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90 Best Valentine's Gift Ideas for Your Wife 2020


We understand the panic. You love your wife, and are still so happy she said yes to you all those years ago, but choosing gifts for people in your life is now something she mainly looks after. Except there is one gift she can’t sort out, and that’s her Valentine’s gift. This one’s on you, buddy. And unlike some gifts, this one has to be good.

Don’t fear, Giftrep is here. We’ve got a stunning array of precious items that will let your wife know how thankful you are that she chose you and how lucky you feel to have her in your life. Or maybe you’ve just forgotten Valentine’s day and need something in a hurry. No judgments here! Check our list for the best gifts for your wife this Valentine’s Day and have the romantic day of your dreams.

1. Willow Tree You and Me
The beauty of this sculpture lies in its simplicity. Purposely lacking facial features, this Willow Tree product evokes memories or emotions that are special to the receiver.

There’s also an enclosure card that comes with each purchase. On it is a note that emphasizes your commitment to show your love to your wife every day of your lives.

She will truly appreciate this incredibly sweet and loving gift, and might even want to collect more Willow Tree pieces to put on display in your home.
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2. Janis Savitt Floating Pearl Hoop Earrings
For those trendy, yet classy ladies, these earrings are for them. Featuring Swarovski pearls and 18K gold-plated brass, these unique and gorgeous pieces will complement any outfit. The love of your life will certainly appreciate the fact that they are also light on the ears.

The jewelry designer, Janis Savitt, has been the recipient of several prestigious awards. Her creations have been worn by several prominent personalities, and are constantly featured in fashion magazines.

Now, doesn’t your wife deserve these exquisite treasures?
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3. Top Shelf Love Notes Memory Jar
Happy memories are meant to be cherished. If you want a romantic and sentimental gift, surprise your wife with this memory jar that lets you write down your favorite memories and romantic messages.

Included in the kit are a pen, 180 blank tickets, and a rewritable plaque that adorns the top of the jar. To use it, jot down the memory or message you want to share with your wife. Drop the ticket inside the jar once you are done.

You can even encourage your wife to add her share of messages and memories. Watch the jar fill up with all the special things you both cherish, and have a lovely time reading them afterward.
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4. Intersection of Love - Photo Print
To celebrate your love this Valentine season, consider owning this piece of art that symbolizes how you and your wife crossed paths along life’s road. You get to personalize it by adding your names to the photo print, along with a significant date of your choice.

There are many frames to choose from, and the whole thing is nicely accompanied by a wire and felt pads if you opt to hang your print. All in all, this makes for a nice showpiece in any room in your home.
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5. Soundwave Poster
A great Valentine's gift that tells your wife how much you cherish every moment with her. This poster captures the sound wave of any song that holds a special memory for you.

Once you pick your song, you can choose the color of the sound wave to be printed. You may even add the lyrics you want to include in the poster, adding to the nostalgia of the whole thing.

What you get in the end is a treasured moment in time encapsulated in a gorgeous poster that can be displayed for everyone to see.
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6. Love Language Desktop Sculpture
If you want to give your wife something that would convey how you feel about her every time she looks at it, why not give her this sculpture that spells L-O-V-E in sign language?

This simple gift is a silent, yet powerful reminder of your feelings that your wife can place either at home or at her place of work. Every time she looks at it, she would feel comforted and enveloped by your love, wherever you may be.
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7. Bedside Smartphone Vase
This is something that you don’t get to see every day. Even your wife will positively be impressed by how you went out of your way to get her something extraordinary.

A vase and a smartphone cradle in one, this novel piece can be placed on a bedside table, or any other surface your wife fancies. She could either put her favorite flowers inside or keep it practical and use it as a pen and pencil holder.

Charging her phone will never be the same again.
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8. Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs Set
Help your wife relieve some of the stress and exhaustion she’s feeling by presenting her with this beautifully handmade bath bomb set. Even the scents entreat her to unwind, with names like ‘No Stress Vanhazelnutty’ and ‘Keep Calm.’

All the ingredients are organic, and the soap scents are pleasant without being overpowering. What's more, your wife won't need to worry about the soap's leaving any residue in your tub. She will enjoy her soak without having to worry about cleaning up afterward.
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9. 4pc Women's Valentine's Day Gift Set
For that woman in your life who loves anything personalized, this is a dream come true.

With this gift set, you will get a coffee mug, a felt journal, and a key chain—all in red and personalized. Everything fits perfectly inside a high-quality wooden box that can be engraved with your wife’s name.

If there’s not enough red in this set for you, fret not because shredded red packaging paper is also included inside the box. With this gift set, your wife will feel like it’s Christmas all over again, with her getting the best present under the tree.
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10. Sinvitron Long Stem 24k Gold Dipped Real Rose
Giving roses is a timeless Valentine’s Day tradition that will not disappear anytime soon. If you want to keep up with tradition, but want your flowers to last for more than a week, why not give your wife a real rose that could last for years?

This luxurious long-stemmed rose is the real thing that has been dipped in 24K gold. While the stem has been entirely covered with gold, the leaves and petals are just outlined with it to feature their vibrant colors.

A lavish gift box comes with the flower, along with a stand that will let your wife proudly display this symbol of your everlasting love.
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11. 10 reasons Why I Love You Wooden Keepsake box
If you’re the silent type when it comes to expressing how you feel, this little wooden box will undoubtedly let your wife know why you love her so much.

Each delightful wooden heart inside holds an inscription that says one thing you love about her. You can make it as intense or as silly as you want. The box itself is engraved with your wife’s name, making the whole thing even more personal.

This is a timeless gift that your wife can keep going back to even in the years to come.
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12. Madelaine Chocolate Edible Roses
The ultimate symbols of love, roses, and chocolates are combined in this wonderful gift idea for wives.

Each set includes six delectable Swiss-formulated milk chocolate blossoms that are almost too pretty to eat. The silk leaves enhance the vibrancy of the flowers. Red foil covers the flowers and adds to the attractiveness of the whole package.

If you're planning to have dinner on Valentine's day, these chocolate roses will surely elicit envious looks and will be a delightful surprise to your wife.
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13. Personal Aromatherapy Pendant
In this golden age of aromatherapy, there’s a big chance that your wife already has her favorite scent or two. To show how much you care for her well-being, give her something that will help boost her mood wherever she goes.

With this pendant, her favorite scent is contained in a sleek 14K gold-plated case that is always within her reach. There are three wicks to choose from, and each is infused with oils that aim to either give her energy, help her stay calm, or keep her focused. A refill pack is readily available for purchase.
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14. Personalized Love Birch Cuff
To bring a sense of nostalgia and romance on Valentine's day, choose this brass cuff that is hand cast from real birch bark. You can have your and your wife's initials carved onto the bracelet to add to its sentimental value.

There is also an endearing heart cutout that is a part of every piece. This makes the cuff even more eye-catching and unique. Your wife might not want to take it off once she owns one of these.
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15. Umbra Prisma Picture Frame
You may not know it, but some women like the idea of preserving memories in the form of photos. This contemporary picture frame does just that while adding a touch of stylishness in any room. Each flat photo is given an additional dimension that makes it seem as if it’s floating.

Its geometric shape gives a very avant-garde impression and enables the frame to be oriented either horizontally or vertically. You even have the freedom to hang it on walls or place it on table tops.
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16. Personalized Star Art
You can now offer the heavens to your wife with this personalized art piece that showcases an actual view of the night sky. It's up to you to choose a location and date that's dear to both of you and would feature the view of the sky during that moment.

Constellations that will be included in the view will be emphasized with the use of special software. The illustration will be printed on museum-quality paper, but you are given other material options at an additional cost. You could also have it framed to protect it from wear and tear.
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17. SENFAI Love Knot Bangle Bracelet
If your wife is not a fan of elaborate or intricate jewelry, then consider giving her this. The delicate and lovely design of this bangle makes it suitable to be worn with any outfit at any time of the day. It is also easily adjustable and can fit different wrist sizes.

The simple knot design makes the bracelet a great complement to other pieces of jewelry that your wife already owns. It looks especially nice when used together with a watch.
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18. Personalized Faux Bois Vase
At first, though, a vase doesn't seem to be the most romantic, nor the most thoughtful gift in the world. Your wife will feel differently, though when she sees the romantic gesture that is contained in this present.

Paying tribute to the timeless tradition of carving your sweetheart’s name onto a tree, this stoneware vase mimics a tree trunk and lets you add your personal touch by carving your initials on it. Whether you choose to put in flowers or not, this piece will certainly add a loving element to any home.
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19. Zodiac Necklace
Your wife would adore this stunning piece of jewelry that looks great with whatever outfit she wears. What’s more, it features her zodiac sign, making it feel more personal and intimate.

The gold disc is plated with 24K gold and looks perfect together with a 14K gold-filled chain. There is an option of getting one in silver if you find it more to your liking. You can also choose to add moon and star charms where your wife's initial will be hand-stamped.
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20. Personalized Photo Collage Portrait Picture
Why stick with one memorable photo when you can have a whole collage? This portrait showcases 20 polaroid-style shots of your wonderful moments together as husband and wife.

Surrounded by the photos is a lengthy but touching quote about what a perfect relationship is all about. You can have your names and anniversary added at the end to make it more special.

The whole thing is ready to be hung if you choose the canvas picture option, or you could go with the photo paper and choose a frame at a later time.
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21. Pedestal Jewelry Holder
If you decide to forego giving your wife jewelry this Valentine’s, perhaps you prefer giving her a jewelry holder instead.

There are times when a woman has more jewelry pieces than she knows what to do with them. This holder will help your wife keep her precious little possessions all in one place while serving as a tasteful little accent to your room at the same time.

Hand-cut holes can be found around the holder, making it easy to slip your wife’s favorite earrings in them. As for the other jewelry pieces, all she needs to do is place them on top of the pedestal and leave them there until their next use.
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22. Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture
A truly sweet gift that will fit perfectly in any home, this wind sculpture is meant to display how your and your wife’s destinies were written in the stars. You get to see your names and a memorable date pirouetting along with the breeze.

Included in this personalized art piece are hearts, stars, and a moon that add to the charm to the sculpture. Your wife will be delighted to know that you want to display your union for all the world to see.
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23. Elegant Signs Lucky to be in Love Picture Frame
A step up from the traditional picture frame, this simple yet thoughtful gift includes a sweet wording that conveys how you feel about your wife.

The wood itself is well-made and has a nice finish. Photos that are four by 6 inches in size will have no trouble sliding into the slot located at the side. You could choose to either hang the frame or let it stand with its easel.
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24. Mae Women's Sleepwear Microfleece Hooded Onesie Pajamas with Poms
During the Valentine season, those chilly nights often get even colder. Sexy lingerie may not exactly be what your wife wants to wear to sleep.

To show how much you want your wife to feel as comfy as possible, why not give her sleepwear that is adorable and warm at the same time? Featuring a cute print with a hood and pom-pom pulls, this onesie will make her long for the nights just so she could put it on and cuddle up to you.
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25. mamre Moon Ambient Light
This lamp is something both you and your wife can enjoy in the bedroom. The warm, romantic glow that emanates from it will make you want to cuddle every night.

The lamp features a sculpture in the middle that shows two lovers sitting under the light of the moon. It doubles as a sensor that you can touch to adjust the light intensity.

Decals are included, and you can use them to personalize your moon. If you prefer, you can even write on the surface to customize it. Either way, this lamp will surely bring a cozy radiance to your married life.
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26. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
Movie dates are one of those things that can strengthen any relationship because of the memories they create. Even if your wife is not an actual movie buff, both of you will enjoy watching the list of films featured in this poster. Each title has a scratch-off portion that conceals an artwork underneath.

You can work your way through the list at your own pace, and the comfort of your own home. It doesn't matter if you've already seen some of the movies on the list—each movie date is special, and you will still have a great time watching it with the love of your life.
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27. Asobu Coldbrew Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker
What coffee-lover would be able to resist the chance of bringing a cold brew wherever she goes? With this portable coffee maker, your wife will get to enjoy her favorite drink that can stay cold for 24 hours.

The mesh prevents any coffee grain from slipping through, and a stylish spill-proof mug already comes attached to the brewer. Your wife will get to drink a nice cup of cold coffee wherever, whenever.
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28. Handmade Solid Lotion Bars
Your wife is always hard at work in keeping the house spotless, and this Valentine’s Day, it’s your chance to show that it’s your turn to take care of her. Give her the gift of relief from dry skin by getting solid lotion bars that she could bring along wherever she goes.

These lotion bars provide just the right amount of moisture and fragrance. They easily melt once massaged onto the skin, and can even make your wife feel relaxed in an instant. Since it is not in liquid form, she can also conveniently bring these during flights.
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29. Horseshoe Heart Trivet
A horseshoe is traditionally regarded as a symbol of good luck and is a welcome piece in any home. Your wife will gush over this metal trivet that is essentially a horseshoe with a heart coiled around it.

Since it is handmade, every piece is already a work of art. If she wishes, your wife can hang it on the wall to add to that country ambiance in your home.
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30. Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder
Bring art to your kitchen with this chic sponge holder that is also fantastically functional. Your wife will love how ordinary stones were made extraordinary by cleverly arranging them in such a way that they serve the purpose of acting as a holder for basically anything that can fit in it.

The bottom is covered in rubber that makes the whole thing very stable while protecting surfaces they are placed on. If your wife wants to, she could also turn this into a letter or napkin holder, among other things.
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31. Blu Devil Kissing Mugs Set
If your wife loves getting adorable presents, then this one fits the bill. These kissing mugs fit each other perfectly when put together face to face. While they make for absolutely cute kitchen decor, they are also functional.

Teaspoons are included with the set, and they can be conveniently slid into slots set into the handles. The mugs themselves are durable and can be safely used in the dishwasher and microwave.

You will surely show your fun and romantic side with this gift!
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32. Bella Vino Crystal Champagne Flute Glasses
Some women would be perfectly happy to own an elegant set of flutes with which they could enjoy their favorite bottle of wine. If your wife is one of them, then this would make her day.

These crystal flutes are exquisitely made and feel natural in hand. Every sip enhances the taste of bubbly wine. Even a simple Valentine dinner at home will be like eating out at a fine dining restaurant.

As a testament to the quality of the flutes, each purchase is eligible for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.
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33. Wine Soaps
If your wife is a wine lover, you can never go wrong with this soap set. Featuring scents and hues inspired by popular wines, every bath time will make your wife feel refreshed and revitalized.

The soaps themselves look beautiful and can leave the skin feeling silky smooth when used. Their scents waft in any room you place them in, making it ideal also to use them as air fresheners while they are yet to be used.
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34. Custom Valentine Gift Box
Are you having an extremely hard time deciding among the suggested Valentine gifts for wife? Why not give her a little bit of everything she needs to pamper and spoil herself silly.

This gift box offers a variety of combinations of elements that depend on your choice of the quantity of bath bomb, goat milk soap bar, shower bombs, soy candle, and bubble bath scoop to be included. The soaps are highly recommended because of their good quality and fantastic smell.
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35. White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf
Your wife deserves to receive something elegant this Valentine’s, and what better way to go about this than to surprise her with a posh scarf.

This piece of treasure from White + Warren is worth every penny you will spend because of its luxurious material and classy colors. It will do an excellent job of keeping your beloved warm and comfortable while traveling or just taking a walk outside the frosty weather.
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36. Valentine’s Day Vinyl Record Wall Clock
Another unique gift you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, this wall clock features a vinyl record design that gives off that retro feel. Your wife will be proud to put it on display in any room in your house.

There are many designs to choose from, and all of them are testaments of the amazing craftsmanship involved in the creation of these masterpieces. The clocks need only one AA battery, and as soon as you stick one in, they're good to go.
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37. Choker Necklace Fashion Jewelry
The choker necklace has made its comeback recently, and your significant other will appreciate this gift if she is one of those keeping up with the latest fashion.

A gemstone bead sits in the middle of the necklace and is held by a cotton cord that feels comfortable on the skin. You can adjust the length of the choker to make it fit her perfectly.

The overall look of this jewelry is classy and chic, and your wife won’t be able to resist putting in on as soon as she opens your present.
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38. Knock Knock What I Love About You Love Journal
Like a lot of other women, your wife loves being appreciated. A thoughtful Valentine’s Day present for her would be something sentimental that honestly declares how you feel.

In this love journal, you can make the sentences as funny or as sweet as you want, and she will surely love hearing how you express your love either way. Cute prompts are already included in the pages to help you get started.

You are sure to both have a great time learning more about how to feel about each other.
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39. “The Wisdom of Sundays” Inspirational Book
When life gets too hectic, your wife needs to take a breather and read a book that would revitalize her spirits. Filled with meaningful chats that Oprah had with well-admired personalities, this book is a perpetual source of inspiration and valuable insight.

Included are gorgeous photos that serve only to enhance the beautiful exterior of the book. The book itself has traces of woodsy vanilla scent, making it easier for your wife to feel calm and relaxed when she settles down to read.
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40. Custom Printed Photos on Wooden Pallets
Get to relive a special moment with your wife with this beautiful gift that prints your photo on wooden pallets that adds that a unique character to your home.

Since every product is made-to-order, you will receive something that is yours alone and cannot be replicated anymore. The quality of the birch wood shines through the print, which is softly fused into the wood grain.

The finished product is a one-of-a-kind art piece that is a tribute of your love, and won’t ever fade over time.
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41. PEORA 14K White Gold 1.75 Carats Emerald Diamond Pendant
If you are one of those guys who made it a tradition to give their wife jewelry every Valentine’s Day, then you might want to get her this exquisite pendant. The lab-created emerald is the star of the show with its vibrant hue and dazzling sparkle.

An 18-inch silver chain is already included, along with genuine eye clean diamonds. The outcome is jewelry that is a cut above the rest.
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42. Personalized Heart Candle Holder
Add a bit of country allure to your home with this wooden candle holder that can be engraved with personal details of your choosing. The wood itself is unsealed to give more of that rustic vibe.

The connecting holders share a cut-out that in the middle that’s in the shape of the heart. With this, your wife will surely appreciate how the candle holder shows your sweet and charming side.
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43. Valentine's Day Embroidered Toilet Paper
Have you been itching to show your fun and quirky side to your beloved spouse? You might want to get her this embroidered toilet paper that is not found in your usual catalog of Valentine gifts for wife.

The designs feature hilarious lines like, "I Love the Poo Outta You," and "In Case Your Valentine is Crappy." It's also a bonus that the toilet paper comes with nice packaging that includes a ribbon and a gift back.
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44. WRISTOLOGY Women’s Chunky Gold Boyfriend Watch
If watches are your wife’s thing, here’s something special for her. The chunky yet graceful design of this watch makes it fitting for both day and night outfits. It comes with an authentic leather strap that adds to its elegance.

The color of the watch is also something your wife will love. It is comparable, if not better, than other branded watches out there that come with a hefty price tag. She will appreciate your great taste and a sensible choice of gifts.
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45. Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People
Journaling may not be for everybody, but if your wife is into it, check out this three-year journal. She will get to write down her thoughts about your relationship as she answers the daily question on the pages.

You also get to write down your answers, as each page has enough space for a couple to write down one or two sentences. Over time, you will be able to go back to your previous responses and compare the changes.

It's a great way to keep learning new things about each other, especially when things get a bit too hectic at times.
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46. Valentine's Day Heart Sweatshirt
If you decide to go with something special that your wife could wear on Valentine’s Day, get this cute sweatshirt that will also keep her warm during this chilly season.

The fabric is made from rayon, polyester, and organic cotton, making it extremely comfortable to wear. The simple white heart print in the middle of the shirt is cute in its quiet way that it would be alright to wear this piece even after Valentine's Day has come and gone.
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47. BZY1 Glass Tea Cup With Lid & Strainer
This three-piece set is too cute for words, and all your wife's stress will melt away as soon as she sets her sights on this. She will be able to enjoy her favorite cup of tea—or coffee—with a cup in the shape of an adorable cat.

The cup is also good for traveling, thanks to the lid that keeps the drink from spilling. A coaster also comes with the set, as well as a postcard.
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48. LEMON White Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser
Perhaps your wife plans on relax during Valentine's Day to avoid the bustle that inevitably comes with the celebration. Why not surprise her with something that could help her unwind even more?

What sets this diffuser apart from the others is its elegant color and design that makes it a pretty addition to your home. It features a color-changing LED that makes it even more attractive in the evening.

Of course, it does a great job as a diffuser. Some settings make it convenient to use, and your wife will get to enjoy her scents to her heart's content fully.
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49. UGG Blanche Fleece Robe
For something more elegant than your ordinary robe, consider this fleece-lined beauty from UGG. Your wife will love its luxurious feel on the skin, and how it feels warm without making her too hot.

This also goes well over pajamas since the fabric is light and breathable enough. As for the fit, your wife will find that it’s like being hugged by you, only softer.
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50. Amazon Echo
For that tech-savvy woman in your life, this Amazon Echo might be just what she wants for Valentine's. Alexa can act as her assistant who can set alarms for her, play music, call someone, operate basic house switches, or answer whatever questions she has in mind.

Best of all, Echo comes complete with powerful speakers that can blast your wife's favorite tunes, or read to her audiobooks and news briefs at her command. Don't be surprised if she declares that this is the best gadget she has owned, ever.
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51. Eberjey Gisele Pajama Set
This classic pajama set is renowned for its plush fabric that seems to fit the body perfectly every time. Your wife will love how it feels on her skin, not to mention how gorgeous she looks in it.

Even if your better half tosses and turns throughout the night, the fabric won't be abrasive to her skin because it is mainly made from modal, blended with a bit of jersey. They make the pajamas breathable, making your wife feel cool and comfortable in bed.
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52. APL Women's Techloom Bliss Sneakers
For sporty gals, these sneakers are heaven-sent. They will make your wife look forward to going to the gym or doing their yoga postures. The available colors also make these suitable to wear with most yoga pants and jeans.

What most ladies love about them, though, is their ease of use and level of comfort. Without cumbersome laces that get in the way of physical activity, they are a breeze to put on and get off. The sneakers are also ideal for traveling, or just for everyday use.
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53. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker
Another ideal gift for health buffs, this watch will be what your wife needs when doing her fitness routine. With this latest model, there are more useful features than ever before.

The newest features include additional heart rate info, projected sleep stages, and a better way to measure burned calories. There are also more than 15 modes of exercises that monitors how your wife is progressing along in her workouts.

This Fitbit also boasts a better battery life compared to its predecessor, lasting up to an average of seven days.
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54. Mini Coin Purse KeyChain Wallet
Sometimes, women need to take a break from their big bags and bring only their essentials with them. This nifty key holder is also a card case that your wife can use when going out for a quick trip to the grocery or wherever.

Because of its size, this can also be used as a keychain for car keys. The card slots can securely hold some cash, one or two credit cards, and even a driver's license—everything your wife would ever need to go on a brief errand.
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55. bkr Spiked Glass Water Bottle
Most people swear by glass water bottles, and how water significantly tastes better when you drink from them. Let your wife experience this every time she takes a sip of water by presenting her with this great find.

This glass bottle features a small opening that allows easy sipping even when moving about. The silicone protector is also a cool addition, with soft spikes that make the bottle easier to grip.

Your wife will never go back to plastic bottles once she’s had one of this.
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56. KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, that special lady in your heart deserves the best kitchen equipment that will help her whip up some sumptuous dishes for the family.

Enter this KitchenAid mixer.

Any wife will feel like a pro with all the nifty features this device has to offer. Already included with this stylish appliance are 15 optional attachments, 10-speed selection, and a gorgeous color that instantly boosts your kitchen value. You can never go wrong with this one.
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57. Leuchtturm1917 Medium Dotted Journal
Another thing that women are into today is bullet journaling. If you’ve noticed that your wife is interested in it, don’t hesitate to get her this first-rate dotted journal.

Featuring acid-free paper that prevents ink from bleeding through, there will be no need for your wife to feel upset every time she uses a pen with a spot of heavy ink. Unlike other journals, this one comes with a table of contents page, and a back pocket for holding important notes or flat writing necessities.

It’s also worth mentioning that the pages are numbered, making it more convenient to use the included table of contents page.
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58. “The Complete Cooking for Two” Cookbook
Ideal for a small family, this cookbook will make it easier for your wife to cook portions that are just perfect for two. Realistically, it's difficult to cut an original recipe in half, or even less, when you need to cook for fewer people.

This book is teeming with delicious dishes that range from sides to desserts. It’s meant to be enjoyed by everybody, even if your wife is the most novice of beginners, or is already a seasoned cook.
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59. Herbivore Botanicals Dead Sea Bath Salts
Take your wife’s bath time to the next level with this delightful bottle of Dead Sea bath salts. In it are key ingredients that make this product better than the rest, namely, Himalayan pink salts, vanilla, and Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Once put in the tub, the salts immediately release an amazing scent that will make your wife feel she’s soaking in a luxurious bath. More importantly, they will leave her skin feeling smooth and soft.
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60. Kate Spade Rectangular Jewelry Box
A wonderful product from a legendary designer, this jewelry box oozes an understated elegance that your wife will be eager to own. It is just the right size for keeping her precious mementos and jewelry safe.

The interior is lined with velvet, while the outside is coated with shiny lacquer that adds to the sophistication of the box. The whole thing is beautifully complemented by a gold-toned bow medallion that acts as the clasp.
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61. Le Creuset Shallow Dutch French Oven
Le Creuset is famous for its quality cast iron pots, and it’s about time your wife owns one. This pot is specially made to resist the usual staining, cracking, chipping, and dulling that similar cookware has to experience.

This cast iron cookware can be safely used on most heat sources and is amazingly lighter than the competition. The available colors make it look like an attractive decor that adorns your kitchen.
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62. Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray
What's better than soaking in warm water with your favorite scent in the bath? Get this well-designed caddy tray. The handles found at the sides make it adjustable to fit most bathtubs.

Your wife will be grateful that you found the perfect tray that will keep her stuff safe while she’s in the tub. She won’t need to worry anymore about where to put that book, wineglass, and cell phone that she can’t help but bring with her.
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63. Ayygiftideas New Fashion Plush Rabbit Eye Mask
If you know that your girl will be glad to get a good night's sleep, try giving her a charming eye mask that is also incredibly comfortable and soft. Even if she tosses and turns at night, this furry mask will stay in place without feeling too tight.

The straps that come with it are adjustable, so you don’t need to worry even if there’s only one size available. Best of all, the mask won’t leave embarrassing marks on the face even after wearing it all through the night.
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64. Michael Kors Leather Wallet
This year, give your wife something that would remind her of you every time she uses it. This chic leather wallet is made from fine-looking saffiano leather with the prominent gold Michael Kors label displayed at the front.

Despite the slim body of the wallet, it could fit eight cards and comes with two separate compartments for bills. The snap closure makes it easy to take out and put in essentials quickly, and the zippered section at the back is ideal for holding a few pieces of coins.
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65. TEOYALL Our Adventure Book Scrapbook Photo Album
An endearing scrapbook that drew its inspiration from a famous movie, this distinctive product will make you excited to fill it with priceless memories of your life together thus far. The pages are adorably connected by a high-grade rope, and it would be no trouble to add or take away pages as you see fit.

Included in the pack are decorative tapes, postcards, stickers, and photo corners. They surely make every scrapbooking moment enjoyable and will keep you and your wife's creative juices flowing.
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66. Core Products Omni Massage Roller Black Cap
You might think this something not customarily desired as a Valentine gift for a wife. However, you will soon realize that it is a thoughtful gesture of how you are always thinking about her health and comfort.

Your wife is probably no stranger to the aches and pains of everyday labor. Once you try this roller massager on her, she might not want you to stop. It is very simple to use, and you can operate it even without the usual massage lotions or oils. The massager rolls smoothly with or without clothes underneath it and is comfortable to hold.
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67. Deluxity Crossbody Bag with Tassel
A girl can never have too many bags, and getting this for your wife will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

This purse is just the right size for her to bring along all her everyday necessities without the bulky look. What’s more, it’s a cross-body bag that is effortless to throw on when she’s in a hurry. There are a lot of fashionable colors to choose from, and the tassels are a nice addition to the overall sophistication of the design.
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68. Fishers Finery Silk Pillowcase
This gift will make your wife feel that you understand the value of a good night’s rest. Unlike other fabrics, silk is said to be good for the hair, and kind on the skin.

Made entirely from Mulberry silk, this pillowcase has been declared as the best in its class during a prestigious magazine’s institute test. Your wife will say goodbye to waking up to frizzy hair that is likely causing distress early in the morning. Sleep creases on the skin will likewise be a thing of the past.
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69. Umbra Trigg Desktop Planter Vase
You may not understand the appeal of having vases around the house, but your wife most probably does. This planter vase is especially fascinating because of its geometric design that you won’t usually see in stores.

Your wife will have the option of hanging the vase on the wall or placing it on top of the table. Either way, it will look equally attractive. It is also versatile and can be used to hold other objects aside from plants, such as pens and other office supplies.
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70. Backslash Fit Yoga Mat
If your wife is into yoga, maybe she needs to replace her old yoga mat, and start using this one by Backslash. The wonderful thing about this is that it is self-rolling. This saves her the hassle of having to exert extra effort in rolling up the mat every time the session is over.

The thickness of this yoga mat is also something that sets it apart from the others. At 5 mm thick, the body will be cushioned from the pressure of having to do poses on hard surfaces. It also provides a firm grip on the floor, doing away with the frustration of having the mat slide away during yoga sessions.
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71. LAPCOS Sheet Mask 5 Pack
Even if you are not familiar with your wife's daily beauty regimen, giving her one of these will surely make her ask you for more. This mask does more than brighten the skin. It also does well as a moisturizer and leaves that attractive glow on the skin.

What your wife will probably love best about this is the confidence it can give her to go out without wearing any makeup. It's light on the skin and doesn't leave that oily feeling. You will easily see the noticeable difference in her complexion as soon as your wife starts using this.
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72. Rabbit Wine Corkscrew with Foil Cutter
Another great gift idea for wine lovers, this wine corkscrew will make quick work of opening even the toughest bottle of wine. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, you won't have to strain your hand while trying to pull the cork out of the bottle. It feels comfortable to hold and fits perfectly in hand.

Every Rabbit product was built to last, and this is no exception. A 10-year warranty comes with each purchase, even though the durability is very much evident from the first moment you lay your hands on the corkscrew.
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73. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser
A humidifier and essential oil diffuser in one, this is a wonderful gift that could help your wife sleep better at night, or relax and unwind anytime with her favorite scent.

The settings on the diffuser let you choose whether or not you want it to run continuously, of for just 30 seconds at a time. It's safe to leave it on since it shuts off automatically when the water runs out.

Your wife will also love the light settings, which gives her the freedom to choose the light color, as well as the brightness. This way, the light won't be too much of a distraction when it's time to sleep.
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74. Sunbeam Heated Blanket
Do frosty February nights keep your wife awake? Perhaps it's about time you give her a nice heated blanket like this one. With push-button controls and a digital display, it's a breeze to choose a setting that will help her sleep like a baby.

A built-on preheat feature turns it on just before it’s time to go to bed. There’s also no need to worry about forgetting to turn the blanket off because it comes with an auto-off function.

The good news is, the blanket is divided into two zones, with one controller each. You and your wife can sleep peacefully with the temperature that’s just right for each of you.
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75. The Hygge Game
If you and your wife plan on just sitting comfortably at home while enjoying each other’s company on Valentine’s Day, surprise her with this fascinating gift.

This game contains 300 interesting questions that encourage you to share your opinion and start a conversation. You might learn things about each other that you never knew before, or haven't even thought of talking about.

After you go through all of the cards, you can invite family and friends over so you can have fun all over again.
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76. Work It Out Lady of Leisure Gym Bag
This gym bag is sporty and feminine at the same time. It's one of those Valentine gifts for wife that is not commonly given. However, the size of this bag is perfect for holding a couple of change of clothes when she wants to go to the gym.

The bag itself is made from cotton twill that gives off that high-quality look and feel. Its floral pattern exudes that certain charm that is not too girly. To add that touch of classiness, a gold-colored zipper pull is included.
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77. Kate Spade Women’s Idiom Bangle
Elegant and simple, this 12K gold-plated bangle already looks great on its own, but even better when stacked. Engraved in the interior are the words "HEART OF GOLD."

Your wife will fall in love with this bracelet the moment she puts it on because it will instantly make her outfit look more fashionable. The weight and thickness are also just right, and its polish doesn't make it look cheap at all.

This jewelry piece already comes with a classy Kate Spade dust bag that saves you the trouble of having to wrap it.
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78. NEST Fragrances Discovery Candle Set
There’s something about scented candles that make Valentine’s Day even more romantic. If you’re planning on giving your wife one, why not give her 10?

This candle set comes in a classy box that doesn’t even need to be wrapped up. Inside are 10 delightful scents that your wife will get to enjoy. Each premium candle can last for about four hours.

Among the included scents are some of the timeless classics like Bamboo, Linen, and Birchwood Pine. Your wife will also be pleasantly surprised by some new ones such as Blue Garden, Pumpkin Chai, and Holiday.
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79. Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds
After the end of a tough day, sometimes all your wife wants to do is catch up on her beauty rest. Once you give her these innovative sleepbuds for Valentine’s, no doubt she wouldn’t be able to wait to give them a try.

Featuring pre-loaded relaxing sounds, these sleepbuds will drown out any undesirable noise to ensure that their wearer sleeps like a baby. They are amazingly comfortable, and won’t irritate your wife’s ears even if she sleeps for 10 hours.

She also won’t have to worry about the earbuds falling off because they were designed to stay in place. Alarm and timer settings are included, but you don’t have to worry because anyone other from her won’t be able to hear a thing once the alarm goes off.
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80. Glamourpuss Faux Fur Cozy Mittens
Another one of those cute Valentine gifts for wife, these mittens will instantly glamorize any winter outfit. Available in an assortment of lovely colors, they are wonderfully soft and cozy to wear.

Although made from faux fur, these don't shed, and they look like the real thing. You don't need to be stumped about what size to get your wife because the mittens come in one size only. Just grab a pair, and watch her squeal with delight as soon as she sees them.
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81. Vionic Gemma Plush Slipper
Beneath the all the fuzz is a slipper that’s biomechanically constructed to be kind to your wife’s arches. If you want what’s best for her body alignment and feet, get her a pair for Valentine’s.

Unlike the usual bedroom slippers you've come to know, the Vionic sole is hard. This is a good thing because it prevents tripping, and helps the slipper conform to the shape of the foot. This is why the arch support is superb with this one.

Velcro straps come with the slippers, so it’s a cinch to adjust them if your wife wants a snug fit.
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82. Kate Weiser Chocolate Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman
Have you ever heard of Carl the Snowman? Well, not only is he one of Oprah's favorite things, but he's also one of the favorite things children and adults alike love to drink.

Your wife will not be able to resist cuddling up to you while drinking a hot, delicious mug of ‘Carl’ on a cold Valentine’s night. All you need to do is get your stove ready, grab a pot of milk, then watch with fascination as Carl melts to create a luxurious chocolate drink.
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83. Stalwart Electric Car Blanket
Don't let your wife drive out in the cold with a freezing car seat. Show her that you care by getting this cozy car blanket that she can plug into the cigarette lighter. It won't take long before she basks in the comfortable warmth of her seat.

Even if her car already comes equipped with heated car seats, it won't hurt to have a little extra warmth, especially during those chilly road trips. This electric blanket can even be used in the back seat, thanks to the long cord that comes with it.
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84. Renee Redesigns Rose Gold Slate Drink Coasters
If none of the mushy Valentine gifts for wife appeal to you, how about going with something practical, yet thoughtful? These handmade coasters are not only striking, but they also serve an important purpose as well. Your wife need not worry anymore about tabletops getting damaged by moisture from drinking glasses.

Since the coasters are also versatile, they can serve as holders for your wife’s favorite candles as well. Their surfaces are coated with a glossy coat that protects them from wear and tear, and the colors make them a stylish addition to any room.
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85. TruMedic InstaShiatsu Personal Foot Massager
Does your wife always ask you to massage her tired feet? Perhaps it’s time to give your wife the gift of relaxation with this foot massager that immediately relieves aching and exhausted feet.

You get to choose the intensity of the massage, air pressure and heat setting, and the massage mode. This massager can reach even the deepest sore foot muscles without trouble.
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86. Tile Key & Phone Smart Finder
It’s normal for your wife to keep losing her keys and phone. But if you want to help her save time looking for them, try this clever little device that she can attach to anything she’s always misplacing.

You will already get two gadgets for the price of one, and both come in classy colors. The range is very impressive, capable of reaching up to 200 feet. Together with the GPS feature on the app, your wife will certainly be able to locate her stuff no matter where they are.
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87. Chicago Professional ‘Trio’ Lasagna Pan
Is your wife having a hard time deciding which lasagna recipe to follow? With this pan, she can try to bake three at a time!

What’s more, she can also use this to make cakes, bread, and other delicious baked goods she could think of. The non-stick pan itself is made from high-quality steel that’s aluminized, delivering excellent heat conduction each time.
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88. PurseN LitBag LED Light Organizer Purse Insert
Does it always take forever for your wife to find every single thing in her bag? With this purse insert, she can keep her stuff wonderfully organized that it will take only seconds to find anything she needs inside. There are even built-in LED lights that make it effortless to see things in the dark.
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89. TOCCA Cleopatra Crema da Mano Luxe
A truly luxurious hand cream, this will leave your wife’s skin feeling supple and silky. The clean scent of cucumber and grapefruit will leave her feeling refreshed whenever she uses it on her hands.

Since the lotion absorbs quickly, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling. Your wife can go about her right business way, without worrying about leaving greasy marks everywhere.

The tube itself has an opulent design that your wife will look forward to bringing it with her wherever she goes.
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90. Travel Journey Passport Case
Practical gifts can also be thoughtful ones because you are thinking about what your wife needs that will make her happy at the same time. If she loves to travel, why not give her this stylish passport case that comes in many attractive colors? It's something she could use that is also pretty looking at.

Even if she doesn't use it for her passport, the case also doubles as a holder for other relevant documents that she might want to keep together in one place safely.
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