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76 Best Gift Ideas for Jellyfish Lovers 2020


Jellyfish: the immortal denizen of the seas and probably the only thing that would cause you to urinate on a friend. These luminescent and ethereal creatures inspire wonder in many people, from those who puzzle over their unique biology to those who marvel at their sublime shifting motion as they traverse the ocean depths.

If your friend is one of these people, then we have a spectacular array of gifts to thrill anyone who adores jellyfish. Treat them to a beautiful shower curtain, some prized ornaments to hang around the home or a book that explores the magic of these unique beings with our best gifts for jellyfish lovers.

1. Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp
Give this lamp to your loved one so they can enjoy a mesmerizing serenity with an ocean vibe. This lamp is great for people who are genuinely in love with the oceans and jellyfish. This gift is excellent for people who feel secure with the sea.

The lamp has a beautiful life-like jellyfish inside a round shape lamp. The lamp has a black base with 18 LED lights that vary. Staring at the LED lights is one way to distress, chill, and to forget all the problems at the moment. The lamp is entertaining, and at the same time, captivating. Kids will find it fun to watch.
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2. Jellyfish Shower Curtain
A bathroom is also a place where you let your stress go away aside from the bedroom. So, why not allow your loved one to decorate their bathroom? This colorful and eye-catching shower curtain is a start. The shower curtain has a print of a jellyfish. The print won’t fade because of a new digital printing method used.

The material is waterproof. The curtain dries fast as soon as you get out of the shower. It is a must-have for bathroom lovers because of its high quality, Turkish fabric. Your loved one won't need to use a liner to protect the curtain. The curtain includes free hooks for easy installation.
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3. Swim Water Shoes
These swim water shoes let your loved ones enjoy the hot sand on the beach and make them feel safe at the same time. These shoes are great investments, especially for kids. You know how adventurous kids are. They can roam around the beach or the pool while the shoes protect their feet against the scorching heat.

These Giotto swim shoes are quick drying. The soles have anti-slip feature. With these shoes, your kids can move freely and enjoy their time swimming. The insoles are comfortable, stretchy, and lightweight. The thick insoles can absorb shock and protect your loved one's feet.

Moreover, the insoles expand accordingly, especially during the hottest time of the day. The shoes come in different sizes and different designs that catch the attention of your child.
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4. Stained Glass Jellyfish Suncatcher
This cute stained glass jellyfish suncatcher can add an accent to any household or window room. The artist made this suncatcher using 3 mm spectrum glass from the USA, combined with wax, black patina, and copper foil. The product is handmade, so expect some imperfections. Despite these imperfections, the product is of high quality.

The suncatcher is quite small, around 16cm in total length. Despite its cutesy appearance, it still has a dramatic impact, which the viewer can see everywhere. Your loved one will love the effect of this suncatcher in his or her room.
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5. Glass Jellyfish Bells
Are you looking and buying for the perfect gifts for jellyfish lovers? These glass jellyfish bells are luminescent, ethereal glass chimes created by a couple from Florida. The product comes from borosilicate glass, monofilament, jumpings, and base lanyard hook. It comes with a unique, enchanted jellyfish shape and colors that will create the "feel" of real jellyfish. These bells are perfect decorations in homes, gardens, offices, etc.

The chime sounds will give a "jellyfish-sound-on-the-sea feel." Your loved one will love this decoration. He or she can hang these bells in the garden, by the door or anywhere he or she wanted.
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6. The Thing about Jellyfish
The Thing About Jellyfish book made the author a National Book Award Finalist. This book has become a New York Times bestseller because it captured widespread critical acclaim. This plot is captivating and heart-breaking. According to some reviews, readers felt deeply moved of the story. The target audience is middle school adolescents, so your teenager will enjoy reading the book.

The book follows the journey of the protagonist towards the discovery of a rare species of a jellyfish. The protagonist believes that this rare jellyfish caused the death of her friend. Follow her into the world of friendships, loss, and grief. The book also discusses the highs and lows of an early adolescent stage. This book is one of the best gifts for jellyfish lovers.
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7. 360 Zip Around Wallet
This wallet has a printed jellyfish design with 360-degree zip closure. The fabric is 100% vegan, so this wallet is animal-friendly. The manufacturer didn’t harm any animal in the production of this wallet. This wallet comes from natural cotton canvas.

Since the fabric is canvas, the wallet is quite sturdy. It has four interior card slots, one internal clear ID slot, and one interior zippered coin purse. One user says that a phone can fit into this wallet. The dimension of the phone is probably similar to an iPhone 6 without a case. However, one minor flaw is its fading tint color. Thus, the manufacturer advised cold washing since their products come from plant fibers.
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8. Crossbody Cell Phone Purse
This phone purse is an excellent idea for gift-giving because it is convenient, compact, and fun. The crossbody bag has an external unzipped compartment and a zippered compartment that can hold three credit cards within its slots.

The material used in this product is synthetic leather. The wallet has a top zipper closure, soft inside lining, and extra padding inside for the protection of your loved one’s phone. The compartment for the phone is roomy, which can hold modern smartphones, keys, money, cards, and other small essentials.
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9. Ocean: The Definitive Visual Guide
This book gives your loved on extensive knowledge about ocean creatures and their current situation. It is a specific reference and resource for geological and physical processes that affect the ocean floor to the critical habitat zones, flora, and fauna.

The book explains new expeditions to its depth. It talks about discoveries beneath the melting of the ice, developing reefs, and shores around the world. The target audience is adults because of its educational content and the kids because of its graphical pictures. Your kid will find the book fascinating and exciting with the topic.
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10. Ornament Decoration for Aquarium
Does your loved one maintain an aquarium? This ornament can add glamor and activity to an aquarium without harming the fishes. This pleasant life-like artificial jellyfish can add details to an ordinary looking aquarium. It also makes your loved one’s fishes happy. The ornament jellyfish floats freely and “swims” gracefully in the water.

The extraordinary details make the ornament a replica of a real jellyfish. The materials are harmless to all aquatic creatures for both fresh and salt water. The ornament comes from eco-friendly silicone material, which is non-toxic, durable, and odorless. It doesn’t glow in the dark unless the actinic lights are on.
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11. 4 Pcs Sea Urchin Air Plant Jellyfish Lot
These cute little variations of plants look like a jellyfish when hung upside down. They can add an accent to a dull living room. These air plants can live without soil, so they are high on areas of the house where it is dark and unnoticeable.

The maker created the urchin shells through a handmade method. The plants are tillandsia, which can live without water for an extended period. All plants are vibrant and alive. These plants in ceramic planters are perfect gifts for jellyfish lover. The item includes a gift box.
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12. Nuclear Jellyfish: A Novel
This novel is a mixture of genres that includes comedy, thriller, adventure, and mystery. The author marks his triumphant return with this new edition of his saga, Nuclear Jellyfish. The 11th installment of the Serge Storm series talks about the protagonist’s manic tour in Florida as he tries to serve vengeance and pummel conventions and evildoers.

Serge A. Storms is a lovable collector of trivia, souvenirs, and murder methods. He is upset about the improper recognition of his beloved state, so he put up significant internet service, but later his nemesis found his web and the chase is on.
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13. Fashion Print Capri Leggings
This comfortable fashion print Capri legging is beautiful and appealing to the eye. It gives your loved one the comfort and confidence in wearing it. This legging provides a slimming effect and has a high rise that gives off a fabulous fashion. Your loved one can match this legging with a cropped tank top.

The legging has a high-quality soft fabric including 92% polyester and 8% spandex. With this combination, it fits well to any wearer. The legging “hugs” every curve. Despite its polyester component, the fabric when stretched is not see-through. The legging has other sizes, and sizes range from small to plus sizes.
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14. Fashion Print Leggings
This fashion legging is one of the bestselling leggings in the market because of its high-quality materials. Buy these butter knit leggings for your loved one. The legging fits perfectly to your loved one’s legs. It is 92% polyester, and 8% spandex, which accounts for its 100% guaranteed comfort.

The legging is machine washable in the cold and gentle setting. However, hand wash and hang dry are more suitable to preserve its elasticity and form. The legging has other size variations, including extra plus sizes that fit a waistline of 33 to 44 inches. It does not sag. Aside from a jellyfish pattern, you can choose from the different designs available.
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15. Jellyfish Knee High Socks
Iconic and colorful socks are trendy these days like these funky knee socks. This pair is super soft and comfortable. The fabric is a combination of 75% cotton, 20% polyester, and 5% spandex. The pair of socks is one size that fits most of all sizes, approximately average sizes.

Spandex makes the material stretchable so that big calves can fit in these socks. These socks won’t give a tight feeling and won’t numb your loved one’s legs at all. These socks are must-haves because the price is affordable, made of high-quality materials. You can buy more than a pair, so your loved one can use it every day.
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16. Jellyfish Ocean Beach Nautical Décor
Sculptures from recycled metal drums help the environment. Plus, these recycled sculptures don’t harm plants and animals. This sculpture has creative and cute designs perfect for home and patio decorations. This décor has marvelous details. It can enhance any “under-the-sea” themed decorative arrangement.

Hanging this decoration outside is not a problem because this jellyfish is weather-proof. The decor can tolerate any weather for a year or so. Color variations are available such as dark silver to rustic brown tones. Your loved one, whether he or she is a friend, spouse, or a child, will fall in love with this nautical décor.
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17. Jelly Fish T-Shirt
Are you looking for a shirt for a family, siblings, couples, or even singles? This t-shirt is the answer to your simple dilemma. The seller has varying sizes and styles. You can choose from their variation of tees, tank tops, and hoodies for men, women, and kids. This t-shirt is comfortable and flattering for your loved one. With this t-shirt, your loved one can make a statement.

The tees feel soft and lightweight with the right amount of stretch. The tee for women is a classic fit. They will always shape your loved one’s body shape.
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18. 360 Small Messenger Bag
This 360 Small Messenger Bag is a natural cotton canvas. It's durable and strong. Your loved one will love this bag because it is 100% vegan, especially if he or she's an animal lover, whether it's jellyfish or some other species. Finding a perfect bag to fit all your essentials? The strap is adjustable, so your kiddo, friend or partner can extend the bag strap and make it as a cross-body bag.

This bag is a perfect one for all your loved one’s essentials. You can select from the various patterns available in the seller’s webpage. The body bag may look ordinary in the outside with the jellyfish print, but the magic happens in the inside, just like what jellyfish do underwater. The lining has a hidden, attractive design. It has a light coral background covered with white polka dots, screaming its under-the-sea motif.
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19. Casual Pullover Hoodie
This pullover hoodie comes with a big pocket at the front. It is of high quality because of the materials and print method. The pullover hoodie is a mix of cotton, polyester, and fleece velvet. The print in the cloth doesn’t fade, crack, peel, or flake because of the 3D dye-sublimation. This 3D dye-sublimation allows prints to become vibrant and real.

The sizes can vary from extra small to extra-large, which is perfect for a recipient who is either too skinny or bony. If your loved one preferred a loose fit, you could choose a hoodie with one size up. This hoodie is great for hanging out with friends, attending casual parties, or daily wearing.
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20. Jellyfish Pattern Printed Phone Case
Do you want your loved one to protect their phones? This phone case can do it. You can select from the various trendy designs. There’s henna, jellyfish, floral, tropical designs, patterns, marble, and more. Aside from these stylish designs, the case has all-around protection. It protects a smartphone from sudden and accidental shocks such as drops, shake, bumps, or scrapes.

The case has a comfortable grip and a slim profile. It is compatible with charging wirelessly, and side buttons are accessible. The phone case is ultra-clear and slim. The transparent protective bumper case body reveals and enhances the original color of the phone, instead of hiding it.
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21. Crochet Jellyfish
These adorable and lovely crochet jellyfishes are great for the little ones or even for those people who are young at heart. These plush toys are eye-catching, especially for babies because if their vibrant colors. These toys are suitable for hanging over the crib so your baby can drift off to sleep by staring at these toys.

However, anyone can have these crochet creatures. Your gift recipient can hang these items anywhere in their home or room. Furthermore, you personalize these items. You can choose the color combination that is following your loved one’s favorite colors.
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22. Visual Encyclopedia
Encyclopedias are collections of information of the poisonous jellyfish to the largest sea animals. Kids and adults enjoy reading these tomes of knowledge. Reading encyclopedia becomes more enjoyable with visual representations of the discussions, and this visual encyclopedia has it all.

The graphical representations on each page are vibrant and beautiful. Readers can feel that the sea creatures come alive. The encyclopedia is rich with astounding facts about the ocean in every aspect. This particular series is just one of the many visual encyclopedias of the same author. Although the target audience of this book is young children, anyone can read and enjoy this book.
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23. Decor Shower Curtain
This shower curtain is a vibrant representation of ocean life. The reefs, the fishes, and the lone jellyfish swimming near the ocean surface can transport any bathroom into another world. The shower curtain measures 75 inches long and 69 inches wide so that it will fit even the average sized bathroom. The material is non-vinyl and non-PEVA polyester, which makes the curtain waterproof. The shower curtain comes with free hooks for fast and easy installation.

The curtain is machine washable, so your gift recipient can wash it regularly. The prints won’t fade and won’t flake. For animal lovers, you can assure your loved one that the production of this curtain didn’t hurt any animals.
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24. Distressed Baseball Cap with Embroidery
Finding the right gifts for jellyfish lovers is quite a challenge. But don’t look further. This baseball cap is the perfect gift for a teenager or a friend who loves baseball cap and jellyfish. The distressed method adds to the vintage style of the hat. On one side, you can find an embroidered image of a jellyfish.

The embroidery is in monochrome and detail is simple, but it adds to the minimalist design of the cap. The cap is pure cotton canvas, so comfort is a guarantee. Your loved one can wear this cap anytime in any season, whether it’s summer or spring. The cap is handmade so, expect a few imperfections or slight variation from the posted photo.
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25. Light Up Jellyfish Costume Headwear
Your teenager or friend is raving about unique costume headwear but can’t find one. This headwear is the perfect gift for them. It’s unique and beautiful. It lights up, too. The iridescent tentacles will make your loved one look like a real jellyfish. The headwear can fit an adult sized- head, but a teenager’s head will be just fine. Despite its soft and delicate appearance, the headwear comes from quality materials. The construction is excellent and will last a few years.
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26. Princess Jellyfish
Is your loved one obsessed with jellyfish and has a penchant for animation series? This series is a combination of both. The protagonist loves jellyfish so much that she decided to run a ship where the only crews are girls. She and her friends are social wallflowers and social rejects until the protagonist rescues a “jellyfish.”

The series talks about adolescent when girls find it hard to be confident about themselves. It follows the journey of the protagonist towards self-discovery. This fantastic animated series talks about friendship and boys. So, it’s highly suitable for teenage girls (or those people who love to watch anime).
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27. 20 Ways to Draw a Jellyfish
This beautiful book is excellent for artists, sketchers, and doodlers. It is a graphical representation of how to draw different ocean creatures and not a step-by-step guide. This book is excellent for beginners and intermediate artists. It has 20 drawings of jellyfish, seahorse, clownfish, and starfish.

Aside from these drawings, the book contains more than 900 illustrations of other creatures with blank spaces for your loved one to practice their version of the picture. It presents the unique and creative style of the artist (author) of this book. This book will provide your budding artist the inspiration he or she needs.
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28. Art Glass Jellyfish Glow in the Dark
Art, glass, and glow-in-the-dark are the three main features of this gift. Who would have thought that you can witness the fusion of two different media in one art? This gift can be a decoration or a paperweight, depending on the purpose of your gift recipient. It measures short of 5 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter.

The jellyfish in the center looks so real that you would have thought that it’s a preserved one. Don’t fret. The jellyfish is just a visual representation of the real species. The artist didn’t use an actual jellyfish but just his (or maybe her) imagination at work.
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29. Printed Crop Top with Pleated Skater
Fashion and jellyfish aren’t bad at all. This crop top set captures the ethereal beauty of the jellyfish. The backdrop of black makes the prints come alive. Your teenage daughter or maybe your adult friend will love this gift. The skirt measures around 16 inches with a high waist elastic band while the crop top measures around 29 inches.

The fabric is 12% spandex, so it’s quite stretchy. Thus, a busty girl will still find the top comfortable to wear. The crop top with pleated skater is perfect for a costume party or maybe a casual night out with friends during the weekend.
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30. Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp
Jellyfish stings when they’re real and are swimming in the ocean but not in this table lamp. The creatures inside this lamp look so real, but they’re synthetic replicas. The wraith-like movement is soothing and relaxing. It helps your loved one to relax, especially during a meditating session. The replicas mimic the action of its real counterpart, graceful and mesmerizing.

Each tank comes with two jellyfish, a colored LED lighting and an AC power outlet. Your loved one can place this lamp in his/her study table or anywhere in their room with a display cabinet.
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31. Special Shaped Diamond Painting Kit
Diamonds are clear manifestations of the Earth’s ability to produce beautiful pieces of art. You and your loved one will enjoy using these diamonds, albeit being synthetic, in a DIY painting. This kit contains a painting canvass, diamond-like rhinestones in different shapes and colors, diamond plate, tweezers, sticky pen, and adhesive clay. The canvass is around 11 inches by 15 inches.

This kit is perfect as creative gifts for jellyfish lovers and artists. Once finishes, your loved one can frame and hang the completed canvass in their room. The vibrant colors, vivid and bright, can catch anyone’s attention.
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32. Jellyfish Paperweight
The bubbles, jellyfish and its tentacles inside a glass mimic the real creature swimming underwater. The image inside the glass isn’t real, but the artistic skill of the maker/manufacturer will have you wondering. The details are exceptional, as if the jellyfish is frozen in time.

This gift is a paperweight, perfect for a loved one who works and loves jellyfish at the same time. However, it comes with a LED light base in multi-colors. Thus, your loved one can use this paperweight as a decoration. Another remarkable feature is its glow-in-the-dark characteristic. Expose the paperweight to natural light and see how it glows in dim light.
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33. Blue Jellyfish Duvet Cover
A duvet cover with prints can transform a boring bed into a stylish one. This blue jellyfish duvet cover comes with two sets of the pillowcase. Remember, this set doesn’t include a duvet insert. With this duvet cover, your loved one can add style, taste, and comfort to their bedroom.

The blue jellyfish prints will give the user a taste of the ocean life. This duvet cover enhances an ocean-themed room. Besides its stylish feature, this cover is the epitome of comfort and breathability. The fabric used is a lightweight microfiber, which is soft and smooth. The cover is suitable for sensitive skin. It’s resistant to wrinkle, fading and stain. Your loved one will sleep peacefully at night.
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34. White Jellyfish Glittered Plush Toy
This plush toy is most suitable for infants because you can hang it on top of a crib. However, you can still give it as gifts for jellyfish lovers. Your gift recipient can hang it in his or her room or make it as part of his or her collections. The toy is approximately 14 inches, made from soft materials. The glitters on the surface won’t come off and won’t cause any allergic reactions.
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35. Jellyfish Mug
Jellyfish is famous for its deadly sting and graceful beauty. These characteristics are what make them unique. They’re beautiful but fatal, and this mug says it all. The prints in the cup have a double meaning. Your gift recipient can interpret the quote in two ways, either literally or figuratively.

The mug is ceramics with a print of jellyfish and a quote that aptly describes this sea creature. The cup comes in two capacities, an 11-ounce or a 15-ounce. It has a print that won't fade quickly due to the inks and method used for printing. Scratching might not be a problem since ceramic is famous for its scratch resistant property.
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36. Gooey Stretchy Jellyfish
Holding an actual jellyfish is dangerous except when it’s dead. This gooey, stretchy jellyfish allows your gift recipient to hold a jellyfish, albeit being not real. The squishy toy won’t get your loved one’s hands dirty or poisoned. It contains nontoxic rubber, so it’s safe for babies and toddlers.

This gift is excellent for enhancing physical movement, especially for babies who’re learning to walk. For adults, this gooey jellyfish could be a stress reliever. Your loved one can vent his or her stress on this squishy toy, and the jellyfish won’t mind.
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37. Bungalow 360 Pocket Bag
This pocket bag is a perfect complement to the 360 Zip around wallet from the same manufacturer. If your loved one likes to have her accessories in matching designs, you can also buy this bag together with the wallet. The bag has the same jellyfish prints and polka dots lining.

The bag is cotton canvass. It’s a certified vegan since the fabric material comes from plant fibers instead of an animal’s hide. The bag measures around 10 inches, so it can accommodate a tablet, a phone, or a netbook not larger than the bag. It has one main zippered compartment and six pockets on both inside and out.
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38. Spineless (Book About Jellyfish)
Aside from venom, jellyfish is famous for its spineless characteristics. This species is a mystery to a scientist. Because despite their lack of a centralized brain, these sea creatures can feel, see, and react to external stimuli. Like any other animals, jellyfish has complex mechanisms that humans are still learning about their existence and movement.

This book exposes every mystery that surrounds this alluring creature. The author spends so much time discovering the truth of why jellyfish are invading the ocean life. She even raises a jellyfish in her home to see this creature up close. This book is perfect for jellyfish lovers who marvel at how these species can bring death despite their elegant beauty.
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39. Jellyfish Lamp 3D Optical
This 3D optical illusion night lamp is energy saving with less than kWh consumption in 24 hours. LED light usage can last up to ten thousand hours. This lamp is perfect for anyone, whether the recipient is a baby, a teenager, or an adult.

The lamp can change colors throughout the night. It can vary from green to red to yellow blue. Alternatively, your loved one can set it up in one color. The lamp is excellent for a night light or a display decoration on top of a night table.
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40. Ocean Jellyfish Transparent Resin
Your loved one is allergic to metal. Here’s a solution. You can give him or her this transparent ring, made from resin. If he or she loves jellyfish, this ring will be an instant favorite. This particular ring has a pattern of jellyfish infused within the resin.

Ring sizes vary, so make sure you know the ring size of your loved one. This ring comes from high-quality resin. However, it requires proper care, like other rings. Daily wearing of the ring is not a problem but try to keep the ring away from water or sweat. So, keep the ring in a safe place when swimming, bathing, or exercising.
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41. Jellyfish Decor Tablecloth
From bedcovers to bathroom curtain, here’s another jellyfish printed gift for your loved one. The fabric of this tablecloth is satin blended with polyester, which is silky and smooth. The tablecloth measure 60 inches by 80 inches, which is reasonably broad and perfect for family tables.

The tablecloth is machine washable in a delicate and cold cycle. So, your loved one can use and wash it regularly. The tablecloth is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. The blue jellyfish against a white background provides a stylish finish to a contemporary dining table. Your gift recipient can use this tablecloth on any occasion.
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42. Magnetic Bookmark
This magnetic bookmark is one of the most practical gifts for jellyfish lovers. You can buy this together with the books included in this list. Your loved one will have an enjoyable time reading a book about jellyfish or any other books for that matter. With this magnetic bookmark, he or she can leave a mark where he or she ended in reading so he or she can come back where he or she left off.

The bookmark measures 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches with two magnets. The magnets are strong enough to hold a page without tearing it. This bookmark is excellent for students, book lovers and at the same, jellyfish lovers.
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43. Jellyfish in Ocean MacBook Pro Case
If your loved one has a MacBook Pro 13” with Retina Display, this case is the right gift for him or her. The cover comes from high-quality plastic. Despite the plastic component, this cover passes the quality check, so it’s perfectly safe for your loved one.

The cover has a clip-on, clip-off design for simple and easy installation. The design doesn’t scratch the edges of the Macbook. Instead, this cover protects the laptop from accidental bumps, knock-offs, scratches, and dirt. It is stylish and chic, giving the laptop an upgraded look. The color looks generic, so it fits anyone, regardless of gender.
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44. Tigerdoe Jellyfish Hat
This jellyfish hat is perfect for costume parties or office events of any occasions. The hat can fit a kid’s or an adult’s head. It has four tentacles, wrapped in shiny sequins. Even if it’s not a time for a costume party, your loved one, especially kids, can wear this at any time of the day. Your kiddo can pretend he or she’s a jellyfish looking for thrilling adventures.
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45. Friends of Mermaids Water Color Clip Art
This watercolor art is a digital download. One download contains four zipped files. These zipped files contain 38 images of underwater sea creatures. Each image has a transparent background, so your loved one can print it on any colored paper. The digital print is perfect for any art projects. Your artistic loved one will enjoy printing these images. He or she can use it for personal or business use.

However, if your gift recipient wants to use the digital image on more than 1000 prints for business purposes, you might want to contact the maker for a mass production license.
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46. Mini Backpack
This backpack features an underwater scene and a mix of marine creatures from jellyfish to starfish. The fabric of the bag is polyester, a thickened canvas that is famous for its heavyweight but durability. The pack has side pockets, one zippered compartment, and one front pouch. The design of this bag is for children, but adults can use it too. The straps are almost 35 inches, which is long enough for an adult user. The straps have a unique buckle for easy adjusting.

The pattern for this bag is suitable for jellyfish lovers, but other designs are also available. Construction involves reinforced double stitching so the bag will last for a few years or so.
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47. Square Jellyfish Mini Tablet Tripod Mount
This mini tripod mount does not have any jellyfish prints on it. But, your loved one will like this one. This tripod can hold tablets that measure around 7 inches. The tablet may or may not have a case on it. Mini tablets are also compatible with this mount. As long as the minimum measurement is around 4 inches, this mount can hold it. The legs of the tripod are adjustable, so your loved one can transform it into a desk stand.

This tablet mount is perfect for vloggers or research purposes. Your loved one doesn’t need to strain his or her neck reading on the tablet while he or she makes some notes in his or her research paper. This mount speaks convenience and comfort.
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48. Deadly Animals Book
Some species of jellyfish are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Your little one should know about this fact despite his or her love of the animal. So, buy this book for your little kids and educate them. This book is suitable for kids, but teenagers will love it, too. It contains real-life photos of the deadly animals, including jellyfish, so your kids will recognize these animals when they see one.
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49. Jellyfish Eyes the Criterion Collection
This series is about friendship and loyalty. It talks about humanity’s tendency for destruction. The series follows the story of a boy who befriends a spirit with a jellyfish-like appearance. The protagonist thought he was the only who has this friend. However, he discovered that all his classmates have friends like his. The setting of the story is a post-Fukushima world, and the novel features unforgettable creatures with unlikely characteristics and designs. Aside from the series, the DVD includes an interview of the director, an essay from a writer, and documentaries on the making of the film. The film is Japanese with English subtitles.
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50. Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys
Jellyfish stings and sticks to its victim for a few seconds. However, this jellyfish only sucks to the wall. Each toy has a powerful suction cup that can stick to any surface, whether it’s the bathroom wall, tub, or to one another. One set includes nine jelly toys that are BPA free. The toy is suitable for a one-year-old baby and up, but anyone can own these toys. Whether your gift recipient is young at heart or kids, you can get these toys, perfect as stuffers for any occasion.
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51. Marine Biologist Gift
This jellyfish necklace looks neat and simple, which is ideal for a loved one who loves jellyfish. The material is polymer clay, and brass hung in a 36-inch cord. This necklace charm is handmade, so imperfections are natural even with the same design. The cable lacks a clasp, but your loved one can still adjust the cord by tying the ends in a knot. The necklace is lightweight and straightforward. Your loved one will want to wear it every day. This necklace is a perfect accessory for a bohemian look with a seaside theme.
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52. Sports Joggers
Sweatpants or sports joggers are getting trendier every year. The breathability and comfort are the reasons many teens, sporty adults, and even fashionistas resort to wearing this garment. This particular sport jogger comes from high-quality cotton. This fabric promises comfort and breathability. Your loved one can use this jogger during an outdoor activity such as playing sports or simply hanging out with friends.

The fabric is suitable for sensitive skin so your loved one won't worry about rashes after prolonged usage. The jogger has an elastic waistband with drawstring and two adjustable side pockets. These pockets can hold your loved one's phone securely. The prints of the jogger are in 3D dye sublimation for a long-lasting effect. They won't fade that quickly, and the jogger will last for years.
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53. Incredible Creatures: Jellyfish
Jellyfish has an estimated species of over 1000. These creatures have various appearances ranging from dull to brightly colored, from opaque to translucent. They have long tentacles that they use for defense or catching their food. These tentacles can even grow as long as 100 feet.

Nowadays, these creatures gained popularity as models for party favors and gifts like this figurine. Your loved one can use this figurine as cake toppers or display decoration to complete an ocean themed party. This figurine measures 5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width. It is perfect as ornaments or gifts for jellyfish lovers.
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54. Aquaglow Light-Up Hideaway
Kids love to role-play. They like to pretend they’re in some mysterious, magical world. And, this light-up hideaway can make their dream come true. That dream is live underwater with jellyfish as their friend. This play space hangs to the ceiling with tentacles that reach to the floor. The play space has string lights in LED bulbs. The string lights run on battery power. The canopy has “ocean details” in metallic snowflakes, which add to the ethereal beauty of the “jellyfish” play space. Your loved one can use this hanging play space indoors or outdoors.
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55. Coastal Beaded Jellyfish Glass and Ribbons
These beautiful ornaments can add a beach vibe into your home. The unique and colorful details cast a dreamy like appearance into a home or room. The colors are a dull representation of the vibrant colors of a real jellyfish but are nonetheless charming to the eye. The ornaments consist of glass with ribbons as accents. They contain faux pearls and transparent rhinestones for effect. These ornaments are perfect for decorating a Christmas tree or any rooms. One set includes two jellyfish-like ornaments with different designs.
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56. Comfortable Outdoor Water Shoes
Barerun water shoes are ultra-lightweight footwear ideal for water sports and other outdoor activities. These shoes come from high-quality materials, which are composed of 98% polyester, 8% spandex fabrics. The water shoes have an excellent stretch on the upper part. Overall, the shoes are breathable, flexible, and comfortable. Each pair has thick and removable rubber insoles.

The shoes are lightweight and compressible for easy packaging. They are convenient for leisure from water activities and other uses such as jogging, walking, running, yoga exercises, etc. the shoes have various sizes and designs. So, whether you’re buying it for your kids or partner, you have choices.
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57. Contemporary Decorative Art Print
Jellyfish prints are beautiful. They can fit into any room designs akin to underwater themes. These art prints can transform an ordinary looking wall into a majestic work of art. Original art print uses a special ink so beware of counterfeits. Make sure you buy from authorized seller and distributors.

The art print measures 12 inches by 24 inches, so it’s quite noticeable even from afar. Your loved one can use this outdoors or indoors. He or she can use this print to enhance a room or a theme, particularly an ocean themed space. This print is also great as a backdrop for a large aquarium.
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58. Jellyfish Wall Art
The artist of this art uses watercolor and water paper. This art is handmade, painted on premium paper. The inks used are archival so that the wall art will last a lifetime. This lifetime archival is not an exaggeration since watercolor inks of this caliber exist. Expect slight variations from the same artwork due to its handmade quality.
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59. Jellyfish Vinyl Sticker
This vinyl sticker measures 3 inches by 3.2 inches, which almost a square. Your loved one will enjoy decorating his or her room or aquarium with this jellyfish sticker. The colors are vivid, which makes the vinyl sticker resembles a painting. The vinyl sticker is best for flat surfaces with a smooth finish. So, a glass or a wall will do. Your loved one can even use this sticker outdoors. However, the sticker’s useful life may be reduced due to external and weather factors.
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60. Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion
No matter how mesmerizing jellyfish is as a display, décor or in a photograph, their stings are vicious. These stings can produce itchy rashes or allergic reactions that are fatal to a person. So, protect your loved ones with this sting protective lotion. The lotion is water resistant for more than an hour. So, you’re assured that your loved one is safe against jellyfish sting for an hour. The protective lotion is suitable for any skin. It’s hypoallergenic, and gentle on the skin, even on kids. The lotion also protects your loved one against harmful UVA rays since it has an SPF rating of 50+.

The lotion is also biodegradable. The makers of this lotion tested its quality and its harmful effects on aquatic animals. Although the cream protects your loved ones from a jellyfish sting, it doesn’t harm any marine animals at any level. The lotion doesn’t produce an adverse reaction when it mixes with water.
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61. Pastel Jellyfish String Lights
Are you looking for unique and perfect decors and gifts for jellyfish lovers? This pastel jellyfish string light with tentacles has ten sets. Each string measures 8 and a half feet long. This light features pearlescent blue, teal, and white jellyfish with matching ribbons for tentacles. The lights measure approximately 6” long x 2.25” wide. This product comes from plastic with a white wire. The string lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, parties, and for other occasions.
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62. Aquabot Jellyfish
Indulge your loved ones with this aquabot jellyfish. Your loved one can enhance the activity of his or her aquarium. The aquabot has 15 swimming routines that mimic a real jellyfish. With this aquabot, your loved one's fishes will be happy to have a new company. The aquabot runs on battery power. Despite its power source, this jellyfish aquabot can last for hours swimming with other marine animals in an aquarium.

The aquabot has an automatic sensor that puts it to sleep after 3 minutes of swimming. Your loved one can awaken this underwater robot in three ways. He or she can touch the artificial jellyfish with his or her fingers on the water, touch the jellyfish or tap the aquarium tank.
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63. Jellyfish Glass Mug
This jellyfish mug is festive and has a vibrant print of a jellyfish. This mug is one of the practical gifts for jellyfish lovers that you can give to your jellyfish loving friend or kid. The cup is glass, so it is suitable for a dishwasher machine. Hot and cold beverages are okay with this mug. You can request for personalization like initials or name.

The painting comes from nontoxic inks, so you’re assured that your loved one is using a safe kitchen utensil or accessory. Although the mug is compatible with a dishwasher machine, the maker recommends hand washing to prolong the life of the image.
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64. Jellyfish Silicon Face Brush
Jellyfish face brush has a food grade and environmentally-friendly and anti-bacterial silicone material that is super soft. The brush has an anti-oxidation that won't hurt the skin. It is durable, too. Each brush contains deep cleansing capability that cleans makeup residue and excess dirt mildly. It can exfoliate the skin in a gentle but effective way.

The brush has a relaxing massage function that can accelerate the absorption of skincare products. It is portable and small. Your loved one can bring it anywhere and pack it in his or her little bag. The brush has an innovative, cute jellyfish-shaped design that is easy to hold and move while cleaning the face. It is suitable for daily use and travel.
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65. Summer Shirt
Summer is wearing comfortable t-shirts. It depicts beaches, swimming, and jellyfish. Some species of jellyfish are drawn to movements and warm waters. That’s why these creatures often appear on shallow parts of an ocean. However, your loved one doesn’t need to worry about jellyfish and stings. She can still enjoy the ethereal beauty of these sea creatures on her shirt.

This shirt is perfect for summer outfits. The asymmetrical tank top with its fringes is an ideal pair to jeans or cut jeans. The summer shirt is comfy because the fabric is 100% cotton. The print is monochrome in the backdrop of a colorful t-shirt.
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66. Dangle Crystal Earring
Is your loved one looking for a fresh and chic boho accessory to complete his or her boho look? Tassel bohemian drop earrings are the perfect gifts for jellyfish lovers. At an arm’s length, the earrings look like a jellyfish in vibrant colors. The earrings are lightweight. They come from high-quality materials of alloy, AAA Zircon crystal thread, and Bon Bon earrings.

Other designs include10 fun boho colors of black, purple, baby blue, pink, orange, white, red, green, rose red, and blue. The earrings are stylish and elegant. They can complete a statement with any choice of outfits and are perfect for any occasions and casual everyday use. It is also ideal for rocking a sophisticated summer boho look.
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67. Jellyfish Coloring Book for Grown-Ups
Coloring books aren’t just for kids or toddlers. Adults can enjoy them too. These adult coloring books enhance creativity. Your loved one can use these books to de-stress from the everyday struggles in life. Each page is similar to a letter size bond paper. So, the images are quite large. Your loved one doesn’t need to worry about smudges.

As a complement to your gift, include a set of high-quality color pencils or oil pastel. The artistic side of your loved one will surely come out with this coloring book. This book is the first of the many series. Other books feature other animal creatures, but this book focuses on jellyfish.
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68. Necklace with Jellyfish Charm
These necklace charms are so cute. Your jellyfish loving friend or kid will fall in love with them. The material is enamel. You can choose the colors of the charms, so be creative. Since jellyfish has vibrant color combinations, you can’t go wrong.
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69. Pillow Thoughts
Does your jellyfish-loving loved one like to read poems? Here’s a collection of poetry and prose about heartbreaks, love, and other raw emotions. The book has different sections according to themes. So, your loved one can read any part of the book anytime. He or she can read the first page and jump into the last one without worrying about a sequel. The collaborators arranged the poems in a way that reading doesn’t require starting with the first page and ending it with the last page.
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70. Peanut Butter and Jelly
This book is a children’s book, designed and recommended for kids. However, your adult gift recipient will also enjoy reading this book. This book talks about two friends. One is sensible, which is a jellyfish, and the other one is a silly narwhale.

In this series, the narwhal becomes obsessed with peanut butter to the point of wanting to change his name into peanut butter. This book is about trying new things and self-acceptance.
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71. Jellyfish Kites with Flying Winder
If you have a jellyfish loving kid, this kite is the best gift for him or her. The kite has the shape of a jellyfish with a flying winder. The kite measures more than 100 inches. This gift is perfect during weekend family bonding in the park or beach. Your loved one will enjoy flying this kite because of its enormous size. Even at the height of 200 feet, you can still recognize the design of the kite. The string and winder are durable and will withstand strong winds.
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72. Personalized Steel Flask
This steel flask has a monochrome print of a jellyfish. It comes with a gift box and is ready for any occasions or party favors. The container is made of metal that is free of toxic components such as lead. The metal is a food grade steel, so it’s safe for storing cold or hot beverages. Since the flask doesn’t have insulation, cold or hot drinks will last only for a few minutes. Because of its metallic component, this flask isn’t suitable for the dishwashing machine. You can also request for personalization like an initial or maybe one word phrase to describe your gift recipient.
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73. Neon UV Glow Earrings
These neon earrings glow in the dark and are bright neon under natural light. Each earring measures 6 inches long, including the tentacles and 2 inches wide. Despite its large size, the earrings are lightweight. They come from silicon materials. The hooks are sterling silver with a plastic cap. The hooks are hypoallergenic.
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74. Underwater Patterns
These underwater patterns are downloadable prints. Your loved one can use these prints in stationeries, scrapbook backgrounds, planner covers, or web site backgrounds. The designs are in JPEG format that measures 12 by 12 inches in 300dpi. The quality of the image can fit even on large-sized papers without getting a pixelated outcome.
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75. Musical Stuffed Animal
Babies and toddlers love to hear soothing music while they lull themselves to sleep. This plush toy in jellyfish design features soothing ocean music that your kiddo will adore. Even though this toy is intended for toddlers, your jellyfish loving friend will still appreciate this stuffed animal as a part of his or her collection. Besides, the soothing ocean music can relax anyone, whether the listener is an adult or a kid.
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