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101 Best Gift Ideas for Women in Their 20s 2020


As women age, their personalities change. They often develop for the better, and entry into the third decade usually adds a centered sophistication to the energetic exuberance of their 20s. Their lifestyle is changing too, and the best gifts you can get them reflects that. Typically no longer in college and starting to enter into the prime of their careers, what would have made sense five years ago no longer does today.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that acknowledges the growth that an important woman in your life has undergone over the past decade, one of the gifts below is sure to show them how much thought you’ve been putting into the gifts you give over the years.

1. Tassel Earrings
Tassel earrings are a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. It does not matter what kind of fashion style the woman wears to express herself. These tassel earrings can complement almost any type of outfit, especially if she is into a bohemian, creative, or vintage fashion style.

If she is not into vintage or Bohemian fashion, she can keep these earrings to prepare for the events that call for fashion emergencies like dates, proms, corporate parties, and the like.
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2. The Five-Minute Journal
Women in their 20s are prone to depression, stress, and the like because of the demands in their different aspects of life. It is important to remind them that life is not just about hardships, problems, and struggles. They need to be aware of all the blessings that they have.

With the Five-Minute Journal, she will learn to appreciate the blessings and the good things that had happened to her within a day.
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3. Dead Sea Bath Salt Mineral
Even though women in their 20s are young and robust, they are still human who can feel exhaustion. There are times that they need to take a break from time to time and take advantage of their alone time. This Dead Sea Bath Salt Mineral provides a relaxing experience.

The Dead Sea Bath Salt has lavender extracts that help to calm the senses to relax the muscles and joints. It also leaves the skin feeling refreshed and smooth.
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4. Glasses Pendant Necklace
Most women in this age belong to the millennial generation. According to the Pew Research Center, millennials read more books than those people whose age are above 30. You might also notice it as one of her interests.

Therefore, why not compliment her love for literature by giving these Glasses Pendant Necklace. This necklace is available as gold-plated or silver-plated. You can choose the one that does not just admire her love for books, but also compliments her skin color.
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5. Berry Buddy
Do you like her to eat fresh fruits instead of junk foods while she binge watch her favorite series on Netflix? Probably one of the reasons why she prefers to eat junk foods more than fruits is because the former is more accessible to eat.

With the Berry Buddy, it makes eating fruits like berries easier. This equipment has a drip catcher that is already built-in for easy washing of fruits. This kitchenware is a perfect addition in her kitchen.
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6. Elixir Cosmetics Korean Face Mask
Adulting is a struggle that girls in this age face. They must pay their bills, work for their own money, and wince while looking at those fine lines on her face. Although aging is a natural process, all women want to slow it down.

For this reason, she will thank you a lot for giving her this Elixir Cosmetics Korean Face Mask. This face mask treats the face with spa quality while smoothing those fine lines.
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7. Eco-Friendly Reversible Yoga Mat
A yoga mat is one of the most adorable gifts for her health. She does not have any excuse at all for not exercising or for not attending her yoga classes. She does not have to say that she will get her clothes dirty by doing floor exercises.

This yoga mat is reversible and free from harmful chemicals and smelly substances. It has a secure strap that makes it portable so she can carry it in her yoga sessions.
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8. Holographic Nail Polish
Women commonly love fashion and beauty. Most will do their best to keep up to the latest trends and fashion. Some of them love styling themselves to look good and presentable. Getting nail polish is one of the ways to enhance their beauty.

This holographic nail brush contains sparkling rosy gold finish that looks good in almost every female. She can easily remove it if she wants, even if it is also resistant to chipping.
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9. “Totes Goin’ to the Gym” Tote Bag
If you are looking for gifts for her, put this “Totes Goin’ to the Gym" tote bag in your lists. It is because a bag is a woman's companion. It handles all her belongings that she needs to bring to a place. Her life is incomplete without a dependable bag to entrust her stuff.

This bag is highly stylish and unique. Your girl will love it because of the beautiful script that can go along her outfit.
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10. Pedestal Jewelry Holder
Necklaces, rings, earrings, and other jewelry enhance a woman’s outfit. A piece can make or change her style or appearance. That is why women consider jewelry as must-haves in their wardrobe. For this reason, they need something to contain their valuable accessories.

This Pedestal Jewelry Holder is among the unique gifts for her. She can place almost 40 earrings in this mini pedestal in addition to her other accessories. This item has vintage fabric imprints and iridescent glaze.
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11. Slip Silk Pillowcase
Women in their 20s struggle to go up to the career ladder. In their journey, they must encounter some unpleasantries like stress, depression, and exhaustion. Therefore, they deserve a good rest whenever they can get one.

This Slip Silk Pillowcase is one of the excellent gifts for her. It helps her get a good night sleep while stimulating the metabolism of her skin cells. This pillowcase has hypoallergenic properties that keep the mold, mites, and fungus away.
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12. RAD Roller Massage Tool
Climbing up to the career ladder involves kissing the bosses’ butt even if they have the most obnoxious behavior. There are times that they must work overtime to make ends meet or to get that promotion they want. Along with their career journey, stress and muscle pains are inevitable.

Give her this roller massage tool to help ease her body pain and aches after the day’s work. This massage tool triggers the body points to improve her mobility and wellness.
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13. Succulent Plants
According to the 2016 report of the National Gardening, about 5 million millennials started gardening in the year 2015. Thirty-seven percent of these millennials chose to grow their plants indoors. It means that giving succulent plants as a gift for your beloved female in her 20s will never go wrong.

These 20 succulent plants are already in the mini pots. Each of them is unique, and there is no duplication. The selection of the plants depends on their readiness.
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14. Customized Tank Top
No matter what your girl's personality is, she still needs a tank top to complete her wardrobe. She needs it for her workout sessions or her comfortable casual wear. To make her tank top look more stylish to fit her taste, you can have the color and the texts customized.

With this customized tank top, you have the liberty to add some texts on the tank top that you will give to her as a gift.
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15. Relationship Recycled Tree Globes
If your girl is eco-friendly and sentimental, she will love the gift that is both eco-friendly and thoughtful. Among these kinds of gifts include the ones that express your relationship to her, whether you are her brother, sister, parent, or boyfriend. For this reason, this Relationship Recycled Tree Globes will make a perfect gift for her.

The globes that make up this tree can symbolize relationships of family or friendships. Each globe is also made from melted shards of glasses.
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16. Copper Party Cup
The 20s is the best time to enjoy life. It is during this time when people have the energy, money, and freedom to party. You cannot just take away this opportunity to let her enjoy her life during this time.

To make her aware that you support her love for partying from time to time, give her this copper party cup can make the best gift for her. She can use these cups next time she throws a party.
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17. Ultimate Wine Glass Bottle
If your beloved female is a boozer or a wine collector, she appreciates a gift that allows her to drink more of her wine. Giving this gift to her will let her drink her booze like a fish. Moreover, it is a great gift to provide some humor about her drinking habits.

This Ultimate Wine Glass Bottle can contain 750 ml of wine. It is also easy to clean because it requires simple hand washing.
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18. Handmade Sunflower Accent Pillowcase
You can consider that buying her first new home is one of her greatest achievements. It requires a lot of diligence and perspiration to acquire all that money needed to pay for her mortgage. To give her a tap in the back for getting her first home, give her this Handmade Sunflower Accent Pillowcase.

This pillowcase is stylish that urges one’s sunny disposition. It is attractive and presentable as couch decoration for your girl's housewarming party.
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19. Yellow Quartz Ring
A girl's best friend is indeed a diamond. Her boyfriend or friends can break or betray her, but a diamond is there to last. She will thank you a lot for giving her one.

You know that diamonds are outrageously expensive. However, you can give something as thoughtful and beautiful by handing this Yellow Quartz Ring. Even though it is not as precious as a diamond, the thought of giving her this quartz ring is priceless.
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20. Kaleidoscope Necklace
Is the female that you must give this gift to impatient but fashionable? She might also be your boss who always demands you to submit your results before the deadline. If she is that kind of woman, this kaleidoscope necklace is an ideal gift to give her.

This kaleidoscope necklace can complete almost any outfit. It can also occupy her time when she is impatient enough to wait for your deadline or her turn in a queue.
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21. Starbucks Gift Card
Coffee is the only widely legally accepted stimulant. For this reason, it is not surprising that people in their 20s take advantage of its benefit of keeping them energized throughout the day.

Giving her this gift card will make you her savior. You help her save some of her money from buying that irresistible Starbucks coffee. You also protect her from the bad-mouthed boss who confronts her for sleeping at work.
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22. On-the-Go Makeup Bag
Some women in their 20s cannot get enough of their makeup. Some cannot even go out without wearing it. It seems like it has already been a part of her life. If the girl you know is a kind of woman who loves wearing makeup for almost 24 hours, you know that she will love this on-the-go makeup bag.

Having this makeup bag, she can take her makeup set with her all the time.
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23. Dora Bridal Blanket Scarf
Women feel cold easier than men. It makes them more prone to hypothermia. For this reason, winter garments are essentials. It is crucial that they have different kinds of it like a scarf in their wardrobe.

As a woman, you cannot give her just any scarf. You want to provide her with a high-quality and stylish one. This Dora Bridal Lady Women Scarf doubles as a blanket. It also has a sleek plaid design perfect for a winter getup.
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24. Earrings and Necklace Set
Even the most tomboyish girl that you know must own some pieces of jewelry like these earrings and necklace set. Having some pieces can make most outfits. It can save some outfit emergencies during formal corporate parties and the like.

This earrings and necklace set is made from cubic zirconia crystals. They are as beautiful as diamonds but not as expensive.
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25. State Cheese Board
Some of the common problems that women in their 20s have when they just bought a new home are the lack of appliance and kitchenware. Because of the several things that she has to think of buying to complete her furniture and house appliance, she might not be able to think of getting excellent slicers like this.

The State Cheese Board is a unique gift to give to your girl, especially if she is the type who loves traveling.
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26. Mini Photo Album
Millennials love taking selfies and photos of the different places and creatures. It is possible that your girl has a Polaroid or an Instax if she is the kind of girl who loves photography and traveling. To contain the memories she captured using her Instax or Polaroid camera. She needs a photo album that can hold these kinds of photos.

This mini photo album is an ideal item to preserve those memories captured using a Polaroid or an Instax.
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27. Journal
Being in the 20s is commonly the stage where most people are struggling to find themselves and life direction. For this reason, they need to retrospect. Retrospection will become more effective by writing a diary or a journal.

By writing a journal, your girl will be able to reflect her actions, which will help her decide the right path for herself.
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28. Jersey Slumber Sleep Mask
Women in this stage need to take advantage of their alone and sleep time. However, sometimes, the environment does not let them enjoy these tiny moments when they are away from work and other people. One example is an annoying sibling who refuses to sleep without the lights on.

You can help solve this problem for her by giving her this Jersey Slumber Sleep Mask. With this sleep mask, she will have the rest she needs.
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29. Customized Throw Pillow
Millennials almost love everything that is customized. Customized items allow them to express themselves. This throw pillow provides that opportunity. You can have the throw pillow personalized with texts scribing their favorite expressions.

The script on this throw pillow is minimalistic and stylish. It has a neutral color that makes it a beautiful décor for a couch in a housewarming party.
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30. Zen Dog Sculpture
Finding oneself and working in a stressful situation is among the struggles of 20-year-old something women. Women at this age are strong enough to handle the different demands of their life. If you have a friend struggling in this situation, give her this Zen Dog Sculpture.

The Zen Dog Sculpture is a perfect gift for her if you want to let her know how loyal you are as a friend. It also invites a peaceful aura in her garden.
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31. Tree of Life Crystal Necklace
Most people nowadays do not believe in lucky charms. However, one thing is for sure. Millennial women nowadays are adventurers. Proven by their love for traveling and learning new things, women in their 20s are explorers.

They will not hesitate to wear a necklace with a Tree of Life Crystal even if they are the kind of people who do not believe in luck and charms. Also, no women can resist the beauty of this necklace.
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32. Mini Waffle Maker
Because of the demands of their job and the hardcore partying almost every night, it is possible for these women to wake up later than they must. They end up hurrying to prepare themselves in the morning. Sometimes they miss breakfast for this reason.

This Mini Waffle Maker is a perfect solution so that she does not have to miss her breakfast at all.
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33. Yoga Sweatpants
Her multi-tasking abilities enable her to juggle her time for working, partying, dating, and chatting with her friends. Even though it seems like she has the busiest schedule filled with all the activities that she wants to do, she does not have to neglect the responsibility for herself.

These yoga sweatpants are made from breathable and lightweight material that inspires her to go for a jog early in the morning before starting her day.
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34. Custom Phone Case
Is your favorite girl stylish and a pet-lover? If she is, she will love this custom phone case. All that you must do is send a photo of her beloved pet or pets to the seller, and he or she will do his or her magic to create a phone case artwork.

You can wait until the preview is available to ensure that your girl will love the phone case with the picture of her beloved creature.
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35. Literary Scarf
Is your girl a fan of classic novels written by Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dodgson, and Jane Austen? Do you also want to give her a one-of-a-kind gift that will let her remember you every time she sees it? This Literary Scarf will make the perfect gift for her.

This scarf contains some texts taken from Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. Just choose the story that she loves the most.
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36. Rose Gold Cardiogram Necklace
If you are a boy and you are looking for a perfect gift to give to your girlfriend that will symbolize how your heart beats for her, this Rose Gold Cardiogram Necklace is the perfect one. Although it is not made from gold or diamond, the message that it implies is the most important of all. It symbolizes the kind of love that your heart will never stop beating for her.
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37. Jade Roller Anti-Aging Facial Therapy
Using jade as a main anti-aging instrument is an Ancient Chinese procedure. Although there is no scientific evidence but claims that massaging a face with jade rollers can prevent skin aging, there is no risk in trying it, especially if it is free. Since beauty is one of the women's primary concern, she will never hesitate to try this jade roller to see if the claims are true.
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38. Lipstick Holder
Do you know someone who collects lipsticks or owns thousands of them? If your girl is a lipstick collector (even unintentionally), she needs something that will organize her collection according to brand or quality. She will appreciate it if she’s going to have this lipstick holder as her birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present. This item will help her identify her lipsticks easily.
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39. Stone Washed Linen Duvet Cover
Among the greatest feeling in the world is to lay to a soft, comfortable, and luxurious, clean bed with a sophisticated design after a day’s work. After all, she deserves to have it because she already has her struggles during the day. She deserves some comfort and pampering to sleep in this kind of bed.

This Stone Washed Linen Duvet Cover is made from comfortable, high-quality material with an elegant design available in different colors.
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40. Owl Eyeglasses Holder
A lot of people nowadays are suffering from poor vision. It is not surprising because of the surge to the use of computer and mobile phones. Among these people are the millennials who are the ones using these devices the most.

Although there is nothing to do to correct your favorite girl’s vision using your bare hands and advice, you can at least ease her struggles with the help of this owl eyeglasses holder.
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41. Cotton Bathrobe
Her private time might be the only opportunity she has when she can express and take good care of herself better. That is why it is essential that she can take advantage of this time with some pampering and comfort. One of the things that you can do to encourage her is to give her this cotton bathrobe.

It is a gift to make her feel comfortable when she takes good care of her own business during a lazy Sunday.
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42. Mini Pocket Journal
Because of the things that she must take care of, she sometimes loses her focus and gets lots in her mind.

It is essential to have a small notebook ready for her so that when inspiration comes into her mind, she will not forget it. She can pull this small notebook out of her pocket and start writing what pops into her mind. It will help her not to forget the tasks that she has to do.
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43. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker
Women in their 20s are lovers of travel, technology, and music, which makes the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker an ideal gift for her.
This speaker has a compact design. She can take this device everywhere she goes.

It also has a built-in mic that lets her talk to the digital assistant on her phone without touching her phone.

This speaker is available in different colors, which makes it a stylish kind of gift too.
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44. Daily Planner
Most people in their 20s are unaware of their purpose in life. That is why pursuing a goal is one of their struggles. Help your favorite girl get through her crisis with the help of this daily planner.

Having a daily planner will encourage her to develop some tidbits of goals that can make her day productive, which are also smaller steps to her bigger goals in life.
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45. Healing Stone Mugs
Even though most people at this age can still eat fatty and salty foods without suffering from extreme consequences, it is not enough reason for them to neglect their health. They should start exercising and start eating healthy foods, or they will suffer later in their life.

To support her in her healthy lifestyle, give her these healing stone mugs. The minerals in these mugs can help lift her mood and enhance her concentration.
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46. Rose Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings for Sensitive Ears
Earrings can make a huge difference in an outfit. Sometimes it completes a get-up, especially the hoop ones. However, some women have sensitive ears. Wearing earrings may irritate their skin injuring the part of their ears where they have their piercings.

These Rose Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings provide the opportunity for her to wear her earrings that can match her outfit. These earrings are fashionable, which she can wear without worries.
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47. Soft Leather Tote Bag
A woman needs her essentials. She needs her wallet, makeup kit, keys, books, phone, and the like. For this reason, she needs a bag to contain all her belongings.

A woman needs not just any other bag. It must be high-quality and stylish. She needs a bag like this soft leather tote bag so she can also match it to her outfit. Wearing a leather tote bag like this gives an impression of sophistication and classiness.
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48. Wet n’ Wild Highlighting Palette
A highlighter is an essential part of a makeup routine. It focuses a part of the face where she applies it. Along with the bronzer, it also helps in contouring the face to make it look thinner or more full.

For this reason, if you are looking for gifts for her that are safe. Put a highlighter among the lists because you will never go wrong on it. Just make sure to buy a quality one.
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49. Swarovski Crystals Bling Vans
Who says vans cannot look girly and stylish? Just by adding some Swarovski crystals, the coolness of her Vans will turn to the next level. Although it is not highly visible unless you pay attention to the shoes, just by wearing shoes with Swarovski crystals can make your favorite girl feel like she is a sporty princess.

The seller decorated these shoes with up to 800 genuine Swarovski crystals.
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50. Orbits Eye Stones
20-year-old something women have a lot of activities in mind that they want to do. For this reason, most of them end up staying late at night to finish or experience those things that they want to do. However, sleeping late has adverse effects not just on her health but also on her face.

These Orbits Eye Stones provides relief to her tired eyes. She does not have to wet and freeze pieces of tea bags just for comfort.
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51. Reusable Makeup Removing Cloths
Although women in their 20s are busy with their schedule, they still make some time to remove their makeup, especially before sleeping. They are aware that letting their makeup sit on their face while they are resting can clog their pores, which may cause blackheads and pimples.

However, she might be already tired by the time. You can make this activity easier by giving her this reusable makeup removing cloths.
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52. The Hungover Cookbook
The Hungover Cookbook is advisable not just for women but also for men who loves partying and staying drunk late at night. You cannot blame them, though. These people are just taking advantage of their youth when they have the money and the energy to party.

This cookbook contains recipes for hangovers along with some games, visual jokes, and witticisms that suits the boozer’s state of mind the morning he or she wakes up.
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53. Noodle Soup Bowl Set
Among the favorite foods of people at this age is ramen or instant noodles. Who can blame them? Instant noodles are tasty and delicious, not to mention that they are easy to prepare. Just add some water and voila, dinner is served.

However, instant noodles are unhealthy. It puts the women at risk of having a metabolic disorder. To encourage her to cook and eat home-cook ramen give her this cute noodle soup bowl set.
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54. Knitted Cardigan Sweater
Every woman needs this piece in her closet. It is a vintage style cardigan that is handy during winters. She can also combine it with her other outfit to create some variations in her getup.

This cardigan sweater is 100 percent wool and knitted carefully. She can comfortably wear it over her shirt to feel warmer during the winter season. She can also wear it casually if she wants.
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55. 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster
Women have different personalities. Some women love partying during the weekends. There are also some of them who prefer to lay on the couch and binge watch. If she is one of those women who prefer to stay home over the weekend, this movie poster will spark her interest.

This movie poster has lists of 100 films. She can scratch one at a time to learn what movie she can watch over the weekend.
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56. Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light
This Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light is ideal for women who love to travel and to take selfies. This ring light provides fill-light to capture a cute selfie that she can post confidently on social media. She can also use this ring light as a flashlight if in case she is hiking in the middle of the night in the mountains. This Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light is portable and lightweight.
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57. Gamma Rat Sunglasses
Getting some sunshine is beautiful and healthy. However, the sun rays can be harmful to the skin because of the UV rays that fastens up the skin aging. Not to mention that frowning on your girl’s face when she is squinting because of the brightness of the sun.

Give her this Gamma Rat Sunglasses so that she does not have to wrinkle her face if the sun shines brightly and to protect her eyes from the sun rays.
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58. Dyson Hairdryer
Most women have jaw-level hair length and even longer. Only a few get pixie haircut that does not require extreme maintenance. For this reason, you can consider hair dryer as women’s essentials.

Do not choose just any hair-dryer. The cheap and low-quality ones can damage her hair almost permanently.

The Dyson Hairdryer is unlike the others. It has features that enable your girl to control the temperature well. For this reason, it prevents her hair from intense heat damage.
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59. Soy Candles
Buying candles are easy. She can even buy it herself. However, these soy candles are unique. You can also choose the scent that you would like her to have.

These soy candles have no zinc or metal. They are not even coated with paraffin. It is both attractive and soothing gift to give for your girl.

She can use them to help her feel relaxed before going to sleep and to make a room fragrant.
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60. Drink More Water Bottle
With your girl’s busy schedule and tons of available selections of delicious but unhealthy beverages, it is easy to forget to drink water regularly. It is important always to remind her to drink water daily to avoid the formation of kidney stones and to prevent dehydration.

However, you are not always there to remind her to drink a glass of water. What you can only give her is this bottle that will always remind her to drink water.
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61. Convenience Concepts Serving Tray
It seems like this tray only serves a single purpose at first glance. However, this tray can be one of the best gifts for her. It is because, with just a little push of one's imagination, you can use this tray in a lot of ways. Your girl can use it to deliver dirty dishes from the table to the sink. She can also use it to clean up an empty canister of foods in the living room, and more.
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62. Furry Winter Coat
Dropping temperature is a disaster for any women. It is cold, and there are only limited, fashionable items to wear and to flaunt. For this reason, if you are going to give a winter gift to a stylish woman, make sure that it is trendy and one of a kind.

This furry winter coat uses faux-fur that is comfortable to wear. You can choose among the various colors available that will suit her taste.
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63. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9
This action camera is a mountable kind that will surely fit her lifestyle if she is the kind who loves taking videos and photos. This camera is exceptionally compact, which she can take everywhere. It is available in different colors. You can choose the color of her favorite.

This camera is complete with features that are perfect for her selfies. It also has a viewfinder-real image for a better shot.
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64. Hippie Sleeveless Vest
Being called a hippie may describe a kind of culture that aims to be free from social norms and restrictions. Even though your girl is not a total hippie, the fashion style of this culture is attractive and prevalent.

Your girl does not have to smoke marijuana or engage in promiscuous sexual activities to wear this awesome hippie vest. If your girl is easy-going and independent, it is enough reason to express herself by wearing this vest.
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65. Handbag Illuminator
The schedule of a 20-year-old something woman is filled with tons of activities that she wants to do. There is no room to search for a hard-to-find lipstick or key in her purse that will only waste her time. This handbag illuminator is a saver of her time.

It cuts down the rummaging throughout her entire purse to find what she is searching. It provides an automatic light that lets her see what is inside her bag.
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66. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
The 20s is the age when most women are at the peak of their beauty. After that, their skin will start to lose elasticity. For this reason, the 20s is the perfect moment to take good care of one’s beauty and to slow the process of skin aging.

The lips are no exception. This lip sleeping mask will encourage her not to forget her lips in her beauty routine. This item will give her supple and soft lips.
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67. Café Du Chateau Coffee Maker
It might be true that a cup of coffee in the morning can provide a little boost in day’s work. However, according to a recent survey, millennials spend more money on their coffee than on their retirement savings, which are bad news.

If your girl is one of these women who choose to spend her money buying coffee from Starbucks, you need to give her this coffee maker to help her save some bucks.
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68. Mini Headbands
A headband is another wardrobe essential for women. It keeps the unruly hair away from her face. A stylish headband can also complete a woman's outfit and exudes a girly impression.

These mini headbands are for the active girls who are always in the move. Sometimes elastic headbands can fall off from their heads if they move a lot. This item is still in place and does not fall off easily.
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69. Leather Mini Wallet
Leather bags, wallets, belts, or any other accessories can create an impression of elegance and sophistication. That is why you can say that this leather mini wallet is one of the best gifts for her. Just make sure that she does not mind receiving a gift made from real leather.

This leather mini wallet is small but has enough compartments to contain her coins, credit cards, and bills. She can slip this wallet easily in her bag for better portability.
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70. Birth Month Flower Necklace
Pieces of jewelry with her birthstones is a keepsake item that she must have in her wardrobe. Not only it is good luck, but it is also a fashionable item that she can wear with almost any outfit. Also, it is a great way to express herself of who she is.

This Birth Month Flower Necklace does not just pertain to the birthstone based on her zodiac sign but also the flower that blooms on the month when she is born.
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71. Moisturizing Hand Balm
Because your favorite girl is already working, she uses her hands more often. Therefore, it is possible for her hands to dry up quickly because of the frequent washing, especially that she must wash her dishes, do her laundry, and cook her meals.

Having callused hands is a no biggie, but you want to prevent her hands from having calluses as much as possible. Giving her this moisturizing hand balm prevents her hands from drying.
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72. Mechanical Pencil Set
Although the millennials commonly use ballpoint pens for writing, a pencil is still the best writing tool sometimes. It allows the user to erase what he or she has been written and start again. It is primarily an ideal tool if your girl is an artist who likes to draw.

This mechanical pencil sent is a handy tool that allows her to write what is in her mind. She can erase it if she makes a mistake.
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73. Pompoms Beanie Hat
This cute Pompoms Beanie Hat is another must-have for the winter. It protects her ears from frostbites because it has a folded cuff included. It is also a fashionable item which is available in different colors.

This beanie hat is dual-layered and knitted thickly to provide warmth and comfort. This item is an excellent addition to her wardrobe. It does not only protect her ears from the cold weather; it is also stylish to wear.
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74. Gift Set Vegan Essentials
There are tons of advantages to living a vegan lifestyle. It includes eating healthier and less fatty foods. It also includes enjoying the benefits of natural products that do not contain artificial chemicals that can be harmful to the skin.

If your girl is a vegan or a practicing one, she will appreciate this gift set of vegan essentials. It includes the primary products that moisturize the skin like hand lotion, lip balm, salve, nail strengthening balm, and foot balm.
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75. Upcycled Sari Robe
If your girl is a high-maintenance one, she will love this Upcycled Sari Robe. This robe is unlike the other bathrobes. It has a unique design which is handmade from India. A high-maintenance girl will love this robe because it lets her experience wearing the different culture kind of garment.

Moreover, she can wear it on top of her nightie. She can also wear it by itself after taking a shower.
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76. Body Brush
Exfoliating is good for the skin. This process gets rid of the dead skin cells to allows the new ones to take place. But how can you exfoliate the back?

As a woman, she needs to apply proper hygiene in all parts of her body, including the one that she cannot reach. Help her scrub her back with this body brush.

This body brush is high-quality. It includes a loop to let her hang this item in a hook.
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77. Blooming Tea Flowers Set
If your girl is a tea person, she will love this complete tea set. It allows her to provide a stunning presentation to her guests when she hosts a tea party. This set consists of beautiful mugs and tea flowers that bloom when she drops them into the tea.

This set is not just ideal for a tea drinker. She can also use the set for coffee. Moreover, the mugs are also great for cold beverages.
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78. Kindle Paperwhite
Millennials love reading books. If your girl is one of those millennials who love to read, you might have seen her collections of books. You might notice that books can take up a lot of space. For this reason, it is practical to give her this Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader.

This e-book reader can store even hundreds of books. She can also take her collections with her everywhere, even at the beach.
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79. Gold-Plated Simulated Diamond Stackable Ring
You might want to give your beloved girl jewelry full of diamonds, but your pocket does not permit it. Therefore, you can provide this Gold-Plated Simulated Diamond Stackable Ring. The simulated diamond is high-quality cubic zirconia that looks like a real diamond.

Even if you cannot afford to buy the real diamond, your thoughts of her giving this ring are priceless enough.
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80. Refrigerator Cat Butt Magnets
If you want to be humorous and thoughtful at the same time, give this refrigerator cat butt magnets to the girl. This set consists of six adorable cat butt magnets. It is an ideal gift to give if she is an animal lover or a cat person.

These magnets are cute and funny décor on a refrigerator which will always maker her smile. Moreover, she will never forget you by seeing those cat butts.
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81. Fitlosophy Goal Getter Journal
This journal is for your girl who wants to lose weight or to aim for a fitness goal. The Fitlosophy Goal Getter is a fitness journal that inspires its users through motivational quotes and healthy tips. The users can use the allotted space for reflection and notes.

This journal is a great tool that can help your girl gain insight in her fitness journey. It has a gratitude section too that encourages optimism and good mood daily.
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82. Heat Changing Mug
Mugs are the cheapest and the most common gift that most people give if they do not know about the safest gift to give to their loved ones. This Heat Changing Mug is not your ordinary mug. Admittedly, this mug will be your girl's most favorite once she receives one from you.

This Heat Changing Mug changes in colors and constellations appear once hot water is put into it.
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83. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler
Hair is a crown on a woman's head. It contributes a high factor to a woman's appearance. By changing hairstyle, it can drastically alter her overall looks. For this reason, it is essential that her hair is free from tangles.

The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler is a hairbrush that she can take with her everywhere. It has an innovative design that detangles her hair without causing breakage and damage, unlike the other hairbrushes.
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84. Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace
It is essential for a woman to own some pieces of jewelry that she can pull off every time that she must attend an occasion. It is vital that she possesses different kinds of pieces to suit her outfit and the event.

This Kendra Scott Pendant necklace is one of the items that are worth keeping. It can match almost any outfit. It is plated with 14K gold on top of this brass necklace. The closure is lobster-claw.
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85. Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker
If your girl lives by herself in her apartment or house, eating outside will be easier for her than to cook a meal just for herself.

However, eating outside has a lot of disadvantages. You are unsure of the cleanliness of the food. You are unaware of the food is healthily prepared or not. Your girl spends more than money than what she should.

To encourage her to prepare a homemade meal, give her this Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker.
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86. Hand Steamer
If the 20-year-old something woman you know is highly particular about her clothing, this hand steamer will be a perfect gift for her. This hand steamer refreshes and sanitizes clothing by killing dust mites and germs. It also straightens wrinkles on her dress.

Besides her clothes, she can also use this hand steamer on her house curtains and furniture covers. Additional accessories are also included for additional features like getting rid of hair and lint.
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87. Portable Picture Printer
You are aware that 20 something women belong to the millennial group who love taking pictures and selfies anytime and anywhere. Taking pictures is an excellent way for them to capture the moment when they are with their friends and family. To take it to the next level, give her this portable picture printer.

This pocket-sized printer works fast. She can connect it on social media via Bluetooth to print the pictures that she wants to print.
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88. Microwave Glass Popcorn Popper
If your girl is a kind of person who prefers to be a couch potato over the weekend, she will appreciate this Microwave Glass Popcorn Popper. It provides a fast way of cooking her popcorn in just 3 minutes. She does not have to check it from time to time.

This popcorn popper has an optimal design because of its borosilicate glass that is microwavable and heat resistant. Aside from having a quick popcorn, the cooking process is healthier.
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89. Glitter iPhoneX Case
A stylish woman does not settle for anything less. If you know a woman like her, you know that she appreciates beautiful and trendy stuff which includes this Glitter iPhoneX Case.

This Glitter iPhoneX Case is a high-quality case that has several features. Among these features is the mineral oil used as a liquid for this case that is harmless on the skin. It is also made from quality TPU material.
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90. Professional Styling Iron
Sometimes, women are suffering from their bad hair day. During that day, it is either she wears a hat or fixes the messy hair with a styling iron, which is one of the reasons why it is among the best gifts for her.

This professional styling iron is both as a straightener and a curler. Unlike the other styling iron, this device will not pull a snag because of the 360-degree swivel that can adjust in any angle.
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91. LED Decorative Lights
The LED Decorative Lights is a perfect gift for a sentimental woman who loves recalling her unforgettable moments by looking at her pictures almost every day. These LED Decorative Lights provide the opportunity to make her photographs visible at first glance just by entering her room.

She can make her pictures a decorative piece by providing the opportunity to let her guests be aware of the most precious things that she values the most in her life.
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92. Vegan and All-Natural Dry Shampoo
Nowadays, along with the rise of the millennials is also the rise of organic and vegan products. You cannot blame those people who advocate them. Due to the number of illnesses and diseases, and animal cruelty in this world, turning into these kinds of products seems to be a good idea.

Let your girl try a 100 percent natural product by giving her this vegan and all-natural dry shampoo.
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93. Unicorn Battery-Operated Lamp
Being in the age of 20s is like a transition from being a teenager to becoming a full adult. For this reason, there might still be a little childlike part of her personality. You can see it when she giggles upon seeing cute animals and luxurious items for sale at a low price.

To spoil the child in her, give her this battery-operated unicorn lamp. It looks cute and decorative in a girl's room.
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94. Capri Blue White Jar Candle
If your girl uses aromatherapy to relax, she will appreciate it when she receives scented candles from you. However, scented candles are ordinary. Choose the unique ones so she will always remember you when she smells the scent of it or when she sees the brand.

This Capri Blue White Jar Candle is a scented candle with unique scents. Also, it lasts for a long time of more than four days.
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95. Kate Spade Stud Earrings
A pair of stud earrings are jewelry essentials because of its versatility. That is why every woman should have at least one in their jewelry box or holder. Stud earrings are versatile enough to pair with almost any kind of fashion style. For this reason, stud earrings are one of the safest gifts for her.

Kate Spade is a famous brand of accessories for women. That is why it is not surprising to get high-quality pieces of jewelry from them.
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96. Aesthetica Nude Lipstick Palette
Lipsticks can work wonders. It can change a woman's appearance at the drop of a hat. If she looks pale, applying lipstick is one of the remedies. The Aesthetica Nude Lipstick does not only add colors on her skin.

The colors available in this palette exudes a classy and sophisticated appeal. It has nude matte colors, which include naked truth, expose, stripped, incognito, and undressed. Contouring pencils, a highlighter, and lip brush are also included.
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97. Lighted Vanity Mirror
A vanity mirror is a woman’s essential. DO not give her any ordinary mirror, give her a real vanity mirror. The right mirror is important because it allows her to apply her makeup accurately without any illusions from the light.

This vanity mirror is an example of what you should give to her. It has 21 pieces of LED lights, magnifying mirror, and a touch sensor.
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98. Gel Nail Polish Nail Set
Your girl needs to impress her clients and boss to get that promotion that she has been eyeing for a long time. An impression may include a firm handshake. To make your girl a memorable person in a business meeting, an application of a gel nail polish can do the trick.

This Gel Nail Polish Nail Set is eco-friendly and contains safe ingredients that include a natural resin. Moreover, the nail polish can last for more than two weeks.
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99. Canada Goose Parka Coat
A parka coat is another wardrobe essential for the winter. If she is going for a casual walk outdoors during the winter season, she does not need to wear a luxurious coat covered with fur from the hood to the hem. Wearing this parka coat is enough for the casual stroll in the street.

This Canada Goose Parka Coat has snap-through and flap pockets. It also has storm placket and toggle closures.
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100. Collagen Eye Masks
People in their 20s, usually sleep late at night because of the different activities that they do in life. There are times that they must work overtime or mingle with their friends in a night party. This situation takes a toll on their eyes.

The skin around the eyes are highly-sensitive and the most prone to developing fine lines. To prevent those lines from appearing, give your girl some collagen eye masks.
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101. Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette
Although real beauty indeed goes beyond one's appearance, it is not precisely correct for making a good impression, especially if you are in a corporate world. Your girl should present herself the way how she wants to be respected by other people.

Makeup can help your girl create the impression that she wants to exude to the world. Among the essentials is a high-quality eyeshadow that makes the eyes more expressive.
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