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49 Best Gift Ideas for Victorian Era Lovers 2020


The Victorians are a people who have gone down in history. Living at – and some would say responsible for – the zenith of the British Empire, these hard-working, committed and socially reserved people fashioned an empire on whose landmass the sun never set. As a result, plenty of people are fascinated by this era of history. In modern times, steampunk, a glamorized Victorian fictional past, is loved as a both a fashion style and an imaginative universe.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for someone who loves the world of Sherlock and Jekyll and Hyde, look no further: we’ve compiled a list of fantastic gifts that will enthrall lovers of Victorian history, fashion and literature from this seminal time in world culture.

1. “Victoria” TV Series
The Victorian era would be nothing without the star of that period, which was Queen Victoria. This British television drama of three seasons portrays the story of the queen. It reveals how Queen Victoria ascended to the British throne and her love affairs.

Significantly, your friend should also know the primary reason why the Victorian era exist. It is not just because of the technology, artworks, inventions, and literature that emerged during her reign. It was also because of the queen herself and how she affected everyone around her while she was on the throne.
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2. “Victoria: The Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire” Book
Although the TV series Victoria has been running for three seasons, it is not enough to portray more information about the queen. Not all the essential details are in the series. Sometimes, you need to dig deep to learn more.

Therefore, you might also want to gift your friend the “Victoria: The Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire” book. This book tells more about Queen Victoria. It reveals the queen’s struggles and love affairs.
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3. “How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life” Book
Some of the Victorian era lovers want to incorporate some of the period’s lifestyle into their life. You would see it by the way they dress and design their house’s interior. Some are also knowledgeable about that time’s literature and other notable works.

If your friend is one of these people, he or she will love this “How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life.” It is a reliable book written by a British historian Ruth Goodman. This book talks about the typical daily lifestyle of the commoners during the reign of Queen Victoria.
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4. Literature Rocks Glass
Charlotte Bronte is one of the most prominent novelists during the Victorian era. Everyone considers her works like the “Jane Eyre” as one of the best classics that most literature students and professors delve into today.

That is why it is not surprising that it is also one of the reasons why some people grow interested in the Victorian era because of the novels that reflect people’s lifestyle.

For this reason, if your friend loves the Victorian era and loves reading classics like “Jane Eyre,” he or she will love to receive this Literature Rock Glass from you.
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5. Steampunk Coffee Grinder
Even though the word “steampunk” emerged only in the 1970s, the inspiration of this subculture was from the 19th century. The coined word refers to the sci-fi works in which the primary technological basis was the ones that were common during the Victorian era.

If your friend is a Victorian fanatic and a sci-fi lover too, he or she might be a steampunk lover also. It is evident in your friend’s house ornaments and devices he or she uses.

Therefore, you will never go wrong gifting this Steampunk Coffee Grinder if he or she does not own one yet.
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6. “The Victorian Treasury” Book
What could be the better way to learn more about the people’s lifestyles and events during the Victorian era, but to learn it from Charles Dickens’s great-great-great granddaughter. After all, there might be some unmentioned secrets in the past that Charles Dickens’s great-great-great granddaughter, Lucinda Hawksley knows.

This book tells about the everyday lifestyle of the people in the Victorian era. It also delves on some significant events and urban legends that were prominent during that time.

"The Victorian Treasury" is an exciting book to read that your friend will never put down.
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7. Vintage Victorian Nightgown
Some Victorian era lovers find the fashion of the period exciting and beautiful. That is why you cannot blame them if they want to stock their wardrobe with 19th-century garments and accessories.

However, some of them can only buy the ones that they can wear to show-off to other people. At home, they are in their simple shirt, tank tops, or pajamas. That is why you will never go wrong gifting this Vintage Victorian Nightgown to your friend.

This nightgown’s design has laces, satin bow, and sleeves that are a long bell, which was Victorian.
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8. Hithop Library Book Necklace
Most of the famous classics that people read today are from the works of the notable writers of the 19th century. If your Victorian-era lover friend loves to read books and has collections of classics written by Charles Dickens, Bronte siblings, Arthur Conan Doyle, and the like, she will love this item as a gift.

The Hithop Library Book Necklace is unique jewelry that your Victorian lover friend will love because of the pendant steampunk jewelry that has a bookshelf design. This item will complement your friend’s Victorian clothing.
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9. Tea and Roses Vintage Tea Lovers Journal Kit
Most Victorian fans, who fell in love with the literature of the past, commonly got their inspiration from the classics that they read. After all, a lot of excellent and notable works came from that era.

To make your Victorian lover friend feels more inspired, give her this Tea and Roses Vintage Tea Lovers Journal Kit. This item will make your friend feels like he or she is Charles Dickens or Emily Bronte. Your friend does not have to wait for delivery, because he or she can download the items straight from the seller.
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10. Garden Gears Outdoor Clock and Thermometer
Even though your friend is a Victorian-era lover, it does not mean that he or she does use smartphone or clocks to tell the time. However, it does not mean that you cannot gift him or her something that will spark her interest, something that will adorn his or her patio.

The Garden Gears Outdoor Clock and Thermometer is perfect for your Victorian-era lover friend who likes steampunk and gardening. This item has a unique design that your friend can hang on the wall or post in his or her patio.
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11. Victorian Goth Boots
The most famous sub-culture of the Victorian era lovers is the Victorian goths, also known as romantigoths or romantic goths. Even though you might end up screaming when you see them walking inside your home unannounced, their taste in clothing is more than just black. The style of their garments is mostly Victorian.

After all, one of the architectural designs that emerged during that time is gothic.

To complete her look, she will need something that will go along with her Victorian goth clothing. This pair of boots is the perfect one.
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12. Vintage Distressed Round Area Rug
The Vintage Distressed Round Area Rug is another home addition that the Victorian lovers and romantigoths will love. Its design will surely compliment the beauty of a vintage-themed or gothic architectural home. It provides the aura of sophistication.

Your friend will feel like he or she is a Victorian by seeing this item lying in his or her room, living room, or office.

The Vintage Distressed Round Area Rug is durable. It will stand long years lying in his or her home. Moreover, this item is easy to clean because of the improved polypropylene fibers used.
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13. Victorian Shower Curtain
Probably among the reasons why your Victorian lover friend loves the lifestyle, artworks, and any other things in the Victorian era are because of their sophistication. By owning Victorian-inspired designed items can make a person look like smart, elegant, and respectable. These items can make a person look like he or she has good taste.

That is why you will never regret giving him or her this Victorian Shower Curtain. It will make his or her bathroom look elegant.

This Victorian Shower Curtain is Turkish fabric made. Your friend does not have to use a liner to install it.
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14. Infinity Scarf
Scarves are staples in one’s wardrobe. It is one of the favorite accessories during the cold seasons. That is why you can expect that everyone has one in his or her wardrobe.

However, it does not mean that it cannot be one of the best gifts for Victorian era lovers at all. Because scarves are fashion staples, they should own a lot with different styles so that they can choose which goes better on their clothing.

To add more variation, gift your Victorian-era lover friend with this Infinity Scarf. This item contains some passages from Charlotte Bronte’s book.
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15. Industrial Brass and Copper Drink Dispenser
The Industrial Brass and Copper Drink Dispenser is for your Victorian-era lover friend who loves to party. Because of his or her unique interest, your pal probably has other buddies that share his or her interests. For this reason, you can expect that they have held some get-togethers to share what they knew.

If your friend is holding a party for his or her other Victorian lover buddies, make sure that he or she has this Industrial Brass and Copper Drink Dispenser that will impress them.

Aside from the item’s steampunk design, it also aerates its contents.
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16. Ballroom Chandelier Wooden Planks
Gothic has been an old architectural design. It had been around since the 12th century. However, during the reign of Queen Victoria, this design came into the picture again and became prominent, which became famous as Victorian Gothic. The typical implementation of the movement was the churches.

Today, the Victorian-era lovers, especially the romantigoths, love this architectural design. Even though this architectural design can exude an eerie feeling to average individuals, Victorian-era lovers know that it is art and a piece of history.

That is why your friend will appreciate having this item in his or her room.
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17. Oak Drafting Table
Romanticism and impressionism were among the great intellectual and artistic movements of the Victorian era. Romanticism was all about the free expression of the artist or writer. The impressionism makes use of thin and light brush strokes.

These art movements have been an essential part of history. Today, art students rely on these techniques to find their style and to learn about the past. If your Victorian lover friend is also an artist, encourage him or her to explore the romantic and impressionist art movements with the help of this drafting table.
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18. Gothic Lolita Retro Steampunk Gear
The Gothic Lolita Retro Steampunk Gear is another accessory that your Victorian goth friend would love to add in her wardrobe. It is an accessory that will compliment the Victorian clothing that your friend typically wears to express herself to other people.

This item is available in different styles. You can get more than one for your friend so she can choose which will go better to the garment that she would like to wear.

This item makes use of alloy and lace to create a vintage or Victorian appeal. It is adjustable and can fit any sizes of wrists.
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19. Selfie Brooches
Most of the Victorian era lovers are sensitive and artistic. After all, what was there to love during that period were the literature, fashion, and artworks. That is why you can expect that the Victorian-era fans are arts or history lover.

Therefore, they will appreciate these selfie brooches. This item's design has an eye on them, which is a symbol of focus, direction, intelligence, and awareness. The eyes can mean a lot of things. The interpretation is up to your artistic friend.

This item has a vintage design that your friend will love.
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20. Wooden Steampunk Pepper Mill
The Wooden Steampunk Pepper Mill is both artistic and practical. It is one of the best functional gifts for Victorian era lovers because of its creative way to grind peppers while expressing their love for Victorian designs and steampunk. It is also an ideal addition in the kitchen because your friend can display it proudly because of its beauty.

The Wooden Steampunk Pepper Mill is more than just a beauty. Your friend has the option to grind his peppers finely or coarsely. Your friend can say goodbye to his mortar and pestle when it comes to pepper grinding.
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21. Post Box
This Post Box is an ideal gift for a Victorian lover friend who is looking forward to moving into his or her new gothic-inspired home. A gothic architectural home is incomplete without the addition of this post box that goes along with the design of his or her new house. It is also for a Victorian-era lover who needs a post box.

Your friend does not have to break a sweat when installing this item because of its pre-drilled holes. It is also durable enough to withstand any weather.
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22. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90
Photography was one of the prominent inventions in the Victorian era that people still use until modern time. For this reason, your friend will never mind receiving this Fujifilm Instax Mini 90. He or she will love it instead.

This item has a vintage design. Although the design is far from the original camera of the Victorian era, your friend will appreciate this item more because it is a lot easier to use.

Moreover, with this item, your friend can now have a selfie to flaunt his or her new OOTDs on social media.
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23. Candlestick Rotary Telephone
The telephone was another critical invention of the 19th century. Although this item is far from the first phone that Alexander Graham Bell invented, it has a vintage design that will compliment your friend's Victorian-inspired home.

It is because this vintage telephone's design's inspiration was from the ones in the 1890s, which was a part of the Victorian era.

Your friend can display it at home to wow any of his or her guests. Moreover, this item is highly functional. That is why he or she can now replace his or her uninteresting landline telephone in the house.
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24. Thornfield Garden Soy Candle
One reason why most bookworms love to read fiction books is because of the book’s ability to take the reader to a place without being in the scene. It can make the reader use his or her imagination to travel to many places and to feel like he or she is the story’s protagonist.

That is why there is no wonder why your Victorian-era lover friend loves to read the classics like the ones written by Charlotte Bronte.

To make your friend feel more of what he or she reads, give him or her this Thornfield Garden Soy Candle.
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25. Moving Card Holder Kit
It is tough to give away business cards. To ensure that yours will not end up in a bin, you have to be creative on how you present them to your prospective clients.

Thankfully, there is a creative way of how steampunk and Victorian era fans can present their business cards that will grab their clients’ attention. Gift his Moving Card Holder Kit, and your friend's prospective clients will turn their eyes on the device as he or she presents his or her business card with the use of a lever.

With this contraption, their clients will never forget them.
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26. Sewing Machine Music Box
Another notable invention during the Victorian era was the sewing machine.

Indeed, sewing machines have long been in history even before the Victorian era. However, the basis of the modern sewing machines was from the ones that emerged during that period.

If your friend knows this small info, you will see that she will appreciate this music box because of its relationship with the Victorian invention.

Moreover, its vintage design is a great addition to ornament a home. It can keep her guests occupied while waiting for your friend to come out.
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27. Vintage Bicycle Wall Art
There were already forms of horseless transportation in the Victorian era. They were the first cars, trains, and bicycles. The first cars were new at that time. For this reason, only the rich could afford to ride one. The trains were for the first and second-class citizens.

Only the bicycle was the form of transportation that was common for almost everyone. The bike at that time was huge and had an enormous front wheel.

Today, you would only see this bicycle in museums. That is why you should let your friend take it home with this wall art.
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28. Monarch Playing Cards
If you do not know how to play solitaire, ask a fan of the Victorian era. He or she most likely knows.

The game solitaire has long been in history. It was one of the most popular pastimes during the Victorian era, which was evident by the literary works. You can see the proof of it in Charles Dickens’s “Great Expectations.”

Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, was an avid player of it too. Therefore, you can invite your Victorian-era lover friend to play solitaire with you with this deck of playing cards.
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29. Cute Spring Pug Sign
Queen Victoria was a dog lover. She particularly loved pugs and bred some of them herself. That was why the breed flourished during her reign. She had 36 pugs in her roof.

The pugs today were a little different than the pugs in the Victorian era. You would see it in Gourlay Steell’s painting The Drumplier Pugs.

Even though the pugs of the Victorian era are a little bit different than today, they are still cute, and your dog-lover Victorian fanatic friend will love it. That is why she will love this pug sign to design her room.
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30. Toggle Switch Plate
It is possible to turn your friend's house into a Victorian-inspired structure without any hints of anything present that adorns it, even the light switches. If you see that your friend’s house has an impressive Victorian architectural design but ruined by the modern light switches, why not gift him or her this Toggle Switch Plate?

This item has a steampunk design which can complete the appearance of your friend’s Victorian home. He or she does not have to worry about the installation because what he or she only has to do is attach the item on the existing switch plate.
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31. LEGO Tower Bridge
Despite the several constructions, modernization, and facelift made to this old tower, nobody can erase the fact that this structure has been standing since its establishment. This London Tower Bridge has been a famous landmark. It has witnessed several important events and happenings.

For this reason, your Victorian-era lover friend would not mind using his or her pastime, solving this LEGO puzzle. He or she would love to build Tower Bridge alone without any help from engineers.

This LEGO puzzle includes four toy vehicles. It will be an excellent addition to his or her home décor.
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32. Steampunk Top Hat With Removable Goggles
The Steampunk Top Hat With Removable Goggles is one of the best gifts for Victorian era lovers who love gothic and steampunk fashion. It makes a perfect accessory that your friend can use to style with her dress. She can also use it as an additional prop for costume parties.

This item is soft and comfortable to wear; that is why your friend will never feel uneasy wearing it. It comes with goggles that she can remove when she wants to try it on, but it is advisable not to use them as the real ones.
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33. “Charles Dickens: The Complete Novels” Book
The "Charles Dickens: The Complete Novels" is a heaven-sent book for Victorian era lovers who are also fans of the works of Charles Dickens. Even though your friend probably has the complete collection of the novelist's book, he or she will still welcome this gift from you.

It is because it can make his or her life more comfortable. Instead of going back and forth to interchange the books on the bookshelf, your friend can read them all in just one book. He or she can relax and read all the stories without interruptions.
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34. Pinback Button Badge Book Magnet
The text written on this Pinback Button Badge Book Magnet is correct. It is one of the beautiful passages that one can read in Charlotte Bronte's novel "Jane Eyre." This item’s statement only means that every man has secrets. If you think he does not have one, you have to dig deeper. It is one of the morals of Jane Eyre’s story.

For this reason, your Victorian-era lover friend, who is also a fan of Charlotte Bronte's works would appreciate this pinback because of the text that it reminds everyone.
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35. Pressurized Craft Beer Growler
The Pressurized Craft Beer Growler is for a Victorian-era lover who also loves his or her beer. This item has a steampunk and functional design that your friend will love. He or she can use it to adorn his or her Victorian steampunk house or transport the beer to anywhere he or she likes.

This growler is unlike any others. It can keep the beer cold inside its double-walled container for several hours, which makes it more convenient.

By using this item, it is sure that your friend will enjoy drinking a cold beer all the time.
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36. “Sherlock Holmes: The Ultimate Collection”
Arthur Conan Doyle is another prominent personality of the Victorian era. His most notable works are the Sherlock Holmes novels which have become one the epitomes of the best detective mystery novels of all times.

It is not surprising because of the way Sherlock Holmes solved crime mysteries in an unexpected way that mostly leaves the readers in awe.

For a non-stop reading enjoyment of all the Sherlock Holmes novels, gift this single book to your Victorian-era lover pal. This book contains all the Sherlock Holmes stories. He or she does not have to buy each of them.
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37. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Book’s Original Version
Everybody knows “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. It has been a favorite bedtime story the parents tell their children before they sleep.

This tale had become popular even when it first got published. The prints sold out fast. Queen Victoria is one of the first readers of the original version of the story.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it got published in different languages, and several adaptations have been coming out even up to the modern era. There have been several changes and alterations made.

That is why your friend will appreciate reading the book’s original version.
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38. “Complete Works of Oscar Wilde” Book
Oscar Wilde had been a controversial man of his time. He went to prison because of his homosexuality and faced charges for sodomy and gross indecency. Despite his forbidden sexual orientation during the Victorian era, it was no doubt that Oscar Wilde had been one of the best playwrights and authors in history.

His wit and style made him become one of the brightest writers in history. If your Victorian-era friend has been a fan of Oscar Wilde’s works, he or she will love this book that contains all his writings.
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39. Jane Eyre Counted Stitch Pattern
The Jane Eyre Counted Stitch Pattern is another great gift to give to the lover of the Victorian period, specifically the one who is also a fan of Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre.”

This item will provide your friend with an exciting pastime. She will never get bored stitching it because of its relationship to the Victorian era and the novel she likes.

Your friend will love it because aside from that it is an excellent pastime, she will also feel some sense of achievement by finishing it. She can use the finished pattern to display it proudly in her house.
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40. “Oscar Wilde’s Wit and Wisdom” Book of Quotations
Wits have been famous even today. Standup comedians are among those who are expert in formulating funny comebacks and words to say. People admire the ones who have this talent because of their ability to lighten up a tensed situation.

Even in the Victorian era, people admire those that have something witty to write or to say. One of them was Oscar Wilde. Although he was not a standup comedian, his wit was evident in his works.

If your Victorian-era lover friend is not good when it comes to words, she might need to learn from Oscar Wilde.
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41. “What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew” Book
If time machines were real, and you managed to travel back in the Victorian-era, you would feel outcasted and surprised by the bizarre rules and laws that the people before had to follow. Even though you are British, traveling back at that time would make you feel like you were not in your own country at all.

The “What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew” book tells about the practices and lifestyle of the people in Britain back then during the Victorian era. It delves on the different areas of the society such as politics, parties, religion, and sex.
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42. “Creation” Film
Charles Darwin had been a controversial scientist. His findings shook the faith of several people and challenged the widely popular creationism belief. Even though you do not support or believe in the theory of evolution, if you were in Charles Darwin’s shoes, you would realize his tough situation.

Exposing a study that challenged a widely-accepted belief could have been tough for him. He had to endure all the criticisms and satires thrown at him.

If your friend is a Charles Darwin sympathizer, this book will teach more about him.
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43. “On the Origin of Species” Unabridged Book
A lot of people know Charles Darwin. When you ask an average person what Charles Darwin had discovered, he or she would answer you that it was about the humans’ evolution from being monkeys. Although this concept is not entirely false, it was not the theory that Charles Darwin primarily discovered.

If your friend is one of those people who also believe that the human evolution from monkeys was Charles Darwin’s main findings, you should give him or her this book.

Your friend will realize that Charles Darwin's findings were more than just human evolution.
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44. “Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What Is Not” Book
Is your Victorian-era lover friend also an aspiring nurse? He or she probably has tons of nursing textbooks lying around in his or her house. You might think that you do not want to add more to his or her misery for trying to memorize the procedures that your friend has to learn from them.

Your friend's textbooks can indeed help him or her technically. However, it will do your friend no harm to supplement the studies with some notes from the founder of nursing, Florence Nightingale.
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45. “Florence Nightingale: A Life Inspired” Book
The “Florence Nightingale: A Life Inspired” book is another book that you can give to your Victorian-era lover friend who also aspires to become a nurse. This book is not a textbook that teaches nursing. It is an inspirational one. Your friend might need some source of inspiration from the founder of modern nursing.

It is also for other women who want to feel inspired.

This book pertains to the life's journey of Florence Nightingale. Despite her popularity and wealth, she decided to dedicate her life to serve the needy.
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46. “Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners” Book
If your Victorian-era lover friend has a time machine, she would probably do not hesitate to travel back in the 19th-century. However, this book might make her think about it twice.

The “Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners” book is for your Victorian-era lover friend who can make use of a good laugh. Although this book is funny, it tells about the strict lifestyle of British women in the Victorian era.

It tells about the strict Victorian women fashion, masturbation, menstruation, and beliefs that a proper lady should follow.
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47. Vintage Table Lamp
Although Thomas Edison is an American who happened to live during the Victorian era, your friend will still love to have this item as a gift if he or she is also a steampunk lover. This item’s design is unique. It can wow your friends’ guests because of its awkward but beautiful appearance.

Your friend can use it as a bedside lamp, table lamp, or other implementations. He or she can use any kinds of bulb, incandescent or LED, to light up a room using this item.

The Vintage Table Lamp can also be a good conversation starter.
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48. Ice Cream Maker
You will never go wrong gifting an ice cream maker to a Victorian-era lover, especially that he or she knows how the Victorian people prepared their ice cream.

The ice-cream before was a little bit different than what it looks like now.

During the Victorian period, the preparation of ice cream had to take a lot of effort. The people that time should manually churn their ice cream batter to aerate it to reach the right consistency. Because there were no refrigerators at that time, Victorian people had to harvest the ice needed to make one.
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49. SafGard Home Pasteurizer
Thanks to technology today for making almost everything accessible. Information is right on one's fingertips. Tuberculosis is now easier to treat, and milk is now free from bacteria. Thanks to Louis Pasteur for introducing the pasteurization method.

Before pasteurization came into the picture, people were at risk of bovine TB all the time.

It was only when Louis Pasteur introduced this principle when drinking milk becomes safer for everyone.

For the commemoration of this invention of the Victorian era, this item is one of the best gifts for Victorian era lovers who want a more flavorful milk drinking.
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