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32 Best Unique Stocking Stuffers for Kids 2020

For young children who can’t get enough of Christmas, there’s much more to the day than gathering around the tree and unwrapping presents. They’ll love the joy and togetherness with their family that the holiday season brings, but perhaps even more than that they’ll love dumping out their stocking to see all of the little treats and toys within.

You can’t go wrong with candies and chocolates, but you can also make your little one’s Christmas morning even more special by adding in a couple of little bonus gifts. To make the selection process easier, we’ve created a list of the best stocking stuffers for kids, and there’s sure to be a handful of choices within that will make your little boy or girl overflow with joy.

1. Do a Dot Art Washable Paint Markers
Children are naturally creative, especially the toddler stage. It is the time when tots use all their senses and mobility to discover new things. Even though they often love creating a mess, it is expected behavior because kids their age are curious.

However, for the parents and guardians, the mess that toddlers make are troublesome. To let the children explore their creativity without making a lot of chaos, gift the tot this Do a Dot Art Washable Paint Markers.

This item has a smart design that fits the grip of small children so they can open it easily. Children do not need a brush to create artwork. Therefore, it is not messy.
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2. Palm-Grasp Crayons
The Palm-Grasp Crayons are ideal for kids who are starting to get creative by using their hands. This item is one of the most beautiful stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids who are two years old and above. It is the time when they are starting to get curious around them by using their sense of touch to learn about anything around them.

The Palm-Grasp Crayons are safe for toddlers because they are non-toxic. On the other hand, it is an advisable starter coloring tool because of its intelligent design. Each crayon is in the shape of an egg, which makes it easier for tots to hold.
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3. Melissa & Doug Water Wow
The Melissa & Doug Water Wow is another one of the most fantastic stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids who are three years old and above.

Children who are at this age are messy. When they get their hands on pens, pencils, crayons, or anything that they can use to redecorate your walls, they will use it. They do not care if you will have a hard time cleaning up their mess or their creativity will cost you a set of another wallpaper.

However, kids are kids. Toddlers are just exploring. It is their way to learn everything that is around them. To eliminate the mess without hindering their creativity, gift your favorite tot this Melissa & Doug Water Wow.
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4. Crayola Twistable Crayons
How many times do your kids arrive home surprising you with broken crayons scattered in their backpack? As a parent of children who are in preschools, this situation is familiar. However, those broken crayons mean that you have to buy new ones, which are another expense.

For this reason, it is wise to gift your kids with the Crayola Twistable Crayons. These crayons do not require sharpening because all that your children have to do is twist them. Each of them is in a transparent container that lets your kids see the color inside while protecting it from breakage.
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5. SunPrint Paper Kit
The SunPrint Paper Kit is one of the unique stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids. This item will spark their curiosity and creativity. They will love this item because it works like magic. The SunPrints Paper Kit will surely amaze them, and they will ask for more.

The SunPrint Paper Kit works by asking your kids to gather a few pieces of stuff that they want the item to capture as a silhouette. Lay them on the SunPrint paper and expose it under the sun. You and your kids should wait for the paper to turn white.

When the paper turns white, you can ask your kids to rinse it with water to let it reveal the beautiful silhouette of the things they gathered.
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6. Fisher-Price DoodlePro
A long time ago, there was a device called the Magic Slate. This device was what most children used at school or even at home to do their doodling. However, this item is fragile. Because the attachment of the slate was just cardboard, it cannot last the longtime use.

Thankfully, there is a Fisher-Price DoodlePro nowadays. It works like a Magic Slate, but it is sturdier. This device is an excellent replacement for a Magic Slate. It is also a unique item to occupy the attention of bored kids when they have to wait at something.
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7. “Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet” Book
Literacy is the first and the most important lesson that all people should learn. They should learn how to read and count so that nobody will make a fool of them when they grow old. For this reason, it is the starter lesson that every parent should teach his or her children.

One of the best references for learning the alphabets is “Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet.” The way the author uses each alphabet in words is memorable for kids. For this reason, your children will learn the alphabets without breaking a sweat. They might even love learning because of it.
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8. Mudpuppy Illustrated ABC Flash Cards
As a supplement to your children’s alphabet learning book resource, you should also flash him the alphabet cards for more effective learning. The Mudpuppy Illustrated ABC Flash Cards ensure that what your children learned from the book will remain in their memory. It practices them from what they have learned from their book reference.

The Mudpuppy Illustrated ABC Flash Cards' design is attractive to children. That is why you are sure that they will remember every letter of the alphabet. The word association printed on the flashcard is memorable. That is why it is easy to understand for the kids.
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9. Learning Resources Fine Motor Tool Set
The Learning Resources Fine Motor Tool Set is an excellent addition to your children’s toys for sensory and fine motor development. Sensory playing is vital for toddlers because it makes use of their senses to discover the things around them. It promotes the development of the child’s brain by building effective communication between the nerves and the brain.

The Learning Resources Fine Motor Tool Set is one of the best toys that you can give for your toddlers. For kids they age, sensory playing is more important. That is why they do not mind if it is not as grandiose as a talking doll or as impressive as a fast-moving toy car.
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16. Brain Quest
Brain Quest is ideal for kids who are starting to learn how to speak. This item provides a great way to enhance their vocabulary, starting with everyday objects that they use at home like the clock and the ball. The gift is illustrative. That is why your children can efficiently remember the words.

The Brain Quest helps in improving the children’s communication skills. All you have to do is ask your children with the questions written on each card. Then, let your children answer it with the help of the picture illustrated on it.

This item provides a fun way to learn that is why most teachers and parents love it.
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11. Educational Insights Kanoodle
Sometimes kids can be irritating. They can be bossy and nagging at times with their tantrums and screaming. However, you do not want to allow them to grow up spoiled that is why even if they are bothering you with their ear-splitting turmoil, you are just putting up with it. Your neighbors cannot do anything about it too.

You do not have to endure this situation if you have this Educational Insights Kanoodle. It is an educational toy that improves your children's logical thinking skills. Moreover, it provides a great way to soothe them when they feel like they have to nag you.
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12. Pikmi Pops Surprise Pack
You might think that this item is just a big lollipop that will destroy your children's teeth. However, you will never go wrong if you gift this item to your children because they know that this item will surprise them. The Pikmi Pops Surprise Pack is one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids who love surprises.

The Pikmi Pops contains a plushie. Each item in the store includes a different kind of plush toy which your children can start collecting.

Your children can do a lot with this toy. They can wear them to style themselves. Use it as a keychain to let it dangle beautifully on their bag.
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13. WoodWick Money Soap
Upon that time when children discover the power of money, they will start to nag you to give them some more. However, even though you tell them that it does not fall from the sky, and parents have to work hard to earn it, they do not seem to understand its importance because of their young age.

Even though you cannot give them money more than what they can handle, you can at least give them this WoodWick Money Soap. Although it does not work like real money, it can motivate your children to take a bath because of the cuteness of this money soap.
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14. Hatchimals Colleggtibles
If you are looking for a cute toy to give to your children this coming Christmas, why not spoil them with these Hatchimals Colleggtibles. Even though you cannot buy them a pooch that they can go around with, you can at least give them these small cute toys that can occupy their time. At least, toys do not go around and poop everywhere when your kids neglect their pet potty duties.

The Hatchimals Colleggtibles are available a dozen. Just like the eggs that you buy in the supermarket. One tray consists of 12 eggs. Each of them contains a unique Hatchimal.

This toy provides an educational opportunity so you can teach your kids how some animals lay their babies.
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15. Maui Toys Jumbo Graffiti Skyball
Children nowadays cannot get enough of their smartphones and video games. That is why outdoor activities and real-life social games are nothing but history. However, you know how important to incorporate this kind of social interaction into your kids’ life. You know that it is the best way for the kids to learn how to communicate with their peers.

To encourage your children for an outdoor play, stuff this Maui Toys Jumbo Graffiti Skyball in one of their stockings. You children will love this ball because it is unlike any others on the market. This ball can bounce up to 125-feet in the air.
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16. BAIVYLE Balloon Helicopter
The BAIVYLE Balloon Helicopter is one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids because it encourages them for a group play. It also provides an excellent bonding opportunity for the parents to play with their kids. What they have to do is attach the balloon bag to the propeller to fly it to the air.

The BAIVYLE Balloon Helicopter is an excellent item to gift, especially if you are on a tight budget. It gives the kids something to smile about without breaking a bank. You can also take this opportunity to teach the kids about fundamental physics by explaining to them how this item combined can fly into the air.
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17. Rubik’s Cube
The Rubik’s Cube is not new to anyone, but if your kids do not have one yet, why not stuff it in their stockings. The Rubik’s Cube, even though an oldie, it is still an effective brain teaser that improves the brain’s logic and concentration. You can also use this item to keep your children occupied while you are in a restaurant waiting for a meal or if you are waiting in line.

There is also an international competition that caters to solving Rubik’s Cube. Who knows? Maybe one of your kids might become one of the future winners of this competition.
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18. Candylocks Surprise Doll with Accessories Collectible
From the name of the toy itself, you might think that this item is a food, not a toy. The Candylocks Surprise Doll with Accessories Collectible is not a candy even though it has a sweet and delicious-smelling hair. You should warn your kids not to eat them immediately as they take them outside their stockings.

Tell your kids that they should uncoil the locks surrounding the surprise waiting inside. The surprise is a toy that owns these sweet-smelling locks. There is a total of 15 dolls out there, and your kids will never know which one they will receive.
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19. Fart Whistle
If you cannot make anyone smile, just fart. Although it is embarrassing, you can at least make other people smile because of it. However, farting is not something that you cannot do anytime you want it. For this reason, this Fart Whistle might come in handy.

This item is a great stocking stuffer for kids who loves entertaining everyone with their jokes and humor. To add to their natural ability to make everyone smile, gift this item to your children. This item can make everyone laugh instantly, especially if they run out of jokes. Therefore, your comedian kids will love it.
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20. Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball
Nobody knows what the future holds. Its mysteriousness can make a person feel scared or excited. That is why some people seek the help of fortune-tellers to help them determine the future. However, you know that most of them provide advice that all people identify as a general truth.

For this reason, everyone, kids and adults, can seek some advice with their fortune-teller, the Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball. Although you know that this item is just for fun, sometimes it provides entertainment and bonding opportunities for parents and children. That is why you should consider stuffing one of your children’s stockings with this toy.
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21. Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey
This item can give an animal rights advocate a heart attack. However, everybody knows that the Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey is just a toy. You cannot harm a real animal by playing with it. It can instead provide some entertainment for small children.

All that they have to do is stretch this toy monkey, and it will start screaming. The toy monkey will continue screaming as your children slings it to the air. It can make your children laugh with delight because of the uniqueness of this toy. Meanwhile, remind your kids not to do it to real-life monkeys.
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22. Townley Girl Trolls Lip Balm with Hair
Girls have this dream of becoming their mom or their idols. That is why they cannot help but imitate them by putting makeup on their face. Sometimes they get to the point where they would scour their mom's makeup kit to put some on their face even if you told them not to do it.

However, children are children. They are curious individuals who want to grow up fast.

If you are one of the parents who have caught their children using their mom’s makeup kit, why not consider gifting her this Townley Girl Trolls Lip Balm with Hair. Your children will love it because of the soft troll hair and the taste of the lip balm.
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23. Original Slinky
Are your children the type of ones who spend almost a day playing video games or posting pictures on their social media? If your children are that type, why not gift them a toy that will encourage them to get physical and social. One of these toys is the Original Slinky.

The slinky has been around for several years. This type of toy is probably older than you. You probably owned one when you were a child.

This time, you should allow your kids to experience the joy of playing this toy. Even though it is not prominent nowadays, kids can still enjoy playing it.
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24. Basic Fun Mystery Stuffed Animals Collectible
The Basic Fun Mystery Stuffed Animals Collectible is one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids who love eating burritos and playing with plush toys. It is because this gift is a combination of both in one which will make your children jump with joy.

This item is one of the gifts full of surprises. Upon opening the gift, your children will see a burrito-like wrapper covering the cute surprise in the middle. The plushies can be different from one another, and each of them has a distinct personality, which can be super spicy or mild.
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25. Despicable Me Temporary Tattoos
The movie “Despicable Me” did not fail to spark the interest and capture the hearts of young kids. If you ask them to sing a minion song, your children can probably sing them without reading the lyrics at all. Therefore, you will never go wrong gifting your kids with the Despicable Me Temporary Tattoos, especially if they are fans of the famous movie.

This item contains 24 tattoos. Your children have the various options to chose from the set. All that they have to do is to use a wet cloth for transfer. On the other hand, your children should only wash the tattoo to get rid of it.
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26. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set
If you are a practical person and want to gift your children a high-quality toy that will last for years, you will never go wrong with the Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set. Moreover, it is durable enough to withstand drops and bites of kids who love to throw their toys away. This item is an excellent heirloom gift that even the future generations of your family can play.

Aside from durability, The Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, although simple, are attractive and educational for children. With this item, your children can improve their pattern-recognition and fine-motor skills. It is also an ideal pacifier for kids who keep nagging while you are at any places.
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27. Moluk Plui Rain Cloud
Some kids do not like to take a bath. There are several reasons why some children hate it. Maybe they have a painful rash, are afraid of water, or dislike the cold water. No matter what the reason is, you can always address the problem to make bath time more enjoyable for them. One of the things that you can do is buy them a toy that will occupy their mind while they are taking a bath.

Among these toys that you can gift them as a stocking stuffer for Christmas is the Moluk Plui Rain Cloud. This toy is simple but entertaining. All you have to do is fill it with water to let the water drop from it like rain.
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28. TruKid Yumberry Bubble Podz
Probably one of the reasons why some kids hate taking a bath is because they are afraid of the instances where soap suds and shampoo can get into their eyes, which is painful for them. Sometimes it is because they are allergic to the soap that they are using. You cannot blame them for hating taking a bath if they have to endure pain when they have to do it.

For this reason, instead of forcing your kids to endure bath time, why not try to change the soap they use if it is the one that causes the problem. One of the best cleansers for kids is the TruKid Yumberry Bubble Podz. This soap is all-natural and gentle.
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29. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
Kids can be evils sometimes. When you are at the supermarket, restaurant, or waiting in line, children may throw tantrums from time to time, especially if you do not agree to give them what they want. For this reason, you should look for a way to appease them whenever you are going somewhere with your children. Among the best toy that will keep them busy is Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty.

This toy works like magic that will amaze your children. That is why it is one of the most fabulous stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids. They will not mind shaping it in any sizes and moving it with a magnet.
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30. Mag-Men
If you are looking for an enjoyable toy that can be useful at the same time to gift your children for Christmas, you should add the Mag-Men on your lists. It is a fantastic gift because your kids can play with them as a toy or allow the whole family to benefit from them by using them as fridge magnets.

Your children can twist the flexible Mag-men into any position that your kids will like. It is also a fun way to hold small metals like keys and keychains in place because of the magnets on the Mag-Men’s limbs.
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31. Harmonica
If you see the signs that your kids have musical ability, why not enhance it by encouraging them to learn a musical instrument. It is best to start with the easiest one to play, which is the harmonica. It is because this musical instrument can become your kids’ best friend that they can tuck easily in their pocket and take it to any places where they want to play it.

The harmonica is not a complicated instrument. Your children can play it only with the power of their breath. They do not have to hurt their fingers and ears to get used to playing this musical instrument.
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32. Snark All-Instrument Tuner
Tuning a guitar without any devices might not be a problem for professional guitar players. However, for starters who are still learning how to play one, it might be a challenging task that they should learn. That is why you should gift your children some helpful device like the Snark All-Instrument Tuner while they are still learning to grasp the sound of every string.

Even if your kids are already a pro in guitar tuning, this device will make the task faster. The Snark All-Instrument Tuner is one of the best stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids who are starting to learn how to play a musical instrument.
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