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97 Best Unique Gift Ideas for Your Goddaughter 2020


If you’ve been selected as a godparent for your newborn goddaughter, you may want to give them a gift commemorating the occasion. But this can be surprisingly difficult: not only do you want something that stands the test of time so that they can appreciate it when they’re older, but the perfect gift for a goddaughter is also something that they’ll be able to enjoy right from the start.

The best way to do this is to pick a present that is as meaningful as it is practical. While the traditional standbys of jewelry are always a great choice, we’ve put together a list that also includes personalized mementos and many other ideas that your goddaughter is sure to cherish for the rest of her life.

1. “My Baptism Book”
It is excellent for children to learn God's role in their life while they are young. Knowing about the Supreme Being while they are young will teach them to trust and love the One who created the entire universe.

As a godparent, what you can do to start teaching the child about the simple Christian beliefs and power of prayer is to read her this book. “My Baptism Book” is an excellent addition for her bedtime stories.
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2. Blessed Christening Outfit
Children are blessings because God gave them to their family. Even Jesus has a soft spot for children. As stated in Matthew 19:13-14, some children were brought to Jesus to ask for his blessing. However, the disciples tried to drive them away.

Jesus defended the children by letting them come near him. He said that heaven's kingdom also belongs to them.

For this reason, it is right for a christening event to wear what Jesus deemed for them #Blessed.
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3. Christening Baby Blanket
Everybody loves the touch of a soft blanket. How much more for a baby's touch? This Christening Baby Blanket is an excellent addition for the baby’s wardrobe and paraphernalia preparation for her baptism.

Aside from its texture, it also has a dove, Bible, and cross embroidery. You can personalize it by adding the baby’s name. If you want, you can also pay an additional fee so that the artist can add the date of your goddaughter’s christening.
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4. Customized Christening Certificate Holder
The Customized Christening Certificate Holder is one of the best gifts for a goddaughter and godson for apparent reason.

The parents are probably thrilled of their daughter’s incoming baptism. For this reason, they might be busy worrying about what clothes will their child’s wear on a particular day. They might also spend their time talking with the priest and finding a venue.

That is why finding a certificate holder can be the last thing that will come into their mind.
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5. Taco Booties
Although you cannot ask the parents to let their daughter wear these taco booties on her christening, it does not mean that you cannot give a pair to them. Commonly, baptized children are newborns or only months old.

Even though the parents might already have tons of baby booties at home for the baby given by other godparents and family friends, they might not have the taco-designed piece. These taco booties look cute on a baby.
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6. Goddaughter Print Quote Sign
The godparents serve as the secondary advisers next to the goddaughter’s parents. To remind the child of your significant role in her life, you can express it by giving this quote sign to her. This print quote sign has beautiful typography and minimalistic design that are enough to convey your feelings.

It is beautiful enough to complete your goddaughter’s room. This gift is also a good reminder for the child that you are always there for her.
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7. Chalkboard Style Print
Being chosen as a godparent is a privilege. It means that the parents trust you a lot to entrust to you the obligation of being a secondary parent. That is why instead of saying no if the parents chose you for this role, give this Chalkboard Style Print instead.

This style print expresses your vows how you are going to be as their daughter’s godparent. Through this sign, you assure that the parents made a wise decision for choosing you.
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8. “You Are a Child of God” Porcelain Cross
If you are looking for a gift that your goddaughter will thank you for once she grows up, the “You Are a Child of God” Porcelain Cross is one of the best to give. It is because of its design. This gift is ideally for christening because of the baptized baby porcelain doll sitting and the cross with the label, “You are a child of God.”

Once your goddaughter grows old enough, she will realize your love by seeing it.
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9. “You’re the Best Goddaughter” Mug
“You’re the Best Goddaughter” Mug is the gift that you want to give if want a simple but thoughtful one. Even though a mug is a common choice as a present, you cannot deny that it is among the best. It is because it allows you to express your thoughts through the mug's design.

If you give this mug as a gift to your goddaughter, she will always remember you whenever she fills it with her favorite drink.
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10. Fortune Cookie Booties
As a good godparent, you want to wish all the best for your goddaughter. If you have good intentions and you want to express it, give these Fortune Cookie Booties to the baby. It shows your intent and your wish for the child's fortune and future.

Moreover, these shoes will look right for your goddaughter. Two different messages come along with the boots, and you do not know which you will receive.
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11. Baptism Mini Rosary
What will be the best accessory to give to a baby girl on her christening than a beautiful rosary? Aside from the cross, this rosary has an angel dangling along with it. It has wings with a heart.

The beads are ivory in color, and they have a rosebud shape.

You can give this accessory for your goddaughter to wear, or you can give the 26 pieces to the parents as your contribution to serve as the christening keepsake.
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12. Cross-Pendant Necklace
Even though there are different sect and congregations of Christianity, you cannot deny that the cross is its universal symbol. Although there are Christians that do not believe in this symbol, most people understand what it means.

The cross is not only a Christian symbol, but it is also a message of love when Jesus died on a cross.

To symbolize God’s blessings, give this Cross-Pendant Necklace as a gift. It is a perfect accessory on your goddaughter’s christening.
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13. Sculpted Guardian Angel
If you are looking for gifts for your goddaughter, you might want to put this Sculpted Guardian Angel on your lists. It is an excellent remembrance that a family can have from you on your goddaughter's baptism day.

Additionally, when your goddaughter grows old enough to be aware of what is going on around her, she will know that you were present on her christening by seeing it.

This figurine is an excellent portrayal of you being your goddaughter' angel.
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14. Goddaughter Teddy Bear
The Goddaughter Teddy Bear is a great gift to give if you are looking for a present that your goddaughter will treasure for a long time. It is a cuddly and cute way to express your thoughts and feelings for her.

You can add your personalization by adding the christening date, name of the baby, your name, and your message. Your goddaughter will feel loved once she finally learns to read your message for her.
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15. Burrito Baby
Almost everyone loves burrito. If you are a godparent to a baby whose family loves eating a burrito, they will like to receive this Burrito Baby gift from you. Imagine their reaction when they see their favorite meal wrapped around their cute little one.

Even though the fabric looks like a tortilla, the material is soft cotton. The baby will feel warm and cuddled without irritating her skin.

This gift will make your goddaughter look good enough to eat.
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16. Baby Swaddle Blanket
A blanket is crucial baby paraphernalia. It will keep her feel warm and safe, thus making her feel relaxed. It helps in making her feel comfortable while she is sleeping. That is why a blanket is among the best gifts for your goddaughter.

To make it more thoughtful, choose the Baby Swaddle Blanket with your small prayer for her printed on it. It contains your wish for God to bless her and to keep her safe.
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17. Louie the Lamb Prayer Buddy
Stuffed animals are among the ideal but thoughtful gifts for a goddaughter. It is because stuffed toys are among the children’s favorite to play.

By giving her the Louie the Lamb Prayer Buddy, you are not only spoiling her with a stuffed animal toy, but you are also teaching her how to pray. It is essential for the child as young as her to learn how praying can save her and change her life.
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18. Praying Musical Lamb
Praying is the only human's way to communicate with the Higher Being. No smartphone or telephone can connect to God to tell Him your wishes, gratitude, and praises. That is why it is vital for your godchild to learn how to pray while she is still young.

To start with, you can give her this Praying Musical Lamb that comes along with a “God Bless Baby” board book. This toy will teach her to pray before sleep.
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19. Christening Printable Sign
Even though you goddaughter is still young and innocent to face the hurdles of life, she will grow up and will face the unpleasant inevitabilities of this world.

Even though the adults want only the best for their young, life can be harsh to them from time to time. That is why if you are looking for a gift that will inspire her to fight in this cruel world, the Christening Printable Sign is the best choice to give.
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20. “Goodnight Little Me” Personalized Book
Your goddaughter will love to receive this "Goodnight Little Me" Personalized Book on any occasion. As a young princess, she would love to hear her name as a part of a story. It will make stretch her imagination and imbibe the feel of the story.

This personalized book will make your goddaughter the heroine of the story from cover to the last. All that you must do is send the seller the name of your goddaughter.
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21. Musical Baby Lena Lamb “Jesus Loves Me”
It is essential to introduce Jesus to a child while they are young. It is imperative that they know who saved them from the hot fires of hell and get a place in heaven.

If your godchild knows who Jesus is, she will see that she has a friend who is always there for her even when she seems to be alone. To help her know more about Jesus, give her this Musical Baby Lena Lamb.
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22. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Bear Plush
Prayer is powerful. It connects you to God no matter where you are. It works wonders because it helps you ask for God's help when you are in trouble. It enables you to feel safe and happy when you are alone and sad.

That is why teaching a child how to pray is among the skills that a parent must teach to her child. As a godparent, you can contribute by giving this bear plush.
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23. Baby Talk Noah’s Ark Carrier Playset
This playset is among the best gifts for a goddaughter. The inspiration for this toy is Noah's ark. This toy includes a carrier which resembles an ark.

Sitting in the carrier are soft animal plush toys which are the giraffe, lion, zebra, an elephant. All of them are cute to see. It can complete the aesthetics of a child’s room.

Moreover, these animals can make sounds which make this toy more fun.
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24. First Communion Picture Frame
As a godparent, you should also be a part of your goddaughter’s First Holy Communion. In addition to being present in the event, why not give her a simple keepsake with this customized picture frame.

This gift will always remind your godchild on this event. She will also remember you because of your thoughtful wish for through your message.

Personalize this picture frame by selecting the size and orientation and adding a message.
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25. Sock Monkey Blanket
This blanket is from recycled cotton and acrylic. That is why it is soft and warm to touch. Even though it is not a toy that most children will love, this Sock Monkey Blanket will make your goddaughter feel warm and safe.

She can snuggle into it when she is alone and cold at night.

This Sock Monkey Blanket is environment-friendly because most of its material is from fabric scraps, thus minimizing the waste.
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26. “Baby’s First Bible”
As a Christian and you want your godchild to grow to be God-fearing and religious, you need to help the parents teach some excellent values and Christianity to her. You can help by giving this "Baby's First Bible."

This set tells the story of four Bible characters. All these stories are the fundamental things that the child must know to understand why you believe in God, why you need God, and what to do to please Him.
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27. “Lift the Flap Bible”
Letting a child learn more about God and why believing in Him is essential, you can help her parents teach her by giving this "Life the Flap Bible" book to her. This book has 14 stories to tell. She will not grow bored reading this book because of the colorful illustrations.

Learning about the different stories of the Bible will help her learn more about God. She will also know how powerful He is.
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28. “God Gave Us You” Book
This book is not just an excellent gift for your goddaughter but also her parents. This book enables the parents to express their love for their daughter. They can imply how they wanted her and how God gave her to them.

This book provides an opportunity for the parents and children to bond. It will make a great bedtime story. It will enhance the child’s self-esteem because she knows that she is a gift from God.
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29. Silver Photo Album
The Silver Photo Album is an ideal place to preserve the precious memories of the child's firsts. That is why you can say that this is among the best gifts for your goddaughter. Along with the picture frame, you can include your goddaughter’s christening, communion, or birthday pictures.

This photo album is durable and will last for a long time. Your goddaughter will feel delighted if she sees herself as a baby through the photo you saved for her.
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30. Personalized ABC Book
As a godparent, you have the responsibility to give advice and education to your godchild next to her parents. You can help her parents teach her the basics of life and literacy by providing this Personalized ABC Book as a gift.

This book is fantastic because you can customize it with her name. You can also choose the color based on what she loves. You may also add a dedication message for her.
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31. “I Prayed for You” Board Book
Giving this book to your goddaughter can be the best gift that she and her parents will receive from you. With it, you are providing them an opportunity to bond when the parents use it to give their daughter a good bedtime story.

This book can make a good bedtime story because it tells the story of the Mama Bear and Her Baby Bear. It implies how Mama Bear prayed even before her baby came to the world.
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32. “Good Night Ark” Board Book
If you are looking for a way to teach your goddaughter about God and how to please Him, giver her this “Good Night Ark” Board Book. The story of Noah can be a great source of inspiration for kids. It is because Noah chose to follow God’s command even though the whole town’s people were laughing and criticizing him.

You can introduce Noah’s story in a fun way through this board book.
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33. “Jesus Loves Me” Board Book
It is crucial for the kids to learn that Jesus loves them. It is good news that changes that future of humanity when Jesus sacrificed his life. To make your godchild learn about the love of Jesus, you can give this “Jesus Loves Me” Board Book as a gift.

It teaches the truths of the Bible without boring your godchild because of the colorful designs and illustrations. Moreover, it has tunes that your goddaughter can sing along.
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34. Customized Oak Photo Frame
When you receive a gift like the Customized Oak Photo Frame from a loved one, you know an incredible emotion it gives every time you see the photo in it, along with the thoughtful message. That is why the Customized Oak Photo Frame can be one of the best gifts for goddaughter.

Along with the picture frame engraved with your message, you can attach a photo of you holding her while you were on the christening ceremony.
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35. Super Magnetic Putty
Sometimes, the parents of your goddaughter cannot give everything she likes because they do not want to spoil her. You, like a godparent, your other obligation is to be the lenient one.

After all, there is nothing wrong spoiling her from time to time, especially during special occasions or when she deserves it. You can treat her with something fantastic with this Super Magnetic Putty.

This toy is not just for her entertainment but also for education about magnetism.
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36. “Baby’s First Book of Prayers”
The “Baby’s First Book of Prayers” is among the best gifts for your goddaughter. This book has an attractive design on each page that grabs the attention of children. It is a must-have book if you are looking for ways to introduce God's words to your godchild.

Having this gift, you can teach the child how to pray and be thankful for everything she has every day. It also provides the opportunity for the parents and daughter to bond.
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37. “Baby’s First Bible Stories” Book
There is nothing more valuable than to impart your faith to your godchild. The Bible stories revealed in this book teach the little one about life's lessons. Moreover, each ending of the story is prayer.

This book will never bore the child because of the colorful and attractive design. With this book, the parents can snuggle up with their child while reading this book together.

The “Baby’s First Bible Stories” consists of 12 stories with prayer in each end.
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38. “When I Pray for You” Book
If you are looking for a book as a gift to your godchild, you can put the “When I Pray for You” Book in your lists. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for a present that will strengthen the bond between the parents and their child.

This book provides a good bonding and emotional experience with the family because it lets the parents express their thoughts, wishes, love, and longing for their children.
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39. Customized Rag Doll
You will never find a girl without a rag doll as a toy. That is why this Customized Rag Doll can make one of the perfect gifts for your goddaughter. A rag doll is every little girl's precious treasure because she can do almost everything with it.

She can snuggle to it as her buddy when she must sleep alone. She can also play tea party with it. Once she grows up and sees this toy, she will remember you.
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40. Plush Organs
Are your goddaughter’s parents doctors? If they are, there is a high chance that they would train and hone their child to become one someday. That is why the Plush Organs are the perfect gift to give her in almost every occasion.

It does not only provide excellent entertainment for the child. It also provides a way for the parents to bond and to teach their daughter about the basics of anatomy.
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41. Personalized First Communion Book
If your goddaughter sees this book when she grows up, she will thank you for it. It is a customizable book where you can include the child’s name and gender. You can also send her a message through a dedication page.

This book is a celebration of God’s love, protection, and blessings to your godchild. As she grows up, the Personalized First Communion Book will always remind her that God is there with her no matter what.
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42. “God Bless You and Good Night” Book
Reading a bedside story is one of the most crucial moment for a child. It will remind your goddaughter of her parents' love for her. Moreover, it plays a vital role in a child's development.

That is why the “God Bless You and Good Night” Book is one of the best gifts you can give your goddaughter. Aside from a good bedtime story, it also provides the perfect way to strengthen the child’s faith in God.
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43. “The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories” Book
Fairy tales and nursery rhymes stretch the children’s imagination. These stories and poems amaze them and teach them good manners and life’s lessons. Although there is nothing wrong reading your godchild with fairy tales, you can give her something better by reading “The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories” Book instead.

This book is not a story of a fairy tale. Its basis is real-life happenings in the past that tells the story of Gods people and their relationship with God.
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44. “My Little Book of Blessings”
Most of the time, adults tend to feel frustrated with what is happening in their life. They forget the blessings that they have and focus on what they do not have.

That is why it is essential to teach a kid how to be grateful for what she has by giving this "My Little Book of Blessings.” This book contains the collection of small daily blessings that a child can be thankful for every day.
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45. Little Patient
Do you want to give your goddaughter a toy on a special occasion but want it to be educational too? You can put this Little Patient as one of your selections.

This little patient’s name is Erwin. There are small plushies inside Erwin's tummy, which include his kidneys, liver, spleen, intestines, lungs, and heart. It is a perfect toy for a child who wants to play doctor. It will educate her too in basic human anatomy.
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46. “When God Made You” Book
When children finally start to learn how to walk and to be aware of the things around them, that is the beginning of their journey in life. No matter who they are going to be in the future, one thing is for sure: God has plans for them.

That is why it is vital that they know that someone is tagging along with them as they walk their journey on Earth through the help of this book.
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47. “Thank You God for Daddy” Book
Children must learn to give thanks for all the blessings that they receive every day. Among these blessings include having caring parents. The "Thank You God for Daddy" Book teaches the kids the prayer of thanks for giving their daddy to them.

It helps to make your goddaughter realize how lucky she is to have a father who carries, hugs, and plays with her. It also teaches your godchild how to say a prayer of gratitude to God.
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48. “I Love You to the Moon and Back” Book
The “I Love You to the Moon and Back” may tell a simple story of a bear and its cub as they trudge their way throughout the day. It tells the story of the two as they start their day and end it. Even though it is just a simple story, she will see the love and bonding between them.

This book will help make your goddaughter realize the similarity of the bear and cub relationship to her and mom.
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49. Wooden Savings Bank
Life is tough in this world, and money is always a problem. That is why it is essential to teach a child about financial literacy and management while she is young. Learning how to use her money while she is still a little girl is a handy skill to learn. She will benefit from it when she grows up.

You can help her parents teach your godchild about finances by giving this Wooden Savings Bank as a gift.
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50. Playful Sports Mugs
Babies might not be challenging to feed while they still do not know how to hold a spoon. However, as they grow up to become a toddler, they become pickier and more unfocused on their meal. This behavior gives their parents a headache.

To help your goddaughter get the nutrition she needs and to help her parents too, why not make her mealtime more fun by giving this Play Sports Mug as a gift.
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51. “Ten Little Stars” Board Book
If you are looking for a fun and educational book to give to your goddaughter, consider this “Ten Little Stars” Board Book as a part of your lists.

It is a simple book of rhymes, which can be a perfect part of her bedtime stories. Also, it teaches her simple counting. It also shows her some important routines that kids must know how to do.

This book will never bore your goddaughter because of the colorful and bright illustrations.
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52. Inside Noah’s Ark
You can consider Noah to be one of the essential characters in the Bible. He is a perfect example of God's obedient servant who saved some animals from certain death. Noah set an excellent model for Christians because he chose to appear lunatic to his people to follow what God commanded him to do.

That is why you should not miss telling your goddaughter about his story. You can do it while playing this board book with her.
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53. Little People Noah’s Ark
Every Christian can learn values and spiritual lessons from the story of Noah. Noah tried to save as many people as he could when God ordered him to create an ark. However, his townspeople only laughed and thought of him as a lunatic.

In the end, the ark only saved Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives. This Little People Noah’s Ark helps in teaching the story of Noah and why obeying God should be a priority.
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54. Butterfly Wall Clock
If you are looking for a gift for your goddaughter that is safe to give in any occasion, you will never go wrong with this Butterfly Wall Clock. This clock is girly and beautiful enough to complete the aesthetics of a girl’s room.

Moreover, you can personalize this clock by adding your goddaughter’s name and selecting the best color which you can base on what she loves. This clock provides an opportunity for education on how to read it.
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55. Mr. Food Face Plate
It is difficult and time-consuming to feed a toddler. They prioritize other things like playing than eating their meals. For this reason, their health and nutrition are at risk.

That is why the parents always try being patient with their kids when they feed them. However, it is time-consuming and irritating.

To help the parents feed your godchild quickly, you can give this Mr. Food Face Plate as a gift for your goddaughter to make mealtimes more fun.
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56. Wooden Celtic Trinket
Even though children prefer to receive toys more than useful stuff, you can still give this Wooden Celtic Trinket as a gift on any occasion. Although this trinket is not mainly a toy, it is versatile enough to let her use it in several ways.

She can use it as a container of some of her stuff while role-playing. She can use it to contain her jewelry and small toys. She can also use it for her hairclips.
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57. Baby Handprint and Footprint Keepsake
There is nothing more thoughtful than a child to see a keepsake from her newborn days. One of them is to see her footprint or handprint while she was still innocent and unaware of what was going on around her. Your goddaughter will thank you for giving her parents this amazing gift while she was a baby.

The Baby Handprint and Footprint Keepsake will not just make a perfect gift for your goddaughter but her parents too.
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58. Knot a Quilt Kit
You can give this Knot a Quilt Kit to your goddaughter’s mother, goddaughter, or you can use it to create a quilt to give to your godchild. However, it is advisable to provide the box to her instead of doing the quilt yourself. It will teach her that she needs diligence and patience to get what she wants.

This Knot a Quilt Kit does not need sewing or cutting just knotting, which makes it a perfect for a child.
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59. Children’s Rocking Chair
Who says that only grannies can sit in a rocking chair? Children want to sit there too. That is why the Children’s Rocking Chair is among the perfect gifts for a goddaughter.

You can make it more thoughtful by having the seller engrave your godchild’s name and by choosing the design that you think she will love. She can use this rocking chair as a part of her role-playing or as a place to rest.
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60. Construction Plate and Utensils
The Construction Plate and Utensils provides another more fun way to make mealtime interesting for kids who love to play more than to eat. The parents can already say goodbye, trying to make their child imagine that her spoon is an airplane, and her mouth is a cave. With the Construction Plate and Utensils imagination and playing is possible at mealtime.

A set comprises of a plate, front-loader-designed spoon, forklift, and bulldozer pusher (the merchant sells the utensils separately).
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61. Lamb Baby Security Blanket
Can you still remember when you were young when it was dark, and you were trying to sleep? You were keeping your limbs inside the blanket. You were afraid that some monster would grab your foot when it slips out of the sheet.

Children often associate the warmth of a blanket with security. That is why you can express your love by giving this gift to her. Aside from the quilt, there is a lamb to accompany her at night.
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62. Sculpted Family
If you are going to look at the Sculpted Family figurine, you will notice that it has an unelaborate appearance. The color used were neutral, which were shades of gray, brown, and white. Despite its simplicity, the real beauty of this figurine lies on the message that it is trying to convey.

The figurine’s gestures are expressive enough to let your godchild know that it portrays the love of the parents to their baby.
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63. Cashmere Booties
Cashmere booties are the best gift to give to a godchild because of its practicality. These booties will provide warmth to the child's cold feet. She can even use them as a part of the outfit when her mom dresses her for an occasion.

Moreover, when the mom is careful enough to preserve it, your godchild will be able to see if she grows up. It makes a sentimental treasure of her parents when the child becomes an adult.
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64. Children’s Cutlery Set
Every time that there is a special occasion, everyone must be giving toys as a gift to your godchild. There are garments and books too. However, nobody would ever think that you can provide a Children's Cutlery Set as a gift.

It is a beautiful gift for your goddaughter because you are not just thinking of the things that can make her happy. You are thinking about her needs too. Moreover, you can customize the set with her name.
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65. Gummy Bear Lights
Gummy bears are fruity gummy candies that kids love. To add to its taste, it resembles the appearance of a bear, which makes it more appealing to children. That is why there is no wonder why most people use gummy bears as inspiration for design just like these Gummy Bear Lights.

Giving these Gummy Bear Lights to your godchild as a gift is smart. Children are often afraid of the dark, and your present will provide a sense of security.
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66. “The World of Peter Rabbit”
Reading fairy tales can be suitable for kids because it stretches their imagination and teaches them good manners too. Another benefit of reading them tales is it is an excellent starter for teaching them how to read. That is why if you are looking for a gift that will show your goddaughter how to read, give her a set of books like “The World of Peter Rabbit.”

The story of Peter Rabbit teaches some moral lessons that she can use.
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67. Rocking Hayley Horse
Almost every toddler has a rocking horse. Children love the feeling when they ride it as if they are riding a real horse. It helps stretch out their imagination when they pretend-play.

Aside from the child’s enjoyment, this Rocking Hayley Horse can make a beautiful addition to a child’s room.

The Rocking Hayley Horse has a gorgeous design that every kid will love. It is sturdy and durable. Your goddaughter will enjoy long hours riding this horse.
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68. Educational Building Blocks
If you are looking for a gift that your goddaughter will love, put this Educational Building Blocks on your shopping lists. This toy will not only provide her with enjoyment, but it will also teach her the basics that she needs to learn to become literate. She will learn numbers and alphabets when she has this toy in her room.

With this toy, you will spoil her with 32 blocks which she can jumble as much as she wants.
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69. Wooden Music Box
Even though children prefer toys more than just a wooden box, it does not mean that you cannot give your goddaughter one. This box will spark up her interest because it is musical. She can use it to contain some of her stuff like her hairpins and jewelry.

She might forget her toys when she grows up. However, she can still use this Wooden Music Box even when she turns into an adult.
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70. Periodic Table Building Blocks
Most people find chemistry as one of the most challenging courses of study in school. It includes mathematics, memorization, analysis, and more. Everyone who wants to finish his or her college should study it at some point in life.

For this reason, you can start preparing your goddaughter for the hardships of chemistry by giving her the Periodic Table Building Blocks. This toy is a set of 20 blocks containing every element in a periodic table.
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71. “Peter Pan and Wendy” Book
Peter Pan is a depiction of youth and innocence, which makes it a perfect gift for your goddaughter.

It can make good reading material for your godchild because almost everyone knows who Peter Pan is. You do not want her to feel outcasted in a conversation. It provides her a story to tell to her friends.

Also, the story of Peter Pan and Wendy can stretch the child’s imagination as she learns the two’s adventure in Neverland.
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72. “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” Book
Giving "The Wonderful Things You Will Be" Book is not just a perfect gift to your goddaughter but the parents too, especially if they are the unexpressive ones. By giving this book as a gift, you are allowing the parents to express their love, thoughts, and dreams for their kids through poetry and bedtime story.

The parents will never get tired reading this book to your godchild repeatedly. Your goddaughter will realize her parents’ feelings for her.
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73. Baby University Four-Book Set
It is a part of everybody’s culture to think highly of intelligent people. That is why it is not surprising that parents want their kids to grow up smart so that they have the power to achieve their dreams.

As young as they are now, you can help the parents raise your goddaughter intelligent by introducing one of the challenging courses of study in the school, which is physics. Give her these books which babies can easily understand.
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74. Personalized Glass Jar
If you want your gift to your goddaughter to be unique, add this Personalized Glass Jar in your gift lists. While the others are giving her toys and clothes, why not provide her with something thoughtful and practical like this Personalized Glass Jar.

Your goddaughter can use this jar to contain her small toys, hairpins, money, and candies. She will love to receive it in any occasion because it has her name on it.
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75. “If Animals Kissed Good Night” Book
The “If Animals Kissed Good Night” is a perfect book to give to your godchild and her mother. Giving this book, you are providing them with an extra gift. This bonus gift is the quality time that they can have for each other as the mother read this book to her your goddaughter.

This book tells the kids how animals would kiss if they can do it to their young. One example is the giraffes that would stretch their necks.
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76. “Welcome Little One” Book
The "Welcome Little One" is an ideal book to give not just to your goddaughter but also to her parents. By providing this book, you are also providing them time and love. You are allowing the parents to express how they feel when their baby came into this world.

This book contains heartfelt texts that will make your goddaughter see how her parents have loved her since she became a part of their family.
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77. Interactive Soft Book “Just Like the Animals”
If you are looking for an educational gift to give to a baby who cannot learn how to read yet, you can give her this Interactive Soft Book, "Just Like the Animals." Children who are 1-year-old or younger learn from stimulation. That is why this book is a great book to give her.

Each page of this book can hold the baby’s attention because of the bright colors.
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78. "Oh, the Places, You'll Go!" Book
If you know Dr. Seuss, you know that he is one of the most celebrated children book writers. His books contain lots of lessons that teach children morals and ethics. One of his books that you can give is the "Oh, the Places You'll Go."

This book encourages its readers to find their success within. Life is full of highs and lows; that is why it is crucial for your godchild to find some inspiration to deal with them.
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79. Teething Necklace
Yes, there are tons of plastic teethers you can buy in a retail store. However, none of them is as unique as this Teething Necklace. It is because this necklace has features that are beneficial to the kids.

Unlike the typical teethers, this Teething Necklace contains genuine Baltic amber that has succinic acid. This substance is effective against drooling and toothache. It can also boost the baby's immune system because of the Baltic amber’s anti-inflammatory property.
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80. Baby Socks Giftset
The best thing about being a mom or dad is to have the opportunity to dress up their baby whichever they like. When the baby grows up, she has a mind of her own and chooses her outfit.

That is why the parents should grab the opportunity of being able to dress their child as young as she is. You can join the fun by giving this Baby Socks Giftset as a gift.
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81. Silver Plate Rattle
If you do not have an idea what to give to your godchild on her christening day, give her this Silver Plate Rattle. Although she does not know yet about what you are giving her, she will still appreciate it because it is a rattle.

By giving this Silver Plate Rattle, you are also offering a kind of keepsake. The material used for this rattle contains high-quality materials which will make it last for a long time.
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82. Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care
The gift set is not just the perfect gift for your godchild but to her mom too. You are hitting two birds in one stone when you give this item as a gift. This gift set contains eight items that pamper your godchild's mom and nourish baby's skin.

The Aveeno products like the lotion and the bath products contain oat extract and colloidal oatmeal, which are healthy for the skin. A sent contains baby wash, shampoo, moisturizing cream, and more.
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83. Dove Baby Giftset
Babies have soft and delicate skin. They are prone to skin allergy, fungal infection, and the like.

The parents cannot just use any soap that they can find in the market because it can irritate baby’s skin. They should choose the ones that have the best formula.

That is why you can give the Dove Baby Giftset to save the parents some trouble finding the right soap for their baby. Its caring formula does not contain phthalates, parabens, or dyes.
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84. Healthcare and Grooming Kit
Parents should always be ready. They do not know when illnesses and diseases will afflict their child. Even though the parents do not want it to happen, there are instances that the baby can become sick.

What the parents can only do is to prepare themselves. You can help by giving this Healthcare and Grooming Kit that contains 25 pieces of grooming and basic healthcare stuff. It includes a comb, toothbrush, cradle cap, thermometer, medicine dispenser, and more.
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85. Hello Baby Lounger
A baby lounger is one of the best gifts for a goddaughter if she is a baby. It is because of its handiness where the parents can use it for their baby.

They can use it as a place for their baby when they must change her diapers. They can also use it as a resting place for your goddaughter when their hands are busy with something.

The Hello Baby Lounger’s interior design will keep the baby in place.
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86. Diaper Caddy
Even though it is just a simple bag that contains anything that you want to place in it, it is handy. That is why it is a practical gift for your goddaughter if she is still a baby.

This Diaper Caddy is stylish and gender neutral. It means that the parents can use it for their next baby, the parents can still make use of it. This caddy is gorgeous enough to look good in a nursery room.
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87. Portable Changing Pad
Although the parents can hire a nanny or babysitter to take good care of your goddaughter while they are at work, there are times when they must take the baby with them when they travel. They must prepare during those instances. They must not forget the baby’s paraphernalia along with theirs.

To help them get ready for their next travel with baby, give this Portable Changing Pad as a gift to your goddaughter.
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88. Bandana Drool Bibs
This set of Bandana Drool Bibs is one of the best practical gifts for your goddaughter if she is a baby. The bibs design consists of the double layer, which is soft cotton at the front and polyester fleece at the back. It is highly absorbent which keeps it mostly dry for a long time even if your goddaughter drools like a faucet.

Even though a drooling baby is never fashionable, at least the drool bibs have an attractive design.
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89. 9-Piece Playwear
Babies pee or poop whenever they like. Sometimes, accidents may happen when they wet their clothes. That is why the parents will not mind receiving tons of clothing gifts from their friends and acquaintances.

Of course, if you are going to give some garment, you want it to be pretty and comfy too. You want it to be something that your godchild can wear every day. This 9-Piece Playwear will make the best garment gift for your godchild.
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90. Baby Milestone Blanket
One of the perks of being a parent is to have the opportunity to witness the life of their children. They want to enjoy every moment while their kids are young and dependent on them. They are aware that when their kids turn into adults, they cannot simply ask them to pose for a picture wearing the clothing they want them to wear.

Giving a Baby Milestone Blanket is a great gift that both your godchild and parents will enjoy.
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91. Shark Robe
Babies are sensitive. They quickly feel cold and warmth. That is why they might feel cold fast when their parents bathe them.

That is why giving a robe is one of the best gifts for your goddaughter. This robe will keep her warm and dry after her mom bathes her.

This robe can make a perfect gift on any occasion. Aside from its function, it will also look cute on your goddaughter.
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92. Animal Face Hooded Towel
Babies are lovely to look at because they are cute. You can enhance their cuteness by giving this Animal Face Hooded Towel as a gift to your baby goddaughter on any occasion. She will love the gentleness and softness of it because of its 100 percent terry cotton construction.

Her parents can snap a picture of your goddaughter wearing this cute hooded towel. She can also use it every day when she takes a bath.
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93. On-the-Go Baby Dome
When babies feel insecure, they cry. Nobody wants to hear this sound no matter how cute they are. That is why taking the babies along in a journey can make a child feel insecure because of the new environment.

What the parents can do to prevent the child from crying is to distract her and give her a comfortable space. You can provide this space with this On-the-Go Baby Dome, which is a perfect gift on any occasion.
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94. Baby Girl Headbands
Babies are cute, but they look the same. It is hard to fathom who is a boy or a girl. What the adults can do is dress them up appropriately based on their gender.

You can enhance her femininity by giving these Baby Girl Headbands as a gift. It is a set of 10 that gives her mom a variety of selections. Surely, one of these pieces would go along with the baby's outfit.
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95. Baby Shusher
Babies are cute and adorable except when they start crying. When the babies cry, they unleash the small monsters in them that keep everybody in the household awake. Parents cannot spank or hit them for it because they know that it is normal for babies to throw tantrums.

What you can do to save the parents from fatigue and eyebags is to give a Baby Shusher as a gift for your irritated goddaughter.
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96. Snuggle Buddy
Most children are afraid of darkness and loneliness. That is why it is not surprising that most toddlers have their snuggle plushie like a teddy bear or doll to accompany them to sleep. That is why you can say that a Snuggle Buddy is a perfect gift to your toddler godchild.

This doll is pretty, cute, and soft; that is why this toy has the potential to be her favorite sleeping buddy.
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97. Activity Gym
Babies need exercise and playtime too. However, they are young for a morning jog and push-ups. They cannot even stand.

What the adults can do is provide them with some activities that are interesting to the babies’ eyes while they are lying on their back.

Giving this Activity Gym as a gift is a heaven-sent not just to your goddaughter but to the parents too. It distracts your godchild while the parents are busy with anything else.
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