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81 Best Gift Ideas for Rugby Players & Fans 2020


Rugby. A British sport where 15 grown men (or women) clash into each other repeatedly, without protection, and see who is left standing. Oh, yes, and there is a ball too. Rugby is not for the faint of heart. Each time the ball hits the floor, players fly in from both sides to wrestle each other for control of it. This bruising game isn’t short of skill either. Mesmerizing sleights of hand and superb athleticism are required to maneuver the ball over the line.

Your rugby fan or player gift recipient knows all this. They avidly follow this contest of wills and follow each thud and crash of the match on the edge of their seat. Maybe they even get into the scrum themselves at their local club. Either way, if you’re looking for a gift for rugby players that will celebrate their love of the game, then check out our list below.

1. Rugby Fanatic Book
Does your rugby fanatic friend like reading books? They will surely love reading this book because they will know how much of a rugby fan they are.

There are a lot of famous and great quotes that they can find in this book. If they can fully relate with most of the quotes, then they are a certified rugby fan.
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2. God Made Rugby Mug
If your friend loves drinking coffee or tea in the morning or any time of the day, then what gift can remind them about their favorite sport but a cute rugby related mug? It has a brilliant quote that they would never get tired of reading over and over again while drinking their favorite drink.

Tip: Before deciding to buy this gift for someone, make sure that they love coffee or tea first. If your recipient likes neither of the two, then they won't have any use for your gift.
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3. The Battle – By Paul O'Connell
If you are a rugby fanatic, this is one gift for rugby players and fans that will surely be loved. This book is a must-read for all individuals who is into the sport.

It contains the autobiography of Paul O'Connell who is considered a rugby colossus. If you are a fan yourself, then you surely know how famous this man is when it comes to rugby. He has everything that a rugby player should have – determination, passion, and heart.

Every fan of the sport will surely enjoy reading this book because they will know the truth about O'Connel's career.
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4. Rugby Union League Ball Sports Tie
If you love rugby so much and you want to bring the heat to your office, or anywhere you want to, you should have this cute necktie with rugby ball prints. You can both be classy, sporty, and professional with this gift.

You can even pull this off on any occasion and show everyone how much a fan you are of the sport. Don’t you think that it is an adorable way to show everyone how much you love rugby?
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5. Thunder Bird Cufflinks
Are you a fan of a specific rugby team? If you are a fan of Thunder Bird, then you would surely love these cute cufflinks.

Be a fashionable and sporty gentleman with these thunderbird cufflinks that would go with your daily office attire. This gift can even be a good conversation starter with other gentlemen who love rugby or the same rugby team.
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6. Rugby Ball Wooden Puzzle
Do you love playing with puzzle pieces and having fun? If you do, then this is the perfect gift for rugby players and fans that you should get. It might be effortless to take apart all of the pieces, but it is harder to assemble.

You can bring this game anywhere and play it with your friends or family. Even kids can play with this game, and it can help them develop their thinking skills as well. With adults, it can be a great stress reliever after getting off from work or during weekends.
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7. World Rugby Records
Do you want to collect books that are related to rugby? If you do, then this book could be the first one on your collection.

This book is the fifth edition of the World Rugby Records which is already updated and revised. Every rugby fan would be delighted to unwrap this kind of book.

It contains all the records of tournaments and teams all over the planet and the story behind each success and failures as well. It has the names of the greatest players of rugby ever since the game existed. It is a must-read for every person who wants to know a lot about the sport.
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8. XV Beyond the Tryline
If you want to know everything that happens behind the scenes, then you should get this XV Beyond the Tryline. It would make you understand what rugby is all about and why it means so much to everyone who has played or watched the game.

You can witness here the happenings during the Rugby World Cup. You can see how each character work to make the game possible and enjoyable. In the video, you can see the referee, coach, fan, player, parent, physio, groundsman, and even the Prince himself.
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9. Personalized Printable Rugby Ball Word Art
If you are someone who loves words or linguistics, or anything related to written language, you will surely love this cute word art. It is shaped like a rugby ball and is made of all the words that you would love to include.

Since this is a personalized gift for rugby players and fans, you can include your name or the name of the person you are going to give this to. You can put one name or add as many words that you want.

Take note that upon purchasing, it will be sent as a digital file and not a physical one.
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10. Custom Cartoon Portrait
Are you on the search for a unique gift for rugby players and fans? You can get them or yourself this customized portrait that will surely be adored for its uniqueness. It will be one of the unforgettable gifts that someone will receive no matter the occasion.

Once a fan lays eyes on the portrait, their eyes will light up, and it will be love at first sight. Well, who doesn't love Yellow Cartoon Characters?

Custom portraits are a must-have for every rugby fan's bedroom.
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11. Rugby Ball Mold
Who doesn't love a sweet and colorful cupcake? Maybe some people are not a fan, but for sure, decorating a cake is a gratifying task.

With this rugby ball mold, you can design your cupcakes with rugby balls and other things that are related to sports. You can mold salt dough, wax, candle, soap, ice cream, icing, gelatin, gummy candy, candy clay, bread dough, marzipan, jelly, and many more with this mold.

Aside from rugby ball, you can also create other patterns like football, trophies cup, sneakers, and jersey. It is perfect for cake, cupcake, cookie, and cake pops decoration.
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12. Rugby Ice Cube Trays
You would surely want to grab a drink while watching a game or after a long day at work. But do you know how to level up your drinking game with your friends? You can prepare some rugby ball-shaped ice cubes.

The trays can also be used for creating small pies, tarts, chocolates, candy, and bake cake. It is made of non-stick silicone that is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. When molding food, you won't have to worry about ruining its shape because the mold is flexible and soft, which makes it easy to take out.
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13. American Flag Rugby Ball Pillowcase
Do you want a gift for rugby players or fans that they could hug? If you do, then you could get this adorable pillowcase that they can put on their favorite pillow. The design is a rugby ball that is themed on the American flag.

The pillowcase is made of microfiber, has an invisible zipper, very stylish, comfortable, and fit. It is perfect to use both outdoors and indoors. You can use it in your office, beds, cars, sofas, and chairs.

It is suitable for any kinds of a holiday as well. Rugby can be displayed at any time of the year.
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14. Johnny Wilkinson 2003 Rugby World Cup Spot Color Photo Memorabilia
You can never go wrong with an epic photo during the world cup printed on high-quality paper and put on a beautiful frame. Every rugby fan would go head over heels with this kind of gift. They might even put it on their bedroom or their living room to flaunt it to visitors.

In the photo is Johnny Wilkinson during his last-minute drop goal in the Rugby World Cup 2003. The picture is created using a spot color effect to highlight the rugby legend and the legendary moment.

This photo can be a perfect birthday present for a rugby fanatic.
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15. Rugby Street Sign
Who would not want a rugby street sign? It would be perfect for displaying inside or outside of your house. Everyone who will see the sign will feel the rugby spirit that is running in your veins.

Since this is a customized gift, you can put the name of your street or the name of your friend’s street for a personalized look. It can be the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Tip: Make sure to give this gift before the game starts to add to the excitement.
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16. Rugby Ball Table Cloth
If you think you have everything in your collection that is related to rugby, then you might want to think again. This rugby ball table cloth can be a great addition to your collection, which can be used daily. You can use it during an outdoor picnic, birthday party, coffee table, or on your daily indoor.

The table cloth is made of heavy-duty polyester with a wrinkle-free convenience. You can spill all kinds of liquid on it and not worry about having a hard time cleaning it up. You will need a sponge or a napkin to clean the mess.
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17. Rugby Ball 3-Piece Bedding Set
Another great addition for your rugby collectibles is this 3-piece bedding set. Any rugby fanatic would want their bedroom to be rugby themed. With this set, you can give your bedroom a makeover with just a single touch.

If you don’t want to use it all year round, you may want to put it in your bedroom during rugby season so you can enjoy the game while you are sitting on your rugby themed bed.
The designs can be suitable for any rooms: hotel room, guest room, boys' room, or girls' room. It can also be an ideal gift for rugby players or fans in your family or circle of friends.
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18. Rugby Wit Book
Who would not want to laugh on a hilarious rugby book? It can be the perfect partner while you are having coffee or just chilling outside during the weekend. It will keep you amused while learning a thing or two about rugby.

In the book are famous quotes coming from different players from past and present. Some can be philosophical quotes, while some are just something that rugby-obsessed people can laugh about.
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19. Personalized Full-Size Vintage Rugby Ball
Every personalized gift is considered thoughtful and sweet. Who would not fall in love with a gift with their name on it? You can even add a personal message that could make it more thoughtful.

Aside from it is the traditional size of a rugby ball, it is also made of real leather. It can be a perfect gift that can be used for many years and can be given as a gift on different occasions.
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20. Chocolate Rugby Balls
Do you love chocolates or do you have a friend who loves chocolates and rugby? With this gift, you get the chance to enjoy both rugby and chocolate with your friends. It comes in dark chocolate and white chocolate, which are most people's favorite flavor.

It is a box of nine chocolate rugby palls packed in a box of Choc on Choc. If you want giving someone a novelty chocolate gift surprise, then these chocolate rugby balls are a perfect choice. It is a sweet gift for rugby players or fans.
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21. A Little Bit of Rugby Wit Book
This book is quite the same as the first one that was mentioned in this article, but this one has more up-to-date quips. However, it does not mean that the first one was not good at all. They both have the same hilarious level when it comes to rugby wits.

If you have the budget for both of the books, then you might want to get two copies for yourself and your best friend or brother. It can surely kill the boredom while you are waiting for the rugby season.
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22. Rugby’s Funniest Joke Book
Are you someone who likes rugby jokes? If you are, then you can give this book to yourself as a gift. You can read here a lot of jokes related to rugby that you can, later on, share with friends who have the same interests as you.

You would surely love reading the jokes that are compiled in this book, and you might not find any rugby joke book better than this one. Whoever you may give this gift to, they will surely roll on the floor laughing.
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23. A Rugby’s Strangest Matches Book
Do you love studying the history of everything that catches your interest in this planet? If you do, then you would like to read everything that happened in the past rugby matches. Some of the facts written in this book may have occurred even before you were born.

The happenings on the book can be dated way back 150 years. You can read here the strangest truth that has happened during rugby matches in the past. Some of it may be hilarious, weird, or shocking.

One of the fun facts that you can read on this book is about an entire Welsh Rugby Team sent off during a game.
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24. Rugby Personalized Leather Hip Flask
Who doesn't want to carry a certain amount of alcohol with them anywhere they go? And of course, you would want to bring it in style or with a flask of your chosen design. It can be classier if it has your name on it for a personalized touch.

You can get this stainless steel 6oz personalized leather hip flask as a gift for Father’s Day, a birthday, or can be a present to your best man.

The leather case is made in Cambridge Studio. You can even request the seller to put your desired name and message on the case. The leather is available in tan and is wrapped in a sophisticated black gift box.
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25. Personalized Blue Rugby Ball
This blue rugby ball can be the ultimate rugby gift for people who are crazy over rugby, may they be an adult or a kid. It would be more exciting for them when they see the ball is customized with their name.

You are no more arguing with other people at the park whether the ball belongs to this person or not since it already has a name. You will never go home sad and empty-handed when other people try to claim your rugby ball.

Make it a sweeter gift by adding a message on the ball.
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26. The Oval World Book
Another book that can tell you about the history of rugby is The Oval World by Tony Collins. The author has written it in a way that would make rugby fans keep reading about the things that they should know about the game. It can be a big help for people who just discovered rugby and want to learn about it more.

Whether you are a fan of ages or a new fan, this book is a must-have in your collection.

This book includes the comprehensive history of rugby which started in the medieval village football. It is also written in the book how the sport became well-known all over the world. Rules of the game are also added to help new fans in understanding the game.
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27. Rugby Book: Let’s Get Quizzical
Do you think that you already know everything there is to know about the game rugby? There is only one way to find out. This book has a lot of tests that you can answer, which will answer whether you are an expert about the game or just an average fan.

If you have friends who love rugby, you can take those tests with them to determine who the best in rugby facts is. It can be useful in calming down the boys for a few hours while you are making some food for them during a house party.
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28. A Game for Hooligans Book
This book is another rugby history book on our list. However, this one is focused on the evolution of the game rugby for the last 20 years. Some fans might be concerned about the changes that have been happening with the game throughout the years, which means that this book can be perfect for them.

Most rugby fans may already know some of the facts that are written in this book, but some things can be added to your knowledge. However, the most important thing is you will enjoy reading this book. The author has done his best to compile all the vital information in this book.
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29. Rugby Wish Bracelet
Who would not want to wear a rugby ball as a piece of jewelry? You can give this rugby wish bracelet to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or any member of your company. It comes with a card that says, "Life is simple. Eat, sleep, play rugby."

You have the option to change the words on the card as well.

Since this is a wish bracelet, you can make a wish before putting on your wrist. Eventually, the cord of the bracelet will break, which is quite sad. However, it only means that your wish has been released and would come true.

Many rugby fanatics would surely adore this cute wish bracelet.
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30. Rugby Mad Dad Mug
Is your father a certified fanatic of rugby? Or maybe you are a dad yourself and loves rugby? Either way, you can get this Rugby Mad Dad Mug for yourself or your father.

It can be a perfect gift for dads on their birthday or during Father’s Day.

If your mom is a fan of rugby as well, you can change the word dad to “mum.” You can even change the sport to any sport that you want.
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31. Rugby Scene 1 Pint Pewter Tankard
There are times that you would want to spend time with your friends and relax. And who would not want to grab some drinks while chilling with friends? This 1-pint pewter tankard can be perfect for your drinking sessions with friends.

But, if you don't drink, you can fill this container with any drink that you want.

Moreover, if your team has just lost, you might want to express your sorrow by sharing some drinks with your friends in this cool bottle.
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32. Rugby Pewter Tie Clip
Do you love collecting tie clips? If you do, then this rugby pewter tie clip can be the perfect addition to your collection. It will make you classy and can give you a unique look.

The tie clip is made of pewter that is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. The clip has a beautiful deep luster that doesn't need any upkeep because it would not tarnish. It even comes with a sophisticated gift box with the words “Handcast in Fine Pewter.”

It is the perfect luxury gift for the luxurious man in your life.
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33. Rugby Evolution Pint Beer Glasses
If you are not fond of the hard stuff, you might prefer beer or other drinks. With that said, these glasses can be the perfect container of your favorite beverage.

The glasses are not only stylish but can also be perfect for people who love drinking and watching rugby. If you have these glasses, you can boast this to your friends and encourage them to have their own set of glasses.
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34. Personalized Socks Do Not Disturb Watching Rugby
If you are the individual who loves wearing socks while watching rugby in your living room or bedroom, then this pair of socks is perfect for you. The socks will let other people know that you don't want to be disturbed while you are watching your favorite sports.

You can personalize it with your name. The socks will read, "Do not disturb (name) is watching rugby." It would be a cute way to let them know that you are focused on the game and does not want to do anything else until the game is finished.
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35. I’m a Rugby Coach Coffee Mug
Are you a rugby coach or do you know someone who is a rugby coach? This coffee mug can be the perfect gift for yourself or your friend. It has a hilarious quote that would surely make someone smile or laugh when they read it.

The mug says, "I'm a rugby coach, to save time. Let's assume I'm always right."

It is an 11oz mug and is printed with high-quality inks that give the cup a high glossy photo finish. It is dishwasher safe, which means that you don't have to worry about cleaning it up after use.

You can even personalize the words or design for that particular person that you are going to give this gift to.
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36. Stainless Steel Engraved Hip Flask with Rugby Player
This gift is another alcohol and rugby themed gift. However, before deciding to purchase this hip flask for someone, make sure that they are on the right age. You won’t want to be a bad influence, would you?

When you are watching rugby, you would want something that could keep you warm. With this hip flask, you can bring with you the drink of your choice and enjoy it while watching the game. Your hip flask would go well with the game you are watching since its design is a rugby player.

It can be a perfect gift for your son or friend's 21st birthday.
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37. I’m Playing Rugby Coffee Mug
Another great gift for coffee lovers – a mug that says how much they are into playing rugby. The cup says, "I might look like I'm listening to you, but in my head, I'm playing rugby." It is an adorable quote that every fan would smile about once they read it while drinking their hot beverage.

A lot of rugby fans might have experienced thinking of rugby the whole day instead of thinking of other things. But nothing can make you regain focus than a nice and warm cup of coffee.
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38. I’d Rather Be Watching Rugby Travel Mug
Have you ever gone to a rugby game and felt like you are freezing with the cold? It makes you crave for some hot coffee or tea that can keep your body warm. Watching a game while freezing can take the excitement from experience.

Compared to polystyrene cups, this travel mug can keep your drink warm for a longer time. The quote on the cup is also appropriate for the game.

It can be the perfect gift for occasions like birthday, wedding, house warming, retirement, graduation, and Christmas.
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39. Rugby Ball Keychain
Keychains can be a trendy gift, but if it is personalized, it can surely be something else. It can be a perfect gift for rugby players or fans. You can even select the initial of the person that you are going to give it to personalize the keychain.

You can give this as a birthday present for a fan, and it will surely be appreciated. The keychain has the initial letter charm, Silver Star charm, and silver rugby ball charm.

You can even mount the keychain on a greeting card if you like.
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40. Rugby Stadium Poster
This stadium poster is one of the unique gifts for rugby players or fans on this list. You can get them a printed illustration of their favorite team's home ground. The poster has a minimalist and contemporary design that would go well with any modern home's interior.
Every rugby fan would fall in love with this gift. You can give it to your best mate, boyfriend, sister, or dad.

The illustration is printed on a semi-gloss finish 275gsm fine art paper with high-quality ink. The materials used was carefully picked to emphasize the colors of each design.
Take note that you might need to buy a frame for this gift.
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41. Rugby Position Mug
Who would not want a useful and informative gift? With this mug, you can drink coffee while learning about the appropriate position in playing rugby. If you have friends who don’t have any idea about rugby, then you could give them some knowledge with this coffee mug.

It also means that you would not need to waste your time drawing the rugby formation for your friend because it is already printed on the cup. It is a win-win situation.
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42. Men Rugby, Women Football Mug
You should be warned that this coffee mug can be controversial. It might start an argument if ever other people see you using it.

If you are a rugby fan, your eyes would surely light up when you see the mug's design. You might even take a picture and send it to all of your mates so they would all know how adorable your new coffee mug is.

Even though the mug shows that football players are like women - soft – it doesn’t mean that they are. It is just these two sports are being compared most of the time.

Well, you have to hope that no severe arguments will take place because of this mug that will turn into some physical fights.
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43. World Cup 2015 Hip Flask
Yes, you have read that right, it is a 2015 hip flask. It may be too late to get one, but this can be an essential piece of your collection. You may choose to open it and use it or keep it in the box to keep it in mint condition.

If you choose to use it, other rugby fans would envy you for having a Rugby World Cup Memorabilia. It can be the perfect gift for collectors of rugby items.
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44. Rugby Fan Mug
Before checking out this coffee mug, you might want to check if you are at a legal age yet because the print on the cup may contain some words that are not suited for minors.

This mug’s print would surely make you and your friends smile. It is an 11oz mug that is made of ceramic.

This gift is perfect for your boyfriend or husband that loves rugby because they would surely understand the naughty quote on the mug.
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45. The England Rugby Tube Map
With this rugby tube map, you will know the history of rugby. Each line on the map is a representation of a period in England’s history. It will show you the formation of Pall Mall in London until the present day.

It also includes Eddie Jones.

It depicts all the significant events in English rugby, from the World Cup Winners Line to the Grand Slam trophies, from the players and coaches to the formation. The center line represents the icons like Wilkinson, Johnson, Woodward, and Lowe.

It also has footnotes that show essential people and events in the history of English rugby.
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46. Keep Calm and Play Rugby T-shirt
If you don't own any t-shirt with a rugby slogan, then you are not a certified fan of rugby. But if you still don't own one, you might want to get the famous "Keep Calm" t-shirt. Keep calm quotes on the t-shirt are everywhere.

Moreover, there are not many t-shirts that have a better quote than this one, and rugby fans and players would surely love it. The tee comes in different colors, so you can choose any that you like.
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47. I Love Rugby Sports Novelty Socks
Did you hear about the saying that only real men can wear pink? If you are a real man, do you think you got the courage to wear this pink pair of socks? But at least it says that you love rugby, which means that you are a real man.

Not all men would be brave enough to wear these socks out in public, but some might love wearing them at home where no one can see them. They can even pair it with a cute pink onesie.

The socks are made of 2% spandex, 20% nylon, and 78% cotton. It has good elasticity and is very comfortable when worn.
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48. Tim and Ted Rugby Long Sleeve
This long sleeve is another product that can cause an argument between rugby fans and football fans. This clothing makes football players look like babies compared to the big and tough rugby players.

If you have this Tim and Ted rugby long sleeve, do you think you would have the courage to wear it during a football match? Well, you have to hope that all the people watching the game are such good sports. If they're not, you might end up at the hospital or even worse.
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49. Rugby Engraved Drinking Glass
Does your dad love drinking? If he does, then maybe he would appreciate this engraved drinking glass gift. You can even choose what kind of glass to imprint the design on depending on the sort of beverage your dad likes to drink.

It can be the perfect Father’s Day gift for your brother, best mate, or dad. The only downside of this gift is they may avoid using the glass because they are scared that they might break it.

You can even request your personalized design from the seller without charge.
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50. Rugby Vintage Wall Print
This print is another gift for rugby players and fans that could be used to decorate your wall.

Archival pigment inks are used to print on the 250gsm heavyweight archival paper. The print could last for over a hundred years when properly taken care of. The illustration that you can see on the wall print is 1929 The Rugby League Final Poster.

During the shipping process, the illustration is rolled and put inside a solid mailing tube to ensure its protection.

Take note that the frame is not included so you might need one before hanging it on your wall.
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51. Men’s Short Sleeve Alternate Pro Jersey
Support your team by getting this rugby jersey for you and your friend. If you are planning to get one for your friend or a family member, make sure to determine their favorite team first.

These jerseys are available on all team designs, and they are expensive. Getting the wrong team jersey for your friend would cost you so much. Moreover, they might hate you for giving them the wrong gift and not talk to you ever again.

The jersey is made of 100% polyester, and it allows breathability and comfort that everyone would surely love.
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52. British and Irish Lions Men’s Acrylic Scarf
You might already know The British and Irish Lions because they are one of the most well-known rugby teams in the world. The team has adorable looking rugby clothes that any rugby fan would love to have.

This acrylic scarf is the perfect gift, especially during the cold weather, and they are watching a rugby match. It would keep them warm and will let everyone know whose team they are supporting.

The scarf is made of 100% acrylic and has the British & Irish lions crest embroidered on the scarf’s end. It also has the CCC logo on the other end.
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53. Weekend Rugby Forecast Apron
Weekends are for BBQ parties and beer drinking with mates. The party would not be entirely complete without the chef who will be responsible for cooking the burgers and barbecues.

With that said, the chef would need an apron that would protect his clothes from all the mess in preparing the food. Since men are sometimes clumsy in handling food, they will inevitably have food all over them.

A beer in one hand and a pair of thongs on the other, an apron is worn and some drinking buddies, the party would be perfect.

The apron even has an adorable quote printed on it which says "Weekend Forecast: Rugby with a chance of drinking.
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54. Referee Yellow Card Mug
If you are a serious rugby fan, then you might already know what a yellow card means. It is a referee's way to calm down players that might have taken the heat at the game. Through the card, he can gain back control of the game.

This mug is inspired by Justin Timberlake’s song titled “Sunshine in my pocket.”

It is an 11oz mug that is made of ceramic and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. The high-quality print on the mug says, "I got sunshine for you. A yellow card from my pocket, or do you prefer the other card?" Nobody wants the other card, which is the red card because it means that you can't play in the game anymore.
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55. Eat Sleep Rugby Water Bottle
This water bottle is the ideal gift for rugby enthusiasts. It is a 500ml aluminum water bottle that you can customize with your name and message.

You can treat your friend or a family member with this gift that they can bring anywhere they go. They can put any beverage of their choice on this bottle.

The product measures 190mm tall and 73mm in diameter. It also comes with complete accessories like the harness clip, flip top spout and screw top.

The design of the bottle is printed using the modern dye sublimation technique.

Take note that this bottle can only be used on cold drinks and should only be hand washed.
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56. Tubular Neck Warmer
Aside from a hot drink, you would need something to wrap your body and keep you warm during a freezing match. The warmer is made of stretchable material and soft, breathable polyester which you can wear in different ways. You can use it as a bandana, or you can put it over your head from around your neck.

You can use this product in 12 different ways, and you have to be creative. The design does not peel or fade, so it is guaranteed that you can flaunt it for a long time.
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57. Warning May Start Talking About Rugby Hoody
Are you the kind of individual that could not help yourself but talk about rugby every hour? If you are, then this is the perfect hoody for you. At least, everyone will be warned that you love talking to rugby so they might want to stay away if they don't want that kind of topic.

It is a high-quality hoody that is printed with the best and latest digital print technology. Don't be shy and let everyone know that you would give all your time talking about your favorite sport.
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58. Rugby Ball Novelty Collectors Miniature Clock
Do you collect everything related to rugby? If you do, then this miniature clock can be a great addition to your collection even though it is least usable than the rest.

No matter how inviting it is to put a rugby-ball-shaped clock in your living room, it would not be appreciated because of its miniature size. You might want to put it in your man cave or at your bedside table instead.

The clock has a matt silver finish and a quartz movement. It means that this product is not just some cheap stuff.
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59. Rugby Cunt Mug
Do you have a friend who is so obsessed with the game that they would do everything to watch a rugby match? If such people exist in your circle, then you must get them this rugby cunt mug to let them know what they are.

It can be a hilarious gift that they would appreciate. Instead of getting offended, your recipient might give you a hug or a kiss, and thank you for giving them the best gift ever.

Both sides of the coffee mug are printed so it can work on both left and right-handers.

Moreover, the mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and has a glossy finish.
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60. Rugby Wooden Sign
Everyone would want a sign that says how much they are crazy for rugby. This little wooden sign has a shabby chic style that will go well with your home's interior. You can give it as a Christmas present, birthday gift, or new home gift to someone mad about rugby.

Shabby chic, white, and gray are the inspiration for the design. It is made of plywood that measures 16cm by 8cm. It already has a jute string attached so once you receive it, you will only need to hang it.
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61. Guinness Small Soft Foam Rugby Ball
Everyone who watches a rugby match at home can feel the pressure of the game, especially if the scores are close by a few points. What do you usually do when you see your favorite team almost winning the match? You might grab anything in the vicinity or beyond your reach and start scratching, tearing or throwing it on the wall.

Some are even guilty about shouting on their cats when the game becomes too intense.
With that said, instead of ruining stuff in your home, you might want to get something that you can take all of your stress on. This mini rugby ball can be the perfect stress ball while you are watching an intense rugby match.

A small price cannot be exchanged for the cost of everything that you might ruin because of stress.
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62. Men’s Gift Designer Rugby Ball Cufflinks
Men don’t usually get the chance to wear cufflinks unless there is a special occasion. At least you will have one ready if ever you need one.

This rugby ball cufflinks can be worn during a wedding or other special occasions. It may even be an excellent conversation starter with other men.
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63. Leather Rugby Washbag
A rugby themed gift that can be used daily is a leather wash bag. It is not just something that they can use when then they go swimming at the pool or if they play rugby. It is an everyday essential that they can bring with them anywhere they go without ruining their poise and outfit.

The washbag measures 28cm by 13cm and have zipped pocket inside where you can store some of your small sized stuff. The compartment is big enough to store your toiletries.
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64. Lucky Sixpence Rugby Good Luck Token Novelty Gift
This cute good luck token comes with a real sixpence that is dated between 1947 and 1967. The dates of the sixpence are chosen at random, and you are not allowed to choose. They are cleaned and polished so they will have a lovely finish that any ruby fanatic would love.

It can be the perfect present for an anniversary or birthday, or just for the avid rugby fan.
The sixpence is mounted at the back of the card with a note that says, "A lucky sixpence for you, to bring you luck in all you do." The front of the card bears the name of the recipient for a personalized touch.

The card is then put inside a 5x5cm plastic wallet.
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65. Rugby Keychain with Personalized Message
Everyone loves having keychain as gifts even though they are a bit underrated at times. This keychain comes in different colors, depending on your preference. It can also be personalized to make your recipient feel more special.

The keychains are made from durable cowhide at the Cambridge workshop. The key fob measures 83mm by 42mm while the key ring's diameter is 30mm.

You can even add a short but sweet message on the keychain’s back. It will be printed in a handwritten design or font.
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66. Rugby Ball Money Clip
If you are not fond of using wallets in storing your money, then you would love this rugby themed money clip. Any rugby player or fan would fall in love with the minimalistic design of this product.

It is made of stainless steel that is polished to give it a modern and sleek appearance. It can be perfect for both men and women who don't usually carry wallets in their pocket.
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67. Beer Buddies Bottle Opener
Do you ever watch a rugby match at home without having a bottle of beer or two? For sure, the answer will be no because watching rugby would not be complete without grabbing a bottle of cold beer from the kitchen. May you be watching in your home's living room or your man cave, one of the things that you always look for is a bottle opener.

With this angry looking rugby ball, you will never lose a bottle opener ever again because you will have to mount this on your wall. It can make the bottle opening more convenient without wasting time looking for the bottle opener.
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68. Sterling Silver Catholic Saints Medal Pendant
Wearing a few bling is not that bad. With this sterling silver pendant, you won’t ever feel that you are wearing too much bling. It doesn’t have any expensive diamonds and is not like the jewels on the queen’s crown either.

No one would even think of stealing this from you unless they are a crazy fan of rugby. If you love having a chain around your neck, you would surely love it more if it has a rugby player design on it.
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69. Personalized Rugby Glass
This glass is the perfect gift for rugby players and fans. If you a rugged rugby player, you would want your customized rugby glass. You might want to get some for your teammates as well.

If you have a father or grandfather that loves the sport, you can also get this glass for them on Father’s Day. You can make it a more memorable gift by putting the name of the recipient and by adding a message on the glass.

The glass is hand etched with a rugby ball design.
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70. Vintage Rugby Ball
Your man cave or bedroom would not be complete without this vintage rugby ball. This product has four leather panels that are made of rich, supple leather. The details are hand-stitched and were polished to make it look like a vintage ball from the 1940s.

Giving this gift to a rugby fan would surely make their day. It can even be used as a decoration at a teen’s bedroom and an ideal Father’s Day gift too.
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71. Remedinature Rugby Players Muscle Rub
If you are a rugby player, then it is given that you usually get muscle pain due to the intense match. But if you are only a fan, it can be possible that you play a little rugby too.

Wearing safety equipment does not guarantee that you will not feel any pain after the match. Luckily, with this muscle rub, you can take care of the cramps and aches all over your body.
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72. Man’s Evolution Cufflink
This gift can look like an ordinary cufflink, but it can be something else for people who love rugby. A man could not even get enough cufflinks for his entire existence.

This product displays how an ape has slowly evolved into a rugby player throughout time. Well, anyone would think that it is cute.
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73. Dove Men + Care Rugby Ball Gift Set
Who doesn't know this deodorant? Everyone might have experienced getting this as a gift from relatives before.

However, the focus here is the adorable rugby ball that comes with the set. You can play with it while applying your deodorant.
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74. Funny Rugby Fan Mug
This mug can be a perfect gift for your partner or for a couple who loves rugby. You might want the naughty humor printed on this mug which says, "Ruck Me, Maul Me, Make Me Scrum." Those words are printed on an 11oz quality mugs.
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75. Rugby Coach Printable Gift
Do you know an excellent rugby coach? If you do, you might want to get them this gift that will make them feel appreciated. They don't get appreciation often, so the best way to show them how much they mean to you is by giving them a rugby-themed gift.

Take note that this is a digital product, which means you will not be getting any physical stuff. You can choose to print the design and place it in a frame before giving it to your recipient.
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76. Rugby World Cup DVD/Book Set
The time will come that there is no rugby match to watch on the television which can surely make you sad. For sure you would want something to watch, so you might want to get this DVD and book set. It features the most critical moments that have happened in the Rugby World Cup in the past years.

You can even look back at the legendary moments that made all the rugby fans in the world go crazy and excited.

This set can be a perfect addition to your man cave, and you can enjoy it with your mates with a drink in hand.
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77. England RFU Official Rugby Golf Gift Set
Everyone has their favorite team, and if by chance that yours is the England Rugby team, then this is the ideal present for you. This golf gift set is everything that you will ever ask for, especially if you are a fan of the said team.

It would also be perfect for people who want playing with a small ball and a stick.
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78. Ultimate Rugby Mug in Tin Gift Set
Maybe you were thinking, why would you want a mug inside a tin? But when you see what is written on the cup and the tin, you might put that doubts at the back of your mind. For sure, you will do everything to get this gift set instead of questioning the design of this product.

By the time you own this product, you would go all crazy about having a mug in a tin. The cup has a black and white print that is compatible with the sport.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning it afterward because the mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. It measures 8.5cm in diameter and 8cm tall.
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79. This Girl Loves Rugby T-shirt
Do you have a female friend that loves rugby? Or maybe your sister, mother or aunt loves watching rugby matches as you do? If you have special women in your life that is crazy about the game, then you must get them this adorable rugby t-shirt.

They will be able to show everyone that they love rugby just like most men do.

The shirt is made of heavier and thicker cotton, but its softness is still guaranteed. Its neckline has double stitching, which makes it more durable. It could last for numbers of rugby game before it wears out.
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80. Rugby Zone Wood Sign
Do you know a kid that loves rugby? This wood sign can be a perfect decoration for his room. You can even personalize it with the kid's name to make it look cool and for everyone to know who owns the sign.

They can put it outside their room or at a particular corner of their room where they place all their rugby collectibles. Someone is never too young to start collecting items that interest you, so you might want to support your kid with his interest.

The product is handcrafted and is made of a ¾ inch thick knotty pine. All of the wood signs are brand new, but they are made to look like they existed a hundred years ago.
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81. Rugby Wedding Cake Topper
Do you know a rugby fan or player that is going to get married soon? If you know someone, then you might want to get them this hilarious gift that they can use on their wedding day.

Everyone would love the humor as it shows that tying the knot is a life sentence, but it can surely make most of the guests laugh.

However, the groom might have to ask for permission from his wife if she would let him put this funny wedding cake topper.
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