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31 Best Gift Ideas for Vinyl Collectors 2020

For lovers of vinyl, it’s not just the joy of music emanating as if by magic from a physical medium or even the richer, more nuanced sound that many claim it provides, but the whole ritual of putting on a record that makes it so appealing. The inconvenience is part of the attraction. They love taking their time to flick through their collection of colorful sleeves, clean their chosen record, adjust the needle, and then finally relax as sound fills the air, knowing it was all worth it. For them, music at the touch of a button is just too easy. It takes away from the experience.

This list of gift ideas is full of great records that any vinyl lover is sure to appreciate, but also a whole lot of other items that will improve their daily ritual and increase the joy they find in their collection.

1. "Abbey Road" Remastered Vinyl Record by The Beatles
Complete the vinyl record collection of your dear best friend or favorite relative with this 12-inch, remastered album of The Beatles! Your beloved recipient will surely feel ecstatic as he enjoys the Fab Four's timeless masterpieces like "Here Comes the Sun," "Come Together," and "Because." He will surely thank you for having this gift item in mind because his life as a certified vinyl collector would not be complete if his collection does not include this highly acclaimed album.
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2. Crosley CR401-TA Tan Record Carrier Case
You can make your vinyl record collector buddy or favorite relative organized through this handy vinyl record carrier case. This present is among the convenient gifts for vinyl collectors because it can hold over 30 albums.

Furthermore, it comes with a durable resin and metal handle and corner guards that safeguard the vinyl records from drops and bumps. Your cherished recipient will surely appreciate the heavy-duty hinges and latches that secure the discs, too.

This gift idea is also a chic, vinyl-wrapped carry case that is soft to touch. Thus, your best friend or family member would love running his hand on it as it complements his Crosley turntable.
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3. IKEA White KALLAX Shelf
If you want to help preserve the vinyl records in the collection of your best friend or favorite relative, the IKEA white Kallax shelf is the best vinyl record storage solution available in the market today. It is a wooden gift item that comes with plenty of spaces.

Assembling it is not that difficult, too. Your dear recipient can also use this present as a room divider because it appears lovely from every angle.

The IKEA white Kallax shelf surely pleases because, either lying or standing, dividing a room or placing it against the wall, this furniture adapts to the consumer's needs, budget, space, and taste.
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4. American Automobile Vinyl Record Wall Clock
Do you think your vinyl enthusiast loved one's house needs a makeover? In your view, do you think it needs its well-deserved transformation? Then, you can decorate the beloved home of your best friend or relative who is a vinyl record enthusiast with this creative vinyl wall clock!

It is a beautiful gift idea, which is a quartz clock that measures 12 inches in diameter.

This timekeeper's face also features an attractive sticker featuring the iconic GMC truck. Your cherished recipient will not have a problem managing his time daily with this battery-operated, LP-inspired present. He will be grateful to you for being thoughtful and mindful of his true love for vinyl records and for giving value to his time by helping him manage it well.
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5. U-Turn Audio White Orbit Plus Turntable with Built-in Pre-Amplifier
If you are looking for the best presents for vinyl record collectors, make sure this white turntable is on your list. It is a piece of high-performance sound equipment that now comes with built-in and switchable Pluto phono pre-amplifier, linking your Orbit Plus Turntable directly to an amplifier or powered speakers. Furthermore, it is easy to use and to set up.

This gift for vinyl enthusiasts also comes with the Ortofon OM5e cartridge, a precision tonearm, and an acrylic platter upgrade that increases speed consistency, detail, and tightens the bass, too. The recipient will also find an adjustable counterweight and dust cover as the other benefits of this gift idea.
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6. "Bohemian Rhapsody" Vinyl Record by Queen
Celebrate Freddie Mercury's enduring legacy by gifting your vinyl collector family member or best friend with his masterpiece! This LP is a 12-inch album and features the classics by the world-famous frontman and his band. Your cherished recipient will surely sing along the undying classics like "We Are the Champions," "Don't Stop Me Now," "We Will Rock You," and the immortal, "Bohemian Rhapsody." This present for vinyl record collectors is absolutely a must-have.
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7. Art Vinyl White Single Vinyl Record Album Frame
This present for vinyl record collectors is an elegant 12.5X12.5-inch vinyl record album display frame. It easily flips open to modify the recipient's display or play his vinyl records without having to remove the frame from the wall.

Your cherished vinyl record collector will love the crystal-clear front window of this gift item, too, which offers ultra-violet protection. Plus, this advantage of this present keeps his precious collection from fading, which could be caused by exposure to the sunlight.

This gift for vinyl enthusiasts can also hang easily and securely with the drop-in keyhole hanger plate installed on its back portion. It is a play-and-display vinyl display cover that fits most albums, which include the double and triple records because of the globally patented display system.
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8. "Dust and Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting" Book by Eilon Paz
This highly entertaining and informative book offers the readers a photographic glimpse into the world of vinyl record collectors. It is among the page-turning gifts for vinyl enthusiasts that provide the most intimate look in the environments of these aficionados' record rooms. Among these exciting personalities are renowned vinyl champions, famous and not-so-popular disc jockeys, record dealers, producers, and everyday enthusiasts.

The author also takes the reader on a five-year journey that includes the unearthing of the very soul of the vinyl record community. This enlightening reference contains compelling photographic essays and thorough and insightful encounters that show the motivation of these hobbyists to keep digging for more vinyl records.
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9. Big Fudge 12-inch, 50-Pack Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves
Show your best friend or favorite relative that you care about his vinyl record collection by gifting him with this set of 12-inch vinyl record inner sleeves. This package comes with 50 pieces of these sleeves that offer maximum protection for the recipient's vinyl records against dust, static build-up, and scuffing.

The manufacturer of these superior-quality album covers used bright white, alkaline and acid-free, heavyweight paper, giving the ultimate protection for the vinyl record collector's prized possessions.

These presents for vinyl enthusiasts feature rounded corners and keep unsightly, messy flaps at bay as well. They keep the vinyl records stored with a compact, snug fit, making it easy to slide the records in and out of these sleeves.
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10. KAIU Premium Vinyl Record Stand
If you are seeking the most thoughtful and practical gift idea for your musically inclined family members and friends, then you have just found one of the most excellent gift items.

The manufacturer of the KAIU premium vinyl record stand used high-quality solid wood and cutting-edge construction procedures, coupled with stringent quality control to come up with this minimalistic yet elegant record stand. They designed this solid wood vinyl record stand to give functionality without cluttering the recipient's space. Plus, this gift for vinyl enthusiasts is a stylish and comfortable way to display one's "Now Playing" vinyl LP records.
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11. "Jim Marshall: Jazz Festival" Book by Amelia Davis, Tony Nourmand, and Jim Marshall
This coffee table book about the works of the defining father of music photography, Jim Marshall, will inspire your musically inclined best friend or family member.

Marshall was born in Chicago and started documenting San Francisco's famous artists and musicians when he was in high school. In his 50-year photography career, he captured hundreds of legendary photographs that indelibly stuck in the consciousness of the public because over 500 album covers, magazine features, and six books featured them.

This informative and enlightening gift for vinyl record collectors will surely leave the recipient impressed as he gazes into the 1960s jazz festival photographs of renowned music icons like Miles Davis, Ray Charles, John Coltrane, and so many others.
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12. Crosley Natural AC1004A-NA Record Storage Crate
Keep the vinyl records from your best friend or favorite family member's collection easily accessible through this vinyl record storage crate. This spacious gift idea has considerable room for your cherished recipient's precious LPs, and it can hold up to 75 albums. Furthermore, this present for record collectors comes with integrated carry handles, a solid wood finish, and fire-branded with the famous Crosley logo.

This gift item measures 13.75 inches wide, 12.25 inches high, and 18 inches in deep. Your beloved recipient will love it because it can complement any home decor, too.
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13. "Thriller" Vinyl Record by Michael Jackson
You can re-live the magic of the King of Pop by gifting your best friend or beloved family member one of his best and highly successful albums - "Thriller." It is one of the definitive 1980s albums that raked in Platinum recognition 29 times and bagged a record-smashing eight Grammy Awards in 1984, including the Album of the Year accolade.

Aside from the chart-topping song "Thriller," the treasured vinyl record collector in your life will relish Michael Jackson's winning masterpieces such as "Beat It," "Billie Jean," and "Human Nature."
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14. UDG Black Trolley-to-Go Bag
This bag is the gold-standard piece of equipment for DJs and vinyl record collectors. It appeals to people who need to take their vinyl record on the go.

This gift for vinyl record enthusiasts meets all airline hand luggage dimension limit specifications. It comes with rolling in-line wheels, electroplated zippers, a water-resistant nylon 840 D construction, a foam-padded and detachable shoulder strap, and a huge front pocket for boarding passes, magazines, and other personal items. This heavy-duty trolley system also consists of new locks and a reinforced structure that can carry up to 50 vinyl records.
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15. Pro-Ject Gloss Red Essential III Belt-Drive Turntable with Ortofon OM10 Cartridge
Fantastic sounds are within reach for your cherished vinyl record collector best friend or favorite family member with this highly regarded turntable. It comes with a belt drive with a diamond-cut aluminum drive pulley and a synchronous motor silicone belt. Furthermore, this gift for vinyl record collectors comes with the Ortofon OM10 cartridge pre-mounted, an 8.6-inch aluminum tonearm with sapphire bearings, and an integrated, DC-powered monitor control that ensures speed stability and decreases motor vibration.

Your dear recipient will also love this gift item for including a dust cover, unique decoupling feet, and premium-quality, semi-balanced Connect-it E phono interconnect cable with gold-plated Radio Corporation of America (RCA) connectors.
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16. Sennheiser HD 599 Around-Ear, Open-Back Headphone Special Edition
These premium, around-ear headphones are among the gifts for vinyl collectors that will certainly bring delight to your beloved recipient. He can relish audiophile-grade sound through these open-back headphones with a cozy padded headband and luxurious extra-large-sized earpads. Moreover, this gift idea includes the proprietary Sennheiser 38-millimeter, 50-ohm transducers.

Your dear best friend or beloved family member will be happy with the unprecedented detail, clarity, and dynamics that these presents for vinyl enthusiasts provide. This gift idea also comes with two cables: a 3-millimeter detachable cable with a 6.3-millimeter jack and a 1.2-millimeter detachable cord with a 3.5-millimeter jack.
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17. Edifier Wood Grain R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers
Music-listening experiences for your vinyl record collecting-loved one or best friend will be the most anticipated moments in his life with these well-received classic bookshelf speakers. He can enjoy them hassle-free and wireless.

These sound machines merely need linking to any smartphone, tablet, or personal computers like the MacBook and the iPhone. The included remote control enables him to adjust the toggle inputs and volume at the comfort of his fingertips, too.

This gift idea also consists of the treble and bass controls situated on the side of the primary speaker. Your dear recipient will be grateful to you for thoughtfully gifting him with these speakers that produce studio-quality sound, thanks also to the four-inch bass and 13-millimeter silk dome tweeter.
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18. Odyssey FR1200E Flight Ready Turntable Case
Show sheer love and care to your dear vinyl record collector's expensive turntable by gifting him with this durable, Flight Ready, standard-duty, Air Transport Association-approved case. This present for vinyl enthusiasts comes with a black wood laminate construction. It safeguards the turntable from scratches and bumps that life on the road inevitably entails. Moreover, this gift item features chrome-plated steel hardware, a heavy-duty handle, and recessed latches. This present is perfect for Technics 1200-style turntables.
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19. ART DJ PRE II Phono Pre-Amplifier
Revolutionize the vinyl record listening experiences of your cherished friend or family member by gifting him with this phono pre-amplifier! This gift for record collectors offers flawless audio reproduction in a dependable and rugged package. Moreover, it effectively amplifies and equalizes vinyl records to interface with his sound card, an audio workstation, primary monitor system, and home stereo system.

A wide variety of external supplies can power the DJ PRE II as well, which its manufacturer attractively housed in an all-aluminum, black anodized casing.
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20. AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner Set
You can extend the longevity of your loved one or best friend's vinyl records and stylus through this gift kit. It comprises a 45-milliliter record cleaner solution, a lint-free cotton cloth, a stylus cleaner, and an anti-static vinyl brush. Your treasured recipient can bid static build-up, grime, and dirt goodbye from his vinyl record collection, too, because this present for vinyl enthusiasts works efficiently. This gift item is also safe to use and surely enhances the sound quality and prolongs the life of the vinyl records.
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21. MISOSA Multicolor Set of 6 Rockabilly Vinyl Coaster Set
Why don't you let your best friend or favorite family member enjoy his favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks while he enjoys his beloved sounds through these vinyl record disk coasters? These endearing gifts for vinyl enthusiasts measure 4.1 inches in diameter, which is the ideal size that fits glassware of any size. Your well-loved recipient can use these gift items with his favorite mug, bottle, or drinking cup, too.

They are also perfect ornaments for 80s-themed get-togethers. The makers of these gift ideas used high-grade vinyl, preserving the quality of these coasters, which also feature a rubber, non-slip, and spill-proof design.
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22. Kovides Deadpool Vinyl Record Wall Clock
Aside from collecting vinyl records, your dearly beloved family member or best friend must also be a fan of comic books and movies by DC Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can make him enjoy the best of both worlds by considering his interests.

Gifting him with this original clock will surely bring amusement to him. He would feel truly impressed because the maker of this home decor used 100-percent vinyl to construct a 12-inch vinyl record-inspired wall art.

Aside from its unique design featuring the renowned superhero Deadpool, your cherished recipient will appreciate the silent mechanism of this quartz clock, making him sleep sweetly or concentrate on his work well without the disturbing ticking sound.
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23. GAMAGO Multi-Colored Set of 4 Record Coasters
You can give a new spin to the rock-and-rolling lifestyle and home of your vinyl record collector best friend or favorite relative by gifting him with these four sturdy, multi-colored silicone coasters. They make the best gifts for recipients with the rock star vibe. These presents for vinyl record collectors measure 4X4 inches, and they are dishwasher-safe. They are also highly suggested for parties, adding a more vibrant feeling.
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24. Better Cables RCA Cables
You can treat your vinyl collector friend or relative with premium high-fidelity audio by gifting him with this stereo pair of 1.64-feet long cables. These presents for record collectors are great for instantly improving the recipient's home audio experience. They offer high performance and ultra-high value.

These gifts for vinyl collectors are also outstanding copper-and-silver hybrid analog interconnect cables that facilitate the enjoyment of silky-smooth sound. Thanks to the industry-low capacitance measurements and the advanced, low-loss conductors, your treasured recipient will be thankful to you for giving him these prize-winning, audiophile-grade audio cables.
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25. "Vinyl Manual: How to Get the Best from Your Vinyl Records and Kit (Haynes Manuals)" Book by Matt Anniss and Patrick Fuller
Feed the enthusiasm of your vinyl record collector loved one with this step-by-step guide to maximizing one's vinyl collection. This informative reference enables the reader to understand the technology behind vinyl records and elaborates how they deliver an extraordinary sound that is very divine for audio aficionados.

The recipient will also learn about vinyl records' evolution over a century as well as their advanced electronic formats today. He will discover the biggest enthusiasts of vinyl records worldwide as well as people who make vinyl records in their millions nowadays.

As a component of the Haynes lifestyle series, this book is among the educational gifts for vinyl collectors that will surely enlighten your cherished recipient and make him celebrate the art of vinyl-collecting.
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26. VinylRevamped "Music Is What Feelings Sound Like" Quote on a Vinyl Record Album Wall Art
This home decor will surely look perfect on the living room wall of your vinyl record-loving family member or best friend. It is a wall art that its manufacturer constructed using re-purposed vinyl record albums. The message, "Music Is What Feelings Sound Like" certifies his fondness for the world's best and timeless sounds. Furthermore, your music loving-recipient can easily hang this gift item on the wall with the included mounting tape. He also has the option to have it displayed on a shelf using an easel or have it framed in a vinyl record album frame.
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27. Record-Happy Carbon-Fiber Brush and Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush Set
You can help your loved one or best friend who is an avid vinyl record aficionado keep his prized collection look sparkling new with this cleaning kit. It comes with a carbon-fiber brush that eliminates static charge. Moreover, the micro-fiber cleaning cloth will keep his LPs in pristine condition. These cleaning tools are easy to store and perfect for regular maintenance, too. The recipient can also clean them easily. Plus, this anti-static solution kit is useful and gentle, safely removing dust from the vinyl record's surface without scratching it. This very efficient record cleaner is undoubtedly a must-have for any music enthusiast or professional.
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28. Pangea Audio Black Vulcan TT Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record Storage
You will surely amaze your dear vinyl record collector relative or best friend with this prize-winning Pangea Audio Vulcan audio component rack. It is easy to assemble, attractive, and with durable, scratch-resistant vinyl shelf finishes. This present for vinyl enthusiasts comes with the Vulcan TT Turntable Stand and an integrated vinyl record storage. Furthermore, it is a strong, rigid, and stable three-shelf stand that offers an extra heavy-duty, 19-millimeter, stable top shelf platform. The latter supports turntables and other devices.

This gift item has a component shelf for holding another type of gear and a specially designed, vinyl-covered storage shelf at the bottom, too. This section can keep over 100 vinyl records.
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29. Feir Vinyl Stereo White Record Player
This portable turntable features a briefcase design. It is a lightweight wooden cabinet that includes a classic handle, polyurethane leather wrapping, and all other properties that make it easy to carry on the go. Your dear recipient will also appreciate this gift for vinyl record collectors because it is a three-speed record player that can play 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch vinyl records. Besides, this gift idea can convert records to digital files via the help of computers.

This beautiful present comes in a well-packaged box that also consists of a USB cable and power cord. It can function as a personal computer recording with two built-in speakers, an AUX input and an RCA output, and a headphone jack.
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30. Shure SFG-2 Stylus Tracking Force Gauge
Among the common dilemmas that affect vinyl record playback on stereos is the user not setting it up correctly. Moreover, if the DJ did not configure the stylus correctly, vinyl records could get damaged or sound terrible.

This tool is easy to use and will help your dear friend or family member determine if his turntable and stylus are at level. Plus, it is among the ideal and functional gifts for vinyl collectors because it enables the recipient to know if the stylus is hitting the vinyl record at the right angle and force through its accurate, 0.05-gram increment scale.

This gift for vinyl record collectors measures tracking force with tonearm in actual playing position. Your treasured recipient can, therefore, say farewell to mistracking, subpar sound reproduction, and excessive vinyl record and tip wear with this handy gift idea.
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31. Ravensburger Viva Le Vinyl Puzzle
You can keep your best friend, or well-loved family member entertained with this large-format jigsaw puzzle for adults. Viva Le Vinyl puzzle comes with 500 high-quality puzzle pieces that are easy to grip and fun! Your musically inclined recipient will enjoy putting together all the pieces that lead to a remarkable image of music memorabilia which includes vinyl records, drumsticks, and headphones, among others.

What makes this gift for vinyl record collectors more interesting is the "soft click technology." The vinyl record collector in your life will enjoyably hear a soft "click" when he fits a puzzle piece into the right place, making him realize that the manufacturer of this jigsaw puzzle constructed its parts precisely and interestingly.
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