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101 Best Gift Ideas for the Mother of the Bride 2020


One of the most complicated gifts to give is that from the groom to the mother of the bride. This is doubly true if you don’t know her well, but the pressure of the situation can even get to someone who knows her likes and dislikes inside and out.

That’s why the first step is to do just that. If you’re struggling to do so, go to the person who likely knows her best—the bride. Once that’s out of the way, the next step is to match her personality to a high-quality present, which is why we’ve put together this list of gifts that are sure to make any mother of the bride feel special and loved.

1. Platinum Dipped Real Rose
Whether she is your mom or your mother-in-law to be, she deserves a reminder of love. As a groom, the mom of your girl is the one who gave birth to the woman of your dreams. Therefore, you should appreciate her by giving her this Platinum Dipped Real Rose.

This rose is a real one dipped in platinum. It is also available in other finishes like gold, rose gold, and silver if you do not like the platinum finish.
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2. ”DIY Woven Art” Book
Upon leaving your parents guardianship to be with the man of your dreams, you are giving them more time for themselves. It is a perfect opportunity to give them something to do. This “DIY Woven Art” book will give your mom something to do during her free time.

She will enjoy learning the craft of woven art by making rugs, pillows, hangings to add to use in their home. Who knows she might also create one for you?
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3. “101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health, and Home” Book
A mom of the bride is usually in her 40s or more. For this reason, she is starting to battle against those lines and wrinkles. Although aging is an inevitable process, you can help her slow it down by giving her this book.

This book will allow her to learn how to create homemade products that will benefit her skin and health. Aside from skincare, she will also learn how to make other home-made products.
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4. Custom Handkerchief
The wedding day is both a sad and happy moment for the mom of the bride. It is a happy moment because she is satisfied that you are so glad about taking on the next chapter of your life. She is sad because her baby has turned into a woman and will be living with the man she loves.

Whether the tears that she will shed on that day are tears of joy or sadness, save her mascara.
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5. Customized Family Member Signpost
The wedding day is the start of another journey of your life. Therefore, it is right to leave something for your parents. This Customized Family Member Signpost is one of the best gifts for the mother of the bride if you want something to remind your parents that you are always a part of their family.

You can include the name of your siblings and your husband-to-be in one of the arrows of the signpost.
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6. Magnifying Compact Mirror
A compact mirror is one of the must-haves of every woman regardless of age. It is impossible not to see one when you raid in their purse. Therefore, if you are pondering what to give to your mom or your mother-in-law to be, add this Magnifying Compact Mirror among your list.

This mirror has an extra feature. It has ten times magnification that allows the mom to tweeze or to apply her makeup flawlessly.
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7. Jewelry Organizer
If the mom loves wearing jewelry, you will never go wrong with this jewelry organizer. This item is unique. Unlike the jewelry box, the mom can display her keepsakes proudly. This jewelry stand adorns the mom’s dressing table to ornament her room.

This jewelry organizer provides a spacious room for her necklaces to prevent them from tangling with each other. This jewelry stand also allows her to see all her pieces at first glance.
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8. “Real-Life Organizing: Clean and Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes a Day” Book
If your mom is a busy career woman, and she is active in her 40s, doing household chores is something that she might dislike doing. However, she knows that she ought to organize stuff in the house and keep it clean even though she is not willing to do it.

Help her make her tasks simpler with this “Real-Life Organizing: Clean and Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes a Day” book to allow her to organize the house in the fastest way.
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9. Personalized Illustration
If you are the bride and you are looking for a gift to give your mom before your wedding day to express your gratitude, this personalized illustration is a simple gift to give her. Although it is just simple, it is heart-warming and meaningful. It contains a tear-jerking message that you will always be the young girl she gave birth to and her friend.

You can also customize the illustration to add to its sentimentality.
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10. Cheese & Crackers Serving Board
Your mom or your mother-in-law would love to have something presentable to show to their house guests. This Cheese and Crackers Serving Board are among the best choices if you want a serving platter that looks attractive to the eye.

This serving board is durable because of its maple wood with a teak oil finish construction which came from North America. It is not just a presentable latter. It is also a decorative addition to the kitchen.
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11. DIY Cookbook: Can It, Cure It, Churn It, Brew It
If the mom of the bride loves to cook, she will be interested to learn new recipes. This DIY book will teach her how to prepare brewed or preserved items that she usually buys in a store. With this book, she can already make one of her own.

From dill pickles to smoked bacon, she will learn almost a hundred of recipes in this book. Who knows, you might be the first one to get to taste her first creation.
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12. Netflix Gift Card
If the mom of the bride is a movie lover, she will love to receive a Netflix Gift Card. With this gift card, you are giving her free access to movie nights where she and her husband can watch a movie or series. It provides them the moment to rekindle the flame of their love while you are away.

It provides more than just entertainment; It also offers an opportunity for the loved ones to bond.
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13. Willow Tree Memory Box
It is not awkward at all to give a sentimental gift to your mom, especially at this moment when you are about to get married. To commemorate her hardships of bringing you up into this world until you become the person that you are now, she deserves this Willow Tree Memory Box.

Along with this box, you can encase a piece of jewelry that she can wear to always remind her of you.
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14. Mother of the Bride Gift Necklace
If you are looking for a gift to give to your mom before your wedding day, this Mother of the Bride Gift Necklace is among the best gifts to give her. It has a message thanking her for her endless patience, love, and support. This tear-jerking message will remind your mom that you will always be her little girl no matter what role you play in life.

If you cannot express your gratitude by words, give this necklace to her.
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15. Pistachio Pedestal
If your mom or mother-in-law-to-be loves eating nuts and pistachios, spoil her by giving this pistachio pedestal. If she loves eating nuts, she will appreciate having it in a living room while watching a movie with her husband.

This pistachio pedestal is a problem-solver. The mom does not have to hold the debris and left-overs in her hand. She can toss them away on the lower tier while keeping the ones with hulls on the upper level.
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16. ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Movie
If the mom of the bride has a sense of humor and loves watching movies, renting or buying her the DVD of this movie will make her laugh her heart out.

This movie is about a girl who created tension between her Greek traditionalist family and beloved man who is not Greek. This movie is a comedy film that portrays the relationship between in-laws and the husband-to-be.
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17. Custom Photo to Canvas Art
The Custom Photo to Canvas Art is among the unique ways to give a photo as a gift to a mom of the bride. It is an ideal gift, especially if you are the bride-to-be. You can give your mom a picture of you and her that she will treasure in her life while you are starting your own family.

This canvas is a unique kind of artwork that is also sentimental because of the personalization and its breathtaking design.
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18. Custom Tumbler
If the mom is a busy woman who loves drinking coffee, you will never go wrong with this custom tumbler. Because it is customizable, you can add a bit of sentimentality to it by adding a message that you want to convey to her. She can also take it everywhere she goes.

For this reason, this tumbler is a great gift to give if you want the mother to remember you anywhere she goes.
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19. Personalized Platters
Even if it is your wedding day, do not forget those people who raised you. After all, you will never be the happiest girl without those people who made this possible. For this reason, why not use these personalized platters to commemorate them.

With these custom platters, you can place the date of your mom and dad's wedding date to it. It is because you are where you are now because of their union.
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20. My Life Story
Getting married is the start of your journey of having your own family. For this reason, you might already start thinking of something about the things that you can give to your children. One of these things is a journal.

You can give this journal to your parents to inspire them to write their life story so that the next generation can benefit from their life lessons. You can also start working on one to pass to your descendants.
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21. Clutch Purse
Every woman needs a purse to contain all her essentials like keys, money, credit card, ID, and the like. That is why this clutch purse is among the perfect gifts for the mother of the bride. This clutch purse is an ideal accessory that she can take with her during the wedding day.

Its elegant design makes it evident that she is the mother of the bride because of the flower decoration with attractive metal branches.
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22. Luxury Scented Soy Candle
If the mom loves using scented candles to relax and to prepare her for bed, you might want to add this Luxury Scented Soy Candle on the list. This item is eco-friendly because of the soy wax. It is also vegan, cruelty-free, and parabens-free.

This candle provides long burn hours, which makes it an ideal gift to a person who uses scented candles a lot. It has quality scents that are perfect for aromatherapy.
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23. “Best Mom Ever” Tote Bag
Starting on the wedding day, you will head to the next chapter of your life. You will be busier because you will begin tending not only to your personal needs but also to your husband. You will even start a family with him.

Therefore, you should not let go of the opportunity to tell your mom that she is the best. If you are the shy type, you can give this tote bag to her to express your thoughts.
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24. My Beautiful Parents Wedding Journal
The "My Beautiful Parents" wedding journal is a fantastic gift to give to your mom before your wedding day. It encourages her to remember her wedding day with your father. It is the best way to express your gratitude to your parents.

This journal is handmade from leather. There is a page in this journal where you can write your message or ask them questions. This journal has a vintage design that has the ambiance of the occasion.
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25. Bedside Essentials Pocket
Because you will be less of a worry for your parents after your wedding, they will have more time to think for themselves. They might start learning or doing some hobbies that they failed to do while you were still around. Encourage them by giving this Bedside Essentials Pocket.

This item will keep their essentials reachable on their bedside. These items can be a tablet, a book, eyeglasses, or anything that will help them discover more about themselves.
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26. “Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual” Book
Home improvements are among the handiest book to give as a gift for the bride's mom. If her daughter must live far away from her, she should take advantage of this situation instead of wallowing or bothering her daughter’s honeymoon. With this book, the mom will learn a lot of useful things that can improve her home with the help of her husband.

This book provides a foolproof way to save energy and build great-looking results.
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27. Southwest Airlines Gift Card
Face the fact that there are husbands and brides’ mothers that cannot get along well. Sometimes, these mothers provide a miserable hell for the husband.

If you are the bride and stuck in the middle of your bickering loved ones, give your mom and dad the Southwest Airlines Gift Cards to encourage them to travel. It allows you and your husband to have a peaceful time together, even just for the time being.
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28. “Son-in-Law” Movie
If you are the husband-to-be and having a hard time getting along with your in-laws, especially if it is the mother of your bride, giving her a gift of this movie might soften her heart for you.

This movie is a comedy which is about a party boy who was disdained by his bride’s family at first but earned their trust by proving himself. This movie might make your in-laws realize your uniqueness as a person.
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29. For Her Beauty Giftset
Even if it is sad for the mom of the bride to see her daughter starting a new life with the man of her dreams, it provides an opportunity for her to start thinking for herself. You can encourage her to start by giving this For Her Beauty Giftset.

It is a complete gift set that includes a lip balm, bath salt with the scent of your choice (lavender or grapefruit, muscle balm, skin balm, and more.
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30. Recycled Glass Tree Globes
Before leaving your parents' care to live with the man of your dreams, why not leave something for your parents that will remind them of you? One of these items is the Recycled Glass Tree Globes. It is an environment-friendly way to celebrate the bond that you have to your parents.

The artwork of this tree symbolizes your relationship to your family that you will always be a part of it no matter how far you are as a branch.
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31. National Geographic History Subscription
If the mom of the bride has a deep interest in history, she will love to receive a subscription of the National Geographic History to feed her mind. It provides her a fantastic journey to the past even if she was not at that time when history happened.

The magazine tackles different era and issues during ancient times, modern era, various civilizations, and more. The bride's mom will learn a lot with this magazine.
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32. Premium Makeup Brushes
Makeup application is an art that every woman can master. For this reason, you can expect that the mom of the bride is also a master of this art, especially now that her daughter is getting married. To help her for the application of her technique, she needs tools like these brushes.

These brushes provide a variety of ways to apply foundation, blush-on, and lipstick. A pack of these brushes contains nine pieces, which are all well-shaped and dense.
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33. Eye Shadow Palette
Eyeshadow is a great eye makeup that can automatically make the eyes look smaller or more significant in a non-invasive, cheap, and easy way. On the wedding day, the mom of the bride must become as pretty as her daughter to make it evident to everyone that she is the bride’s mother.

Giving her an eye shadow palette is a great help for making the eyes look beautiful and tantalizing on the big day.
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34. Mama Bear Wooden Cutting Board
If the mom of the bride loves to cook, the Mama Bear Wooden Cutting Board is among the best gifts to give her. It is sentimental because of the mothership it conveys. It is also an attractive addition to the kitchen, which is also perfect for display. While using this cutting board, it will remind her of you.

This cutting board is a simple gift to give, but it is useful for everyday chopping tasks and serving.
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35. Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace
The mothers are the strongest women in this world. Imagine the hardships that they must endure when they raise their children. They must face those financial difficulties, health problems, and more.

To thank your mother for being a strong woman, give her this Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace. This necklace serves as a tribute to every strong woman like your mom.

This necklace is a symbol of a woman’s milestones for her every achievement in the past, present, and the future.
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36. La Pure Korean Facial Mask
The 40s or older is the typical age of a bride's mother. In this age, the skin's elasticity is starting to deteriorate. For this reason, she needs some salvation. With the help of this La Pure Korean Facial Mask, the deterioration might slow down.

This mask helps in skin rejuvenation and repairing because it contains 7000ppm snail secretion filtrate. This secretion filtrate is the one responsible for making the skin look younger and supple.
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37. HP Blender
The 40s is the age where a person becomes at risk of developing severe diseases. For this reason, the parents of the bride need a constant reminder to take good care of their health and to avoid eating unhealthy and fatty foods. You, who are starting to live a separate life, will not be around to remind them to eat healthily.

However, you can give this blender as a gift to encourage them to create fresh smoothies and juices.
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38. “Meet the Parents” Movie
If you are the guy who went through hell to impress the family of your bride, you will find that the story of Greg Focker relatable. Greg is the main protagonist of the movie, “Meet the Parents.” In the story, Greg had a difficult time impressing the family of her girlfriend but had proven himself worthy in the end.

If you find that you had been in the same situation as Greg, most likely your in-laws can relate too.
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39. Repurposed Candle for Mom
If the mom of the bride loves scented candles, give her this one. This candle is eco-friendly because of the use of recycled materials like wine bottles. It also makes use of pure fragrances with the blend of soy as its wax.

With this candle, the mom can expect that the candle will fill a room with fragrance and distribute its light and scent evenly across the room. You can choose to personalize its wooden cap if you want.
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40. What I Love About Mom by Me
Sometimes words are challenging to express if you must utter them directly, especially if those are words of affection. Although some daughters have no problems telling how much they love their moms, some are shy to express them directly.

For daughters who want to tell their mom their love but are shy to say to them, you can give this "What I Love About Mom by Me" book. You can take this opportunity to compliment her and to thank her.
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41. Wonder Woman Logo Mug
Mothers are among the most amazing people in the world. It is astonishing how they can manage and juggle their time between their career and family. For this reason, you can call her the Wonder Woman of your life.

It is not awkward to regard her as your heroine because she raised you to become the woman that you now have a choice to be with the man of your dreams.
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42. Photo Album
Even if everything is digital and you can place your photos on a Facebook album or digital album, it cannot replace the sentimentality of the photo album that you can turn each page like a book. The mother of the bride appreciates this kind of gifts.

With a photo album, she can collect the pictures of your wedding in it. She can proudly place it on a coffee table where their guests can see what happened on your wedding day.
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43. Spa Gift Basket
Although for a mom, seeing her daughter going to her separate path to building her own family can be both a sad and happy event for her, it is also an opportunity. For the mom of the bride, she deserves a break. Although being a mom is a lifetime and continuous commitment, she deserves to relax even for once in her life.

This spa gift set contains six pieces of collectibles that are essentials for providing the pampering she needs.
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44. Personalized Oversized Initial Necklace
If the mom loves jewelry, she will love to have a unique piece to add to her collection. The Personalized Oversized Initial Necklace is a unique necklace because of the large size of the pendant. You can have the initial of the mom’s first name to customize this necklace as a simple way to express your gratitude without saying a word.

This necklace can also be a beautiful accessory for the gown that she will wear on the wedding day.
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45. Tea Drop Sampler
If the mom of the bride is a tea drinker, she will love this tea drop sampler. The mom will surely enjoy this sampler because of the unique way it offers to prepare a cup of tea. With this sampler, you do not have to use a steeper, tea bags, or any tools to make a cup.

Each tea drop is dissolvable. The mother does not have to add aromatic spices or sugar. Each piece is complete as it is.
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46. Trinket Glass Box
If the mom loves jewelry, she needs something adorable that will keep her treasures. This Trinket Glass Box has a cute vintage design. You can choose among the four colors of iridescent, red, purple, and aquamarine blue.

This trinket makes a perfect decoration for her dresser. It had decorative edging and rounded feet with beveled hinge-top to complete its elegant design.

She does not have to worry about getting small cuts because of its lead-free solder construction.
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47. Remote Controlled LED Candles
Sometimes, a household needs candles for various reasons. Some of these reasons include the power outage and the romantic dinner. However, candles are dangerous. They put a house at risk of getting into flames. Although there are other alternatives, candles provide a unique kind of light.

The Remote-Controlled LED Candles mimics the candlelight with a flickering effect. It runs on with batteries so the mom can use them during the power outage or a romantic dinner with her hubby.
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48. Everlasting Glow Lantern
A candle is a useful and cheap light source when there is a power outage. However, it also puts life and wellness at risk because of the danger of its flames and the heat of its wax.

If the mom is the type that uses a candle whenever there is a power outage, she needs this Everlasting Glow Lantern. It is battery-operated equipment that provides the light that is as beautiful as candlelight.
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49. Personalized Mom’s Necklace
If you are the bride, you want to give a present to your mom that she will love. You also want the gift to be highly sentimental because you want always to remind her that you will still be her little girl. If your mom is the type of woman who loves wearing jewelry, she will love this custom necklace.

This necklace is highly customizable from the choice of the letters to the birthstones.
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50. I’ll Be There Necklace
Your mom has been the only person who sticks with you ever since you were a baby until you grow up to be the woman that you are now. For this reason, you may regard her your best friend because she has always been there for you during your ups and downs.

Now that you are about to get married, remind her that you will never stop being there for her when she needs you by giving her this necklace.
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51. ”DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner” Book
The 40s is the best time to prepare for retirement. Therefore, the parents of the bride must start building and saving what is necessary for their retirement. Among these preparations includes self-sufficiency, which not only benefits them but also possibly their future generation.

The “DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner” is a book that allows the brides’ parents to build projects that will give them access to independent electricity, water, and the like.
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52. Appliance Module
Your parents have sacrificed a lot of things for you. Therefore, they deserve to take a breather. You can help them make their life easier by giving them this appliance module. This appliance module allows your mom and even your dad to control every appliance almost anywhere in the house.

It can work with television and even coffee pots. With this equipment, they do not have to walk from one place to another to control all the household appliance.
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53. Family Handyman Magazine Subscription
Even if your mom can hire the services of a handyman to fix everything broken in your home, DIY is still the best and the cheapest option. Although there are home fixtures that are for professionals, there are also some home damages that one can do on his or her own.

The Family Handyman Magazine allows your mom to learn the home projects that can help save some of her money.
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54. Mom’s Baking Set
Before getting married, you might want to compliment her about the things that she can do best. If she is an excellent baker and you have never praised her for that, giving her this baking set will bring tears to her eyes. Not only it will encourage ger to bake more, but it also sends your message of love to her.

If you think your mom is good with other things, you can personalize the message.
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55. Mother & Daughter Book Set
Even though you are about to get married, it does not mean that your mom will stop being a mom to you after the wedding day. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunities that you can have with her with the help of this Mother and Daughter Book Set.

The book set contains 40 cards which you can share or send. This book provides an opportunity to keep a piece of your mom while you are living with your man.
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56. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer
If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to the mother of the bride, the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is the ideal one.

The mother of the bride would want to be beautiful on the big day next to her daughter. To help her reach her goal for that day, give this hair-dryer and volumizer to help improve the looks of her hair in just a few minutes.
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57. Sandwich Maker
The sandwich maker is one of the best gifts for the mother of the bride, who is a busy woman on the go. Giving her this sandwich maker as a gift will make the breakfast ready in just five minutes. She does not have to worry about getting late because she must prepare breakfast for the whole family.

With this sandwich maker, she can save more of her time to use it to get ready for the day’s work.
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58. Travel Makeup Case Organizer
If you are looking for a gift for the mother of the bride, this travel makeup case should be among your consideration. Even if the couple has already hired someone who would do the job of being a makeup artist, no one can stop a mom. As a mom, she would like to make sure that her daughter is the most beautiful woman on the big day.

With this makeup case, she can use it for herself, especially when traveling.
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59. Bath Bombs
Before leaving your parents to walk to another chapter of your life, remind them to take the opportunity to take some time to think for themselves. You can encourage your mom to do it by giving her these bath bombs.

These all-natural bath bombs are in attractive packaging. You can also include a message to go along with your gift, which provides an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings to your mom.
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60. Bedside Smartphone Vase
Nowadays, almost everyone reaches to his or her smartphone every time he or she wakes up each morning. The mother of the bride is no exception. Even though she is not as technologically adept as the younger generation, she still uses a smartphone for communication.

Now that you are going to your separate life, she will reach up to you to know how you are doing. Giving this vase to her will keep her assured of your condition.
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61. Sterling Silver Open Teardrop Pendant Necklace
If you are the bride and looking for a gift to give your mom that is appropriate for the occasion, you will never go wrong with the Sterling Silver Open Teardrop Pendant Necklace.

On your wedding day, you can expect that your mom’s tears will fall by seeing you on your wedding dress. These tears are precious because they are your mom’s. The tears are the indication of their mix emotions of sadness and happiness.
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62. Fashionable Bag
Everyone needs something to contain his or her belongings while they are traveling or outside their home. They need something to hold their keys, credit card, cash, ID, and the like in one place. As a woman who gave birth to the bride, she deserves a high-maintenance bag that she can proudly flaunt.

This fashionable bag is an excellent choice if you are considering buying one for her. She can use this item like a handbag or a shoulder bag.
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63. 3-in-1 Super Pot With Grill Plate
As a mother, she knows that there are a lot of kitchen problems that may arise when preparing a meal. Among these problems include the use of various kitchenware to cook a meal. With this 3-in-1 Super Pot With Grill Plate, the mom will be able to do three different cooking preparations in one kitchenware.

With this pot, she can steam, simmer, or grill a meal. Its large dimensions enable her to make stews and soups.
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64. Three-Layered Personalized Necklace
If your mom is a jewelry lover, she will love this item. This gift is a beautiful and unique accessory to add to her collection. It is highly customizable wherein you can choose the length of the shortest necklace and choose the design for each layer.

A set contains a diamond tag, bar, and a hammered disk. Your mom can wear each individually or all of them at the same time.
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65. Essential Oil Diffuser
Wedding planning is stressful for both the bride and groom-to-be. Aside from them, the parents are also busy helping them plan their wedding. For this reason, they deserve something that will relax them from all the stressful planning and expenses.

They deserve to have an essential oil diffuser. Along with the diffuser, you can include some essential oils like chamomile or rose to help them get started using it. A guide can help them figure out how to use it.
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66. Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Drawer
If the mother of the bride loves makeup and has tons of them, giving her this Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Drawer will do her a favor. This drawer makes it possible for her to keep not just her cosmetics in place; she can also include her jewelry organized in there.

This drawer contains 16 compartments and 12 drawers which are spacy enough for her collections. It is also appealing to sight, which makes it a decorative addition in her room.
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67. “Mother of the Bride” Mug
Mugs are among the most popular gifts that most people provide when they cannot think of something special to give. However, even though it might be a typical kind of present, it is also highly sentimental. It can also be unique depending on the personalization you include to it.

With this mug, you can choose to have it personalized or not. It is advisable to customize it to make it appear that you put much thought into it.
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68. Birth Month Flower Necklace
Some parents believe in luck and charms. If the mom of the bride is one of them, you will want to give this necklace to her. This necklace is more than just a lucky fashionable item. It is also memorabilia that will let her remember you every time she wears it.

This Birth Month Flower Necklace, you can choose a design based on your mom's birth month. You can select the birthstone and the birth flower to use for it.
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69. Anti-Aging Serum
Aging is one of the horrors of a woman, at the age of 40s and above, which is the typical age of the bride’s mother, the signs can be visible. To slow down the process of aging, she should take good care of her skin better and choose the right products.

Help her in fulfilling her skin care routine by adding the application of serums in her regimen. Give these anti-aging serums as gifts for her.
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70. Digital Picture Frame
As a married woman, you must be living under the roof with your husband and away from your parents. During the adjustment period, your parents might be worried or missing you already. A traditional picture frame will only make these feelings worse.

However, with the digital picture frame where you can share your pictures, assures your parents that you are in good condition. They will feel as if you are still there with them.
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71. Dyson Hair Gift Set
Hair takes a significant role in changing a person's appearance. Changes in it can make a person appear younger or older. Therefore, it is not surprising that a woman, including the bride’s mom, takes measures to ensure to get a hairdo that looks becoming to her.

Giving her this Dyson Hair Gift Set ensures that she has what she needs to help her groom her hair well.

A set includes a detangling comb, Supersonic iron, and a brush.
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72. “Home is Where Mom Is” Sign
Even if you are going to walk the aisle to start a new life and build your own family, it does not mean that your mom will stop being a mom at all. At some point in your life, you still need her. When you run into problems, she will be your greatest confidant.

Even though you are walking the aisle, remind your mom that she is your home. Giving this gift is a perfect way to express it.
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73. Luxury Bath Bombs
Giving a luxury gift is nothing compared to the life a mom brought into this world to be with you for almost eternity. She deserves a taste of one of these luxury bath bombs that are good for her skin. These bath bombs are natural and free from parabens and harsh chemicals. They contain natural fragrances to leave a sweet-smelling scent on her.

A piece of these bath bombs can already provide more frizz, which is worth the cost.
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74. Crystal Ashtray
An ashtray is one of the unique gifts for the mother of the bride. It is because not all moms smoke. However, others find stress release through smoking. If she is the kind of a headstrong person who does not like to break a habit, give her this crystal ashtray.

This stylish ashtray has a decorative and beautiful design that complements the beauty of a living room or a coffee table.
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75. Massage Stones
Although seeing her daughter's wedding day can be a sad moment for a mom, it also provides her the time to relax. Let her see the bright side of it by giving these massage stones. These high-quality massage stones are basalt, which has an excellent heat retention capacity.

The four stones in a pack have the right texture to give the mom the relaxing experience. They have the right smoothness, which is perfect for gliding on the skin.
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76. Antique Finish Jewelry Box
A jewelry box is a must-have of every woman who loves jewelry. If the mom is the type of woman who enjoys wearing expensive and beautiful jewelry, she will love this jewelry box with an antique finish. Its vintage design provides an impression of classiness and sophistication, which is perfect for a woman like her.

The beauty of this trinket will adorn her dresser.
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77. Handbag Illuminator
Every person who uses a bag needs a handbag illuminator, including the mom of the bride. Using the handbag illuminator saves time and effort by enabling the mom to see her lipstick or small coin purse inside her dark, roomy bag, which is especially handy during the big day.

The mom must not be caught getting stuck raiding her bag when the ceremony is about to start.
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78. Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite
For the mom who loves to read, you might see that her books are piling up in her room, taking much of her space. That is why giving her a Kindle Paperwhite might be a good idea. This item enables her to collect a bunch of books without taking up a lot of space in the house.

She can easily take it anywhere like on a beach because she can slip it fast in her purse and it is waterproof.
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79. T-Fal Electric Deep Fryer
If your mom loves using a fryer with lots of oil to fry food, you might want to give the T-Fal Electric Deep Fryer as a gift to her. Having a deep fryer like this will enable her to save on oil and her time because she can fry several pieces in one batch.

This T-Fal Electric Deep Fryer is ideal because of its stainless-steel construction and easy-to-clean feature. It allows for minimal oil absorption, which is healthy.
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80. Filet Mignon Steaks
Who does not love the smell and taste of steak (unless you are a vegetarian)? If you cannot think of anything to give to your mom or your mother-in-law-to-be before your wedding day, food is one of the best options. Among these options is a steak.

It does not only fill-up an empty stomach. It also encourages the family to eat together. That is why filet mignon steaks are among the best gifts for the mother of the bride.
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81. Silk Sleep Mask
Before the wedding day, it is not only the bride who feels nervous. Her mother feels it too. When a person is anxious, it is difficult to get some sleep at night. To encourage the mom of the bride to turn in before the big day, give her this silk sleep mask.

Moreover, she needs to get a good rest before the big day so that she will feel beautiful and well-rested on that day.
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82. Vanity Mirror
A vanity mirror is essential for a woman. It enables her to see her face to make sure she has applied her makeup flawlessly. A woman like the mother of the bride needs not just an ordinary vanity mirror. She needs a high-quality one. The kind of mirror that lets her see her face.

This vanity mirror has a magnifying feature not to mention that it has LED lights to allow her to see her face in detail.
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83. Visa Gift Card
If you do not know what gift to give to the mother of the bride, why not give her a Visa Gift Card instead. Giving her a Visa Gift Card will let her buy the things she wants. It gives her the freedom to choose which items to buy on her own.

Other than the food, it is the safest gift to give unless you are giving it to a person who obviously can afford to buy anything.
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84. Satin Pajama Set
If your mother has trouble sleeping at night while wearing those baggy shirts and pants, you might want to leave her with something better to wear before you go to the aisle. Why not give her this satin pajama set.

This set feels good on the skin. It has a silk-like fabric that will make your mom feel comfortable. Wearing this set might help her get that good night sleep she has wanted
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85. Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace
If the mom is a jewelry-lover, she might already have tons of pieces in her closet. However, she will always welcome a keepsake from her daughter or son-in-law-to-be, especially this Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace.

By giving this necklace, you remind her of your thoughtfulness as a daughter or son-in-law. It is also an excellent addition to her collection because of its fashionable design. There are tons of colors to choose from depending on the month you will get married.
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86. Clean Eating Magazine Subscription
At the 40s, your parents are more prone to severe diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Therefore, you should watch out what they are eating if they are the kind who lack self-control.

If you are the daughter who guards your parents’ diet, starting your life with someone puts them at risk of temptation. What you can do is only to inspire them to cook good-tasting but healthy meals with the help of this magazine.
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87. BoSidin Facial & Body Permanent Hair Removal
If your mom has already spent a fortune for waxing for hair removal, you might want to give her a life-changing present before you go into your separate life. This BoSidin Facial and Body Permanent Hair Removal is simple equipment but a life-changing one.

Your mom will never have to go to a spa or dermatologist to have her excess hair removed. She does not have to spend more cash on it.
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88. Sous Vide Precision Cooker
If your mom loves to cook, she will love the Sous Vide Precision Cooker. It enables her to prepare anywhere if there is Wi-Fi. Even though it is a slow-cook preparation method, your mom does not have to watch over it for hours. It is simple to use, which enables her to relax and step away while the food is cooking by itself.

It will let her know the cooking is done by providing notifications through an app.
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89. Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer
Eating healthy foods should be your mom’s priority now. Giving this Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer will allow her and your father to eat a delicious and hearty meal healthily. With a steamer like this, the nutrients are retained and fat-free because she does not have to use oil for cooking food in it.

Also, this steamer is two-tiered, which enables your mom to cook two types of food at the same time.
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90. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial System
A mother is a busy woman who must juggle her time for work and her family. She is the one who makes sacrifices to ensure the life of her children. It is not surprising that there are times that she neglects her wants because of her responsibilities.

Give your mom this Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial System to encourage her that it is time for her to think for herself.
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91. Intelex Microwavable Boots
Among the best times of the day is the after work. When it is time to relax after getting busy all day, sleeping, reading, or listening to music are the activities that come next. To help the most active women (moms) in the universe to relax, give her these Intelex Microwavable Boots.

Upon heating them in the microwave, the boots release a lavender scent that will relax them more. The boots also keep the moms warm during the winter season.
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92. Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree
It is easy to give a gift to a mom who loves to plant. A mom or a person like her always welcomes a new addition of plants in her home. For this reason, you will never go wrong with the Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree.

Taking good care of this plant is easy. It only needs consistently moist soil and low to medium light.

Planting this tree will make a good stress reliever and pollutant cleaner.
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93. Coffee Maker
If your mom is a busy woman who wakes up early in the morning to see the needs of her family, you need to spoil her with a coffee maker before leaving her for your man.

She will love this coffee maker because it can make three kinds of coffee: latte, cappuccino, and espresso. It is also easy to use because of the one-touch control for selections of drink. She can fill the coffee maker with milk, water, and coffee.
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94. Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription
If your mom is the type of person who neglects her wants and needs to fulfill your own, it is time for you to encourage her to think for herself. Now that you are a grown-up woman who must live your separate life with your man, it is time that she needs to tend for herself.

Encourage her by buying a subscription of Cosmopolitan Magazine. This magazine delves on beauty, fashion, and love.
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95. Oven Toaster
A busy mother who is always on the go needs an appliance like an oven toaster. Having an oven toaster like this saves most of her time and energy since this toaster is 24 percent faster while saving 73 percent of electricity.

This toaster has a top slot that toasts sliced bread like the traditional ones. It also has a separate compartment for other food that needs to be toasted.
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96. KRUPS and Heineken B100 BeerTender
The KRUPS and Heineken B100 BeerTender is one of the best gifts for the mother of the bride before the wedding day. Even if she is not a drinker, she can use it whenever there is an occasion or when her husband wants to get a good drink.

It is advisable to give it to her before the wedding day, so she can plan to use it to serve beer for your closest relatives for the after-celebration of the wedding.
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97. Time Magazine Subscription
Now that you are a grown woman and will be living with the man of your dreams, you are giving your mom and dad the time for themselves. Before leaving them, make sure to provide them with something that will fill their extra time. One of the things to offer them is a subscription of Time Magazine.

This magazine will keep them updated on what is happening around them nowadays.
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98. Toshiba Microwave Oven
Having a microwave at home is one fast way to reheat food. It is especially useful for mom and dad who are always busy.

This microwave oven uses Inverter Technology to reheat or thaw foods evenly. It has a preprogrammed menu for excellent heating of foods like vegetables, potatoes, and pizza.
Your mom will love to have an appliance like this microwave oven because it makes cooking easier for her.
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99. Martha Stewart’s Slow Cooker
Moms are among the busiest people in the world. They tend to the needs of the family, whether financially or domestically.

It helps a lot if you give your mom or your in-law this recipe book. This cookbook allows her to learn different delicious and flavorful recipes by using a slow cooker. With this recipe book, she will uncover the hidden potential of a slow cooker to braise meats or to bake a cheesecake.
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100. Relaxing Bath Salts
You can say that relaxing bath salts are among the best gifts for the mother of the bride. She helps her daughter to prepare for the big day, from choosing the best wedding dress design to selecting the best venue for the wedding and reception.

For this reason, she needs something that relaxes her before and after the ceremony.

These bath salts are a pack of three. The fragrances are vanilla, rose, and lavender.
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101. Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera
Every scene and events happening during the Wedding Day is unforgettable. It is right that professional photographers should take shots of these moments.

Even though nobody can stop the bride's mom for taking pictures of her daughter, it is still her right since she wants to have her keepsakes of the moment.

That is why the Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera can be one of the best gifts for the mother of the bride.
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