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44 Best Unique Stocking Stuffers for Her 2020


Even if you’ve picked out the perfect presents for all of the important women in your life, there’s still something that can be done to make this Christmas morning even more special. While the main event is always the best part of the day, a few well-chosen stocking stuffers can really make this Christmas one to remember.

It’s important not to take stocking stuffers less seriously, though. While it’s tempting to just go to the mall and grab a couple of scented candles to throw in her stocking at the last minute, its better to make these stocking stuffers as thoughtful as your full-sized presents. By browsing through our list of unique small gifts, you’ll be able to make sure that the smiles don’t stop all day long.

1. Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm
For a woman who places high regards on beauty and fashion, she does not want to get caught off-guard with chapped lips. Also, chapped lips are unattractive. They may be a cause of cold weather and the like, but one thing is for sure, chapped lips are a no-no, especially for a woman who wants to keep herself pretty.

For this reason, gift the woman in your life a set of Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm. A collection consists of four lip balms with delicious flavors of grapefruit, coconut, mango, pomegranate, and coconut and pear. Your girl does not have to hide her dry lips because of this nourishing gift for her lips.
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2. Garnier Whole Blends Replenishing Shampoo
Girls put their makeup on or take good care of their hair and skin not only because they want to be appealing to the opposite sex. It is also because they want to feel pretty and confident with themselves. Even without the attention of the other gender, keeping themselves beautiful and groomed improves their self-esteem.

Therefore, you should gift your favorite girl a kind of product that will make her hair silky smooth. Having beautiful and bouncy hair will add to her overall confidence for herself. Garnier Whole Blends Replenishing Shampoo is one of the products that you can gift to her.
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3. WoodWick Money Soap
It is not easy to earn money that is why you cannot just give it away. Although some people are willing to gift their loved ones with cold hard cash, it is not possible all the time. Sometimes you are on a tight budget. Gifting your loved one money in a small amount, which she can afford, is embarrassing.

That is why if you cannot gift your female with real cash because you are on a tight budget, give this WoodWick Money Soap to her as a gift. Each bar resembles money of different amount. Although she cannot spend it to buy whatever she likes, your girl can use it to clean her hands.
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4. Concrete Ring Cone
You know that many girls love wearing jewelry. Wearing a few pieces of them can complement and enhance the overall looks of a woman. They also play an essential part in creating an illusion and focus when it comes to fashion.

However, you know that genuine jewelry is expensive. Yes. There are fake ones, but you know that your favorite girl does not deserve counterfeit items.

Because you cannot afford to buy her pieces of jewelry with real metal or stones, gift her some Concrete Ring Holders. Let other people purchase expensive items for her. At least, with your gift to her, she already has something that will hold her rings.
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5. Skin Renewing Face Masks
Beauty lover women know the kind of facial regimen she needs. Although there is a lot of information teaching everyone about the proper regimen, your girl knows what to do to her face. It is because there are different facial routines taught on the Internet. However, your beauty-lover woman knows which is best for herself.

No matter what kind of regimen it is, applying a face mask is a part of it. Even though not always, it is still an essential part of a healthy facial regimen. That is why these Skin Renewing Face Masks is a heaven-sent for her. It is because this item can make a total of 75 masks of 5 varieties.
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6. Aquis Hair Towel
You might argue that your girl can use her body towel to dry her hair. After all, hair drying is just an ordinary routine anyway, so any kinds of cloth will do. However, using regular towels for drying can cause hair damage. It is something that your beauty-lover woman does not want for herself.

That is why you should gift her a kind of towel that is specific for hair use. Aquis Hair Towel is one example. This item is gentle to hair.

Additionally, this item is highly absorbent. Your girl does not have to wait for hours to dry her hair completely.
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7. Women’s Long Plaid Chunky Oversized Scarf
A scarf is one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for her because it is a wardrobe necessity. It keeps her warm during the cold months, and it is also a great accessory to compliment her attire or overall appearance. It does not matter what the size is. She will love to receive one on almost every occasion.

This Women’s Long Plaid Chunky Oversized Scarf is perfect for keeping your beloved girl warm during the winter. It is soft and comfortable because it is cashmere-made. The manufacturer assures that this item will never fade and will remain fashionable to wear for years.
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8. Oakley Women’s Aviator Metal Sunglasses
The eyes are the essential organs of the human body. People rely on them in every walk of their life. Although you can still live without them, life is tough if you are unable to see what you are doing. You will be prone to accidents and scams. That is why you do not want blindness to hit your favorite girl who loves to enjoy the sunshine outdoors.

For this reason, save her eyesight by giving it protection. Gift her this Oakley Woman’s Aviator Metal Sunglasses. These sunspecs are fashionable and durable. You are sure that your girl’s eyes are 100 percent safe from the UV of the sun with her wearing them.
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9. Tea Socks
These tea socks are perfect stocking stuffer gift for your girl who loves drinking her tea. It is a practical gift to get other people to get her tea and to keep her warm and cozy, which is perfect for the Christmas season. It is funny enough to make her smile and remember you every time she wears or sees them.

These tea socks make use of soft fabric, which is the reason why they are warm to the touch. You can also customize them. You can choose another indulgence even though your girl is not a tea lover because there are others like "glass of wine” or “cup of coffee” available. You can choose from the five colors available.
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10. State Dish Towel
This State Dish Towel is an ideal gift for your girl who loves to travel or longs her home state. By looking at it, she would remember the most memorable places in her home state and sentimentally misses them. By gifting this item, you are gifting your girl a keepsake that she will treasure. She might not even use it in the kitchen because of the sentimentality of it.

You can personalize this State Dish Towel based on the 50 states of America. It is silk-screen cotton with hand-made embroidery as a border. She can use it in various kitchen task or she can keep it to treasure the memories and the places she had been in a particular state.
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11. Funny Socks
If you have fought with your girlfriend, the most common advice that people give to the guy is to bring his girlfriend flowers and a box of chocolate. It is because most women's weakness is chocolate. You cannot blame them because even guys know how addictive and delicious this sweet guilty pleasure is.

If your girl is one of the girls who love chocolates, expect that she will receive a lot of them on holidays. If you are looking for a unique gift for your chocolate-loving woman, gift her these socks instead. For this reason, even if it is not Christmas, she can ask anyone to give her chocolate just by wearing them.
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12. Flammi Bed Prism Glasses
It is true that reading while lying down is not healthy for the eyes. However, despite how many times one tells this famous adage to himself or herself, he or she cannot follow it because of the temptation of laziness. It is still enjoyable to read books or watch TV while lying down.

Because of the strong force of laziness, you cannot stop a person from making this bad habit. What you can only do is make her watching or reading while lying down enjoyable with this Flammi Bed Prism Glasses.

With these eyeglasses, she can enjoy reading books or watching TV while lying down without bending her head.
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13. Crossbody Bag with Tassel
A crossbody bag is another advisable gift to a lazy woman. With a crossbody bag, your girl does not have to hold her purse or slide the strap of her shoulder bag often. She can get her hands free of holding her bag while walking along the street. Moreover, it is a fashionable accessory that she can use to compliment her outfit.

This Crossbody Bag with Tassels is available in different colors. For this reason, there are a lot of options for different personality fashion style. There is a Crossbody Bag with Tassel for her whether she is classy, sporty, romantic, or bold.
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14. Chocolate Video Game Controller
The Chocolate Video Game Controller is a perfect gift for your girl who is both a gamer and a chocolate-lover. The cold season also makes it an ideal gift for your girl because shipping this item on warm months will melt the chocolate. You will have to pay for an extra fee if you want to keep the chocolate from melting.

Your girl might not be able to use this device for the characters in her video game, but it will make her cravings satisfied. You can customize it by choosing among the three available flavors, which are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.
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15. Upcycled Record Coasters
If your girl is a lover of vinyl and retro music, you might want to consider gifting her this Upcycled Record Coasters. These items are environment-friendly because they made them from recycled vinyl. They are also great for impressing her guests, which make them perfect conversation starters.

Having these Upcycled Record Coasters in her kitchen also reflects her personality and passion for retro music and phonograph record. It is also an excellent gift for a disc-jockey who want to let people know about her profession and her love for music.

Each set of these items include different genres of music. That is why it is not dull to use.
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16. “Becoming” Book
If you can name a strong woman that helped shape the history of America, it was the former US first lady Michelle Obama. This woman is famous for her advocates for strengthening the power of women and young girls. That is why you can say that young girls should ask advice from women like Michelle Obama.

In her book, “Becoming.” She tells the story of her life. She shares her experiences and reflections that shaped her to become a woman that she is now.

Michelle disclosed in her book about the struggles that she has to face to balance her family and career life.
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17. “Where the Crawdads Sing” Book
The “Where the Crawdads Sing” is a book of fiction that is a perfect gift for your bookworm girl if she has not read it yet. This book received several recognitions from being chosen for Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Book Club to being one bestseller in New York for several weeks.

You will never go wrong gifting your girl this book because it is a no non-sense book that will leave her thinking. It follows the story of the girl name Kya from her childhood to her death. It features her life struggles, abandonment, abuse, and romantic relationships.

If your girl has not read this book yet, you should grab a copy for her now.
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18. “How to Sew a Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew” Book
Technology makes life more accessible nowadays. Today, if you do not know how to cook but want to eat, you can use your phone app to order takeout. If you cannot do your laundry, go to a laundry shop.

However, even though you can now call anyone to do the fundamental tasks for you, it is crucial that your girl still knows how to do them. The first reason is that it is financially practical. She does not have to spend her hard-earned money on the primary task that she can do herself. Lastly, learning how to do some useful activities teaches self-reliance.

That is why this book is a perfect gift for your girl.
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19. Green Grammar Pencils
The Green Grammar Pencils are the advisable gifts for your girl who finds learning the English language difficult. It is also an ideal gift for a grammar policewoman. It is because engraved in these pencils are the common mistakes in diction. One example is the typical confusion among the words “too,” “to,” and “two.”

With these pencils, you are sure that your girl will always remember that are differences in using the words that might sound the same. These pencils will also make your grammar policewoman laugh. It is the best way to make her remember you every time she uses one of them.
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20. Travel Stub Diary
The Travel Stub Diary is one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for her who loves to travel. Although there are social media and apps like Facebook and Instagram where your girl can create an album and upload her adventures, nothing can beat the sentimentality of a diary.

Sometimes, she has more liberties of having her memories more personal by keeping the hardcopies of her photos in a diary. It also provides her an excellent opportunity to leave a keepsake that her future generations can enjoy by looking at this diary. With this item, your girl’s next kin will remember their mom or grandma was once an adventurous lady.
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21. Benevolence LA Scented Candles
Pamper your favorite woman with a bath and scented candles after a long day’s work by gifting these scented candles on Christmas day. It is an ideal gift for busy women to encourage them to relax for once in a while. It is also an excellent commendation for her diligence and effort to provide for herself or her family.

These Benevolence LA Scented Candles are aromatic without causing pain in her nostrils like the other candles with a strong scent. It makes use of clean fragrances and oils that are enough to clarify the smell of a room without leaving a sharp and irritating odor.
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22. Bag of Unicorn Toots Cotton Candy Nuggets
If you want to make your girl laugh while satisfying her sweet tooth, give her a bag of unicorn toots. No. This item is not a fart bag of a legendary four-legged animal. It is a bag of candy with creative and catchy packaging and name that will make your girl laugh.

Although she might laugh upon receiving this item from you, it might make her think twice before she eats a bag of it, which is a good thing so that it will last for weeks.

The Bag of Unicorn Toots Cotton Candy Nuggets is one of the most unique stocking stuffer gift ideas for her who has a sweet tooth.
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23. OXO Avocado Slicer
The OXO Avocado Slicer is an ideal gift for your girl who loves eating avocado or knows how to cook guacamole in a thousand ways. Just like her skills for having a hundred of recipes to cook her avocado, this slicer is also versatile enough to prepare her fruit in various ways.

With this item, your girl can peel, pit, and slice her guacamole without breaking a sweat. Preparing her tasty avocado recipe will become as fast as lightning if she has this contraption. That is why for your girl knows her avocado well, you will never go wrong gifting this OXO Avocado Slicer to her.
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24. Travel Journal and Pencil
Most people have this dream of traveling around the world or to their dream destination. However, due to life's demands like a responsibility to work a nine to five job or to take care of her small children, your girl might leave this dream buried in her thoughts. However, for a determined soul, one can easily find a solution to these excuses.

To encourage your girl to pursue her travel dreams, why not stash these Travel Journal and Pencil in her Christmas stocking? It is your simple way of telling her that she should not push away her dream because of the daily demands of life.
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25. Ooma Bowl
You might be asking why an Ooma Bowl belongs to these lists. After all, if your girl wants to snack on something, she can only grab a plate and place her chips and nacho dip on her plate.

What makes the Ooma Bowl an ideal stocking stuffer gift for her is its ergonomic design. Although your girl can use a plate to contain her snacks, it is not compact enough to save some space. Moreover, this item is comfortable to hold, which lessens the possibility of spilling its contents.

It is also a simple way that she can imply to other people that she does not like to share her snack because of its compact design.
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26. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug
This Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug is a perfect gift for your busy career woman who loves drinking her coffee hot. Using it, your girl does not have to annoy her assistants by asking them to reheat her coffee from time to time.

With a few presses on an app, she can easily maintain the beverage's temp even if it has been sitting on the table for a long time.

For this reason, the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug is one of the practical stocking stuffer gift ideas for her who loves perfection.
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27. Creature Cups Manatee
The Creature Cups Manatee is the item that will complete your girl’s kitchen. It is an item that will give light to her serious kitchenware. This item is cute, fun, and adorable, which makes it a perfect piece for a woman who does not want a boring coffee break. Just by seeing the lovely creature at the bottom of the mug, it will already brighten up her day ahead.

The Creature Cups Manatee is one of the best gift mugs for your woman. You can put it safely in a dishwasher or microwave. Moreover, she will always remember you every time she sips her coffee from this mug.
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28. SIPWELL Stainless Steel Straw
If you are looking for a practical gift for your woman, add the SIPWELL Stainless Steel Straw on your gift choices. It is an advisable gift, especially if your woman is an environmental activist. With this item, she can already entirely ditch using plastic straws that are harmful to the environment. She can use this straw every time she needs it.

The SIPWELL Stainless Steel Straw is up to eight-inch long. It is durable enough because it is rustproof, which makes it a better option for drinking. Your girl can safely place it in a dishwasher if she wants to clean it.
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29. Handmade Mini White Pottery Salt Spoon
The Handmade Mini White Pottery Salt Spoon is a perfect gift for your girl who has a strong sense of taste. Even though she has some a salt sprinkler at home, she will not mind receiving this item on Christmas day. It is because this item is unique because of its size.

This item scoops a small number of spices. It makes the approximation of adding salt and spices easier.

You can choose what kind of Handmade Mini White Pottery Salt Spoon you want your girl to receive. You can choose among the different glaze finishes, which include satin white, gloss white, satin oatmeal, and gloss oatmeal.
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30. Avocado Huggers
You can do a lot with avocadoes. It is not surprising because of its versatile and delicious flavor. That is why avocado lovers are willing to endure the unattractive browning of their fruit after they slice it. Even though your girl loves eating an oxidizing avocado, with these Avocado Huggers, she does not have to endure it at all.

The Avocado Huggers can keep half of an avocado fresh for a long time.
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31. Heart-Shaped Bamboo Spoon
If the woman in your life is a girlfriend or a wife who loves to cook, why not gift her this Heart-Shaped Bamboo Spoon. This item can make a great ornament in her kitchen, which will always remind her of you whenever she stirs or cooks a dish. It is bamboo-made. That is why you are sure that it is attractive to look at, and your girl will never feel embarrassed to show it off to her house guests.

This Heart-Shaped Bamboo Spoon is highly durable that will last for years, just like your love for her. It can withstand stains, cracks, and warps. That is why it will stay beautiful for a long time.
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32. Relative Insanity Party Game
The Relative Insanity Party Game is not only a fantastic gift for your girl but also her family. It is because this item provides an excellent opportunity for the family to bond and know one another. Therefore, they can bring her family closer together with the help of this party game, which is the most valuable gift of all.

Moreover, even the famous Jimmy Fallon and Rachael Ray tried the Relative Insanity Party Game. It works by reading a phrase from a setup card, and somebody in the family would finish it by choosing a punchline card. The winner is the one that has the funniest punchline.
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33. BAGGY Reusable Shopping Bag
Although big supermarkets have their campaigns of wiping the plastics bags away for a more environment-friendly option, some of them cannot completely adhere to this mission. What you can do to help the environment to eliminate the plastic waste personally is to get your reusable shopping bag like this Baggy Reusable Shopping Bag.

You will never go wrong gifting this item to her whether she is an environmental advocate or not. It is because this item can be fashionable too because of the various style options.

The Baggy Reusable Shopping Bag can hold up to 30 pounds of items. It is also durable and fabulous.
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34. Salud Spicy Cocktail Salt
If your girl is looking for a way to impress her clients and bosses, why not gift her this Salud Spicy Cocktail Salt? It livens a party to enhance the taste of bloody Mary, margaritas, and micheladas. It is a tin of flavored salts which are the mixture of sea salt and Nora chilies. Upon using it to enhance the taste of her cocktail, she might even get the promotion or deal she wants.

The Salud Spicy Cocktail Salt provides and a tinge of earthy flavor because of the Nora chilis. It enhances the cocktail’s flavors, texture, and color.
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35. Momo Natural Mini Air Purifying Bag
Whether male or female, one has to keep a deodorizer at home to eliminate the possibility of embarrassment when an unannounced guest visits one's home. Gift this item to her if you do not know what to give your friend. Momo Natural Mini Air Purifying Bag is one of the safest stocking stuffer gift ideas for her.

Unlike the other deodorizers in the market, this product is all-natural. It does not have any toxic substances that can be harmful to your girl. You cannot expect it to have any fragrances or chemicals to deodorize.
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36. Wrapables Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum
You can use a vacuum to get rid of dust that are allergens for some people. However, it requires a lot of effort to use an ordinary device to remove dirt and even cookie crumbs on table or furniture tops. You have to remove your bookshelves, flower vase, or computer to clean a tabletop thoroughly with an ordinary vacuum.

Thankfully, with the Wrapables Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum gift that you gave her, she can get rid of these small nuisances at the drop of a hat. The Wrapables Animal Mini Countertop is available in different designs. If your girl does not like the pig, she can choose between a cat or a cow.
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37. Fujifilm Instax Mini
Although her smartphone can already do wonders in terms of photography, it cannot beat the other features of the Fujifilm Instax Mini. Sometimes, printers are not readily available to print the photo that she captured from her phone. What if she wants to give one of her shots to her new friend as a souvenir?

The Fujifilm Instax Mini solves this problem. It is a powerful camera that instantly captures and prints what is happening at the moment. Your girl can easily give her souvenir to her new friend without having it printed out.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini can automatically adjust the shutter speed and flash depending on the exposure of the surroundings.
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38. PopSockets Collapsible Grip and Stand
The PopSockets Collapsible Grip and Stand is a useful and unique gift that you can give to your favorite girl. It is trendy and functional because it is available in different styles, and it enables her to hold her phone in one hand or even hands-free. It is highly versatile because she can use it anywhere.

Your girl can use the PopSockets Collapsible Grip and Stand as a stand so she can read e-books or watch videos handsfree. The adhesive is reusable. That is why she can use it almost everywhere. Moreover, it is waterproof.

The PopSockets Collapsible Grip and Stand is a straightforward, yet functional gift for her for Christmas.
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39. Tile Pro
If your girl is a forgetful type who always loses her keys, wallet, or phones, she might need extra help with this small device. This contraption is what they call Tile Pro. This item is a lifesaver of forgetful individuals because it helps them find their missing stuff with the help of the app in their smartphones.

All that they have to do is activate the device using an app, and the Tile device will ring. By following the sound, your girl should be able to find her missing stuff. If what she has lost was her phone, she can find it by pressing the Tile Pro twice.
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40. Enevu Bedside Night Light
The Enevu Bedside Night Light is another advisable gift for a woman who loves to travel outdoors. In those times, while she is at the camp, she might need something that will lighten up her tent. Although a flashlight, can provide light to find what she is looking for or to guide her path, she cannot use it as a bedside lamp.

For this reason, you should gift her this portable Enevu Bedside Night Light. This item is powerful because it can emit 100 lumens of light. It also has a long battery life of 100 hours. There are also available levels of brightness your girl can choose.
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41. Poweradd Slim 2
The Poweradd Slim 2 is another option that you have if you are looking for a gift for your traveler girl. This item is a portable charger that she can use while she is away. Even though she can stash her charging cables along with her, power outlets are not available sometimes. That is why she needs to be ready by taking this Poweradd Slip 2 along her adventures.

The Poweradd Slim 2 is easy to stash in a bag because of its compact design. It provides enough power supply to almost any phone brands. It has a 5000mAh capacity that can charge her phone as fast as lightning.
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42. LONTECT iPhone Case
The LONTECT iPhone Case is an ideal gift for a sophisticated, high-maintenance woman if you do not know what to give her. This item is fashionable and functional. It protects her iPhone from shock because of its shockproof feature. You can also choose among the different designs available.

The LONTECT iPhone Case has a plastic bumper and black cover, although the inner frame is silicone. This construction ensures that her phone is safe once she accidentally drops it. It also covers all the sides of the phone, which makes her device safe from scratch.

She also does not have to worry about the quality of the design because it will never fade.
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43. GearTie
You can say that the GearTie might be the most straightforward and cheapest stocking stuffer gift on these lists. However, it is one of the most practical ones. It is because it helps to solve some of the simple life's problems that most people do not bother resolving. One of the possible uses of the GearTie is cable organization.

GearTie is a flexible set of ties that have colorful rubber exterior. Because of the exterior’s rubber construction, it clings easily to the item wherever your girl may use it. It is highly flexible to adapt to any shapes in any way your girl wants it.
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44. TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Key Holder
If you are looking for a practical, unique, but classy gift to give to your girl, add this TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Key Holder among the lists of your choices. This item ensures that her keys are always in a place creatively and attractively. That is why it is one of the trendiest stocking stuffer gift ideas for her.

The TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Key Holder resembles the shape of a cloud that can complete the minimalist house interior. With this item, your girl does not have to spend her few seconds searching for a hook because she can affix her keys to the product's strong magnets.
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