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100 Best Gift Ideas for Computer Geeks and Nerds 2020


They say that nerds will one day rule the earth—If they don’t already. After all, I wonder who made this website your reading right now? Computer geeks and nerds are shaping our lives online and off every day. Their unique talents and passion for all things silicon means they’re never happier than when tinkering with transistors or ruminating about RAM.

Computer geeks can be tough to buy for, though, since their interests can seem arcane and hard to understand and you’re never sure if your gift idea will satisfy their passions. Never fear, this geek-made webpage is here to give you the best gifts you could get your loved ones who adore computers. From electronics that they might need to clothes that show off their nerd status with pride, you can enjoy choosing a gift from our list below.

1. Nerdwax Stop Slipping Glasses
Being at the computer almost all day makes your geek or nerd friends prone to eye problems. They are at risk of having a near-sighted vision, astigmatism, and more. That is why it is not surprising that geeks and nerds wear eyeglasses.

Although eyeglasses are their best friend, one of its irritating pet peeves is its tendency to slip down their nose. Thankfully, the Nerdwax Stop Slipping Glasses helps by keeping their eyeglasses in place.
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2. FIDO U2F Security Key
Computer geeks and nerds have a lot of stuff installed or programmed inside their computer. Most people might not have an idea what those are. However, they will never keep it in their device if these codes or software are not essential for them.

To show your love and support for your geeky or nerdy loved ones or friends, give the FIDO U2F Security Key as a gift. It offers strong authentication for an online account to protect it.
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3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Recent studies say that 60 percent of digital device users spend more than 6 hours per day being at their gadgets. These people are prone to the harmful effects of blue light. Take note that this 60 percent includes ordinary people who love spending their time being at their device. How much more for the computer geeks and nerds?

What you can do for them is to give the Blue Light Blocking Glasses as a gift.
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4. Circuit Board Shirt
If you are an ordinary person with common interests, you might look at a circuit board as a complicated device. However, you cannot deny that the lines and color of the circuit board look amazing.

For this reason, it is not surprising that some people will use it as an inspiration to create some stuff out of this design. The person who deserves to own paraphernalia based on the circuit board design is your geeky friend.
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5. Eyeglass Holder
It is rare to find a computer geek or nerd who does not wear eyeglasses. Therefore, you can assume that one of the best gifts for computer geeks and nerds is an eyeglass holder.

Giving this gift assures that their eyeglasses are in a safe place while they are sleeping. They will never misplace them because they know where to find them. Moreover, your friend will always remember you just by looking at its smart design.
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6. Phantom Keystroker V2
Your computer geeks and nerds loved ones are probably good hackers. Although they are the ethical ones, they surely know how to hack one’s account or device if they want to. For this reason, they will never experience the feeling of intruding one's machine.

What you can do is to give them this Phantom Keystroker V2. You do not have to worry about people’s safety with this device because its design is just for pulling pranks.
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7. USB Hub
With the tons of codes and programs that they are working on each day, they might own tons of flash drives to save their creations or organize them. It is not surprising that they might even own a USB hub, but it does not mean that you cannot give it at all as a gift.

Even if they already own one, a USB hub is still a handy device to give for someone who owns a lot of flash drives.
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8. Large Gaming Mouse Pad
You might consider that most computer geeks and nerds are into gaming too. Why not? You need programming or coding skills to create an excellent video or online game, which is something that they love to do.

If your geeky friend is the type of computer nerd or geek who is not into it (which is surprising), a gaming device is still a wise choice as a gift because of its high-end technology.
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9. “Choose Your Weapon” Wall Decal
If your geeky friends are aware of their title and embrace it whole-heartedly, give this “Choose Your Weapon” Wall Decal as a present. This gift will make them know that you support their interests, and you love them for who they are.

If they have this wall decal on their wall, it will express what kind of person they are. To make it more thoughtful, choose the color that they will love.
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10. Drink More Water Bottle
Programming and coding are challenging and fun to do. The computer geeks and nerds are the people who can testify the enjoyment of doing these activities. The joy of programming lies once they successfully made software without any bugs or issues.

Because coding is addictive, sometimes your geeky friends might forget to replenish their body fluids. What you can do is give them this “Drink More Water” Bottle.
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11. TrackR Bravo Tracking Device
All people have this tendency to forget their small belongings from time to time. Although your geeky friends are smart, they are still human who can miss remembering little things. Thankfully, with the TrackR Bravo Tracking Device, they will never lose their small stuff again.

What they must do is attach the device on the back of almost anything that they frequently misplace and use the TrackR App along with it. The tracker rings with the help of the app.
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12. Tile Mate Key Finder
If your geeky friends are the type of people who always misplace their stuff, they need this Tile Mate Key Finder. All that your friends need to do is attach the Tile Mate to onto anything that they often lose. They can slip this device easily into their keychains and other things because of the hole on the device.

By using your friends’ phone, they can track their misplaced items easily by making it ring.
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13. NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender
Among the computer geeks’ best friends is the Internet. Although they are smart to memorize several programming languages, most of them are not invincible enough to know everything. The Internet provides them the easy access for information that they need. It also makes testing of some type of new software possible.

That is why you want to give this NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender as a gift to a nerdy friend.
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14. Circuit Board Tie
Even if the media has been giving a wrong impression of the geeks bullied at school, you cannot miss the fact that they are amazing people. There is nothing wrong on being a nerd or geek. Your geeky friends should own this title by wearing this tie.

It is the perfect opportunity for you to give them this wonderful gift. Your friends will love the design of this tie, which expresses their interest and personality.
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15. Automatic Handbag Illuminator
Although computer nerds and geeks have been spending almost most of their time being at the computer nearly all day, it does not mean that they are not busy. Their brains are working non-stop to create a new software or computer program.

That is why they do not have the time doing some trivial things like raiding their bag when they need something from it. To lessen the time of their search, the Automatic Handbag Illuminator will help them.
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16. Ajazz AK33 Mechanical Keyboard
Computer geeks and nerds are incredibly knowledgeable about gadgets and devices. That is why if there is a challenge that you must face when looking for gifts for computer geeks and nerds, that is they do not settle for anything less. It is either they buy high-end apparatus, or they create one themselves.

With the Ajazz AK33 Mechanical keyboard, you will never go wrong. This item is easy to carry, and there are tons of features.
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17. Convertible Travel Bag
Geeks and nerds love using practical stuff, which includes this Convertible Travel Bag. This travel bag is small enough to fit into tiny spaces, which makes it an ideal container for your geeky friends’ belongings when they are traveling.

Your friends will love it because of the laptop and tablet section. It also has adjustable straps so they can use it as a backpack. This bag has three slots for cards, three packets, and the main compartment.
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18. Car Charger
This car charger is among the practical gifts for computer geeks and nerds. This device is small enough to be portable and to blend perfectly with the car’s cigarette lighter. Your nerdy friends can easily place their charger with the car’s cigarette lighter whenever they want.

It enables your friend to charge two USB-powered gadgets at the same time. Your friends will love it because it is scratch-resistant and durable. It is safe to use because of its aluminum construction.
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19. Binary Math Code Travel Coffee
If you are not aware of what binary code is, your geeky computer friends surely do. Although you might know that binary consists of only two numbers, which is one and zero, what you might not be aware of is the meaning of each place value. Because most modern computers use binary as language, you can expect that your friends know it by heart.

To recognize their skill, give them this Binary Math Code Travel Coffee. They understand what 10 means.
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20. 45-Second Omelet Maker
Computer nerds and geeks love doing their passion almost all day. Cooking and other household activities will only waste their time. Even though they want to do programming nearly the entire time, geeks and nerds are humans too. They need to eat.

Why not give them this 45-Second Omelet Maker as a gift. This clay dish will not only save their time, but they will also be able to eat a hearty meal.
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21. “How-to Pick-Up Chicks” T-Shirt
You may deem the geeks and nerds as highly intelligent individuals. However, you cannot deny the fact that most of them have problems socializing with other people, and others do not want to socialize.

If you are close to one, give your friend this “How-to Pick-Up Chicks” shirt. Giving this T-shirt as a gift is an excellent source of a good laugh. However, make sure to give it to someone you are close with to avoid being offensive.
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22. “Never Forget” Sarcastic Graphic T-Shirt
Computer geeks and nerds are probably the techiest people that you will ever meet. If you ask them what is up on computer technology nowadays, they can answer you probably even when they are sleeping.

However, modern technology is nothing without the pioneers, which include the cassette tape, magnetic tape, and floppy disk. Although most of these items are almost inexistent nowadays, these items are part of the history of the modern tech.
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23. Humor Graphic T-Shirt
Laughter is a fantastic expression that lightens up a heavy mood. It is a great emotion to feel if you share it with your friends even with the nerdy or geeky ones. For computer geeks and nerds, they can use a good laugh by giving this Humor Graphic T-Shirt as a gift.

Some of the shirt's design expresses your friends’ personality and interests which include the"I'm thinking" and "Nerd2.” They will love it because it enables them to themselves.
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24. Geek Sign
This Geek Sign is a perfect way to let your nerdy friends express themselves who they are by displaying this signage inside their room or living room. It is one of the ideal gifts for computer geeks and nerds because of its content that describes who they are.

You can give it to your geeky friends in any types of occasion. It has a minimalistic design that is entirely modern and elegant.
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25. Berry Buddy
Some computer nerds and geeks are a fan of take-outs, fast food, and instant noodles. You cannot blame them for their bad eating habits because they prefer to use their time doing their passion instead of cooking. However, they are just mere humans. They will be at risk of health problems if they do not eat healthily.

To encourage your friends to eat fruits, give them this berry buddy. It provides an instant way to prepare and fresh fruits.
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26. Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt
If you are a computer user, even if you are not a geek or nerd, you might have probably encountered the error called the blue screen of death. Facing this error makes your teeth grind in anger because it forces you to restart your computer.

Even though your geeky friends know that this error is the device’s way of protecting your data from damage, encountering it is still a timewaster. Nobody wants to see this error except on a T-shirt.
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27. Fleece Hoodies
Hoodies are part of geeky or nerdy fashion. That is why you will never go wrong if you give them a fleece hoodie on any types of occasion. As you may notice, some of what you can say as geek idols like Mark Zuckerberg, Gandalf, and Jedi are into a hoodie fashion too.

That is why if you want to give your friends some addition to their wardrobe collection, choose a hoodie.
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28. Novelty Funny Art Crew Socks
Giving your geeky friends a pair of these Novelty Funny Art Crew Socks is a great way to enable them to express how they feel about themselves. It is an excellent gift for the intelligent people who are not afraid to show to the world of who they are by wearing it.

Whether your geeky friends are girls or guys, they can find the size that fits them well. Aside from self-expression, they will love it because of its design.
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29. Circuit Board Business Card
Because of the extreme competition nowadays for getting a job, everyone must have his or her gimmick to become noticeable to potential employers or connections. Even though you can assure that your geeky friends are incredibly knowledgeable on their field, sometimes the competition with a chatty kiss-ass individual will never be on their favor.

You can help the have an edge by making them standout thou the help of these Circuit Board Business Cards.
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30. Automatic Pan Stirrer With Timer
Geeks and nerds love owning appliances and devices that are practical and will save their time. That is why it is not surprising that they own stuff that is of the latest technology because of the convenience that it provides to its users.

Giving your friends an Automatic Pan Stirrer With Timer will provide them with delight because of its handiness. They do not have to stir a sauce for hours because they have this item that they can use.
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31. Floppy Disk Drink Coaster
You might say that it is rare to find people who use the floppy disk as a storage device nowadays. After all, the USB flash drives can contain more data than what it can offer not to mention that this storage device is highly portable. Even though it may seem outdated to use a floppy disk as a storage device, you can use its design as a gift to your computer geek friends.
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32. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug
You can say that geeks and nerds are hyper-focused individuals. The computer monitor absorbs their complete attention because of the various things that they can do with it. Because of their unbreakable focus in what they are doing, sometimes they tend to forget to sip their mug of coffee on their table until it becomes cold.

With the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug, they will never have to deal with cold coffee when they must work all day.
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33. Deal With It Sunglasses
If you are looking for an affordable gift to give to your geeky friend, you will never go wrong with this “Deal With It” Sunglasses. These glasses are like a replica of 8-bit pixels that you commonly see on computer screens. Aside from its striking geeky appearance, it lets your friends express their nerdy personality.

These sunglasses are entirely functional too. They can wear them when the sun is high and bright up in the sky.
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34. Circuit Board A5 Notebook
Sure, your geeky friends can use any notebooks to write their ideas or their programming drafts on their future software projects. Although there is nothing wrong in using simple notes, you do not want to make them feel that you do not give your gifts much thought. You want them to think that you appreciate them.

For this reason, giving them this Circuit Board A5 Notebook is a way to let them know that you like their geekiness.
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35. Create Your Own Reel Viewer
Your nerdy friends might spend much of their time staring at the monitor screen almost all the time, which is bad for their eyesight. It is quite challenging to take their eyes off the screen for a while, especially if their focus is entirely on what they are doing.

What you can do to encourage them to take a simple break for once in a while is to give them this reel viewer that you can customize.
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36. Camera Lens Coffee Mug
If your friends are computer geeks, they will appreciate photography too. After all, most of the modern photography devices nowadays make use of computer technology, that is why they are highly connected. That is why they will also appreciate it if you give them this Camera Lens Coffee Mug.

Your friends can use them in the same way as the other mugs, except only for its design that resembles the camera lens shape.
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37. Shark Ceramic Cup
Although your geek friends are not fans of sharks, they will still love to have this Shark Ceramic Cup. Even individuals with common interests will love the design of this fantastic mug. It is because nobody wants to see that his or her coffee is becoming empty as he or she finishes it.

This Shark Ceramic Cup offers a fun way to finish their coffee by seeing the cute little horror lurking at the bottom as they empty its content.
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38. The Official BS Button
There are times that your friends must deal with tons of people who give them migraines. Because they are highly knowledgeable with what they do, it is not easy to fool them. Despite the strong urge to say the “BS” word to those people who tell fake news or info, they can not tell it to them directly.

With the help of the Official BS Button, your friend can announce the "BS" word loudly without telling it themselves.
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39. “I Speak Binary” Glass
Although you can give just any glass to your geeky friends, you want them to feel that your gift came from your heart and appreciation of them. If you're going to provide a glass as a gift, give them the "I Speak Binary" Glass. Although you cannot understand the numbers inscribed on the glass, your heart tells what you feel about them.

That is why this glass is one of the best gifts for computer geeks and nerds.
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40. Game of Phones
Your computer geek friends do not have to be the fan of the TV series Game of Thrones to play this game. Anyone, even individuals with common interests will love playing this game.

The Game of Phones makes use of the smartphone to play the game. It is a game of cards where the participants make a scavenger hunt-like game by using their phones. All that they must do is follow what the cards demand.
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41. LED Name Tag
If your computer geek friends work in a company or business that require them to use a name tag, this item is the perfect gift to give them. While the others are using the traditional cardboard-and-pen way of using a name tag, this item is an unconventional one. Your friends will stand out among the crowd.

They can customize their name tag with design or name. This item makes use of 15 languages and almost five types of files.
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42. iRobot Roomba 890
If there is a life-saving gift that you can give to your geeky friends, it is the iRobot Roomba 890. It is because nobody wants the vacuuming or sweeping household chores even with people who have common interests.

With the iRobot Roomba 890, your friend will enjoy having a dust-free and clean room without wasting their time. They can just let the iRobot Roomba do all the sweeping and vacuuming while they are typing on their computer.
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43. Cat Laser Toy
Cats are great companions. However, there are times that they can annoy their owners because of the times that they will interfere with what their owners are doing to get their attention. If your friends have this problem, you can help solve it by giving this Cat Laser Toy.

This device will keep their furry friend occupied for long hours. Your friend can sit and program all they while their cats are busy chasing the laser beam.
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44. Computer Bracelet
Not all geeks have a funny taste in clothing. Some of them know how to present the geeky fashion attractively. If you know that some of your friends are nerdy fashionable, they will love to have this computer bracelet to complete their attire.

After all, the essence of fashion is to express your personality aside from just being looking good. You can even customize this bracelet to make it more special for your friends.
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45. F-Bomb Paperweight
Doing the jobs of the computer geeks may sometimes require some pressure. It is because programming involves problem-solving skills, not to mention the angry boss who nags about the deadline or performance.

If your friends are in the same situation, drop the f-bomb to them. Do not say the f word but place this f-bomb paperweight on their desk. Even though they feel much pressure in the workplace, it gives them the reason to smile.
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46. The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board
Having an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is another stereotype of most people on computer geeks and nerds. Although not all of them are suffering from this disorder, you can say that most of them are fond of organization and cleanliness. After all, sorting and organization are a part of their job.

Most of them will appreciate this Obsessive Chef Cutting Board in their kitchen. It ensures precise cuts of their food to satisfy the OCD within.
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47. The Geeky Chef Cookbook
Even though your friends are the type of geeks, who are not a fan of Star Trek and the like. The Geeky Chef Cookbook is still among the best gifts that you can give to your computer nerd friends. After all, even ordinary individuals are curious about how the lembas bread of Sam and Frodo taste.

Giving this cookbook is a great way to satisfy their curiosity that is natural to the brilliant minds that they have.
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48. Tactical Molle Apron
Although your geeky friends prefer to stay at home being at their computer all day than to bask under the sun while grilling barbecue, they will still love the Tactical Molle Apron. Even though the primary purpose of this apron's design is for outdoor use, your geeky friends who also love to cook will appreciate this apron.

This apron has a practical design which has a lot of compartments where your friend can store condiments, phone, and utensils.
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49. Olive Wood USB Flash Drive
You are probably aware that USB flash drive is the least of the lists of gifts that you would want to give to your computer geeky friends. You know that they might have tons of them since they are working on different programming projects. However, if it is the Olive Wood USB Flash Drive, then you can give one to your friends.

Unlike the ordinary flash drives, giving an Olive Wood USB Flash Drive has a touch of thoughtfulness.
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50. Kabob Grilling Baskets
Computer geeks and nerds love the things that are convenient and practical to use, which include these Kabob Grilling Baskets. These baskets make grilling easier by keeping every bit of their kebab in place. Your friends do not have to bother poking each of the bit to keep it in place.

These grilling baskets are easy to use. Your friend does not need a skewer for food preparation. It enables them to prepare dishes that suit their taste.
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51. One-Handed Pepper Grinder
Who does not like to own stuff that can make their life easier? This One-Handed Pepper Grinder makes the pepper sprinkling more convenient. This item is a dream come true for pepper lovers who love to multi-task just like most computer geeks and nerds.

This One-Handed Pepper Grinder makes multi-tasking possible for your nerdy friends. They can sprinkle pepper on their food on one hand while typing codes on the other one.
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52. Zippo Hand Warmer
Everyone who lives in cold areas needs a hand warmer that will help him, or her feel warm. A hand warmer is also essential to aid in preventing frostbites.

Your computer geek friends are among those people who need the Zippo Hand Warmer the most. They use their hands for programming. Typing codes with their phalanges freezing is complicated. For this reason, if your nerdy friends live in cold areas, a hand warmer is among the best gifts to give.
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53. Flying Alarm Clock
Flying Alarm Clocks are real. It is not just a figment of one's imagination. This item is also a dream come true for you if you have a computer geek friend who always shows up late in your appointments. The Flying Alarm Clock will wake up your friend in a unique way.

This alarm clock is loud. Your friend needs to catch the propeller and put it back to its place to turn off the alarm.
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54. Programmer Nutrition Facts Mug
Are your nerdy friends love drinking tea or coffee? Know their pet peeves and interests will give you an idea of the best gifts for computer geeks and nerds. If they like to drink coffee and tea, giving them this simple mug will already express your thoughtfulness. The gesture of giving this mug is a simple way of saying you appreciate them without saying the words.

Moreover, your friends will always remember you when they drink through this mug.
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55. Big Personality Desk Signs
If your computer nerd friends are CEO or COO of a company, why not consider giving them these Big Personality Desk Signs. They are especially advisable if your friends have a reputation for being extremely serious and bossy. Giving them these signs will help them show their authority and will let everyone know that your friends are aware of what the underlings think of them.

Additionally, these desk signs give light to their role.
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56. Runaway Alarm Clock
Most people who must wake up early in the morning to do their day’s task tend to hit the snooze button when their alarm goes off. As a result, they end up oversleeping. They run late for their work or school which affect their performance.

Your geeky friends are no exemption. They are among those people who tend to hit the alarm clock’s snooze button. To help them maintain their excellent performance, give them this Runaway Alarm Clock.
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57. Bastex Multitool Knife
Your geeky friends will love the Bastex Multitool Knife. It is a handy tool that has everything that they need for fixtures and the like. It has 14 minor tools that they can use for any tasks that they want to do. With this knife, they can open bottles, fix guitar’s strings, and prune plants.

Your intelligent friends can challenge their creativity using this multitool knife in any unconventional task by taking this tool along with them for instant repair.
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58. HONB Money Clip Credit Card Holder source
Never underestimate the power of the money clip. Your nerdy friends can make use of their money clip for holding their credit cards and bills in place. It works wonders for keeping their tabs and money cards organized, which is every computer geeks preference.

To make it geekier and more impressive, give them this HONB Money Clip Credit Card Holder. It only does not hold a large number of bills and cards. Its shape is like Batman's, which is nerdy.
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59. Circuit Board and Clear Acrylic Coaster
If you are looking for a perfect gift for computer nerds and geeks, make sure to add these Circuit Board and Clear Acrylic Coaster as a gift. It is an ideal present for them because the coater makes use of real circuit boards. Your geeky friends will love to have one, especially if they are environment advocates too.

These coasters look elegant. They will not feel shy to use them as they drink coffee with their house guests.
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60. Typewriter Key Necklace
If your nerdy friends are into fashion and proud of their remarkable personality, you will never go wrong for giving them this Typewriter Key Necklace. This sterling silver necklace will make your friends feel nostalgic from that time when the keyboard used was a typewriter.

This necklace is also elegant to look at, which can make almost any outfit. Moreover, your friends will always remember you just by seeing this necklace. You can customize it the letter too.
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61. Xiaomi Mi Box
Even though your geeky friends would love to do programming almost all day, of course, they must take a break from it from time to time. Rarely, there are times when they must watch television, stream Netflix, and do the other media stuff.

When they have this Xiaomi Box at home, media streaming will be smoother for them. This device makes use of voice controls and Android TV.
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62. Arlo Ultra Security Add-on-Camera
Computer geeks and nerds know their device. Because of the intense passion for the things that they do, they are willing to invest tons of money for the right equipment to increase their productivity.

You can say that their devices are more than just luxury for them. Their gadgets are necessities for them. That is why they need to install this Arlo Ultra Security Add-on-Camera to make sure that no one will rob their equipment from their home.
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63. Awair Glow
Although you might think that your nerdy friends are safe from the pollution of the outside world, it does not mean that the air that they breathe indoors is entirely secure. The air circulating indoors can significantly affect the health of your friends. That is why they need something smart enough to track the air chemicals inside their home.

With the Awair Glow, your friends can control the humidity and quality of air inside a room.
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64. “Fix Your Code” Mug
Being a nerd or geek has its perks and downsides. Some of the perks include that your geeky friends can impress their boss with their abilities. For this reason, their bosses can highly rely on them for challenging coding problems and the like.

One of the downsides of it is that some of their co-workers might depend a lot on them. Giving this mug is the first step to help them speak for themselves.
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65. Brainstrings
Even though your nerdy friends would love to work at their computer all day, it does not mean that they must do it. By doing so will make them at risk of several health problems which include developing irreversible eye problems.

For this reason, give them this Brainstrings puzzle. It will develop their spatial reasoning without requiring them to stare at their monitor screen. It will also give their eyes some break from time to time.
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66. Amazon Echo Dot
With the Amazon Echo Dot, your friends are now capable of doing a lot of things in their home. They can control this device only with their voice. What is impressive about this gadget is that it can even hear the sound of your friends also if they are at the far corners of the room.

With this device, your friends can now listen to their favorite music, play with microphones, send messages, control home devices, and the like.
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67. Nest Learning Thermostat
Computer geeks and nerds are among the techiest people in the world. They know their device well, and they do not settle for less. That is why the Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the best gifts for them because it can make their home smart, which is the in nowadays.

When they have the Nest Learning Thermostat in their home, they can control the devices in their home with just their voice.
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68. Ice Orb Floating Speaker
You can count the Ice Orb Floating Speaker as one of the best gifts for computer geeks and nerds. This device is highly technological and unique because of its Bluetooth levitating feature, which is presentable and fantastic.

The levitating speaker spins around when they increase its volume, which looks stunning. It has a built-in NFC feature that is compatible with any devices that have the NFC function too. It has a guide cone for sound enhancement.
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69. Geek Pillow
If you are looking for safe but awesome gifts for computer geeks and nerds, why not consider adding the Geek Pillow on your lists. It is because it is a versatile gift that they can display and use in their couch or working chair.

Its minimalistic and circuit board-like design expresses their personality. It is also presentable to showcase when your friends have a guest at home. They can even use it when they take a nap too.
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70. Long-Distance Friendship Lamp
If you have a computer geek friend who is close to your heart but will eventually leave for a distant place, give this Long-Distance Friendship Lamp as a gift. Of course, you must keep one for yourself too.

It works through WiFi. With just a touch of your hand to your lamp will light up the one owned by your friend. In this simple gesture, you remind him or her that he or she is always in your thoughts.
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71. FreezerBoy Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets
The FreezerBoy Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets are another perfect and smart addition for a computer geek's home. As you may know, geeks and nerds love everything practical.

These refrigerator magnets are an example of practicality. Instead of placing one’s note on a piece of paper and stick it on the refrigerator, your friend can write directly on this magnet’s whiteboard.

You will never go wrong if you give the FreezerBoy Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets as a gift.
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72. Star Trek Motion Sensitive Electric Door
Even though your geeky friends are not a fan of Star Trek, they will still love to have this device installed on their doors. It is because of its functionality that lets your friends be aware of the intruders of their man cave.

As you may know, most geeks and nerds prefer solitude. They do not want people disturbing them in what they are doing. That is why giving them a motion-sensitive electric door chime is a good idea.
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73. Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch Series 4
If you are looking for a small but thoughtful gift to give to your geeky friends, you might want to consider the Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch Series 4. Even though its primary purpose is just to become a stand for an Apple watch, it is functional enough to provide a safe place for their device.

The inspiration for the item's design is the vintage Apple monitor that is why it is a perfect gift for your geek friends.
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74. Programmer Mug
Do your computer geek friends love coffee? If the answer is yes, then you will never go wrong if you consider this programmer mug as a gift for them.

This mugs design is a programming code. If you do not have any knowledge of programming, you might not be able to understand the direct meaning of this design. The beauty of this mug lies on the smile that you will give on their face because they know what it means.
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75. Toggle Switch Plate
The Toggle Switch Plate provides an unconventional way to turn on or off the lights. Although toggling the switch can be a more strenuous task than just by pushing the on or off switch button, geeks and nerds love this kind of design. It is because it is unique and worth flaunting.

Your friends can install it easily in their room. All that they must do is attach the device on an existing switch plate with screws.
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76. Geek Love
The geek terminology nowadays can either be a compliment or an insult depending on how people would say it or how they interpret it. As time passes, this word is becoming more of praise than an insult because it describes a person who is an expert on their field. Geeky people even own it as a title.

However, this terminology had a different meaning during the old times. Your friends deserve to know what geek means then.
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77. Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture
If you are considering giving a book as a gift, why not consider the “Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture.” You can say that in this century, geeks and nerds know some things that average people do not.

Even though your friends might already know some of the passages in the book, they will still thank you for it. They will learn much more about themselves and the other life lessons from the different geek types too.
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78. Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence
Being called a computer geek or nerd should sound like a compliment. However, some people are trying to use it as an insult to describe the social awkwardness and eccentricity of a person. Even though they are smart individuals, they are also the perfect target for bullying.

That is why giving your beloved computer geeks this book might change their life. It will provide them with information and advice on how to deal with their situation.
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79. Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek
Are your favorite geek friends suffering from verbal attacks and bullying from what the pop culture deemed as famous? If your favorite computer geek people are among them, they can use some help from this book.

This book is a life guide for them. It gives a true meaning of what real popularity is. This item offers real-life advice that they can use to survive middle school without breaking their spirit. They will learn how labels do not matter.
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80. #Nerd
This book may not be an informational book that most geeks and nerds can appreciate. Even though this book is not their standard cup of tea, unless they are a book nerd, they can relate to the story of this book, especially if they are in love.

The “#Nerd” is a romance that tells the story of two people with a different personality. It delves not only to the conflict of interest but also with their peers.
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81. Kano Computer Kit
Do you notice that your kid has a potential? Do you think he or she will grow up to be a computer geek or nerd? If you believe that your child's interest lies in everything about computer, why not hone his or her skills?

You can do it by giving your child this Kano Computer Kit that offers a great head-start on programming and game development. Your child will enjoy every second that he or she plays this toy.
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82. Piper Computer Kit
Do you often see that your child spending most of his or her time playing computer games? Even though it is unhealthy, you can see on the positive side that he or she has an interest in dealing with computers. Someday, if he or she has the right skill, your child might become a computer geek eventually.

You can start developing this interest by giving him or her the Piper Computer Kit inspired by Minecraft.
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83. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox
You can hone the skills of your little computer geek by giving him or her this LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox. All that you must do is download the programming and building instructions using the LEGO BOOST application. It will stretch your child’s imagination because of the more than 840 pieces of LEGO that your child can use.

Along with inside the box is the distance and color sensor, interactive motor, and LEGO Move Hub.
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84. Sky Viper 01601 HD Streaming Video Drone Toy
Computer geeks and nerds love technology. That is why you will never go wrong if you give them this Sky Viper 01601 HD Streaming Video Drone Toy. This toy will provide them with the bird's eye view of everything that they want to see.

They can record and stream an HD video that has up to 720P resolution. The stunts that it can do include the Barrel Rolls, Spins, Spirals, Flips, and more.
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85. LIFX WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb
You will never go wrong for giving LIFX WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb to your geek friends. It is bright and user-friendly. Breaking a sweat is not a requirement for the installation of this bulb. This device works with Alexa and IFTTT.

Your friends can change the color of the light, make it dim, turn it on or off which just the power of their device. They can choose from 16 million colors ranging from cool to warm.
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86. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate
Sitting and staring at the computer monitor almost all day is bad for one’s health. By doing so increases the risk of one’s person for acquiring health issues that can be fatal or debilitating. Even though you fully support your favorite computer geeks on their passion, you do not want them to ignore their health.

You can encourage them to move around for from time to time by giving them this Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate.
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87. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset
The Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality headset is the ideal gift for computer geeks who do not want to settle for less. It is because they are among the most knowledgeable when it comes to computer and technology. That is why you can take their screen viewing to the next level if you give this device to them as a gift.

This device offers a realistic experience because of the broad view with reduced glare and spatial audio.
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88. HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset
Most computer geeks love gaming too because of the strong relationship between them. That is why you will never go wrong for giving them this HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset. This device promises to offer a realistic experience because of its partnership with Valve.

With this device, your friends can surf hundreds of games. The device claims that it has adjustment features for eye relief so that the users can feel at ease using this virtual reality headset.
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89. Nuraphone Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Give your nerd friends a kind of computer accessory that they will love. The Nuraphone Wireless Bluetooth Headphones should be among the lists because of the different features it offers.

The Nuraphone Wireless Bluetooth Headphones claims to be the first kind of headset that adapts to the hearing of the user. It has features like the social mode, charging signal, active noise cancelation, touch functionality, battery-level indication, and more. This device promises to give clear and crisp kind of music.
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90. Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum
Being a computer geek is not complete without a reliable headset. Among the choices for a great headset are the ones designed for gamers. It is because computer gaming requires fast and advanced technology. That is why you will never go wrong for giving your friends computer accessories dedicated to gaming.

This device has a 7.1 Dolby surround sound that comes along with it to enable your headset to work with many platforms.
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91. Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control
You will give your computer nerd friends much delight by giving them this Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control. You can indeed provide any kinds of a remote control to your friends. However, this device is preferable to add some geekiness touch in it to compliment your friends' personality.

With this device, they can control almost anything inside their home. This remote is smart enough to learn up to 13 codes of remote control.
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92. Idea Frames Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes
Have you ever invited your computer geek friends to a dance party? If you based on the stereotypes, most of them will say no. If they say yes, it is gold for you because it is not a common reaction for most people like them.

If they agree to go to a dance party with you, make it more special by giving them this Idea Frames Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes.
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93. Razer Phone 2
If you want to give your computer nerd friends a high-end phone that is out of what is typically available in the market, why not consider giving them this Razer Phone 2? This phone's design is mainly for gaming. Aside from that, it has the basic functionality of a phone that can receive and send calls and messages.

This phone charges lightning fast and has a high-end display. Aside from gaming, it is ideal for watching videos too.
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94. Corsair Dark Core Wireless Gaming Mouse
If you want to give your computer geek friends a present for their birthday, one of the best options are the accessories for their device. However, do not just give them almost anything that you can pick from the supermarket. Keep in mind that they are experts and know their machines well.

One of the best gifts to give them is the Corsair Dark Core Wireless Gaming Mouse. This mouse has a native DPI of 16,000 which provides better performance.
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95. Academy da Vinci Clock
Geeks and nerds are a fan of unconventional stuff. Of course, even though they love to own unique things, they want it to be practical too. For this reason, the Academy da Vinci Clock should be among your choices when you are looking for a gift to give to your beloved geeks and nerds.

The inspiration for this clock is the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Owning this clock will give them pride when someone visits their home.
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96. Bubble Wrap Calendar
Your computer nerd friends might not need a physical calendar to know what date it is. They can look at their device, and they can already tell today's date and time too. The reason why the Bubble Wrap Calendar is in these lists is the joy that it can give to the user.

If your friends have one in their home, they will feel eager to know the date each day because of the satisfying “pop” of the bubble wrap.
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97. Viotek GN32DR Pro Gaming Monitor
If you are willing to spend tons of money on your computer geek friends, why not put the Viotek GN32DR Pro Gaming Monitor on the lists. This monitor is vibrant and incredible because of its high-end technology and curved design. This monitor is a 32-inch high-resolution monitor that every gamer and geeks would love.

It will take your friends' gaming and video streaming to the next level. Moreover, it provides them a better view of their coding.
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98. NETGEAR AC5300 Nighthawk WiFi Router
The NETGEAR AC5300 Nighthawk WiFi Router is among the best gifts for computer geeks and nerds. It is because you know that the Internet is a valuable resource for these people. It enables them to test their software, find the information they need, and communicate with their peers.

Giving them this device is like a lifesaver for them. It prevents lagging because it can deliver a speed that can go 5.3 Gbps. They can also play games and stream without any problem.
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99. Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console
With the Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console, your friends can save the game where they left off using the Suspend Point. All that your friends must do is push the Reset control in the middle of the game. It will return to the main menu to let them save their progress.

This device has around 30 games, which include TECMO BOWL, Pac-Man, Dr. Mario, and more. They can also choose among the different display modes.
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100. Nintendo Switch
Even though it has been two years since the release of the Nintendo Switch, it is still a hit until today. It is not surprising because of the features it offers that provide an enjoyable gaming experience. Nowadays, there are tons of games to play, which includes the famous "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild."
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