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43 Best Gift Ideas for Men in Their 50s 2020


By the time a man turns 50, he usually knows what he likes. While this might make the prospect of giving him a gift that he doesn’t like terrifying, it doesn’t need to be. This stability makes it easier for you to gain a deeper understanding of his personality, and to choose a gift that suits it perfectly.

If he’s settling in to a stable routine, something like a luxurious bathrobe or a handcrafted leather bag would fit the bill, while more adventurous 50-somethings might prefer a (relatively easy to use) tablet or smartwatch. No matter his preferences, there’s something listed below that will make any 50-year-old man feel like a kid again when he opens his present.

1. Morpilot Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer
If you are thinking about what kinds of gift that a 50-year-old plus man would appreciate, among them are the items that they do not realize they need. All you have to do is to be more observant. If you observe that your favorite guy has hair dangling in his nose, it is no doubt that he needs a hair trimmer.

Gifting this item to your favorite guy might be funny or embarrassing, but it only shows that you are thoughtful enough to care. It is because flaunting one’s nose hair to other people is never cool but distracting. That is why your favorite guy will need this Morpilot Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer.
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2. Ross Michaels Men’s Bathrobe
If your favorite guy is the type who loves living in luxury and pampering, he will love to receive a bathrobe as a gift. He deserves to own a new one especially if it is as luxurious, comfortable, and soft like the Ross Michaels Men’s Bathrobe. It is the type of gift that he knows he needs but does not mind receiving a new one from a loved one.

You can choose from the different colors available. Some of these colors are black, grey, navy, white, and more. It has pockets where your guy can store his stuff. He can tie it securely because of the interior ties and exterior belt.
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3. Healing Necklace
This Healing Necklace is an excellent gift for your Buddhist loved one. Inscribed in the necklace is a Buddhist mantra that is soothing to body and soul. The stone is not only beneficial for health but also a lucky accessory that can bring good luck to the wearer.

Even though your guy is not a Buddhist or not a believer of lucky charms, he will still appreciate receiving this item. Just a gesture of gifting this necklace implies that you care for his health. Moreover, who can say no to the beauty of the tiger eye and onyx stones? They look beautiful enough to fit any fashion styles.
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4. iPad and Document Organizer
This item is one of the best organizer gifts for men in their 50’s. If your man is a tech expert or an office worker, you should add the iPad and Document Organizer in your gift lists for him.

The iPad and Document Organizer is helpful and unique. It is useful enough to organize all the essentials that he might need to perform an office presentation. If your guy has this item, you are sure that he will not misplace or forget anything at home because he can place all that he needs in there.

The iPad and Document Organizer is not just a practical gift. It is also unique and beautiful. Nobody would ever think to gift your guy the same item.
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5. Personalized Socks
Sentimentality is your next ground for choosing the best gift for your man in his prime age, especially if he is the kind who can buy almost anything.

One way to give a sentimental present is to have it customized with a thoughtful phrase that describes your relationship or feelings with him. You can also personalize it with his name if you do not want to reveal your emotions in words.

Gifting these personalized socks is one example. Aside from the liberty of customizing it with words, you can also choose the color for your man. You can select between black or grey.
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6. Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit
Men have different types of personality. One way to show it is on how they keep or groom their beard. Some men shave it, while the others grow it.

If your favorite guy is the type who grows his beard, he has to take good care of it too. He should not neglect it if he wants it. That is why you should encourage him to groom his beard like he does his hair by gifting this Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit.

The Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit has organic ingredients that ensure that your guy’s beard will grow manageable and soft.
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7. Polarized Sunglasses
A man who loves the outdoors is unstoppable. An adventurous soul will remain adventurous as long as he has the strength. That is why you can expect that your guy is always out basking under the sun.

Although the sun is good for the body in some way, direct contact to the sunlight is dangerous to the skin and the eyes. One way to give him protection is to gift your beloved guy these Polarized Sunglasses.

These Polarize Sunglasses are almost unbreakable because of the durable magnesium-alloy used for it. They are also scratch-resistant. For this reason, you know that this gift will last for years.
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8. BNFUSA Mazam Faux Book Safe
A smart man in his prime has already built his financial portfolio. He has the right amount of savings that will keep him alive and prosperous in his retirement. He has properties that he can sell.

Because money is not an issue for him anymore, you might think that it will never cause him any troubles at all. Because he is financially affluent, he can become a favorite target of some people with malicious intentions. That is why he should always keep his valuables safe.

For a guy in his prime who has everything, you might want to consider gifting this BNFUSA Mazam Faux Book Safe to keep his valuables safe from burglars and thieves.
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9. Engraved Wooden Watch
Even though your guy probably does not have any problem buying his own classy or luxurious watch, it will never replace the gift that comes from your heart. That is why you will never go wrong gifting your guy this Engraved Wooden Watch.

There are two reasons why this Engraves Wooden Watch is one of the best gifts for men in their 50’s.

The first reason is that it is elegant and unique. Your guy can buy gold or diamond watches in stores but finding a wooden type like this one is a challenge.

The second reason is because of its sentimentality. You can ask the seller to engrave his name or your thoughts at the back of it.
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10. Deep-Sea Sand Art
The Deep Sea Sand Art is another best gift suggestions for a man in his 50’s. It is rare to find the Deep Sea Sand Art in stores. That is why it is one of the unique items that are a perfect addition in his minimalist house interior. Unlike other simple home décors, this product is dynamic.

When your guy has guests in his home, the Deep Sea Sand Art will catch his visitors’ attention. They will feel more impressed because of this item. It can also keep the visitors busy while waiting for your guy because they can occupy their time by flipping the glass ring and watch the sands move.
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11. Leather Wallet Case
This Leather Wallet Case is an ideal gift for your guy to keep his stuff. It helps to keep his valuables organized like his phone, cards, and cash. It is the perfect item to keep his belongings so that he can take it easily wherever he goes. He does not have to scour for each of his things to take them with him.

This Leather Wallet Case is a beauty. It is leather-made and has a removable shell. It can protect his phone from impact when he accidentally drops it on the floor. Moreover, it has a stand on its own to support hands-free phone usage.
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12. Vetelli Toiletry Bag
Not only women can make use of an excellent and reliable toiletry bag. Even men need one too. After all, they still have almost the same business to do inside the toilet. For this reason, you will never go wrong gifting your guy a Vetelli Toiletry Bag that will keep his essentials organized. With it, your guy can easily take his essentials everywhere.

The Vetelli Toiletry Bag is one of the best options for keeping his toiletries organized. It is water-resistant and user-friendly. Your guy will never have any problems cleaning this bag.

Moreover, your guy can store a lot of items in Vetelli Toiletry Bag because of its internal compartments.
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13. Kikkerland Retro Pens
Pens are one of the most advisable gifts for men in their 50’s. It is because even though your guy can afford almost a lot of stuff that they want, pens still do not last long. They run out of ink. For this reason, you should add pens on your gift plans for him.

The Kikkerland Retro Pens are not only useful, but they are also in retro colors that a man in his 50's would appreciate. A set contains five pens with blank ink that he can refill when they run out.

If you think pens are not enough as a gift, you can include a journal to them.
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14. iPhone Caddy
Even though you admire your guy for his brilliance, the sharpness of memory dulls as time goes by. There is no surprise that your guy might be starting to forget about a thing or two. He might already begin to forget where he placed his keys, phone, or wallet.

There is nothing wrong with it because many people who are younger than them can also experience the same problem. What is essential is to build a solution to eliminate the chance for his items to get lost.

One of these solutions is to gift your guy with an iPhone Caddy. It is a docking station where your guy can place all his essentials so that he knows where to find each of them.
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15. Ticket Stub Diary
People have different interests. Some collect stamps, while others love collecting coins. Others gather weird or even disgusting stuff like their boogers.

However, other people collect stuff like tickets as a memoir of the movies or games they watched, and the experiences that came along with it. They gather them not because it is their hobby, but because of the nostalgia and memories.

If your guy is one of these people who love collecting tickets, gift him this Ticket Stub Diary. He will love this item because it will keep his collections organized, and he can also add some of his thoughts on it.
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16. Cherry Finish Spanish Cedar Humidor With Magnet Seal and Humidifier Gel
Smoking is indeed dangerous to one's health, but how can you stop a man who has been smoking for years? How can you encourage your guy to give up this bad habit? Even smokers know that smoking is dangerous for their health. If quitting smoking is easy, they might have done it for a long time.

However, quitting this habit is difficult because of the withdrawal symptoms that can be irritating and painful.

If your guy is one of those people who do not want to give up this bad habit, you can at least gift him this Cherry Finish Spanish Cedar Humidor With Magnet Seal and Humidifier Gel. He is unstoppable anyway.
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17. Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower
Some people enjoy lawn mowing just like Forrest Gump. However, some people find this activity tedious and repetitive. If your guy is one of those men who would instead go in his garage to fix his broken stuff than to mow all day, he will love this lawnmower.

The Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower is the answer to his prayers because it moves by itself. It can move around obstacles and can do the task for your guy. He can sit back, relax, and enjoy his time while this item does the tedious job for him.
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18. Evapolar Personal Air Cooler
You might say that your guy has an air-conditioner at home to cool him in the summer months, and he does not need this cheap personal air cooler.

Your guy will still need this personal air cooler. Even if he has an air-conditioner at home, the Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner has its own merits than what you believe. This item is portable enough so that he can take it with him anywhere whether in his office, living room, or couch.

The Evapolar Personal Air Cooler is excellent enough to cool a small area of space. Therefore, your guy can use it if he feels hot while others feel cold.
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19. Personalized Wallet
Men of any age love using bifold wallet because of its practicality. It fits any pocket without causing it to bump.

It can practically store his cards and essentials. That is why a wallet is one of the best gifts for men.

You might say that your guy probably owns one already, which might be more expensive than what you are planning to give him. However, you will never go wrong gifting a personalized wallet. It is because of the sentimentality of it.

All of his wallets will go old and break, but he will find this wallet hard to throw away because of its sentimentality.
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20. Movies Scratch Off Poster
The Movies Scratch Off Poster is an excellent present to give to your guy who loves watching movies. It can also be a unique gift for a man in his prime who is nearing his retirement age. After all, in his retirement, he will not have anything to do at all. It will give him plenty of time to watch the movies that he did not see in his younger and busier years.

Therefore, spoil him with movie suggestions. The Movies Scratch Off Poster is an adorable item that suggests the best movies for him to watch next by scratching each of the 100 films hidden in the poster.
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21. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch
Even if you think that your guy is strong and healthy, you have to face the fact that nobody is invincible. Just like any other people, your 50-year-old plus guy needs to eat a balanced meal, go to annual check-ups, and burn extra calories. Failing to live a healthy lifestyle will do him a lot of harm in the future.

To encourage your guy to start tracking and focusing on his health, gift him this Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch. This item tracks fitness data like distance and heart rate. Just like the other fundamental functions of a smartwatch, he can use it to receive notifications on calls and messages.
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22. TrackR Pixel
As a person grows old, his or her memory starts to become terrible. Your guy in his prime is no exception.

Even though your man has been brilliant in his field, he is not invincible enough to remember anything. Just like any typical person, he also misplaces his stuff from time to time, which is probably more frequent nowadays due to his age.

Because there is nothing that you can do to make his brain extra aware of what he is doing, help him by gifting this TrackR Pixel to him. This item will help your guy to find what he lost by ringing it or activating the LED lights.
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23. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet
You might argue that men in his prime are not techie individuals. That is why you think giving them presents like Xbox, smartphone, or tablets is a wrong idea. However, even though they might not be the techiest people that you know, it does not mean that you should leave them out from what is going on in the current technology.

Moreover, one has to start somewhere. If your guy does not know how to use a device, teach him. You might realize that gifting him techie items like the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is a good idea. With this tablet, he can do almost a lot of fun activities. He can watch movies, read e-books, browse the Internet, and communicate.
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24. Silk Pocket Square
A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without some pocket squares. Pocket squares are more stylish and fashionable than handkerchiefs. Although men usually keep their pocket squares, it is still lovely if they can have them.

Keeping one of them in their pockets will make them feel more confident if it is stylish and new.

These pocket squares are some examples of the ones that are worth keeping. It is pure silk. They are available in different colors and patterns.

The pocket squares are among the safest gifts for men in their 50's. For this reason, if you do not know what to give your guy, you should add pocket squares among your gift choices.
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25. Upcycled Record Coasters
It is quite difficult to find vinyl records nowadays. That is why you are lucky if you can find a shop that sells some of them.

If your guy is a vinyl record user or lover, which he most likely is, why not gift him a vinyl record of his favorite music? However, because of the rarity of this item, why not give him the Upcycled Record Coasters instead. A set comprises of six coasters of different labels and genres.

Even though you may not be successful at giving him a vinyl record, at least you have given him unique presents that will make him always remember you.
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26. Bose QuietComfort 35
Although it looks awkward to see a 50-year-old man wearing headphones, it does not mean that you cannot gift him one. Gifting a man in his prime a headphone is highly beneficial on his part. First, if he is listening in his podcast or music, he will hear no other noise but only music or voice from his iTunes or podcast.

If you gift your guy a quality headphone like the Bose QuietComfort 35, he will never have to struggle with cables anymore. Instead, it will provide him a more enjoyable listening experience because of its amazing features. He can also access Alexa through this headphone.
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27. Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader
If you ask what the best gift to give to a bookworm, it would be an e-reader. Even though nothing can replace the scent and feel of paperback books, an e-reader is more practical because of its features that paperback books do not have.

An e-reader like the Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader provides a high-resolution view for a more crisp and readable display. It does not glare like a tablet or mobile screens.

With an e-reader, your guy can take hundreds of his books with him anywhere he goes without breaking a sweat. An e-reader is as light as a feather. Depending on the storage capacity of an e-Reader, your man can store hundreds of books in it.
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28. Amazon Echo
Your guy deserves to live a luxurious life after long years that he has been working to provide for his family. That is why gifting a life of luxury is one of the best gifts for men in their 50’s. If you are asking how you can do it if you are not living it yourself, you can gift him this Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo has a lot of features that will make your man feel like he is king. With the Amazon Echo, your man would only command the speaker to do the ordinary tasks of setting the alarm, turning off the lights, playing his music, and more.
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29. Your Child’s Drawing on Cuff Links
Your Child’s Drawing on Cuff Links is the best gift for a family type of man. They may not be fashionable items to wear for style, but they are the most beautiful cuff links because of their sentimentality. You can customize the cuff links with the drawings or doodles of his children or grandchildren.

Even though Your Child's Drawing on Cuff Links may not be the most fashionable accessory, they are the most amazing for the man who wears it. With this gift, your man will always remember the joys of his life, his children or grandchildren, no matter what the occasion is.
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30. Kabob Grilling Baskets
The Kabob Grilling Baskets are the best gifts for a man in his prime who loves his barbecue. Instead of a skewer, your guy can now use the Kabob Grilling Baskets to make a perfect grill. He does not have to worry about the falling veggies, fruits, or meat in the griller because these baskets will keep them in place.

More than the Kabob Grilling Baskets, you are gifting your guy the best gift that comes along with these items, which is the opportunity for the whole family to bond and eat together. With these items, your guy can already start inviting his loved ones for a barbecue party.
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31. 10000mAh Portable Charger
Unfavorable circumstances come to anyone no matter what his or her age is. These events can happen to everyone, whether young or old.

For this reason, your guy is never old to receive a gift like this 10000mAh Portable Charger. Even though a millennial would appreciate it more, there will come a time that your guy might need it.

If your guy travels a lot, you will never go wrong gifting this item to him as a present. Even though you might argue that he can take his charger on his travels, you will never know. In some places, electricity is a problem. That is why your guy should be ready when he gets into one of those places.
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32. “One Summer: America, 1927” Book
The “One Summer: America, 1927” book is one of the best gifts for a man who loves America and history. This book will leave your guy in awe because of the different events and innovations that all happened one summer in 1927. Even if your guy is a history buff, this book will never fail to amaze him because there is a lot to discover.

The book “One Summer: America, 1927,” written by Bill Bryson, tells about all the events that took place in 1927. Some examples are Al Capone’s emergence, Babe Ruth’s home run, and more. If your guy has this book, he will never put it down.
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33. “Delish: Eat Like Every Day’s the Weekend” Book
Cooking is a lucrative and enjoyable hobby. That is why for a guy who loves to cook, you will never go wrong gifting him a recipe book that is as interesting as the “Delish: Eat Like Every Day’s the Weekend.” Even though your guy is not as pro as chefs, he will learn how to cook like one with the help of this book.

The “Delish: Eat Like Every Day’s the Weekend” caters to people who want to cook like Gordon Ramsay. Even though your guy's cooking will not be as good as the professional chef's cooking, at least this book will help him make some improvements.
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34. Waxed Canvas Tote Bag
Tote bags are not just for women. Men can also use them to contain their belongings. However, their tote bags should be masculine and stylish like this Waxed Canvas Tote Bag. It is a luxurious bag that a man in his prime deserves to have. This item is a perfect casual bag that he can use to hold his items whenever he goes out.

You will never go wrong with this tote bag because of its quality and durability. It makes use of leather and fabric, which is perfect for a man who likes the vintage style. Besides, you can also add your personalization to make it look more thoughtful.
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35. Beer Making Kit
Beers have been a popular drink in all ages. Whether young or old, a beer drinker will always be a beer drinker. That is why you cannot get rid of your guy's liking for beer. As long as he drinks in moderation, you can always support him for his likes.

One way to show him your support for his love of this beverage is by giving him this Beer Making Kit as a present. With this Beer Making Kit, your guy can brew his homemade beer, which will make him prouder of himself.

He will love this kit because the instructions are easy to follow. He can make a batch of his beer in less than an hour.
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36. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Accessories
Nobody likes to grow old. Being in your 50’s can be depressing at times because it has always been a reminder that you are nearing your senior years. However, aging is not all that bad. Sometimes it provides an opportunity to discover something about oneself.

Retirement will give a person a lot of time for himself, which is an excellent opportunity to travel, learn a new skill, and bond with the family. To encourage your guy to make use of his time in an enjoyable way, give him this PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Accessories. It will provide him with an opportunity to bond with friends and loved ones or discover new talent in fishing.
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37. Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope
Some men in his prime might feel interested to learn about the newest gadgets and devices in the market. However, others are traditionalists. They do not enjoy the perks of new gadgets, no matter how they can make work easier for them.

For the men who prefer watching the stars than playing the latest mobile game craze, he will love this Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope. It is a perfect telescope for amateur stargazers. It enables them to track the heavenly bodies by using the knobs that can control the different features of the telescope.

Undoubtedly, your guy will appreciate this item because he can take it anywhere he likes without breaking a sweat.
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38. Fender Harmonica
Playing the harmonica is probably the first musical instrument that he has learned. After all, it is one of the easiest and most straightforward musical instruments that you can ever learn. Because of the different life’s demands, he probably let his old harmonica rot in a closet.

Now that he is close to retirement or probably already retiring right now, it is a great time to encourage your guy to go back to his old passion. Let him play harmonica to express his thoughts, feelings, and musical abilities. If he does not know how to play it yet, now is the best time to start to learn.
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39. Winter Balaclava Ski Mask
You cannot stop a man with an adventurous soul even in his prime years. If a man still has the strength to pursue his passions and interests, age would never stop him. You, as a loved one, should always by his side to support him in all walks of life.

To show him your support, gift your man this Winter Balaclava Ski Mask. It is an excellent gift for a man who loves winter sports, like skiing or skating.

This ski mask will make him feel warm and comfortable during the cold months while he is busy doing his outdoor activities. With a ski mask like this, he will not have to worry about snow or debris gushing into his face as he performs a fast-motion action because this mask will protect his face.
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40. Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hotdog Toaster
As you might notice, every generation has its collective wants and interests. Many millennials who are into hip-hop and pop music will never appreciate jazz or rock and roll. Same goes to the baby boomers. That is why you can expect that your 50-year-old man is into retro music and design.

For this reason, you will never go wrong gifting your guy this Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hotdog Toaster. This item has a retro design that cooks two hotdog sandwiches at the same time. That is why the Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hotdog Toaster is one of the best gifts for men in their 50’s who love hotdogs and retro style.
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41. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker
For a man who is still busy in his 50’s, he will need an extra helping hand. He might not have a problem with breakfast preparation if he has a good wife who is ready to cook for him. However, if he is alone in life or he makes his breakfast, he needs something that will help him cook a hearty meal without sacrificing his precious time.

To help the man in your life prepare a delicious meal fast, gift him this Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. With this device, your guy can cook all the ingredients of his sandwich at the same time, which can be ready in five minutes. He can now eat healthier breakfast with the help of this contraption.
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42. Philips Kitchen Air Fryer With Fat Reducer
The Philips Kitchen Air Fryer With Fat Reducer is another excellent addition in your 50-year-old man's kitchen. It has all the features that a man in his prime would love.

If he lives alone, this device will encourage him to prepare a healthy meal because cooking in this air fryer can only take a few minutes. Also, this item fries a dish with less or no oil, which makes it a healthier alternative than a pan-fried dish.

With Philips Kitchen Air Fryer With Fat Reducer, your guy will save his health and more of his time. After all, a guy in his prime should be more conscious of what he eats.
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43. Cuisinart Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven
For men who have a fantastic talent at pizza-making, the Cuisinart Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven is one of the best gifts for men in their 50’s. It is because it is the kind that they and the people around them would appreciate.

This item provides an opportunity for your guy and his friends and loved ones to bond. It also provides your guy the chance to let his pizza-making skills shine.

It is because he can take the Cuisinart Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven everywhere without sacrificing the quality for cooking. There are no additional tools needed. All that he needs are ingredients and this item.
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