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42 Best Gift Ideas for Soccer Players & Fans 2020


The world’s most popular game, Soccer, or football as the rest of the world calls it, is played in every corner of the globe as the ultimate park pick-up game, five-a-side knockabout or hyper-competitive sport there is. From the favelas of Brazil to the shores of Africa, Soccer is a game that sparks joy in millions. The Premier League, the world’s greatest competitive league, is beamed all over the world – from Hong Kong to the USA – as fans who have no idea where Liverpool or Newcastle are on the map cheer on their multi-millionaire athletic idols as they compete in the beautiful game.

Soccer lovers are everywhere, but what do you get them? They probably have a soccer ball (although we have some premium ones on our list), but what else do they want? We’re here to tell you with our gifts for soccer fans and players to help them perfect their skills or support their favorite club.

1. ‘Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do' Book
Learning can mean a lot of things. There are a lot of ways for people to learn. The same principle goes to soccer players. They can learn the sport through countless of practice in the field as well as through some great reads that can help improve their gameplay.

If you are looking for gifts for soccer players that don't suck, then you might as well gift them something they can use for sure like this ‘Soccer IQ: things that Smart Players Do' book. If they want to further their knowledge about soccer, this book would be a great way to start that. It's a must-have for all the tips and lessons it has about movement, control, and how to improve passing as well as other hosts of things soccer players will find useful.

This book might be the game-changer they need to win that championship they are always lusting after.
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2. Futsal Ball
One of the best gifts you can give to soccer players is those that can help improve their skills and performance in their sport. That would be something they will gladly receive and use. If you are looking for some useful and functional gifts for soccer players, then you might want to consider buying this Futsal ball.

Futsal is a little bit different from soccer, especially the features of this ball. Compared to the ball used in soccer, this one is a little bit heavier and also doesn't have the same bounce capacity. However, these features are what makes the Futsal ball excellent for improving their ball control, touch, and dribbling capacity.

It's one of the great ways for soccer players to improve their techniques and skills.
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3. Soccer Rebound Trainer
Constant practice and training are necessary to be the best in what they do. Especially for sports like soccer, there is always room for improvement, skills to polish, and techniques to improve. If you are looking for awesome gifts that soccer players will love without a doubt, then get them something that could help them get that championship they've been after for years.

This soccer rebound trainer, for example, will help them polish their games. It would be a handy addition when they are doing some drills, whether it's at the field, at the gym, or the backyard at home. This soccer trainer would be a game-changer for their passing, ball control, responsiveness, and shooting skills.

If they are looking to have some additional soccer equipment to train with, this one would be a great idea. It's easy to set up, and can also be dismantled for easy storage after. That also means they can easily carry it around with them, so they can train anywhere they want.
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4. Modern Athlete Prints
We all need some inspiration in whatever we do. The same thing goes for soccer players too. Going through strenuous training for days, weeks, and months can be exhausting. But if they have enough drive and a large dose of inspiration, they might be able to accomplish what they want.

What better way to inspire young soccer players than by giving them something to look up to? This wall art print of names of modern soccer players and legends might be what they need. You bet they might be dreaming of becoming one of those names in the future or adding their names in the roster of soccer legends.
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5. Penny Soccer Game
What would you gift someone who already seems to have everything? If soccer players mostly have what they need for training or have a complete gear already, then you might want to get them something else.

However, if you still want to stick with the soccer theme, this Penny Soccer Game would make an awesome present. When they can't go and play their favorite sport in the field, this penny soccer game would make a great alternative. Plus, it would also make a nice addition to the board games they play with the team during weekend nights.
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6. FIFA 19 Game
If you are conflicted what kind of gift you should buy for someone who plays soccer but also spends a lot of their time playing video games, there are some great gift options that can give them the best of both worlds.

The newest FIFA video game is a must-have for everyone who is both soccer players and avid gamers. It's one of the coolest gifts you can ever give for them who doesn't already have it. Now, they can enjoy their favorite sport as well as their favorite pastime, at the same time.

In this game, they can play online, with their friends or teammates, or in career mode. You bet whether they are on the field or the gym or at home in front of their monitors, it's all going to be about soccer now.
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7. Smart Soccer Ball
It's great when they can train with their teammates and their coach. But when they are alone or at home, the practice shouldn't stop, especially if they are looking to improve their performance in the coming season. For both dedicate and aspiring players, having a simple yet extremely useful device during training will be a valuable present.

For soccer players looking to master some more soccer skills, you might want to consider getting them this smart soccer ball. It's the perfect ball for training, especially with the app that comes with it. While playing with the ball helps improve their dribbling skills, it also tracks their performance and improvements. They can even use the app for some excellent skills they can add into their training.

If they want a personal coach to tell them how their performance is going, this smart soccer ball and the app that comes with it will do all that and more perfectly.
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8. Soccer ‘Goalie' Novelty Shirt
If you are looking for simple and affordable gifts, comfy tees will make a great option. T-shirts are the basics, and everyone will use them. But instead of plain and boring ones, you might want to consider getting this soccer ‘Goalie' novelty shirt for soccer players.

If they have one thing they would love to wear aside from their jerseys, it would be something that advertises their love for their favorite sport. You bet it's going to be their favorite shirt to wear from now on. This shirt being 100% cotton and extremely soft and comfy doesn't hurt either.
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9. Soccer Goal Targets
If you are looking for useful things that would be a great deal for all soccer players, getting them something that does soccer practice at home or at the park convenient would be a good start.

Turn the backyard into the best-improvised soccer field by gifting them this soccer goal targets. It's must-have equipment for all soccer players trying to get some training at home during the weekends. These goal targets are great for setting up to do their shooting drills and improve their accuracy when shooting.

Set up is also very easy. Just attach the target nets into the goal, and they can instantly be ready to shoot and goal. Whether they use it for more fun or for training practice at home, this equipment is a useful one to have in handy.
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10. Nano Dry Towel
If there is one thing that soccer players should always have in their bags, it's a nice towel to wipe their sweats off after every practice. No one wants to reek after training.

And while cotton or those microfiber towels are good, this nano dry towel is even better for soccer players. They have the thinnest threads, which makes this towel more absorbent than the others. It doesn't have the nappy and bulky texture that most towels have.

Also, these nano dry towels feature anti-microbial coating, which is perfect for keeping them clean and away from any bacteria. Its anti-microbial features will also last after countless washing too, so you can be sure they are always protected.
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11. Pop Up Goals
Especially for younger soccer players and aspirants, it is important to have a place to play their sport so they can improve their skills and develop a better game.

Help them set up the perfect place to practice, whether it's at the backyard or the park with their friends by gifting them these pop-up goals. If they don't have a lot of space for a permanent soccer field, these pop-up goals are brilliant for bringing wherever they want to go or wherever they can train. What's even better is that this set also comes with some cones and can be packed in a carrying case that comes with it. The case makes bringing the set more convenient as well as its storage.
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12. Backyard Foot Golf Set
If you want to choose practical and functional gifts for soccer players, there are a lot of great soccer equipment you can get for them to use during their practice training.

However, if you want something useful but also cool and fun to have, then you might as well consider getting them this backyard foot golf set. If they have enough space in the backyard for a small soccer field, this foot golf set is a must-have.

This set is perfect for a game that is a hybrid of soccer and golf. And while it's fun, it's also an excellent way for them to practice their shooting skills and improve their accuracy when shooting.
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13. Speed Resistance Training Parachute
Learning never stops. Help them improve their game and win the soccer game they are training for. Get them something useful and functional they can use during practice like this speed resistance training parachute.

It might not be the most fun or easy to use during their soccer practice training, but you bet they are going to love how it can change their skills and performance during the game. Using this parachute during training adds resistance, and that is important in helping with their speed in the field. Who doesn't want to run like a bolt in the soccer field? That would be easy to achieve with this training parachute.
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14. Soccer Medal and Ribbons Hanger
What would complete the gear of every soccer player? If you think they already have everything, maybe there are still pieces that they can add in their room like this soccer medal and ribbons hanger.

Every soccer player needs to have a dedicated space to put and hang the fruits of their achievement in. Who doesn't want to wake up early in the morning for their soccer training and see all the medals and ribbons they collected for all the soccer games they've won? That would be an excellent inspiration for the day. You bet they will work even harder to add some new achievement pieces to their collection.
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15. Adjustable Soccer Rebounder
There are a lot of skills that soccer players have to master. And no matter if they are already kings and queens in the field, there is always room for improvement.

If you are looking for cool gifts for soccer players, something that could be a game-changer during their soccer games, then you might want to consider getting them this adjustable soccer rebounder. If they have to retrieve the ball from the goal repeatedly, this rebounder makes shooting goals a lot easier. Plus, it also helps in improving their foot speed and reaction time.

It's perfect equipment if they plan to train by themselves at home.
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16. ‘Breakaway: Beyond the Goal' Book
Soccer training and practice can be rigorous. Make sure that they never give up on their dreams when times are rough. Give them enough inspiration to keep going in the game, and never get tired no matter what the scores say y gifting them this ‘Breakaway: Beyond the Goal' book.

It's an excellent book to inspire every soccer player out there. Going through the road to being a champion is not easy, and it comes with some up and downs. But what Alex Morgan, a soccer player, and Olympic gold medalist are trying to teach and inspire young soccer players in this book is how to be the best in both their soccer careers and in their lives.

Plus, the book comes with a poster that would make awesome wall art for anybody who loves soccer.
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17. Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball
Soccer training can be stressful. After a whole day of being on the soccer field and doing drills and practice games, they need some time to cool off and relax. For soccer players who are in dire need of stress-relief, this simple but cool smart squeeze stress relief ball would make an awesome present.

It's also excellent in helping build additional strength for their fingers and hands, which might come in handy for goalkeepers. They can use the app that comes with the stress relief ball to check on their strength and progress.
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18. Agility Ladder and Cones
Agility and quickness are important for soccer players. Help them improve in these skills by gifting them this agility ladder and cones. It's a great gift for all soccer players in any occasion. Their training will be much more exciting and more challenging if they use this agility training set.

If they are looking for ways to improve their movement and footwork, this set will also be very useful. You bet their overall soccer performance will boost in just a short while.

What's even better is that this agility training set comes with a booklet complete with various ideas and tips on how they can use these cones and ladders during their training.
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19. Shin Guards
Playing soccer can be super intense. Whether it's the game or during one of their many practice training, soccer players might have some accidents and injuries. That would be a bummer if they can't heal before the game.

Make sure that will never happen to them by sending them the gift of protection, a thoughtful gift that every soccer player will use for sure like these shin guards. An extra level of protection during training or the game never hurts. And while these shin guards might be a little bit expensive compared to other shin guards, they are worth the bucks. They are extremely flexible and lightweight but excellent for shin protection.
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20. Portable Soccer Goals
They don't have to be always in the field to play soccer. They can do their practice games anywhere they want, whether it's in the backyard, at the open park, or even in the sand when they go to the beach.

Make playing soccer anywhere possible for them by gifting them these portable soccer goals. Having soccer goals they can set up easily anytime and anywhere they want makes having fun or training more convenient. If they have this in the backyard at home, you bet they will all be playing soccer even on weekends. They can now call their buddies and teammates for a small practice match on Saturday afternoons.
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21. Soccer Trainer
Every soccer player has their idol and soccer superstar they look up to. Perhaps, they even want to follow the footsteps of the most famous soccer players in the world.

Help them achieve their dreams of possibly playing in the same field as their soccer idols have. Give them the gift that could help boost their soccer skills and be the star of the field in the future like this soccer trainer.

Every soccer fan will love something that could help them better their performance, especially if they are trying for the soccer team in the school or getting ready for a soccer game next season. This soccer trainer is excellent in practicing their foot skills even at home.
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22. Night Soccer Ball
Like any other superfan, avid soccer players might have wished they can play their favorite sports day and night. But playing soccer can be difficult when the sun is already out, and they can't see where the ball went to.

Fortunately, you can now gift them this night soccer ball, so they can continue playing until the night if they want to.

If they want to take advantage of the night to continue training and improve their soccer skills, this soccer ball perfect for nighttime would be their perfect companion. You bet they will keep kicking in the backyard or the garage no matter the weather with this ball.
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23. Cooling Towel
If they want to be great soccer players, they have to be ready to put in the effort during training. And oftentimes, that means getting ready to train in whatever weather. Although it can be hard and exhausting to do practice training during hot weather, you can make it a lot better for them when you gift them this cooling towel.

This towel is the perfect way to cool down after they have finished doing their countless drills in the field while the sun is blazing hot. It's the perfect companion for all soccer players during intense training, especially when the weather is warmer than usual.
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24. Thermal Bottle
Hydration is extremely important for soccer players, especially if they spend a lot of time doing drills and practice training. To keep their energy high and to keep them going for the game, they have to stay hydrated.

Especially when it's hot out in the soccer field, a bottle of water can be a godsend. But, cold water can sometimes be the best way to fight off the heat. In that case, this thermal bottle would be perfect for their water or the beverage of their choice. Whether it's iced water, iced coffee, or some hot drinks, this thermal bottle can help preserve their drinks in their preferred temperature.
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25. Soccer Tabletop Game
While buying practical gifts for soccer players like training devices and equipment is great, these things aren't the only the ones that make awesome gifts for them. You can also choose something playful that could get the fun going even outside the soccer field like this miniature soccer table.

It's the perfect way for them to enjoy a nice game of soccer even at home or in their dorm rooms. The set comes with a tabletop soccer field, soccer nets, goal posts, goalkeepers, soccer balls, and a complete team of soccer players.

It might not be the same as a real soccer game in the field, but it's fun and would be an excellent way to pass the time.
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26. Soccer Hats
Soccer training can be very intense, even on a good day. But, when they have to train even when the weather is bad, you'd want them to be protected at least. Whether they do their drills in the filed under the sun or when the rain is pouring, this soccer hat would give them the protection they need.

This hat is water-resistant, and it can also serve as an excellent head warmer when the weather is chilly, but the training has to keep going. What's even better aside from the protection it provides is the convenience that this hat provides. It doesn't interfere when they are heading the ball. It's a must-have for all soccer players out there.
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27. Sneaker Deodorizing Balls
Soccer training is a lot of work, and at the end of the day, soccer players all get a lot of sweaty. Add when they have to train while it's raining and the soccer field gets muddy, their cleats will smell muddy and sweaty at the same time. No one wants their cleats, or their lockers go smelling like a rat died in them.

To give them the freshly-smelling cleats like they're brand new, gift them these sneaker deodorizing balls. They can also use this to deodorize their lockers or even their gym bags to get rid of any disgusting sweaty smell.
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28. 30 for 30 Soccer Series
What would make an awesome gift for soccer players who also love spending time watching movies when their practice training is over?

Perhaps, watching some soccer documentaries would be right up their alley. In that case, they will have a lot of fun and excitement watching this 30 for 30 Soccer Stories Series. Sports lovers will love these sports documentaries. This disk pack comes with 8 episodes of inspiring and heart-warming stories. If they want to get some inspiration to keep going in their soccer career, binge watching this series would be a great start as any.
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29. Soccer 3D Puzzle
There are a lot of options for great gifts for soccer players that don't suck at all. If they love soccer as much as they love some artsy pieces for their room, this soccer 3D puzzle will make a brilliant gift for them.

Arranging their jigsaw puzzle would be a nice way to pass the time or unwind after a tiring game or soccer practice. And once it's arranged and done, this 3D puzzle of a soccer ball would be an excellent decor for their rooms. If they are looking for or collects soccer-themed decorations and merchandise, this 3D puzzle will also make a great addition to what they already have.
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30. Soccer Goalkeeping Gloves
Goalkeepers play a crucial role in every soccer game. If you are looking for excellent gifts for soccer players, especially for goalkeepers, then you might as well consider something practical which they can use for every game.

Every goalkeeper has to have soccer goalkeeping gloves with them. It's necessary. And even if they already have one, it wouldn't hurt to have an extra pair in their bags to carry everywhere they go, especially when they are traveling for a game. A spare one will come in handy if their old pair is already battered and ready for replacement.

This soccer goalkeeping gloves, in particular, is excellent in protecting goalkeeping hands. They are effective and comfortable with excellent padding, grip, and durability.
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31. Soccer Backpack
Every soccer player has a lot of essentials they need to carry. Make sure that they have their complete gear intact, with not a thing is forgotten at home, by gifting them the best backpack made for soccer players.

Gift them this soccer backpack that can hold everything they will ever need, from their uniforms, extra clothes, and other essentials for a practice or a game, including their soccer ball. It has a dedicated pocket made specially to hold their soccer balls, so they don't have to carry it around by hand.

The backpack is also made high-quality and durable with well-padded straps for comfort. If you are looking for practical gifts for soccer players, this one will make an excellent option.
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32. Ticket Memento Box
Soccer players might have a bunch of soccer games they've gone to. Perhaps, it's to watch some of their favorite soccer superstars or their favorite soccer team. If you are looking for excellent gifts for soccer players, this ticket memento ox would be an excellent option.

This box is a great way for them to keep and store the tickets they have collected over the years or the season. Aside from game tickets, he can also use this box to store other small soccer mementos they have. Now, all their things can have a box to keep them, and not just littered inside the drawer in their room.
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33. Messi Soccer Ball
Soccer players and aspirants have soccer stars they look up to. Perhaps, they watch all the games of their favorite soccer players or collect items like jersey and merchandise of their idols.

If they happen to be one of the great Messi fanatics, then they might want this cool Messi soccer ball. They might already have a soccer ball they always play and train with, but they might not have this Messi soccer ball yet. Aside from being a practical gift for all soccer players, this ball from the line of products by Messi is a must-have for everyone who is in awe of him or his die-hard fans.
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34. Solo Soccer Trainer
If they want to be the best soccer player of all time, there is no hour in the day to spare. They have to train whenever they can, even if they are out of the soccer field. Getting some extra time doing practice training on their own might be what they need to improve and hone their soccer skills better.

If they are looking for the best companion for when they have to train solo at home during weekends, this solo soccer trainer will make an awesome gift for them. It's the best way for hand-free training as well if that is what they are looking for. They can now train anytime and anywhere they want or rain or shine.

This soccer trainer is also extremely versatile. It can fit various kinds of soccer balls, so they can use it with whatever ball they already have.
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35. Indoor Soccer Shoes
Soccer training in the field is always fun, exciting, and challenging. But, if they want to train indoors or want to try their hand on the indoor soccer league, then they are going to need the appropriate gear for that.

If you are looking for gifts for soccer players that don't suck, then you might want to consider getting them these indoor soccer shoes. This pair is a practical and functional gift option, and it's also very classic to boot.
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36. Foosball Table
Completing their soccer training equipment or their soccer gear isn't your only option when choosing the best gifts for soccer players.

You can get them something fun and playful too, something that they can use to pass the time, relax and unwind after their hardcore soccer practice. Whether they are taking some time off with their families or chilling with their buddies and teammates, this Foosball table would add a little competition and fun to the afternoon party they've got going on.

If they have a soccer man cave they are trying to complete, and this Foosball table is even more perfect for taking center stage. Everyone will have fun playing with this. It's both attractive and sleek in design for every soccer player's room.
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37. Training Pants
If they want to boost their soccer performance, they've got to be ready to train and practice whenever they can, whether the sun is blazing hot or it's raining, whether it's hot out or cold.

In that case, get them ready for training practice in any weather by gifting them the best practice gear like these training pants. It's excellent for when they do their warm-ups and drills or when having practice games in the soccer field. These training pants are super comfortable and slim-fitting at the same time, which is just what they need to move how they want to in the field. It's also excellent in keeping their legs warm when the weather out in the soccer field is a lot chilly than usual.
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38. Women's Soccer Cleats
Soccer is not just for men. Women can be great in this sport too. But for them to show their best potential, they've got to have the best soccer gear possible.

If you are looking for excellent gifts for soccer players to get them game-ready any day, this women's soccer cleats will make a great option. It's one of the essential equipment they are going to need to be ready for practice and the soccer game.

These cleats feature a cool fit with its mesh lining. Plus, it's also lightweight, so they can easily move and run in the field.
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39. Classic Match Foosball for iPad
A Foosball game is perfect for soccer players to have some fun and a little competition with the team even outside the soccer field. But, if it's a little bit expensive for you or they don't have a lot of space to set up a Foosball table, then you might want to consider getting them this classic Match Foosball for iPad. It's a lot cheaper option, plus, it wouldn't take a lot of space in the room.

Just dock the controls to their iPad, and they're ready for endless Foosball fun and competition. It comes with a lot of other features than a traditional Foosball table too. They can customize and make their team, and hear the roaring crowd for every goal they get.
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40. Soccer Pillowcase
The best gifts for soccer players don't have to be expensive. They can be as practical and simple like some pillowcases. It might not be as glamorous as other gifts, but if you get them this soccer pillowcase, it might just be perfect for adding a little extra to their bedroom.

Soccer players would never say no to any soccer-themed gift ideas. Sleeping in this soccer pillowcase might be their next favorite place to sleep in.
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41. Soccer Socks
If you want to make sure that your gifts will be appreciated and used, not just stored and forgotten in their drawers, then you might as well go for the essentials for soccer players like some excellent soccer socks.

Every soccer player will need a pair. And even if they already have a couple of soccer socks, there is always a room for more. What makes this soccer socks even better are that they can be worn over their shin guards. Plus, they come in is various colors too.
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42. Water Bottle
Soccer players undergo some of the most strenuous practice training. They exert a lot of effort, and they sweat a lot, that's why it is crucial for them always to stay hydrated to keep their energy. If you are looking for simple yet very practical and useful gifts for soccer players, then you might want to consider getting them a new water bottle to replace their old one. It's the perfect way to remind them to hydrate.
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