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65 Best Valentine's Gifts for Him - Gift Ideas for Men 2020


St. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, and his day is the one where unions all over the world are celebrated. Love is expressed, bonds are renewed, and hearts are kindled. When you love someone, you love to let them know it, and Valentine’s day is the perfect day for doing just that. Or maybe you just forgot and you need something fast. Don’t worry, we don’t judge here.

Getting that perfect Valentine’s gift can be an exercise in frustration, but it’s one we’re here to alleviate. We’ve compiled a list of superb, unique and special presents that the man in your life will love and that will show him how much you care about them and all they do for you. Enjoy scrolling through our list and getting the right present for the special day.

1. “What I Love About You” Book
One of the best gifts you can get him during Valentine's day is something that shows your love and how much he means to you. While a simple "I love you" might suffice, there are more ways and even better ones for you to say those words.

Also, if spouting your love for him seems not enough for that special day, this "What I Love About You" Book is a perfect choice. It offers ideas for new ways to tell him what you love most about him.
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2. Long Distance Friendship Lamp
You might not be together at all times, but you can still light up each other's world from afar. This Long Distance Friendship or Lover's Lamp can get you connected from across town or from another country, a perfect Valentines gift for your long distance love.

No matter where you both are, just with a simple touch, this Wi-Fi connected lamp will emit an ambient glow reminding your significant other that you are there somewhere and thinking of him. With the touch of your hand, it produces a rainbow of colors, and you can pick each other a special hue.
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3. Kabob Grilling Basket
Campfire cooking made better. Grilling has also made simple with this Kabob Grilling Basket, a perfect gift for him who's a barbecue enthusiast or loves hosting the barbecue parties at home during the weekends.

This kabob basket makes perfect cooking kabobs even easier. No need to have and use a skewer and with its basket design made from steel wire and complete with a rosewood handle makes flipping in the grill that much easier.
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4. Genuine Leather Security Wallet
He might still say that what he has is functional, but you both know that his old wallet has been begging to be thrown away and changed for quite some time now.

This Genuine Leather Security Wallet would be one of the perfect Valentine gifts for him, something to remind him that you haven't forgotten his old and dingy wallet he has on his pocket. This wallet is made of genuine leather. It's high quality, tough, and sturdy. With its compact design, it’s easy to put inside his pant or jacket pocket.
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5. Leather Tray with Vows
Something that speaks of a personal touch is always the best gift when celebrating your love for each other. This leather tray is the perfect example where it can be personalized and etched with your vows.

This custom wording makes your Valentine gift more sentimental, unique, and sweet. Plus, the leather tray is elegantly designed made from genuine and high-quality hand-dyed leather.

Leather will also symbolize the flexibility and resilience of marriage or your relationship in coming on top against the challenges of life.
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6. Baseball Stadium Blueprints
What can you get a baseball fanatic on Valentine’s day?
While diamonds and forever, your guy will much better appreciate this Baseball Stadium Blueprint, celebrating the greatest baseball stadiums with this priceless vintage blueprint aesthetics.

This beautifully detailed blueprint honors the unique and impressive architecture and history of stadiums and can make him relive the fun and memorable moments at his favorite ballpark. The blueprint is produced on museum-grade in archival paper and complete with a black Bonanza wood frame.
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7. Cold Brew Coffee Maker
For him who likes to take his caffeine fix cold and with ice generously but has no time to go to the kitchen or the cafe before work or a workout, this Cold Brew Coffee Maker would be a thoughtful Valentine's gift for him.

This coffee maker can make as much as four servings of coffee. It’s sturdy and made of quality materials. It's perfect for a coffee lover and will surely make that making morning coffee even more time than before.
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8. Scotch Infused Toothpicks
How about savoring a fine and nice single malt scotch at Valentine’s day?

You can drink whiskey, but now, it can be on your toothpick too, a more subtle version of your favorite scotch. While it might not be as strong as a glass of fine scotch, this infused toothpick is made from barrel-aged single malt from a renowned distillery that has been making top-notch scotch for over 200 years.

If he’s a scotch drinker, this toothpick is surely up to his taste.
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9. Framed Photo Collage
As what most people say, a picture is worth thousands of words. While you can tell him how much you love him every day, you can give him this uber sentimental and sweet Frame Photo Collage on Valentine's day.

Give him something to remember all the memories you had together, from the sad and happy, the times that have to strengthen your relationship. It can be like a trophy of how you both had grown together.
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10. Bristle Free Grill Brush
A brush with a lot of brilliance for the grill master side of him.

Guys always like operating the grill and if your man is one of them that likes to personally cook his tasty and tender steak or burger during a weekend get-together, this Bristle Free Grill Brush might be a nice gift for him and could also be an appreciation gift for his prowess on the grill station.

The brush's springs conform to all the contours of the grill, and after cleaning, his grill would sure look as brand-new.
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11. Personalized Wallet Card
What to give your special someone on Valentine’s day?

Perhaps, he would more than appreciate it if you give him something practical with a hint of a sweet and thoughtful gesture like a Personalized Wallet Card. It's made of copper metal. It's strong, sturdy, and extremely functional. Plus, you can completely personalize it and send your message, making your gift more sentimental and well-thought.

The piece is also handmade, so it's unique and exquisite at the same time, a perfectly sleek look for your man.
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12. Giant Kiss Chocolate Candy
It’s not only the ladies who can appreciate a nice piece of chocolate. Your man might have a sweet tooth too, and loves anything candy.

For Valentine's day, giving him a Giant Kiss Chocolate might be sweet for his tooth but would also be a sweet gesture. You can kiss him as well as give him a larger than life kiss in this giant candy. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate? It would be a fun memory too, so don't forget to get a snap of that giant chocolate.
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13. Drink More Water Bottle
Drinking enough water daily is very important and show your man you care about his health and well-being by being there to remind him all the time to drink water and beat the blazing heat of the sun.

Gift him the Drink More Water Bottle to remind him to sip the day through this bottle daily. Plus, this water bottle comes printed with inspirational messages that can motivate him and keep him going. It’s a perfect hydration helper for your man wherever he may be.
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14. Personalized Men’s Leather Bracelet
Valentine's day, like any other occasion, doesn't call for gifts, but it would sure be nice to give even a little token to show him your love and appreciation. Like a Personalized Men's Leather Bracelet, it might be simple but can be full of love you can give to your favorite man.

This bracelet is simple and classic, a perfect accessory for any man or any outfit. Plus, you can send him a personalized message in this bracelet too, show him how he means to you.
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15. My Life Story - So Far
Your man might already be a best-selling author from all of his stories and experiences he constantly tells you. Maybe he likes telling jokes and has a lot of good things to tell. This My Life Story - So Far book can be a perfect Valentine’s gift for him.

It's a journal that can prompt him to record and jot down his experiences and his wisdom and wit. You don't know. Maybe this will inspire him to write his book or publish his colorful memoir. He can make an account of your relationship too, the great things and adventures you do together. Whatever the future may bring, this book sure would be fun to fill out.
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16. Water-Resistant Travel Briefcase
Whether he’s still going to school or already working in an office or wherever, a Water-Resistant Travel Briefcase would be a perfect gift for the favorite man in your life. It’s very useful and functional, something to hold his laptop and other important notes and documents he has to bring and carry around all day.

This bag is made of only the best quality materials. It's sturdy and stylish and most importantly, water-resistant. It's perfect for use, whether on a rainy or sunny day.
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17. Bronze Custom Map Key Ring
He’s got keys for everything. Keys for the house, the garage, the cabinets of his collector’s items, his car, his office, and just about anything.

And keys are small, or so he says whenever he happens to lose them the moment he needs them the most. Well, like the thoughtful girl you are, you want to save him the time from looking for the dang car keys every morning when he has to drive and go to the office already. This Bronze Custom Map Key Ring would be a nice gift for your man. It can keep his keys organized and always accessible when needed, plus it has a custom map resin that can call the traveler and adventurer in him.
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18. Home Brew Journal
If your man loves the best brew he can find, then he would surely appreciate this Home Brew Journal for Valentine’s day.

He might be planning is already getting his hand on home brewing ad this journal can sure help him along the way. It’s perfect for organizing his thoughts on recipes, his observations, as well as the results of his brews.

This handsome journal is perfect for his manly side, bound in vegan leather, it includes extremely engaging infographics, log pages, handy tables, and many more.
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19. Personalized Working Compass
Is your man a wanderer at heart? Perhaps, he's one of those who like going camping, climbing and conquering mountains in his free time, someone who is one with the outdoors.

A perfect Valentine’s gift would be a working compass he can use on his adventure. Aside from its practical and functional for what he does, you can add a little sweet nothing by telling him it's a compass that could lead his way to your heart. Plus, you can personalize this gift too, making it sweeter for your man.
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20. Blender Bottle Shaker Bottle
For him who is always on the go, a Blender Bottle Shaker Bottle would be a nice fitting gift. It’s perfect for him who is a health and fitness lover, something to hold his favorite protein shake on the way to the gym or the office.

This shaker is popular for guys and girls who are into fitness and a must-have for your active man. It’s available in a lot of colors so you can choose based on your man’s favorite color.
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21. Tea to Go
There are ones who love a good shake, there are also ones who can't start a day without coffee, but if your man is more like a cup of tea, this Tea to Go is a nice idea for Valentine gifts for him. It’s perfect for those who are always on the go, a travel mug to house his favorite Earl Grey and hot water.

With this tea mug, he ca steep his choice of tea on the go. Just grab your favorite tea bag, add some hot water, and your good to go. There's no need to wait a few minutes to steep the tea in the morning if you're already late for work.
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22. Wishing Ball
You can always wish through a falling star or a comet, to be precise. But there aren't a lot of meteor showers, and while you have a coin on your pocket, there might not be any wishing well or fountain in sight. The good thing is that there's a Wishing Ball you can get to give him on Valentine's day.

This uniquely hand-blown glass ball art can house his treasured weekly wishes or just simple thoughts of love and gratitude. It would be a perfect display on the bedroom or the living room, and something you can both open on the next Valentine’s day, or every week perhaps.
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23. Pocket Size Instant Photo Printer
For him who’s a photo lover or an aspiring photographer or simply one of them who likes to document great adventures and views, this Pocket Size Instant Photo Printer could be a nice Valentine’s day gift.

He can take beautiful photos on his phone and print them in this device instantly. That would sure preserve your sweet moments and adventures in a stack of photographs. Just don’t forget a supply of photo paper with this one.
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24. World Map Scratch Off Poster
For the great travel of the world in your life. Gift him a larger than life poster where he can document his adventures and travel by scratching each piece of the map or country he has visited.

For those who have "travel around the world" on his bucket list, this World Map Scratch Off Poster can be a wonderful and unique Valentine's gift. It's a timeless present and a thoughtful reminder of the places he's gone. He can post it on the wall on his man cave or even put in in a nice frame.
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25. 12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal
There are a lot of ways to say and show your love on Valentine’s day for the most important man in your life, your best friend, your partner in crime, and your life partner.

This 12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal is one creative way to make him feel loved and special on this day. It’s a handmade journal that’s all about romance and love. It’s a sweet keepsake that helps encourage your relationship and keep the love growing and brewing at all times.

It’s just the sweetest and perfect for the day of hearts and love.
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26. Green Herbal Tea Kit
For the tea lover, this Green Herbal Tea Kit would be the fitting Valentine's day present. It's a holistic tea set for him, something complete with three different varieties of quality green tea for making custom tea blends plus reusable tea bags.

Plus, there are other nine different herbs for a healthy hot beverage whenever he needs it. It's perfect for giving his mind time to rest and relax, and these herbs are also perfect for promoting calmness of the mind and nerves or stimulation for when he needs his focus and sharp mind.
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27. Sriracha Cookbook
This is for him for being an experimental chef. If he like all things chili and hot, a good Sriracha Cookbook would surely get him to start new adventures in the kitchen.

It’s a hyper-specific cookbook with recipes that he might haven’t tried before. It's perfect for him and perfect for date nights at home or weekend dates at home. He might have a new recipe for the holiday too.
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28. Advanced Mixology Set
Who doesn’t like a fine and nice cocktail? For him, he might like mixing them himself and find that perfect blend that suits his taste buds. He might have a stash of bottles of vodka in the office or at home, and this Advanced Mixology Set would complete it for him to make a mean cocktail to end your date night.

If he doesn't have some stashes ready, get him his favorite brew or a bottle of vodka with this set, and you've got a nice and complete present for your man.
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29. Shower Speaker
There's no reason for him to miss his favorite podcast anymore even if he's going to the bathroom or going for a shower. Make sure he gets updated with whatever he's listening to with a nice and functional Shower Speaker.

It’s perfect for him who can’t go a few minutes without his favorite podcast.
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30. 20 Piece BBQ Grill Set
For the grill master who is always operating the backyard grill, claiming that spot or else the burger or steak wouldn't be cooked just right.

This 20 Piece BBQ Grill Set would be a nice present to give him everything that a real grill master has to have. It's perfect for your man, and he would surely get a kick of having everything for grilling his favorite steak.
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31. “I Love You” Bean
There are a lot of ways to say "I love you" on Valentine's day or for the person who has captured your heart. If you are looking for the most unique and a one of a kind experience for him, gift him this "I Love You" bean for heart's day.

All he has to do is water it and occasionally soak it under the sun, and the bean will soon sprout with an "I love you" message. He has to work and out a little effort to get that sweet little three words, though.
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32. Luxury Shave Set
For him who likes it better when clean-cut, this Shave Set would truly be a luxury but a very functional and practical gift at the same time. It's a perfect present for the ultimate man that is complete for of all his essentials from a badger brush, brush and razor stand, an apothecary mug with a monogram, and hypo-allergenic shaving soap.

You will surely clearly see that great smile after he uses this gift.
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33. Cannabis Candle
Cannabis sure has lots of benefits and its use has become widespread, and if it's legal on your state, there are various cannabis-based gifts you can give him on Valentine's day.

He can smoke it, or he can also burn and smell it with this Cannabis Candle. It's quite intoxicating in his senses but is sure on a legal way. It produces a citrusy scent with hints of flowery aroma and woodsy notes that is very relaxing after a long day. This Cannabis Candle can provide a scent that is masculine but light, just perfect for the guy.
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34. Sexy Truth or Dare
There's always time to play Truth or Dare, but during Valentine's day, why don't you spice it up?

Gift him this Sexy Truth or Dare game, the classic game but a more racy upgrade for you and the man of your life. This game includes 50 sticks with “truth” written on one side and “dare” on the other side.
While it might be a great Valentine’s gift for him, you both sure could enjoy the whole game together.
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35. “Try Something New” Book
Is he stuck in a routine? Maybe you are looking for ways to reignite that once the adventure side of your relationship and make life more fun and playful.

How about you gift him this “Try Something New” Book for Valentine’s day to get him or both of you even from the most stubborn of all ruts. This book features 100 different creative and fun ways to try new things and explore and spend time together. Maybe you can find more exciting ways to spend your weekends or nights together.

It’s the kind of gift that never goes old.
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36. Coupons from the Heart
Another thing to spice up your relationship is a Coupons from the Heart booklet, a great present for him on Valentine's day.

It's not just for those who feel their relationship is going mundane, it's simple for those who want to find or try more fun, humorous, and sweet ways for you and your man to do. This booklet features coupons for couples that is complete with romantic activities and adventure they can do and enjoy together.

It makes quality time better and way more fun.
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37. The LoveBook Activity Book
If you’ve been in the relationship for quite some time, it might be hard to think of something for you to do together on a weekend when you both are free from school or work. Aside from chilling in the house watching a cheesy movie and eating popcorn, what else can you do?

Perhaps, you can gift him the LoveBook Activity Book for Valentine's day, and you can both figure out fun things to do together. This book is perfect for playful couples complete with new ways to share what they are thinking or learn more things about each other.
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38. The Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide
Long distance relationships are hard. It's even hard to communicate if you're living in the same city, how much more if he's in another city or even another country?

Better than trial and error and probably a lot of misunderstandings, this Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide is a more practical option that can give you tips and hints to keep your communication alive and real even with the distance.

Some couples made a long-distance relationship work for them and even flourished with it, and this book includes some of their interviews to give you both hope that you can do it too.
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39. Miss You Mugs
A couple that drinks together stays - even if you are in different cities, states, or even in different time zones. You might be drinking coffee to start your energy for the whole day, and he might be drinking tea to help him relax at night after a long day, but this Miss You Mugs can bring you closer as you both can be.

These mugs are customizable to states where your beloved currently lives connected to a heart with a dotted line. Isn’t it just sweet?
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40. Lucky You Cologne
You're lucky to have him, and he's lucky to love you too. While your relationship lasted more because of love than luck, nothing says more romantic than a nice smell of a Lucky You Cologne.

It’s a cologne spray that is specially made for your masculine Valentine that can both invigorate and calm his senses. A bottle of this nice scent would be a great gift for him on Valentine’s day and make him feel more special and lucky on a nice and lovely day.
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41. Keepsake Jar of Messages
Let him feel your love. Nothing can better show your love than small but sweet nothings for your man during Valentine's day.

Show him how much he means to you with lovely passages and sweet messages in this Keepsake Jar of Messages. It's a great way to keep your love alive and foster the love between you two. When he's feeling lonely, he can always open a note or two from this jar, and he will remember your love for him every time.
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42. USB Mix Tape
Do you have a love song for him? Perhaps an entire album of it?

Aside from sending a nice and sweet love letter for the most special man in your life on Valentine’s day, you can send him a USB Mix Tape too that can let him listen to songs of how much you love him and how much he means to you.

Create a playlist for him and keep the love real and burning on Valentine’s day.
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43. Kneading Handheld Massager
Getting a massage is always a nice way to end a hectic work week.

If you are together, you can always give him a massage and help ease the muscle tension after sitting in his office all day or after a challenging and active day of playing ball with his buddies.

But, what about the times you aren’t around? Gift him a Kneading Handheld Massager then. He can relax when he’s tense without having to use those spider massager that looks more like a torture device than something to ease the tension on his back muscles.
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44. Beard Trimmer with Case
When you've got good and bad hair days, you bet his handsome beard gets those kinds of days too.

So, why not gift him a nice and practical Beard Trimmer with Case on Valentine's day to show how much you love that beard and always want it to have the best look possible? This beard trimmer is made with a ceramic blade which is at least four times harder compared to stainless steel. It's a perfect grooming kit for him.
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45. “Love Poems” Book
For the romantic him.

If you aren't too good with words or can't create your composition that would be enough to tell him how much you love him, this book of Love Poems is a perfect gift and gesture to make him feel loved and special on Valentine's Day.

Every romantic at heart will surely swoon with this sweet gift.
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46. “Why I’m Crushing on You” Book
You can tell him you love him daily. But what’s better and more romantic for Valentine’s day is to tell him exactly why you love him.

This Why I'm Crushing on You" book is a perfect way to send a personalized gift for the most special man in your life and getting him to know how you feel about him. It has ready-made phrases that are designed to be sweet for every couple, and all you need to do is fill in the blanks.
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47. Q&A Book Journal for 2 People
A love story is always a good story.

It has its ups and downs, happy and sad moments, but if you are still together until now, it's a story worth telling. Maybe you're in for writing a good and real love story of your own, and this Q&A Book Journal is just the first step in the way for you and your man to start writing your story. It’s perfect for couples, a diary meant for two people that covers three years of being together.
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48. Beer Chiller Pack
While it's sure, he doesn't love his favorite ale more than you. He sure likes it chilled. This Beer Chiller Pack would be a perfect gift for him who always want to have a good and nice beer chilled and ready when he goes home in the afternoon after a long day at work.

It helps make that bottle of beer perfectly cold without having to water it down, because who likes water on their good old beer?
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49. Personalized Map Necklace
Gift him something to commemorate a happy place. Whether it's the place where you two met for the first time, somewhere, you first had your date, the pizza dinner where you said yes to him when he asked you to be his girlfriends or the restaurant where he proposed to you.

This map necklace can be personalized to put a stamp of both your happy place, a sweet idea for Valentine's day gift for him. The engraved street map comes in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver.
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50. “Love Letter of Great Men” Book
If you aren't too good at writing, that sure isn't a problem. Instead of writing a letter that never seems to bring out your real love and feelings for him, you can gift him the great words of love from experts instead. Or maybe, this "Love Letter of Great Men" book can help him get all romantic and send you sweet love letters of his own. Either way, this is the kind of book that is perfect for giving on Valentine's day.
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51. Personalized BBQ Tool Set
It's time for camping. Or maybe just a weekend away at the beach, have a bonfire, cook some burgers or sumptuous steaks and enjoy the time together for Valentine's day. And of course, your man is going to be the one operating the grill because he's good at it and it's just his thing.

A Personalized BBQ Tool Set would surely complete this adventure. He's got all the tools to make you your favorite medium rare. Plus, you can put some personal touches in this gift too to send a piece of your love with the gift.
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52. Dude No. 1 Beard Oil
He might be your dude number one or the only one, to be precise, but this Dude No. 1 Beard Oil is for having that nice and beautiful beard you always like.

This gift is for him who likes to oil and scent his beard to perfection. It features a scent of ginger with hints of pink pepper and sandalwood, a manly scent for your perfect man. Gone are the days of his bad beard day when you give him this on Valentine’s day.
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53. Wake-Up Light
For him, who needs a better way to wake up so he wouldn't always procrastinate and be late on your dates.

A Wake-Up Lightlight would sure be an efficient alarm to wake him up at the right time, so he's always on time when you're going out for breakfast together at your favorite diner in town. This light features a more realistic and naturalistic alarm with the light brightening slowly like how the sun goes out and up in the morning. It sure would wake him up and get him ready.
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54. Wireless Charge Pad
What would be the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him who likes all things in place and hates anything tangled and messy?

This Charge Pad will be a nice choice for an ideal gift for him if he's into wireless technology. Forget tangled wires and the mess that comes with it. Now, he can get a fancy charging pad for his iPhone and have all the convenience and ease that wireless charging can provide.
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55. Men’s Bookworm Quill
For your man who loves reading books.

A great book should come with a great bookmark, and this Men's Bookworm Quill can be a small but very nice gift for him on Valentine's day. This quill bookmark is made of high-quality brass, a perfect for a manly book nerd. With this gift, he won't lose his place or page whenever he stops reading to cuddle with you on the sofa. There's no need to fold the pages of the book because that should never be done to any good page of a good book.
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56. Incense Sticks
Scented candles might be too sweet for him. He might like lighting incense sticks better than using those lavender scented candles you have.

These Incense Sticks would be a wonderful gift for him on Valentine’s day. It comes with various woodsy scents that would surely captivate his senses. The pack comes with 40 sticks plus an incense holder. Each stick can burn up to 25 minutes, which is sure enough to make the entire room smell nice and fresh.
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57. Homesick Books Scented Candle
Another simple but completely thoughtful gift for a book nerd man or one who is just fascinated with the nice woody smell of an old, worn-out, classic, and vintage book. I mean, who doesn't like that scent?

The good thing is that he doesn't have to smell books for that anymore with a Homesick Books Scented Candle he can light up and make the whole room smell like an old-school hundred years old library with books in the same age as it. This candle can re-create the nice smell of printed paper and leather-bound books he always likes to read.
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58. Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8
For him who has always been a die-hard Star Wars fanatic. A perfect gift for your favorite man who's always talking about "The Last Jedi" would be this Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8.

It's a great small toy for a big man with the heart of a little boy. This 16-inch Droid will be as close as your man will have of the real thing. If he has a prized anything Star Wars collection, this one is going to be a nice addition to it too.
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59. Retro Digital Flip Desk Alarm Clock
For him, who has always been fascinated with retro digital, what to get him this Valentine's day?

How about a Retro Digital Flip Desk Alarm Clock? It's very functional as it is. But, your man might love its classic retro design, a fully digital clock but we made to look like an old-fashioned analog flip clock. It's a perfect gift for him who likes vintage things.

He can put it on his bedside table as an alarm clock or just simply part of a room to give it more character and retro vibe.
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60. Minimalist Skin Care Kit
Like you, he might just also like looking good and fresh all the time. But, he might not have the time and energy to always follow along with a routine to get him ready for your date. For an oozy man who wants to look more groomed with just a little work, this Minimalist Skin Care Set would be a nice gift on Valentine's day.

It’s complete with all essentials from a Face Tonic, Face Balm, and an acne-fighting Face wash. This kit can sure kick off a better but simpler and easy to follow skin care routine for him.
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61. Total Upper Body Workout Bar
The gym might be a long drive away, so, what’s a man gotta do to maintain that great build? How about you gift him a Total Upper Body Workout Bar for Valentine’s day?

This tool would be a perfect way for him to continue with his workout routine without having to go to the gym all the time. Forget paying for that gym membership and having to workout with a lot of people in a crowded gym during peak hours. Now, he can start working out at the comfort of home.
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62. Teak Wood Square Stool
Appeal to his artistic side and gift him something unique and nice on Valentine’s day. This Teak Wood Square Stool would be a great addition to his bachelor’s pad. This wooden stool is brilliantly crafted, fully natural that captures the rough-hewn aesthetic of wood.

If he's into the art of all forms, someone with an elegant taste for all things, he would surely love this new addition to his furniture at home. It’s sleek, classic, and very functional.
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63. Pizza Love Card
You got a “pizza” my heart.

There’s nothing more romantic but a goofy and cheesy message for the most special man in your life on Valentine’s day.

You can text him, call him, e-mail him, or chat him your message. But, nothing of those things will be as romantic than giving him a real old-school Valentine's day card that holds your heartfelt and sweet message for your only love.

There are various holiday cards, but this one is perfect for those couples who are sweet but straightforward and whose idea of a perfect and romantic date night is cuddling in the sofa watching a movie and eating pepperoni.
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64. Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack
This is for him who seems always to overpack when he goes to one of his travels. This Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack is a perfect gift for every adventurer and traveler. It's handy for when he needs an emergency extra to carry his things that don't fit on his carry on anymore.

Plus, when not in use, this backpack can be folded into a tiny pouch that can fit on your bag’s pocket. It’s never wrong to always get ready and bring extras for any emergency during travels.
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65. DIY Recordable “I LOve You” Card
Do you remember the classic holiday cards that sing when you open it? Why don't you bring out that good old love Valentine's card to give the most special man in your life? But instead of the typical tune, you get to record yourself telling him "I love you" and as he opens the card on Valentine's day and even for days after that, he will surely remember how much you love him.

It's real but straightforward and from the heart, and there is nothing sweeter than that for Valentine's day.
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