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80 Best Gift Ideas for the Programmer in Your Life 2020


They spend their days sitting in front of their matrix of screens, fingers flying across the keyboard. As they work, all you can see a gibberish string of symbols, but what they are seeing is the language that powers everything you see and do through your screens, including this website. Programmers are the architects of the software that powers computers, phones and satellites.

It’s natural to want to give them a gift that they will love and will help power them through marathon coding sessions as they continue to build the cyber-paradise of the future. If your loved one is a programmer, we have a great list of gifts for you to choose from, from circuit-board decorations and clothing to productivity gadgets that show you appreciate their efforts.

1. Programmable Drone
Who says working can't be fun? Some of us can still get the best of both worlds. And if you think of something fun, is there something more enjoyable than playing with a cool drone? Maybe you can think of a few other fun times, but you sure well know how much fun a drone can be especially with the programmable parts of this Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Quadcopter.

So, if you are looking for the best gift for programmers, something that they will surely love and appreciate, there is nothing better than this programmable Drone. It has programmable actions and flight paths that they will surely enjoy tinkering with. Some fun and activity indoors and outdoors with this one doesn't hurt either - a perfect way to unwind and get some sun after being cooped up inside their room for hours.
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2. Aurora LightPad Light Therapy Box
It's not that they are antisocial or living like vampires but being a programmer, they are usually living inside their office or room. They don't get enough of sun exposure, and you can't fault them for that. It simply comes with their profession. Programmers usually spend most of their hours in a day indoors and fronting their computers, and this can be harmful to their health in the long run.

So, how about choosing the best gifts for programmers that will tell them how much you care about them like this awesome Aurora LightPad Light Therapy Box? It's the perfect device for their room or office that can mimic sunlight, so they get the benefits of going out and meeting the sun even if they stay in their desks.
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3. Clean Code Book by Bob Martin
One of the best gifts for programmers you can find is something that will be of great use for them - something they can find value in, especially when it comes to their profession. Whether they are professional programmers or beginners still trying to learn the basics, some books to serve as their references will be valuable to them. So, how about getting this Clean Code Book by Bob Martin? It might be a little old school, but it will surely be something traditional programmers as well as those who are in a technical role will find useful.
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4. Circuit Board and Acrylic Coaster
Perfect gifts don't have to be super expensive. They can be simple like coasters, but if you get something that is perfectly-themed, they can be ultra special pieces that will be perfect presents for any occasion.

So, for programmers, these Circuit Board and Acrylic Coasters might make them appreciate more. They might be simple, but they are also extremely thoughtful. Plus, who can say no to these adorable pieces?
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5. Apple Byte Desktop Sculpture
If there are parts that programmers might understand, it's going to be the complex parts that make a computer. So, if you are looking for a unique gift for your programmer friends that will undoubtedly appreciate, you should consider getting them this awesome and cool Apple Byte Desktop Sculpture. Apple has been considered a symbol of knowledge in ancient times, but more than that, this sculpture is made using tiny but potent components like ones you can find in a computer and programmers will surely love this idea. Using computer parts that have been recycled, this piece is artistic.
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6. “Algorithm Definition” Novelty Mug
The best gifts for programmers don't always have to be the most expensive things you can find. They can be cheap and simple but extremely unique and something that every programmer will find awesome and cool.

So, if you are in a budget but still want to impress your programmer friends, how about considering giving them this brilliant “Algorithm Definition” Novelty Mug? Perfect for any occasion, it will undoubtedly be their favorite mug for their morning coffee. It might be a simple statement, but this mug represents them being part of the programmer world and you bet they will love you for it.
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7. “Women Finest Computer Programmers” Novelty Shirt
It's not just a profession for guys. Women can excel in programming too, and they can be real pros in this field. So, how about cheering your favorite programmers on and encouraging them to be proud of how far they have come in a field that most people believed is dominated by men by letting them wear this awesome "Women Finest Computer Programmers" Novelty Shirt?

This shirt will be every woman programmer’s must-have. It’s available in five different colors so you can easily choose their favorite. Now, that would be the perfect casual outfit while they do their thing.
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8. Smartphone Charging Wristlet
Programmers are always with their gadgets, and while they can't always bring their computers wherever they go, they still have other devices they never go without whenever and wherever they went. They have their tablets and mobile phones, among other things, and when they are on the go, this Smartphone Charging Wristlet might be what they need. Whether it's a night out or going after back-to-back meetings, this rechargeable battery inside a slim wristlet keeps the power up.
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9. Pomodoro Timer
For most programmers, staying productive all the time and all hours of every day can be super tough. They need all the help they can get if they want to be productive and stay that way. So, how about gifting them this ultra useful Pomodoro Timer? Every programmer will surely appreciate receiving this one after they realize how much it can help improve their productivity. With this timer, they will undoubtedly get more work done in much lesser time, and who doesn't want that?
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10. Circuit Board Tie
When they spend most of their hours and days in front of their computers and not caring about Friday night out with friends, getting comfortable in their shirts and PJs might be acceptable. But when they have to get out there and socialize, that doesn’t mean they can’t bring their geeky side with them.

So, for the programmer nerds who need to dress up sometimes, get them this cool and awesome Circuit Board Tie and no one will surely snob them.
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11. TicWatch E Shadow Smartwatch
Who doesn't want to have a new wristwatch? No matter how many, one already has, in addition to the collection will always be welcomed. But compared to the ordinary wristwatches, a smartwatch might be even more perfect for programmers. Tech-savvy individuals will appreciate this TicWatch E Shadow Smartwatch better than a typical wristwatch. It comes with various downloadable designs and is very much compatible with iOS and Android devices. Who doesn't want an additional smart device that sits comfortably on your wrist and you can easily access anytime you need?
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12. “I May Be Wrong, But I Highly Doubt It” Mug
For people who need their daily caffeine fix, they need to have the perfect kind of mug to sip their drink from. What better way to sip a steaming cup of coffee for programmers than from a cool novelty mug that shows how expert they are in their craft?

A perfect way to start the day, this "I May Be Wrong, But I Highly Doubt It. I'm a Programmer" Novelty Mug is just full of good vibes. It will surely be every programmer's favorite coffee mug from now on.
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13. LG 29WK500 Ultra-Widescreen Monitor
With the right gadgets, every developer or programmer can set up a workstation that makes them work faster, better, and overall more productive than ever. So, what will be something that can make a typical programmer's workspace one step higher than ordinary? It has an ultra-widescreen.

So, if you have a higher budget and is looking for the best gifts for programmers, then you should consider getting them this LG 29WK500 Ultra-Widescreen Monitor. It's high-quality, and with this monitor's 29 inches screen, it's big enough. This monitor will surely be the big deal to make their setup even more awesome and cool.
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14. Smartphone Charging Reversible Tote
For people who never go out of their house without their gadgets and mobile devices, they know how it can be frustrating to be low on battery in the middle of the day after answering hundreds of calls from work. Good thing, you can now gift them this ultra-functional Smartphone Charging Reversible Tot. It acts as the perfect bag to hold all your belongings as well as keep your mobile phones powered up while you are on the go. It's the perfect backup during power interruptions too.
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15. VonHaus Monitor Mount for 13-32 Inches Screens
You don't always have the best space to have the dream setup you want for your office, but getting the right gadget and devices is extremely important for your work. The same thing is very true for programmers. If they have been problematic how they don't have enough space in their work desk, then you should consider getting them this VonHaus Monitor Mount for 13-32 Inches Screens. It's the perfect monitor arm to help manipulate their monitor's position - tilt it and rotate it in any direction, and you can work in whatever position you want.
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16. “I Will Not Fix Your Computer” T-shirt
Just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's the best gift there is. If you don't have much of a budget, there are still some great options for you and not any less special as well. Consider getting your favorite programmers something cool and fun that will surely put a smile on their faces like this cute but also super comfortable "I Will Not Fix Your Computer" T-Shirt. Wearing this one any day will surely give them some good vibes. Plus, they are conversation starters.
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17. “Who Cares? You’re on Coding Time” Clock
Being in front of the computer and engrossed in whatever code work they are doing all the time, it’s hard to get out of that focus.

So, if you are searching for the best gifts for programmers that they will appreciate for real and even get a smile out of them, then consider getting this “Who Cares? You’re on Coding Time” Clock. Plus, it’s simply a perfect way for them to kick off that pressure of wasting the day away in front of the computer.
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18. “CSS Is Awesome” Coffee Mug
Who doesn't appreciate a nice cup of hot coffee in the morning to start the day just right? Perhaps, a cup of tea is what they prefer. Either way, a nice mug would make a simple but quite thoughtful gift. Especially for those who quite love frontend or are simply fans of CSS, this "CSS is. Awesome" Coffee Mug might be the perfect companion for their caffeine addiction. For those who aren't CSS fans, this mug might still be perfect to start converting them.
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19. “I Can’t Help Being Sexy. I’m a Programmer” Mug
Just because they are technology-loving individuals doesn’t mean your choices for best gifts for programmers are nice and trending gadgets and devices or anything tech-related. You can gift them simple but useful things they can use at home or in the office. Perhaps, if they have a habit of drinking coffee in their morning, they will get a kick out of this funny programmer’s mug. It’s simply cute and fancy - the perfect way to drink coffee and start the day right.
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20. Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide
Even professionals need some additional readings and references so they can hone their crafts. So, what gift options would be something that will become very valuable to every programmer there is? Book, of course. So, how about you consider getting your favorite programmers this Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide? Whether they are beginner programmers and developers or professional ones, they will surely get a lot of useful things from this book that will help their careers.
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21. KeepCup Cups
What is a better way to start the day than with a steaming cup of your favorite coffee? Especially for those who spend long hours every day in front of their computers and laptops like programmers, a cup of their choice of caffeinated drink might get them energetic for their work for the day. So, how about getting them a nice cup to hold their beverage like these KeepCup Cups?

What’s even better is that they can get some hefty discounts when they purchase in coffee shops using these cups. Just imagine the savings they get from having these cups on hand.
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22. “99 Bugs in the Code” Coffee Mug
If you are looking for nice gifts for programmers who are also tea or coffee drinkers and never forget about having their caffeine fix every morning, then the simplest gift option is getting them a coffee mug. And no matter how many mugs they already have at home or in the office, this funny and awesome "99 Bugs in the Code" Coffee Mug will be a nice addition to what they already have in the shelf. This might be their favorite coffee cup from now on too because you can resist this good vibe right here?
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23. The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science
Programmers tend to be engrossed in their work. As much as they don't have time to go out and see the sun, they also have less time to cook their meals at home. But you know nothing is much better than a home cooked meal whenever they have time to make one - that is better than Chinese takeout or frozen pizza.

So, how about getting them this The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science so they can easily cook during weekends when they can get off work? It's a delicious gift.
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24. Cool Circuit Board Coasters
If there are people who are quite familiar and understand what circuits are all about, then that will include programmers. It’s their thing.

And if you are searching for simple but programmer-themed gifts for any occasion, then you might as well go for something they can easily recognize and appreciate like these cool and unique circuit board coasters. These pieces are colorful and are truly works of art in a programmer's eyes since it is made using metal circuits.
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25. Seagate External/Internal SSD Hard Drive
If you think storage is expensive before, imagine how pricey it is nowadays. And for anybody who is working on their computers all the time or their laptops or any of their devices, they will need to have a huge storage as possible. So, if you think they already have so much USB sticks and hard drives, then you bet they will always going to run out of storage anytime in the future. Additional ones are always welcome, so how about you get them a new Seagate External/Internal SSD Hard Drive? Now, this will surely be something they will find useful.
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26. "It's Not a Bug; It's a Feature" Mug
The world of programmers is a different world entirely, especially for those of us who don't know the slightest bit of programming. But, if you are looking for an awesome gift that will surely call to the hearts of every programmer you know, then get them something that truly speaks their soul like this "It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature" Mug. You might not get it, but every developer will understand this as it has been a recurring joke to them when they are done with having to fix yet another problem. Plus, they need a cup to drink their coffee or tea from, so why not in a cool and awesome mug, right?
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27. HTML Beer Glasses
They might be glued in front of their computer systems most hours of the day and most days of the week, but when they can have some time to unwind, a nice mug of cold beer might be their thing,

So, if you are in the looks for awesome gifts for programmers who also love their beer fine and chilled, then you might want to consider getting them these HTML Beer Glasses for two. It's a unique piece and will go right easy on every programmer's heart.
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28. Geek Circuit Board Ring
Accessories are the classic gift options for anybody, especially if they are a little artistic and classy. However, it can be a little tricky to choose the right , especially if you are not sure what they like. But, if you are looking for cute jewelry options for programmers, then you might as well get them this fancy Geek Circuit Board Ring. This ring is fashionable and geeky at the same time, and it is made using a recycled circuit board.
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29. Mechanical Keyboard
For programmers, their devices and gadgets are the most important part of their workstations. They have to have the best of these things to be more productive or just to set up their workspace however they want.

For anybody who spends a lot of hours typing, like programmers, they will get a lot from having this Mechanical Keyboard. Although they can be a little bit more expensive compared to typical keyboards, this might be the something they need to level up their computers.
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30. Adjustable Standing Desk
Sitting in front of the computer for a couple of hours can already be hard for your back and other body parts. Just imagine how harder it is for the likes of programmers who spend most of their hours in a day in front of their computers. Aside from muscle aches, they will surely get at the end of the day; this can also massively affect their health in the long run.

It will be much better if they can alternate from sitting down to standing up to avoid any physical ailments. Gifting them this Adjustable Standing Desk will make that possible for them - the perfect upgrade for any workstation of a programmer.
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31. Computer Programmer Sign
You don't have t get them the biggest and widest computer monitor or the newest and most expensive laptop for them to like you. You can get them the simplest, but you and the coolest computer programmer street sign will surely be their favorite person. Apart from a complete and high-end computer workspace for a programmer, what will complete their office is a nice sign that exactly lets everyone know who's space is it and this street sign is just an awesome decoration.
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32. Intel Compute Stick
Huge computer sets might be perfect in an office or their desks at home, but if they are usually on the go, programmers need something smart that allows them to bring their work anywhere they go. Good thing, they can now have a computer in the size of a USB stick which allows them to carry their workspace anytime and anywhere.

This Intel Compute Stick is perfect for every programmer looking for an upgrade of their computer. They don't even have to bring their laptops with them all the time when they have this stick with them. Just connect it to an HDMI display like a monitor or a smart TV then they are good to go.
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33. Smart Bluetooth Speaker
For people who appreciate technology and all its advance developments like programmers, any smart device will be a welcome gift for them. Whether that is for use in their office or to make their home smarter than ever, smart devices like this Smart Bluetooth Speaker will surely be a well-loved present. It's perfect for playing their favorite music while working and without the mess of cables at that.

But for programmers, they can surely find more unique ways to make use of this smart speaker like creating some unique skills to make their smart speaker do whatever they want to do. Programmers will surely enjoy that kind of challenge.
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34. Reclaimed Circuit Board Cufflinks
Specially made for programmers, these cufflinks have been programmed specifically to impress. Who says programming geeks can't rock formal attire?

These cufflinks are carefully cut and covered with a clear resin to act as a magnifier of the typography and the intricate wiring of the chip. They are also made of real circuit boards. Plus, each cufflink, despite almost the same in look, are unique. You will surely never find anything like these pieces.
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35. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People
Whether its codes they are working on, programmers are still designers and being engrossed in front of their computers all day long and most days of the week, if not all, means they tend to have very little social lives. In that case, they might appreciate receiving and reading this 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People by Susan M. Weinschenk, Ph.D. It sure is an interesting read for every designer out there.
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36. Nexstand Laptop Stand
When it's all about setting up a workspace at home or in an office, programmers need a computer set. However, when it comes to being able to do their work anytime and anywhere, a laptop would be a much better option. It will give them mobility in doing computer work, but sometimes, a laptop screen calls to be elevated at a certain viewing angle to work conveniently and comfortably.

So, how about you get them this Nexstand Laptop Stand? It is foldable and will be a perfect companion for their laptops wherever they go.
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37. Binary Watch
There are a lot of things us mere mortals don't get about the complicated world of programming, especially if we don't have the slightest bit of idea about it. But, if you are in search for surefire gifts for programmers that no programmer will ever snob, then consider getting them this Binary Watch.

It's a nice piece of accessory, and every programmer will undoubtedly get the joke and fun behind it. And if it's not geeky enough for them, good thing the watch features LED lights that speak of the real geeky fashion they will ever want.
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38. "Please Go Away; I'm Coding" Mug
When programmers work, they need all the focus they can get, or they wouldn't be as productive as they would want. Whether they don't want to be disturbed because they are busy with their codes or doesn't want any person to chatter their time away, this "Please Go Away, I'm Coding" Mug would be the perfect buffer between them and whoever is the chattiest in the office. So, get this for someone who will appreciate the sentiment, even if they are going to use it towards you.
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39. Sony Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones
Whether it is for entertainment only like listening to their favorite music or playing online games or watching movies or for work-related purposes, you know nothing beats like being fully engrossed and focused in your work and without any of those annoying noise in the background. For programmers who have always been complaining about the noisy neighbor when they have to work at home or when they try to sleep, get them this Sony Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones so they can get the peace they are looking for.
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40. Bug in the Code Glasses
When they are on work mode and glued in front of their computers, they might be dealing with the different kind of bugs, not the living kind most of us non-programming people know about. But, when it’s time to unwind and relax with maybe, a glass of chilled beer, then the perfect bug for the occasion will be these Bug in the Code Glasses. While they are fun to look at for everyone, programmers will surely appreciate the fun and teasing behind these glasses’ design.
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41. Fitness Activity Tracker
People who work in an office, especially those who spend most of their time working on their computers such as programmers, tend to have an inactive lifestyle. That is one reason why they are more vulnerable to some health issues. Send them something that shows you care like this Fitness Activity Tracker. It's the perfect device that will help track their daily activities as well as encourage them to stay active or to move around. This device is extremely helpful, especially for those who want to have a better lifestyle.
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42. Arduino Starter Kit
Who thinks LEGO is just for the kids to enjoy? You got it all wrong. The older ones can still enjoy the same complicated LEGO puzzle fun but in a much better and more challenging way. Programmers, most especially, will appreciate when you gift them this amazing Arduino Starter Kit, the LEGO that is perfect for adults. It's fun and challenging with all the electronic components and circuitry it comes with that can be arranged and coded to do various kinds of things.

This kit is surely a dream for those who love to tinker.
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43. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit
We can all claim we are already adults but deep inside, there is still that little kid who wants to play. Although it is marketed for children, this LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Robot Kit will be so much fun for adults too. It can be the perfect piece to start the basics of programming for beginners and professionals; it can be the best way to make work a little more fun and exciting. The kit comes with motor parts, buttons, sensors, internet connectivity, remote control, and everything they will ever need for it to work how they want it to.

And while the instruction that comes with the kit is very helpful, they can customize it too, to make the robot of their own.
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44. Travel Cord Roll
If there are things that programmers never leave at home when they have to travel, those will be their gadgets and devices. So, it will be appropriate to get them this extremely useful Travel Cord Roll. Whether they are going away for a much-needed vacation or if they are always on the go for work, this travel cord roll will be so much useful in organizing their cords. No more messy tangles when they can organize it all in style.
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45. Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag
Just because they are very techy doesn’t mean all options for the best gifts for programmers are gadgets and devices that they will find useful for their hobby or their work. You can get them something reliable and functional that will be the perfect companion for their devices such as this Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag if they are using their laptop for work. A high-quality laptop needs an equally high-quality bag to protect it from anything, especially when they have to travel for work. And more than that, it has a lot of extra space to offer too so they can bring everything they need for work like tablets, phones, notebook, and even their keyboard and mouse.
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46. Funny Programmer Meaning Mug
For us, mere mortals, the language that programmers use is something we don't understand. They have their world. But if you are choosing a gift for programmers and not entirely sure what to get them, consider sending them this Funny Programmer Meaning Mug. A mug might be a simple gift, but this one will surely be something a programmer will use for their coffee from now on. It simply speaks what they are all about, albeit in a funny way that everyone will surely find hilarious.
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47. Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Brewer
The best way to jumpstart a day is through a steaming cup of coffee. Just imagine the extra energy you get after you have your caffeine fix before going to the office. For the programmers who are spending most of their days in front of their computers, a cup of coffee is necessary to keep them going. So, how about getting them their own Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Brewer? Instead of going out of their way to get coffee from the cafe, they can have their fix right at home or at their office. Plus, they can easily get a second cup or a third one when they have this brewer on hand. And imagine all the savings they can get if they can brew their coffee instead of buying one.
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48. Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses
Aside from a stiff back and sore muscles programmers usually get after being in front of their computers for very long hours daily, their work can be very taxing for their eyes as well. Eye strain is a real struggle, and this can pose several other health issues as well as sleep disruption. So, if you are looking for a nice gift for your programmer friends, then why not consider something that shows how much you care about them and their well-being like this Gunmar Optiks Computer Glasses? They are very convenient and useful to keep their eyes safe from the blue light emission of their computers.
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49. ILIFE A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
It's not that they are lazy, but sometimes, with the long hours they spend working on their computers and gadgets, they don't always have the time to do house chores. Household chores are usually placed at the bottom of their daily tasks.

So, how about making their life so much easier and their workspace and home much cleaner? Get them the most functional gift for people who don't have a lot of time for cleaning at home. This ILIFE A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner might be what they need. It's the easiest and quickest way to maintain a clean house or office space without a lot of effort. They can surely continue with their work now without the worry of a dusty space.
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50. The Codefather Bamboo Cutting Board
Just because you can usually find them glued in their desks and front of their computers doesn't mean they don't have any other hobbies or things they enjoy. They might love making home cooked meals and to bring their geeky programmer characteristic in the kitchen, get them this "The Codefather" Bamboo Cutting Board and they will surely save you a serving or two of what they are cooking. It's a safe and high-quality cutting board that every programming nerd will surely love to add in their kitchen gadgets.
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51. Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel with 3 USB Ports
If there is one thing that programmers can never go without, it's their computer or laptop. That is just where they do their work and show their expertise. So, what happens when their devices are out of battery, and there's no electricity?

Gift them the best backup they will ever need to continue with their work. Get them this Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel with 3 UST Ports, so they have somewhere to charge their gadgets. It's the perfect companion for their devices too if they have to work outdoors. Now, they can work even while on the go.
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52. Eat Sleep Code Mug
If you don’t have a lot of options for gifts for programmers or have no idea what gift they will give, you can get a surefire present that every programmer will love and appreciate. Something that tells them ‘they belong' in the programmer's world, this Eat Sleep Code Mug is just the perfect mug for their daily caffeine fix. Whether it's for coffee, tea, or just plain water, this mug holds the extra programmer flavor to give them good vibes. It might be quite a simple gift, but it's something you will never go wrong about.
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53. Mazes for Programmers
With all the codes they are working on or getting out of and fixing, they get all the puzzle they will ever need. But sometimes, their mind needs to have some fun stimulation too. So, if you are looking for cool stuff for programmers, then you might want to consider this Mazes for Programmers created by one of the core team members of Ruby on Rails. It's a fun book that will teach and guide them in creating random mazes using different sizes and shapes.

And while the codes they can find in this book is written in Ruby, the concepts and algorithms can be opened into any programming language. It’s simply a great brain exercise for coders and programmers.
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54. Raspberry Pi
Working on a large computer monitor at home with all the necessary attachments and devices in the workspace can be very convenient. But how about for programmers who have to travel for most times?

Fortunately, they can now carry their computers in a tiny piece of thing so they can be work-ready anytime and anywhere they go. Plus, it's technically impossible to carry their computer set wherever they go and carrying a laptop all the time can be quite heavy too. So, how about you gift them this Raspberry Pi instead? It can be their computer inside something of the size of a credit card.
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55. EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Graphics Card
Who doesn't want to upgrade their personal computers into a much better one? Whether it is for work or entertainment, tech-savvy people like programmers understand how it will be so much better if you work with a high-end computer.

So, if you are looking for a surefire gift for programmers, and has much higher money to spend, consider getting them an upgrade like this EVGA GeForce 1070 Graphics Card. It's the perfect piece to future-proof their hardware and ensure they get the best computer experience.
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56. Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Dock & Organizer
Most tech-savvy people don't have only a single gadget with them. They have at least two and sometimes even more. So, if you are searching for an awesome gift that is also very practical and useful, consider getting them something that will be perfect for all the gadgets and devices they have. Get them this Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Dock & Organizer, and they will surely love you if they don't already do. Forget those charging cables being a mess when you can easily organize your devices while charging with this dock.
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57. Logitech MX Master 2 S Wireless Mouse
It's important to stay productive, especially for programmers. And for them to do that, they need all the necessary gadget and devices to help them get their work done in much lesser time. Practical and useful, getting them this Logitech MX Master 2 S Wireless Mouse might be a great idea. Especially if they are right-handed, this high-quality mouse will help them become more productive, especially with its support for both vertical and horizontal scrolling.
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58. KOPACK Slim Business Laptop Backpack
While programmers usually spend most of the hours of their days cooped up in their desk and front of their computers and other gadgets, there might be times they have to travel and still bring their work with them. When that happens, they need the perfect bag that will protect their gadgets from any harm.

So, consider getting them this KOPACK Slim Business Laptop Bag. It’s water and tear-resistant plus the laptop compartment of the bag is designed to keep pickpockets away - the best backpack for traveling.
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59. Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical
Most programmers who are known to spend every waking hour glued in front of their computers and laptops don't get an active lifestyle. They don't have much time to go outside and be active or go to the gym to workout. It simply comes with the job description.

But, what if they can still get their exercises done while they are sitting in their desk and working on their computers? Gift them this Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical and slimming down while on the job has never been so much easier. Now, they don't have to stray from their workspace or get a membership to the gym when they don't even have time to make use of it. Exercising while on the job is now the norm.
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60. Samsung Odyssey+
For someone who is fascinated with technology and all it can do, you will never go wrong with gifting some of the new and trendy gadgets and devices for programmers. So, what would a programmer love to receive?

How about a good quality tethered VR headset like this Samsung Odyssey+? Now, that will surely be some nice addition to what techy thing they already have because who doesn’t like sporting the new VR headset?
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61. Grid Dot Notebook
When you have some ideas, you got to have a piece of paper handy, so you can write it down before you forget it. And you know you don't have any idea when the inspiration will strike so it would be best to have a pad with you at all times.

The same thing applies for programmers, especially when they are making flowcharts of the logic of their programs or doing some mockup UIs. This Grid Dot Notebook is just the right space to have all those scribbles and notes.
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62. Cozmo Robot
It's not just kids who enjoy robots. Adults can have so much fun with them too, especially the programmers who make them their life's mission. It's a cute and awesome robot. And while it can't evolve as Pokemon does, it's the perfect pet alternative for people who don't have enough time to care for a real pet. This Cozmo Robot can be perfect for both little and older programmer. They can take it anywhere, and they can play different activities and games with this robot using an app. It is just the coolest thing ever.
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63. Programming Mouse Pad
Programmers work with computers or laptops. If you are looking for a simple but practical and extremely useful present for a programmer, you might want to consider getting them a mouse pad. If you don't have a big budget, it's a great option too. But instead of getting whatever mouse pad you can find somewhere, why not get them this Programming Mouse Pad instead? A simple gift with a unique design and print makes for a perfect programmer's gift. This one will surely be appreciated and used by any developer or coder.
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64. Bath Rubber Ducky
We all have mental blocks from time to time, and that can be awful for's not a joke and for programmers, it can be even more dreadful to get out off. But, there is a well-known method to get out of the funk, the rubber duck debugging.

To help them whenever their mind isn't in great working condition in fixing whatever code is broken, get them this Bath Rubber Ducky. It's not for the bath, but instead, programmers explain their code to the rubber duck line by line, and it helps them find out why the code is not working or where the problem is exactly. It's a very simple gift, but programmers understand how useful these ducks can be.
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65. DAS Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard
For those who clearly understand the difference between good quality devices and gadgets and sub-par ones, especially those who always use their computers like programmers, knows the difference between using mechanical keyboards and ordinary ones. But they aren't cheap.

So, if you have some bucks to spare for a nice gift that programmers will surely love, then get them this DAS Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard. It's an excellent keyboard, especially for use in long coding hours.
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66. Fancy Laptop Stand
When working in front of a computer all day, it can be very taxing. Imagine sitting for long hours, and while you might imagine that to be comfortable, being in your seat the whole day equals stiff muscles at the end of the day.

So, when setting up an office or a desk at home, it will help if the computer setup can accommodate; however, you want to work. So, getting your programmer friends this Fancy Laptop Stand will surely help them in tons.
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67. Jelly Comb Slim Wireless Mouse
One of the surefire options when looking for the best gifts for programmers are gadgets that they will value and use. So, what would make a great addition to their home office setup? If you want to get them a nice gadget but not exactly a computer set kind of gift, then you should consider getting them this Jelly Comb Slim Wireless Mouse instead.

With its plug and play property, this wireless mouse might be the coolest gadget for programmers who can't stay away from their computers. And if they only have minimum space in their desk, without the messy cable is always a bonus. This gadget simple speaks freedom and convenience.
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68. Binary Wristwatch for Professionals
If every country can have different languages, programmers have their own too - the binary language. For programmers who are little geeky or wants to show how proud of their profession they are, this Binary Wristwatch for Professionals might be what would complete their outfits for every day.

And aside from being geeky, this watch has so much more to offer. Its LED lights will only radiate when you press the button on the side, which saves its battery's energy significantly.
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69. Adjustable Converter Workstation Desk
Between standing and sitting, you might think the latter is much more comfortable. And while you might be right, sitting for long hours can make your muscles stiffen too, and that wouldn't be great. Especially for programmers who are always on their seat in front of their computers, they need another option on how to work.

Fortunately, they can work while standing now too when you gift them this Adjustable Converter Workstation Desk. They can now easily alternate between sitting down in their desk or standing up to avoid sore muscles at the end of their workday.
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70. Stance Move Standing Chair
When you have to sit for long hours, you can imagine how sore and stiff your muscles will be. For that, it is important to spend time to relax and bend a little. For programmers who are usually in front of their computers sitting on their chair for the whole day, this Stance Move Standing Chair might be the chair replacement they need to keep themselves relaxed and comfortable even after working for long hours. It's entirely convenient and helpful in decreasing feet pressure or to take off the stress when they've been sitting for so long.
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71. iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi
Programmers who are completely glued to their computers trying to fix that broken code usually don't have a lot of time for other things, and that includes cleaning the house or their office. But, that doesn't mean their workspace will now be full of dust. Get them this iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi and their workspace and the entire house will surely be dust-free without a lot of effort.

If you are looking for the coolest gifts for programmers, this might be the way to go. They will surely appreciate you now that they can easily tick off the ‘cleaning the house' from their to-do list.
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72. UE Wonderboom Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
If you are searching for surefire gifts for programmers, then you should not look further than some gadgets and devices. Tech-savvy people like them will undoubtedly appreciate any tech-related presents. So, how about you consider getting them this UE Wonderboom Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker? So when they happen to get themselves off their computers and decide to have a party at home, this Bluetooth speaker is just the best gadget to get the party started and going with some good music.
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73. Code Gamer
There are a lot of awesome gifts for programmers, and if you are looking for one that is perfect for beginners and professionals alike; this Code Gamer might be the one. It is cool and awesome. This kit is specially made for programmers to keep them entertained. It comes with a gamepad that can be connected wirelessly.

If they are looking to master the basics of programming, this is simply the easiest and most fun way to go. What is even much better is they can write and make their programs or generate new applications for the sensor.
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74. UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch Selector
Sometimes, programmers have to switch between two different computers or laptops. So, how about making their work so much easier through your gift? Get them this UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch Selector, and they can forgo having to plug and unplug their flash drives from one computer to another. This sharing switch selector makes it easier to switch its USB between two computers.
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75. TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Nano Travel Router
When inside the house, the Wi-Fi connection can be as fast as lightning, and there isn't any problem at home. But how about when you have to travel? Especially for programmers who need to be Wi-Fi connected at all times, it can be a struggle to find a decent connection while outdoors. So, how about you consider getting them this TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Nano Travel Router? Now, high-speed Wi-Fi transmissions are so much more convenient and far easier than before.

Plus, it’s so small which is perfect for carrying around whenever and wherever they want to go.
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76. Punching Speed Bag Stress Buster
If you think staying in front of the computer is enjoyable, it's not always the case. Long coding sessions for programmers can be super stressful. So, help them take the edge and stress off safely by gifting them this cool Punching Speed Bag Stress Buster. It's a punching bag especially made for them to put in their desktop, so they have a way to relax a little during their hectic days. They will surely love you for this one.
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77. Portal 2 Sentry Turret
There might be some important thing they are working on their computers. But after some time, they need to relax and unwind and eat. Get them something they will surely love to have in their workspace - a Portal 2 Sentry Turret to protect their desk from anybody. Whether they are Portal fans or not, this turret that speaks 10 different phrases will be the guard they need when they need to step away from their computers.
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78. Big Enter Key Table Pillow
Long coding sessions are not only back muscle-stiffening, but they can be super tiring and can often cause mood swings. Good thing you can get programmers this adorable Big Enter Key Table Pillow they can hammer on to take the edge off. It's a real Enter key button but is huge and is made of soft sponge material so programmers can easily get off the beast mode when they are tired with all the coding they are doing.
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79. SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
No matter how many flash drives or extra storage they have, people who work on their computers and laptops like programmers will surely run out of storage space soon enough. So, if you are thinking of the nicest gift for programmers that will surely be of use to them, maybe not right now but sooner than later, then new storage like this SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive is an excellent option. It might be too small physically, but it can hold a huge amount of files.
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80. Funny Ninja Programmer Joke T-Shirt
If there is one surefire gift for programmers who appreciates good humor, that is something funny and hilarious like this Funny Ninja Programmable Joke T-Shirt. A great gift doesn't have to be expensive. This one will surely give them a good laugh, and that's more than enough to promote you into their favorite people list. Plus, this shirt is super comfortable, so if they decide they want to stay home and in front of their computer for the day, this shirt will be a favorite.
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