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99 Best Unique Gift Ideas for New Parents 2020


They did it! You are filled with warmth and congratulations for the new parents in your life. They are about to begin the most magical journey of all, the journey of raising their child. New parents are exhausted, stressed, excited and joyful, and it’s at times like this you want to give a gift to congratulate them on their new baby, but also to let them know that you love them and that you are there for them as they begin their future.

Our list of best gifts for new parents includes plenty of incredible items that will help them raise their new baby, but some of them will also just be for the parents themselves, a way for them to find a moment of peace and relaxation at this crazy time in their lives. Enjoy choosing from our list and getting something the new family can cherish for years to come.

1. Gift Card
You will never go wrong with the Amazon Gift Card. Even if you do not have any idea about the likes and dislikes of your favorite couple, with this gift card, you can still provide them the stuff they want. They can use the gift card to top up or buy any stuff that they want on Amazon.

Therefore, you do not have to wrack your brain what the new parents will appreciate. Just give them an Amazon Gift Card.
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2. Sherpa Blanket
Babies are sensitive. Taking care of them requires lots of attention and gentleness. That is why it is not surprising that moms and dads do sleep late every night to tend to their baby's needs or to watch over them.

To keep them warm during those nights, they need a blanket that will accompany them. You can provide it to them by giving this Sherpa Blanket. It is a soft blanket that they will love.
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3. Reusable Collapsible Cup
If the new parents you know have a busy lifestyle, you can expect that they will become more active with a baby that occupies more of their time. For this reason, you can expect that there will be an increase in their caffeine intake.

That is why you can be a lifesaver by giving them this Reusable Collapsible Cup. It is ideal for parents who are always on-the-go. Moreover, it is microwavable and dishwasher safe.
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4. Parents Definition Wall Art
Are you sure that this Parents Definition Wall Art is not useful? If you think that the new parents will not have anything to do with this piece of canvas, you are wrong. First, you can already put a smile on their face by giving this art to them.

Moreover, they can use it to decorate their room to spread the smile to their guests because of the humorous definition stated on the canvas.
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5. My Life Story – So Far
By giving the “My Life Story – So Far” to any of the new parents, you are giving them a priceless treasure that can benefit their generation. This item will encourage them to journal their life experiences and the lessons they learn from them.

If the parent passes this journal to his or her child, he or she is giving him a piece of knowledge that the child cannot learn in school but can be useful in life.
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6. Echo Spot
You can expect that the new parents will be busier upon the arrival of their newborn. They can feel more stressed than others because it is their first time. Therefore, aside from diapers, milk, and sleep, they will appreciate it if they have an assistant.

Although you cannot hire an assistant for them, you can give this Echo Spot to make their life more manageable because of the various skills that it can do.
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7. Coffee Maker
The new parents are now busier than ever since the arrival of their little one. That is why you can say that coffee is their best friend. It keeps them energized all they and helps them stay away at night. Therefore, the coffee maker is one of the best gifts for new parents.

This coffee maker will level up the regular morning coffees. This one can make different kinds of brew from Americano to a latte.
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8. Temperature Control Ceramic Mug
What good is a coffee if it is lukewarm? Although some people love iced coffee, others do not. If your favorite couple is among them, a lukewarm coffee might disappoint them.

Now that they have a baby, there is always a tendency for their cup of hot coffee to sit long on the table because they need to tend to their baby first. This Temperature Control Ceramic Mug ensures that their coffee is hot all the time.
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9. Pregnancy Announcement Gift Box
If you are one of the new parents and you are the expecting mom, there is nothing better than to surprise your other half with the good news. For a husband, having a baby is one of the most exceptional experiences that he has been waiting for in his married life.

You can deliver this good news with more surprise and thoughtfulness by giving him this Pregnancy Announcement Gift Box. Look at his reaction after providing this present to him.
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10. Sewing Station
Sewing is one of the productive and rewarding household skills. If you know how to sew, you can create different kinds of outfits for all the members of the family, which can save a lot of money. You can also add some drapes and curtains in the house to add to the ornaments.

This Sewing Station can be one of the best gifts for new parents. It enables them to sew clothes of any style they like for their baby.
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11. Instant Pot Multi-Use Cooker
The new parents do not have a lot of time in their hands. Most of them must juggle their time for work and their baby. You cannot blame them if they cannot hang out with your friends anymore because they are busy.

For this reason, you can help them save more time by giving them this Instant Pot Multi-Use Cooker. This appliance cooks food 70 percent faster than the conventional device.
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12. Hardside Spinner Luggage
Although life is busier now for the new parents because of their baby, it will not stop them from going to the places that they want to go. The baby is just a new addition to their team. If your favorite couple loves to travel and they are tagging the baby along, make their next trip more convenient with this Hardside Spinner Luggage.

This luggage is spacious for their paraphernalia. It also has three compartments to hold smaller things.
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13. Vegan Leather Handbag
You will never go wrong, giving a woman a handbag as a gift. A bag is useful for containing all the woman's essentials like cellphone, keys, makeup kit, and more. That is why you can consider a stylish handbag as a safe gift to give to a woman.

A new mom is no exemption. This bag is best for her, especially if she is a vegan and a career woman and a who is always on the go.
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14. Pregnancy Couple Shirts
Nothing can make the new parents prouder other than announcing to the world that they are expecting. Giving these Pregnancy Couple Shirts, you are providing the couple the opportunity to make an implied announcement of the arrival of the new addition to their family except the taco.

Aside from the announcement opportunity, this set of shirts is unique too. The couple will surely remember you every time they wear these shirts because of the humor.
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15. Egg on a Bagel Maker
The Egg on a Bagel Maker is one of the lifesaving gifts for new parents. Because of their busy schedule, because they must juggle their time for baby, for each other, and work, they might sacrifice some of their time, which might affect their diet. They might end up eating less healthy ready-to-eat goods.

With the Egg on a Bagel Maker, they do not have to spend hours cooking breakfast. Moreover, it allows them to eat more healthily.
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16. Tile Pro
With a demanding baby in the house, the parents must move to and fro to tend to its needs. They need to feed it, bathe it, and play with it. That is why it is easy for the new parents to misplace small things like keys, eyeglasses, ID, and the like, not to mention the effects of pregnancy brain.

That is why they need this Tile Pro in their life. It helps them find their misplaced things through an app.
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17. BLACK + DECKER Dustbuster
Having a newborn is messy. Because of the lack of time, the new parents place almost anything within reach. Also, the child can be untidy too. The cracker crumbs and cereal explosions are among the examples.

Because it is tiring to take care of a baby, it is understandable that taking out a vacuum from storage is the last resort. That is why you can help them clean up with this BLACK + DECKER Dustbuster.
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18. Eco Nuts Organic Detergent
Most first-time parents are highly sensitive when it comes to the welfare of their kids. They are afraid one single move will cause pain or issues to their child's wellbeing. It is understandable, though because they are scared because they are new parents.

Among the areas that they are sensitive about is the use of detergent soap. Giving the new parents this Eco Nuts Organic Detergent will make them feel at ease.
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19. New Mom Gift Wine Labels
Becoming a new mom is worth celebrating. It is one of the latest milestones and achievements in her life that are priceless. That is why it is reasonable to make her feel spectacular for her arrival to the next chapter of her life.

The New Mom Gift Wine Labels is one of the ideal gifts to give to a new mom. You can customize it with her name, favorite colors, and a label that appreciates her.
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20. Cheese and Crackers Serving Board
Becoming new parents calls for a celebration. Therefore, you can expect that your favorite couple receives several guests in their home to greet them. That is why you will never go wrong, giving them the Cheese and Crackers Serving Board.

This serving board is presentable to the guests because of its elegant design. This item is maple-made and finished with teak oil. The couple will never feel embarrassed to serve their guests with this item.
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21. Bathtub Caddy Tray
New parents are extremely busy with a lot of things. Aside from tending to their child’s needs, they also must go to work to fend for their growing family. Probably the only time they have for themselves is when they are sleeping for a few hours or when they are taking a bath.

That is why they should take the most of their only leisure time with this Bathtub Caddy Tray that allows them to feel relaxed and rejuvenated thoroughly.
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22. High Rise Yoga Pants
Becoming a mom is a beautiful experience. It is because of the opportunity to watch over the child who is your flesh and blood.

Although motherhood is an emotionally rewarding experience, you also must face the fact that a mom sacrifices some of herself. She becomes more forgetful, and the delivery of the baby is painful. Her tummy grows bigger even after pregnancy.

To encourage her to bring back her old self, give her this yoga pants.
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23. Ugg Women’s Scuffette II Slippers
To take good care of a baby, the mom must move to and fro to tend to her baby’s needs. She needs to go to the kitchen to prepare a bottle of milk and go to the laundry room to wash clothes. She needs to go from one place to another to complete her tasks.

Because she uses her feet all the time to move from places to places, she needs comfortable slippers to help her become more productive.
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24. Love Story Personalized Art
Most humans love to hear, watch, or read romance novels, stories, and movies. It is not surprising because love is magic. It is an invisible bond that connects one person to another.

Your favorite couple must be among those with a beautiful love story. Having their firstborn is one of the proofs of their love. You know that their love story is worth telling the world.

This gift provides them the opportunity to tell the world of their love.
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25. Butter Churner
You might ask why the new parents would waste their time churning their butter if they should be putting their baby to sleep?

This item is still one of the best gifts for new parents. Even if it is not useful for them during that stage when they must tend to their young, they will thank you for it because it will enable them to prepare goodies that their child will like.
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26. Ekouaer Pajama Set
If you are going to name a kind of clothing that you can be yourself and be comfortable all day, pajamas will be the first thing that will come into your mind. Being in a pajama, you can move in whatever position you like. You do not have to care about your looks when you are in your jammies.

That is why a pajama set is the best gift for a new mom. It makes her feel comfortable moving around.
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27. Men’s Pajama Set
Even though it is the women who went through the hardships of pregnancy, the daddies need some appreciation too. After all, a baby will not form without them. The daddies also help to tend to the needs of their child. For this reason, he also needs to feel comfortable all the time.

Giving him this Men’s Pajama Set will make moving around the house more comfortable. With this PJ, the daddies can tend to their child needs better.
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28. Men’s Flannel Robe
If the PJs are comfortable, the robe is better and more practical. It enables the new daddy to move around the house wearing it alone or as an outer garment. They can wear it as nightwear or a bathing garment. It also helps to keep them warm during the cold weather.

Wearing this robe, the dads will feel more comfortable holding their child in their arms. That is why you will never go wrong gifting this item.
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29. Oak Baby Plaque
The new parents must feel excited and proud about the arrival of their baby. That is why they would love to receive this Oak Baby Plaque as a gift to adorn their child’s nursery. It is a perfect way to introduce the baby to the guests and to decorate the house.

You can personalize this plaque with the child’s name, date of birth, and the baby’s weight. You can even add some words for a simple message.
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30. Chakra Bath Salts Set
If you can name the people who deserve to feel pampered, it is the new parents. They are the ones who undergo the stressful situation of being awake every night to tend to their baby.

However, even if they deserve pampering, these people do not have the time in their hands. What you can do is give them these Chakra Bath Salts Set, to help them relax even only during bath time.
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31. ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
It is rare for new parents to have time. It is also seldom for them to get a deep, complete, and healthy sleep at night because of the baby that seems to know the best time to nag the folks. For this reason, if they can get some sleep, they must make the most out of it.

You can help them sleep well by giving this gift. It is available in various scents that will make them feel relaxed.
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32. Towel Sets
Because of the demands of being a parent, your favorite couple will give anything to have the time to relax. They can only get it in their few hours of sleeping or in their bath time. That is why you should give them these towel sets that will encourage them to savor every minute of their bath time.

These towels are 100 percent cotton, which makes it durable, absorbent, and soft. Having this item will make them feel royal.
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33. Full-Sized Body Pillow
Even if the new parents are busy juggling their time between baby and work, there is this small time when the two snuggle together on a couch while watching their favorite Netflix series. This Full-Sized Body Pillow will make their alone time more enjoyable.

You can include a decorative pillowcase to make it look presentable when they have guests. They can also use it to keep the child in place while lying on a bed.
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34. Mama and Papa Bear Mug
If you are running out of budget, you can give a mug as a gift, especially if your favorite couple is coffee lovers. It is also an ideal gift for the new parents because they will surely increase their caffeine intake every morning and night to have the energy to tend to their baby.

This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. That is why you will never wrong if you gift a pair to the couple.
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35. Wishing Ball
The Wishing Ball is an excellent gift for everyone, especially for the new parents who must be thankful for the arrival of their precious one. This gift ensures that the couple is happy most of the time by appreciating every blessing the comes along their way.

The Wishing Ball has 52 strips of paper where they can write their blessings each week. It will make them feel grateful and blessed despite the hardships that may come along their way.
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36. Withings Digital Scale
For the parents, the welfare of their baby comes first. It is especially true for new parents who might be overly sensitive when it comes to tending the needs of their child. That is why they will appreciate it when they receive a Withings Digital Scale.

The new parents will only have to connect this device to the WiFi and to an app to access its full features. With this item, the parents can accurately track the baby’s weight.
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37. Sleeping Mask
The parents are humans too who need a break and a shuteye. That is why distractions in their sleep are a no-no. It is because this short rest is probably the only time they have to get some rest after doing the household chores, tending their child, and working their nine to five job.

For this reason, they need to savor this moment thoroughly. Give the new parents this sleeping mask to set them free from some distractions.
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38. Boho-Style Headband
Because the parents are busy tending to their child's needs and doing household chores, their hair must be on the way to make them feel more productive doing their tasks. Who wants to have their hair dangling in front of their face while they are washing the dishes? Nobody, of course.

That is why moms (or even dads) can use a headband to keep their hair away from their face while doing their chores.
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39. Mama and Papa Bear Tumbler
Tumblers are popular gifts. For most people, if they do not know what to give to someone, they reach out for a glass in a convenience store and give it as it is. You know that it is an unthoughtful way to gift someone, especially if he or she is your friend.

However, there is nothing wrong gifting a tumbler if you can make it thoughtful just like giving this Mama and Papa Bear Tumbler to pay homage.
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40. Handmade Wooden Foot Massager
It is hard to move from one place to another if you have a baby. The baby requires you to move fast because it demands you to tend to its tummy or bowel movements first. That is why a great foot massage is most welcome for them.

However, you cannot hire a professional massager or reflexologist for them every day. What you can do is give them this Handmade Wooden Foot Massager as a gift.
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41. Allure Beauty Box
Having a baby in the house does not mean that the new mom should neglect her looks. She wants to preserve her youth as much as possible. It is because nobody wants their skin to age older than their real age. Having a baby makes this process faster.

Therefore, you will never go wrong to gift the new mom with the Allure Beauty Box. By giving her this gift, you are also gifting her husband with a prettier wife.
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42. Sephora Gift Card
You cannot go wrong, giving this item as a present unless you provide them with a gift card that caters on something that is out of their interests. If you think that the new parents are beauty and health buffs, they will love the Sephora Gift Card.

This gift card will allow them to shop for beauty and skin care products that they like. By giving this present, you know that your item will not end up in a bin.
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43. Home Spa Kit Gift Basket Set
Even if you can afford to give your favorite couple a one-year spa and massage in their favorite place, their time is highly limited. They might have already been busy for work when they had no baby. How much more it is today that they have a child that they cannot leave alone.

For this reason, why not bring the spa to them by gifting this item? It has aromatic products and bath bombs.
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44. Initial Necklace
First-time parents have their way to tribute their child's arrival. Some of them get a tattoo with their child’s initials. For the parents who do not want to a permanent scar on their skin, what they can only do is to wear something that represents their baby.

That is why they will appreciate it if they receive an Initial Necklace as a gift. It allows them to tell the world about their child.
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45. Flower Hummingbird Feeder
Who says you cannot use the wild animals as an ornament in your backyard? You do not have to catch a wild animal to adorn your house. You do not even have to kill one just for a house ornament. What you can do is invite them on their own.

By installing a Flower Hummingbird Feeder in your garden, you are inviting the hummingbirds to adorn your backyard. It is a beautiful sight to see, especially for a baby.
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46. Capri Blue Volcano Candle
The new parents might not have the opportunity to go to a tropical paradise to relax and sniff the air. They have a baby that fills most of their time. Even if they can go along with the baby, it will take them much effort because of the processing of documents and additional fee. Traveling might also be dangerous for the baby.

Therefore, you can give your favorite couple experience of paradise through this Capri Blue Volcano Candle.
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47. Scented Candles
It is almost impossible for the new parents to have some alone time because of the baby. Aside from that, they also must go to work, which will add to their stress. They need some escape, where they will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Although it is quite impossible for them to go to a spa because of their hectic schedule, you can allow them some form of escape by gifting them these scented candles.
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48. Eye Gel
The skin around the eye is sensitive; that is why the aging lines are typical in this area aside from the eyebags.

The new parents are prone to these aging lines and eye bags because of the sleepless nights that they need to change their baby's nappies or feed them. That is why they could use an Eye Gel that aids to maintain the youth of their eyes by allowing the skin around it to increase collagen production.
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49. Picture Frame
A picture frame has been among the traditional thoughtful gifts that people commonly give for their loved ones. It is economical and holds a precious memory too. That is why you can never go wrong, giving a picture frame as a gift.

However, even though it is a thoughtful present, many will give it as a present to the new parents too. Make sure that yours is unique if you do not want the couple to regift it.
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50. Gardener’s Tool Seat
The Gardener’s Tool Seat is a fantastic gift for the new parents, especially if they are the type who are highly sensitive about the welfare of their child. By gardening, the couple will have the opportunity to plant fresh fruits and vegetables that are free from pesticides which are suitable for the baby.

To assist your favorite couple in their new hobby, give them this Gardener’s Tool Seat. It provides a relaxing resting place in their gardening time.
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51. Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones
Staying up late at night while experiencing the stress of tending to a noisy baby, can make a parent cranky. This mood is not suitable for the people around them and the baby too. However, you cannot blame the parents because they are humans under stress.

To elevate their mood, gift them this Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones. It enables them to listen to soothing music while tending to their child’s needs.
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52. Fitbit Charge 2
An advantage of having a newborn in the house is the opportunity to exercise. If you are a parent of a newborn, you do not have to wake up each morning for a jog. You workout automatically by moving to and pro to tend to your child's needs.

That is why your favorite couple should use this opportunity to get fit. Make sure that they are getting enough exercise each day with the help of this Fitbit Charge 2.
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53. Netflix Gift Card
If the new parents love watching movies and series from Netflix, you will never go wrong, giving this gift card as a present. Even though they do not have the time to go to the places where they want to go, they sure can multitask by watching a movie while doing a household chore.

That is why you are sure that your Netflix gift card will never end up in a bin.
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54. New Parents Keyring
Figures are difficult to remember. Of course, if you are a parent, you will never forget every number that concerns your child. Even though the folks can memorize each number that represents their child, they would still appreciate it when they see it in their eyes.

Therefore, a keyring with their child’s birthday, weight, and length can be one of the best gifts for new parents. They can even take this item everywhere displayed for the others to view.
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55. Nest Egg Necklace
The Nest Egg Necklace is one of the most thoughtful gifts for all parents. Although it is just a solid material that can fade, the meaning it represents is priceless. This necklace is a representation of the parents' love and protection to their child.

This jewelry is sterling silver with a dome that protects the egg-like Amazonite. Therefore, if you cannot think of any useful gift for a new parent, you can consider this necklace.
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56. Darden Restaurants Gift Card
You can never go wrong, giving food as a gift. That is why this Darden Restaurant's Gift Card is a goldmine for everyone. It allows them to eat out in more than 1,600 restaurants in the 50 states of America, which includes Seasons 52, LongHorn Steakhouse, and more.

They do not have to look for or travel to a particular restaurant to use this gift card because it supports several dining places.
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57. Healthy Vegan Snacks
The new parents deserve some pampering and treats. Give them this Healthy Vegan Snacks package which consists of 20 vegan products. Your favorite couple will appreciate it, especially if they need a go-to snack while they are watching over their child.

It is also a healthy snack that they can munch while watching a movie or TV series. They do not have to eat junk foods when they have this package in the house.
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58. Texas Roadhouse Gift Card
For the new parents, the transition of being just lovers to being parents is fast and sudden. It requires a huge responsibility. Moreover, raising a child is not easy. One single move can already affect the child’s growth and development.

The new parents are new to all these responsibilities, but they are willing to learn. For this reason, give them a little treat of a night out to Texas Roadhouse while you babysit their child.
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59. Engraved Baby Footprint Glass
Becoming new parents is a gift. It is a gift of experiencing every first: The joy of holding your first child, the pleasure of seeing the baby’s first smile, and the pleasure of tending to his or her needs.

Because the new parents are experiencing a lot of firsts from their first born, encourage them to take this opportunity by giving this Engraved Baby Footprint Glass. It is memorabilia of their first born’s footprints.
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60. Mustachifier
By giving the Mustachifier, you are giving the whole family a gift. First, the Mustachifier is for the baby’s use, of course, unless the parents have a weird interest.

Second, the parents can benefit from it too because it is allowing them to snap funny pictures of their child, which is an excellent addition for creating more memories. Also, by seeing a baby use it, can already make the parents laugh.
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61. Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit
Even if your favorite couple is among the busy people, they will never put off anything that concerns their child because they know that it is priceless. One of the things that they cannot put off about is capturing the moment while their baby is young.

By giving them this Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit, the newborn will never put off the opportunity to capture their baby’s prints while it is young.
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62. Le Mystere Sexy Nursing Bra
The baby is the boss. When the baby poops, you need to clean her butt right away. When it is hungry, you need to feed it immediately. Failing to do so, the boss would wail in frustration.

A mom needs a garment that is ready for nursing. She needs to feel sexy in it too. The Le Mystere Sexy Nursing Bra is the perfect combination of both that allows the baby to feed while feeling sexy at the same time.
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63. Flannel Receiving Blankets
You will never go wrong gifting Flannel Receiving Blankets to the new parents. The baby does not know how to take good care of itself when it poops or pees. That is why the instances of soiling its blankets are common. That is why the parents will always need some extras stashed in the closet.

The Flannel Receiving Blankets are soft and gentle. That is why these items are perfect for the baby’s sensitive skin.
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64. Parent and Child Shirt Set
Nobody can explain the feeling of happiness it brings to the parents when their firstborn comes into the world. That is why it is understandable for them to feel sensitive and proud of their young's arrival. That is why this Parent and Child Shirt Set can be among the best gifts for new parents.

This shirt set will allow them to tell the world that the child is theirs. Moreover, the shirts are stylish and presentable too.
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65. Pee Pee Teepees
Babies are unpredictable. You do not know when their hunger, bowel movement, and urination will strike. Therefore, the parents need something to prepare them from the horrors.

Even though the parents will give anything for time to bathe, they sure still do not want to get it from the baby's fluid explosion because of the unexpected call of nature while changing diapers. That is why this item is the perfect gift to save the new parents from such horror.
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60. “Baby Owner’s Manual” Book
No school can adequately prepare the parents on the responsibilities that they must face when their baby arrives. Sure, some institutions hold classes on how to nurse or take good care of a baby, but parenthood is more than just getting the baby cleaned up or fed.

After all, babies' personalities are different from each other. What works from one might not work on the others. That is why the new parents need this "Baby Owner's Manual" Book.
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67. Brain Games #1
Having a baby changes not only the parents' priorities but also their physiology. It is a sign that that the years are passing by and the parents are not getting any younger. Aging affects the sharpness of memory, not to mention the pregnancy brain that affects the moms.

For this reason, new parents need something that will slow down the mental aging process. They could use some brain teasers like this Brain Games #1.
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68. Q & A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal
The babies do not have any idea what is going on around them. As they grow up, they do not even remember anything about their baby rants and scattered poops. They do not remember what happened on their first birthday or the pain of teething.

That is why it is ideal for a mom to record these happy moments. The Q & A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal is a great place to start.
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69. Organic Pregnancy Gift
Ironically, organic or natural food or commercial goods are more expensive than the ones that are not. That is why you will never go wrong gifting this Organic Pregnancy Gift to the new expecting parents because they will feel royal when they have this set.

The set includes all-purpose balm, St. John’s Wort oil, Rosehips tea, bath glove, and hair oil. They will surely feel like a royalty when they receive and use this item.
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70. Construction Plate and Utensils
One of the challenges of being a parent is to have patience, especially for a child who is a picky-eater or who prefers toys more than the food. For new parents, this situation can become frustrating for them. That is why they should know how to become creative during mealtime to grab their baby’s attention.

To save them some effort, gift this Construction Plate and Utensils so the parents can make the tot’s mealtime more enjoyable.
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71. Wipe Warmer
As new parents, they do not have to discover that cold wipes are not acceptable for babies. You can give them this advice as a gift along with this Wipe Warmer that keeps the wipes warm so that it will provide a soothing experience to the baby. It helps to prevent diaper rashes that irritate the baby.

Advise them to place it wisely in a changing station so that it is reachable.
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72. Baby Monitor System
This Baby Monitor System is a versatile device that the new parents will appreciate.

Parents are humans who need to take a break from watching over their child physically because of the other tasks that they need to do. With this Baby Monitor System, the baby can supervise their child while they are away from the room.

It can detect changes in temperature and sounds. It also provides white noise to help the baby get better sleep.
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73. Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand
If you want to give the new parents a different kind of baby monitor, you should consider this Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand. It has a data collector that takes not if the baby is awake or asleep. It also records how long does it take before they turn in, so the parents do not have to be in the room to continually check their baby.

It includes advice on how to make the baby sleep longer.
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74. Custom Baby Bodysuit
If the new parents love dancing hip-hop, of course, they want to see their child dressing like one too. It is a thoughtful gift because you can customize what to give to the parents. You can personalize the size and the last name.

If you are running out of budget, you can order just the hat or the pants, or the bodysuit. If you feel generous, you can complete the baby’s getup by buying all three.
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75. Baby Wrap Carrier
It is unhealthy for the parents to stay at home with the baby all day. There are times that they must go out to run their errands to replenish their supplies. However, they cannot live the baby alone.

Even if one parent can leave it in the care of the other, you know that there are times when the other is unavailable because of work. Therefore, they could use the Baby Wrap Carrier to take the baby with them hands-free.
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76. Beco Baby Carrier
If you prefer other carriers that have a different style and features, you can put the Beco Baby Carrier among the lists. It has an ergonomic design that allows the parents to carry their baby either on their back or front side.

With the carrier to hold the baby in place, they save time. The parents can clean the house, run some errand, and wash clothes while the baby is at her back or front.
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77. Bag Nation Diaper Bag
Although there may be tons of people gifting the lovely couple with diaper bags, you know that yours will be different. Unlike the other colorful diaper bags, this one is black, which is a neutral color that goes along with any colors of your clothing.

It has fourteen compartments and pockets that allow the parents to store and organize anything that they want to place there. It is a backpack which frees their hands.
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78. Infant Car Seat
Being new parents requires a lot of changes. The couple must face the fact that they are not just on their own; they have a baby now. Sometimes having a baby takes a lot of getting used to especially on the first time that the couple and the baby get home from the hospital.

That is why they need the Infant Car Seat to ensure that the baby is safe on their way home from the hospital.
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79. Nursing Pillow
The Nursing Pillow might be not one of the exciting gifts for new parents. However, it is one of the most useful which they will need and appreciate.

A mom is a human whose limbs also get tired while holding her young while she nurses it. This instance is where the Nursing Pillow comes handy. It helps by providing support by lifting the baby. It also helps during the tummy time, which teaches the child how to sit.
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80. All-in-One Baby Lounger
If you have the budget, you can spoil the new parents with this All-in-One Baby Lounger. After all, they deserve some treat because it is not easy to become first-time parents.

This item helps new parents by making the baby feel secure and comfortable. They do not have a swaddling blanket to do the job. With this item, the baby can leave the baby safe in the lounge because the corners keep the baby in place.
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81. Crib Sheet
There may be tons of people gifting new parents with diapers and cribs. Therefore, what you can give them is the addition to the cribs that most people would give them which is the Crib Sheet.

This item is available in different colors so that its design will match the nursery room. It is a snug fit with elastic around and deep pockets to fit a crib mattress and make the baby feel cozy.
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82. Canopy Style Bunting Bag
There is no need for a blanket if the new parents have this Canopy Style Bunting Bag. Just like the typical blankets, this bunting bag offers comfort and warmth to the baby in a more practical way.

This item is a better selection than a blanket because it is safer. A sheet tends to tangle in the wheels of its stroller. It also risks the child from slipping off if not held correctly.
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83. Baby Nursing Cover
Despite the left and right protests of the feminist groups, you cannot eradicate the fact that some women are not willing to flash their girly parts in public to nurse their young. Some women feel that it should be a private moment between a mother and her child.

However, the baby does not choose the right time and place when to get hungry. That is why this Baby Nursing Cover is a lifesaver for women who breastfeed.
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84. Double Electric Breast Pump
Although breastmilk pumping is never fun, it is a task that every mom must do to ensure that their child has something fresh to feed on when it is not the ideal time to nurse. This device helps this task become more comfortable because of its various features.

This electric breast pump has Bluetooth capabilities which record the sessions of pumping. It is also highly portable so that the new mom can take it anywhere.
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85. Little Giraffe Baby Blanket
A baby blanket is one of the versatile gifts for new parents. Aside from its primary function to provide warmth, comforts, and security to the baby, the parents can use it in other purposes.

It is small enough to fit a bag so that the parents can take it anywhere. They can use it to clean some mishaps like vomit and drools. Its design is presentable enough that they can use it as a decoration in the nursery room.
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86. Baby Shusher
There is nothing more frustrating for the parents than those sleepless nights when their baby whines for an unknown reason. Even though the parents are more than willing to tend to their baby’s needs, they are still humans who need sleep and get cranky without it.

To do everyone a favor, gift this Baby Shusher to the new parents. It is a white noise device that will put the baby to sleep in no time.
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87. Single Stroller
Some parents prefer to shop a stroller on their own, but they are new parents. They might not know which one to buy. You can consider this Single Stroller as a gift, especially if their form of exercise is a morning jog.

This Single Stroller allows the couple to jog while keeping the baby in place and secured. It is a perfect way to let the baby enjoy the sunshine while staying fit.
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88. Mifold Grab-and-Go
If the couple is the always-on-the-go type, you should give this Mifold Grab-and-Go as a gift. Although there are car seats for babies that are available in the market, this item is more portable and compact. By giving this item, you are also gifting convenience.

The parents can take this item everywhere. All that they must do is slip it inside their bag. They do not have to carry a heavy booster seat around.
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89. Hook-On Chair
If you are looking for a baby-related gift for the new parents that are unique, you can add this Hook-On Chair on the lists. Probably, most of their relatives and friends would give them cribs, diapers, strollers, blankets, clothing, and the like.

However, what they do not anticipate are the small instances where the new parents must visit other people with their baby. This Hook-On Chair will provide a portable high chair for the baby.
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90. Diaper Bag Backpack
You can give this Diaper Bag Backpack for new parents who are always on the go. It is a versatile and spacious bag that can hold a lot of nappies. It has slots for baby wipes too.

Some of the bag’s pocket is for holding the parents' wallet and cellphone. It even has an anti-theft pocket to hold the valuables. This item has a USB port where the parents can charge their phone when it runs out of battery.
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91. Portable Changing Mat
Although the new parents are busy enough to hold an outing, sometimes they still do it for bonding. In those moments, the most important thing that they need to take with them is this Portable Changing Mat.

This item can hold enough wipes and diapers for changing. It is washable and easy-to-carry. That is why the parents do not need to take a huge bag to contain the changing essentials because this gift can do the job.
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92. Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker
By giving this Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker as a gift, you are not only providing the new parents a quality device. You are also gifting them time. This item requires only one step to blend and steam food.

It takes almost only 10 minutes to make homemade food for the baby. Moreover, it is easy to clean.

For this reason, this gift will give them more time to do other things that they have to do.
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93. Silicone Suction Plate
Keeping the house maintained and organized is already a challenge when you have a baby in your home. What more if the baby creates more mess by spilling her food or throwing it away. Of course, as a parent, you cannot scold or punish the baby because it does not know what it is doing.

To help the new parents in this position, gift this Silicone Suction Plate to them. This item eliminates the mess that the baby makes.
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94. High-Speed Bottle Warmer
Sometimes, babies can be picky monsters. There are times that they want their milk delicious and warm. The liquid that comes directly from the mom is not hot enough to be enjoyable for the baby.

That is why you can add this High-Speed Bottle Warmer on your gift selections if you want to give a present that is thoughtful and unique. It is also fast enough to feed that baby's hungry tummy immediately.
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95. Newborn Feeding Bottle Set
The Newborn Feeding Bottle Set can be one of the simplest gifts for new parents. While the others are gifting the new folks with techie baby-related devices, you are here giving feeding bottles as a present.

Even though they are not nifty, they are among the handiest ones. With extra feeding bottles, the mom now has ready-to-use containers to store her breastmilk. She now has something to pull off from the fridge when the baby goes hungry.
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96. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
Toddlers do not know how to tell time. They do not know when it is alright to nag their parents or let them take some rest. The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine works wonders by letting the tot know the right time to wake up and to continue sleeping.

The parents can program the time through their smartphone. The light changes colors to let the tot know when it is alright to get up from the bed.
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97. Infant Pacifier Thermometer
A thermometer is a must-have in the house to accurately tell if a member of the family is sick or not. However, when it comes to babies, using a real thermometer can be challenging. They move all the time that is why it is not ideal to use the typical thermometer to tell their body temperature.

That is why you should gift them this lifesaving pacifier. It accurately tells the baby’s temperature without it knowing.
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98. Baby Teething Necklace
Babies are curious individuals. They have this tendency to put almost anything in their mouth. That is why it is not surprising that some babies chew on their mom's necklace when their mom is holding them. You know that this habit is not healthy for babies.

What you can do is give the mom this teething necklace. This necklace is BPA-free and tug-resistant, which makes it safe and ideal teether for the baby.
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99. Baby Nasal Aspirator
Babies are the ones who are most prone to catching colds. Sadly, they do not know how to blow their nose as adults, and older children do. They need the parent’s help to get rid of those boogers that obstruct their breathing.

Some parents suck their child's nose directly, which is unpleasant, especially for the new parents. They need this aspirator that is hygienic and comfortable, which makes this item an excellent gift for new parents.
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