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44 Best Unique Stocking Stuffers for Him 2020


You might have the big gifts out of the way, but people can get so much joy out of digging into their stocking and finding all of the little bonus gifts within. It means that there’s still more that you can do if you want to make this Christmas a truly memorable one. While men tend to be most impressed by the biggest, coolest presents, there are plenty of small, unique, stocking stuffers on the market that can add an extra touch of joy on Christmas morning.

From high-tech headphones to cute personalized symbols of your relationship, we’ve searched the internet for the best stocking stuffers for guys of all ages. All that’s left for you is to read on and choose something that you think would catch his eye!

1. Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds
Among the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for him are the ones that can be useful. Even though stockings limit the size of the present that you can give to your guy, it does not mean that you cannot gift him anything useful at all.

If your guy is a light sleeper or finds it hard to sleep almost every night, he can make use of this Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds. This item gets rid of the noise that causing your man sleeping troubles like the bickering couple next door, neighbor’s barking dog, and the like.

The Bose Noise Making Sleepbuds can instead provide your man with peaceful sounds that can induce him to fall asleep.
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2. Braun Analog Alarm Clock
You can say that alarm clocks are among the world’s best and useful invention. It always helps to ensure that you are still on time for work or school. That is why it is often a component feature of smartphones and watches. You can also expect that your guy probably uses his watch or phone’s alarm clock feature to wake up on time.

It does not mean that you cannot gift your guy with an analog alarm clock though. After all, this item can complement the interior of your man's bedroom, especially if it has a minimalist design. Moreover, having an analog alarm clock alongside with his smartphone’s alarm feature ensures that he will get up from the bed.
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3. TOPHOME Cord Organizer
The TOPHOME Cord Organizer is the most unique and practical stockings stuffer gift ideas for him. It is because your guy probably does not realize that he needs it. He may recognize that he needs an earphone, but thinking of requiring a contraption to keep its cord organize might not something that he will pay mind.

However, if it is a gift that comes from a loved one, he will welcome it with open hands. That is why you will never go wrong gifting your guy pal with the TOPHOME Cord Organizer. With this item, he can say goodbye to tangling cables forever.
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4. Green Grammar Pencils
Is your guy friend having trouble polishing his English grammar? After all, English is one of the most challenging languages to learn. Among these difficulties is the use of proper diction.

If your guy is one of those people who frequently confuse between the words “their” or “they’re.” He might need something that will always remind him about the difference between them. One way that you can do this is by gifting your guy friend, some of these Green Grammar Pencils.

It is funny yet useful stocking stuffer gift for your friend. With these pencils, your man will always remember proper diction.
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5. Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set
The Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set is a heaven-sent gift for a guy who loves drinking his bourbon. With this item, picking food stuck between his teeth should not be boring at all. He might even get addicted to using it though he does not have any food trapped between his teeth.

The Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set is one of the unique stocking stuffer gift ideas for him who loves drinking his scotch. For this reason, you are sure that nobody but you have this kind of present to give him. You are confident that he will always remember you whenever he uses his scotch-infused toothpick.
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6. Apple Watch Series 4
You probably do not know a man who will say no to an Apple Watch Series 4. You know that Apple is a prestige brand that can make its wearer look professional and classy. Your man will appear even more gorgeous by wearing this item.

Aside from the Apple Watch Series 4 minimalist design, one of its edge from its competitors is its useful features. If your guy owns this watch, he can make calls and text even if his phone is miles away from him. Most importantly, the main feature of this device is its ability to detect a hard fall that triggers the emergency SOS.
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7. Apple Watch Stand
Because of the beauty, elegance, and usefulness of the Apple Smartwatch, your man probably has one. However, this Apple Watch Stand might be something that he does not own yet. It is something that he might not realize he needs. After all, your guy can only place his Apple Smartwatch anywhere, but he might misplace it as a result.

Therefore, he can make use of this Apple Smart Watch Stand. With this item, your guy can leave his watch in one place while he is charging it. It also eliminates the chances of misplacing his smartwatch. That is why you can say that it is one of the simplest, yet most useful Christmas gifts for him.
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8. Camera Lens Coffee Mug
If you are looking for a unique present to give your photographer guy friend, why not gift him this Camera Lens Coffee Mug?

People typically buy mugs as a gift, but you want yours to be different. That is why you will never go wrong gifting it to your photographer friend. By looking at this Camera Lens Coffee Mug, you are sure that he will remember you all the time.

Also, this item is an excellent accessory to show-off his profession. When your guy's client looks at this mug, they can already tell that your guy is a photographer. He does not have to say anything because this mug can already imply to other people that your man is a photographer.
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9. Customized Guitar Pick
Receiving a guitar pick on Christmas day might be the last thing that your guy might expect. After all, it is just a simple guitar pick. Some guitar players even use a penny as an alternative if they do not have one.

However, you can turn this unappreciated and straightforward item into a gift that will make your guy remember you forever. You can personalize this guitar pick with any message or pick up lines that you like to make it look more thoughtful. You can even select how many picks you would want your guy to receive. You can also choose if you're going to include a holder for it.
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10. F-Bomb Paperweight
The F-Bomb Paperweight is the perfect gift for your guy who loves to use the f-word all the time. He can be the type of guy whose sentences are incomplete without you hearing the f-word in it. Because he is a frequent user of this word, you can award him with this F-Bomb Paperweight as a humorous stocking stuffer gift for your guy on Christmas.

Aside from the humor it brings, it also has a minimalist design that looks good in any room. It also provides a good source of laughter to your guy's clients, boss, or colleagues who would walk into his office.
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11. ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer
Men love eating steaks, and eating steaks is manly. That is why you should not feel surprised to learn that many men know how to cook their steak. To suit their taste, they know how to prepare their meat on various levels, from bleu to well-done.

Even though you can say that your guy is an expert in determining whether meat is rare or well-done, he can still use a little help, especially if he is a guy who is still learning go to cook his steak. After all, even though your man can grill his meat, determining the temperature of perfect medium-rare meat is always challenging.

That is why he will not mind receiving this meat thermometer as a gift.
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12. Corkcircle Insulated Tumbler
The Corkcircle Insulated Tumbler is the best gift for the busy man in your life.

Everyone does not like any interruption when he is busy at something. If you bother anyone while he is doing something, this person might feel irritated. He or she might even scold at you.

Sometimes, people can be extremely busy that they cannot refill their beverage with cold or hot drinks.

Some of them might even endure drinking a cold coffee or lukewarm iced tea because they have left their drink sitting for long hours while they work.

You can ease some of the stress that they endure at work with this insulated tumbler that keeps their beverage cold or hot for hours.
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13. Avocado Slicer
This Avocado Slicer is the ideal gift for your busy or lazy man who loves avocado. It is one of the contraptions that he might not realize he needs. He might be settling using his pocket or kitchen knife for preparing his favorite fruit.

With this Avocado Slicer, your guy does not have to endure the peeling, pitting, or slicing his avocado anymore. This item has all that he needs for preparing his avocado. This item can split, slice, and pit his avocado.

This gift saves time and effort. That is why it is a greatest stocking stuffer gift for your lazy or busy avocado-lover guy.
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14. Wine Socks
If your guy is a wine connoisseur, finding a wine for him as a gift can be challenging unless you are an expert yourself. It is because a guy who knows his wine can identify which is good or not. If you are not knowledgeable, you would like to leave the wine gifting for him to the experts.

However, you would like your receiver to appreciate your gift, which can be a problem when the only thing that you know about your guy is that he is a wine lover. Thankfully, you can still gift him something that he would love. One example is these Wine Socks.

If you cannot gift him the wine that he loves, let somebody else give it for him.
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15. Safe Paperweight
If your favorite guy is a baseball fan, he would love to receive this simple Safe Paperweight gift from you. Although your guy can use almost anything as a paperweight in his office, this item is unique. By looking at it, you are sure that your guy will remember you.

As you can see, you do not have to buy an expensive item for a gift to your guy to ensure that he will always remember you. If it is the kind of thing that symbolizes that you know him from head to toe, it is enough to make as a perfect gift.
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16. Glacio Ice Cube Trays
You might be asking why an ice tray is one of the most useful stocking stuffer gift ideas for him. After all, your guy probably owns one in his own. He might not have any troubles cooling his beer or wine, especially if he has a chiller at home. He can add ice in it that comes from the ice tray he probably owns.

Although your guy probably already owns an ice cube tray at home, it does not mean that it is already enough to make an impression. Making a good impression is what the Glacio Ice Cube Tray can give to your friend. This item can make perfect spherical and cube ice, which can be a good conversation starter.
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17. The Good Hurt Fuego Hot Sauce Gift Set
If your guy friend is a hot sauce lover, why not spoil him with this Hot Sauce Gift Set? After all, it is the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for him who loves spicy food. This item is no ordinary pack of hot sauce bottles. These hot sauces are unique because of the various spices from around the world used to make each bottle.

For this reason, you are sure that your guy will have a different experience trying each bottle, which are tasty condiments to enhance the flavors of various dishes. Your hot sauce lover guy will thank you if he receives this item on Christmas day.
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18. Arbuckle’s Whole Bean Coffee
If you have a coffee-lover guy friend, it is evident that you should gift him a coffee maker or a bag full of coffee. Because the latter is the one that will most likely fit the Christmas stocking, it is the best stocking stuffer gift idea to give a coffee-lover pal. However, it leaves you with another problem, “which coffee is the best gift for him?”

There are a lot of excellent coffees in the market. Arbuckle's Whole Bean Coffee is one of them. It is because it is the coffee that captured the heart of the cowboys, which might win your guy's too.
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19. Accio Coffee Stamped Spoon
The Accio Coffee Stamped Spoon is an ideal gift for a Harry Potter fan. It is also a memorable, simple gift that you can gift to your guy friend who loves his coffee.

You do not have to spend a thousand dollars to gift your guy friend the gift that is useful and memorable. The truth is that most gifts that people treasure the most are the thoughtful and useful ones. Many people do not care about the price tag, although some people do.

The Accio Coffee Stamped Spoon is one example of a simple gift that does not cost a fortune. It is unique to be memorable enough and useful for mixing his beverages.
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20. Urban Map Glass
The Urban Map Glass is an ideal gift for a guy who loves his whiskey and who misses his hometown. This item can relax his mind from work or school because of the soothing whiskey and memory of his hometown.

Your guy can have something to notice while drinking his whiskey - the intricacy and details of his glass.

Etched in the Urban Map Glass is the details of his favorite city, your guy might miss his hometown because of it, but you are sure that he will be happy for it.
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21. Waterman Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges
If you ask anyone, “what is the best gift for a man who has almost anything?” many would suggest for a fountain pen, but most fountain pens are expensive. Moreover, because almost everyone suggests that they are the best gift for a man who has it all, he might already have received tons of them on every occasion.

The good news is that you can use it to your advantage. Because your rich guy probably has a lot of fountain pens, what he might need now is an ink cartridge. Take note that you should be sure that your guy owns a fountain pen that matches the ink cartridge that you will gift him.
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22. Eco-Fused Cleaning Pads
Your guy might not realize it, but he needs these Eco-Fused Cleaning Pads. After all, you might have already seen him wiping his glasses or smartphones with his tissue or cloth. You know that these materials are not the ideal ones for cleaning them. Some fabric or tissue might cause tiny scratches on the eyeglasses or glass screen protector.

That is why even though your guy might not ask for Eco-Fused Cleaning Pads as Christmas gift, he can use it.

Purchasing it will give you six-packs of pads. That is why your guy can leave one in his bedroom, car, living room, office, and anywhere else.
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23. Tile Pro
If your guy is a forgetful type, he needs this Tile Pro. This small but useful contraption ensures that you man will always find all his commonly misplaced stuff. He can place it in his keys, eyeglasses, or anything that he frequently lost.

To find his lost belongings, all that he needs is his smartphone with the Tile app installed. If he lost his item in a distant place, he could alert the other Tile users nearby to help him find his lost object.
He can also ring every Tile to find what he lost.

If what he lost is his smartphone, he can press the Tile Pro twice, and his smartphone will ring.
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24. Drink More Water Bottle
Drinking eight glasses of water daily is a difficult challenge. Although there is nothing seem difficult about drinking water (unless you have a sore throat), making sure that you meet your daily quota is the challenging one. You or your favorite guy might be among the several people who miss drinking their water in the suggested amount per day.

For this reason, this Drink More Water Bottle can be a perfect gift for your guy who also finds eight-glass of water drinking per day a challenge. This item motivates him to replenish his body fluid in almost every hour.
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25. Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher
The Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher is another excellent gift for your guy who is a beer lover. Because your man is a beer lover, he probably has a bottle opener that he owns. However, it might not be as classy or as attractive as this item.

Unlike the other beer bottle openers, from the name of the product itself, it comes with a cap catcher. That is why your guy does not have to pick up caps on the floor whenever he opens a bottle. He only has to collect the caps in the cap and throw them whenever it becomes full.
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26. Victorinox Swiss Army Multitool Pocketknife
Real men are always ready for DIY circumstances. That is why your guy should often take his multitool pocketknife with him. With this item, you are confident that your guy friend is always ready for situations when there is a need for a DIY or repair. Having this item in his pocket ensures that your man can work fast without any interruption because he has anything within reach.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Multitool Pocketknife consists of 13 simple tools which include a can opener, screwdriver, blade, and more. This item will last for a long time and can withstand various situations because it is durable.
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27. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener
Your beer-loving guy friend probably already owns a bottle opener at home. However, because he always places it with his kitchen utensils, he commonly misplaces it. He sometimes laces it in a sink, fridge, or toilet bowl (if he is drunk). That is why you will be his lifesaver if you gift him this Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener.

Although this item requires a little effort for installation because it needs some screwing to mount it, opening a bottle will become as fast as lighting afterward. Moreover, your guy can save his old bottle opener for outdoor-only use.
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28. Streamlight Professional Flashlight
You might argue that your guy friend already owns a flashlight at home. Even though it is so, it might not be as good or versatile as the Streamlight Professional Flashlight. Although your friend already owns an emergency flashlight that he can use on a power outage, he will always welcome an extra one that might come in handy if the old one runs out of battery.

Moreover, unlike other flashlights, your guy can use the Streamlight Professional Flashlight for self-defense. Because it has enough lumens of 350, it is enough to temporarily blinds his attacker, giving him time to escape.
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29. Custom Wood Sign
If your guy is the type of person who lives in a wooden house, the Custom Wood Sign will be a great addition to compliment his house’s exterior’s beauty.

By gifting this item to your friend, you are confident that nobody would gift the same because it is one of a kind. Moreover, it might be the last thing that your guy would expect on Christmas day. It does not mean that he would not like it.

He will love this Custom Wood Sign because of the personal touch and the beautiful design of this item that will look good on his house’s door.
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30. Foodie Dice
A lot of men can turn into a chef because of the power of the Internet. Despite the help of the tons of recipes online, some of them can still feel undecided which dish to cook for dinner because of the several options they have. To solve this problem, here comes the Foodie Dice.

The Foodie Dice is the answer for the common question, “What is for dinner?” that most people ask. What your guy can do is roll these dice and see what kind of dish that he can cook for supper. This item is a fun and useful gift for your guy.
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31. Hermitshell Compact Portable Charger
Unlike before, you can already count cellphones or smartphones as one of the basic life's necessities. Although it might not be as essential as food, clothes, or shelter. Smartphones are crucial for emergencies. When there is a problem, you can immediately call anyone for help.

Therefore, you must make sure that the man in your life always has his phone with him. To ensure that it will never run out of power, gift him this Hermitshell Compact Portable Charger on Christmas day.

Even if it is the last thing that he wants to receive for Christmas, you know that he can make good use out of it when he is traveling.
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32. JOOMFEEN Travel Adapter
If you are looking for a budget-friendly but beneficial gift for your guy who loves traveling, you might want to include the JOOMFEEN Travel Adapter on your gift lists for him. This item is handy for accommodating various types of USB cables, which your guy can use for charging his phone or laptop.

You or your guy friend should not worry if it will work in different countries because it will. It is compatible with varying outlets in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and even in Asia. It also works in several brands of smartphones like LG, Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, and more.
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33. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is another contraption that is one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for him who loves to travel. When traveling, you never know if the water from the place of your destination is safe to drink. That is why you want to save your guy from having amoebiasis, cholera, or typhoid fever.

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter can get rid almost 100 percent of bacteria from the water source because of the microfiltration technology. It also removes the microplastics that might be floating in the water.

This item is also an ideal gift if the man of your life is a school kid who has to drink water from unknown sources.
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34. Personalized Cigar Humidor
Smoking cigarette (even cigar) is indeed dangerous to one's health. Smokers know it. They might also tell you the universal precautions in every ad while blowing a cloud of smoke on your face.

However, even though they are aware of the health risk associated with smoking, you cannot quickly stop them because of the addition. Experiencing the smoking withdrawal symptoms is one of the reasons too.

For this reason, if you cannot stop your guy from smoking at all, why not gift him this Personalized Cigar Humidor since he is unstoppable anyway. This item protects the freshness of his cigars.

Although you cannot stop him from his bad habit, you can at least ensure that his cigars are fresh.
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35. Carry on Cocktail Kit
The Carry-on Cocktail Kit is for your guy who loves drinking his cocktail. If your guy is the type who does not let a day go without cocktail consumption, he might consider you a lifesaver by gifting this Carry-on Cocktail Kit to him on Christmas day.

As you might know, airlines prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages. That is why your friend must let go of drinking his favorite cocktail while he is on board on a plane. With this item, your guy does not have to endure those days without one. Although this emergency cocktail is not an alcoholic one, he will still love the taste of it.
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36. Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF
If you are willing to spend some cash for a stocking stuffer gift, you will never go wrong giving a Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF camera to a traveler guy friend. Although you can capture every moment easily on a smartphone nowadays, it cannot readily provide something tangible to give as memorabilia those he meets along the way.

That is why sometimes it is useful to take a Polaroid camera with him. This camera can readily print every moment he captures. Because of this device, he is sure that his friends in various places will never forget the good times they have with him.
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37. Jofelo Leather Bound Journal
Journal writing is not only for women, but men can also benefit from it.

First, most men are unexpressive of their thoughts and feelings. Most of them only keep their emotions inside. Writing a diary can be a good outlet for all his frustrations and sadness if he does not want to tell it to anyone.

Second, writing a diary might reveal something about himself that he does not know. By reflecting on what he did throughout his day, he might learn something more about himself.

Lastly, keeping a journal can teach your guy's future generation about his life's experience. His next generation can learn from his success and failures.

Therefore, you should consider gifting your guy friend a journal on Christmas day.
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38. “Pocket Ref” Book
There are a lot of things to learn and figure out in this life, which includes conversion of various measurements, directions to a lot of places, formulae for different computations, and more. However, an average human cannot memorize all the necessary information. As a man who must do tons of DIYs throughout his life, your guy should be able to have access in all of these.

If only there is one reference where your guy can look up quickly, he would use it.

Thankfully, the Pocket Ref has all the information needed to aid in solving many of life's problems. It includes info on various formulae, conversions, maps, subjects, and more. Your guy will love it.
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39. “Unbored Games: Serious Fun for Everyone” Book
Nowadays, video and mobile games dominate the gaming world because of the entertainment and escapism they bring to the players. That is why it is easy to understand that your guy can easily get addicted to it. However, uncontrollable playing of video or mobile games is detrimental to one’s health and social life.

One of the reasons why some people seem uncontrollable playing their video games is because of the reinforcement it gives to the players. Therefore, you can encourage your guy to take a break for a while with the help of this book.

This book has tons of fun and creative games that encourage social interaction. It is a great pastime.
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40. Anker Portable Charger
When you travel, it is smart that you take your phone charger with you. However, outlets are unavailable in some places. If they are, there is a possibility that they might not be compatible with your charger. For this reason, for a guy who loves to travel, it is smarter to take this Anker Portable Charger with him along with his phone charger.

With this device, your guy can charge his phone even without any outlets or compatible ones. All that he has to ensure is to take this item along with him fully-charge. For this reason, if your guy must go to a place without any electrical outlets, your man can take it out of his bag and charge his phone.
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41. Zippo Refillable Handwarmers
The Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers are for the guys whose job require them to trek or go out in the cold weather. These hand warmers will help to make them feel warm and avoid frostbites on their hands.

Moreover, these hand warmers are practical because your guy does not have to throw them away after use. All that he has to do is fill it with some water and lit it. The warmth will stay from 6 to 12 hours depending on the kind of Zippo Refillable Handwarmers you buy from the seller.

For this reason, if you are looking for the most practical stocking stuffer gift ideas for him who needs to work on the cold weather, consider adding this Zippo Refillable Handwarmers on your lists.
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42. Anccion Leather Gloves
Although gloves are simple gift items, they are one of the most thoughtful and useful stocking stuffer gift ideas for him. It is because you can consider gloves as one of the essential wardrobe staples during the cold months. Even though your guy probably owns a pair, he would not mind receiving more of it because it is crucial for keeping themselves warm.

That is why, if you do not know which gift to give to your guy friend, the safest choice is a wardrobe staple like a pair of Anccion Leather Gloves. These gloves are genuine that came from sheep’s leather.
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43. Gildan Men’s Woven Boxers
Boxers are another wardrobe staple that your guy would still love to receive on Christmas day. Even though he probably owns some, these undergarments do not last forever. A time will come when they have to throw their old boxers because of the holes and fluffs on them. That is why they do not mind receiving new ones that they can store in their closet for a while.

The Gildan Men’s Woven Boxers are stylish and comfortable. Even though he does not wear them for display, wearing stylish boxers make him confident inside. Most importantly, these boxers are comfy. He can move quickly with them.
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44. Journeyman Leather Belt
Belts are one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for him. It is because they are necessities for men.

However, because they are necessities, you man probably owns several of them. Even though he has a lot of them in his closet, he would not mind receiving more of them. After all, no man will ever say no for a high-quality leather belt that lasts a long time use without chapping.

Moreover, if your gift is a high-quality one, he might immediately replace his old one with your present to him.

Journeyman Leather Belt is one of the best belts in the market. It is comfortable and durable. Your guy can even replace the buckle whenever he likes.
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