. It is space-saving but is large enough to accommodate your colleagues' desk accessories.
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77. OfficeGoods Acrylic and Gold Stapler
When you thought about a chic stapler, have you imagined it in gold color? If you did, then you are right. With this stapler, you can view every stapling activity is as a luxurious experience, and your coworkers are lucky enough to get this gift from you.

It fits comfortably on any desk size because it is small. The stapler is even equipped with non-skid feet to help it stay in place. It uses standard size staples and can easily staple 12 to 15 pages of paper.
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78. Ban.Do Hot Stuff Insulated Thermal Travel Coffee Mug
This mug comes in the list of gifts for very busy colleagues. The words on the cup would be perfect for them as it says, "I am very busy."

The mug has a slim base, which makes it fit any cup holders. It has vacuum-insulated construction, which helps in keeping your colleagues' beverage hot or cold for a long time. The double wall can also help in making the mug free from condensation so the user's desk will never get messy again.
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79. Game of Thrones Decanter
Colleagues that love both whiskey and Game of Thrones wouldn't believe that they will get this kind of gift from you. They will be like "Oh My G(game of Thrones) once they see the wonderfully engraved decanter. It would be a perfect treat for them if you add six GOT inspired whiskey glasses that would complete the set.

You can try to research your coworkers to know who their favorite GOT characters are and you can choose to have it engraved on their gift.
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80. Tea Drops
Let your colleagues enjoy a hot and fresh tea in the office through these dissolvable, pressed tea drops. The tea drops are from pure ingredients, which are: spices, sugar, and of course, finely-sourced tea. The tiny morsels would be the perfect gifts for colleagues that are very busy and are looking for a convenient and healthy drink to sip on while working.

The sampler set contains one of each of these flavors: matcha green tea, sweet peppermint, rose earl, grey, vanilla white, and citrus ginger.
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81. Lilly Pulitzer Hardcover Planner
Some of your colleagues might still be into old school planners where they can write down things that they want to do at a specific date. If they are certified old school, they would surely be delighted to receive this gift from you. This planner can help them get organized for the whole year.
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