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90 Best Gift Ideas for the Readers in Your Life 2020


A reader lives a thousand lives, sees a thousand worlds and falls in love a thousand times. The power of the written word to transport us to different places and understand the world from fresh angles is unparalleled.

If you want a gift for a reader, there’s a very obvious choice that we won’t insult your intelligence by naming. Yet a great gift for a reader can be so much more than that. Our list of gifts contains reading lights, page holders and digital highlighters that will help the lucky recipient get the most out of the thing they love doing.

1. Reading Log
Readers love to keep a list of all the books they read and will read in the future. As a reader, you know how important to note essential details such as new authors, memorable quotes, and upcoming books. You and your friends will find this reading log helpful for current and future reading endeavors.

The front page contains a blank table of contents for your gift recipient's personalization. You can use this log to review, to write the date when you started reading or finished a current book. You can find individual pages at the back of this log. You can categorize the novels, poetry or magazine you read according to genre using these pages.
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2. Digital Highlighter and Reader
You read a beautiful quote or find a fantastic book you want to read later. You want to note these essential details, but you don't have a pen and paper to write your note. This digital highlighter can do this job. It can scan and read OCR texts. After scanning, the highlighter saves your scan into its internal storage.

When you're near a computer or an electronic device, you can retrieve the scanned texts. The scanned documents are accurate. Thus, this highlighter is one of the most convenient gifts for readers. So, if you have a loved one who likes reading and taking notes, here is the best gift for him or her.
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3. LED Clip Reading Light
Have you ever experienced reading your favorite book or novel, and suddenly your partner requested to switch off the light? If this experience happens all the time, you should get a clip-on reading light. The LED reading light has adjustable brightness by touching it. You don't disturb your partner and enjoy a book without hearing complaints.

The reading light has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 24 hours. With this rechargeable feature, you can bring the reading light anywhere in your house or room even if there's no outlet nearby. The reading light can be rotated 360-degrees.
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4. Thumb Book Page Holder
Most books, especially softbound or paperback, don't lie flat on their own. You need to keep the pages open with your thumb or your hands. Often, this action tears or damages the binding of a book. Besides, it strains your thumb in keeping the book open. Here's the solution: a book page holder.

This page holder keeps the book open with the help of your thumb. Even with hours of reading, your thumb stays relaxed and won't suffer straining. Most importantly, this page holder is suitable for thin and thick books.
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5. Library Card Tote Bag
Book readers like to bring a literary piece to read when they have extra time to spare. If you bring books every time you go out, this tote bag can help you organize your valuables. The tote bag looks like a blank library card, which is like ambrosia to a voracious reader. It reminds you of your high school or university days when you need to borrow references for your research. The tote bag has a small, inner compartment where you can keep your keys, phones, and wallet.
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6. Reading and Bed Rest Pillow with Arms
The best place to read is the bed with pillows propped up to the headboard. However, these pillows don't support your back, and you might end up straining your shoulders or neck. So, here's a pillow for your reading essentials. The pillow has arms and has memory foam inside for maximum support and comfort. It is excellent for bed rests, lounging, or reading. The pillow has outside pockets where you can place your eyeglasses, a notebook, or anything you want to keep at arm's length. The seller also offers cover if you're going to change the color.
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7. The Book Lover's Journal
This journal is similar to the Record Log mentioned at the beginning of this list. However, it is more simplified than the first. The journal contains pages where you can write your favorites, next to reading list, books loaned out, bought, or given. It is more than 200 pages, so you have plenty of pages to fill. The journal measures half of a bond paper in width, so it's quite portable. This journal is a perfect gift for friends and family who are avid readers, too.
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8. Book Light
You can place this book light in your neck and still conveniently hold your book or reading material. The band of the LED light is bendable, so you can adjust it whenever and in whatever style you want. The book light has two LED lights on both bands. You can use One light for flashlight mode and another for flood light. The light has a rechargeable battery that can last more than 1000 cycles. It lasts up to 40 hours of continuous usage without charging. Get one for you and your loved ones now and gift this light for special occasions.
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9. Compact Folding Reading Glasses
Reading glasses magnify small prints. These glasses are suitable for readers who have difficulty seeing what they read. If you see blurry letters while reading, this set is the right one for you. The glasses come in two sets so that you can give the other pair to your friends or loved ones. Alternatively, you can keep the whole set for yourself. You have two pairs where you can bring one pair and leave the other pair in your favorite reading spot. Glasses are foldable, so you can store them in the plastic case that comes with the set.
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10. Library Kit
As an avid reader, you know that it is a dream come true when you have your library at home. You can read anytime and share your books to your loved ones. However, you might experience the pain of losing your precious books, mainly if you don't track who borrows them. The solution is to revive and adapt library circulation methods, the old-fashioned way. So, here's the best gift for you and your loved ones. This library kit contains 20 self-adhesive book pockets and check-out cards. It also includes date stamp and stamp pad. The kit is functional and practical, especially if you want to know who borrows your book.
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11. I'd Rather Be Reading Keychain
If you choose a book over a night out with friends, what would you pick? Avid readers will say they'd rather be reading at home. If you have friends like this one, you can get them this keychain. The keychain is aluminum steel which has a stainless property. It has a simple message that most readers will answer if you invite them to a party of wine and dancing. You can personalize this keychain, so send your customization details and see if the seller can do it.
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12. Conceal Floating Bookshelf
Bookshelf organizes your books. If you're a voracious reader, you want every space of your house to be filled with books and other reading materials. This floating bookshelf is one of the most practical gifts for readers, whether you get this for you or your loved ones. It is stylish and will create a floating design once installed in your wall. This bookshelf is great for limited spaces where a traditional shelf isn't practical. You can maximize empty wall spaces with this floating bookshelf.
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13. Automatic Handbag Illuminator
You're getting a pen and a notebook in your bag. Most of the time, it took you longer than a minute to fish for that much-needed pen. The reason is that the inside of your bag is deep and dark. Don't fret anymore. This automatic handbag illuminator will help solve your simple problem. The illuminator turns the light on with a touch and switches off after a few seconds. These precious seconds are enough for you to get a pen and notebook in your bag.

Battery life lasts for months or a year, depending on how often you use this illuminator. If you have friends, relatives, or loved ones who take time rummaging their bag, this illuminator is the perfect gift for them.
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14. Book Holder and Travel Pillow
Read your book and travel in style. No, it isn't figurative speech. You can travel with your books and read them during a long flight or journey. This travel pillow doubles as a book stand. When you aren't sleeping, you can use this pillow to prop your book and let the long flight fade into the background. This travel pillow is great for reading during travels because of its flexibility and portability. It molds into any surface even in your lap.
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15. Decision Paperweight
Sometimes, deciding on what genre to read or what book to buy is hard. This paperweight will help you in the decision process. Spin the center and the paperweight will tell if you will postpone buying something or do it right now. You can also use this paperweight to help in difficult decisions that aren’t life-threatening.

The paperweight is an aluminum alloy, so it's heavy and hard. You can use this paperweight to weight down light objects such as paper. So, if your loved ones are also having a hard time making simple decisions, you can buy this paperweight and surprise them on their special day.
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16. Water Proof Note Pad
Note pads aren't just for writers. They're great for readers, too, because readers also need to write their thoughts. These thoughts may include the next genre to read or the next book to collect. This note pad is all-around writing material. You can use this notepad anywhere, even in the bathroom. This notepad is waterproof so that you can write with convenience. No more wet paper when writing near a body of water like a swimming pool or a bathtub.
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17. Readers Pencil Set
The good thing about a pencil is you can erase your writing when you make mistakes. Readers make notes, too. If you don’t have that habit, it’s time to start. This pencil set will be an excellent choice. It includes five pencils in grade #2. Each pencil has an inspirational message.
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18. Novel Teas
Reading in the afternoon or any time of the day is more enjoyable with a cup of tea beside you. One box contains 25 tea bags with quotes to ponder upon while drinking the tea. So, if you and your loved ones enjoy a cup of tea with a great book in one hand, these teas are lovely gifts for readers.
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19. LED Page Magnifier
Do you hate wearing reading glasses because they make your eyes water? Here’s the perfect solution for your needs: a page magnifier. You don't need to wear this reading glass. You hold the page magnifier in your hands, and you can begin reading. The page magnifier has LED lighting around the glass. It has an anti-glare reflector.

The magnifier is lightweight and small enough that it can fit in your bag. You can bring it anywhere. The light will last more than 100,000 hours, which means a year or so of using the page magnifier. You can dim the lights if they’re too bright to your liking. Since it’s handheld, your loved ones will enjoy using it. Anyone can use it in your household.
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20. Eye Glasses Holder
This wooden eyeglass holder will make your life more comfortable than before. This holder can accommodate more than one eyeglass. You can place your sunnies, too, with this holder. The best thing about buying this holder is helping Indian artisans. Height is around 5 inches so that the holder can accommodate around three pairs.
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21. Book-Themed Zipper Pouch
Do you take notes when you’re reading? If you do, it means you’re carrying a pen and notebook all the time. This pouch will help you organize your writing materials. The measurement of this pouch is 9 inches by 6 inches so that a standard-sized notebook will fit inside. The design is a vintage print with the name of an author and a date. The pouch has a zippered closure for secure storing of your writing materials. You can even include a small book light inside.
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22. Solid Oak Personalized Bookend
Bookends maximize the top part of a bookshelf. If your bookshelves have empty spaces on the top and books can still fit in there, these bookends are best. These bookends come solid oak and have a natural coated finishing. You can also use these bookends on your table or anywhere you would want to organize a few books. You can personalize the bookends by including the name of your recipient or a message if you're going to give them as gifts for readers.
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23. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone
Some readers like to immerse themselves in a book with a piece of good music playing in the background. If your loved ones are like these readers, this headphone is the best gift for them. It has a noise canceling capability with excellent sound quality. This headphone is capable of drowning out ambient noise like the whirring of a blender in the kitchen or the humming of an HVAC appliance. It is wireless for more convenient listening. The ear cups have soft padding for comfortable wear on extended periods. Your loved ones will enjoy listening to their favorite classical music while reading their favorite book.
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24. The Reading Strategies Book
Reading is a skill, and anyone can learn to do it efficiently. This book will help you achieve your goal in reading, whether it's a novel or a reference book. It contains more than 300 strategies on how to improve reading comprehension at a faster rate than your usual capability. This book is excellent for students, beginners, teachers, or even for you.
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25. Personalized Custom Bookplates
A book is never complete if it doesn’t include its owner’s name, so it’s time to get a set of personalized bookplates. One set contains 30 colorful bookplates printed on a quality paper with the self-adhesive back part. The bookplates measure around 2 inches by 3 inches. The nameplates are quite small so that you can use them even in your smallest book. You can stick these bookplates in the first page or on the front page of your book. You can request a specific phrase to claim ownership on your books for a more personal touch.
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26. Shoulder Work Bag Crossbody
Do you go out often with a book on your one hand? If yes, why not make your life easy and get this work bag? You can carry more than one textbook or any reading material for that matter. The bag is quite spacious, so you still have room for other essential accessories such as a wallet and smartphone. The crossbody has a minimalist design, which is perfect for a simple person like you. It comes from a cotton canvass fabric, which soft, sturdy, and washable. You can give this crossbody bag as a gift to anyone, too, whether he or she is a reader or not.
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27. My Weekend is All Booked T-shirt
This t-shirt says it all. Most readers would rather spend their time holding a book in the comfort of their couch. So, if you know someone who loves reading a lot, surprise them with this t-shirt. The t-shirt has a soft, silky fabric with a blend of polyester, rayon, and cotton. The ink used is of top quality and won't fade that quickly.
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28. Floating Book Caddy
Sometimes, you can’t read a book while soaking in the bathtub because you’re afraid to drench your book. Well, forget those scary thoughts. This floating book caddy secures your book while you enjoy a pleasant and luxurious bath soak. It’s flexible because you can go in and out of the bathtub without adjusting the caddy. The caddy has a 4-inch broad base to prevent the book from toppling over into the water. It has a 60-degree angle for comfortable viewing. The book caddy also has retainers to keep the book or tablet from sliding out of its place.
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29. Decorative Throw Pillow Case
Transform your reading space with this decorative throw pillow case. The pillowcase has a phrase saying you read one more chapter before you stop. It is durable and safe for sensitive skin. The fabric has a breathable quality that'll keep you fresh while reclining on the pillow. The size is a square measuring 18 inches on all sides. So, if you're looking for gifts for readers, this pillowcase is an excellent choice. You can get a set of two for your loved ones.
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30. Vintage Library Card Compact Purse Mirror
You can immerse yourself and enjoy a good read every day. However, that doesn't mean you have to forget your physical appearance. It’s okay to be geeky sometimes but make sure you keep up with proper hygiene. This compact mirror will help you do the basic beauty regimen. Looking at the mirror from time to time to see how do your looks are doing won’t hurt. So, get this vintage compact mirror for yourself and your loved ones who like reading. The mirror has a printed design of an old library card with due dates as far back as the 1970s.
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31. Kindle Paperwhite
A reader's arsenal won't be complete without an e-reader device. Although reading books is still the most significant way to enhance your knowledge, you still have to update yourself with the advancement of technology. Indulge yourself or a loved one with this e-reader device. This device is the latest edition in the market. One purchase includes a free three-month subscription of the most popular reading app on the internet.

Storage choices include an 8GB and 32Gb capacity. You can store thousands of e-reading materials, whether it’s an eBook or an electronic magazine. The e-reader has a built-in LED lighting for a comfortable reading experience. You can dim or brighten the lights according to your liking. The most excellent feature of this device is its battery. One full charge will last for weeks. Plus, this latest edition is waterproof.
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32. Magnetic Eyeglass Holder
This eyeglass holder looks stylish and functional. It’s magnetic and conveniently holds a reader's glasses. You can place the holder in front of your dress or your polo, and it won't ruin your outfit. The holder is small but can hold a lightweight material like your eyeglasses. If your loved ones don’t like the old-fashioned cord in their glasses but keep on misplacing their glasses, this holder is the perfect gift for them.
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33. Tray Bath Caddy
This traditional caddy is suitable for standard sized bathtub. It's sturdy and stable. You can read your favorite book, reading material, or a magazine while soaking in the tub. Moreover, you can enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and an aromatic candle while reading and soaking because this caddy has a place for these two items. The caddy also has two spaces for your bath soap and loofa. It is stainless steel that is food grade. The caddy is resistant to rust, and corrosion.
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34. The Lamborghini of Book Lights
The difference of this book light from other book lights is its light options. This book light has three light options for different sensitivities. You can adjust the bright setting accordingly and still enjoy a night of reading. The light has rechargeable batteries for more convenient reading time. The batteries can last up to 100 hours after a single charge and are changeable once they reach their useful lives.
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35. Magnetic Page Markers
Page markers also evolve. Before, bookmarks are paper and ribbons. Nowadays, these page markers range from magnetic to rubber. This set of page markers is a magnetic type. It comes in 8 charming owls. You can use these markers as paper clips too aside from using them as page markers. These markers are great gifts for readers.
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36. Dramatic Bookends
You don't want those simple looking bookends. These bookends might suit your taste. The design is spectacular with a silhouette figure trying to catch the falling book. Each bookend is stand-alone and can accommodate a lot of books. So, if you want to add a dramatic look in your study table, buy this bookend. Alternatively, you can give this a gift to your loved one or friends
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37. Hammock Chair Macramé Swing
Do you like reading in your backyard or front yard? If you do, you'll fall in love with this hammock chair. You can install it in your patio, or even inside your house. The hammock is easy to install and hang. The swing hammock is portable and lightweight, so you can bring it to your vacation home or anywhere. The design is stylish in macramé knots that prove to be sturdy.

The hammock chair gives a bohemian vibe to any home. So, if you like reading and boho style, this chair is an excellent choice. You can also get this swinging chair for your loved ones as one of the most practical gifts for readers.
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38. Book Lover Button Badge
This button badge is the perfect gift for your friends who love to read. Each pin is a composition of metal, plastic mylar, and paper ink. It measures more than 20 mm, so it’s large enough to read what’s printed on it.
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39. Kindle Paperwhite Case
You got your latest e-reader as a gift because your gift giver knows how avid you are as a reader. So, why not protect that e-reader device with this case? This case is lightweight and slim. It will look stylish and chic on your device. The case is also splash-proof, so wayward liquid won’t inflict permanent damage on your e-reader.

Do you know what's fantastic with this case? It's vintage. The printed design is the book cover of the famous story of Alice. Yes, you read it right. So, if you’re a fan of Alice and her Wonderland, get this case for yourself. Alternatively, you can buy one for your friends, too.
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40. Wooden Bathtub Tray
One of the tendencies of some readers is to stick to traditional things such as wooden bathtub tray. If your loved ones or friends like to keep conventional and vintage stuff around their house, this tray is the best gift for them. This tray is a wooden type of book caddy. It has a non-slip feature, contains spaces for candles, and wine glass, and comes with a wooden soap container. The bathtub caddy has a removable book holder that has a water-resistant cover.

You might think that this wooden caddy won’t last since you'd be using it in the bathroom. Well, think again. The wood used is bamboo, which is famous for its water-resistant property, mainly if the manufacturer used proper curing of the wood.
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41. Shakespearean Insults Coffee Mug
Shakespeare was a great writer, and people still study his works. He may be the greatest writer of his time, but some of his works include a lot of insults. This mug displays 30 of these well-known insults heard and used in Shakespearean’s plays.
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42. Leather Smart Cover
Do you want a smart cover for your e-reader device? This stylish cover is the perfect companion with your e-reader. It wakens your e-reader upon opening and shuts it off when you close the flap. The only downside is its exclusivity. This cover only fits the latest Paperwhite e-reader edition. It won't fit previous and old versions. The cover is waterproof, which a great combination with the latest Paperwhite edition.
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43. Words for Refrigerato
Reading a lot of literary pieces helps you develop your creative side. Often, you unconsciously correct a sentence in a novel or a verse in a poem. Unleash your creativity with this set of magnetic words. One box includes more than 200 words, printed on a magnetic paper. Each word is written on a colorful background.

You can write one-line poetry with these words or remember your favorite quote. You can place the words on your refrigerator or an aluminum bulletin board. This magnetic set is also great for leaving essential notes in your fridge. The great feature of this gift is its compatibility with other magnetic sets of the same brand.
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44. Glasses for Reading
Are you losing your reading glasses, often? If you do, here is the best reading gift for you and your loved one. The eyeglasses are non-polarized but still is useable for reading. The frames are plastic, so you can't use the same frame for replacement. One set includes four different colors with a pretty design on a plastic frame. You can leave the glasses in your favorites reading place.
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45. Always Fully Booked tote bag
This gift is another functional tote bag on this list. It's the same except for the printed image. The beautiful design says you're always fully booked. The bag can accommodate average-sized book that measures below 10 inches. It is cute and sturdy. So, if you have friends who're book readers, this bag is the perfect gift for her.
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46. Eyeglasses Holder with Magnetic Base
Shout to the world your love of your country with this eyeglass holder. This holder has the prints of the American flag and has a magnetic base. It can accommodate standard sized eyeglasses. The inner lining of the holders has a fur lining for maximum protection of your glasses against scratches and dirt. Other colorful designs are available so that you can choose the best design for you and your loved ones.
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47. White Mountain Puzzles Readers Paradise
Solving a jigsaw puzzle is another way of enhancing your mind. The puzzle is not for a person who doesn't have the patience to solve a thousand pieces of jigsaw puzzles. It appeals to a reader because of the design.

This particular jigsaw puzzle features a magical library where tons of books are on display. It has all the classic titles. You can captivate your entire family with this colorful puzzle. The colors are vibrant, so even your youngest family member will have fun joining you.
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48. Personalized Bookplates
You have more option to personalize this bookplate, unlike the previous bookplate included in this list. The seller is offering 20 customized bookplates that will include your name and a short message. So, if you can’t find the best gifts for readers, try this one out. Your friend or your loved one will like this one in an instant.
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49. Homesick Scented Candle Books
You smell the unique scent of leather and newly bound books when you enter a library, regardless of its size. This candle mimics the smell of a leather-bound book inside a building overlooking a cherry blossom in a window. This candle will transport you this place where cherry blossoms are everywhere. It comes from natural soy wax. It’s dreamy and idyllic, great as gifts for readers who have a vivid imagination.
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50. Bookshelf Decor
Organize your books with this invisible bookshelf décor. The material for this bookend comes from acrylic sources, which are durable and sturdy. The bookend can hold more than two heavy and large books. The clear design allows easy access for you. Get a set for your friends and loved ones, too.
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51. Foldable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray
Sometimes, getting out of bed is a chore, especially if you’re reading a great book. You don’t have to leave your bed longer than necessary. With this serving tray, you can have your breakfast in your bed and read your favorite book at the same time. Indulge yourself and surprise your loved one with this serving tray.

The serving tray has a small drawer for storing pens and notepad, a cable, page markers, or any small accessories you keep while reading. It has five different tilting angles that’ll allow you to adjust your book or e-reader device. The tray is convenient and stylish.
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52. Fleece Blanket with Sleeves
Comfort and cozy are the appropriate words for this fleece blanket. You know how it feels to read a book in a warm couch and with chilly weather outside. To complete this homey feeling, you'll need a fleece blanket. However, throw blanket can be a nuisance sometimes. You'll have to readjust the blanket from time to time to keep your feet under the covers.

You don’t have to do this constant readjustment. Here’s a blanket that’ll keep you warm during the coldest month of the year. The blanket is wearable and has sleeves. So, even if you fall asleep reading, the wearable blanket stays to your body.
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53. Nessie Tale Bookmark
This cute bookmark is in the shape of a long-neck dinosaur. A part of its body stays inside the book, between the pages while its head and tail are poking out. The head and tail serve as your marker and tell where you stop reading. Available colors are sky blue, green, and maroon.
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54. Out of Print Literary Socks
Who says out-of-print books aren’t readable and uncollectible? Only non-readers will say that it’s useless to collect out-of-print. Indeed, these books are hard to find. However, it doesn't mean you have to give up. So, vent out your frustrations on these socks. Of course, these socks don’t contain the book you wanted.
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55. Reader Roulette
You're looking at your next-to-read-book list, but you don't know genre should you read first. Well, spin away with your decision. Get this reader roulette for yourself and your friends. The roulette has six genres printed on its small circle. It measures less than two inches but large enough to contain cute, little prints of the different favorite genres.

The reader roulette is an enamel pin so that you can attach it to your tote bag, pouch, or shirt. Spin the reader roulette the next time you have a hard time choosing what's next in your reading list. However, remember to pin this reader roulette to your favorite back, so you don't leave it at home.
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56. Bookcase Storage with Bins
This bookcase has storage bins alternating with bookshelves. It comes in black and white color, where the storage bins are painted in black. This bookcase is high for a contemporary room or a library. It is easy to assemble. Although it’s an assembled type, this bookcase is durable and can accommodate large and heavy books. Each cube can carry a maximum of 10pounds. The bins can double as a storage area for books and magazines that you read rarely.
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57. Fun Animal Eyeglass Holder
Cute, funny, and functional are the words to describe this eyeglass holder. If your friends or loved ones are readers and animal-lover, this holder is the perfect gift for them. It is also kid-friendly. This holder is the ideal accessory for readers who wear glasses to read. It will help you or your gift recipient to store your glasses on the side table before completely dozing off to sleep.
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58. Chair Lounger
Aside from the bed, the best place to lounge and read a book is sprawling on the floor. If your library is different from your bedroom door, this lounger is the best accessory you can get for yourself. It has a thick padding and adjustable angle for maximum reading comfort. The design is elegant and minimalist.

The lounger can support your back while enjoying a good book to read. You can prop this lounger in the floor, near your bed. Alternatively, you can place it in your bed, if you aren’t comfortable sitting on the floor.
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59. 3 Month Membership
Your friend's special day is approaching, and you don't have any idea which gift to give. You know he or she loves to read books, but he or she has every imaginable book in his or her collection. Well, here’s a gift your friend will appreciate. Try giving your friend a 3-month subscription of an antique and vintage book. Each month your friend will receive texts from a supplier.

The books could be more than 20 years old or 100 years old. The categories are fiction, biography, and non-fiction. If you want to surprise your friend, even more, you can choose the "surprise me" or "custom requests" category.
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60. Sticky Page Markers
Sticky page markers are a great help to readers. These markers allow you to note specific pages or paragraphs. You can stop your reading for a bit and do household chores or eat a meal. You can mark where you stop. You can write down hundreds of quotes. Each set contains ten pads, and each pad has 50 sheets. In total, you have 500 hundred of colorful pads for your page markers and quotes.
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61. Silicone Finger Point Bookmarks
Sometimes, you need to stop reading and do essential activities such as take a bath or go to the restroom. So, if you're a person who forgets where you've stopped reading, this silicone finger point bookmark is excellent for you. If you're friends or loved ones like to read but forget where they've finished, you can get this bookmark for them. The bookmark works as a marker while the finger point functions as a reminder where you've left off. You don't need to go over and read the whole page to remember where you've stopped.
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62. Soft Bean Bag Chair
This soft bean bag allows you to lounge anywhere in your house and read your favorite magazine or book in your e-reader. It is soft and cozy. The bean bag chair is portable and easy to carry. So, if you feel like reading in your patio, taking it from one room to another is as easy as ABC. The bean bag is also a perfect gift for readers, so get one for your friends or your loved ones.
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63. Bibliophilia: 100 Literary Postcards
What would be the best way to encourage your friends and loved ones who are readers, too? Give them postcards with famous literary quotes. Each set contains 100 postcards, and the literary quotes come from classical authors such as Wolf, Wilde, Austen, and Brontë. Each quote has a black and white background.
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64. The Library of Personal Hand Embosser
Claim your ownership over your books and other reading materials with this library embosser. You can customize the embosser with your name and a simple message of property. Forget about compromising the health of your books by sticking non-acid bookplates. This embosser is book friendly.

Embossing the first and last pages of your book look classy and stylish. It gives the vibe of a real library, that your books come from the library, somehow. If you have friends who are readers and book collectors, you can give one to them.
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65. Book Sleeve Feather Arrow
You're not fond of carrying book bag. Instead, you like to bring your book and notepad on hand. Although carrying your book with your hands isn't a crime, your book collects dirt and oil from your sweaty hands whenever you go out. So, protect your books with this book sleeve to prevent further damage to them.

The book sleeves come into two sizes. The large book sleeve can fit into large paperbacks with more than 600 pages. On the other hand, the small-sized book sleeve can fit into paperbacks that have pages below 600. Each book sleeve has interior padding and a Snap-On closure for keeping the book inside. You can use the front pocket of the book sleeve to store and keep your pens and journals.
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66. Storage Bench with Cushion
Who says you can't combine a couch and a bookshelf? This seller made it a possibility. This storage bench has a cushioned seat on top of a bookshelf. It is excellent for an entryway or your library. The three large compartments can accommodate larger books or your favorite paperbacks. The storage bench is easy to assemble.
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67. Custom Wire Bookmark
This custom wire bookmark allows you to personalize your gift. It’s affordable and sturdy. If you’re looking for holiday stuffers, you got the best choice. You can request different names for your order. Each name has a maximum of 10 letters. The markers are six to seven inches tall.
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68. High Back Chair with Breathable Mesh Back
Some readers don’t want to read on their bed or their couch. Often, they prefer to read on high back chairs with armrests. You can get this high back chair for a friend if he or she’s one of these readers. The chair has a 360-degree swivel allowing your gift recipient to reach books in the table with a turn. It has a mesh back for comfort and breathability.

The chair has a rated capacity of up to 2500 pounds, so your heavyweight friend can still sit in comfort and style. It has an ergonomic design and reclining armrests, so your friend can relax anytime.
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69. Miniature Book Locket Necklace
If your friends are fashionable and at the same time readers, this locket necklace is the perfect gift for them. The small book comes in blue and green color combination or antique bronze finished. The chain of the necklace measures 16 inches with a lobster claw closure. It will look good in a boho outfit or a casual attire.
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70. Book Stand
Reading for long periods can put a strain to your neck and shoulders, especially if you’re looking down on what you’re reading. To reduce the pressure in your neck, shoulders, and upper back portion, you need to use a book stand to read. You can read a book at eye level with this book stand. You can even place the book at arm’s length so that you don’t need to bend down your neck. With this book stand, you can sit up straight while reading.
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71. Book Pillow
Do you have a favorite place at home to read? Often, your family members kept on getting your favorite spot. To make yourself clear to the rest of the family, you can get this beautifully printed pillowcase. The printed pillowcase says that the place is reserved for you. Alternatively, you can buy this as a gift for your friends, too.

The material for this pillowcase is cotton. Thus, it's soft and comfortable. Forget about allergies and skin rashes because this pillowcase is hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin.
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72. Banned Book Socks
Classic books don't have the same privilege compared to the writings of today. At some point in history, society banned these books from the library and the market’s bookshelves. Why? These books contain questionable principles and often referred to as “bold and censored." Lord of the Flies, Pride, and Prejudice, and The Great Gatsby are examples of banned books during their time. Do you want to know more of these banned books? Well, these socks enumerated many of these books. You can see the titles one sock and find the same title crossed out in its pair.
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73. Weighted Rubber Bookmark
The standard materials for a bookmark are paper, ribbon, or leather. Other markers come in wire and silicone. This bookmark comes from a weighted rubber. The design isn’t your traditional bookmark. You place this bookmark across your book, horizontally, to keep it from closing. This bookmark comes in a colorful but simple design.
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74. Bookish AF Decal
This decal is perfect for your laptop, tumbler, or your tote bag. You can stick this decal anywhere and tell the world of your favorite past time, which is reading. The material for the sticker is vinyl, which is famous for its waterproof properties. So, you can place the decal in outdoor surfaces like your vehicle’s window.
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75. Treadmill Book Holder
Sometimes, you need to exercise to strengthen your body. Most of the times, you skip exercise because a book is too great to leave unread for a few hours or even minutes. Well, you don't have to skip that run on your treadmill anymore. You can read while making a quick run on the treadmill. This book holder can hold your book or e-reader for you while you strengthen your legs and your body.
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76. Books to Read Before You Die
Of course, you aren’t dying yet. But, are you not curious what books should you read before you die? This book is a collection of 1000 reviews about books to read. It discusses why you should read a particular title and what lessons you'll learn in general. The list encompasses different genres, ranging from fiction to nonfiction, from science to sci-fi, from poetry to short stories and from history to children’s books.
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77. Literary Scarves
You can wear your favorite literary quotes with this scarf. The scarf is an infinity style and perfect for any weather and any outfit. The fabric is cotton, so the scarf is comfortable to use even on summer nights. The scarf measures 63 inches in circumference and 12 inches in width. So, it’s large enough for anyone.

The artist used a silk screen method to print the passages on the scarf. The passages come from classic novels such as Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, and so much more.
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78. Shakespeare Insults Poster
Shakespeare was witty and intelligent. He’s one of the most remarkable authors of all time. However, when you look closely to his work, a few of his words are insults. During his time, such retorts were witty and bold. So, here’s a poster to display in your room if you love Shakespeare so much. If your friends love him too, you can get one for them.
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79. DK Games: Silly Sentences
Surely, you have seen many silly sentences in the books or stories you read. It's time to remember those sentences and see if others find it ridiculous, too. Often, these sentences might contain grammar errors. So, why not get your family this board game? You and your family will love this game, especially if all of you are voracious readers.

This game is perfect as gifts for readers, especially those young ones in your family. They get to practice their grammar checking skills without the help of an application or something. The game contains card in different colors. The number of players is four, but you can pair with each other for a more exciting twist.
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80. Book Locket
Book lockets are cute and fashionable, especially for readers. If your friends like jewelry and reading, get them this solid brass locket. It would be something they could use to accessories their boho or geeky outfit. The pendant isn't an ordinary necklace. It contains a secret message, folded to look like the pages of a book. You can personalize this message to make your gift special. The maximum letters for the message are 20 alphabets.
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81. Eyeglasses Holder Strap
Are you and your loved ones have the habit of misplacing your eyeglasses? Here’s a simple solution to your dilemma. An eyeglass strap can keep your precious glasses safe. You don’t need to remove them from your neck. Although the strap looks traditional, it is stylish and versatile. The strap will still look good on you no matter what you’re wearing. One set includes four different colors that will fit your wardrobe for the day. It comes with a free pouch to keep your straps in one place.
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82. Book Wreath
You don’t need the Christmas season to get this book wreath. You can use this wreath as a décor to your room or your library. The wreath measures 11 to 12 inches. This particular wreath uses the Little Women vintage edition. You can request other book titles if you want. Communicate with the seller to let him or know your specifications.
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83. The Reader
Of all the gifts for readers on this list, this one is a novel. This book is suitable for adults, so make sure your gift recipient is mature enough to read this one. It talks about a young boy of 15, named Michael and Hanna, an older woman who's more than twice his age. The two had a physical relationship while the boy read her the German classics.

Suddenly, Hanna disappeared. Michael thought he wouldn't see her again. Unfortunately, he did. When they met again, Michael is a law student, and Hanna is a defendant of a criminal case. This book features mystery and moral responsibility. It is the classic theme of good versus evil.
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84. Stack Of Books Glass Blown Ornaments
These ornaments are great gifts for readers. The design is a stack of books in vibrant and glittery colors. You can hang it on a Christmas tree, or use it as a decoration on your room or study table. The ornament is small, only measuring 2.5 inches on all sides.
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85. Library Date Due Necktie
This necktie has the design of a library card. You can buy this tie for your partner, especially if he’s punctual on returning every book he borrows. The necktie is silky and soft, perfect for a formal outfit. The fabric comes from a microfiber material while the printing method is screen-printing.

The inks used are eco-friendly and non-toxic. There are many color options, so you should know your partner's favorite. The size of the necktie is either standard or narrow.
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86. Library Book Necklace
Do you want unique gifts for readers? Here is an excellent choice for you. The pendant features a stack of vintage or maybe antique books. The chain looks vintage, too because of its color and aged appearance. It measures 24 inches long so that it will cascade about 12 inches in your neck. This necklace is perfect for that geeky librarian look you're aiming for this week or maybe next week. If you have friends, relatives or acquaintances who are avid readers like you, you can get one for them too.
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87. Education-Themed Socks
These education-themed socks are a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, so they're comfortable to the feet. Your recipient will enjoy wearing these socks all day long. Whether they use it at home, at school, or the gym, they'll find the socks to be breathable and cool. The design features the face of the most influential man in America. You know how much contribution he made not only in the government but also in literature. His inspirational messages changed many lives.
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88. Digital Magnifier
Small prints are hard to read. You can find them on magazines, front pages of a book or newspapers. Now, you can read those small prints conveniently by using your television. What you need is a digital magnifier. This digital magnifier connects to your TV in an instant. You can magnify the smallest print you’ve encountered in a click of a button.

No more misunderstanding and cursing because you can’t understand what’s written on that tiny advert you found in the magazine. The digital magnifier runs on battery or an AC adapter.
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89. Harry Potter Map Infinity Fashion Scarf
Are you a Harry Potter fan? Or, do you have friends or loved ones who scream at the sight of a Harry Potter merchandise? If your answers are yes, you got the best gift for them. This infinity scarf is officially licensed merchandise of harry potter. It features the Marauder’s Map.
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90. Book Stack Ornament
You can use this ornament as a keychain, or a decoration. The ornament is a stack of books with different colors. The material is resin, so the ornaments look a little dull. Still, readers will always appreciate a gift.
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